How To Deal With All Of Your Friends Getting Married And Having Babies

November 3, 2015  |  
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In your thirties, single, no kids, but all your friends are getting married and having babies. It’s happening so much that your wedding and baby shower invitations are starting to pile up. But don’t feel too bad about your off-the-beaten-path life choices. Here are ways to help you deal with all the exchanging of vows and popping out of babies going on around you.


Go To Out-Of-Town Weddings A Few Days Early

Since most weddings you are invited to are for your closest friends, why not make a vacation out a wedding held out of town? Stay in a nice hotel, see the sights, catch a show, enjoy the nightlife and have a fine dining experience. Hopefully, you’ll be visiting some cities that are on your bucket list or adding some stamps to your passport.


Use The Gift Registry To Your Advantage

There’s no harm in getting a few things for yourself while shopping for the newlyweds or the mother-to-be. The work has been done for you. On the registry list, you might find some new plates or other home décor items that catch your eye. Reward yourself with something new.



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Open Bar? Yes, Please, And Thank You!

Enjoy the free drinks! If you’re a drinker, a couple cocktails at the special event will relax your nerves. But no one wants to be labeled as the one who got drunk at the wedding so be sure to pace yourself. Get to know the bartender and he might just create your new favorite cocktail.



Maintain A Reigning Champ Status

Baby showers and bridal showers are the perfect time to get competitive. The more showers you attend, the better you become at some of the classic games (i.e., the clothespins party game). Come to the shower with your game face on ready to win!


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Leave Your Troubles On The Dance Floor

Dancing releases endorphins and stress. Lose yourself on the dance floor and don’t worry about who is getting married next. Dance with everyone from Uncle Steve, who has been hitting on you since high school, or the cute groomsman you’ve been locking eyes with all night.




Walk In The Room And Turn Heads 

Let’s face it, weddings are like fashion shows. Everyone, including people not in the wedding party, comes dressed up to watch the ceremony. Come dressed in your finest attire. Hair did, nails did, everything did. Don’t hold back. Be your fabulous self and make those heads turn. I don’t know about you, but getting all done up makes me happy and excited to be out and about.


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Be Open To Being Inspired

Unless you have opted out of getting married and having kids, your day is coming. So take notes. Decide what you liked about the wedding or baby shower. Save unique invitations and decor for inspiration in the future. When your day comes to start planning, you will already have a few ideas.


Seize The Moment

Weddings and baby showers can also be a significant networking opportunity so seize the moment. Put on your socialite hat and talk to people you haven’t met. You never know what could come of it. A new job? A new business endeavor? The sky is the limit.


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Remedy Your Baby Fever

Too many baby showers have the tendency to cause baby fever. If you are suffering from aching ovaries, here’s a quick solution: Take a friend’s kids out for the day. Hit up the movies, Chuck E. Cheese, the park, the Children’s Museum, Build-A-Bear–go where your feet take you. By the time you take them back home to their parents, you will be humbled and grateful for peace, quiet and relaxation.


It’s Nothing Wrong With Cheering From The Sidelines

Happiness is contagious. Seeing your friends happy during some of the most memorable events of their lives will make you happy. Continue to be supportive and cheer them on. When it’s your turn, you’ll realize how important it is to have your family and friends there cheering you on.


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