Jay Z’s Alleged Mistress Liv: Another Thorn In Beyonce and Jay Z’s Side

August 6, 2014  |  

I can’t. It’s the only response I can give after one listen to the song from a model named Liv who has been accused of being Jay Z’s alleged mistress. For the record, she doesn’t even claim to be his side chick. But she directs her song to Beyonce. In actuality, it’s an apology to Mrs. Carter. Not a real apology, but a sarcastic one. I’m sorry your man wants (or wanted) me. I’m sorry I look so good.

No, really, that pretty much sums up her message. No substantial details. No “I slept with your man.” And no real confirmation that Jay and Beyonce’s marriage is in any trouble. Instead, just some speculation about coulda woulda and maybe even shoulda. That’s right, in the most desperate attempt for attention that we’ve seen in our Jay Z and Beyonce lifetime, Liv’s video entitled “Sorry Ms. Carter” is pretty underwhelming. Still, it’s a bold move.

Disclaimer: I am not a member of the Beygency. Half the time, Beyonce can really get on my nerves with her skimpy onesies and her flawless-ness. But I respect her. I respect her work ethic. I respect what she has accomplished as an artist. And as a woman, I would absolutely respect her marriage. Liv, for whatever reason, has absolutely no respect.

Using the classic OutKast “Ms. Jackson” record as her backdrop, Liv spits a few crappy verses that are sure to make Andre 3000 and Big Boi throw up in their mouths. On the chorus, Liv sings/raps the line “I’m sorry Ms. Carter, I am for real” in a way that makes you really appreciate Beyonce’s vocals. To Beyonce, thank you for never ever sounding this bad. I excuse you for every onesie you’ve ever worn and will wear. Forever ever.

In the song, Liv never really says she had Bey’s man. It’s more like I could have had your man. And despite the distinction, it really doesn’t matter. Apparently, Liv thinks it’s enough to put out a song about it. There’s no confirmation or denial that the two were ever an item. But what was once speculated about in the tabloids now adds fuel to the fire. Liv has been mentioned. Other women have been mentioned. The New York Post has an inside source with diarrhea of the mouth. All of this is more reason for folks to question the shelf life of the Carters’ marriage. And there ain’t no amount of happy couple Instagram photos that Beyonce can put out to make it go away now.

Either way, the side piece nation is really feeling empowered these days. True, there may be something that we don’t know. Maybe Liv has her own reason for wanting to get at Beyonce like this. “You know what? I was gonna respect you, but since you crossed over into my lane. It’s time to check you,” Liv begins, before delivering the verses that pretty much closed the coffin on her rap career. Grand opening. Grand closing.

Yes, Liv is a beautiful woman. Photos of her model shoots leaked to the internet look great. But so what. Go get your model on. Isn’t that what you want to be known for?

Nope. She raps, “He likes naturally flawless model chicks like me.” Um, last time I checked, Beyonce didn’t look half bad herself. There are other accusations by this chick, who claims on the song that she’d be a lonely chick before she’d be number two (alluding to the idea that she turned Jay down because he was married). Liv goes on to say they she and Jay connected on “some hip hop shit” and that “he could be hisself” with her. Blank stare. She even claims, “When I stepped out of his life, I took a piece of his heart.” And then the worst part, Liv starts to flip some of Jay’s own lines. “When the Remy’s in the system, ain’t no telling,” she raps. “He’s a pimp by blood, not relation.” Make it stop.

The most entertaining part of the song, however, has to be when Liv is talking (not rapping) at the end of the song. She actually offers Beyonce (no, really) some advice. “You out here telling them how to surfboard…Why don’t you tell these girls how to be wives?…Why don’t you talk to these ladies? They need you.”

Now, because Beyonce is, well, Beyonce, she really can’t respond and give Liv any more attention. Yes, it’s quite possible Liv is one of many model chicks that Jay may have flirted with. Maybe he’s even gone there. He’s a man, and just because he’s married to arguably the biggest female pop star in music over the last ten years, doesn’t change that. But…

…Does this chick really have to go about it this way? Should she really be “sorry” that she had a fling flirt with Jay Z? And, after this, can she ever really be respected for any of her own artistic contributions since she’s stooped so low. There’s no going up from here. She should avoid getting on an elevator with Solange.

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  • Tauna Johnson

    I’m not even a fan of any of them. This is terrible!!! I hope Beyonce just let this girl fade into the dust and not cater to this mess..

  • Reny Simone

    I think Liv looks WAY better than Beyonce on her BEST day (which was YEARS ago!)… Beyonce is so overrated (no idea why, I mean Destiny’s Child back in the day was ok, but all this hype over someone so FAKE?)… anyway, good for Liv, hope she makes a ton of money off of both Beyonce & Jay-Z (ugliest man alive)… & besides, everyone knows that that Beyonce isn’t LEGALLY a “Mrs.” anyone!

  • Guest

    And thats why she is Mrs Carter riding HIS surfboard and you r?

  • MsT-mac

    ” She should avoid getting on an elevator with Solange.”
    ‘Cause Solange will get at her!!

  • Laurey

    ~The Truth of Life in 3 Pages~
    Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”.+++

  • Annette

    I don’t think she’s really dissing Beyoncé. I think she’s saying “Sorry, your mans a cheat. You may think I’m the other woman, but I’m not. Maybe you’re too good a woman to be putting up with a cheating man, anyway.”

  • Chris

    Lmao Bye Felicia #BeySlays

  • The haters ADORE ME


  • The haters ADORE ME


  • The haters ADORE ME

    shes an azzclown
    and @disqus_gN8Qlqva8I:disqus shut up

  • PolkaDots

    hahahaha @ Tell ’em how you became the wife you out here saying surfboard? Come on surfboard..Monica Lewinski! — hahahhaha Love it!

  • PolkaDots

    No she did it because people SAID that she WAS the mistress and it may have even SEEMED that Beyonce was pointing (lyrically) to her since her name was THE mistress of the week.

  • PolkaDots

    Thank ya!

  • Why lane? Lmaoooo

  • That tranny bytch really tried it with using Beyonce name for a come up but the devil is liar. Her 2minutes of fame came and went…. She will never be taken seriously by any record label cause she lacks talent or it factor. Meanwhile, beyonce remains heavily wealthy and unbothered

  • thiggy

    How can she give B any advice when she isnt delivering a good message her damn self. She’s rapping about an imaginary woulda coulda shoulda moment. Sounds stalkerish to me, but anywho, she looks desperate in an attempt to get on. If she’s really about being prowomen, then why would you come at another woman about her man especially when NOTHING happened at all. She should stick to her pretty or what’s left of it.

  • Tatiana Apple De Lee

    You sound foolish. How does one like Beyonce step in someone else’s lane? She has the game on LOCK! Liv is not even recognized as a celebrity let alone a mistress of Jay Z! She talking sorry Mrs. Carter and then turns around and says she’s a “good girl” and insinuates that she is “too good” for Jay-Z. She was tryna throw shade and take it back on the low! Did yall not learn from Keri Hilson? She straight got blacklisted over a “diss” and really hasn’t made any music since lol. She’d be lucky to get in the studio now days. Beyonce does what she does and does it well with grace and class! Something that Liv very well lacks!

  • excuses

    How is it that she’s still talking about that claims happened SIX YEARS AGO? That’s right, SIX YEARS. She said by her own admission that she emailed him and he never contacted her. Also, she said on her time line that she’s only releasing this video she felt like flawless remix is a diss to her, as if Beyonce gives a crap about her. She also claims Nicki copied her and dedicated her Instagram to talking about Nicki.

    It doesn’t matter what her supposed message is. She’s trying desperately to pop off by using others.

  • India

    I feel like she did nothing wrong she explained what was going in with that hole situation. In the beginning she says she wasn’t gonna say any thing but beyonce came in her lane so it’s obvious something must be going that we know nothing about!!!

  • Bad Barbie

    The brown nosing that Beyonce’s fans do is sad. This chick could be saying a lot of truth….

    And please what does “he is a man” have to do with anything? Obviously he is not if he’s trolling around with heaux like Liv.

  • scott

    she still OLD AND A CLOWN//… she aint clear nothing up,, she just trying to get a career started by creating drama for people to watch… talentless granny smut

  • scott

    she really trying to OBTAIN A CAREER IN THIS WAY lol girl.. u old and a CLOWNNNN .. clock out of life yesterday… and I aint even in the core of the beehive but this OD for attention

  • Tatiana Apple De Lee

    FIRST OF ALL….This “Liv” character can’t even walk on the same grounds as Beyonce, let alone be in the same place at the same time with Beyonce! It is really LEVELS to this! What are we comparing? An “Z” list celebrity to an A+ celebrity that’s been holding it down even since before she went solo? It’s always the ones with NO credentials throwing shade…Bye Felicia!!! BOW DOWN and watch the throne! That is all.

  • carla dias

    Sooooo, did she secure Outkast’s permission to use their copyrighted music?

  • James

    Wack!!! Jay wouldn’t sign her with those deplorable rap skills, no originality. Next!


    she’s got my attention and her raps are intense to me! she’s puttin’ the bolito on mofos. 🙂

  • Milk Cake

    All this a joke right?? who cares

  • Debbie Hicks

    The “BeyHive” is gonna get her!!!!

  • Kikiana LOVE


  • Ajuanya Washington

    If she is Jay’s mistress he has certainly went from SUGAR to ally cat sh.t. What a loser going threw all that for somebody else’s man and 15 minutes of back ally fame!!

  • Ann

    That’s a man.

  • silly

    honestly, I am not impressed by her…Beyonce is much more prettier, talented and a lady…all the way…besides, it is not about looks…beauty fades, its about the love and commitment to one another, in good and bad, sickness and health til death…

  • T-MAK

    she a thot

  • anon

    then what was the point of putting the song out lol i mean not only did she start the rumor by constantly talking about it now she’s singing a song of shouda coulda would but not being a mistress smh she wants attention nobodies even focused on her.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    :scuthov: messy.

  • Bree

    She’s not a mistress. She clearly said that she wasn’t. She clearly said she didn’t mess around with him. She did imply that his female artists did to get on. She was just straightening out rumors mentioned in Life & Style magazine. She basically was saying that Jigga talks to other women and is a dirty dog. At the end, she even said that Bey’s a good girl and asked what she was doing with a man like Jigga. Then she also said that in order for women to run the world, they can’t be fight over a man and that she’s not trying to fight her about Jigga. How is that people listened to the song but they didn’t hear anything she said? I heard and understood what she was saying clearly!! Stop twisting stuff! Lol

  • Likewaterforchoc

    Since when does being a woman whom a married man noticed and unsuccessfully secured the digits or the drawers from make you a mistress? I don’t follow.

  • Candice

    She’s a bold mistress. They usually keep quiet and stand on the sidelines. Shame on her for glorifying being one. These women need to find their worth and leave these married men alone. This is so sad.

  • Je t’aime…

    Idk why she felt that was the best route to go lol. She looks straight foolish