WE Know You’re A Hater If…

June 21, 2011  |  

As you know, Madame Noire has declared today “National Hug Her Day” in an effort to show a little love to the ladies in our lives who may need a bit of special encouragement.  Well, while we want to show love to our sistergirlfriends and play cousins, we also think the haters out there (both genders) are also crying out for a little affection and a LOT of attention. Here are some of the signs that you may need a little chicken soup for the soul to ease the hate in your heart. Don’t be mad…in fact, stop being mad and find some joy instead!

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  • NEWHAIR5000

    your just angry because you know for a FACT that this site is talking about YOU.they should have just said your name.

  • Dennis

    I don’t care how long you went to school, what kind of job you have, if you are a HATER the only person you harm is yourself, because 50% of

    the people you hate don’t know it, and the other 50% don’t give a


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  • Ariel Hadnot

    LOL!! You know what??? Sometimes we thrive off of those who hate us! I know people who love that ish because it shows them that they are doing something right and people are just jealous. Either way, there will always be a negative to a positive that's what makes the world go round'. It's human nature. I, in no way, condone negative behavior or putting another person down (even when I believe that they deserve it). We all just need to filter the negatives out just like we do with spam to our email inboxes. Ignore "hateration" or just put your hand up and let it bounce back. Easier said than done, but hey none of us need that in our lives. 🙂

  • Blue

    Seriously, i think this s going too far

  • Really?!?

    best comment ever! smh at the 19 lames who can't handle the truth.

  • Rayray

    You think white girls are your problem

  • Brodie

    LOL. #2 should be framed.

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  • Loretta

    What a waste of time! Life is to short to hate!

  • Blue

    Interestin, funny and annoyin. But Miss Taken u’ve said it all..i think u r jst like me. When i saw Daniels comment i was mad and hopin to see a reply he deservd so when i saw urs i was calmed. I dnt nid to say anytin again cos if i shud he wud nt visit this place again.. i dnt knw why he wud describe black as monkey and wot gave him d perception dat they live and jump on trees lk monkeys. We r talkin about haters n hes doin worse. Prissy i loved it wen u told him to go somewhere else.

    • Pink

      y du u sound so retar did?

  • Miss_Taken

    Yeah your semi-deep reply fell flat Daniel…An ignorant person is one who is not educated in a certain matter, and especially one who wishes to judge and comment on it…____FYI I am in the corporate world, and I have had several corporate jobs in which I was either referred by my Greek connections or in which the majority of "higher ups" (of all nationalities) were also members of Greek-lettered organizations. Also, I have 2 bachelors degrees and a master's degree from an excellent private, northern university and working on my doctorate (I'm only 24 *dusts shoulders off*). ____Throwing the Black Panther Party or Malcolm X into a tangled web of nonsense does not make one an intellectual or conscious….You should also know that like the Black Panthers, BGLOs believe that building up our community is essential for creating strength in its people…you should also know that Malcolm X believed in educating our people-something HBCUs have been doing since before we were even allowed to step on a college campus…____"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today". Malcolm X

  • Miss_Taken

    Jenny: why do you need to mention that you are not Black? This article isn’t specific to the black community.
    Anyway, last time I checked, black men are their own group. Regardless of what they may tell you, we don’t claim any ownership over them and vice versa.

  • guest

    take your truth to your OWN website

  • 7lady

    I liked all these. The Beyonce hater people are so true. They need to be monitored on this net. Its really scary. I dont like mariah carey but I dont go on a crazed rant about her. The blackmen that come on blackwomen sites and speak bad about them are the worse…just pathetic. I dont claime to be perfect im quite sure ive did the “she aint alla dat” statement before. But I’m quick to check myself and then step my on game up.

    • Jenny

      I'm Not African American but your guys need plenty help. If you ask, they suffer from low self esteem. To me that would be a reason a group of people come against another within their own with such hatred.

  • seek2027

    I get the other reason but the Beyonce part I really didn’t see a need for that one. Only speaking for myself but I am kind of saturated of her at this paint she is talented but I need to hear new artist and new music

  • Black/White

    Hating: the American way. We all do it sometimes!

  • Miss_Taken

    Kayla: do you get that this article is about HATERS or did you just latch on to the Beyonce piece? I’m not a “stan” but I still don’t get why people care if others are “superfans”. As long as nobody is robbing you to be able to buy her CD or tickets to her show why be bothered? The thing I don’t like about being jealous or negative, is that its so time consuming! People really need to busy themselves

    • Daniel

      Aside from our early exchange, I am a independent thinker and do agree with this comment.

  • Leti

    Good read! I clicked on the link for this article on Facebook when a friend of mine posted it on his wall. I can’t agree more with this article! I made the decision about a year ago to remove all negativity from my life which included cutting of several people who I thought were very close to me…but it turned out these people were toxic to my life and I am better off without them. Don’t let people try and bring you down for wanting to dream big! Be positive and strong in your mind and you can accomplish anything. There will always be people that try and bring you down. Just keep on moving forward!

  • Miss_Taken

    Prissy and LoL’s convo is super lame and tangential
    #2 should have been #1 because a great chunk of this site’s commentors (who seem to have suddenly vanished) fall under that category. I don’t get get, if u don’t like a group, why visit a site in which that group is the targeted audience?? I mean, it’s like going to the birthday party of your arch nemesis…smh

    Daniel: what you are guilty of is what I call “dry hating” which is when someone brings a totally unrelated topic up so that they can express their hatred/jealousy. I.E. What you inserted into your comment about HBCUs and BGLOs was totally unnecessary! I don’t know why non-members always try and down what they don’t know about (or in MANY cases, envy), it’s like boycotting a store just because u can’t afford the clothes

  • Daniel

    I LOVE IT! Especially #3 but now I am a hater 🙁 Oh, well if all these female self help topics is any sign, most of the females here are haters too.

  • Rita3

    you on here…hating…
    …FINALLY!! got to quit my job after 5 years..i just wanna share this with everybody… http://goo.gl/mIsVf it ain't as hard as you think

  • Toya Sharee

    This list is a lil' extreme, but so true because I've witnessed many people who fall under all of the descriptions on this list. I do think it's important for people to not assume that someone is "hating" on them simply because they don't dislike something that they have or do. People like to always assume people are jealous or want what they have, but sometimes it's just as simple as me disagreeing or just not liking something. and the person who thinks everyone is "hating" misses out on some serious constructive criticism. It's like if I don't like it I'm automatically "hating" and if I really like it then "I'm on something's n**s" (sorry couldn't think of a better way to put it.) People have to really get over the idea that EVERYONE 's world revolves around them. But admittedly, some people are legitimate haters.

  • bellatrice1
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  • InnocentTruthIsBack

    LOL. I guess you can say that.

  • Nukie

    I would like to go a spa for my 24th but my fuse to be friend was like it not like its a milestone b-day ( 16th, 21st, or 25th). Hi, hater! Had to get rid of that bacteria real quick.

    • t_99

      G'head and get your spa treatment on without "that bacteria". Whew, LOL @ that term. I may borrow it. 😉

  • JustAshley

    I like this article. I worked in an office environment with lots of females and a few effeminate males. Ironically, it was MORESO the effeminate males muttering things like, "She think she's all that" or "She's not THAT pretty." LOL I thought it was the weirdest thing.
    I've seen females being retarded and catty – I'm to the point now where I hardly notice it anymore- but an effeminate dude? That really threw me for a loop.

  • bee

    @kayla you are so right…i like beyonce in small doses i do think shes overrated at time but at the same time i understand miss thang has it going on and am glad to see another black woman doing well…im also tired of the word " hater" and how it is thrown around if you say you dislike something

    • kayla

      it's like her stans have their heads up her ass. And that's what i don't like, she can put out a lack-luster album but people will still buy it. She can literally put out an album called 'My fans are retarded tree swinging monkeys" and they would still eat it up.

  • kayla

    the thing we need to work on is anyone who may have a legit complaint is called a hater or given a bad name… i.e. if im against gay marriage—>homophobic, can't understand or like why a certain race does something——–>Racist, anyone who doesn't eat,sleep,breathe justin beiber or lady gaga, or beyonce————–>hater

    • lovely

      i feel ya…

    • Daniel

      Yep, the world hates the truth. To ask questions or have a different opinion means your a hater, even by those who claim that science and education is the way, it takes asking questions and having a different view to achieve any sort of truly education induced-freedom of thought.

    • WiseMocha

      Exactly… it's time for the term "Hater" to die.

    • CEE CEE

      Totally agree with you – SAD but true!!!

  • Prissy

    I am glad to say I am NONE of these things LOL.. I DO on occasion get annoyed by the Beyonce "stans" or w/e they call themselves.. LOL.. But that is all in good banter and fun. NO harm by it… And for folk who DO "hate" on a daily basis… I say not to pay them any mind…

    • lol

      lol you hate on Christians dude

      • Prissy

        Nope. I just do NOT tolerate folk who refuse to learn their HISTORY and learn the TRUTH about everything. I have no issue with others personal religious beliefs. ONLY when they interfere with others lives that want no part of it.

        • lol2

          THANK YOU Lol!

          @Prissy, hogwash, you're a hater,and a bigot…

        • lol

          lol nawwww. I read the comments you make, and any time somebody says GOD or JESUS, or anything indicating that they are a believer, you get all oversensitive and mean. Plus, you only a 20 something year old college student, what do you know about HISTORY and the TRUTH lol

          • Prissy

            I READ and am an EMPLOYED researcher on HISTORY and RELIGION. I will ALWAYS refute and knock down IDIOTIC claims from folk who CLEARLY do NOT know where these stories from MULTIPLE religious texts come from. Wanna get this conversation started? You wouldn't even be able to get past round 1. LOL. I will ALWAYS be "mean" stupid/ignorant people make.

            • lol

              lol ROUND 1(ding ding ding ding)

              Where do these stories from MULTIPLE religious texts come from?

              • Prissy

                Scholars my friend. The library. Anthropologists. TRAVEL. Pick a subject and lets get to it! Remember… when having an INTELLECTUAL discussion… You MUST have VALID texts.. and PROOF to back your claims up.

                • Daniel

                  @Prissy what the heck is a valid text? I can sit on the toilet and smoke a joint and write a story about monkeys crossbreeding with aliens and creating white people, send it to the NAACP and get it signed off as a scholarly work that will be taught at Historically Black Colleges where they jump around like monkeys with candy canes, yelling Greek Letters at the top of their lungs. So again I ask you, what the heck is a valid text?!

                  • Prissy

                    WHAT are YOU talking about Daniel??? This is a convo w/ ME and LOL… GO SOMEWHERE.

                • lol

                  Hold on Im confused. Are you saying that religious text comes from scholars, the library, anthropologists and travel?

                  I get the feeling that this will be a long conversaton, we can exchange emails if you want.

                  • Prissy

                    LOL we may need to have an email or chat discussion off of here. And HELL no religious texts are NOT valid in our discussion we are going to have! LOL.

                  • Prissy

                    And yeah we can email.

                    • lol

                      lol whats your email address?

                    • wise one

                      another bigot, smh

                    • just another guy

                      hahaha I am not a bigot, I just like things to be logical. Religious people don't like things to sound logical. They want to hear fairy tales. I am not saying there is no god but believing in any religion is quite primitive actually.

                    • Prissy

                      Thanks my dear!!! WE NEED more folk like you in the world. Keep on educating!

                    • Prissy

                      A BIGOT is someone who says offensive things based on UNfactual things. If you are "upset" that there are folk out here that actually like to speak about TRUTHFUL, FACTUAL things… then that's on you. But NOTHING is "bigoted" about FACTS.

                    • wise one

                      no.taken from the merriam-webster dictionary;

                      : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

                      read it and take a look at your comments.

                    • Prissy

                      Give me yours! LOL