This Weekend On Café Mocha: Raqiyah Mays Explains Why Some Women Will Never Get Married

December 4, 2015  |  

This weekend on Café Mocha, General Manager of the Essence Festival, Joy Profet, shares information about the Essence Festival’s new location, South Africa. Profet also reviews why fans of the iconic brand should invest in its Beauty Box.  After you learn more about the Essence Festival and Beauty Box, Raqiyah Mays opens up to the hosts of Café Mocha about her new book, The Man Curse and reveals why she believes some women will never get married.

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And don’t forget to check out the ladies of Did Y’all See? talk about Karyn White not participating in the Soul Train Awards’ Babyface tribute.

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  • MzzB

    What’s wrong with being single? We shouldnt revolved our lives in trying to get married. That will drive you insane. Our happiness shouldnt depend on if we have someone to marry us or not. That too will drive u bananas.

  • LiveMelove

    I’m honestly starting to think if you want a good man you’re going to have to take him from someone else that’s slacking. I think that’s what I’m about to start doing. I try dating online, I’m meeting jerks. I live in a city where men will not approach you but stare at you and it’s hard because these new school black men act like women.

    • StraightShooter

      Try going to new places.

      • travel time

        Exactly. People settle after looking at statistics. I went to another state and found an amazing BLACK man with no kids, no stds and NO record. He has a good job with benefits and loves me to pieces. These women better start traveling and stop settling for scraps. And yes, we are married now after dating for 1 year. 5 years and counting!

        • StraightShooter

          Congrats. I live in a state where there aren’t many eligible Black men. Luckily, I’m in school, so I am around so many of them all the time.

        • Transbutter

          Very happy to hear!

    • black men don’t commit

      These dudes expect for you to get whatever crumbs that’s thrown your way.

  • Hadassah

    Some women just may have to share with community regulated polygyny (1 eligible husband who can PROVIDE: financially including separate housing if necessary, emotionally, physically, multiple wives). Ideally, women would marry up(hypergamy). That is ONE practical solution for the disparity in the male-female ratio in the black community for women desiring marriage and men who can take on the responsibility that may also include being surrogate fathers to any children that potential wives bring with them. I see some brothers and sisters in the conscious community that practice polygyny effectively with families in tact i.e. Bro.Polight + wives, Nasi Yashuvel + wives from Sa Neter Tv. Just a thought.

    • sha

      Just a thought you should have kept to yourself. If the issue is finding a good man, why in the world would a woman who values her want a man she has to share with others. Uggh! Who washed your brain and hung it out to dry?!

      • Hadassah

        Wow My opinion is just that MY OPINION! Did not say that my thoughts were the gospel or a mandate for others to follow or even reflect the sentiments of others…may is not will…but if you take it as such well…Thanks for the ad hominen attack though.

        • Hadassah

          Also perspective is everything. A woman can value herself and be in a polygynous marriage. Culture is important and if this is a part of one’s culture i.e. Hebrew, certain African tribes, etc.. how can anyone negate or invalidate that woman’s decision or experience. JMO

    • Raze

      Yeah, I’d rather stay single than share a man with various women. I don’t like the idea of having to set up appointments just to see my husband, and the thought that, because he has tons of women to choose from then he gets to bring in whoever he wants without asking me first is annoying at best and disgusting at worse.

  • looking for a unicorn

    It is rather simple. The numbers are not in a black women’s favor. Founding an eligible black man that’s not incarcerated and has his crap together that would date and marry you is like looking for a unicorn.

    • Mr.CommonSense

      lol.. its not that hard is it??

      • Transbutter

        It’s not hard. I’m sick and tired of black women saying this. The funny part is most people in the U.S are single. This is everyone from black, Asian, Hispanic and white.

    • Transbutter

      Sometimes numbers lie.