Things You’re Doing Today That Are Hurting Your Fertility Tomorrow

August 24, 2015  |  
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Maybe you don’t want kids today. Maybe you don’t even want them within the next five years. But if you want them at some point, you should be preparing now. You can’t just rapidly clean up the mess you’ve made the moment you want to have kids. Mistakes you make today can permanently hurt your fertility. Here are 15 things you’re doing today that are hurting your fertility tomorrow.





Not getting enough sleep

If you’re staying up late doing the deed so you can conceive, do it during the day. Sleeping less than 7 or 8 hours a night can reduce your chances of conceiving by up to 25 percent.





Failing to take care of those teeth

Research has actually found a link between a struggle to conceive and gum bleeding. Many oral health issues like gum disease can lead to bacteria, which gets into our bloodstream, and affects our bodies in several ways.





Looking at bright screens

Staring at bright lights at night, like your iPad or laptop, reduces your melatonin levels. Melatonin doesn’t only help you sleep but it also helps prevent your eggs from free radicals.








Smoking can mess with your fallopian tubes and even damage your ovaries.









Yo-yo dieting

Carrying extra weight or not enough weight can lead to irregular periods, and there is a known link between irregular periods and infertility.







Drinking too much coffee

A cup or two a day is okay, but consuming over 300 mg of caffeine a day can be problematic. In fact, one study found that women who drink coffee daily are half as likely to become pregnant during each ovulation term than those who skip it entirely.




Skipping breakfast

Studies have found that having a hefty breakfast (nearly fifty percent of your daily calories) can increase fertility. So switch your eating schedule: eat a light dinner and wake up hungry.







Letting STD’s go unchecked

Certain STD’s, if left untreated for a long time, can lead to fallopian tube disease.









Exercising too much

There’s a reason professional athletes often have a hard time conceiving—too much exercise. Don’t do over an hour a day if you’re trying to conceive.








Letting stress go unchecked

Undergoing regular stress can reduce your ability get pregnant by nearly thirty percent. If there are people or activities stressing you out, kick them out of your life.







Eating too much sugar

Eating too much sugar can cause too much insulin in the body, which has been linked to infertility.








Eating bad carbs

“Bad” carbs like white bread and pasta break down into sugar and cause insulin spikes, which we know are bad for fertility.







Putting off the doctor

Your fertility might already be on the decline (after 27 it starts to slope and after 35 it goes down a lot). If you’re being stubborn trying to do this on your own, you could be missing your window.







Drinking heavily

Drinking just a little can cause irregular periods, which are linked to trouble conceiving. Alcoholism or very heavy drinking can actually make a woman stop ovulating all together.






Being too easy on your partner

Hey, you have to tell your partner to stop a lot of these habits, too! Things like smoking, alcohol and weight issues can affect a man’s fertility. If you want to conceive, it’s time to stop being polite. Take that cigarette out of your man’s hand.

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