When is the Best Age to Get Married?

June 27, 2011  |  

You’ve heard the statistics about black women and marriage. But we’re here to pose a slightly different question. If a woman plans on getting married at what age should she start thinking about walking down the aisle.

Is it ok to get married straight out of high school?

Should you wait until you’ve both graduated college?

Or do you want to make sure that you’ve spent significant time alone, have established yourself professionally?

So many questions and so many options. Want to know what the Your Tango audience thinks is the best age? You can find out here.

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  • Lol this article makes remember me of funny thing my friend got involved in, he walked into soaked napkin, shout “homoo” and fell… and tray flew to plouse of nearby stander, this happened at our work hehe…

    Anyways story short, you have written quite good post, makes me smile.

  • msjazznblac

    I agree 100% wwith tutu’s comments. To piggy back off him “marriage is very serious commitment and a covenant between three people your spouse,yourself and God. Then, it gets bigger your a married to your inlaws as well. So choose your companion wisely. Therefore ask for godly wisdom and seek knowledge and all your getting get understand.

  • Finally

    AMEN!! Thank you!!

  • Young and Smart

    I don't think that makes any sense. If you've already been with someone for many years and you're 28, I think that's better than being 40 and knowing someone 3 months and getting married. Dumb mistakes happen at any age. I agree that early 20s is probably too early because you should probably have yourself settled professionally first, but the late twenties is perfect, ESPECIALLY for couples who would like to have kids. A woman's clock is always ticking…just saying!!

    Oh and P.S: Not everyone is "crazy" in their twenties. I for one have always been about the books, and so is my boyfriend!! I understand what you're getting at but not everyone's experience is yours.

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    This a non-starter for black women since most will not see the inside of a wedding dress at any age. When to marry is the least of our problems. It's getting married, period.

    • LadyA

      I concur!

    • L-Boogie

      Wow, that is negative. With that attitude I doubt you will ever find anyone.

  • Tutu

    i think marriage…should be taken very serious and done only when/if you REALLY think your ready..that can be any age..
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  • Stanley

    Once you start having Sex.

    • lol

      lol unless you practice abstinence until marriage!!

  • SMHBlkman

    Easy — Never. The legal and social climate in the US makes it an untenable idea to get married at any age. On the legal side — What person would advise another person to sign a contract where there is a coin flip of a chance that they would lose half of their wealth. On the social side — if you are a successful black man, locking into a long-term situation with someone who will inevitably depreciate is silly when you have the ability to consistently upgrade given the current ratio of eligble black men to women. So yeah — There is no good age. But if I had to pick a number late 40s, maybe if your bored and have enough wealth locked away overseas.

    • Peoplearecrazy

      People are not items and they don't depreciate in value over time. Even if people were items, they could increase in value like a pieces of art, antiques, or gold. People do not age like electronics. On another note, what makes you think that you wouldn't lose value? Why is it only the woman that loses value? Honestly your argument seems superficial and as long as you cater to that mentality the only types of women that will grace you with their presence are gold-diggers. So enjoy your "upgrades" and being a life long sugar daddy which will result in you losing half your money anyway.

  • IMO the best time to marry is after a period of self-investment and personal accomplishment, one should be emotionally, mentally and financially mature. This how those outside the US live and it works.

  • Bukky

    For me there isnt an age
    you have to be mature, mentally and emotionally
    you need to know that marriage is give and take
    and you need to know about COMMITMENT
    At any age if you want to tie the know, i believe marriage counselling should be done
    just to get feel and be prepared.

  • kayla

    just as long as they are fully mature, emotionally, ready. Because you have some who married straight out of highschool and are still together, while you have grown woman sinking all their money in the wedding, then getting divorced 6 months later

  • Rosie

    it doesnt matter what age you get married but in this 21 century it is better to have an education and to be ready morally, and spiritually. But the agae doesnt really matter it al ldepends on the person and the family.

  • lol

    When you understand what marriage is all about

  • Anna

    The age in which realize that there are days, weeks, months and years after the wedding