Would You Date a Man Much Shorter Than You?

June 29, 2011  |  

There are many benefits to being a taller woman, despite the jokes you might get for teetering over others. You can reach things that other people struggle to get, if you gain a little weight it’s not as noticeable as it is on petite chicks, and lets not even get into how awesome it is to be able to see over people at packed concerts and events! But being tall in the dating game is a struggle, because unless you’re playing the field in the Netherlands, you’ll notice that it’s not as easy as it should be to meet and link up with men taller than you. And by taller than you, preferably more than one inch (you need heel space, girl), especially if you’re a woman over six foot. So with the pool of eligible bachelors not as enticing as it used to be, would you be open to dating a man shorter than you?

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  • BossChick

    I’m 5’3 & I generally wouldn’t date anyone shorter than 6’0. I hate to admit it but if I’m honest alot of it stems from wanting a man who is big and strong and who is able to protect me and I’m not saying that a short man is not able to do that but its much more obvious with someone who has height. Also, I personally do not like to feel bigger than a man, especially in bed. There is no fun being with someone who is so small that you feel like you are a mammoth. I like when a guy is able to pick me up easily and throw me around, easily adjust me to change positions during sex and all that. This being said, I am willing and in fact I have broken my 6’0 rule for men who were worth it as my current boyfriend is 5’10. But I would never date anyone who is close to my height (around 5’4, 5’5, 5’6 or even 5’7) and definitely not shorter than me. Plus, I think at that point they would be considered a midget.

  • Melanie18

    Well I am 6’3 girl and 18 years old.
    I actually will never date a guy taller than 5’5. I just really love short guys. My current boyfriend is 5’0 tall and he is 17 years old.

  • MsNikki

    I am very short (5ft) and I prefer tall men. At least 6′-6’3. I dated a guy who was 5’6 and he was an ass. Had that SMS really bad. So no more dating little men for me.

  • Brodie

    hmmmmm, why not? if it doesn't work it won't because his short

  • Ladylum

    I'm 5'9 and my husband is 5'4. He is very secure within himself and his confidence and big heart make him a big man in my book. I wear heels and he loves it. I never thought I would date, much less, marry someone who is shorter than me but I did and he's everything I was looking for. Even though he is balding and white. lol

  • lovechild

    easy…raheim was just waiting for someone to feed into his comment. get it together ladies. you have nothing to prove. that was too easy.

  • lovechild

    love is not exactly what you feel initially when you meet someone. just like men, women are just as visual. but some women refuse to be honest about what they really want. instead, they listen to people comments on preferences vs. love. everyone has preferences, but the greatest love of all is truly loving yourself. we know that will take a lifetime. so in the meantime, why not seek someone to love in whatever package you prefer. it’s your life. enjoy it.

  • lovechild

    love is not exactly what you feel initially when you meet someone. just like men, women are just as visual. but some women refuse to be honest about what they really want. listening to people who always have to comment about preferences vs love

  • renna

    NO NO No because at the end of the day it is about preference, not money or gold digging or any of that foolishness. at the end of the day, no matter how great he is, there is just nothing attractive about a short man to me. you dont have to tower over me and my man now only has about an inch on me, which sends me a little higher than him when im in heels. But those are in heels. in flats and sneakers, im fine. but shorter than me? just not attractive. at all

  • Brodie

    Only if he is Hispanic or Italian:) They are a force even under 5'5", talk about joie de vivre and you can't tell them NO-THING.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Well I am already 5 foot 5 without heels so heck no lol

  • SixFoota

    I think the article was geared toward women like myself who are 5'10" and up. In the past I have geared towards guys who were taller than me. I still tell people that I'm 6' because I love to wear heels so by the time I put my heels on, I am 6'. I just started dating a guy who appreciates me wearing heels and he's only 5'9". We have a lot of fun and I appreciate him because he appreciates me being confident in who I am so as long as he continues to respect that, I will continue to respect him and whatever relationship that spawns from us dating.

  • Ms C

    It's not a good look to me…..shorter male/taller female. BUT, whatever rocks your boat(.)

  • honeymfw

    I am 5'7'' tall and I like tall brothers. I know that it may sound shallow but that is my preference. The shortest I ever dated was 5'11'' and with my heels on we were the same height. Tall runs in my family and tall is what I like. It may be wrong but I really don't think I would ever date a man that wasn't at least 6ft tall and that is short. 6'2'' and up for me.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I've never dated a guy shorter than me, although I seem to attract a lot of them I'm 5'11" and the shortest person in my family, so I guess I'm used to being in a room with very tall people. I only have two physical requirements from a man I'm dating, and that is that he is over 6'2" and that he's in good physical shape (I have an active lifestyle and it's fun to have someone to jog or play tennis with). My fiancé is 6'4" and has a wealth of other qualities unrelated to height, but I'm glad my "rule" has worked out for me.

  • missclem

    My husband is short, very short and i do stand over him. When I kiss hhim I have to bend down and he has to look up. I love my husband because he loves me. To many women are single and lonely because they look on the outside instead of the inside, the heart. My husbands has a very big heart, by him being short is the last thing i have to worry about. When we go out yes people do stare and It just dont bother me. HAPPY AND MARRIED TO A SHORT SHORT MAN.

  • missclem

    My husband is very short. He was short when I met him and he will be short when he leaves this world. Thats why alot of women are so unhappy and picky. Always looking on the outside instead of the heart. When me and my husband go out yes im much taller than he is who cares, it doesnt bother my husband and sure as hell dont bother me even when people stare.

  • Kiko

    I'm 5'10…. The man has to be at least 6'3"… Sorry it's always been a preference for me! In high school and college I dated a few guys that were 5'9- 6 feet.. Just awkward for me.. A personal preference which we all have. I'm married now and my husband is 6'8"….PERFECT for me!!!!! God knows ..trust him and he will give u the desires of your heart!

  • faebae

    I’m about 5’5 and I have messed wit shorter dudes and the shorter dudes had big things. So I like short men!!!

  • lovechild

    I’m 6’1. the only men whoever approach me are short, or short and round. I have dated short. I am still hoping to meet, love and procreate with a guy that is atleast 5’11 and up. when your this tall, you can’t even do doggy style with a short fella… *smile*

  • Love shouldn't have a height requirement….some of the people who have these cutoffs need to question what they are really looking for

    Because hey, I'm sure these women who will reject a perfectly fine man based on some height criteria will at the same time want a man who accepts and loves them for who they are, a guy who will still love them the same if they start to get a few more wrinkles around the eyes or a little more weight around the midsection.

  • Jay

    It's funny how in this society, it is perfectly acceptable for a man to have a list of (physical) requirements (remember that article about the dude who dumped his "amazing" girlfriend simply because she had stretch marks…yea).
    Most commentors acknowledged his "shallowness" but in the same breath defended his right to have a preference. This man would be "stuck" with the woman he chose for the rest of his life, so he might as well make sure he is completely satisfied…right?

    So since I am only 5'6" and I love to wear heels, why should I have to settle for a guy who's shorter than me ?
    Especially since most men are taller than me anyway.

    However, with that said, I would still give a man my height a chance (5'6), if he possessed all the other qualities I look for in a potential life partner . And if I was really convinced that he is the man God has chosen for me, then in that case I would force myself to completely disregard height.

  • im 5’8 and i dated a man ,who i thought was my height,i found out when he took off his heeled boots,i got fooled,he was 5’4!

    • Jay

      lol u hadn't noticed the 4inch heel on his boot all along?

  • Ms Peach

    Im 5'2 and I hate when short guys like my height and an inch taller or so try to talk to me. I just think they just wanted to be taller than somebody lol. I like guys that are like 5'6-6'0 preferably. I have dated up to like 6'5 tho my tallest actual boyfriend was 6'0. I sometimes say if I was taller I would be modeling and I would love to be a little taller because its very hard to demand and get respect from people in general when you are of shorter stature. I am always getting likened to a child like guys with kids may say oh your like my daughter size and their daughter is 10 lol . But I love being short because I feel I will never have a problem with a mate being shorter than me even when I wear heels bc I really dont go shorter than 5'6

  • oknow

    i know i could be missing out on a good man but i'm only 5 ft 2 and w/heels maybe 5 ft 6.. i need a man taller than me..

  • Shelly

    WOW thanks for this article and all of these great comments…. I am currently dating my boyfriend who is the same height as me (give or take a half an inch) but the issue comes in when I wear my heels… We are both around 5'6 so when I put on my heels im a good 5 or 6 inches taller then him and sometimes it bothers me especially when we are in the club because im usually the one walking behind him and moving people out the way. However, he is the greatest boyfriend that I have ever had and his height really isn't his problem…. I still Love him and feel much better about it knowing that there are other women in my same predicament. Thanks guys!!

  • KM

    Rarely is a man shorter than a woman. Most of the women who complain about height are 5’2 talking about how they can’t stand short men. Only man shorter than you is a midget. Let’s stop lying to ourselves people.

  • hot sauce committee

    nope don't want no short kids

  • Amazon Girl

    I initially only wanted to date guys taller than I because of my insecurities about my height. However after I met my husband whose 3" shorter than me, I began to feel more confident and comfortable. Somehow in B'dos people still tend to gawk at tall women with shorter men but given the selection pool it's tough to be picky especially when taller men may also opt for shorter women. However I am all for being open-minded to considering a shorter man (within limits) because you may be missing out on that life partner God has for you.

  • brianna

    im 5ft1 so no for me
    im lucky tho cofs my bf is 6ft
    and i like that

  • im 6'2 and all the guys ive ever dated have been tall.. when i say tall i mean me in 4-5 heels taller than me tall. I have no difficulty finding a tall man… mind you short guys love to see whether or not i'll give them any attention. Personally my range is 6'4 and up but if i got a 5'11 he'd have the same chance. 5'10 and shorter sorry but thats no bueno for me.

  • Dimples

    I dated a short guys, I didn't want to tower over them too much so I made sure that my heels weren't too high. It seems that shorter men are drawn to me. I was just looking at some old photos that we took and really noticed the difference. If he is confident enough to approach me and if he isn't shorter than 5'5"

    • Dimples

      It would be nice if this site allowed you to edit after you have submitted a comment; I inadvertently pressed submit before I ready. hint, hint 🙂

      • Dimples

        I did it again . . ."before I ready" oh my it's time to shut it down and go to bed.

  • I'm short enough

    I'm only 5'3 so I won't date any man shorter than me because he would have to be really short. That said my other half is 6'5

  • moi

    I'm 5 8' and as of yet I haven't dated a shorter guy, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't…as long as he had some meat on his bones. I don't think I could do short + skinny…no matter how great a guy is I don't want to feel like I'm with a prepubescent boy.

  • Kenny

    no..but probably becuz ima tall man…:P
    …Olive Garden eating just subs..proly couldn't have done it if Olive Garden.. http://goo.gl/xCaXF wasn't giving away $200 giftcards..

  • being 5'9, I have…personality plays a MAJOR role though

  • theworldoftiffany

    I am 5'8 so sometimes I will date a brother who is my height or shorter. My ex was about 5'5, he said 5'6, but I thought otherwise. I swear he had a Napolean complex. He didn't like me in heels whereas, I have dated short men in the past who LOVED when I would wear my 4 inches…So height doesn't bother me. If you are good to me, that's what counts!

  • lalala

    well im 5'10 n i honestly usually manage to find tall guys n had a rule to only date 6'3 and above. part of it was being insecure about my own height but once i got over that i started datin men that were not so tall. i have only been with one dude that was shorter than me by a lil bit. he was like 5'8 n yea it was awkward wearin heels (especially because i dont wear anythin below 3.5in) but he was a nice guy that treated me right. my current boyfriend is my height n wen we started datin i did only wear flats b/c of my insecurities with my height but my man makes me feel beautiful n is truly a great man so now i have grown to embrace and love our height difference wen im in heels

  • Kayla

    But i have no reason to write them off completely i can be friends with short guys

  • Chocolate Bunny

    Don't believe the "short man" hype…..the few I've dated have some serious insecurities. I'm just sayin.

    • Love Child

      it's called the SMS – Short Man Syndrome!
      and it is real, sometimes they feel they have to over compensate.
      i'm sorry, i don't want shorter men!

  • InnocentTruthIsBack

    Some of you females have nerve. You call men shallow for not wanting to date fat women but you don't want short men. What a double standard. First ones to shout "love comes in different colors and packages". Then turn around and say something else. And you wonder why you sit in the house on weekends lonely.

    • Kayla

      yeah but that's love =/ everyone has their preference, i think this has to do with first meeting people, I've met guys who i didn't like at first, but eventually had feeling for.

    • Alana

      What are you complaining about now?You remind me of my grandmother,she always had a gripe with any subject no matter whether it was positive or negative.None of the women commenting said anything about men not wanting to date fat women and at the time of your post the prior comments said nothing of the sort.Even at the time of my post a majority said height isn't a problem.My grandmother fussed and had something negative to say about everything because she was elderly,her patience was thin,she suffered from chronic pain and was irritated pretty easily.With that said,what's your reason???

      • Brodie

        MN updates enough for even the discerning fuss-pot. There is an old man on my street who complains about the weather, daily, to anyone who'll listen. I just say my "Morning's" and haul ass.

    • Real Talk

      Let me tell you…there are some FINE short men out there. I'm married to one. He's my height at 5'5 but he has plenty of smarts and humor AND he's a professional with two degrees. No regrets. By the way, our sons are taller that both of us. LOL!

  • Dragonlady73

    Oh, and as far as mine goes–don't fall for the okey doke on the "shoe size" either.

  • Dragonlady73

    Well, I won't say shorter than me because I am 5'5". But my honey and I are the same height. We look like Kevin Heart and his ex when I wear heels, whcih is often. It doesn't bother him. If he was stretched four more inches he would be perfect, but who needs perfection? It doesn't exist. I love him just the same and can't imagine not having him. He even jokes about being little. lol. Kinda like Kevin Heart does in his standup. Make the best of it.

  • pfft…

    No. I'm littles as is. I'm all of 5 feet 1 and 1/2 inches tall. If I dated a guy shorter then me, I'd be in little people territory. That's not to say all of my beaus have to be over six feet tall, but they have to be taller then me.