Twitter Dragged This Man Who Implied Barack Gave Michelle The World

October 7, 2015  |  

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Chile, people love to say that Michelle Obama was down for Barack when he had nothing. They reference the worn soles of his shoes and the hole in the bottom of his car and take that to mean that he came to her as a pauper and she was patient and understanding and waited for him to climb the ranks to President of these United States.

The message is that if it worked for our beloved President and First Lady, then “regular” women should be willing to work with a man with potential because it’ll pay off in the end.

In celebration of the first couple’s wedding anniversary, earlier this week, one man created this meme.

And while I’m sure this “betting on potential” has worked for some people, somewhere, somehow, potential doesn’t often amount to a whole lot. We all have potential to be or do something. The difference is, do you have ambition to match? Are you moving, shaking, hustling and grinding to do something with your gifts?

For a lot of people, men and women alike, the answer is, sadly, no.

But that wasn’t the case when our First Lady met President Obama.

When she met him, she had already given herself the world. She worked hard to earn a spot at Princeton and then graduated to work at a law firm, where she was his boss. He was her intern. Perhaps because she was his superior, people seem to think Barack came to her busted and disgusted and she took a gamble on a man who seemed like he “might could” be something one day.

When she met him he’d graduated from Columbia. And was in law school at Harvard. Then, a year later, he served as the President of the Harvard Law Review, the first Black person- male of female- to do so. When you consider this, it’s not that much of a stretch to consider he could duplicate the feat with the Presidency of the United States. But even more importantly, there was the work he was doing for the community. I don’t want to gloss over that. It’s important. This wasn’t a man who was just after titles and prestige, he was willing to give back.

That’s much more than potential baby, that’s a man who’s put in the work. 

And thankfully, several people on social media were ready and willing to let this brotha know that it was deeper than standing by your man when he has nothing, hoping that one day he’ll have everything and be gracious enough to share it with you.

Then activist Shaun King took it to Facebook to make it plain.


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The creator of the original meme explained that this wasn’t his intention and peace was restored in the kingdom that is Black Twitter.

I don’t know what the original tweeter had in mind. But I do know that there are tons of people in this world, particularly in the Black community, who think that Michelle had to sacrifice, struggle and wait for President Obama to get himself together. Nah. Hopefully now, people will have a better, more realistic understanding of the first couple’s story: they each had plenty to bring to the table. The rest, as they say, is history.

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  • Courtney Banks

    Some men be living in their mom basement no job, pushing their mixtape, then use Michelle and Barack as an example to shame women to be with them.. Like it was already mentioned, He was already in Harvard…
    That being said most men you meet won’t be able to go to a prestigious school. But he had drive, ambition.

  • Tanaquil

    I just love how people on Twitter like to give random life advice. And these memes, lawd. Pitting one end against the other and ignoring the vast gray area in between.

  • grow up

    The way far too many people talk about “black love” is deeply immature and childish…spouses/partners are together because they’re compatible and have chemistry. TV has fed black folks a diet of derogatory names and motivations for relationships involving two black people. An unambitious partner is incompatible with anyone who wants a relationship because it takes basic ambition and commitment to see through the education pursuits (college or trade school) and the employment opportunities that keep the people in that relationship (and their children and elderly parents) clothed, fed, housed, and able to enjoy life.

  • Isis

    Who cares! at the end of the day they are both highly successful and living the American dream.

  • morenadelsur

    Nobody’s ignoring her achievements, my goodness LOL. I hate social media, people get offended over nothing. The guy didn’t say anything wrong, y’all are assuming and reaching…

    • Steven Rutaro

      I only wish to say that whatever state both were in, they certainly are a great couple. I remember in 2008 when the GOP started to involve Michelle into their attack machine, Obama threatened to quit the race. When describing his wife after IOWA historical win, he referred to her as “my rock!” And when Michelle was giving a key note address to the democrats in 2008 after Obama had clinched the democrats nomination, she said of her husband”…the man i met 20yrs ago is still the same man today…!!” To me, this is the most important thing- that no matter the change in circumstances, the two still compliment each other.

  • hollyw

    Hahaha I retweeted Shaun’s roast! My friends ate ol’ boy up, too, as well as the 6,000 confused folks who retweeted that nonsense!

  • NewYorkBunny

    Did he mean it literally? Because with memes, people put quotes to any picture they find that looks good. Got relationship quotes on pics on Nicki Minaj with The Game. That could have been the case.

  • TotallyTaurus

    I’m sorry but am I missing something? I didn’t see any implications in this tweet that said Mic Obama didn’t have her own or couldn’t hold her own. I understood it to say that if we stick with someone who has potential, they he will give you the best of his world in due time. I think non-issue is being turned into an issue.

  • Angela Rodgers

    As a woman of color I didn’t take his comment in a negative manner. He did give The First Lady the world. I don’t care how successful she was, he gave her something better LOVE!!.

  • @ThisisAnointed

    Its basically a poster encouraging Gold Digging. If he used a picture with their family or wedding pictures then cool. But he became president, so? That doesn’t make him a good husband. Doesn’t make it a happy marriage. Dude, delete the tweet. U tried u failed. It’s cool. Next time.

  • lol

    *eats beefaroni*.

    nothin like a good ol internet fight!

  • Taz

    Im past the waiting around for a man with hopes and dreams stage. If you arent already pitting your plan in action WHILE making $$$ (like Iam) than toodles.

  • leave these bums alone

    Ladies, stick by Daquan. Eventually he will get his act together and be the man that you need. Yes he has a criminal record, multiple baby mamas, no employment, no car, suspended license, but give Daquan a chance. He’s a good guy and he has potential. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • justagirlinthehood

    Y’all are making a mountain out of a mole hill

  • Lol I think this is what happens when you randomly decide to give unnecessary, unsolicited, patronizing advice to a group of people at large. This whole “Ladies, stick by his side” concept is tired. Ladies, decide what is important to you and pick your mate based on those standards. Non-ladies, stop trying to tell women what they should and shouldn’t value and why. Michelle Obama’s capacity for discernment was probably also a factor in her becoming FLOTUS — she picked the type of man who could become POTUS and saw herself as the type of woman who could be First Lady. And the same goes for why President Obama probably chose her.

  • Porsche Weaver

    Take away the educational and employment background of The First Couple, what’s important is President Obama’s undying love for First Lady. This man is deeply in love with her; he doesn’t mind paying her full attention in a room full of dignitaries, doesn’t mind flirting with her in front of the world, doesn’t mind proclaiming she’s the love of his life during State of the Union addresses, doesn’t mind being chivarlous, doesn’t mind showering her with compliments. His love for Michelle, and the way he doesn’t tone it done because he’s the President is most important, at the end of the day, I’d rather admire a man that can love his wife without boundaries than admire a man that can deal with his wife or girlfriend having more financially, or education wise. The only known public figure , I’ve seen love his wife with intensity and isn’t afraid to show it, is the wrestler Jimmy Uso or Jon Fatu from Total Divas, he’s so much in love, in lust, desires, respects his wife, protector,etc that it’s a beautiful sight to see, like the Obamas.Relationships aren’t about education, or finance, sure that’s great to have but if you can find someone that’s in love with the person, that’s the greatest gift,i’m sure Flotus loved his ambition and achievements, but I’m sure she married him, and fell in love because of his compassion and love he had for her. If you read books on their lives, she stuck with him through their early difficult times, not because of his successes, but because she loved him, and he did everything in his power to be the man she wanted, and she did everything to be the woman he wanted. I just love them as a couple.

  • twaters

    twitter outrage

    the lowest common denominator.

    PS:shaun king needs to calm the hell down. you’re talking crap on black twitter. not defending god in court.

  • LogicalLeopard

    Shame on you, MadameNoire for downplaying the trials and tribulations that two Ivy League graduates who had nothing but love and, well, advanced degrees from Ivy league colleges, had to face. It’s a tough world out there, Michelle & Barack had to tough it out with a bit of affection, bailing wire, and a couple of Juris Doctorates! The struggle is REAL!
    You weren’t there when Barack came in that night, and started punching the air like Cuba Gooding, Jr in Boyz in the Hood, because the demands of the Harvard Law Review began to close in on him. She submitted herself to him just like a proper, supportive Nia Long…..well, an educated, Nia Long who could have a wildly successful career of her own, but….still….she had no way of knowing that if she stuck by this downtrodden, brilliant, man with an advance degree, he’d give her the world. Y’know, the 2/10ths of it she wasn’t capable of getting on her own with her own intelligence.

    • StraightShooter


  • fd

    I’m confused. What was wrong with what he said? I think people are always reading stuff negatively. For most women we do work hard and we have our own success and it’s hard to find good men. But if you find a man who is already working hard to be a better person and they have the education and drive to excel you two got it made. I think that’s all he was saying

    • Raze

      Nothing wrong with it, but he blatantly ignored her own accomplishments in the process.
      Most people are happy that they’ve managed to succeed, but don’t take away someone’s accomplishments just to “teach women a lesson.”

  • Trisha_B

    I remember when Tia Mowery talked about how she met her husband. How he was struggling to get acting jobs & he was standing at a bus stop when she offered him a ride. Everyone (people on MN) loved that she saw his potential, & was encouraging other women to not be so quick to write a man off b/c he doesn’t have it all….the guy on Twitter basically said the same thing. Michelle saw Mr Presidents potential & stood by his side throughout it all, all while still achieving her dreams. & people are getting on him? Lol When a guy speaks on something, it’s always received differently from if it was a woman who said it. When he says “give her the world..” I’m sure he’s not talking materialistic or career. Mrs Obama’s credentials still stands & she can afford to take care of herself. Saying give her the world means giving her all the love in the world. Being that partner right there with her to make a lifetime of memories together. Look at pictures of them together. You can tell Obama will bend over back for his lady. He’s always holding a huge smile, how he holds her when they dance. He’ll do whatever to see her smile.

    • JustSaying

      That’s completely different. Firstly there were people (myself included) who didn’t praise her for her decision because he continues to struggle for roles as she continues to be the bread winner juggling many hats more so than him. Secondly comparing these two situations is like comparing oranges to apples. Just because they’re fruit doesn’t mean they’re from the same family. My point is the accomplishments are vastly different. I’m unsure of Tia’s husband degree (if he even has one) but if he can’t become a successful actor I’m unsure what he can become. Barack on the other-hand not only because of his degree but also because of the institution will more than likely ALWAYS have a high paying job. Lastly you may have a point that his comment wasn’t well received because he’s a male but regardless it was grossly inaccurate and minimized BOTH of their seperate accomplishments which is what people had a problem with.

      • Trisha_B

        I don’t think he minimized their accomplishments at all. In this social media era, people in their 20’s expect to have it all together. They expect to have the career, the credit score, the fat savings account, etc. & they expect their partner to have to the same. Me & my friends talk about this all the time. We are 24-25, some of my friends expect a guy they date who just finished college to already be making good money in their career & have their own house lol. Although Barack had the education, & was working towards his career, he didn’t have it all. He was still struggling. Michelle was ahead of Barack. So she could’ve easily bypassed him & went for a guy that was more established like herself. Just like youre saying Tia shouldn’t be with her husband b/c he’s not as established as her. But Michelle saw something in Barack. She knew he was going to be someone great, & most of all she knew he would be a great partner. He would be someone that will always make her happy. They built up together. They are where they are at today b/c of each other.

        • Discussion Board

          The difference being is the fact that President Obama was going after the potential he knew he had in him. That potential is what she saw. Not a potential that was dwindling in the wind. So yeah it had to be made clear because as clear as it may have been to you there are still grown and young men and women out there in relationships where they see something in the one they are with and stay even if it does not serve them too. So yes make things clear for these men and women who do not know. Leave if you see potential but the person is bumming and do not see it in themselves, give them time too. In the meantime you move on and continue to focus on you, if you are meant to be you are if he or she do not get it then that is on them. I get what you are saying but there is more to add to be clearer.

    • Lexi23

      women like Tia with more than enough tangible assets are in a position to see men for their potential only. This is because they do not have to work hard and have already “arrived”. Her husband has yet to meet his “potential” as far as his acting credits show. But, because their household is sound, she’s ok with it. Notice how he didn’t give her the world either. She already had her own. A woman who’s in the process of climbing up her own ladder will not react kindly to a man adding his weight on her back. There’s nothing wrong with watering a man and helping him grown but there’s not much you can do if his roots are loose. In most cases, men are coming to women with no foundation expecting her to help him build. Build on what???

      • Trisha_B

        How do you know he didn’t give her the world? B/c like I said “the world” is not something materialistic (house, gifts, etc). It’s something priceless, love, a child, a lifetime partner, happiness. That’s what I take as “giving someone the world…” So he may not be a big A list actor (neither is Tia), but she clearly is happy & content with her man…& I’m not saying a woman needs to give every man with a dream a chance. I’m saying if there is a guy who you are interested in, & he has a drive like no other but hasn’t reached potential yet, don’t just write him off. Not everyone reaches their goal right away. The man needs to have the drive to build for themselves, before a woman can help him out

        • Lexi23

          “the world”doesn’t have to be materialistic, and this doesn’t apply to everyone, but women nowadays find happiness in many ways outside of the traditional ideal of happiness (husband and children). women have stepped away from that. Women today want a helpmate. Someone to match their hustle. They’re not looking for fairytale stories. I just can’t see an ambitious woman being “content” with an unambitious man or a man who tries but can’t produce just because he’s a great guy. Thats the dream Tyler Perry tries sells. That’s isn’t real life for most women. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

      • Porsche Weaver

        Actors are actors that’s it, doesn’t matter if one is successful or not, if one is struggling for roles are not. And Tia’s husband in an interview, said he’s happy with his career, that he loves being a character actor. Besides, maybe Tia looks at the man, he doesn’t seem to be a bum,or a leech. We never hear of Tia bailing him from jail, or anything negative, so there’s no problem.

        • Lexi23

          I never said he was a bum. Personally I find nothing wrong with Tia’s husband. I just observe a trend of women wanting their “equal” in terms of accomplishments, titles, financial gains, etc. this uproar at that mans comment is one example of how what a women would consider “the world” has changed. Apparently all these women believed that the First Lady already obtained that prior to meeting Mr. Obama. That’s all I’m saying

    • hollyw

      “Everyone (people on MN) loved that she saw his potential, & was encouraging other women to not be so quick to write a man off b/c he doesn’t have it all.”

      I didn’t lol. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

  • Libera_Free

    It really wasn’t that deep. I understand his point and true intention. Seriously. Most know her background and what she accomplished. She still supported her husband and worked along with him and helping him reach his goals and true potential and in the end…they Both Succeeded. Everything is not tick for tack. Good Grief.

    • Libera_Free

      In other words I don’t think this person’s one liner comment belittled her accomplishments or who she was as a woman. And this definitely doesn’t imply to be with a scrub with potential but no work ethic.

    • guest

      Is it me or is there a lot more baiting going on with these MN articles than usual? I get trying to inspire good conversation and a healthy back and forth debate but their articles lately seem a bit to contrived.

      • Libera_Free

        No it’s not you. Some things are just unproductive and to me this is a perfect example.

    • 1911

      Liberia – Thank you! Everyone knew what the dude was saying; however, this was cause for the feminist and proud sistas to flex. And, as expected, the women on the thread are saying we are empowered and can make our on money in 2015. I totally get that and this is very true. Not all men are trying to ride women’s coattails as captured up thread by one poster. And, most men aren’t waiting for their mix tape the drop. Really it wasn’t that deep!

  • Hokiegirl87

    I do not know why some men have the expectation that a women needs to help him succeed or wait around for him to do so, when he is just sitting idly by. A man needs to at least have the ambition to get the ball rolling. You can’t just sit around waiting for something awesome to happen to you, you have to go out there and get it! That is not your partner’s responsibility to do so, it’s yours! That goes for both men and women. And men, do not get it twisted. It is 2015. We can financially take care of ourselves. We are not with you just for money. However, if we are working our tails off trying to make a better life for ourselves and you just chilling on the couch, then bye! We are going to keep moving…

    Like Beyoncé says, “I see your hustle with my hustle; I can keep you..”

    It is never just one person’s role to ensure the success of a couple. It takes both people, trying as hard as they can, to ensure a better life for them both in the future.

    • vwells1

      Amen! And yes to that Bey quote. #Relevant

      • Hokiegirl87

        Thank you!!! I am so tired of my fellow ladies, and my former self included, thinking that we need to “save” a man. I learned the hard way that if he does not have his own thing going on BEFORE he meets you, he won’t while he is with you, no matter how much support, emotionally OR financially, you give him. So, I say just do you boo (in my Kevin Heart voice) until someone who has his act together comes along.

    • FeelsGood


      Dudes these days are looking for a sponsor and no longer have the “put something with something and make something” mentality. They want to know what you can do for them. It’s pathetic. God bless the child that’s got his/her own.

      • Hokiegirl87

        I really think that somehow because women have come so far AND can support themselves, that men are lost…they based their whole relationship offerings in the past on what financially they could bring to the table. That no longer impresses us and is not what we are seeking. They have not learned how to adapt like we have. WHY is it so hard to understand that now relationships are partnerships! We want you to be our friend and be by our side as we push through life together. I need your EMOTIONAL support, not financial. A relationship should be a merger; not a buy-out or an acquisition…

        • Lexi23

          yes, dead on

      • Hokiegirl87

        Yeah! My ex had that mentality: “You’re my girl; you’re supposed to help me come up..” Naaah boo; you are supposed to do that yourself! I did! Stop riding my coattails…

  • _a_

    Oh lord the boy didnt say nothin wrong lol. While she was more successful than him AT THE TIME that they met, it was his talents and work that took their family to a, “whole nother level”. Yes, she was an ace lawyer, but he became the POTUS,

    • Hokiegirl87

      But she had accomplishments on her own…She was a lawyer and then seh worked for a university. And I think the children did have a role to play. Michelle wants to be an involved mother. So, she probably took a back step to ensure her children were raised accordingly. Becoming FLOTUS helped provide her with that opportunity. You just wait, after the girls are grown she will go back to her successful, professional self. She is not done yet!

    • Raze

      Most people get what he’s saying, but the Obamas are a bad example.
      This man practically ignored all of her achievements, thinking that they were both simpletons and she waited for *him* to reach the top.
      Maybe he should have used another example of people who were broke, stuck together and can reap the results of their hard work, like Kendrick Lamar or the Curry’s, both of whom started from the bottom along with their partners and now have a better position in life.

    • Porsche Weaver

      Thank you, the poster was giving the Obamas a compliment. Michelle was with him when he was struggling to get by; he had a junk car, making close to nothing; but Michelle saw the fire and passion he had to make a difference. Sure, he accomplished many things while in college, but she could have easily turned him down,and went with a man that had it all, but she didn’t, and stayed with him, because of love; how many women would have done that. The poster was giving Michelle a compliment as to the woman she is, and because she didn’t go for the shiny nickle, it paid off, because Michelle became the FOTUS. Feminists and black twitter should calm down, and not be so quick to start drama; everyday black twitter find something to complain about. SMH

      • Lexi23

        I think many women would stand by a man who is beyond ambitious. I think that’s why this example doesn’t work. Most women don’t stand by men because they lack drive or ambition. There a difference between standing by a man when he’s finishing up law school and hoping to land that big clerkship and standing by a man who’s working at Arby’s but hopefully his new mixtape is gonna blow up soon….

        • Porsche Weaver

          What’s wrong with the man waiting for his mixtape to blow up? LOL

          • Lexi23

            EVERYONE is waiting for their mixtape to blow up lol. It does not take talent OR drive apparently to get put on in the music industry. Not saying that all people that have aspirations of being an artist are bad or untalented but today most people use that as a way out of getting formal skills or education.

          • hollyw

            LOL girl, BYE!

      • 1911

        Porsche – Your post is the voice of logic. Great post. Everyone knew what the poster was implying. And, yes, the poster was giving Michelle a compliment; however, twitter lost sight of the message.

    • nat

      don’t try to diminish her. his becoming president is every bit her accomplishment as well. and if you don’t get why and how, you don’t think much of either of them.

    • Karla

      Yes, I agree with you. I think the writer was complimenting Mrs. Obama. I see nothing wrong or underhanded about what was said about our lovely First Lady. President and Mrs. Obama are both educated, accomplished people each in their own right.

      • _a_

        I agree with you too. My comment was against the writer tho…just the tweets.