“I Will Not Be Your Intellectual Mammy” Writer Stacey Patton Is Tired Of Explaining Racism And Black Rage

December 30, 2015  |  


With each unjust death, each decision not to indict, each heinous attack against Black people at the hands of a White person, it becomes increasingly more difficult to write about the incidents and our response to them. The rage we felt for Michael Brown, for Trayvon Martin, for Eric Garner, for Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd was the same thing we felt for Tamir Rice. Once when he was shot and killed and then a second time when we learned that there would be no punishment for it.

As a journalist, it becomes difficult to pour yourself out again and again when you feel like you’re saying what’s already been said. And it’s not about being numb. It’s about feeling too much anger. Some of our mothers used to say, “I’m tried of talking” and it’s that same sentiment we feel, whether we write articles or Facebook statuses.

Writer and correspondent Stacey Patton expressed that sentiment in a Facebook status that has gone viral on Facebook.

See what she had to say below.

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  • Teeny

    As a White person I am sick and tired of being judged by my color of my skin by people who have complained for decades about being judged by the color of theirs!

    • Masterpieced

      One of those folk and it BEST because of the color of their skin. When will the other group get to have that?

  • Tara

    It cracks me up that black people think this is THEIR website and white people have no right to be here, much less comment. Just goes to show it’s the black people who are the most ignorant, most intolerable and most racists of all.

    Sincerely, the “white” chick aka “cracker”, “yt” and “Becky” who refused to be intimated, scolded, ridiculed and ORDERED to leave. 🙂

    • ogunsiron

      they get to enjoy their space but don’t you dare to think that you should have any space for yourself. It’s the same thing with the bellyaching about gentrification. For some reason, blacks can go live absolutely anywhere, but whites can’t because some neighborhoods “belong” to POCs. LOL

      • Masterpieced

        So who started house zoning in the first place in America?

        • ogunsiron

          probably people who didn’t want to live around you. So what ?
          why is someone not wanting to live around you something that affects you ? i don’t see chinese people afraid to live around other chinese people.

          • Masterpieced

            Did you go on their site and asked them? In Mandarin?

    • Guestest1

      Well the website is called Madame Noire and it is catered to black women which is why we don’t understand when the racists come here complaining about black people. Black people can be ignorant but racist? Nah. Go look up the definition and get back to me.

      • Tara

        LOL…Black people can’t be racist? So the terms cracker, yt and Becky are terms of endearment, eh? Got it.

        Racist. (noun) A person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

        I’m not quite sure what dictionary you’re referring to that excludes Blacks from being racist. I think you may be referring to the book on Indoctrination that your people preach.

        Now you look up HYPOCRITE and get back to me.

        • Guestest1

          “LOL…Black people can’t be racist? So the terms cracker, yt and Becky are terms of endearment, eh? Got it.” I’ve explained this already. Black people do not believe that they are superior to whites just because a few use those terms but there is proof that many whites feel superior through action because of discrimination. This has went on since the beginning of slavery and racism is still being taught and passed down today. The fact that you are cosigning ignorant comments made about black people but feel the need to call out black people for being “ignorant” shows that you need that definition of hypocrite more than i do.

          • Tara

            Um…what? babble much? Who have you explained this to? The little mouse in your pocket?

            There is more proof whites…blah blah blah. And we’re right back to the slavery rant. Yawn.

            You are your own worst enemy. Stay inferior. It appears that is where you are most comfortable. Just stop blaming others for your feelings of inadequacy. Thanks.

            • Guestest1

              That last little paragraph, take your own advice! I’m quite sure you know exactly what i was talking about but the truth is a hard pill to swallow.

              • Tara

                Oh I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s all you people ever talk about. It’s defines you as the perpetual victims you perceive yourselves to be.

                You claim White people are racist and then tell me I’m the one who feels inferior. Inferior to what? Contradict yourself much?

                • Guestest1

                  Are you insane? You started with the inferior nonsense, so i told you to take your own advice. “It’s all you people ever talk about.” BAM! Thanks. Have a nice day!

                  • Tara

                    I will. I’m not the one who has to carry around the burden of an inferiority complex. You are.

                    Good luck with that.

                    • Guestest1

                      “I’m not the one who has to carry around the burden of an inferiority complex .” Neither am i. 🙂

                    • Tara

                      There’s that cognitive dissonance again…

                      You carry that on one shoulder and an inferiority complex on the other. How do you use a keyboard with all that shi… weighing down your arms?

                    • Guestest1

                      Such a disappointment to see you still in my notifications after a mini vaca at my aunt’s.. anywho, diagnose me with whatever you like but if you don’t have a degree to back that up then i’m not taking you seriously. Sorry.

                    • Tara

                      I do have a degree. But, even if I didn’t anyone with connected brain cells could see that you are a classic case of an indoctrinated fool who suffers from cognitive dissonance and a inferiority complex. Seek help. Thanks, Society.

                    • Guestest1

                      My mental health is fine. Concerning yourself with your own is what you should be doing.

                    • Tara

                      The only thing I want to do now is play with your strings. I enjoy making you DANCE like the good little puppet you are! 😉

  • PieMan

    Too bad personal responsibility and accountability isn’t mentioned by the writer. Oh wait and black on black killings. Too much.

    • Tara

      She doesn’t mention black on black killings because she can’t blame that on anyone else.

  • TheTruthHasNoAgenda

    The distorted thought process of the blacks on this site is alarming. All of you have been poisoned by your own prejudice and hate. Even when presented with absolute truth, you have been programmed for one response: Blacks are absolutely not to be held accountable because whatever it is, it’s all whitey’s fault.

    Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America? Is it really white America’s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

    Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself? As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Are any of you aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time? Are any of you aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

    I know…Blacks are absolutely not accountable and it’s all whitey’s fault.

    The end.

  • Mr Randall K

    My gosh, there are some rather harsh words towards white people on this site. The African Americans have been carrying the racism grudge for a very long time.I don’t get it.
    Here’s the thing, all of the rage aimed at white people is unnecessary because we are not all racist.
    Even with the black lives matter thing, we are blamed for everything when it’s the Liberal Politicians that have done the damage.
    So, what ends up happening is that we don’t care. African Americans have more rights and freedoms than ever before. I don’t get all of the rage and anger in this day and time.You can’t change the hearts of racist scumbags, so the best thing to do is to change things that will help your race.

  • ogunsiron

    You’re tired because explaining black rage is very difficult, given that black rage makes no sense.
    Contrary to what you think, a lot of whites have been trying to understand. They have been trying.

    Black rage, among other things, demands that black people be allowed to get away with murder.Black rage says that mike brown should have been allowed to main and kill Wilson and suffer no consequences for it at all. Black rage says that trayvon should have been able to maim and jill Zimmerman simply because zimmerman had the audacity to follow him (as if it was illegal to follow people on the street. It isn’t!).

    Black rage believes that white people don’t belong in urban neighborhoods because urban neighborhoods are historically black. But of course there is no such thing as a historically white neighborhood that would deserve to remain that way. Black rage basically means “no law for black people we do whatever we want because slavery jim crow etc”.

    Thankfully, more and more white people are also starting to get tired of black rage. More and more white people are deciding that they’ve had enough. More and more white people are starting to think “maybe there were good reasons for segregation back in the day”. And there probably were very good reasons for segregation back in the day. But by the 1960s, people had forgotten what they were. 50 years on, we’re starting to remember why it’s not possible for blacks and whites to love together. Black rage on. Keep black raging! This problem will get solved. Won’t be solved to your liking probably but that’s too bad. Just keep raging!

    by the way, good luck black raging on the mexicans, asians, arabs and other immigrants who had nothing to do with slavery. Keep telling them how enraged you are and how they also should accept your violence lol

  • Rock Heller

    Maybe if Stacey Patton had the same character Condaleeza Rice has Ms. Patton’s life would had turned out better and she wouldn’t be so bitter. Ms. Rice deserves utmost respect for telling it like it is and for refusing to buy into the same type of victim nonsense Ms. Patton has succumbed to. How did Ms. Rice manage to become a successful and productive member of society since it can’t be due to her “white privilege”?

    And I quote: “If you are taught bitterness and anger, then you will believe you are a victim. You will feel aggrieved and the twin brother of aggrievement is entitlement. So now you think you are owed
    something and you don’t have to work for it and now you’re on a really bad road to nowhere because there are people who will play to that sense of victimhood, aggrievement and entitlement, and you still won’t have a job.” – Conzaleeza Rice

  • TheTruthHasNoAgenda

    Reading these comments has led me to conclude that the white people are fed up with the black “victim” mentality. There are a few who suffer from white-guilt, but most of us (black and white) dismiss them. The blacks however…wow. They are full of hate, rage, ignorance and most of all guilty of the very thing they claim to be against: Racism.

    I knew coming here that this is a site that caters to the black “victimization”, but I had no idea just how infected black people are with the indoctrinated disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure. Thankfully, it is a disease that only infects blacks. You can keep it!

    • ogunsiron

      At this point I’m hoping for separation. I hope that as a rightwing, pro-western civilization black person, I will be allowed to join a rebirth of european white civilization that allows allies.
      I just wish society would just move on completely and totally from caring about hopeless causes like the fate of black society.

  • Miss Patton speaks about the “rage” she and others experience over the tragic deaths of our American neighbors.

    I believe I understand her frustrations and anger, just as I understand and sympathize with this man’s rage and anger for being deprived of experiencing and enjoying a fairly happy American kid childhood.

    YouTube broadcaster Yung Gamin shares his pain, thoughts and concerns about Gangsta and Thugs (aka, Victims of Child Abuse & Neglect) harming his emotional well being, depriving him and his peaceful neighbors of enjoying Safe Streets to travel on, as well as undermining the overall quality of life in his community.


    Yung Gamin speaks undeniable truths a substantial number of Americans wish to ignore.

    He speaks truths about anti-social behaviors I personally witnessed when I was assigned to the Brooklyn, NY community *Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter* raps about attempting destroy by indiscriminately selling ‘people and community’ harming addictive drugs to depressed people.

    In my experience many depressed people who embrace the drug culture promoted by Shawn and his crew/gang, often engaged in anti-social behaviors that emotionally and/or physically harmed their and Shawn’s peaceful neighbors when acquiring funds needed to purchase the drugs Shawn offered to anyone regardless of their age, emotional or physical condition.

    Shawn gleefully raps about using his semi-automatic “Mack Milli” to protect his drug operation from rival gangs in adjoining neighborhoods, as well as to maintain dominance over and instill fear in peaceful people living and/or working in the Marcy Houses and surrounding neighborhoods.

    The fear Shawn raps about causing to his neighbors affects police officers as well, causing emotional stresses that results with some police officers venting their emotional pain and anger by becoming overly aggressive when dealing with depressed, angry, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal *(NY Times May 18, 2015 – Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)* teens and adults who police witness causing emotional and physical pain to the peaceful people who police officers take an oath to protect.

    I met hundreds of peaceful Brooklyn residents who were just as shaken, upset and deeply disturbed as I and Yung Gamin are by the daily displays of violence and other anti-social activities that oppress and deny people of their right to enjoy safe neighborhoods.

    Most all of the anti-social behaviors me and Yung Gamin witnessed and become frustrated by, were caused by depressed, angry, frustrated, unpredictable, undisciplined sometimes suicidal teens and adults who were victims of Early Childhood Abuse and Neglect inflicted on them by immature teen girls and women who irresponsibly begin building families before acquiring the parental and practical skills, PATIENCE and means to raise a child(ren) who develops into a fairly happy, reasonably well adjusted, responsible teen and adult with mostly fond memories of their childhood upbringing.

    There is a reason Kendrick and Tupac rap or speak about depression and suicidal thoughts. Sadly, that reason has everything to do with both of them being emotionally abandon and maltreated by their PRIMARY maternal caretaker during a critical period of their human development.

    With all due respect to Ms. Patton and her admirers, please look within, find solutions to insuring men like Yung Gamin experience a fairly happy “Average Joe” American kid childhood that Kendrick Lamar often laments he and his siblings were deprived of enjoying by their “living wild” (Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar’s characterization of his parent’s lifestyle) parental figures.

    Robert K. Ross, MD, President and CEO of The California Endowment, gives a compelling overview of the role that exposure to childhood trauma plays in the lives of troubled and chronically ill Americans.



    Black *(Children’s)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; *End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect*; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator’s Frustrations

    • Matt Jones

      Who is making these young mothers breed like rabbits and not raise them correctly?

      • Matt Jones, replied, “Who is making these young mothers breed like rabbits and not raise them correctly?”

        Hi, Matt.

        Probably the liberal-minded Americans who believe judging people’s behavior is rude and inappropriate, regardless of how irresponsible and outrageous their behavior is or who is harmed by irresponsible behaviors.

        Sadly, children as well as entire communities are suffering because of folks who do not like to judge their neighbor’s socially and morally inappropriate conduct. 🙁


  • Tara

    Ignorance, racism and hate are colorblind. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Judge people by their character, not by their race. Problem solved.

  • shatzy

    If you aren’t willing to keep trying to educate people, then don’t be surprised at the amount of ignorance that continues to exist. There are people, young people, who do not see the world from the eyes of the 1960s+ (nor are there people who see the world from the eyes of pre-1960s).

    If the subject matter is important, you have to keep preaching it. Period. If we were to surrender out of exhaustion or cynicism, then were is the original value? Why do we keep teaching people about peace and morality at all? Because it’s necessary. Period.

    Remember why you are doing it in the first place. This isn’t about “you”.

  • henry 7.

    white people in america are just as intelligent, or apathetically ignorant, as black people in america.
    the problem is not a failure to understand what is really going on in america; the truth is out there for all the world to see via the internet, television news coverage, newspapers, books , and any damn fool that feels like being a “guest expert.” the real problem with racism in this country is that the oppossing sides: black people continuing to pursue the same means of eradicating the oppression vs. white people perpetuating its continuance, are stuck in repetition just as generations before them were. that is simply an addiction to repetition: doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.
    marching and carrying signs will get you news coverage, but it will not ever remove imbedded hate from a human heart. if it did there would be boatlods of white police getting indicted. voting is not a means of change, but a means for the powerful to decieve the powerless into believing they have power. between the reality that only an elite handful can run for office, and win–because they had the most millions in their pocket–and the advent of touchscreen voting machines programmed by humans, always looking for the most direct route between themself and the pile of money, and a two-party system touted as democratic, that ain’t, none of the poor and powerless will gain a position to enact change–even half a white man in the white house who says he’s black couldn’t put a dent in america’s tradition of hate. and then there are the endless online petitions, the black preachers standing in solidarity with police and government officials at the televised press conferances, the impromptu citizens committees installed as oversight by the very same villains who oppressed them, and on and on and . . .
    i’m sure there would be many dead black people in the aftermath of an all out violent black reprisal.
    there would be many dead white racists, as well as those who are truly not racist—but . . .

    nothing else is working, and . . . black people . . .
    it truly is better to die standing, than to spend you entire life begging on your knees.
    god and/or non-violence is not going to save you.

    • Jon Johnson

      The problem is really simple henry….

      the reason so many blacks are killed by police is because so many blacks are criminals….and sympathizers… like you ….

      When adjusted for their crime rates…. blacks and whites are killed equally….

      Your problem henry….is that you dont think its good enough to be treated like whites….you want to be treated better….

      • TheTruthHasNoAgenda

        Excellent comment, John. One problem within the black community (and there are MANY) is they expect, rather they DEMAND the rest of us lower our standards because they are incapable of raising their own. They all seem to suffer from victim mentality which, to them, justifies their entitled attitude. They want to hold us everyone – except themselves – accountable for their actions while they act with impunity.

  • Joe in OH

    So sick of the black victimhood segment trying to make cops and white people in general feel guilty for doing exactly what each and every black person would feel justified doing if put in the same situations. When black lives matter to Black Lives Matter I might listen to their argument. Until then, I don t mind saying I can get everything I ever need from my own kind — peaceful, friendly white men and women. In case anyone hadn’t yet realized, diversity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • ED

    Why keep skipping over the fact that Blacks are killing Blacks in numbers far greater than Blacks killed by Police. I agree there have been a few Police Involved Killings that were unjustified, but most People killed by Police were, or had been, involved in criminal activity. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin Committed de facto suicide. If Martin had stayed gone when he first left the Idiot Zimmerman (Not A Police Officer) instead of returning to fight, he may be still alive. Brown attacked Officer Wilson by reaching into the Police Cruiser to grab him. In my day, when I was On The Job, Brown would have died right at that moment, If I had been in Wilson’s place.

  • DeuS_eX_DaRe

    This position that every black death by cop is an unjustified racist event is intellectually lazy.
    The position that slavery existed in America in the past and therefore one can unerringly call any and all white people racist today, or unerringly call any and all incidents racist today is intellectually lazy.
    The idea that the cops are roaming the streets shooting black people for no reason and therefore you should always be afraid is intellectually lazy. In other words, keep your “intellectual mammyism” to yourself please.

  • Shaun Poaster

    It’s not that whites and OTHER races(even blacks) don’t understand it. They understand just fine, they just do not agree with your conclusions!

    I totally get her frustration and anger at the futility of reiterating the same argument over and over again, but that is what will happen when you simply repeat yourself like a broken record. It does not convince people, on the contrary, it makes them dismiss the speaker.

  • Soni Lynn

    well how about explain all the heinous black on white crimes, too many to count!!! how about the preachers pregnant wife who was raped and killed from some thug black man. or the young woman teacher who was raped and murdered by on of her black students. I fell anger and disgust for these criminals, I get tired of explaining to people like this author that NOT all white people are racist contrary to her beliefs. and no way would I riot over people I do not even personally know nor the full circumstances surrounding an issue. how about all people, black, white, brown, all races take responsibility for their actions. When a cop is truly wrong then they will face the consequences, but when they are not, then take a chill pill and move on already.

  • Notaliberal

    She won’t explain because there is nothing to explain. But let me school her. First Trayvon Martin attacked a neighborhood watchman, there was nothing racial about it.
    Mike Brown performed a strong armed robbery, and then attacked a cop after trying to steal his gun. No racism,just a criminal who didn’t get away. This is where hands up don’t shoot lie came from.
    Eric Garner did not follow pretty simple orders and died fighting the cops from a medical condition, no racial component either just a guy who should have obeyed the law
    Sandra Bland, Ok that cop acted stupidly with dumb request but no racial component. have been pulled over very stupid reasons, mainly when I was younger and complied with idiotic requests and I’m white.
    But I get it because I am tired of trying to explain why these cases are not racism.

  • Jeff

    I’d prefer she explain why less than 18% of the population accounts for over half of all violent crime in the U.S. or maybe explain why black Americans make up 46% of all government assistance usage? Or maybe why, despite affirmative action laws giving them the clear advantage, why despite high school graduation rates being the highest in American history, black Americans are still the lowest rate at only 68%? It seems like people are doing everything to blame all this on white people, as opposed to just making the obvious observation that black people are more violent, less intelligent, and less productive. A dog and a coyote are very similar, the difference is that dogs are intelligent, loyal, and can be trained. A coyote however cannot. I’ll leave you to figure out which race are dogs and which are coyotes.

  • Dingle Stingle

    So is America going to put our blacks in welfare camps or just let them destroy this country?

  • Jacques

    Stop putting gangbangers on a pedestal and worshiping them as rap artists and showering them with cash and maybe you’ll start to have some credibility. Write about the 70+% illegitimacy rate and how to solve it. Stop the culture of beating kids who study hard for acting “too white”. Stop celebrating murderers, thieves, and deadbeat dads and maybe we’ll start listening again.

    For the record, the WashPost tried really hard to make a point that people with an above average amount of melanin were being targetted by police and their very own study showed that in fact the rate of shootings was slightly less than the rate at which those same people committed crimes. In other words, once again, the facts say that the talking points from BLM and related groups are flat out lies.

  • Apex Pawn

    I’ll tell you what white people think. We think of Facts. Blacks make up maybe 13-14% of the population in the US but commit 85% of the violent crimes. That is straight from the FBI statistics. If you don’t see the problem, your blind as a bat and or racist.

  • The Prophet

    So the real Truth emerges yet again for everyone to read, right from the mouth of a radical black supremacist, “MAMMY”. Your radical followers have actually stated it outright in some of these comments, it is YOU who does not care. period. When slavery was abolished, “whites” FAR outnumbered “blacks”, both in population, AND in the People fighting for your GD rights that Other Countries and Leaders imposed on us all here in America, learn the factual history of The United States of America. WE THE PEOPLE, moron, fought for ALL OUR RIGHTS and still do, yet you want to keep fueling this race card fraud that costs this country WAY MORE $$$, time, energy, racist violence, etc., than anything else, period. Heres an idea, stop committing crimes, stop attacking the POlice when they request your attention one way or the other. SET your own response and record of inter-actions with the POlice, and only THAT will affect the outcome of “black” encounters with law enforcement. STOP blaming everyone else for your ignorant actions and complete disrespect, violence, and vicious attacks on white people. Violent unprovoked black on white crimes FAR out number the reverse, period. If you keep trying to use OLD history to justify your angry violent, disrespectful behavior, then you will only continue the RAGE you seem to strive for. It is Those that speak up and out for factual justice who are TIRED of trying to be you all’s “intellectual mammy’s” about actual FACTS in almost ALL these situation that have arisen in the last 8++ years of this obamanations’ reign of race card fraud, race baiting, and outright racism, and his punk “wife” is the biggest racist of all, proven repeatedly for those who pay attention. Grow TF up, and take responsibility for your own actions and STOP blaming everyone else, AND 100++ year old history, your just part of the continued problem, and are purposefully trying to thwart the solution we True Americans have all put in place MANY years ago and are still trying. Maybe you want our country to fall apart like so many others in history, including the middle east, due to race and religious wars that have been going on long b4 our country was born, and will continue long after racists like you possibly destroy OURs with your fraudulent rhetoric.

  • ZioFascist

    Yeah, i’d have a hard time defending criminals too.

    Tamir wasn’t a criminal, but many of the “youths” the negro community martyrdoms are not exactly upstanding citizens.

    • Jacques

      The instant Tamir Rice pointed his replica firearm at a person he committed assault, a crime, so yes, he was a criminal. The police were responding to crime(s) in progress.

      • ZioFascist

        i do think there are cases where blacks are being brutalized by the police, but the BLM movement doesnt focus on them as much.

        Treyvon..Mike Brown..Freddie Gray…all were committing crimes or had criminal records. They werent choir boys

        • Jacques

          There are always cases where people of all colors are treated unfairly. Focusing on criminals as heroes demeans the position of the “activists”.

        • ogunsiron

          BLM and most of the black “intellectuals” simply believe that the law should not apply to black people. For all kinds of reason this is not tenable and if things keep going like this segregation will be coming back. It will come back because you obviously can’t have share a community with people who think that obeying the law is optional.

  • J

    Really…. how do they feel about all the attacks on white people by blacks WHICH is a much higher number. Just look at the black on white violence stats in the FBI database. Stupid articles like this leave propaganda media outlets like this with no credibility. Then they wonder why nobody wants to give them the time of day. This article is lies and racism against white people. And for the record these examples they give when it comes to the cops were JUSTIFIED and the blacks killed were HEATHENS.

  • Never mind about 90 % of interracial violent crime is black perp.

  • Karl Mar

    What I understand is that black lives only matter when a white person is involved. You take isolated incidents and blow it out of proportion and claim, this is how life is.

    No, it’s not.

    Here’s reality. The number one killer of young, black men in this country. It’s not cops, it’s not, surprise surprise, white people.

    Over 90 percent of black murders are committed by, ding ding, young, black men.

    Where’s the moral outrage?

    I guess white people just don’t get it. How you turn a blind eye to the real problem in the community while vilify all for the actions of a few.

    Black lies matter.

    Call me a racist, after all, I was born white. It was already decided.

    By ignorant bigots such as this writer and the cacophony of fools that only know how to spread hate and more ignorance that divides us rather than unite us.

  • Bob

    Wow! What a racist closed minded site. Hate the fact I pointed out the truth about the hypocrisy of BLM and the black community. Worse is there was nothing racist in my posts- but because I exposed an ugly secret about the BLM and black community my posts were deleted.
    Thanks for proving this site is run by racist hypocrites. Pathetic.
    Go ahead and delete my post now because I did lock step with you. God forbid anyone think something not sanctioned by you folks. Kind a like Hitler and the Nazi party- you will read only what we tell you, say only what we tell you to say, do only as we tell you or face the wrath. Talk about intolerance. How sad.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      Except they aren’t putting people inside of gas chambers…

      • Bob


        • Bored&Opinionated

          How many black people have gas chambers?

  • johnsimon

    What I wonder is where is the white outrage about the crimes committed against their people?

    Black on white crime is 2,700% greater than white on black crime. A white person is 172 times more likely to be killed by a black criminal than a black criminal being killed by a white cop. A white woman is more likely to be raped by a black man than a black man graduating from college.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      There are more black college students than there are black criminals. There are more black college graduates than black rapists.
      And white children are more likely to be raped or molested by a white man (including their own relatives) ….

  • Bob

    Good lord I just read some of this ladies other articles and it is quite clear that she is extremely racist. Pathetic hypocrite.

  • Marshall Knowlton

    Do a crime do the time……if you are not a thug you wont be harmed in the making…I think the black community needs to start showing respect to get respect…..stop resisting stop running stop aiming guns stop strong armed robberies of store owners……then you wont get shot….

  • Allen Marples


    • oplease19

      I’d take more offense at the “intellectual” part – Stacey Patton of Morgan State University is too devoid of logic, too statistically illiterate, just too plain dumb to be anybody’s intellectual anything.

  • Conservative_Approach

    Then stop writing what comes from the BLM movement and from the Al Sharptons of this world and start writing about the common sense.
    1. You only hear of these incidents because they create controversy. Have you actually researched how many white people are killed by blacks? How many white men are killed by white cops?
    2. You continue to make excuses – yes excuses – for the illegal behaviors of the people injured (no I will not call them victims). Maybe resisting a criminal act would have had better results.
    3. In the Rice case, would you be speaking out if this was a real gun and the cops gave a 12 year old the benefit of the doubt and he shot the cop. It happens – you just don’t read about 12 year olds with real guns killing people.

  • Bob

    SMH. When I see the black community actually care about the black community I will be impressed. For example take what happened to Zaevion Dobson. A young man who died a hero saving others. But not a word from the BLM or the black community. By ignoring the heroics of this brave young man you have spit on him and his actions. How pathetic. And why does he not matter to the black community- because he was not killed by a white. It did not matter one bit to the black community that he died saving 3 other young ladies- all black. Only the fact his killer wasn’t white so nothing to protest and get falsely outraged over. Again- truly pathetic. Why is that the whites cared more about this young man and his actions than the black community? So who is the racist? You want to end racism- start with yourselves. I judge people by their character and actions- not by the color of their skin- as you folks do.

  • Niglin

    We have slowly destroyed are own race, it’s over we are not even worth a bullet it takes to kill us
    Hip Hop has done the job.

  • Michael Davidson

    Good, sick of hearing about it

  • Max_Vino

    The shooting was justified.
    But it’s ll about probability.
    If the “kid” looked younger probability goes down
    If the “Kid” was white
    If the “Kid was playing in a middle class white neighborhood.
    If the gun didn’t look so realistic
    We live in a world where decisions are based on probability not certainty
    There you have it…both sides have a point…but the shooting was justified.

  • Americus Citizenus2

    I am frustrated and angry that, as a percentage of the entire population, Blacks disproportionately commit more violent crimes than Whites! I am frustrated and angry that Blacks committing violent crimes and getting arrested are being reported in the news several times a day, every single day, while similar violent White crimes are reported only a few times a month! I am frustrated and angry that my own personal experiences while growing up in North Long Beach in the 1960’s involved over 23 instances of Black males either assaulting, raping, burglarizing, robbing, stealing, scamming and manipulating friends, family, associates, classmates and loved ones! During this same period, I only had one encounter each with a drug fueled White Man and a wannabe Hispanic gang banger with knives. Maybe Black People ignore the cold hard facts about the reality surrounding them because they live in it from birth until death, or maybe they are brainwashed as children growing up to see things differently and behave that way. But one thing I do know and that is White America is fed up with and sick and tired of their bull droppings and crime! Every City in which they are the majority is a slum and among the “dangerous cities” in America! Every opportunity to be successful has been wasted by the majority of them! When racists say evil things about them, they would rather prove the racists correct than prove them wrong! Want to call me a Racist too? Go ahead. I and Every White Person Earned the right to be because of you!

    • Jon Johnson

      Today a big study by the washington post came out….

      It looked at every police shooting….and found that there is no difference in blacks and whites killed by cops…. when the races criminality is factored in….

      The math has been glaring for a long time….. blacks who commit much more often..are also killed much more often….

      The solution…if black lives matter….. quite being criminals…..

    • bowhowdy2

      Wow! Well put.

  • Black Bill Murray

    I hear you, Sis. It definitely feels like being trapped in some morbid version of Groundhog Day…only with a different dead black body, and a different scared-for-his-life-cop.

    • Jon Johnson

      Thats interesting….. just today a big study was released ….it found that blacks and whites are killed at the same rate by police…. when the rate of criminality is factored in…..

      Whites are pretty fed up with black crime….

      and black whiners…. as the study suggests….. do less crime maybe….huh???

    • oplease19

      But always the same race husters. Always the same black racists making a criminal into a martyr while ignoring the hundred homicides committed by blacks for every one usually justified shooting of a black by a cop. And black cops shoot blacks at triple the rate of white cops! Meanwhile when a black cop shoots a white man who is on the ground being tased, screaming at him to get on the ground even though the video makes clear he is on the ground, the black community says nothing. Even though the data shows blacks commit hate crimes at a rate 50% greater than their population percent, the black community says nothing. Even though blacks are only 12% of the population yet commit half the homicides the black community says nothing. Groundhog Day indeed.

  • dj

    It’s difficult to feel sorry for this journalist and blacks when black people are their own worst enemy. If blacks would stop killing each other, that would be 90% of the killings. It’s so much easier to put the focus on another group instead of looking into the mirror and seeing the REAL enemy — BLACK people.

  • oplease19

    Stacey Patton is racist and profoundly ignorant. Blacks commit homicide at 8 times the rate of whites. Blacks are only 12% of the US population yet commit HALF the homicides. Since blacks commit crime at a stunningly higher rate than whites, it would make sense if they were also killed by police at a stunningly higher rate. Yet in spite of what the biased media coverage would lead you to believe, that is not the case – blacks are only 29% of those shot by police. Also, blacks commit hate crimes at a rate 50% higher than their percent of the population. In short, black people and white people and Hispanic people and Asian people have far more to fear from black people than from anybody else. Astoundingly, a randomly chosen black adult male is more likely to have killed a black person than a randomly chosen police officer. And that is in spite of the fact that all the police officers are armed and their job has them involved with criminal, violent, and angry people constantly. Yet the racist Stacey Patton has the gall to refer to the “scourge of white America”. ALL of America, white, black, brown, yellow, and red, suffers because of the scourge that is black America. Stacey Patton rails that white people treat her and other black people’s fear of whites as a damn game; it’s not a damn game, it’s a damn shame, born of Stacey Patton and other black people’s ignorance and racism – your fellow black people are the ones you and every other race has to fear, because they are the ones committing hugely disproportionate violence. She and other race hustlers make martyrs out of criminals like Michael Brown, but probably can’t even name the 9-year-old murdered by a black “man” to get revenge on a rival gang leader, the baby shot in the face by a black “man” because the baby’s mother didn’t have any money for him to steal, the 88-year old WWII veteran beaten to death by blacks, or any of the other tens of thousands of victims of black violence. As Jesse Jackson said, ‘When you hear footsteps behind you at night and turn around to see it’s a white person it’s a relief’. And as for the nonsense of blaming white racism for black violence and utter lack of basic morals, I’ll just quote Deo in “Strength in What Remains”: ‘Even if the Belgians had made a mess of things, what kind of person takes a machete and kills people?’

    • Jon Johnson

      Blacks commit homicide at 8 times the rate of whites. Blacks are only 12% of the US population yet commit HALF the homicides..

      Bad statistic…. black woment commit few murders….

      The compare that needs to be made…. is black males and white males….

      The average black male is 20 times more likely to kill a white than a white male is to kill a black….

  • Martin Eden

    What do we mean by race? The term is so often used, but understood very little. What we are speaking of, is the point in which human personality diverges and solidifies itself as a type. This personality establishes itself over thousands of years and many generations. It cannot be altered in a short period of time but must slowly evolve.
    Each generation refines the character and expression of race much the same way a sculptor slowly shapes their work. The sculptor cannot change the material they have, all they can do, is alter it through their strokes and care. Every individual is a sculptor, adding in their way to the personality of their race. Thus race is mutable, but also does not follow an automatic line of progress. It may either improve or depreciate. Race imprints itself on every new member, forming their limitations and possibilities, established not by their surroundings but by their past.
    The so called “stereotype” is merely the dominate personality of a race which was established through many generations of behavior and gives us a general conception of the race. True not every individual will fit in the mold, however none are outside of it. The stereotype can either be a source of pride or shame, but it cannot be changed by single generations or a few exceptions to the rule.

  • randy

    rule 89: any attempt at conversation on race politics or religion on social networking sites will devolve into godwins law or the racial or religious varient thereof.

  • Max_Vino

    “Why is the quality of life lower for the black community ?”
    A complex question, when I think about it I come up with three interrelated explanations.
    1) What blacks do (or don’t do) for themselves.
    2) The history of slavery, Jim Crow and Police oppression argument and
    3) What the government has done to destroy the black community.
    The first two I can’t do anything about. I can’t change the black culture and I would have little effect on what racism exists.. The third I can have an influence on.

  • Mydogrules

    There are far too many successful people of every imaginable racial and ethnic background in the USA for any intelligent, rational, informed person to believe that racism is anywhere near as prevalent or debilitating as the befuddled dingbats like Stacey Patton and Veronica Wells insist upon believing. I guess it is more comforting for them to externalize the source of their problems than to look in the mirror….

  • Mydogrules

    As long as blacks believe their perpetual problems are the result of the Racist Boogeyman rather than the destruction of black families as the result of unwed parenthood which has been encouraged by liberals in the name of “tolerance” and “non-judgementalism” and enabled with countless welfare programs which have rendered fathers and husbands to be obsolete, NOTHING is going to change.

    And, yes, it is frustrating that so many people refuse to acknowledge the obvious, preferring instead to bury their heads in the proverbial sand.

    • bowhowdy2

      The answers is A Parent.

  • Martin Eden

    Your rage, were we to compare it in volume and number of incidents, is nothing but a squeak. The number of our European men and women murdered, raped, and robbed by your race, if transposed to sound would be deafening.

  • Leon Pfanenstiel

    Don’t feel bad, we’re tired of hearing your sniveling too. Clean up your act, and then get back to me.

  • bowhowdy2

    You types ever thought of giving the crime thing a rest?
    Ten armed robberies in my city in the past week and all by BLACK males!
    They make up less than 4 percent of our population, too!

  • Mydogrules

    Your frustration stems from your own ignorance.

  • Mydogrules

    Maybe you need to grow up, and educate yourself as to what the real source of the problems facing black Americans is: black Americans, and the Democrat handlers who have destroyed their families and made them dependent on welfare for survival.

  • YEET

    You be mad all you want and have rage issues all you want just do it over there on that side of the tracks.

  • mmmdot

    Yasss! Love her! Tell em, Stacey!

  • Traditional American

    An you young lady are the perfect example of what is wrong with your race. Try taking personal responsibility. If you still believe that Michael Brown was an innocent victim then there is no hope for you. Just go vote for Hillary. Dumbazz.

  • John Mouton

    And, by the way, who is Stacey Patton and why does SHE speak for the entire race? I love how ANGRY she is at all white people. Ridiculous. Even funnier she’s contacted for a 1200 word essay on her thoughts – who cares? Glad she never puked out that tripe – her tweet was bad enough.

  • John Mouton

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So much crying and whining about past sleights and injustices. Blacks have failed to grow up as a whole and continue, as a race, acting like children – lazy, asking for handouts. And then you have this little core of educated, angry black people that fail to look inward, but continue to scream and cry about all the outward forces and pressures causing these continued stereotypes and the simple fact is, the parenting skills of most black parents are so bad, their children are a direct reflection of the parenting they receive. Is it a wonder a black boy (I was going to say little, but at 175 and size 12’s, that isn’t the case) gets shot with a toy guy when his parents don’t even know where he is or that he has it? This is so typical of inner city youth parenting and the blame for this is alwasy placed on the white man. Having grown up in Oakland in the 70’s as a white boy and suffering the kind of reverse racism that had me beat up, crawling home and not able to go out at night or alone at anytime. As a little boy, how was I to blame for any black sufferage? I wasn’t, but I was forced to suffer. I don’t have any sympathy for blacks. Who are the prominent black leaders in this country? Stupid rap musicians??? P-diddy and his like speak for the race and what a bunch of people to look up to, right? No other race in the U.S. takes as much and gives as little as the african american race. Every other race who has migrated here has found success by working hard and caring for each other. This is not what you find from the black race. Always out to “get theres”.

  • NaginataX

    Black Rage is caused when they don’t get their way or their handouts. If one of theirs is convicted of a crime then it must be “the man” out to “put them down”. News flash, almost every single “victim” that the BLM movement supports were criminals or doing something perceived as dangerous to anyone with half a working brain. The only two that I’d give legit consideration for were the guy selling cigarettes that was choked to death and the dude at the Walmart walking around with a product that the STORE SELLS. Everyone else was pointing guns and knives at people, attacking officers, or trying to flee from the scene of a crime.

    This is why BLM and the race baiters aren’t taken seriously.

  • Robert Perrotto

    I personally do not give a flying hoot about blacks and their self inflicted issues. I and my family have never owned slaves. I refuse to be guilty for things I have never done. If it is sooo hard on black americans, they can do what Lincoln originally inteneded, go back to africa, wait…. even they do not want black americans

  • majix

    You don’t have the intellect to be a nanny goats mammy! If black people spent as much time and effort into building their communities as they do I. Whining about events of past and playing race card and demanding a nanny state to take care of them and protect theur “wittle” feelings, then naybe white people could give a flying fig!

  • ImperatorMachinarum

    I respect and judge everybody as an individual, bu their actions. That is the best thing I can do as an individual. But I respectfully listen to and consider grievances along identity lines. I vote and donate appropriately, which is the best thing I can do in an organizational context.

    I myself have stratified layers of identity. I’m a white, light eyed, light haired male. I’m American. I’m nominally Christian. Ultimately, I’m a member of the human race…of which there is but one…which takes precedence over any other identity affiliation.

    Everybody is welcome at my table: black, white, red, yellow, brown, straight, gay, Muslim, Jew, Christian, whatever your identity affiliations. All the best in the new year.

  • Pictishmac

    Heads up Ms. Patton, journalism stops being journalism when the writer makes it op-ed. And really, you had to use the phrase, “intellectual mammy”?

    • KilgoreCarp

      It would have been better if she said she wouldn’t be your Aunt Jemima.

  • David Shelton

    she has done nothing other than complain. she won’t write on the black anger because she can’t. the racist anger she spewed about the white man is not an argument based on logic, and always ends up pointing to the past. a past most of us never participated in. the past is dead. this batch of white devils wanted integration but fifty years later, it is only worse. most black americans living in our big cities rejected dr. martin luther king jr.’s message. they slowly segregated themselves. the African culture grew along with black liberation theology. black name identification, and distinctive black music (rap) furthered the gap. then drugs and gangs filled our streets, starting a crime wave lasting up to this very day. black children cannot learn in their schools, because of gang bullies always disrupting, and terrorizing the classrooms and halls. they intimidate their teachers. so we just passed them. community organizers have been shaking up their communities, always there to remind them why they are failing. in the meantime there is a 50% dropout rate and a 70% illegitimacy rate, reaching for even higher records. …but no this is the white mans fault. read the comments ‘in her article’, not these, and you will see what the problem is. resisting arrest or giving cops a hard time, along with dangerous behavior, will never work out for the good.

  • Human Tragedy

    Not this time. I will NOT be your intellectual Mammy. I’s real tired.

    I’m “Real Tired” of reading sloppy journalism also…

  • lc smith

    Once again__I urge you to be in the vanguard of the creation of a separate black state (or states) within the framework of our federal system. An electoral majority and investment by wealthy and talented black americans could pull this off! Totally voluntary. Anyone could live there. These articles and comments are a waste of time. Get to work!

  • She has no clear and cohesive argument so of course does not want to talk about it.

  • Evert Robinson

    Many including the writer see things thru the black perspective. Move back and look at the whole picture. Blacks in this life time have made alot of headway. That however does not change a persons standard for “Trust”. When you have a large segment of the black population doing a wacked out portion of the crime you will never find trust. The standards we live by are not embraced by the black culture and they have chosen their own standards. Most call it ghetto justice or ghetto attitude. They claim they are being targeted. That is true,but not for the reasons they state. They are the ones commiting a large portion of the crime and therefor can not be trusted. Those are the facts. Most whites want balance and inclusion but not at the expense of lowering our standards of trust. This issue goes way beyond white and black. Where other cultures bend to include blacks,the blacks do not. To be a successfull race you must find away to intergrate other cultures into your life. That is a major “Black Hole” where they are concerned. They have not did this in any spot on the planet and it shows in their neighborhoods,schools and the communities they thrive in. You must lose the us or them attitude and embrace and build a civil order. People of all other colors will not accept the black idea of law and order. No one has and no one ever will. You must walk the walk and be accountable for your own actions and in-actions.

  • Bryan Campbell

    Who gives a flying f*ck what this moron says?

  • Tom Anthony

    Much like every other Issue of significance, the “truth” or reasonable explanation lies somewhere in the middle. I understand the frustration and all, and I truly believe a large chunk of those cops should be held accountable for their actions. I believe that there were many that were scared and ultimately their lack of training and inability to remain cool under said circumstances resulted in lives being lost. For this, I believe they need to be held accountable. It may be within reason to implement a moderate punishment when the victim suffers an injury, but when the result is death, when someones life is taken away forever, unjustifiably, by a so called professional, something must be done. With this sentiment, I totally agree. Now, the other side is also accountable. No one ever wants to look at themselves or their people to blame. Its natural to feel this way and I’ve learned the first thing to come up in our minds most instances when meeting or seeing a person we do not know, is the differences between us and them. A shame but sadly its second nature. I believe that there are many problems on both sides. I think the best way to rectify these issues is to work on ourselves and our people. You see, there is only so much that can be accomplished by endlessly pointing fingers back and forth. There needs to be fundamental changes made in each respective culture. And maybe more importantly, there needs to be a strong desire to recognize and understand each other including the differences there are and why they are there. Many privileged whites including law enforcement need to take a good look at the reasons why things are the way they are. They need to do better. They need to learn how to be human beings first. The same can be said for underprivileged blacks, those who live under less than ideal circumstances, who constantly look outward and see nothing but frustration and injustice. Look inward, better yourself and know what is within your control and make the most of it. Collectively we could all benefit from being better people and ultimately, looking at each other for what we all are. Human Beings.

  • Snakebite

    Because the rage isn’t based on reality. The fact that trayvon is even mentioned in this article as an unjust death completely invalidates anything she has to say.

  • Johnny Houston

    Shoot first or get shot first…..not much time to react when you see a black man pull a gun

  • Reggie_Essent

    I get the feeling this broad thinks every white face she sees owes her something.

    Here’s a clue, kvnt: White poeple don’t owe you schit.

  • Michael La Rosa

    Stacey Patton the perpetual victim. Apparently you can’t crawl away from victimization can you? I don’t want any explanation because none is viable. You have been following black leadership, white democrats and liberals for decades and this is where you stand today. How much longer do you follow them? Its been over 50 years now. You have in the process become victims and executioners of your own people. One only has to look at statistics of black on black crime for the past 3 decades. Of course there are many who blame white society for all the black community problems. Some will say white people will never get it or we don’t care. Others of course cry institutionalized racism, white entitlement as the cause. But in the end you can blame everything white but the fact remains the biggest threat to a black man today is another black man. This is not only true in crime but in black leadership. You continue to follow black leadership that makes millions of dollars off of your plight. You know that to be true. They want you repressed that is how they make their money, don’t you get that?. You have become pawns to the Democratic party. They just need you to vote so some white politician can feel your empathy at least that is what they will tell you what they feel. You have been guided thoughtfully and strategically not into the light of hope but into the darkness of victimization one that you will never get out of not as long as you follow leadership with those beliefs.

    No the world is not fair. It never has been fair and it never will be. You can always have a reason a blame for where you stand today. If blaming white society for your plight makes you feel better then that is what you will do. That type of thought will never allow you or a people to ever crawl from under repression no matter what color you are. I have no right to preach to anyone but I would think you would be wise enough to figure this out on your own.

  • southerntester

    Blacks kill blacks. Period. Look at the numbers. It’s not a racial issue unless the press tries really, really hard to make it one. Until this issue is addressed nothing will change. EVER!

  • Matt Jones

    Intellect is one thing this girl does not have. If she would do a little research into the FACTS of all these cases, she would then see why the police were NOT indited. BECAUSE THEY DID NOTHING WRONG! Stop thinking you can be a violent felon and get away with it. Attack a cop and try to take his gun (Mike Brown) Get shot, Reach for a weapon, get shot. How hard is this to understand????

  • B G

    Well I guess it’s difficult trying to explain something to someone that is essentially made up in the mind of the explainee, many black people are utterly intent on keeping white people racist, weather they are or not because it gives them an easy out for their own failings, a black person does something wrong, must be racism, simple, and also explains the micro aggressions thing, we can’t claim regular aggressions so now we have micro!!! aggressions, please spare us. Have any of you heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf?, applies here, you call people racist so much that after a while they just really don’t care any more weather you do or not and just go about their lives.

  • layman

    There are surely bad cops and a number of unjustified killings of black men and women. But come on pick your battles! Both investigations showed that the shooting of Michael Brown was justified. The evidence in that particular case is overwhelming. Trayvon Martin was killed by a hispanic citizen not a white police officer. It went to trial and I’m sorry but the evidence was incredibly underwhelming. Sandra Bland killed herself in a cell with 24 hour video surveillance outside of it. You can blame the white officer for a sketchy arrest if you want but you cannot blame her death on anyone but her. The other examples you cited are worthy of discussion and there are others as well. I get angry about unjustified shootings of any person, but I make sure that it actually qualifies first.

  • Ken Lima

    Spending your life explaining racism and black rage would be better spent eating chocolate instead and much more satisfying.

  • godot42

    If blacks don’t wish to enter into dialogue, only conflict remains. This kind of exhausted attitude is narcissistic and lazy. Her attitude is aloof, indifferent and arrogant, and exactly the same as the attitude in the whites that she’s complaining about. If people aren’t willing to continue to describe their point of view and try to increase understanding, why would anyone care about them? They’re refusing to give a reason. I find this woman’s attitude to be childish, and part of the problem. Broadcasting it in an article makes it worse.

  • Jon Johnson

    Well big news black people….

    a new study out today ….. done by the washington post…..covered every police shooting over the period….

    They found that when adjusted for the numbers of crimes committed by various races…. black men are killed no more frequently by police than other groups…

    Clearly if black lives matter…. quite being so violent….commit fewer crimes….


    Effectively the study proves you retards are full of spit…

    • Jon Johnson

      It seems that the black lives matter cry babies dont want to be treated like white people…they want to be treated better…

      • KilgoreCarp

        Nobody know da’ trouble de’ seen.

    • mike owens

      When not adjusted, far more whites are killed by cops than blacks.

  • godot42

    The fundamental error in the thinking of this writer is that she overly identifies with her racial identity. It is her starting point for her thinking on any issue, and what she doesn’t get about white people is that whites don’t start their thinking in terms of a racial identity. Blacks have gained social benefits by having racial solidarity, but it is the only button some of them know how to push in order to get such rewards. Look at those blacks that truly break out and succeed: most don’t have a strong racial awareness, and are willing to work with all races. The kind of black militant ideology this woman is expressing has not, does not, and will not ever work for them. In a multicultural society, diversity can only exist if the disparate elements make compromises and adopt some of each other’s ways. A society cannot peacefully co-exist with contradictory and antagonistic elements without breaking down into conflict.

  • mike owens

    Because there is no valid explanation that has any validity. I hate to tell blacks, but there is NO vast white conspiracy to hold you back. As a matter of fact blacks spend way more time thinking about whites than vice versa. Hold yourselves to a higher standard and quit looking for excuses.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    racism and black rage is outdated and just an excuse to get what you want and do what you want. Slavery has not existed for 200 years and it’s not an excuse for anything. Whites were slaves long before blacks and we’ve thrived and moved on. LOOK IT UP. Stop using your race as an excuse for your hatred and behavior. Start using your brains to better yourselves and others in your community.

  • slusk9655

    Yeah, I go along with her. She needs to stop trying to explain why blacks are so racist and why they get mad at whites when we don’t understand why the white attempts to stop racism are met with violence by blacks. We whites do understand that it is a money and power thing. The more you complain and the more violent you are the greater the economic rewards are. Just ask Jackson, Sharpton and all the rest of the racist b’tards causing problems in society. And to answer your question, yes, I am racist. I hate xhitheads who think they should have things better than anybody else because they can scream louder, make us pay for their ignorance and cause more trouble for the rest of us.

  • Phillip Barker

    No one asked you to be their intellectual mammy. Being out of arguments without convincing anyone tends to make you tired. No, a large number of white people do not understand burning down cities in defense of criminals. We wouldn’t do it or understand it for white criminals either. Whites are just as tired of having the unexplainable explained to them as you are attempting to explain it. We’ll be fine if you stop talking. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • Brother-Sergeant Edeon

    So…basically she’s tired of raging at a collective of people on behalf of a group whose only connection she has is that they have similar skin colors.

    Sounds like she just needs to find something else to write about instead of complaining that it’s the white man’s fault someone that almost none of that collective have ever seen or heard of prior to her suicide offed herself or that some kid got shot by police because he tried to draw a gun on 2 officers, then complain about your impotent rage at no one being found criminally liable in either case.

  • mad

    I am not sure what is worse, the narrow minded article or the narrow minded comments by both black and whites.

    • mike owens

      The narrow minded article.

  • jjmcl431

    well Mammy Stacey you just keep feeling sorry for yourself, blaming white folks for all your problems and keep on being a “Mammy” and you will be happy like most other Blacks.

  • Markie Mark

    A mentally unstable black woman.

  • Pete

    Time for most blacks to assimilate into being law abiding, responsible, motivated and civilized Americans. We’re all waiting.


    When blacks start respecting the law and stop being thugs and criminals maybe they won’t get shot by police. Yes, mistakes are made in life and out of the tens of thousands of black criminals there might be a couple innocent and unjustified shootings by police. It happens to Caucasians also. Blacks are the ones who verbalize by violence when they don’t agree with something. You don’t see Caucasians burning their cities and rioting because a Caucasian criminal was shot whether justified or not. That is why I for one am sick and tired of the black rage and entitlement attitude they have. Maybe if you learned to be respectful, get a job, don’t riot and destroy your cities/neighborhoods, etc you then might be looked at more serious in your complaints rather then your current approach of violence (BLM the black lies movement isn’t helping your causes).

  • phaedrus

    blackLIESmatter. Please continue to LIE about the guilt of your racist negro people and blame those who obey and uphold the law. America is TIRED of your animal-like living, promoting crime and whining about being held accountable for your crimes, your lack of responsibility and your parasitic living off those that work hard for them and their families. You CAN’T explain because you CANNOT face the reality you’ve created.

    So go whine elsewhere…nobody cares.

  • savant

    Black crime is the problem…Not the police…Blacks fill our prisons with their criminality….

  • Who says these deaths were unjust? This hack of a ‘journalist’ or people who defend criminals?

  • sickofthelies

    F blacks F her and f those hood rats the police justifiably removed from the gene pool. Ever live with these animals? I have and people who have understand its not racism its realism these people NOT ALL but most are useless violent subhumans that are unwilling to become civilized they covet the criminal and teach their children to hate. The best thing I did was MOVE as far away from diversity as I could and let me tell you Ill take a Lilly white neighborhood over and diverse cesspool any day. Look at the mess the half black d bag has created whenever the blacks move in crime escalates, schools crumble and property values plummet that’s FACT not racism that’s REALITY not Liberal B.S. the proof is on MY side. Thank god I come from a race of civilized caring people

  • Tommy Jarvis

    The article lost me when it included Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin in the group of “heinous acts on black people at the hands of a white person”. DOJ thorough investigation of Michael Brown death concluded that the officer’s version of events was accurate and that he was definitely attacked and defended himself. And Trayvon Martin was murdered by a hispanic civilian with a history of violence. If George Zimmerman is white, then so is Barack Obama.

  • AUauditor

    If the “black lives matters [terrorist group]” would choose martyrs who were actually innocent, then the whole thing would be much more believable, and there would actually be more compassion for the plight. However, when rappers and criminals are chosen as examples and there is such a high level of black crime (so much that even Jesse Jackson is paranoid when young black males are behind him on the street), the angst around young blacks is pretty much justified, which, sadly, puts wonder-law-abiding blacks at much more discomfort and risk.

  • Lindy

    How about the rage white people feel when they can’t even go for a walk with their child in a stroller and a black teen puts a bullet in the head of the baby? What about the murders of white people by blacks? What about the rapes and robberies committed by blacks against whites? And have to mention all the crimes committed by blacks against blacks. I will not be excuse your denial of the facts. I will not excuse your defending criminals while innocent blacks and whites lay dead at the hands of blacks.

    • mike owens

      By a ratio of 40-1, blacks perpetrate acts of violence on whites.

  • KilgoreCarp

    Its not the police’s fault if black people can’t control themselves.

  • Anthony

    How about this? I’m not white, I’m not black, I’m not defined by a color, I’m just a person, an American, like you. And as a person I get up every morning, pull my pants up and get on with the rest of my day. I work, I pay my bills, I care for my children and I try my best to be a good person while struggling with the challenges and weight of every day life. And frankly, I don’t have time in my day to care about the color of your or anyone’s skin and the perception that your struggles deserve greater sensitivity and understanding than anyone else. It’s time to grow up.

  • Stan Byers

    Then try explaining the deaths of white people at the hands of blacks?

  • bigsal175

    More jibberish by the entitlement, socially-parasitic, tax coffer-draining savages…

  • Alex

    I always love it when the leftist haters point finger at those who do NOT support their fake arguments.
    Blacks with invented outrage always whine, and the leftist news media supports them.

  • Phil

    Screw this woman….I don’t give a damn what she thinks….she is just another apologist for black criminals!!! I blacks don’t want to be killed by police…they should stop committing crimes and then resisting arrest!!! The Blacks are responsible for their problems with police…the police are not. Why is so difficult to understand????

  • Theresa Henderson


  • Kelven Koontz

    I do not understand this. Michael Brown died while trying to attack and kill a Police Officer. Sandra Bland killed herself. Tamir Rice was shot and killed while brandishing a firearm and threatening others with it, (yes it turned out to be a toy gun but the police was justified in that they thought it was real), Treyvon Martin was killed by an Hispanic guy not a white guy. Then you got racism. I as a white man have been victimized racially several times by black people and black people today being only 13% of the U.S. Population make up about 87% of racist people in America today. Vast majority of racism in America today is Black people being racist against whites.

  • Billy Franks

    Wow, what garbage.

    Whites aren’t attacking blacks, its more of the exact other way around.

    Just look at some crime statistics….you’ll see where the actual “racism” lies.

    Pull UP those pants, finish High School, go to college, RAISE YOUR KIDS PROPERLY, work hard.

    And watch “racism” MELT AWAY TO NOTHING.

    So TIRED of these entitled people and their WHINING.

  • Rich Mall

    The black community want everyone to think that all this is about the color of the skin…. it has nothing to do with that and never has, it has allot more to do with being uncivilized in a civilized country. Something that the black community had never wanted to be the fore front of any of their conversations, even today.
    Third world manners and mentality do not go well in a civilized country, it proves itself to be a failure from the get go. But, the black community continues to prove otherwise that it is not them but other civilized people that are the blame to all this that is going on today. No one really cares if your black but, being uncivilized…that is different in this case.
    The ‘Birthright Amendment’ is the cause of all this, a chance for some to achieve being civilized and they have failed themselves by their own doings. Let’s get rid of it, deport those that fall under it and finally rid Racism, Hatred out of America. It is not that I hate Muslims,Hispanics or the black community…… it’s the third world mentality of being uncivilized that I hate……

    • Bored&Opinionated

      Being or the lack of being civilized has nothing to do with race. There are plenty of uncivilized whites… but because you are apparently a racist, you fail to see the problems among yourselves. That is called racial bias.

  • eifelplatt

    It’s not that we don’t hear it. It’s more like we’ve heard it all before. Everyone blames someone else for their problems.

    With other minorities doing better you’re message is getting lost. Can you even see the value of the family structure – in the rising Asian-American community, in Islamic communities around America and in Hispanic communities? Even us massively dysfunctional white people do better in a family structure. Rebuild your families. Save your Children. Embrace America. We will help, but you must lead.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      No, you massively dysfunctional white people are not doing better in a family structure because you people have the highest rates of incest and inbreeding.

  • mike

    I don’t understand you black people, why don’t you look at the facts, blacks murder 10x the number of white people per year than whites murder blacks. You all get mad, make demands, riot, protest anytime a white person does you wrong, but you people are so so so dang silent when your own babies and children are gunned down by your own people in your own hoods. You people say blacklivesmatter but to who, apparently not your own people, nothing is ever addressed about how a people who make up roughly 14% of this countries population generate far more violent crimes per capita of other races here. What the heck do you want? There’s an old saying…you can’t help anyone who won’t help themselves. If blacklivesmatter so much to you people why is it that the majority of slavery that still exist in the world today takes place in west Africa, your so proud to call your selfs African Americans, but that’s never addressed also, it’s becoming so apparent that the only time blacklivesmatter is when you can pin it on a white person.

  • Commenter

    And I’m tired of all the violent crime being committed by blacks that go un noticed by the media. Maybe that’s why white people don’t like to associate with blacks. Because most of you act like animals, you rob, murder, rape and steal from whites

  • yossarion

    Your ego tells you its an “explanation” that everyone must learn, when in reality its just your opinion that some may or may not listen to. Welcome to reality.

  • Danielmey

    White people sit and scratch their heads, wondering how black people can’t see why most of these shootings are justified (and that it also happens to everyone, of every race). Try researching officer Dan Lovelace. Why no mention of John Crawford, one of the very few cases where the shooting was not justified, or even explainable?

    • yossarion

      And why is it that everytime a black person is shot by a white cop it is automaticallically assumed it is the police’s fault. Just look at Michael Brown. All of the lies and assumptions by black people that the white cop was guilty, its where “hands up” originated, neighborhoods were burned, and celebrities partook in the public lynching of the cop who ultimately had his life ruined. But then the DOJ came out with the report and the shooting WAS justified as Brown was going for the cop’s gun. So what happened to prejudice and bigotedness? The BLM movement and black community is all for it against cops and whites. No credibility, no respect.

    • Jon Johnson

      A study out today from the washington post looked at every police killing….

      found that when adjusted for that races crime rate….

      blacks and whites were killed at an equal rate….

      it seems blacks dont want to be treated like whites they want to be treated better…..

      Really???? stop being savages….

  • Joan Weser

    Maybe it’s time to move to a smarter, kinder country. Take your pick. There’s the UK, Ireland, South Africa, all of South America.

    I’m sure they won’t ask you to be their “mammy” and you’ll be happier there.

  • Bill Marshall

    I don’t understand why black america won’t accept responsibility for the lousy ghetto it created. Fix your own problems.. The only time you call the police is when one of your own turns on you like a snake and then when we solve the problem you created you turn on the police. Black juries cry about too many blacks in jail yet you let them go and the crime rate is certainly high enough that there are obvious too few in jail. The inner city schools demanded diversity and you have incompetent teachers teaching people not because of their skills but because of their color. you are reaping what you have sown. It is time for black america to look in the mirror and see that there is something wrong with a community that thinks nothing of buying 200 dollar tennis shoes and designer clothes to walk around in a litter strewn neighborhood living off the taxpayers and not even looking to better yourself.

    cops assume blacks to be criminals because blacks are disproportionately criminals. Raise your kids better, demand the police put away criminals, when your on a a jury lock em up, pick up trash in your own neighborhood and stop blaming others for your failures.

    At some point you have to recognize that after 150 years maybe it IS you.

    In a dozen years there will be two black Americas, the ghetto trash of black whines matter and an established black middle class that has successfully assimilated with not just whites but the middle class from every other culture and that group will be living a decent life and distancing themselves from ghetto american blacks like every other race has for the last 50 years. (including blacks from all countries in Africa)

    • Bored&Opinionated

      The lousy ghetto it created? Do you realize that a lot of black people were and are still forced into the slums? There is still housing discrimination going on in this country, add to that there is also job discrimination based on demographics… but of course you are ignorant to it all because it does not affect you. Redlining, red tape…

  • Travis Decker

    She’s a “Journalist” about as much as Bruce Jenner is a “Woman”

    • yossarion

      She is quite young. Is her whole article about people not exclaiming that she is right? She must be right out of one of those liberal colleges with black “safe zones” where other’s opinions are not tolerated.

  • mrwma

    bullshit…negros are the most racist people on the planet….every where in the world negros are there is ghetto,violence, rape,drugs, unwed hos and nothing but mayhem…. a cursed people Genesis 9:25

    • Bored&Opinionated

      How are blacks the most racist? Have you seen what white people have done to people throughout history and all over the world? It was whites who fed children of other races to their dogs and used them as alligator bait. It was whites who classified aboriginals as foliage and not human. It was whites who used Asian body parts as currency. It was whites who enacted every single discriminatory law… It was whites who created Jim Crow, it was whites who “determined” what percentage human other humans were. It was whites who decided that they were the superior race… and that gave them the right to dominate and subdue every other country in the world.
      No, black people are not the most racist. Look into the mirror and all around yourself for that title.

      • yossarion

        Actually blacks have done all of those things and worse in our lifetimes. Care to go over some recent African history? Rwanda, Congo, or Liberia to name just a few. You want to discuss some real stuff that has gone down just in the last few decades, go to Africa.

        I don’t think any one race is worse or better. In the scheme of history its all been said and done by everyone.

        • Bored&Opinionated

          Europe, all of it was once a war zone with entire cultures being wiped out by other whites. And blacks have not done all of those things nor did they do worse… whites spread their filth and hate all over the globe. Look at the way the United States came to be, when did blacks ever go to every continent and do the same? Never. When did blacks ever get on a ship and sail to other countries and slaughter other races to near extinction? When did they go to other countries and enslave the natives? Never.

          • yossarion

            And there weren’t entire African cultures wiped out by other African cultures? I don’t think you want to get into a historical discussion with me, I know a few things. Africans have killed more people in the last 50 years than all other continents combined. That is a fact, there is literally a list of genocides. Again, I don’t believe that any one race is more evil, but by your comments your ideas are quite extreme, that white people are the scourge of the Earth and such. No wonder you have to hide out on MN

            • Bored&Opinionated

              LOL! You should not want to get into a historical discussion with me because the history I’ve studied hasn’t been whitewashed. Africans slaughtering other Africans is a totally different issue than Europeans traveling the world to massacre and dehumanize other races and cultures.
              Within any single continent there have always been wars where a neighboring nation made the trek to go kill off their enemies, that is not the same thing as an invading foreign nation showing up out of the blue and lay waste to everything and everyone and ripped apart their heritage. Heck, when white people landed foot in what is now called the Americas they not only killed off the natives, they branded them “Indians” and called their women the derogatory slur “squaws” and it has been recorded in history as such, and the terms are still used today. White people refuse to see the havoc they’ve wrecked, and when it is pointed out they always come up with some lame statement “well ___ did it too…”. No. Not one race other than whites have gone on a global quest to dominate and ruin everything for everyone else. The white race is quite extreme; you believe your way of life is best, that other people should live by your rules and assimilate into your standards. You believe America is your country and tell everyone else that if they have a problem with your ways and don’t like the way we’re treated we can all go back to wherever we came from, not realizing or acknowledging that you can go back to Europe anytime because your people are not indigenous to this country so therefore you can not decide on who belongs and who doesn’t.
              And Africa is in turmoil because of colonialism, and it is still struggling because of the French taxing the continent to death. When whites leave Africa I am sure a lot of their problems can be resolved.

              • yossarion

                You are really quite ignorant of world history, that much is evident. I suppose you don’t know where Carthage, what the Songhai Empire was and how many they slaughtered in African imperialism, or the Egyptian empire, or the heart of the Islamic rising and spread through Africa. Furthermore the Nubian Empire combined with the Ottomans was the largest Empire in the history of the world forcibly attacking, murdering, and attacking people’s in Asia, Africa, and Europe. I can go on and on but something tells me in your selective historical knowledge that it won’t matter to you. And that you think and imply that Africans were all one people is even more ignorant. There are thousands of tribes with thousands of languages with thousands of skin colors, but when they brutally subjugate other people’s it doesn’t count to you only because they weren’t European. This just illustrates your seething rage and resentment against Europeans driving your racist hatred to such an extent that you ignorantly believe that Africa is/was all one people. You can’t fix ignorance blinded by hatred. I have lived all over the world, you know nothing of me. Yet you tell me what I believe. The only think I have ever said here is that all people’s on this planet have a history of slaughter and evil. You are the one progressing a racist ideology of black supremacism based upon fallacious history and racial hatred.

                ” You believe America is your country and tell everyone else that if they
                have a problem with your ways and don’t like the way we’re treated we
                can all go back to wherever we came from, not realizing or acknowledging
                that you can go back to Europe anytime because your people are not
                indigenous to this country so therefore you can not decide on who
                belongs and who doesn’t.”

                BS, I don’t believe that. You are an ignorant and racist person. You believe your own idiocy, there is no hope for you.

                • Bored&Opinionated

                  -_- no point in pointing it out to you…. if you don’t see the difference. And where was it ever implied that I assumed all of Africa was one big nation of shared languages and peoples? It is a continent (and I am sure I described it as such) meaning made up of groups of different countries and nations. Its funny that a white person is this disconnected with reality that he would try to school an African decedent about Africa.
                  And I am not, nor have I ever supported even the minutest idea of a black supremacy.
                  And no, I am not a racist. Far from it. I am a realist. I do not hate any race of people, nor do I consider one race superior or inferior to any other. I have no rage, lol! Aw, actually I am just commenting to kill time, out of boredom. My life has not been negatively affected by whites, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Arabs, Indians… No one. You are taking things too seriously.

                  • yossarion

                    Look up the definition of racism, you are implying that white people are more violent and evil than other peoples. That is racism and black supremecisim at its core. Just because you are African doesn’t mean squat, you are still ignorant of African history. Just like most Asians I’ve spoken to while living there know very little of Asian history. But I guess I can’t know more than them because I’m not Asian. This is your criteria for knowledge….race origins. Lol, you can’t make this level of ignorance up, it baffles…

                    • Bored&Opinionated

                      Look up the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment… and there are a lot more stories like this that illustrate my point.

          • yossarion

            Btw, Africa is not a country, lol. And yes, Africa is the original continent for enslaving people, even its own.

  • Chris

    It does get frustrating explaining and trying to make a point that we’re not all like that. White folks never have to explain why they commit most mass murders, incestuous crimes, and other sick white people stuff. Nor do they have to explain their lack of involvement in preventing these heinous crimes from happening.

    • mike owens

      They don’t have to explain it because they don’t make excuses for it like blacks do. If a white commits a mass murder, attacks a cop, etc, they should be held responsible. Whites don’t circle their wagons around someone proclaiming innocence based solely on skin color.

    • yossarion

      You don’t have to explain anything. Just know that most people killed by the cops of any color probably had it coming, and there are more whites killed by the police than any other race. If there is any evidence against the police, let it out and charge them. But until then, I don’t buy the BS contention of BLM and the greater black community that it is a systematic problem that every black person killed by the cops didn’t deserve it. Look at what happened with Michael Brown. The dude was killed in self-defense by that cop- per the DOJ investigation. Look all that nonsense that happened over nothing……

  • Arnold Palmer

    LMAO! Heinous attacks on blacks by whites. LMFAO! What about the heinous attacks on blacks by blacks. You gotta love this racist bullshit that she, and morons like her, spews. Too fmuckin funny.

  • Jim Chitwood

    Glad she threw Michael Brown on the list. Nothing like writing about and being outraged when a robber thug attacks a police officer and tries to take his gun, and is shot in the altercation. Then the incident is looked into by every anti-police group in the country, all the racist friends of the Obama Administration (Sharpton, Jackson, Holder) and by the Obama Administration and NOTHING is found to be unlawful. Whoops. And the “hands up, don’t shoot” gibberish turned out to be a COMPLETE LIE. Whoops again.

    Trayvon Martin is another one mentioned by the author. Zimmerman, not a white man but let’s lump this into the group anyway, was bleeding from the head and face. Hmmm, an investigation was done and no evidence was found to refute his story. But lets put another person who attacked authority up on a pedestal.

    Sandra Bland committed suicide. Looking into the evidence (video footage) she assaulted a police officer. As for her cell, the evidence shows no one was near her cell in the hour plus prior to her suicide. Hmmm, assaulting a police officer, common theme her.

    I can see why the author no longer wants to write about these incidents. In every incident, failing to follow the instructions led to an escalation of the incident. Follow the instructions, and if unlawful, sue. That’s too rational though, for the group of people who kill thousands upon thousands more of their own community than the police. If it weren’t for the police, the level of violence and chaos in the communities I grew up in would be even more outrageous than it already is. Instead, they’d rather fight and escalate the encounters.

    Oh, and I’m NOT part of the “white community”. I’m part of the ‘look at the evidence community’.

    • yossarion

      Its true. They just hate white people and authority so much that the facts don’t matter.

  • Mr. Michael

    I don’t think Whites and Blacks will ever peacefully coexist in the same society, we are too different. It’s best we separate, one day we will I believe that.

  • golfinnc

    Ms Wells, How about the rage the white race feels towards blacks for the disproportionate amount of crimes committed against whites by blacks? May we march and say “enough” when story after story on the news show black criminals resisting arrest, then those that could care less about the deaths of these black men suddenly care when killed by a police officer? You bring up Gray, Garner, and brown, all career criminals, and lose all credibility by lumping Trayvon Martin into the conversation as he was killed by a private HISPANIC citizen.
    It is time for blacks to come together, not to protest police action, but the actions of inner city blacks who regard law enforcement without respect, who turn to crime and demand no punishment, yes, it is time to protest, but to protest the lack of personal responsibility shown by the single mothers handing off kids to grandma to raise with no supervision, who ultimately kill each other when they arent robbing and raping white people.

  • eldersofzyklonb

    Another ignorant negro babbles gibberish.

  • NiteGoat

    Why is there no “Black Rage” over black people killing each other in record numbers? Why do black lives matter, only when taken by a white person?

  • Billy Bad.A

    For all that complain about “black people” being killed at the hands of our law enforcement while BREAKING OUR LAWS maybe you should consider leaving this country. There are plenty of planes & ships leaving every minute to take you somewhere else on this planet!

  • Meteor Youkolalee

    Not sure why she thinks anyone wants her to be an intellectual mammy. I for one would prefer if she just kept her opinions to herself instead of running about like some kind of pissed off pokemon spouting retardese.
    I am not scratching my head and wondering why, I truly don’t care.

  • j

    This is sad. All the anger and hate in these comments. All caused by the “FREE PRESS”.
    The “Right TO FREE SPEECH”. These so called, JOURNALISTS, REPORTERS,love
    to stir the pot. White Cop Kills Black Youth, Black gang member Kills white Woman etc. etc.
    The bottom line here is HUMAN BEINGS are killing each other! The race does not
    matter. We are sucked in to the MEDIA telling us half truths, Focusing on the race so they
    can sell their junk and keep their jobs. We should be ANGRY because we are shooting and
    killing one another! What difference does it make what the race is !!!!
    If we keep hearing the media message of Whites hate blacks and blacks hate whites,
    instead of seeing the crime for what it TRULY is, a murder of another human being,
    We are headed for a long long road of violence that will only get WORSE and NEVER end.
    We are people all the same and we all have the same destination. Don’t let HATE and
    ANGER rule your Soul.

  • Amanda Lowery

    That’s funny black people and intellectual in the same sentence al they know how to do is riot and recall Lebron James if people don’t cave to their demands. Name me two things the black community has given us besides crime and more violence. You know why most black men are in jail because they are the ones doing the most crime.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      Hey, you should look up Gerald Lawson!
      And as for you thinking it is funny that black people and intellectual in the same sentence … I can’t understand how you’d think that you were any judge on the topic… after reading your post (and viewing the accompanying photo) you seem to be a typical trailer park bimbo.

  • Juan Palo

    I have encountered just as many uneducated or (not-so-bright) white people as I have black people of the same. I have also encountered a large number of no-so-bright so-called “Asians.” Most “Asian” people in America are not thinkers (they are not as bright as people stereotyped them to be). Yes, they study hard and thrive academically. Anybody can do likewise. The problem is — black people born in this country to native black parents tend not to value education as an upwardly mobile device. They tend to focus more on sports. The problem with white people born in this country to native white parents is that they are incapable of realizing the privilege they have as part of the dominant so-called “Racial” group. Black students in predominantly white institutions are discriminated against by white professors, especially if they are smart. So, it’s “damn if do, damn if don’t.” One guy from Haiti told me that his professor in his Master’s Math program told him that he did not belong in his classroom; that his class was for whites and Asians only. Another professor constantly picked on a Jamaican student in his Calculus 111 class because he was the smartest student in the class. The guy had to finish the semester outside of the classroom. He still got an “A” for the class but it was a nightmare for him to be harassed by the stupid professor, who he said, would even try to insult him in front of his classmates just to intimidate and disparage him. White students are normally nurtured by their white professors and don’t have to suffer the isolation and stereotypes that beset black students. However, whenever a white student encountered just a tiny fraction of the discrimination that black students have to suffer, they usually break down and sometimes even cry(shed real tears). I remember exiting a classroom at the end of class (predominantly white university with many rich people) when I saw a girl (white girl) crying. I stopped to ask why she was crying. I was astonished by her reply. She said “I can’t stand the girls in this class; they think they are better than me.” This girl was crying because the other white girls in the class who were upper-class rich girls would not speak with her because she was lower-class. Now, think of what black people have to put up with every day. Whites treat them with disrespect because they can afford to do so (white environments); blacks in white environments treat fellow blacks with even more disrespect because of their twisted inferiority complex inflicted by their white environments. It’s easy to blame people when you have not walked in their shoes. The psychology of Black Americans is quite different from the psychology of White Americans, and should be taken into consideration when dealing with social issues. I would really like to do a study on this topic from the perspective of an outsider (someone who was not born in this country but who is affected by the social afflictions).

    • mike owens

      Love your reach, my man, but facts don’t lie. Blacks score on average one SDM below whites on IQ tests, with 80% of them scoring at ‘low functioning’, or below. No white girl crying in class, or any other contrived account you muster can change the facts. Can they do better? Sure. Will they? Probably not.

      • Juan Palo

        It really amazes me how stupid people can be. These tests have nothing to do with one’s ethnic group. It is these people’s environmental exposure (home, classroom, peers, etc) that determines their academic success, which is the same for people of other ethnic groups (including white Americans). If I bring a Jamaican high school student from grade 10 to the U.S., he or she would be way ahead of the American 10th graders. I did advanced mathematics in high school that prepared me to be smarter than my American classmates in all my calculus classes. In fact, all my math classes in college were review for me.

        • mike owens

          Apparently you aren’t too bright if you really think that, Juan. Take a kid from the same environment black vs white, and 80% of blacks will score lower than whites. Couple that with blacks labeling smart blacks ‘Uncle Toms’, and you have arecipe for disaster.

          • Juan Palo

            mike owens: only a fool would make such a stupid statement — referring to me as not being “…too bright..” Your writing proves that you are not too bright. “Couple that with …” What is the “That?” That sentence is just one example of your poor writing. Nothing that you wrote makes any sense, grammatically; yet, you have the nerve to accuse me of not being too bright. I am very well experienced in math and science and I know very well that the IQ test proves nothing. At least Kilgore Carp is smart enough to reason with me and present his points of view without trying to disparage my intelligence.

            • Iron Mike

              You’re calling me on grammar, Juan? Run a grammar check on that mish-mash.

      • Juan Palo

        You keep talking about “Blacks.” Do you have any experience with black people from other countries? Do you have any experience with K-12 students from Nigeria or Jamaica, say? These black students will put the American white students to shame. I was one of those students. So, I know. You may think what you want, but comparing Black American students (who are mostly ill-prepared) to White American students (who are more likely better prepared) is what George W. Bush would call “Fuzzy math.”

        • Iron Mike

          You’re right, Juan. That’s why those countries have thrived, and are leaders in world affairs. What are you smoking? Take the best of them vs the best of (White) America, and they fail miserably. There is no Zmunda, with King Joffe Joffer, or Akeem. It’s a myth, my man. The fact that you are comparing those third world nation students to American students is asinine. LOL! I could see if you were comparing Japanese, or Israelis, but Nigerians & Jamaicans?? C’mon, that’s just silly. Those countries wouldn’t be in the state they’re in if the population was so smart. I get it, Juan, I really do. You’re tired of seeing blacks maligned on this (and probably other ) board, and feel the need to hold it down for them. The truth is, blacks aren’t doing a lot to better themselves, and it’s not always whiteys fault. Education isn’t valued much in (American) black families, for the most part. It’s just how it is. Look at Obama. He’s brilliant. Harvard Lawyer, etc. A genius. But for every Barack, you have at least 10 blacks saying he’s an ‘Uncle Tom’, not black enough, etc.

  • Soul60

    I agree 1,000 % it’s about time that somebody black said this loud and clear. ? How many years this racism,hate and oppression has been going on against the black masses ?
    This is suppose to be some jive time beyond race time period,yeah right more %%###.
    What happen to that phony book written about it being beyond race and racism.
    Somebody forgot to tell these no good,white men police that have been shooting and beating innocent black’s Somebody forgot to tell these racist,secret society members who are behind this new world order genocide,eugenics agenda of black people.

  • herbinchi

    White racism/white supremacy is really not that deep. Or heavy. Or hard to understand.

    When, and only when, those people who think of themselves as “white,” (the earth’s real and honest-to-God “minority”) accept the fact that black people really are people, too…That is, that we are just as “human” as they themselves claim to be…that’s when they will begin (and only begin) to get over their 500-year-old superiority complex.

    Yes. Like the author, I am tired of explaining white people to white people. Don’t fool yourself, though: They know their bloody history just as well as all of their other so-called “non-white” victims throughout the world will and do readily attest.

    50 years ago, the late, great Jewish author, poet, artist Susan Sontag said it best: “The white race is a cancer upon the world.”

    Herbert Dyer, Jr.

    • Meteor Youkolalee

      your stupidity and racism is a blemish upon society

    • yossarion

      And the real racists arise with stupidity….and they aren’t white.

  • Andrew Howard

    I have little patience left for the constant whiny black pity parade. Pull up your pants, get rid of the gangs, stop letting your kids grow up feral, and for God’s sake stop blaming all your problems on somebody else. The rest of us are tired of hearing it.

    • Meteor Youkolalee

      don’t you know… its the CIA

  • Monk Man

    There is a lot of Black and white hate in here!!! I love it. Asians will inherit the earth. hooray for me.

    • mike owens

      They really won’t. Asians rely on structure, and rote memorization to thrive. Take that away, and they fall apart. I knew a brilliant asian girl who didn’t last a month at the Air Force Academy because it required more than just learning and repitition.

      • Monk Man

        Hahaha you know one Asian that failed in one field. Reports came out. Asian females earn more than white males. So fail.

  • Steve W

    I can’t believe anyone in this thread would say the same things face to face, that they write here.

    It’s hard if not impossible to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but if we don’t try we’ll get no where. Is ‘no where’ where we want to be? I surely don’t.

    This is the internet, but for those of you who forget that.. just imagine the guy you’re mouthing off to is 6’5″ tall and 300 pounds of hard muscle and he’s right in front of you. It sure beats hiding behind a keyboard.

    Stop pointing fingers and do your part to make the world as you want it to be. Don’t worry about anyone else but the person you see in the mirror. That’s the person who needs change, who needs correcting, who needs perspective..

    • Meteor Youkolalee

      The only reason people don’t speak their mind in public is for fear of being retaliated against by having their work protested or some other nonsense. So they go along to get along tiptoeing through life trying to avoid the eggshells and then they go and vote for donald trump.

  • anonymouse

    I thought this was a site that catered to Black women? So why is this comment section filled with the rants of white males who have nothing else to do because they’re at home with the kids because their women make more money than them and their wives who are tired of supporting them?

    • yossarion

      Because the site for black women spends half their time complainig about white people. I understand this is common in reality as well, but when its in print you can call out their racist BS.

      • anonymouse

        It’s a site for Black women.why are you here to even know what we discuss amongst ourselves? It’s none of your concern.

  • Michael Terry

    The name of the group is BLACK LIVES MATTER
    Statistically, for every black man — criminal or innocent — killed by a cop, 40 black men are murdered by other black men. The only explanation as to why the BLM consentrates on, at most, 2.5 percent of the problem, is because they refuse to accept responsibility for 97.5 percent of the problem. YES, Black lives matter. The group that needs to learn that lesson the most are other blacks and they should take the name of the group seriously. BLACK LIVES MATTER

  • Forrest Morgan

    The black race has self created problems, only they can fix. Blaming “WHITE MAN!” Is NOT the Answer.

  • Thomas Didymus

    No offense to your race or anything, but you’re freaking scary. I hope your views are in a minority of black people. In my household, we were taught that thinking this way is sinful, which is why I’m having trouble with your viewpoint. You harbor so much anger, and then perpetuate it by stoking these flames of inadequacy in others. You foster distrust in your fellow man’s experiences and then create your own narrative in the vacuum left behind. No one will ever win with you, because I could never get you to agree that there are bigger things in the universe than this belief that you use as a security blanket. If this is the identity that you’re adopting rather than trying to shed, then you will never be satisfied. History shows that those who hold opinions like yours always follow the wrong path.

  • Karl Johansena

    GREAT !! GLAD she is TIRED OF IT…END of CONVERSATION !!! NOW, if she would just SHUT THE F UP !!!

  • 666kkk6



    • yossarion

      Apparently the first step in a black revolution and killing all of the whities is to NOT write your racist manifesto in all caps.

      • 666kkk6

        If you saw any where it stated anything about killing anyone ( whites included ) , you are as dumb and stupid as a armadillo ( may be a white one ) . My message was for politically forward thinking blacks who really understand what time it is . I’m am so thrilled that my CAPS
        message got your attention . That was the purpose dear .

  • Robin Kenny

    Michael Brown died because he attacked a cop, twice. Martin died because he attacked an armed man. Eric Garner died because he he was a criminal drug dealer and tried to run an injury scam. Sandra Bland was suffering from depression and committed suicide. Rekia Boyd I am unfamiliar with but doing a quick google search it looks like she was unjustly killed. You insult her by putting her name with these others though. The blame for Tamir Rice rests squarely on his parents shoulders. The police respond to a report of someone in the park with a gun, and when they arrive the suspect points it at them. I agree the officer shot too quickly but he has a right to defend himself. The parents should never have let him play with a realistic gun outside.

    • Dan

      Personally I would lay the blame for Tamir Rice’s death entirely at his own feet.

      What happened to him would be better described as death by misadventure (ie: he did a stupid thing and got himself killed because of it) rather than “murder”.

      • Robin Kenny

        True but he was a child. Children don’t always make the right choices but that’s what parents are for. I would never have been allowed to take a pellet gun to the park. I could only play with it in our back yard, and then only with permission.

        • Dan

          His parents should never have let him attain that pellet gun to begin with but because they were either too lazy to enforce house rules and take it away from him once they found out he had it or they just didn’t care enough to be parents (I don’t buy his moms “grieving mother” routine anymore) he’s dead and its because he didn’t have the brains to realize that brandishing a weapon of any sort at a police officer is a great way to end up with a 9mm bullet in your head.

          • Ysbeth

            His parents didn’t get the chance to find out that he had the weapon. He traded his cell phone for the airsoft gun then headed over to the park and got himself shot over it. Also, his actions weren’t outside the norm for a 12 year old. Unfortunately, when you live in a neighborhood where teens and “men” are shooting each other on a regular basis the police will be less likely to give you the benefit of the doubt on the gun being a fake.

    • Ysbeth

      Actually the blame for Tamir’s death rests squarely on the neighborhood. The police were so quick to assume that the weapon was real because teens and adults Tamir’ s size do walk around that neighborhood with weapons and do shoot people with those weapons. In neighborhoods where its unusual or unheard of for people to walk around with weapons and shoot each other the police are less likely to assume that a kid is carrying a real weapon. His parents didn’t know about the toy gun and didn’t allow him to play with them.

      • yossarion

        When I was a child growing up in Chicago in the early 80’s my mother warned me about toy guns and getting shot by the police and I’m white. There was precedent 30 years ago, enough that my mother was worried and warned me.

    • Meteor Youkolalee

      I find it difficult to disagree with you among all these blacks wringing their hands and crying victim but I think that tamir rice kid the cops screwed up.
      Michael Brown and trayvon and those others they like to hold up as gentle giants who just wanted to go to college…. f them.

      • Robin Kenny

        I agree the cop shot too fast with Rice. He shot so fast he had to have been ready to shoot when he got out of the car. This is the problem as I see it. When they group Brown, Martin, and Rice together they insult Rice and blow any real chance of attention to the injustice there.

  • Joseph Lammers

    All of the cases are different, and much of the outrage is based on lies (such as “hands up, don’t shoot”). And don’t worry, I won’t look to you for “intellectual” anything.

  • Dan

    Yet the majority of people on death row in the united states are white (51.8% according to recent prison bureau numbers) while african americans only account for about 38% of those sentenced to die.

    • Ysbeth

      The white ones aren’t as obvious because white people aren’t trying to save them. We don’t want them released into our communities.

      • Dan

        I don’t seem to remember anyone crying over Ted Bundy being executed (there was a big tailgate party across from the prison the morning he finally rode the hot rails to hell) yet when Stanley “Tookie” Williams got the hot shot everyone was crying about the system being “racist” for carrying out the sentence imposed upon him for four savage murders.

    • yossarion

      What white people are saying that our criminals aren’t criminals? That comes from the black community. Also have a look at the disproportionate violent crime committed by blacks if you want a blame game…

  • Eugene Morris

    3 babies are dead, Black babies, killed by Black shooters, and that was just yesterday, and not just them, but I’m sure there was more that the news didn’t have room to report.
    Babies are being killed and I do not see the outrage from the Black community, but have a white kill a Black and you people come out of the woodwork with all this indignation and blabbing about what happened 3-4 hundred years ago, and you are so suppressed and can’t get a brake.
    Get a life, grow up, stop whining, and start taking responsibility.

  • Dan

    And I’m tired of being lectured too by spoiled self entitled adult children like the “author” of this piece who want to blame everything and everyone else for the problems in their community.

    Maybe if your “community” actually put some effort into fixing its own problems before making childish demands of others and expecting the rest of society to six your problems I might actually care a little but you don’t want to do that so I don’t care a wit about anything you’re whining about.

  • Jeff Morse

    No worries babe, I don’t give a rat’s arse if you explain the black community’s rationalization for the collective martyrdom of criminals, miscreants and those exhibiting such anti-social behavior that it lands them in trouble… sometimes fatally so. All this loud carrying on by BLM apologists is just getting tedious. Bear a little responsibility for your collective actions for once. I know, its easier to point fingers and deflect blame than take a hard inward look.

  • Curtis

    Black people and white people are coming at this from diametrically opposed positions and there is really no way to reconcile them. I rear for the safety of all of my people. There is a real history in this country of law enforcement abuse of black people and most white people couldn’t care less .A good example is Trayvon Martin. A young man killed not by a police officer but by a man who was repeatedly told to remove himself from the area and then gets into an altercation where he murders a juvenile. The white female jury gave the benefit of doubt to the murderer White justice does not apply to black people in this country nor the benefit of doubt. I am fearful for all black people because we not only have to worry about the black criminal but also the police.

    • Ysbeth

      US law is designed to give the benefit of the doubt to the accused. People are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty – not the other way around.

    • Dan

      Yet 51,8% of all condemned inmates in the united states are white.

      How do you reconcile that with the piffle you’re spewing?

    • Meteor Youkolalee

      Yeah see a large part of the problem is when people like you throw out these stories and can’t even be bothered to learn the facts of the case. I however actually read the pdf of the police report that was released and listened to the 911 tapes. Just a small example of your getting the story wrong. He was never repeatedly told to remove himself from the area.
      The same with whole hands up don’t shoot thing. A complete fabrication and yet the black community keeps passing this bs around and expanding on it like some horrible game of gossip.

  • ; )

    If you didn’t feel outrage over the rail-roading of the cop that shot Michael Brown, you’re not an intellectual. You’re a racist idiot.

    • Dan

      Not to mention the manufactured “outrage” over freddy gray’s suicide by cop or Tamir Rice’s death by misadventure due to his own stupidity.

  • If I was a white inner city cop, here is how I would respond to crimes. If I got a call for shots fired, I would respond right away. However if I got a call for brandishing a weapon, I would have a cup of coffee or a doughnut and wait 10 min before responding. There is a greater chance they would either kill someone or put the weapon down within that 10 min period. If the perp killed someone, no one would care and it wouldn’t even rate back page news. But if I showed up and killed the perp, it would be splashed all over the front page. Also, if the perp killed someone, killing the perp might be more justifiable by community standards. That is the Botany method of inner-city policing.

  • Frank

    “each heinous attack against Black people at the hands of a White person”
    So, to buy into your BS. One needs to ignore that over 80% of interracial violent crime is perped by blks against whites! Stupid, lying blk morons!!

  • Ysbeth

    A couple of years ago I had a neighbor (we’ll call him Sam). He lived down the street for 4 years and was considered a really good guy. He wasn’t when he was younger and he spent a long time in jail but he cleaned up, got off drugs, and really tried to turn his life around. He was one of those people who would give you the shirt off his back and expect nothing in return. The one day he decided to take some meth. Within a few short weeks he was paranoid, irrational, and a bit scary. He tried to rob some woman at gunpoint and ended up taking her hostage. The police shot him and badly injured him. We didn’t riot or have marches. The general consensus was that we felt bad for him but he really messed up. Absolutely no one said the police weren’t justified in shooting him. That’s why whites don’t understand you. We have a completely different culture and we consider getting shot by the police to be one of the risks you accept when you choose to commit crimes or point weapons (or things that could be weapons) at the police.

    • Raze

      If you don’t understand, then maybe it’s time for you to hit the books, read the papers, etc, don’t you think?

      • Ysbeth

        I do read the news and books and can understand where the BLM point of view is coming from but just because I understand it and can trace the roots of the points of view doesn’t mean that I agree with them. However, you are the one who is currently not understanding me. I was using personal experience (as a white person) to show why white people don’t understand.

      • Dan

        Maybe you should stop lietning to the propaganda being spewed by the blacklivesmatter “movement” and do some independent research, because if you did that you’d understand that these sorts of cases are incredibly rare and should be considered the exception rather than the rule but because you’re either too lazy to think for yourself or to stupid to do the research you just believe whatever you’re told.

        • Raze

          I’m not a BLM member nor do I agree with everything they do or say, so keep your dumb comment to yourself. I do my own research and make my own conclusions, and it sure as heck won’t be that I side with you or the police who refuses to reprimand those who they know are in the wrong.

    • blogdiz

      Well at least your friend wasn’t killed if he was black he probably would be and you would be one of the first one to say But But he was on meth
      In any event what does your story have to do with a 12 YO being shot within 1,4 sec of cops arriving on the scene?. Was John Crawford on meth, 7 Yo Aiyanah Staney Jones , what about Rekia Boyd. all murdered while shopping, sleeping walking home all unarmed , no cop held accountable . You are truly and deliberately clueless

      • Ysbeth

        I am not clueless. The cops were all over the neighborhood staking out his house (before they realized he wasn’t there). The thing that kept going through my mind was that if Sam started shooting my child could get caught in the crossfire (and being white doesn’t protect you from bullets.) If that had happened I would have blamed Sam because he was the one whose actions caused the police to be in the neighborhood. That’s the point I am trying to get across to you. White culture blames the criminal (regardless of their color) and white people tell their kids not to play with realistic toy guns or point weapons at police because they know that it could get their kids shot and the fault would be the kids for pointing a realistic weapon at the police. Also, white people don’t think that everything bad that happens to you is because you “deserve” it. White people accept that certain actions have inherent risks and if you do those actions you could be one of those people affected by the risks whether you deserve it or not.

        • blogdiz

          “White culture blames the criminal; LOL , actually all cultures do that the problem with white people is that you assume all black people are criminals /culpable in their own death none of the examples that I provided you with were persons involved in criminal acts but you conveniently choose to ignore them you dont know because you dont want to know you just rather assume that the dead black person deserved r it regardless of the facts That is racism

          White people dont know because you are not interested in knowing even in the civil rights movement the main reason White America lifted a finger was that the horrific truth of how “the greatest democracy in the world” was treating its black citizens was broadcast around the world and causing you to be embarrassed as whilst you were treating black people like dogs you were also traipsing around the world trying to lecture other countries about democracy
          People like you always indulge in false equivalences with your “Sam Story “: which has nothing to do with innocent kids being murdered
          As for whites teaching thier kids not to play with fake guns you are right just google white kids with guns and see how many of them are playing with real ones LOL

      • Dan

        I don’t care.

  • Lady

    I think that we should go over to stormfront and spam their board since all the bigot klansmales and klansfemales are over here trying to start trouble.

    • Meteor Youkolalee

      lol you actually think these people are the horrible racists… first of all look in a mirror then go to stormfront and see what real racism looks like.
      These people are just fed up and pissed off of years of being blamed and labeled and harassed and made to feel like they are somehow responsible for all your communities problems. We are done.

  • Mario Alonso


  • G White

    explain it? you mean make it up and see what a moron will believe…ha ha ha ha laughable

  • evil llama

    Isn’t this article ironic? Not writing this article would make sense. Thank god though because I’m tired of hearing it

  • angry elf

    Maybe the problem is your black rage and skewed concept of racism is unintelligible and people need you to try to explain your flawed logic because heaven forbid someone tell a black person they are wrong. That’s racism (sarcasm).

  • Edward Smith

    i don’t understand this article. Do these people hate whites or something ? Are they themselves racists ? Can’t they see that their “culture” or lack of will further the demise of their people.
    I miss the days when we were all Americans….together.

    End of mindless thoughts.

  • John

    Could this be a black who keeps getting shut down by telling her racist excuse for the problems of blacks? Blacks are their problem and Whites are tired of hearing or being the scape goat when they dont get things handed to them on a silver platter and are forced to work for it like whites have for thousands of years.

    • naynay

      John go to hell! I am tired of racists Whites! Whites are not qualified to speak on the Black experience in the United States!

      • Rock Heller

        naynay, you must be a real joy to be around. Thanks for helping to dispel the angry black woman myth.

      • Jeremy Haimes

        naynay, how qualified are you to speak on slavery? That is all we hear about…Making up for slavery and racism. You act as if blacks were the only race of people ever to be enslaved or treated poorly. You and your race do more harm to your own people than anyone could ever do. People are sick of the chip on your shoulder attitude and the fake outrage. How do you let your own people systematically keep killing each other and your people never lift a finger…but as soon as a white person is involved its tears and marches, lit torches and dollar signs…And you expect anyone to take you seriously? The cops that are found guilty go to prison…Not every white person that kills a black person is guilty. I have yet to see one black person innocent of committing a crime when there has been an altercation…How about we start with that!

      • Ysbeth

        If you are demanding that we fix it then you are making it impossible for us not to stick our noses in and speak. Truth be told, we are not qualified to fix your problems either because they are your problems.

        • Bored&Opinionated

          No, you are responsible to fix yourselves. Black people are just pointing out what you all need to fix in yourselves. You are a domineering race, but you are not the dominant race. That is all you people need to understand.

      • yossarion

        The black experience is also the American experience and you have no right to censor people, especially concerning an article that’s only purpose is to complain about white people.

  • Rene Davila

    Then I think the answer is simple:

    Form a segregated/redlined district where everyone, everything, and every station from left to right is purely black, like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Atlanta. Divide certain cities, states, counties, roads, shops, etc…where everyone is a certain ethnicity can or can’t go one way or another. The money made is circulated within itself, governed by itself, and maintained by itself.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      What about mixed families? Or people who have friends of other races?

      • Rene Davila

        Some tough choices are going to have to be made. You can’t have it all in one way but want the benefits of the other.

        • Bored&Opinionated

          So split up families? That’s stupid and reckless. What about the children of interracial couples?
          No, what people need to do is learn how to get along and live with one another without trying to suppress each other. For the ones who can’t live with each other in peace, then sure, why not allow them to live within their own spaces among their own people.

    • Ysbeth

      It would make more sense to separate by socio-economics since there are white people living in the ghettos and acting ghetto and minorities living in the suburbs and acting like suburbanites.

  • JohnnyLynn

    Why are Black people such poor Parents? I’m tired of explaining per capita disproportional crime rates to Blacks. Blacks make up 13% of the population but perpetrators of 53% of violent crime.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      Black people such poor parents? Are you lumping all black parents into one? Also, have you paid attention to the white race? Not all whites are stellar parents, many are negligent and abusive. I have witnessed white mothers who turn a blind eye to their husbands raping their children. I have seen white parents give their children drugs and liquor. Shut up.

      • Ysbeth

        Unfortunately, the news pretty much shows blacks as rioters, criminals, and the parents of rioters and criminals. Many of the Advocacy groups (like BLM, NAACP, ACLU, and etc) perpetuate that stereotype when they put men like Michael Brown and Quintonio LeGrier on pedestals.

      • agreed!

    • Raze

      Because of course you know every black person so you can judge that they’re all “poor parents,” right? Of course you do.

      • JohnnyLynn

        No, because when you talk about groups you generalize. Otherwise I would be talking individually about 45 million people which is impossible. Just like we generalize about the 1960’s era, or Spartans or The English, or Ancient Egyptians. It is in fact okay, and proper to Generalize. Genalization is a communcation tool used when talking about groups.

        • Raze

          It’s also a tool used to neglect those who the way you “expect” them to be. So if you haven’t spoken or interacted with everyone in a group, then you have no reason to generalize said group.

  • P S

    Great because white people are getting tried of hearing it.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      You came to a AA website just to say that?

      • P S

        Sure because I was expecting something different. Should have known better.

      • Rock Heller

        Wait…you mean the truth doesn’t matter here? Good to know!

      • Robert Davis

        Hey, what would you say if there was a white website like this?? That wouldn’t fly would it!!!

      • yossarion

        When its puts up an article complaining about white people what do you expect? Lol, you can’t be serious.

  • Mna Mna.

    It’s getting harder and harder, as a white person, to listen to all these liberal crybabies defend the actions of their criminal brethren. Maybe if they weren’t carrying weapons, or threatening other innocent citizens, or dealing drugs, or challenging police, they wouldn’t be getting shot. Maybe instead of inventing and misplacing racism, racists like Stacey Patton should be speaking to other black people instead.

  • The Carnivore

    Please stop writing stories like this. Blacks won’t understand, but you are making the problem worse, not better.

  • Harold Block

    These activists lose all credibility when they defend people like Michael Brown and Tamir Rice. Michael Brown beat up and robbed a store clerk then attacked a police officer. Tamir Rice had a pellet gun that was modified to look exactly like a real weapon. The police need to get the benefit of the doubt in both of these cases. When you defend the thugs as much as the truly innocent you lose all sympathy.

  • Mr. 215

    Well then DON’T! PROBLEM SOLVED!

  • Dennis

    I too am tired of hearing of all the glorification blacks pay to these victims of police shootings. Tired of the fact that all these “victims” were criminals. Had they been law abiding citizens the chances that they would have been shot or even had interactions with police would be slim to none. Yet when a black person gets shot by a cop it is always the cop who was at fault, did wrong and thus should be arrested and thrown in prison. Never mind the fact that the black knowingly got into a confrontation with a cop. Never mind the fact that this “angel” attempted to take the cops gun away from him. Never mind the fact that the “angel” had committed strong arm robbery just a short time before he had interaction with a cop. Never mind the fact that the black had just committed a crime shortly before their encounter with the cop. Now you just continue with your delusion

  • TripleA

    Quite frankly if the Black community wants things to change, to make Black lives matter (to quote the hashtag going around). here are a few hints but they probably are not going to like a few of them.

    1. If the black community do not want to be perceived as thugs or gangstas, then stop making them your poster child, repeatedly.

    2. If you act like a thug and then get treated like one, stop running back to Momma Media, Jesse and Wrangle whining about how you are a victim.

    3. Stop killing each other with impunity and without compassion. How do you expect the rest of the world to respect you if you don’t respect yourselves.

    4. Stop using slogans (hands up don’t shoot) that are manifested by lies, lies that intended to get a White police officer put in jail for something that did not happen. If you were to make a slogan like that out of the actual facts of the Furgeson case it would be something like. “Don’t attack and I won’t shoot”.

    5. Stop telling America that these are all just innocent, sweet boys that wouldn’t harm anyone. As we watch him on national video robbing and choke holding the store clerk.

    6. Respect laws, respect authority. Take responsibility for your own actions.

    7. Get rid of Sharpton, Jessie and The Obama who insists you are victims and it is the rest of the world that is wrong.

    8. And #8 is a hard one… You are part of the problem… Find a leader to represent the Black community that can denounce thuggery when it happens. At least if not to say, Brown made some bad choices and was wrong to break the law… Not that he was a sweet innocent child that wouldn’t harm anyone.

    9. This one is MOST important find a leader to represent the Black community that understands the value of an education and preaches it. Find a leader that understands the power of self esteem and independency. The leaders you have now thrive on your anger, they thrive on your dependency. They are not helping you.

    10. Finally stop and think… Maybe, just maybe the way you are treated has more to do with the way you act in society and less to do with your skin color…

    If the black community cannot stop laying the blame completly on white America and help fix this, then nothing is going to change… Ever

  • MM

    And yet when a black kills a white it barely makes the news. Funny thing is for EVERY black killed by cop, or a white person, there is a white person killed by cop or black person. Just doesnt make the news because that isnt helping tear this country apart.

    Sooner people realize that BLM all all the supporters are doing NOTHING except ripping this country apart than we can move forward. There is nothing anyone can say about any of these deaths that justify their deaths, least in some peoples eyes.

    I am pretty convinced at this point that a black person could be shooting at cops with an AK, and lobbing grenades into a daycare, and if the cops shot him BLM would protest how they killed yet another black youth.

    • tkell31

      Actually there are a lot more white people killed by cops and blacks than the other way around. If you take percentage of the population into consideration a white person is 11 times more likely to be murdered by a black person than a black person is likely to be murdered by a white person. 11 times. I can only assume as black people make up more of the population that number will grown. I just wonder at what point white people will start paying attention to it.

  • jabbadonut

    First of all, I don’t think there is much “racism” any longer. What does exist is “cultural-ism” and “behavioral-ism.” People who act uncivilized, and people who behave rudely, loudly, and use vulgar language, are what most of us don’t like. The color of a person’s skin, or their ethnic make-up doesn’t mean they are disliked for that reason. Stop acting like, well frankly, animals, and you won’t be shot so often.

  • Kanna-Chan

    Get over it. Far more blacks are killed by other blacks in a week than have been killed by police officers in the past 10 years.

  • Edward A. Konderla

    I’m glad she is tired of explaining it cause I’m tired of hearing it. Go get a real job cause there are lots of us that are sick and tired of your complaining. Or better yet start reporting on black on black violence and see if you get results there. Of course you don’t really care about being effective there. What you want is to be able to keep pushing your narrative that all problems blacks experience is due to white people.

  • John Harvey

    IF you are unwilling to discuss it, to explain it, keep the conversation open, then do not complain when the concept is discounted, or dismissed. Much of the racial strife boils down to double standards real and perceived. And one of the great perceptions of double standard that fuels hatred is that all of this is one sided. Many whites see the anger and resentment when an abuse is perpetrated against someone black. But when an incident like happened in La. where two BLACK policeman shoot the hell out of a white guy and kill his innocent son – the collective response for the black community, leadership, and even the justice department and white house was simply non-existent. Where was the outrage and indignation on behalf of these people? This creates a perception of double standard – a perception that the black community believes that racism is a one way street of hate, and that ONLY they can be put upon or abused or mistreated. And like it or not, understand it or not this fuels anger against the black community. There is also the perception held by many that the black community accepts no responsibility for the strife or differences, that ONLY white on black hatred, anger, and violence occurs and that the black community is void of such hatred and discrimination and violence toward whites. Nonsense of course! There is plenty of hatred and discrimination in both directions to go around – But it is these ingrained beliefs and perceptions that fuel the issue. They don’t have to be factual – They simply are! And truly it is shameful that someone in a position to have their voice heard, someone with a real sounding board who could keep the dialog open and use it to educate BOTH sides on this issue decided instead to :”take my ball and go home to pout”

    • blogdiz

      When Jeremy Mardis was killed It was heart breaking (I actually know his name) his story was featured heavily and kept in the forefront on social media by guess who BLM activists , Sean King in fact was one of the first journalist to write on it , the same when the white cop shot a white teen in the back over some ridiculous small amt of weed no one showed up to support his parents other than BJM , there was nary an ” All lives Matter activist’ in sight
      What differentiates Jeremy Hardis from Tamar Rice , other than him being white , well by the next day the police were making strong statements against the shooters and WITHIN 1 week they were arrested the wheels of JUSTICE turned swiftly in the meantime the DA in Tamars case took OVER ONE YEAR for a simple case and acted like the cops defense even going as far as to hire experts to say shooting was justified and leaking reports to press ( unheard of for a prosecutor ) even the convening of the Grand Jury and release at this time of the year was deliberate
      Not that you really Care but the outrage is because there is never any justice or accountability for murderous cops and black victims / We knew Jeremy Mardis killers would be brought to justice and Tamars would not
      But you let your false equivalencies and denial of the truth tuck you in at night

  • Myleeki Shwanz

    Racism is much more prevalent in groids but always used as a tool when the groids fail at everything.

  • Kill Switch

    How about blacks trying this one simple thing that will help plead their case… like OBEYING THE LAW.

    • Hebrew_Elle

      Riiight ,The bigger picture that Your Missing is why are white people who have Literally Killed people, Detained, Placed in Custody, Given their day in court… I’ll Wait. We shouldn’t switch lanes on the freeway, buy snacks down the street from our home or live while black…

      • Rock Heller

        Another indoctrinated victim. Please don’t breed. Let all that hostility, racial animosity and hate die with you. Thanks, Society.

        • Ashamed to be white

          Blacks are breeding us out. No white babies are being born. We are dying as much as we are producing. Too much afflictions connected to lack of melanin and vitamin D. We might not be here in several hundred years. I can’t say that is not a good thing.

          • Rock Heller

            Your comment is as ridiculous as your screen name. Idiot.

          • Rock Heller

            Stop claiming to be white. Thanks

            • Ashamed to be white

              You seem to be following me all over this board. I am a white woman. Perhaps my screen name is a bit shocking, but I made a point to distant myself from my white family members and ancestors about 12 years ago. I married a non white and encourage my two children to do the same. I consider my estranged family as racist, self serving, delusional, ignorant and bitter as yourself. So I don’t associate with them. Perhaps if you read history and not the water downed kind you will realize and be disgusted by the privilege we have in this country. Of course I would not expect someone like you to understand, being that Im sure you haven’t even traveled out of your state. What do you know about the world? What I said is facts, you should get some. Whites are not producing as much as we could. We have weaker recessive genes, we could easily be breed out in a several hundred years. Good thing is we will all be dead anyway.

              • Rock Heller

                You thought process is as delusional as your “white” claim.

                • Ashamed to be white

                  Didn’t I dismiss you?

                  • Rock Heller

                    You suffer from the same delusion as Rachel Dolezal.

  • Minnie

    Journalist? Intellectual mammy? More like self-absorbed congoloid.

  • Glanda Widger

    Well she at least looked intelligent in the photo but obviously she did not earn that degree with actual work.Free rides matter.

  • catman2130093 .

    I’m a 60 year old white guy-and I get it. What I DON’T get is why so many Americans can sit by and do NOTHING,or worse to criticize our fellow Americans for standing up for themselves. Why aren’t ALL Americans outraged? How can so many white Americans be so hateful towards our countrymen?

    • bendix20

      When appropriate like the shooting in Chicago people are outraged but when blacks riot and burn down their own town, ruin black owned business over a thug like Mike Brown they lose all credibility.

      • Ashamed to be white

        I’m white and black people don’t need credibility from you. They were the first people. We came from them. Pick up a book moron. Those burning businesses were not black owned, so why would they care? Everyone should be outraged by injustice.

        • Rock Heller

          Ashamed, your skin is as black as your heart. You hid behind this “white” shield because it allows you to spew your righteous ignorance without being accused of being a black racist. You are fooling NO ONE.

          • Ashamed to be white

            You seem to be obsessed. Please pick up a book and leave me alone. Trash.

            • Rock Heller

              You seem to be obsessed with being white when clearly you are not.

        • bendix20

          Many were in Ferguson but go ahead and live the fantasy. I guess if they were not black owned that makes it okay to you?

  • bendix20

    I still cannot believe these idiots are crying about Mike Brown! This is why people will not take your so called movement seriously. The 12 year old that was shot dead had a toy gun that looked like a real one, he had been waiving it around and threatening people. He reached for it when the police pulled up, they had no choice. You want to stop most of these things stop committing crime or doing stupid things.

  • tkell31

    A white person is 11 times more likely to be murdered by a black person than a black person is likely to be murdered by a white person. 11 times. 93% of all black people who voted, voted for Obama. Eight percent of black people in this country are millionaires so despite how racist they claim the country is 1 in 12 is a millionaire. How did that happen? But keep playing the race card because it never gets old. Way more black people (by percentage) are racist against white people than vice versa and the facts I cited make that clear.

  • stckpkr7000

    I don’t agree with the authors take, however I respect her right to voice her opinion and I respect that. I also hope she respects my opinion regarding her statement. That said, reading the incredibly rude and ugly comments regarding the black race disgusts me (I read a couple regarding whites as well). I don’t agree with the “victim” mindset, but I don’t agree with some of these idiotic comments that get us no where and feed the hate.

  • Loren Walthew

    Jesus Christ lady, take some responsibility for your race and put yourself in the position of the police when they see someone with a gun, not knowing whether it is real or a toy. Many ghetto blacks can’t get a job because they never finished school and do not have a trade or employable skill and they do not have the discipline to attend a trade school or other to qualify for a job. The black community also has a major problem with teenage unwed mothers and their babies for the rest of society to take care of. I attended a trade school with a black male and he showed up on time and applied himself just like I did, and guess what, he prospered just like I did when he became employed. I used to feel sorry for the poor, oppressed blacks but not any more. Work on cleaning up your ghetto blacks and get back to me. There is way more crime committed by blacks on whites than the other way around, so shut the f–k up.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      Why should she have to take some responsibility for her race? Do you take responsibility for your own? When whites are out there killing and molesting children, do you do anything about it? Is it your responsibility to take on all of the problems that are prevalent in your race? Do you patrol the trailer parks and make sure no one is shooting up heroin or getting high on meth? Work on cleaning up your trailer trash and get back to me.
      She is responsible for herself and her opinion, not for an entire race.

      • TMD2727

        Blacks look alike because they never really breed outside there own family. Whites all look a lot different. Science B. No need for blacks to molest their children. They wait for them to be old enough to say “EEEHHHNNN” like a baby first. hahahaahahaha

        • Bored&Opinionated

          -_- lies.
          And “there” is a place.
          And whites have the highest incidence of incest and inbreeding in the entire world.

  • Rock Heller

    Yet the author of this article expects “White” people to be the intellectual scapegoat, conscience, provider and savior of the Black race. God forbid we expect them to do absolutely anything for themselves. That would be racist! Pathetic.

  • Grendle Jones

    blacks are a cancer on the planet, if brown and martin werent shot, there would be to dead innocents. better them, 2 less thugs. tamir rice? better he’s gone too, how many white victims would he have had in his life.

    • Vyper3000

      Completely uncalled for, Jones.

      • Jon Johnson

        Im not so sure….the average black man is 20 times more likely to kill a white person than the average white person who kills a black person….

        And somehow white people are supposed to see blacks in some other light than that…..

        • blogdiz

          pulling stats out your a$$ again ?

        • Rock Heller

          Actually, according to the FBI, Blacks are 25 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites.

    • Hebrew_Elle

      The only thug here is you. Why do you Neanderthals bother

      • TMD2727

        Keep thinking your Israelite. Only northern place you could ever be from is Egypt. They worshiped “Multiple god’s” So get over it.

        • Ashamed to be white

          Again it’s “you’re” moron. Are you white? You make us whites look like idiots. Did you graduate high school?

          • Rock Heller

            Ashamed, PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy…STOP pretending to be “white”. Your skin is as black as your soul.

            • Ashamed to be white

              I’m not black. Irish and Norwegian to be exact. For the love of God please stop spreading your ignorance. You are the type of people that make me feel ashamed. Go back to your trailer. It is clear you and your thoughts belong in the trash.

              • Rock Heller

                Someone who claims to be white – and ashamed to be white – schooling others about ignorance. Just as brilliant as someone who is not white yet claims to be white in order to spew righteous ignorance without being accused of being a black racist. You are fooling NO ONE.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      A cancer on the planet? But what race was it that spread to every continent and not only slaughtered the natives and took their heritage and culture, but spread pollution and industrialism? What race was it that poisoned the water, the food, and put a hole in the ozone layer? It wasn’t black people.

      • naynay

        What race polluted other races with their DNA through rape and brought diseased to the indigenous people of that land, their resources, their very lives. They kill everything, people and animals for sport. They are the real psychopaths of the planet Earth. They have brought destruction through chemical warfare, germ warfare, biohazard warfare, nuclear weapons; Whites are the cancer of the planet and somebody need to find the cure! Nature has a way to cleanse undesirables from the earth; your race is not reproducing at the same rate as Blacks, Hispanics or Asians — God evens all things out. He is the controller of all things, not the White man!

        • TMD2727

          Just because you came from a place that set you back 100000000 years. Don’t make it our fault that we came out on top.

          • TMD2727

            Blacks never had wars and never killed their own hahaha. Also would never know about chemicals or biological warfare. Sorry we brought you knowledge.

  • Davillus Hynzerelli

    Sorry but I’m experiencing a major case of gr01d fatigue. Let’s just split the country into sections whites only & blacks only. APARTHEID NOW!!!

    • Bored&Opinionated

      Just go back to Europe.

      • As soon as every shiaatstain simian there goes back to whatever shiaathole they crawled out of

        • Bored&Opinionated

          White people have poisoned the entire planet and caused the earth itself to deteriorate, whites have caused so much irreparable damage and you say this about blacks?

          • More drivel spewed by a typical delusional dits00ndumb4ss. Just like afrocentric nonsense u think if u keep repeating the same BS it will make it true even though facts & reality prove different. Actually whites are the biggest conservationists & environmentalists on the globe to a fault. Take a look at Nigeria if u want to see a environmental nightmare. HA HA HA mulignan moron

      • TMD2727

        Africa has a lot more room.

  • jean

    I would like to know who the moderators of this site are because the level of depraved and debased racists being allowed to spew forth blatant hate speech is shocking.

    • blogdiz

      you can post anything here provided you dont criticize any of the authors .MN moderation is a JOKE

    • bendix20

      Yes this article should not have been allowed I agree it is depraved and racist.

    • anonymouse

      They must’ve linked this article to a mainstream website. white people say the most vilest $hit behind a keyboard but are ‘afraid for their lives’ when they encounter real people. I’m going to limit coming here if they continue to do this; it’s enough that Black males come on here talking $hit about Black women’s issues, but I am NOT going to deal with becky and her underachieving husband on here talking $hit.

      • jean

        Exactly. And what makes it so bad is the article is about frustration with racism. I’m done.

      • Guest

        This has been going on for quite sometime at MN. It’s how they up their revenue–click baits.

      • funny, you guys crack me up, I want to agree with you, more power to you.

        PS: I told y’all a while back that MN, Clutch and most black blogs targeting black youth are own and controlled by white people now y’all see.

  • MasterMind

    White people understand the situation well. They are simply in the state of “willful denial”. You see, if white folks don’t oppress blacks, Blacks will actually find their way and excel in life, using all the rage from slavery as fuel (Seriously). Just like blacks did in sports, the arts and other areas that is so compelling. Then whites would have few place to go. So what do they do? Keep black people in constant subjection, from the cradle to the grave. Nothing is going to change people, whites got it so good that they’re able to put blacks against other blacks which make things devastating for blacks.

    • Rock Heller

      Keep voting Democratic and the oppression will continue…

      • bendix20

        People don’t understand the left stands for equal outcome, the only way they can achieve that is by lowering everyone’s standards. Notice everything they propose and do directly damages the middle income group, this is on purpose. Also the left needs people dependent on government in order to control them. A form of slavery is all it really is. Think about it before all these great society programs that stripped people away of their dignity there wasn’t all this violence and misery. There were problems but that was not it. I

      • naynay

        What is going to happen when they vote Republican. Will the Republicans run back to the Democrats and be the new “Repubocrats?” LOL!

      • MasterMind

        Well that’s a dumb statement! Blacks used to vote Republican and got no results so they switched. You don’t even know your own history.

        • Rock Heller

          And what has the democratic party done for you? Crime, poverty, unemployment…all worse in every city run by democrats. Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago…ring any bells?

          • MasterMind

            First of all 400 years of slavery cannot be corrected in 30 years. Whites got a 400 year head start… You could have simply said “Thanks”. With that said, Look at all the gains blacks have made under constant oppression. We even have a brown President elected by whites who were born from a white woman and a black African. Once upon a time blacks couldn’t look at a white woman for the fear of getting lynch by the devil, now they’re making Presidents. Congress is getting browner and the supreme court is too. Over time things will change and whites will have to compete based on merit from kinder-garden to the end of life.

            • Rock Heller

              Once again my comment is on hold awaiting approval – NEVER to be posted. This ONLY happens when responding to Mastermind. He MUST be a moderator. He has to have the last word and especially when someone disagrees with him. Pathetic.

              First of all…YOU were not a slave. NO one you knew was a slave.

              Second of all…I did not own slaves. NO one I know owned slaves.

              Slavery is not the problem plaguing the black community. to claim otherwise is to be obtuse beyond the scope of intellectual

              “…whites will have to compete based on merit from kinder-garden to the end of life.” – ever hear of affirmative action? We already do have to compete. Problem is we are now on a unfair playing field and the roles have been reversed. It’s called reverse discrimination. Whites get overlooked for jobs they are more qualified for and watch blacks (or “browns” as you call them) get promoted simply based on the color of their skin. I wish it were based on merit, but that simply is not the case.

              You’re just disgruntled because your race card expired…and it’s about time!

    • yeah right

      African-Americans need to take a good long look at their own culture, and the values they instill upon their own children. A culture that teaches them to be anti-social to other races. Teaches them to victimize everyone, including their own people. Turns their own neighborhoods, and schools into war zones. This the same culture that teaches their children to succeed is to sell out, to be an Oreo, or Uncle Tom for getting ahead.
      The real hypocrisy is continuing to teach your children that they are behind the 8-ball. That everything in life is stack against them because of the color of their skin. When they have so many advantages now over white people in their same economical situations.
      Know that there are no rungs that you cannot reach with hard work. So why is it we still live in a world where we are bombarded with stories about how whites are keeping the black man down. How are we keeping you down?

      • MasterMind

        It’s ironic how guns and drugs can reach black neighborhoods in large numbers but not education, jobs and money. Why are there black neighborhoods to begin with? I’ll tell you… That was by design, you cannot get a loan to buy here, but you can get a loan to buy over there, relegating blacks to a designated place, remember the blacks only signs to the restaurants and bathrooms? Remember the back of the bus situation? That was way before all this violence. Remember hiding books from blacks when they worked in the fields from sun up to sun down? That was willful. Remember the rapes of their wives and daughters and the lynchings? Now fast forward 300 years? What did you expect the outcome would be? You expect all blacks to be whole? Well, some are doctors, lawyers, engineers, Presidents, attorney generals, etc. As far as I’m concern, giving the situation that presents, blacks are doing pretty good under the circumstances.

        The real question is “Why are whites who were NEVER exploited (and enjoyed all the white privileges over the generations) generating serial killers, poor, uneducated, missing front teeth with poor health, making kids out of wedlock with broken homes? That’s the real mystery here.

        • yeah right

          The real hypocrisy is continuing to teach your children that they are behind the 8-ball. That everything in life is stack against them because of the color of their skin. When they have so many advantages now over white people in their same economical situations.
          So why is it we still live in a world where we are bombarded with stories about how whites are keeping the black man down. how we should still be paying for the sins of 8% of the population so very long ago. Especially when the good majority of us did not even get here until way after the disgusting slavery was ended. Plenty of us white people came to this country as indentured servants. Blacks alone are not the only people who have been, or continue to be exploited.

          How is it not hypocrisy that a child right off the boat gets a better chance at an education then a 4th generation family filled with veterans. Simply because the child is not white.

          • MasterMind

            Everything is stacked against blacks in America. White cops are killing black kids in large numbers like dogs in the streets. Brooklyn have the most unemployed black men with bachelors degree than any place in the world. .Luckily for me I have another home in another country so I can escape the wrath. Yes you got here after slavery but you enjoy the privilege handed down through the generations to whites, I got here after slavery also but my skin made the difference. When I walk by, and the white woman clutch her purse, all she saw was a black man. She didn’t see the son of multimillionaires who’s daughter attended Yale. She’s probably poor with a few credit cards in that purse. The irony of some people. The problem with keeping people down is that they become better at surviving and become super humans, one day that would amount to something universally.

            • Rock Heller

              It seems Mastermind is a moderator of this site. No one is allowed to reply, rather disagree with his comments. Any replies are “pending” waiting for approval and then do not get posted.

              That speaks volumes. You can keep the truth hidden on this racist cite, but in the real world we all know the truth. MasterMindLess can’t handle the truth.

              • MasterMind

                Oh please, a kid got kid by a trained professional who’s an adult, for having a toy gun. That is NOT OK. That will NEVER be OK.

                • Rock Heller

                  Stop twisting the facts. The kid wasn’t killed by an adult for no good reason. A 12 year-old with a GUN is just as dangerous as an adult
                  with one. What will NEVER be okay of for kids to play with toy guns that are made to look REAL.

                  • MasterMind

                    Well I used to play with toy guns at 12 and guess what? I was no more dangerous than 10 minutes before I picked up the toy gun. My toy gun 40 years ago looked real.

            • yeah right

              quote-“Brooklyn have the most unemployed black men with bachelors degree ”

              Brooklyn has the most unemployed black men with Bachelor’s degrees. A degree does not guaranty a job, especially in the last 5 years. Plenty of every race graduating only ot find no jobs, and heaps of debt.

              quote-“you enjoy the privilege handed down through the generations to whites” I enjoy the privilege of affirmative action, where another bidder can be 15% over me and gets the bid if they are not a white male. Where I have to look to fill a position, and have to turn down a much more qualified man with 4 kids, for a under qualified single kid because I have to reach a quota.

              Where I get sued by a 5 foot tall 90lbs black woman, with a limp for not hiring her as a construction laborer, because I am apparently racist. Then have to prove I am not, because innocent until proven guilty means crap in civil suits.

              Same privilege where my son has far better grades then his best friend (who is AA), tutors him even, has 350 points higher on the SATs, and all the same extra-curricular activities, and I have to explain to him why his best buddy got into 2 of the colleges they applied together to, and me son didn’t.

              Same privilege that takes me tax dollars to spend on 5 programs offered at my daughters school to help get more students in to STEM courses, but she is white so she cannot join.

              The same privilege that does not let me speak against anything without being labeled a racist, for merely disagreeing with the media’s agenda.

              “the white woman clutch her purse” she will clutch it if walking by teenage white kids too. She will clutch it with anyone she sees as a threat. Sadly she will see a black man as a threat, and until black crime has been addressed (see FBI table 43: 56% of robberies are committed by 13% of the population). This is seen as racist, but is it really, or is it prudence?

            • yeah right

              quote-“Brooklyn have the most unemployed black men with bachelors degree ”
              Brooklyn has the most unemployed black men with Bachelor’s degrees. A degree does not guaranty a job, especially in the last 5 years. Plenty of every race graduating only ot find no jobs, and heaps of debt.
              quote-“you enjoy the privilege handed down through the generations to whites” I enjoy the privilege of affirmative action, where another bidder can be 15% over me and gets the bid if they are not a white male. Where I have to look to fill a position, and have to turn down a much more qualified man with 4 kids, for a under qualified single kid because I have to reach a quota.
              Where I get sued by a 5 foot tall 90lbs black woman, with a limp for not hiring her as a construction laborer, because I am apparently racist. Then have to prove I am not, because innocent until proven guilty means crap in civil suits.
              Same privilege where my son has far better grades then his best friend (who is AA), tutors him even, has 350 points higher on the SATs, and all the same extra-curricular activities, and I have to explain to him why his best buddy got into 2 of the colleges they applied together to, and me son didn’t.
              Same privilege that takes me tax dollars to spend on 5 programs offered at my daughters school to help get more students in to STEM courses, but she is white so she cannot join.
              The same privilege that does not let me speak against anything without being labeled a racist, for merely disagreeing with the media’s agenda.

              • MasterMind

                What a load of crap. I went to college in these United States and I will tell you that smart people come in every race. I’m amazed how some kids do well throughout college from class to class, and guess what!? They come from all races and all socioeconomic background. Some did well in some classes and others did well in other classes… My daughter attended Yale on a full scholarship. So to throw out that “Affirmative action lingo” is bullshit. We did everything that we needed to do since she was born so that she can succeed. Much of the kids in NYC are from parents who migrated here, they worked hard, paid taxes and did their best to see their kids get ahead. To suggest that it’s only white kids that are smart and affirmative action is keeping them out is ludicrous, because Asians kids are doing a number on white kids. Just so you know “affirmative action” is an action or policy favoring those who tend to SUFFER from DISCRIMINATION, especially in relation to EMPLOYMENT or EDUCATION.

                • yeah right

                  I never said smart people did not come from every race. Yet to deny the edge that affirmative action gives in college admissions is just plain ignorant. Countless studies have shown that Asian need 400 points higher then Whites, and whites need 600 points higher then blacks for the same position.This is not saying all blacks fail to get high scores. I never said only white kids are smart, you interrupted my comments, with your own racist lens assuming that was what I meant. Instead of reading my comment objectively.

                  “Much of the kids in NYC are from parents who migrated here, they worked hard, paid taxes and did their best to see their kids get ahead.” So why is it a black kid right off the boat, has a better shot, at not only getting in to college, but getting financial aid then my son, who has 3 generations of veterans before him. Why does he have to take a back seat for someone whose family did not deal with slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow. Answer that.

                  “My daughter attended Yale on a full scholarship” Now I have no idea about her qualifications, She may have been a 4.9 student, with prefect SATs, but in all honesty she did not have to be. Denying it is pretty sad. With recent lawsuits against Yale for its racial biased enrollment practices. Yale was caught deleting admissions evaluation data for enrolled students after a large uptick in FERPA requests, in preparation for the suits.

                  “Just so you know “affirmative action” is an action or policy favoring those who tend to SUFFER from DISCRIMINATION, especially in relation to EMPLOYMENT or EDUCATION.” and its time is over. All it is now is a legal way to discriminate against white males.

                • yeah right

                  I never said smart people did not come from every race. Yet to deny the edge that affirmative action gives in college admissions is just plain ignorant. Countless studies have shown that Asian need 400 points higher then Whites, and whites need 600 points higher then blacks for the same position.This is not saying all blacks fail to get high scores. I never said only white kids are smart, you interrupted my comments, with your own racist lens assuming that was what I meant. Instead of reading my comment objectively.

                  “Much of the kids in NYC are from parents who migrated here, they worked hard, paid taxes and did their best to see their kids get ahead.” So why is it a black kid right off the boat, has a better shot, at not only getting in to college, but getting financial aid then my son, who has 3 generations of veterans before him. Why does he have to take a back seat for someone whose family did not deal with slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow. Answer that.

                  • MasterMind

                    First of all, I came from both black and white. So racist? I think not. My comments are based on what I’ve read in your history textbooks, what I’ve seen and heard in both countries where I live (USA and *******), what the white people I’m around say and do, and what the black people around me say and do.

                    There are things called airplanes, I don’t know anyone who came here in a boat. There are daily Nonstop fights to Atlanta, JFK, and Miami.

                    Foreigners who moved here legally and finished high school (we have good high schools in foreign) or get a GED here, qualify for student loans to attend college. These loans are paid back with interest. Secondly, foreigners who moved here legally and have American kids, their kids qualify for whatever is available to suit their learning ability. Thirdly, I did not make the rules, your government did. I’m sure there’s a good reason for it. I paid back my student loans with interest, along with the 28% tax which comes out of my check, year over year. That has been the case for the past 20+ years. They even use it to pay salaries and buy missiles so that your 3 generations of family members can use abroad. Come to think of it, one of my brother’s had joined the Navy.

                    Now to answer your question; financial aid is given to people who qualify (the operative word here is QUALIFY). If you have been arrested for drugs among other things, you cannot get financial aid (stupid policy in my opinion) because citizens are trying to better their lives. I knew an American woman who was not only getting grants to attend college she also got a stipend for babysitting, so you might want to check your facts on that.

                • yeah right

                  “My daughter attended Yale on a full scholarship” She may have been a 4.9 student, with prefect SATs, but in all honesty she did not have to be. Denying it is pretty sad. With recent lawsuits against Yale for its racial biased enrollment practices. Yale was caught deleting admissions evaluation data for enrolled students after a large uptick in FERPA requests, in preparation for the suits.

                  “Just so you know “affirmative action” is an action or policy favoring those who tend to SUFFER from DISCRIMINATION, especially in relation to EMPLOYMENT or EDUCATION.” and its time is over. All it is now is a legal way to discriminate against white males.

                  • MasterMind

                    Yea, the child of an immigrant getting into Yale on Affirmative action… They simply picked her out of the bunch, with bad grades, and gave her a full scholarship. Does that makes sense to you? Wow! Pop my collar… I got real lucky. Buhahahahaha!

                    “”””””””””””All it is now is a legal way to discriminate against white males.””””””””””””
                    Well 400 years of that may not be a bad idea.

            • yeah right

              “the white woman clutch her purse” she will clutch it if walking by teenage white kids too. She will clutch it with anyone she sees as a threat. Sadly she will see a black man as a threat, and until black crime has been addressed (see FBI table 43: 56% of robberies are committed by 13% of the population). This is seen as racist, but is it really, or is it prudence?

    • ecp1951

      “mastermind?” a bit overstated don’t you think? “mini-me” seems to fit much better!

    • bendix20

      Really? Most people could give a sh*t. Unfortunately wanting people to act as responsible members of society, taking care of their responsibilities, being responsible for their actions and not demanding others pay the freight is not considered racist.

      • MasterMind

        Very interesting. This is the very denial I speak of. I migrated to this country and see the racism first hand. I am educated, polite, and respect the authorities, after all I was a cop where I came from. I have witnessed racism in most aspects of my life here in these United States. From driving while black to getting a mortgage, to traveling through the Airport. The good thing is that I have somewhere else to go for part of the year every year along with my Black American wife where we don’t have to worry about race issues. I see clear, so you cannot convince me of anything as it relates to race relations in these United States.

        When slavery was abolished in the Caribbean there was land grab where everyone got some land to live on which was passed down through the generations. In America Blacks got NOTHING. Lets start there as it relates to responsibility bendix20. This affects the very core of a human being.

        • bendix20

          The attention you receive is because of the day to day actions of others that look like you. Murder, mayhem, rape and so on. It is sad that decent people of color have to suffer these actions because of the actions of others.

          • MasterMind

            Actually I don’t know anyone who was murdered or raped. I do know many who was screwed by this capitalist system.

    • Bored&Opinionated

      Yes, Because as soon as black people (or any other minority) is rising from under their oppression and rule they begin to panic that we minorities are “taking over” and because we want our voices heard we are now the “racists”…

      • TMD2727

        Your free to leave

        • Ashamed to be white

          It’s “you’re” retard.

          • Bored&Opinionated

            Ashamed to be white???? -_- your name makes me sad.

        • Bored&Opinionated

          Why should I leave when my family fought for this country in every single war since this nation first began? And not only that I have Native blood running through my veins.
          You, with your illegal invasion, should be the one to leave.

  • DreamOn21

    Instead of blaming the white man, why not look in the mirror. Getting really tired of all the excuses, blame game, etc. Clean up your own garbage before you start blaming others for your faults.

  • Vyper3000

    How does someone with this skewed idea of the universe get to be a professor of…anything? I’ll be impressed by the first black person who admits to me that with a very few exceptions whites are no more racist than blacks are, and suggests that we figure out a way to attack the problem from that realistic angle. Until then, waste not my time. Tired of being accused of things I don’t think and never did and having some mystical, magical “privilege” that somehow discounts the blood and sweat I put into my life as a lucky spin on the skin color wheel, all because someone else hasn’t figured out how to make their life work and needs to blame someone. Half the managers I had coming up the ranks were black: I guess they were privileged, too –

    • Rock Heller

      WELL SAID.

    • bendix20

      The acts of groups like BLM, the constant crime, violence and murder of the black community is turning people into racist because for their own safety they must now judge someone based on the color of their skin.

  • USA

    I agree, should of never made them koloreds slaves! Send em back to where they belong and the Native Americans too! G-wiz, all these people do is start wars, murder people,invade countries,shoot schools and steal peoples’s religion and identity!

    • Rock Heller

      Give it a rest, troll. You are part of the problem.

    • TMD2727

      Yeah they never started wars with each other,……… Awesome logic dumby.

  • Nia Provenzano

    Naturally she respects the rule of law and has no problem that a grand jury that included Blacks
    declined to indict? Or is any legal proceeding
    that does not lead to an indictment or conviction
    of a White racist?