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June 14, 2011  |  
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Are you having difficulties leaving work at the office? Feeling like you have the weight of world on your back can cause undue mental and physical harm. In return, it leaves you no time for yourself, family or friends. Your free time should allow you to unwind from stress and gear up for the rigorous week ahead. Here are some options that will alleviate the tensions you feel from work:

1. Have a glass of wine

Wine may serve as an outlet for the overworked individual. Coming from work, this could be the remedy you need to unwind in front of the television with a snack in hand. Depending of the type of wine, it maybe stored at room temperature, in a wine cellar, or refrigerator so when you arrive home, you can savor this fruity or spicy concoction.

2. Draw a bubble bath

Bubble baths may curb your overdependence on work. Let the heat from the water ease the physical and mental strain on your body. In due time, you will be put in a state of solitude with only the aromas of scented bubble bath and candles to soothe you.


3. Stay in shape with morning exercises

A few yoga practices, aerobics or jogs around the block will get you back up to speed. In no time, you’ll have more energy to do the things you were unable to do from work such as walking on your feet for hours on end, or completing other strenuous tasks you have apart from the job. Bring bottled water to quench your thirst.

4. Take a stroll through the park (alone or with company)

A brisk stroll gives the average worker time to expand on herself instead of their work. The benefits of this method assures that you can get your mind, body and spirit back, while spending it with a pet or person who misses your company.

5. Sleep for several hours

You’ll be able to think on your feet and feel energized if you’ve gotten the recommended seven hours of sleep for adults. Otherwise, the effects of work will start to weigh on your body or have negative implications. Get the rest you deserve so you’re able to concentrate on your work.

6. Plan an outing with your co-worker friends

After work, an outing with co-workers tends to get your mind off the heavy stuff. Everyone in the group could vote on a favorite activity that lasts for several hours, such as bowling or hosting an office party. If you have an even number of guests for a Scrabble match, both can split off into groups, which equates to a more laid-back experience. Just make sure you actually like these people and no one brings up work.

7. Sign up for spa massages

Your leftover days could be spent at the massage parlor, getting the therapy you desperately need. As a registered customer, have the licensed massage therapist apply pressure where it’s needed: to your back, legs, or temples! The use of massage therapy can be a life-altering experience for you!


8. Take trips

Breaks from the office are necessary. If you have vacation days, jet off for a week-long trip to Cancun with friends or to a couples’ retreat! While you’re there you’ll have a bit more time to get involved in hobbies outside of work.


9. Enjoy some mindless entertainment

A part of you could be looking to fill a void in your hectic lifestyle by surveying some mindless entertainment such as a reality TV show or comedic film. Tuning into a program that stimulates the mind and infuses laughter has a positive effect on your mood.

10. Order takeout for lunch or dinner

Once in a blue moon, it wouldn’t hurt ordering from your favorite takeout restaurants. Chinese, Italian or Spanish food could supplement a cooked meal from home so that you get to sample their tasty dishes. Also, getting in a hearty meal, that you don’t have to prepare, satisfies your hunger as opposed to not having eaten anything all day.

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