Is Freckle Stenciling The Next Big Beauty Trend?

November 22, 2015  |  

Angel jourdan

Beauty trends are truly ever-evolving.

From drawing tiny black dots on your face to mimic Cindy Crawford’s infamous mole to drawing on thicker eyebrows that are perfectly “on fleek,” there’s literally a trend to try out for any and everything when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty.

However, it seems as if freckles are making a remarkable comeback. Back in the 80s, there was a demand in the market for fake freckles so a few beauty labels made products for those consumers interested. Decades later, Tracy Reese revived the trend when she sent models in her Spring 2016 NYFW show down the runway with bedazzled freckles.

Now, not everyone can wear such a glamorous look like Reese sent down the runway earlier this year, but one company is making your faux freckles interests their top priority. Freck Your Face, a new cosmetic line, is in the works of creating a kit that will allow you to have 72 semi-permanent, self-adhesive freckles on your face using a freckle stencil and roller ball pigment that will make them look natural and last for up to 48 hours. (FYI, it’s never been done before.)

As of now, the Freck Yourself kit launched by Freck Yourself company is a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $215K.

Ladies, if you’re interested in testing out Freck Yourself’s faux freckles, you can pre-order it here.

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  • Interesting trend! I will not be trying this.

  • Kj J

    “ginger kids”-south park

  • A-LA

    I have freckles and can’t imagine why a person would want to add them. I don’t hate them but never really thought about people wanting them? *shrug

  • jazmine

    Lol my baby sister used to get teased so hard for her freckles and huge lips now people accuse her of faking both.

  • No no no no

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    Freckle Stenciling?? W T F?????????? OMG! All my life I’ve hated my freckles.. I’ve been called chocolate chip, connect the dots, etc.. LOL I’m 35 years old and I’m just starting to appreciate them… Now, ppl are doing this? smdh!

    • Free_Is_Me

      I got the connect the dots comments are well, lol

    • MicheleMichele100

      Right!!! I’ve spent years trying to figure out how to fade mine and cover them up! People try any dag on thing! SMH!

  • OSHH

    I have natural God given freckles and beauty marks.

    • Free_Is_Me

      I was getting ready to say the same thing…they run in my family.
      They can have some of mine if they want, lol!

    • Me too…have them freckles on my nose and beauty marks/moles everywhere and I love them

  • Masterpieced


  • Dumb

    Anything to get more likes on instagram……..o.o

  • Secret87

    Freckles are from sun damage…
    But some look nice in freckles others very ugly when its too many.

    • Dumb

      Actually freckles are genetic like brown hair or blue eyes….-_-

      • Free_Is_Me

        Freckles run in my family.

        • Secret87

          You guys should wear sun screen.

          • Free_Is_Me

            WE DO!

            • Secret87

              What brand? Banana boat is like wearing none. The sun if in it long enough say after day for many blacks it can dye our hair light brown or blonde over time. Sun to be honest not good for blacks.

              • Free_Is_Me

                We use Clinique and Aveeno in my house. I don’t know what my other relatives use.

          • LuvsMyFreckles


      • Secret87

        That would explain why I have freckles in a hidden place,but as a kid in the beach with tons of sun exposure….
        Links please

      • bebe

        I’ve had freckles since I was 4yrs old and my mother has them too so yes they are genetic!

    • A.P. Millz-CT

      Sun damage?? LOL I’ve had freckles on my face my whole life, and it’s not from sun damage.. 🙂

      • Secret87

        So you came fresh from your mother with no sun in her…and you had freckles?

        • Yea most freckles develop due to heredity/genetics. I’ve had freckles, beauty marks/moles on my body since I was little. I get them from my mom. The moles continue to come and fall off. I get new moles and beauty marks all the time. I don’t stay in the sun and if I do, I wear sun screen. But if they get too big, then its time to worry. My mom recently had one on her back removed, it was benign, but it grew back.

    • Kj J

      I agree. could not have said it better.