Do Women Dislike Other Women in Power?

June 15, 2011  |  

If a woman ran this world, she probably wouldn’t be in power too long.

Why you ask? Because the people that brought her into power would probably turn into her biggest critics. Homegirl would have so many haters from both genders, she’d either crack under the pressure, or stand strong enough and be bold enough in her role to become the villain in no time. Only to be replaced with the help of her peers.

I say this not because I don’t believe a woman could be president (Hillary was close), or the CEO of a company (it happens everyday, but it’s certainly easier when you start your own business), but because a woman needs a few true allies. People that won’t question her every decision, start a rumor that she’s inadequate for not agreeing with the status quo and that won’t give her attitude for ASKING you to do the job you get paid for. There’s so many fickle folk in the corporate world. Men are usually given the chance to make mistakes before they’re deemed “inadequate” for a position. Women get figuratively stomped and castigated on the low the minute an email is sent that they’ve been promoted.

“Authority, when held by a woman, can be viewed as tentative, while a man‟s
authority is often assumed.”

This statement was provided by Karen L. Proudford, an associate professor of management at Morgan State University who did a research paper on negative group-think towards women in authority in the workplace and in organizations. While it has been known for a long time that many men in big companies and orgs can be the biggest detractors of a woman making most of the business decisions, I’m starting to wonder if women are becoming worse. Trust, I’m not attacking anyone—cause I’ve been a hater from time to time, myself.

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  • SmOOcheS

    Personally, i have seen women get jealous of other women who have mad it to a higher level then them. The jealous ones want the same benefit but dont want 2 do the work to earn it. But then again women are catty and jealous of each other on a regular basis. Just more so when a sense of authority is involved. Tsk tsk.

  • Ms. Rollins

    True. In my last position a coworker and I were cool, but when she got permoted she began to act as if she was better than everyone else; and everything she said and did was right. We clashed a lot as time went on, because she felt as though she could talk down to me. I will never have any one talk down to me as if I am beneath them.

  • Truth Hurts

    I'm not the type to stereotype but i've seen ego's bash on several occasions so I say this: anytime you have two strong minded (extroverted) people in high positions who enjoy voicing their opinion(s) there will be tension at some point. I think this article could apply to all genders and races because it concerns job title and money.
    It happens and its not always a bad thing as long as its managed professionally, even the SNCC organization had issues with SCLC organization at some point during the 1960's Black movement.

  • LynLy

    I don’t get threaten or easily jealous at women that likes to take charge and wants to be as equal as the men or better. I would get much more happy for them to be able to hold on such high jobs. Or get noticed at what they do cause they are the reason young girls would love to have something to look up to instead of hearing, women are no good at nothing. Or, women can not be equal as men. If people think like that, they are just scared that we women can over power the world if we become president. It’s good to have balance. Not one or the other. It should never be like that cause then there will be a riot or chaos. We aren’t in a communist country. This is OUR America. The rights for everything. =]

  • tyty
  • Miss_Taken

    I think this is backwards. It seems that women in positions of power actually hate their subordinates. I think they realize there only so many female bosses a successful organization will allow and they feel threatened. This is especially true if the employee is younger, prettier and has an excellent resume. Trust me, I’m in a BGLO and the younger sorors tend to admire, almost “revere” the older sorors in positions of power, while the great majority of “seasoned sorors” despise, sabatoge or just completely disregard those “under” them

  • kat

    i would feel more comfortable with women in power.for me its always been about age. dont like young bosses i like older bosses. all of my bosses have been female & i never had a issue

  • btowne

    I don't know, some black women (supervisors) in power can be hell to work for.

  • Prissy

    Do women dislike other women in power?? Normally NO. I do not think that another GROWN woman would actually "HATE" them. Only childish people think like that. Why can't a woman have a position in power ?