“You Have To Be True To Self & She’s Best At That”: Steph Curry Says He’s Proud Of Wife Ayesha

December 7, 2015  |  


We told you this past weekend that Ayesha Curry created quite the stir when she decided to share her style preferences with her followers on Twitter:

In no time flat, as pointed out by MadameNoire writer LaTruly, people took her opinion and either used it as the fuel they needed to bash women who don’t dress so modestly, or to attack Curry for allegedly shaming other women. Memes were made, celebrities chimed in to state their opinions, and all hell broke loose on social media.

She eventually had to respond:

And while we know what everyone and their mother think about Curry’s comments, what does her husband think?

Well, Steph posted this funny image on social media when things were really heating up:

My woman…#theinstagator

A post shared by Wardell Curry (@stephencurry30) on

And after the Warriors beat the Nets yesterday, CSN reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude spoke with Steph about the unexpected firestorm his wife created. He said he didn’t get what people were peeved about, but he’s proud of the way his lady handled everything.

I dig the way these two support each other. And now that they’ve addressed the Twitter drama, they can focus on all the positive things going on in their lives, from their two children to the Warriors going 22-0. Blessings on blessings on blessings!

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  • nonamebecause

    ummmm, I thought I saw a picture of her online with her underway showing…girl bye. You don’t dress classy with tight jeans and tight fitted shirts…


    time to teach self respect and abstinence to our youth


    Great role models for our black youth!!


    She is classy and beautiful the reason people were hating is jealousy she has an amazing husband and beautiful children and she is only 26 he was her first she was his first they come from good homes so that explains the hate.

  • ThisgirlcalledHarmony

    The only issue I saw was her using the word “everyone” only to “correct” herself in a second tweet with “style magazine”. If that had been revealed in the first tweet then nothing would have been generalized. — (goes back to working on finals)

  • Lullaby___Interrupted

    I miss the Sonics….


    With all the values they were raised with you would think she would stay off social media. Again, if they are so blessed she needs to sit down, shut up, and keep her thoughts to herself because really no on asked her! If she bold enough to sit down and type it she should be woman enough to accept any and all criticism that comes with it. For them so have so much going on in their lives you would think that posting comments on social media would be the last thing on her mind. Guess not-not such a wonderful life after all. And stopping holding both they d%#@!!!!! Yeah, I said it and will say to her face!!! She is no better than anyone other woman. F%$# him, her and the horse they rode in on!!!!

    • anonymouse

      Not a warriors fan, I guess?

    • Guest

      Just like no one asked you! Are people this upset at her statements/comments?!?!?! IF a person doesn’t at me or type my name it doesn’t concern me. Who cares about how she dresses or anyone else for that matter?!?!?! It’s not that serious! People are jealous that’s it that’s all!

  • kay

    Let them be, I don’t see anything wrong with what she said…she is entitled to her opinion and I thing it stings worse because she is attractive…

  • shatita123

    I’m waiting…..

  • Sandy

    Whats up Jasmine

  • Jealousy

    Being true to myself is knowing that sitting around for anything one never been me.

  • mizz new money 2u

    When MS CURRY buys my clothes…than her opinion will count $$$$$

  • neceyluv

    …and that’s why they are who (and where) they are!

  • DoubleR7

    So why are people tripping over her talking about what she likes for herself? I mean really if you are someone that is bothered by that then…Mrs. Curry is not your issue, might want to look in the mirror and re-evaluate some things…social media is really bringing the stupid out of people…

    • Free_Is_Me

      I agree

  • WeekzGod

    Of course he defended his wife. That’s what he’s supposed to do. It’s like people are so warped that the idea that a person can subscribe to more traditional beliefs is insanity to them. Though I hold some traditional values in my relationship, I’m a bleeding heart liberal as some would say. A progressive to the core. You want to walk around NYC at 1am in December with nothing but a bra and a skirt (a hoe neva gets cold right?) more power to you. However you don’t get to be offended because someone else came out in a sweater, pants, and a jacket.

    • Free_Is_Me

      Okay I got my laugh for the morning, but true lol

    • AmandaGee

      What? You are preaching lol.

    • mizz new money 2u

      I was with you til “hoe ” part

      • WeekzGod

        it was a reference to cardi b.

  • heyheyno

    I’m going to keep it 8 more than 92 with you I think NBA wives should do just that just be a wife. Ayesha isn’t a fashion blogger, model, stylist, designer or any of that. So I’m not sure why people took her comments so seriously.

    • Transbutter

      I completely agree.

    • Free_Is_Me

      From the tone of her tweet, she wasn’t even taking her own comments that seriously, lol! She was looking at a fashion magazine and made a comment…SMH
      They act like she was posting people’s personal instagrahm photos and judging them personally.

      • heyheyno

        She was judging the people in the magazine though. I guess that’s peoples point.

        • Free_Is_Me

          Was it the people or the style, because they are just models paid to wear a designers line. That doesn’t mean that is something they would wear on the streets.
          I still don’t see it as judgement…it is her opinion. We use that word way to loosely. So basically you can only state your opinion if you like or are in agreement with something.
          I don’t go for that. Her tone was far from judgmental, that’s just people in their feeling reaching to high and too wide. We still don’t even know what she was looking at to reference her point….

          • anonymouse

            Reading some of these comments, I feel like I’m in the twilight zone or something!! People are taking this way too personal.

            • Free_Is_Me

              Thank you!

    • mizz new money 2u

      Nice comeback…8 more than 92….

      • heyheyno

        It’s a song with the Game and Drake

  • Trini_Angel

    I don’t understand why folks are getting worked up about her tweet (which by the way makes sense) unless it fell into their garden *sips my HOT tea*

  • Live_in_LDN

    Slightly off topic but they really don’t understand the concept of social media do they? “I thought twitter was for expressing opinions”

    Yes it is! Its also for people who agree or disagree to express their opinions also. Why do people with 10k+ followers always act so shocked that out of the thousands or millions of people that read their tweets, some of them might want to engage back?

  • SweetT

    You go, Steph! Stand by your lady. From what I’ve seen (and I’ve not paid too close attention), they’re a young, sweet couple who loves Jesus. And I’m always for that.

  • Isis

    You guys still crying rivers.

    • Free_Is_Me

      That’s what I’m saying! Get over it! Folk sulking while they are winning (in their own world). Makes you wonder about their own life…sitting and complaining about a general twitter comment….Who does that!

      • Isis

        People took her statement and wrote a book about it. It’s an example how people need to get off the internet and read a damn book, take a walk, and enjoy life. Reading into something and turning it into something else.

        • Free_Is_Me

          EXACTLY! LOL

  • Courtney Banks

    Well what else was he going to say? I’m glad a man is sticking up for his woman. But internalized misogyny is still a helluva drug

  • AmandaGee

    Good for them. It’s nice to see a decent family in the sports world for once.

    • 1Val

      There are many decent black families in the sports world. This one is receiving press.

      • AmandaGee

        Even better.

        • 1Val

          How so?

          • Van

            She said that because it means the media won’t get a chance to poison them.

            • AmandaGee

              Thank you.

      • _______

        I’m a sports fan and I can tell you that most other black players don’t come from the background that Curry comes from. And these guys kids came before they finally married their baby mama (Lebron, Carmelo).

        • 1Val

          I’m a sports fan also. And I can tell you there are black players from wealthy families like Curry and middle class backgrounds. Having a nuclear family doesn’t make anybody exceptional.

          • Erica

            You seem spiteful today. Do you need a hug?

    • YouNameIt

      What do you mean by decent?

      • AmandaGee

        Im confused by this question.

  • _______

    I’m envy of her. I want what she got. But anyway, Curry is the first black NBA MVP in a long time that is married and have no out of wedlock kids. He comes from a stable 2 parent household and believes in making a commitment to one woman. He is truly the real MVP.…..

    • Transbutter

      I hope you guys know many people who are in stable marriages were raised in single parent homes. I think it depends on the individual.

  • Steph Curry is a smart and lucky man for what he got is good, more valuable than fine gold.

    • GUEST

      True any man would be proud to have a beautiful dignified woman of God and mother