Working Your Nerves: 8 Co-Worker Habits That Make Us Cringe

June 24, 2011 ‐ By

They say that with family, you can’t live with them, yet you can’t live without them. Something similar can be applied to your co-workers. You often wish you didn’t have to share compressed cubicles or listen to corny jokes you just don’t get no matter how hard you try, but most businesses can’t survive as a one-man (or woman) show, so you’ve got to deal. But it would be a lot easier to get through a 40+ hour week if your counterparts didn’t have habits better suited for kids rather than suit-wearing, dossier toting, degree holding adults. From sloppy bathroom etiquette to an unnecessary use of slang, we call it, the things that make you go ugh.


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  • LittleSisterIsWatching

    The worst: coworkers that treat a shared office space as their gossip station. They sit there and scream with laughter during their break; oblivious of other people trying to get work done. During their break we just put our headphones in. The super ridiculous part is that there is are empty meeting rooms, two kitchens and even a nice patio for socializing.

  • Guest

    At my job there is a woman who doesn’t wash her hands. To make matters worse she’s my boss. You have no idea how gross it is to take a document from her hand knowing that after she used the bathroom she didn’t wash. To make matters even more gross, she has horrible body odor and on one than more occasion we (in the office) have smelled a fishy odor off of her… -I’m gagging thinking about it-

  • Ms. Lady

    I hate, HATE the co-workers that use having a question as an excuse to look over my shoulder and be all up in my computer screen. Is your question written there??? It's none of your business if I'm reading a Madame Noire article!

  • Don't forget about the coworker who sits at his desk with uncontrollable bodily functions all day long. Passing gas, burping, coughing up phlegm, everything. Disgusting. Workplace pollution.

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  • Ruby

    Don't ask about my weekend or what my husband does for a living or what school my kids attend. It's none of your business.

  • fabchick

    My office is next to a woman who talks to herself. Loudly. I wanna go in there and say bish shut the f up. She’ll say s**t like” oh I am so busy, what’s next” to herself. If u so busy shut the f up and work. Sorry for the vent. She irks me to death.

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  • Prissy

    Do NOT get me started about things that co-workers do to irk my nerves!! LOL.. I swear sometimes folk do certain things on the job just to see how you would react. I promise… Counting down from 10… breathing… and thinking about them bills that need to be paid always help me curb my tongue and attitude right quick… I'll even take a break and go to the restroom to put some water on my face …. Any little thing helps..

    • nicole

      sounds more like YOU are high maintenance, Pissy ehm Prissy

      • AHA

        High maintenance? LOL WHAT? HOW do you get that from wanting to CONTROL your anger in the work place??

  • honeybee

    I hate it when a co-worker heats up fish or seafood in the microwave for lunch. It stinks and it has the breakroom and everything around it smelling like fish. Now that’s just rude.

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  • thatonegirl

    You forget about the co-worker that thinks their the boss just because they've been working for the company for a long time. If you've been working for a company for more than 10 years and still havent moved up then maybe you should find a new job. Sorry just had to vent had a situation the other day.

  • Canari

    I still say homie!

  • Benita

    These bing pop-up ads are irritating!

    Anyway, while all of these are annoying. My pet peeve is the bathroom one. Ugh! I just had someone do that to me yesterday and the sad part was, it wasn’t even a co-worker, it was customer. He was standing there with this visible attitude and I was thinking if he had put half the energy it took for him to be upset and slam the door as he entered the bathroom, he would have realized there was another (better) bathroom for him to use that was perfectly empty and in plain sight.

    • I can understand the bathroom one if you are in an office with only one unisex bathroom. I can't stand the people that feel the need to talk to you while you are handling old and new business and/or blowing it up in the bathroom. I don't want to remember the conversation I was having with my boss when i'm trying to do a number 1, 1.5 or 2.