Dear Nicki Minaj: An Open Letter From A Father

July 25, 2014  |  

Dear Nicki Minaj,

I own

AllHipHop has been historically uber supportive of the rapper Nicki Minaj. That’s YOU, homie! When I say historically, we can take it all the way back to when you had to stand in line to get into parties or those grimy underground videos you once pumped out on the streets. You know, that period of time before Lil Wayne and Young Money. Along the way, something changed. This isn’t the change everybody wants to talk about though. No hate there. AllHipHop had published an old image for some reason or another some years ago. You remember the one of you licking a lollipop and evoking the now-classic image of Lil Kim in all of her crotchiness? Of course you remember your version of that image, because you asked us to take it down through a member of the team. The team member let us know that Nicki is no longer on that and is doing a lot to promote a new image – “blah blah blah.”

But, guess what? Not only do I run AllHipHop, I’m a father, too.

For a moment there, I felt like I had briefly peered into the deepest recesses of Nicki Minaj’s true inner self, a being that cares how this ratchet s**t affects my kid. I said to myself, “Self, how cool is this? Nicki is already evolving into somebody that my daughter may get to listen to on my watch. Maybe.” I’ve been in the music game a minute now so I know how it goes. So, when I peeped the artwork for your latest single, I wasn’t even shocked, I was just disappointed. The song: “Anaconda.” The art: your booty in a thong. As a man, I can appreciate the virtues of your perfect posterior. The dad guy is not a happy camper, particularly now that his lil’ girl is transitioning into a young lady.

Now, the most popular, current Black female rapper starts overtly pushing her hyper-sexualized image again?

Just my luck.

I’m trying to raise a young girl that will eventually grow into someone greater than the both of us. I know that this requires great parenting, great education, great luck and an assortment of great influences. I’m sure you know the influence you wield, but now, if you told the “Barbs” to scratch my eyes out, some would attack without thinking about it. I’m sure some will also replicate the “Anaconda” image without thinking about it too. Your original image already has 256,817  (and counting) likes under the original Instagram picture you posted, so I venture that your average girl could strive to get a couple hundred likes from her friends. Is this the path you want to lead impressionable kids down?

Make no mistake about it, you’re a leader now.

I love the era of Hip-Hop where I found my influences. They were all over the place, ranging from Chuck D and Public Enemy to LL Cool J to KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions and others like De La Soul. Even the so-called gangster rappers had something to offer. Ice Cube, Scarface and Willie D of the Geto Boys, and Ice-T all get nods for being influential in my upbringing. I don’t know all of those that impacted you as a young woman, but how dope would it be if you transcended what people expected of you? Like, how cool would it be for your transformation to extend beyond NOT wearing blonde wigs and crazing clothing?

This year alone, Black people lost titans in Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee. Those women were entertainers as well and the impact they have had on the lives of their constituency can never be understated. They SERVED the people and they knew that–without that mutual love and respect, we both cease to exist. Ruby and Maya didn’t live perfect lives, but their imperfections made their greatness all the more clear. Imagine you being regarded in such a way? The way Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte have been for their communities? I know, times have changed, but one thing is for sure: careers can come and go. Legacy stays.

I can’t lie. My kid barely knows who you are and if she does, its rooted in “American Idol” or something like that. (She does like your bars on “Shanell’s song “Cupid’s Got A Gun.”) I’ve sheltered her on purpose though, all the while letting her read about heroic females in music and culture. As she gets older, it will be harder for me to limit her exposure to you, especially if you continue to do headline-grabbing moves like the “Anaconda” cover. I don’t want to EVER see her posted up one day emulating you the way I “fought the power” like I was Chuck D’s little brother back in 1989. Or, the way you emulated Kim.

For a moment, forget my daughter and lets talk about you. My interactions and observations tell me you are this sweet, kind person at heart. When you get a quiet moment answer the following questions.

How is Onika Tanya Maraj doing?

How does she truly feel about Nick Minaj right now?

What is your higher purpose with young girls (and boys)?

What is the message you are sending when you determine how you will inspire these young people?

How will boys, already conditioned to sexualize girls at a young age, internalize this big booty of yours?

Where does the gimmick end and you begin?

Believe it or not, I care. I think you are dope. You’ve bodied some of my favorite artists on songs like “Monster.” Yet the possibly of you transcending this gnaws at me, because I know you don’t have to succumb to bottom feeding.

When the request was made to remove that image from my site, I complied. I complied – not because I had to – but because I truly respected you for taking that position. On the lecture circuit, I’ve even defended you from those that feel you are a detriment to the community, down to the Barbie imagery. (I have no love for Barbie, you know. Read that here.) I’ve done this based on what I think is a glimpse of what you really desire , which is to be a more positive role model of some sort for young girls who are under siege out in these streets. Now, you take this squatting position on the cover of a song called “Anaconda,” which I am sure radio will play until its played out. I’ll be on Spotify though and so will my daughter when she’s with me.

All in all, this is a letter born from love. A love of my kid, a love of Hip-Hop and a love for the potential that lives in one Onika Tanya Maraj aka Nicki Minaj.


Chuck Creekmur

P.S. You think you could follow me on Twitter again?

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  • John Atkins

    Why hasn’t anyone commented here yet?

  • 70122

    And the biggest thing he left out. Raise your own child sir! Nicki Minaj is a grown woman. She didn’t give birth to your daughter. Nicki isn’t responsible for what your child consumes. You are! Nicki Minaj is here to entertain. And make her money that’s all.

  • amaliaya


  • It is I

    Bro, I have to disagree with you. I like women and the female form. We have our Erica Badus, Alisha Keyes, and tamer versions of WoC artists. Same in mainstream media markets where they have Carrie Underwoods and Lady Gagas. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, and we need our Nicki Minajs too. I can’t even say that I am real fan of her music (she has a single or two that I may be familiar with). But, face it, if she was in front of you right now with the same get up, she would be the conversation for days to come. Nothing is ever as black and white, as it seems, but if that is what is on her cover and the cover is some statement, big or small, about her music, then she chose that image, and that is quite alright (to refute your statement that she did not choose to be “hypersexualized”).

    Moreover, I am always worried when people complain about objectification or hypersexualization of women, specifically when they say act like it just happens in hip-hop/rap culture. Look around you, my friend. While it is probably not as clear to see, almost every commercial on TV is some sell on sex, even when the audience is female. Have you seen the women’s bra commercials or underwear commercials (ever see anything unsexy there), pharmaceutical commercials, commercials for alcohol or, food commercials, etc.? The images that push these consumer goods on us are not even always overtly sexual, but, nonetheless, subtly filled with sexual overtones or appealing on some level to the human curiosity to the sexually appealing. In other words, let it go. Its just a freaking album-cover. We won’t look back at this and say,”this is when the world ended”. Lets fight bigger problems that have a much more immediate impact in our community like police brutality and excessive force cases, HIV and other STDs, black on black crime, the war on poverty, and economic opportunities within our communities.

  • It is I

    Man…that is straight garbage. Don’t just turn around and beat up on Nicki Minaj because she is making money doing the same damn thing that everybody else has already been doing. Since the beginning of time there hasn’t been anything to grab the attention of a man (or the majority of men) like the idea of raw, unadulterated images of sex. Like the previous writer states, what about all of the male rappers (lets go ahead and throw in rockers, movie producers, magazine editors/executives, ad execs, and probably some other associated groups in the world of media that I cannot think of at this time). The only difference is that Nicki Minaj is pocketing alot of that money that, for the most part, barely ever benefits the women that promote the image.

    I tell you that I am sick of those people that act like they are holier than thou, above this and that, because they have children. Since when has having children ever stopped you from having your phone? As a father, I can tell you that 100% concerned with making sure that all of my children get the best education that they are able to appreciate, that I instill in them values and, even more importantly the ability to think for themselves, and question everything. I don’t worry about Nicki Minaj being a good or bad role model for my daughter or Cam Newton being a good role model for son. One of them makes money as a rapper and the other is football player; that is really all they signed up for. I am a chemist and a dad; the latter is a far more important role. I am that role model for my kids; I can say that I am lucky enough to say that I am still a great influence in my children’s lives.

    Still, as I tell my wife quite often, we must have honest conversations with ourselves. I would be lying if I told you that I don’t look at that Nicki Minaj photo cover, and get wild-eyed. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being glued to images of Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, or Rihanna, and whoever it will be next week. I am a man, and I am comfortable enough to say that I like women (and the female form is so often). That does not mean that I am out trying to figure out have to get into “extra-curricular” activities or make other poor decisions (risk vs reward calculation is much too high, plus what goes around comes around). Furthermore, the fact that I like it is totally unrelated to my being a father of two girls and two boys. If I looked at everything that I do, in relation to being a father of children that I am still raising (life wouldn’t be half as fun).

    I guess I am saying in short three things. #1)Dude, stop acting, you know D#mn well that the pic is like whoa, and you like it? #2) Your relationship with your daughter and what you teach her is way more important than what Nicki Minaj is wearing in her cover album? (and I betcha Nicki M ain’t asking herself why you have a problem with her photo/she’s just counting that money) and #3) The fact that you are a dad should have nothing to do with what your response to Nicki Minaj is, one way or the other. I don’t tell my kids who to listen or not listen to; based on what we discuss and how we see the world, they have made some pretty good choices so far.

  • angry man

    i was so disappointed at the video of nicki minaj and think thats not being role model.i am a man but there is Drake in the video sitting there and letting Nicki twerk on her,You can’t blame nicki only drake represent all the young men and he also paints a very bad picture.Beyonce did the same with Drunk in Love with Jay Z in the video.They both are considered a very influential couple in our society but they teach our kids rubbish.Myley Cyrus,Lady gaga, Lil Wayne,all these musicians are all bad staff teaching our society bad morals yet we still celebrate them.Rubbish.This letter though it makes sense i think the writer is selfish.He just wants to air his personal feelings on Nicki here.He should have addressed the entire music industry in America and as them to emulate stars and award winning inspiring women like ADELE,TAYLOR SWIFT ETC.

  • LVRS

    i couldn’t even read the whole letter cuz I got bored..i get it. positive msg. other than it me or does her cooty kat look like a peen? had to say it



  • Al Mearder

    you were not


    it s always Woulda Shoulda COULDa with liars

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Too little, too late.

  • JA6180

    Whatever….and if he wrote a letter to them as well, you’d accuse him of ranting. Stop deflecting…

  • E.C. from D.C.


  • loooooooool

  • Michelle

    That’s bs. The photos are completely different. The first once shows an immature girl in crazy colors wanting to make a splash. The album cover shows a beautiful woman who is confident and can do whatever she wants. Ugh.

  • StraightShooter

    I’m not sure why chauvinistic men keep replying to me, but you should stop. My mind won’t be changed. A real parent teaches his/her children, he/she doesn’t purposefully shield them.

  • Tim Red Man Brooker

    Because that is an album that is going to be in CD stores, Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc and will be all over Facebook, Instagram etc. Why should he have to explain to his daughter why it is bad to look like a stripper in public? Why should he or any father have to explain that? I think you have a hard on for Nicki and cannot admit that she is wrong. I am sure he feels the same way about Beyonce and Rihanna and Miley Cyrus and all the other artists who do this kind of stuff. A woman does have every right to do what she chooses with her body. But having a right to do something doesn’t mean you always do it. If you are at a red light and it turns green but somebody is running the light in the other direction, do you drive out and get hit because you had the right with the green light? If someone slaps you in the face do you pull out a gun and shoot them because you have the right to do so? Having the rights does not mean you use them if the situation is wrong.

  • Rochelle McDonald

    I am a white woman. I have enjoyed listening to rappers, when one can actually understand the words. Some of them have very intelligent words. Thumpiness turns my interest off. I believe you are right about legacy. If some of these artists were to die tomorrow, what would they be leaving behind? The public’s taste is fickle, and entertainers can be “has beens” tomorrow. It would be great to be able to see some of these artists mature, and see what they can really do, rather than taking the easy route of nudity. Gravity is a harsh mistress, and she creeps into your life. The airbrush only goes so far. Actual talent has a much longer life.

  • StraightShooter

    No you are the problem. She has agency over herself. Do you know what agency is? She can’t control what someone else does, that is a slippery slope argument. A man being misogynistic is completely different than a woman having agency over herself. You are comparing apples to oranges. A celebrity doesn’t have any accountability to another person. If a grown person doesn’t have enough sense to not be a follower that’s on him/her. If a parent allows his/her child to be exposed to something he/she deems “bad” that’s on the parent. Stop placing women on unwanted pedestals and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Mike Zachary

    No SraightShooter, the problem is that women like you believe that no woman should ever be called out for her behavior no matter how much she is potentially damaging society (in this case the future of young women). As if having been born with a vagina gives you the right to be as reckless and irresponsible as you want, as long as it’s “your choice”, that’s not feminism, that’s trying to give women a free pass on dangerous, negligent and thoughtless behavior.

    Like it or not we share the planet, so the same way a woman can make a comment on a man being chauvinistic so can a man call a woman out for promoting chauvinism. We have a right to free speech too.

    This is not about a man trying to control a woman, you’re trying to skew it that way because it suits you.

    You’re right, a grown woman can do whatever she wants to do, unless it affects other people. Celebrities are viewed as role-models by the young whether those celebrities own up to the responsibility of it or not.

  • QuestionsBeforeActions

    We’re sick. But somehow we’re surpassing black men in education, employment, etc. Maybe men like you can nurse us back to health.

  • ucheoseb

    Sir, before you talk about wanting respect for WoC and exploitation where there is none, please read this article and understand that Nicki Minaj is not a marionette doll, but a human being with agency. You not seeing that troubles me.

  • Nostradamus_1


    He hasn’t written to them(Beyonce, Rhianna, etc) because their people most likely ask sites to take down pictures that show cellulite or unflattering angles. In this case Minaj’s people asked him to take it down a picture and let him know that Nicki is no longer on that and is doing a lot to promote a new image – “blah blah blah.”

    That said it’s her body, sex sells, and, It’s all about the Benjamin’s (baby!). So she can do what she damn well wants.

    As for Chuck Creekmur! If the media (and that includes you) didn’t promote the sexualized and thug-life image of Rap and RnB, ignoring those who do not follow that format, Artists wouldn’t feel compelled to go to such lengths.

    You have double standards in that you want to make money from the artists, and are content with pushing them on the children of others; but do not want them to influence your own.

    It’s time to check yourself!

    To all commentators; Is it not the case that you do not appreciate the lyrics of a song until it is sung by a child? Also, As adults do we not play a part in sexualising our children, nieces, and nephews? What we buy, what we wear, what we do and say in front of them?

  • sgregg

    He was clear in why he singled her out. He was disappointed in her because he thought she’d changed when she requested his magazine stopped running a provocative pic of her.

  • Amnesia

    Whenever a WOMAN is out on top….theres always a MAN trying to tell her “you cannot..” STOP THE BULLSHIT. men been doing this, but as soon as a woman’s confidence EXCEEDS a man’s, then its always something to PUT DOWN that female. dude you was always someones father, and hopefully you guarded her eyes and molded her mind into YOUR received notions……….. the worst thing any parent can do is to “self project”…… if your daughter going to be a hoe, then dammit, thats just what she’ll be….all women do things considered “hoeish…”…. I have yet to find a man willing and truthful enough to say “ALL MEN ARE HOES”

  • Sarah

    The notion that performers have a responsibility to diminish their artistic expression in order to prevent parents from having to do their own damn jobs as parents is laughable on its face.

    I personally don’t care for Minaj. However, she is an artist who has a right to express herself how SHE would like to.

    It is not her job as an artist to protect other people’s kids from seeing adult images, IT IS YOUR JOB AS A PARENT TO DO SO, Chuck.

    It’s kind of odd that you expect Minaj to NOT express herself as she chooses so that YOU don’t have to do your job as a parent and, perhaps, discuss this with your daughter.

    Mostly, it is the blatant sexism at play here that is astounding. Where are your public admonitions toward the male artists whose ‘art’ seems to be created to degrade women and other minorities?

    You say: “As a man, I can appreciate the virtues of your perfect posterior. The dad guy is not a happy camper, particularly now that his lil’ girl is transitioning into a young lady. ”


    How can you even WRITE a sentence like that? It reveals QUITE clearly that YOU are part of the problem here.

    Your lack of self-awareness is just astounding, Chuck.

  • ATT

    My GOD! That was the realness. *snaps*

  • God Body

    Niki Minaj actively promotes her music to children and young people. To say that she is an adult content artist is way off base. Calling her fans ‘BARBS’ who do you think she’s talking to? 25 year old women or 15 year old girls?

  • God Body

    What you say is true. And now I DO want to see him write a letter on behalf of all the father with sons to the people who employ and promote artists like Shmurda and Keef Chief. I have a 20 year old son who I’ve tried to shield away from these types of thinking culture espoused by some of these trap rapper and studio gangstas. Someone is responsible for taking the view that music portraying over excessive aggression, murder and criminality is the staple diet of Hip Hop listeners. Just because the market craves controversy doesn’t mean the taste makers and decision maker need to feed it, or help it along.

  • DaylightAmy

    But women’s sexuality isn’t just a tool. Women’s sexuality is a thing on its own. Who the f ever decided that women do not like showing their bodies, and if they are showing them, it must be for men?

    And just fyi I’m always covered up, but I respect that other women do not always enjoy that, who are you and I to decide that that’s not genuine?

  • DaylightAmy

    But it’s so convenient for powerful men like him that the issue at hand is that a woman is daring to misbehave. Better get on my high horse, a woman just did something I don’t agree with, and I spawned a female child so people have to actually listen to me now.

  • DaylightAmy

    Lil’ precious can wear whatever she wants, if her daddy raised her right it shouldn’t affect her accomplishments, unless she encounters people who believe you deserve less respect for being an openly sexual woman… like her father just did in this letter. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • DaylightAmy

    Oh no they don’t get repentant, they mostly just get self-righteous. Like him – he now feels he has the right to tell women whether they are deserving of respect or not, based on the fact that he spawned a female child. If he had had a son instead, he would not be telling women to cover their backsides, nor men.

  • DaylightAmy

    I’m all torn now. Should start by saying – I’m a feminist. Like a disclaimer on the internet these days. I SAID IT BEFORE YOU DID.

    Realistically made a great point – where the hell are your pleas to male rappers? What kind of bullshit is this? Jay-Z gets to be a ‘legend’ while posing with near naked dead women with his misogynist buddy Kanye West, and you’re worried about a little buttcrack? Are you serious?

    HOWEVER – I DO feel your point is sincere and you do make some good points. I wish I could thoroughly enjoy this letter, but since you have taken it upon yourself to make only women responsible for setting examples, I cannot take a word of it seriously.

  • irene adler

    i love her more!

  • TellinTheTruth

    Nice letter. I realize that this image is something you don’t want your daughter to emulate, and no one should make you suddenly have to carry every cause when this was a one-to-one letter on a subject that “hit you” at the moment, but help your daughter out: drop a line about pants around brothers’ knees, and the blood in the streets from a culture that thinks shooting down another, and “gittin’ money” by any means necessary is the order of the day. If you want to help your daughter be a Queen, help your fellow brothers be the KINGS they were meant to be. Also…gotta keep it real….you WERE willing to post that pic of her before, no matter HOW you felt it compromised her. I appreciate your stand, but the media wants to perpetuate this image…but it goes to the YOUNG MEN TOO…what about what THEY’RE SEEING AND HEARING? U call your publication ALLHipHop….but you want to get paid. It’s hard to sell the image and take the money with one hand while covering your daughter’s eyes with the other. Women being provocative is nothing new. However, an entire GENERATION of guys in underwear with NO respect for life, authority or anything else….IS. Sorry, but the way our MEN look is speaking much LOUDER to the world than a scantily clad woman (which by the way is UNIVERSAL).

  • JustARandomGuyPassingBy

    Sorry but your argument is completely and absolutely invalid. He writes to Nicki because, obviously, they know each other, and he feels they have the proximity to her to do such request and expose his thoughts, you’re just simply assuming he has the same kind of relationship with beyonce, rihanna, and all the crap sized male artisits who depict women as sexual objects in their songs, and that is not fair

  • Fraga123

    Nicki, I love you……

  • Mr. Miracle

    I 100% agree with this letter. I believe that This woman NICKI is a bad
    example for people who has morality in this world and sorry to say that,
    she has a demon inside her disguising her to do ONLY bad things. She
    needs a lot of Prayer.

  • StraightShooter

    Did you fail to read the part where I said people can change their minds about things?

  • man in the mirror

    Be the change you want to see in the world! Here we have a man with a large media outlet under his control and not once does he speak on what HE’S can do/ is doing. smh what a cop out.

  • Carmen

    … i was being sarcastic sis.

  • ddpacino

    As stated in the letter, she once requested someone to remove another picture from his site stating that she wanted to be more of a positive image to others. Then she turns around and posts a cover like this. Hypocrisy is one major reason I guess.

    While I agree there is an absence of letters to male artists about the content in their music and whatnot, I have never heard a case of such hypocrisy. Many rappers will clearly state in their songs and interviews that they are not to be looked at as role models.

  • G4rilla

    I totally agree with your commentary, as well as opinion on the matter. However, the agreement must be placed into perspective. In the world of HipHop, the miseducation is not solely the responsibility of every woman artist that wants to ‘rap’. The fairness lies in facts. One obvious fact is there has never been a movement by the consensus of HipHop to make the art-form (where every artist should be) socially responsible. Another fact, there are ‘rappers’ that do exhibit “consciousness” in their lyrical content, but the overall proportion or ratio shows there’s WAY more unconscious ‘rappers’ as a whole. So, why are we not demanding the same from the men that want to be ‘rappers’? In fairness, which speaks against my deep opinion that the woman is the backbone of the character of her people, when we demand a better image of HipHop, we can ask more of the women in the game trying to get paid like men are doing in the industry. So mote it be.

  • Com_Truise

    I think this open letter is still very misogynistic. He just seems to be cherry-picking what he is feminist about.

  • Nancy J. Hall

    Thank you!!

  • Nancy J. Hall

    I am very happy to see a father openly express his opinion about the negative image that Nikki portrays to young girls. All too often, we will stick up for stuff like this because we are all for “equality.” If we desire to be equal, why do we have to resort to using sex as a source of empowerment? Why can’t we be like Queen Latifah, Monie Love, or even MC Lyte? They had mad skills, was for empowerment, but represented themselves in a way that showed that they respected themselves. They did not have to resort to sex to show how powerful they could and can be. And the numbers do not stop with them; we have Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Allen, Pattie Labelle, Diana Ross, Maya Angelou, Angela Bassett, etc… They all epitomize power, but they also show class, dignity, sophistication and self respect. Why can’t we portray that image and use it to show the men in this world that we are powerful? Why do we have to resort to portraying sexual images to get our point across? And although I am for women empowerment, we are using sex as the ultimate vehicle to show our power. I do not like this at all (never have). Women are powerful, and I believe that we can show that power through modesty, self respect, healthy self esteem, class, virtue, sophistication, intelligence, wisdom, experience, and the list goes on.

  • Skulastic See

    this is not about race or sexism or feminism, she doesn’t care about being a positive role model, she cares about money, publicity, herself, that’s it! girlfriend knew exactly what was going to happen with a photo like this and she’s getting it. It’s find and dandy and entertaining for now but in centuries to comes will she be regarded with the likes or John Lennon, Michael, Madonna, Biggie??? Absolutely NOT! Because she hasn’t changed the way we think, the way we feel, the way live. There is no story being conveyed here. No sense of humility, vulnerability or emotion. No greater purpose. It’s all just nothing except she has lots and lots of money and I don’t so what do I know and besides I’m probably just “hating”. lol

  • SimplePseudonym

    Had to repost here. Hoping the writer of this ridiculously hypocritical post reads this:

    hahaha! I can’t even take this seriously. Hip hop CREATED Niki Minaj out of it’s own form if Darwinism. No woman who kept her clothes on or didn’t have a monstrous butt has survived and so Nikki Monaj evolved with her huge plastic butt and over-sexualized image and- truth be told- it’s the only way she survived thus far. When she was rapping the same but in jeans (I’ve seen videos), NO ONE was checking for her. Now you and everyone we know is writing articles about her and lining her pockets.

    As CEO of this website, can you show us how often you’ve featured modest women MCs and promoted positive more-than-just-sex female images? And why didn’t you care so much about these images you are putting out until your daughter was old enough to be influenced by them?

    Again, I can only laugh at this hypocrisy.

    Also, as another commenter on MommyNoire pointed out (where this is published), he didn’t even post this open letter on his own website!!! He had to hide it in Mommy Noire bc it would seem out of place among the sexed-up female images and misogynist creeps he regularly posts on

  • blackalaureate


  • ladybug

    Mistake number one is comparing men amd women. We are physically, emotionally, mentally and genetically different. When men seek attention and have low self-esteem that act differently than women because we are in fact different.

  • ladybug

    I doubt he has her personal email address. Plus clearly he wants buzz for his blog. Freedom of the press *shrugs* I’m not saying it’s fair but she the one put herself out there for it

  • StraightShooter

    This doesn’t make any sense becausr she did choose to do it. People change their minds all the time, so who are you or this man to decide whether or not she wanted to do this. The problem with your comment is that you’ve assumed that you know best for women. That some how you know that women don’t want to present themselves a certain way, but instead want to be modest. I am not convoluting anything, instead I’m bringing up the fact the he and many others are hypocritical and that many are focused on the wrong thing.

    -A Black Female,
    A grown woman can do whatever she wants to do with her body.

  • BlackMale

    I believe your answer to be skewed. you believe men shouldn’t dictate how women present themselves, correct? Then you go on to say that this letter isn’t needed because she “chose” to do it. however that is exactly what this letter is about, she did not choose to do it. It doesn’t explicitly state in the letter but this is all about womens’ ability to grow into their own being rather than the hypersexualized version men want to see. You not seeing that troubles me.
    As a sidenote all you who are talking about letters to male rappers or youth or other female artist. There are letters that exist for those, this one is from him to her. Don’t convolute the issue by bringing in an outside topic, the subject is Nicki, and whether she is being the artist [he perceives] she wants to be.

    -A Black Male,
    who wants to see WoC get respect for talent rather than how sexual they can be

  • Carmen

    according to you. everything isnt for everyone.

  • Carmen

    THIS X 10000000000000 when will they learn… if its not for male consumption only its wrong.. nikki can do WHATEVER she wants.

  • Carmen

    but he couldn’t email her??

  • Carmen


  • Carmen

    SO NOW HE WANTS TO SAY SOMETHING. Y’all $#@#! late!! bye Chuck and other men out here who think its their job to police women and our ways of expressing OUR sexuality. Its only OK it they are the ones exploiting us. BYE.

  • Dawn

    Instead of worry about your daughter posing like Nicki, he should be really worried about her listening to Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, etc., and thinking:

    – A woman’s value exists solely in her body parts. As proof in all mainstream rap lyrics right now, women have no value beyond the size of their behinds, coke bottle shapes and hair.

    – Women exist to be at men’s sexual beckon call. As evidence in male rap videos, there are several half-dressed women for each one man, all gyrating in an effort to have the opportunity to be “used” by him. Women are “decoration” that can be called b*&ches, h*es, thots – and all that – but accept their “less than human” status (obvious from the culture’s acceptance of calling women whatever and women “taking” it).

    – Women are all valued the same. As worthless. Proof in popular songs like, “It ain’t nothin’ to cut that b*7ch off.” The message: “Any of you can be replaced.” A message that’s in line with women being reduced to body parts. Of course, if you’re just a “body,” you can be switched out with another “body.”

    Crazy he takes a stand on the Nicki issue. She’s not the problem, she’s a result of the problem.

  • Sabez

    Word up. Where’s the letter to Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign and others? “These hoes ain’t loyal”?

    Let’s split the blame here. Everyone is doing it because of capital gain.

  • Pastor Ray King

    Definitely! I mean think about it? We’re part of the problem. All of us. We have bought the music, fawned over videos and pictures, blogged and re posted. Without us, there is no them. By all means write open letters to record companies, magazines, bloggers… whomever you hold accountable. Just remember to start with yourself. We can’t ask people to uphold a standard we dont. Viva La’ Revolution!

  • CakeinBedWithYou

    Love that MANsplaining. Stupid column.

  • galleymac

    Awesome. Do we get to pen open letters to the writer of this piece as well, about his own website that features half naked women and promotes these same images over and over again?

  • galleymac

    Excellent! When are we going to start the petition to take down his website, which sensationalizes and objectifies scantily clad women?

  • Pastor Ray King

    I am digging it. Hats off to Creekmur. Let this letter be the shot heard around the world and the beginning of a Revolution where we the people hold our artist, that we made famous with our patronage, accountable for their images, lyrics and imagery. We need more open letters to male and female artist who have betrayed the influence we the patrons have afforded them. Write your open letter. Post it on every available site. Call the offeders out. Let the Revolution begin!

  • islandparis

    @ jenn m jackson very valid point! this letter should have been addressed to the industry execs who control everything that is produced. this is so much part of a bigger plan to control what is being force fed to a generation to control all facets of a culture that has no conscience in understanding the impact that it will have down the road or the impact it has already made in so many young music listeners minds.

  • Jacqeline Darkandlovely Sims

    I 100% agree with this father..

  • cas47

    Asking his young daughter to keep her butt covered in public is robbing her of her humanity?

  • Sheria Pryor

    I feel like there are more pressing matters out here than an artist that willingly shows her body. She is advertising her body willingly, where there are little girls and boys that get sold into sex trafficking unwillingly.

  • Sheria Pryor

    Yes!!!! Speak on it!!!

  • Warren Massey

    I’ve been reading the many comments , that pit men against woman .. that’s unfortunate , because I believe my woman is my Queen and I am compelled to hold her up for all to see , but not half naked , that’s for me to see and for other men to wish they could .. Woman are the bearers of the greatest gift to mankind , children and for that reason alone , they deserve respect and admiration .. I do understand the demands of the music industry , but I don’t have to agree with it , especially when it comes to my woman , my Queen ..

  • Warren Massey

    I’m 68 years of age and believe it or not , just 12 years ago I was in the music business and our concentration initially, was on hip hop .. I have real appreciation for hip hop and the talented individuals who bring us this unique musical art form ……. That being said , I have seen a lot in my many years and what I see today , in our communities , schools and otherwise is mass destruction … Don’t misunderstand , I don’t blame hip hop for that , but I do believe the genre could go a long way in uplifting the lives of those who engage everyday , in the listening and appreciation of the music and most of all the messaging … Our young brothers and sisters , are landing in prisons and graveyards, at record numbers … Our young brothers and sisters are leaving school , well before their graduation date and we are spawning child after child , that common sense should tell us , we can’t afford … So , I guess I’m writing to say , I would like to see us turn that corner , where dollars that are made from this music , are not at the expense of our young … I would also like to see a day when the music industry sits down across the table and recognizes they have a responsibility to use the power that we have bestowed upon them , to reach our young a with a newly thought out message of survival , which does not include the murdering of our brothers , or inflicting harm on the innocent .. A message that encourages our young to stay in school , to be responsible , in spite of personal pain and hardship … I to know what that’s like … I have not been able to wrap my head around the murder and mayhem , that we’re seeing everyday , in most of our oppressed communities … So I’m reaching out to the hip hop industry for answers and help , help that focuses on the uplifting of our young and a new direction for our music … As for Nicki Manaj .. I love her and would rather she not find it necessary to let the world see , that which only her husband will one day be privy to see .. .. Allow us fantasize , mystery in a woman has always been attractive and woman know how to manipulate men into wanting to know what’s underneath that skirt , dress or pants .. Keep it that way Nicki , you’re bigger then the mantra ” sex sells ” you have amazing talent !!!

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    I don’t understand why he wrote it, while he wasn’t equally moved to do so for the countless other artists he routinely makes his money off of on his website. If he’s writing letters to Nicki, he betta crank out some for quite a few others, while he’s at it. Then he needs to quietly shut his site down. Anything else, he’s just being a hipocrite.

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    And why didn’t he post his “letter” on his own website?
    ‘Cuz he would have looked even crazier there.
    He’s a hippocrite and needs to get some business.

  • blackalaureate

    other women have posed the same way in sports magazines. it’s provocative, but not new or shocking.

    and it’s up to nicki to decide what isn’t good enough for her. i’m pretty sure she thought this out before doing it.

  • msperc

    When the young ladies agree to b in these type videos, they hold some responsibility as well. They know what they r doing too, when they shed their clothing/dress scantily. Both men & women need to “think” about the message they are sending….directly & sublime. Women have used their anatomy for thousands of years to acquire assets, gain notoriety, fame, etc. They have brought down Kingdoms by such. Most men are weak when it comes to this…men must b stronger as well. Real estate (a nice body) with no value, is not worth having!

  • armyvet05

    If he *really* cared he would critique the industry that objectifies women, and not just Nicki as an individual. That is the problem people are pointing out. But he doesn’t seem to have a problem with the industry, only with Nicki, which is why it is sexist and controlling towards her.

  • OdessaLP

    “How will boys, already conditioned to sexualize girls at a young age, internalize this big booty of yours?”

    As a mother of three boys, this question makes me want to puke all over
    your head, sir. Some of us actually give a flying rat’s scabby bum about
    teaching our children how to respect other human beings. Thanks for
    assuming otherwise of the lot of us. Butthead.

  • armyvet05

    313 you are missing the point- yes a woman can choose to dress how she wants and then expect to be respected. This concept makes sense unless you think you own women, or all women owe you something. How YOU choose to act TOWARDS someone is your responsibility, it has nothing to do with how THEY dress. Take some responsibility!!!

  • Banana

    Hey, pendejo. Maya Angelou was a sex worker, and she was very sex positive. She would only be ashamed that you, Mr. CEO, used her name to be so condescending and patronizing to one of the few powerful women of color. I’m calling you out on your ish. Nicki owes you and your children nothing. You have a debt to pay attention to your kids, and teach them what “respect” truly means. Actually, you have no respect, so it seems that will be impossible. I hope their mother can fill that void. Fool.

  • SunFlower78

    Thank you, a sencible comment…

  • Jim Choo

    lol clicks count a lot. Just ask google

  • Hannah Evans

    Don’t even waste your time with ignorant people. This person is obviously a troll who has nothing else to do w/their lives. For the record I actually admire the works you just posted myself.

  • Kema

    So if an attractive man takes a pic in speedos is he also suffering from low self esteem?

  • Hannah Evans

    Agreed. You are right all black people need to know her and world history. It’s to many young black women who are thirsty and keep posting these”booty shots” to get attention it’s not always our men who objectify us we have to take some responsibility for what we put into the universe as well. No one forces Nicki, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara and so on to show the inside of their b*ttcracks they choose to do it. We have to learn who we are as black women first and how to respect ourselves before we can demand respect from others.

  • ladybug

    Than she probably is like the rest of these low self-esteem chicks who depend on requirements from objectifying men to feel beautiful and proud.

  • Kema

    And what if she isn’t? Is she not allowed to think differently than you? What if Nicki sees that pic and feels proud.

  • Kema

    I blame it on rap and hip hop… encouraging young men to sow their seeds mindlessly

  • Angry Man

    As for as male and man its all about maturity and the decisions that you make same for females and women. Like it or not we are all judged but if your truly comfortable with who you are it wouldn’t matter. Obviously she is feeling some type of way because she is changing the cover

  • CommonSenseSays

    One question: Why isn’t this letter on YOUR website?

  • CommonSenseSays

    Also, female and male are not the correct part of speech. If you want to make a distinction about other people’s maturity level there are nouns that can be used to do that. Additional note: You’re = you are

  • CommonSenseSays

    Who gets to decide who is a male or a man; a female or a woman? Who gets to decide who is worthy of respect? You? What would the world be like if folks like you spent their time looking for reasons to respect other people rather than looking for reasons to disrespect other people?

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    You wrong for that.

    Read Barbara Chase Riboud’s novel on her, or Elizabeth Alexander’s poetry book on it, or playwright Suzan Lori-Parks’s play.

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    (cough) All black folks period should know black and world history before thinking or acting (or reacting) to isht ‘cuz if they did, then maybe they won’t be so quick to objectify and support the objectification of themselves.

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    Um, most of the ones I know DON’T BUY isht, unless clicks count.

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    Old Nicki is writing the same lyrics as New Nicki. And if the song is going anywhere close to where the title suggests, the photo is hella appropriate.

  • he is basing this off of the fact that nicki asked him to take down a pic so that she can change her image and now contradicted herself big time — and now she has a huge fanbase that it’s more hurtful than ever. that’s his point

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    Yep. Shoulda left the hypocritical cripe on his own website.

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    His daughter ain’t asked about isht, or she would have been asking about all the ratchet, misogynistic, lewd music her daddy promotes on his website. This is just an opportunity to front. He can miss me with the hypocrisy. He’s casting stones that ought to bust his own head.

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    Exactly. As is your handle. Thank you!

  • Just-an-Opinion

    ladybug – I could not agree with you more! At some point, there has to be some line, where it is acceptable to ‘positively’ emotionally manipulate. Nikki is advocating for something with her music/art – it’s fair for the author of this blog to advocate for something with his writing/art.

  • Angry Man

    Self respect: pride or confidence in one’s self, a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity

  • Maddawg 2020

    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. While I believe that no gender should be the subject of the other, I didn’t read the Open Letter as an attempt to tell Minaj what to do with her body, as a few women did. Further, I simply read the Letter for the message it conveys, not necessarily who delivered the message. To me, it expressed concern for the message the art MIGHT deliver to girls and young women. The fact that it was penned by an author who, through his website, expresses very little concern over how women are objectified is beside the point. If this letter were authored by a woman, and said woman expressed the same concern, does the letter, then, have merit? What if a woman reminded Minaj that she may be missing a golden opportunity to begin positioning herself as a change agent who could, one day, create an environment where young girls and women don’t find it necessary to use sex to push units? What then? Does the letter become less disingenuous?
    If I am, somehow, insensitive to the gender politics at play here, I can accept that. However, the simple expression of an opinion or critique, on this artist and the action in question, has very little to do with men attempting to tell women what to do with their bodies. So it seems some of the gender-driven concerns are misplaced

  • NaturalDisaster

    its because what she doing isnt catering to him. so now he has a problem

  • NaturalDisaster

    i dont think you know what SELFrespect means. its the respect one has for themselves. not doing anything just to obtain YOUR respect

  • NaturalDisaster

    says you! with no proof whatsoever

  • NaturalDisaster

    ” I also happen to believe that Black women, more than ever before, need to be more vigilant stewards of their image around the world.”

  • smackyobitchass

    When I first saw this pic of Nic I immediately got a bonnnerr however after I cammme I felt as if I just got off on cheap pornn … you know the ones with the corny dialogue at the beginning…?

  • smackyobitchass

    But what Beyonce did had class…

  • smackyobitchass


  • smackyobitchass

    It’s her pose … it’s so beneath her…

  • smackyobitchass


  • smackyobitchass

    Your comment is ratchet…lol

  • blackalaureate

    uh, ok.

  • Jim Choo

    social media activist is one who derides artists online, but supports thier music monetarily.

  • Angry Man

    I said female because not every female a woman just like not every male is a man. if your 30 like Nicki still sticking out your A$$ on ever pic chances are your a female.

  • 313 Intelligence

    I don’t think you understand what the definition of “objectify” means. If a women poses in a sexual position wearing nothing but a g-sting OBVIOUSLY men will view her as a sexual object. Its her choice to portray herself in that manner and she is trying to get that reaction from men.

  • SugaHoneyIceT

    The hypocrisy of this letter is hilarious…funny how he can find his morals trying to lecture Nicki but skip over all the male rappers who berate women every chance they get.

  • breakemoff43

    New females. They want to to be like men so bad that they act will do anything to prove their independence. But look at the shape they’re in; Lonely, divorced, single, angry, depressed, turning to dykes. Women today are sick; especially black women. Sad. They’re angry and taking the frustrations out on black men and wonder why they’re alone, depressed, and angry all the time. A house divided cannot stand dummies!!! Listening to anti men music all day and trying to date men and raise sons. Confused Dummies. I bet anything your son dad skipped out on you. No wonder!

  • CommonSenseSays

    I am a WOMAN , yes woman. I am not a female. Female isn’t even the correct part of speech to use in this instance and typically denotes a derogatory and chauvinistic world view.

  • Grace X

    Well said.

  • blackalaureate

    again, i don’t see what’s shocking about her backside.

    many, many women have been pictured like this before.

  • ComeOnPutYourClothesOn

    I think he wrote because he saw Nicki as something different than all the half naked,thug type rappers. I think he used to see her as inspirational, a light in the darkness that is the rap industry. I think he was saying please stop, this cover is demeaning and slutish and you were better than that.

  • personperson

    OR you, as a man, can stop objectifying women. No one deserves to be looked at as an object; the choice to view them as such is yours and yours alone.

  • lucy

    freaking whack. have you thought about how the ENTIRE genre of hip hop denigrates women?? The rappers you support via your website??!!

  • Je t’aime…

    This was a great letter but I doubt much will change. This generation is really in too deep.everything is so superficial now, nothing of substance matters, I know that I do my best to spread knowledge and positivity but one person can’t do it all and when you have so much ignorance imbedded in you it’s hard to grasp what’s being said. Not dissing but it’s the truth. Hopefully she takes heed to what this letter says and at least promote the reversal of ignorance in this generation, too much negativityis being praised

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    You’d have a point if all her arse wasn’t hanging out of the G String.
    Other than that the sports bra and shoes are basic. nothing controversial at all

  • MamaChitChatChitterling

    Hipocrite muthafutta. Your site all ratched all the time, all misogyny all ign’ant all the time, and you wanna deliver a treatise about role modeling for your ratchet child to nicki minaj? really son?


  • StraightShooter

    You used “you” in your comment. That implies that you are talking about me. Parents need to step up to the plate if one’s child misbehaves that is a reflection on the parent not some outside influence. Let’s just agree to disagree.

  • Angry Man

    Never said I knew you I said that to show the influence music have over people. Chances are you know what red bottoms are is because some rapper said it. I know that the only reason I know what they are. This whole conversation is a generalization. Im speaking on influences that she has over kids.

  • StraightShooter

    I am a female and I don’t wear “red bottoms” nor will I ever purchase them. You are doing what so many men do and that is generalizing. You don’t know me, but you just placed me into a box. Grown women aren’t children we don’t need to protected and we don’t need to earn the respect of some man. Men should have the same expectations of themselves that they have for women.

  • Trendsetter

    Sara Baartman had a booty shaped like a torpedo in a 45 degree angle. Black women can’t relate to that shape and not many other people could in her time. She was the elephant man of booties THAT was why she was a side show attraction. Stop trying to compare that abnormal shape to what a typical big butt looks like today. She ALSO had an EXTREMELY long set of labias (coochie lips)…she was not normal AT ALL. Plus a vast majority from EVERY race embraces a curvy backside now. Why bring up the past when the future obviously embraces curvy shapes now? Thats SUPER counterproductive.

  • Trendsetter

    Sara Baartman had a booty shaped like a torpedo in a 45 degree angle. Black women can’t relate to that shape and not many other people could in her time. She was the elephant man of booties THAT was why she was a side show attraction. Stop trying to compare that abnormal shape to what a typical big butt looks like today.

  • thatonegirl

    Nicki Minaj is a grown a$% woman she’s not responsible for the way you raise YOUR daughter. If you don’t want those types of images around YOUR daughter you can easily block them. This all goes back to what Chimamanda was saying in the beginning of Flawless. Why are not just mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, etc. We to are sexual beings and we should be allowed to express that as we so choose.

  • KhaleesiMom

    Your comment is perfect. I totally agree Sir.

  • blackalaureate

    i don’t see how this cover art is so shocking.

  • Angry Man

    Every female wears the same name brand purse same shoes same dress in the club same pose all influenced by tv and radio .As far as having control over your body thats fine just dont complain when you get NO RESPECT and get used for what your advertising yourself as

  • KhaleesiMom

    I couldn’t believe it! Why?!

  • KhaleesiMom

    If the purpose of this letter and the intent of the author is lost on you then we have already lost. Sure, we are grown women and can do what we want with our bodies, but for all of the women out here claiming to want respect and honor from our men and our peers this cover art is a step backwards. Nicki is beautiful, no doubt, but to objectify herself for record sales is a sad situation in my eyes. She is extremely talented and doesn’t have to use these shock tactics to gain attention. But I definitely understand the women who are saying that men do it anyway (objectify women) so why not? I’m agreeing on all points here. It’s a double-edged sword in my opinion.

  • StraightShooter

    The majority of rappers are men, most of the things you listed are popular with men. This is still a slippery slope argument. The problem is a woman has taken agency over herself and body and now men have to come in to put her back in line.

  • Angry Man

    Look at how people dress the type of liquor they drink the type of weed they smoke how cool people think gangs are. All of this mostly comes from rappers telling the that its cool and people imitating them. Their influence on people is big that why they get millions to endorse products. My instagram is full of them but we can just agree to disagree.

  • Sekhmet

    Yes. I agree. when I read some of the comments I get sad and by the mindset of people. Thanks

  • parkwood1920

    The fact that Mommy Noire’s moderators are allowing misogynist troll filth like this coward’s above in the comments tells me everything I need to know about they and Chuck Creekmur’s phony concern for our daughters. If y’all cared anything at all about young girls, you wouldn’t allow abusive and misogynist insults toward women.

  • parkwood1920

    “You obviously didn’t comprehend his message”—says the person defending blatant sexism. You need to worry about your own reading comprehension.

  • Bingo! How’d you guess? Let’s hope you don’t judge your mother this harshly.

  • StraightShooter

    No it doesn’t, she is not a mother or father. This man should be concerned with the message that he is sending his daughter. I was in high school when I first listened to Nicki and watched her old videos. That didn’t influence me to pose with my legs open. If his daughter wants to do that she will do it anyways, no influence necessary. Your argument is a slippery slope argument, meaning because this happens then so will this and this. People do what they want to do. As a woman I don’t need a man policing me and neither do other women. Instead men should police themselves.

  • Sekhmet

    you obviously didn’t comprehend his message that he was trying to convey to the audience that was reading his open letter to Nicki. all I can say in response to you is I guess ignorance is truly blissful.

  • Sekhmet


  • Sarah Poisel

    I’m wondering if the author of this piece doesn’t follow Nicki on Instagram? Not sure why this cover photo for Anaconda is so shocking. Nicki is proud of her body and if she wants to show it off for one cover, or for a pic now and then on IG, I’m not sure how that’s going to ruin his daughter’s chances in life if she were to see it, or how that makes Nicki less of a success who overcame quite a bit to get to where she is right now.

  • Angry Man

    It should matter especially if that women has millions of fans that follow and imitate her. What’s going on in Chicago is a problem also but it seems like this moved him to write.

  • ladybug

    A woman should already be ashamed when seeing her crouch spread eagle in a pic

  • ladybug

    Yes she does. People think that but they pay attention to everything that gets them a little buzz.

  • ladybug

    I think the reason she got this letter is because she asked him to take down one very similarly to it because it was no longer her brand and then turned around and did it again. I think it was more personal. I agree with him she put her foot in her mouth. Not to mention she was changing her image and all because she finally got some competition she gets scared and go back to what she knows. I agree with him in believing Onika probably doesn’t even like Nicki Minaj.

  • StraightShooter

    NO, I would still have a problem with it. Simply because I am sick and tired of men telling women how we need to present our bodies and how we need to behave. First men should focus on themselves and get themselves together. Write an open letter to the young Black men in Chicago murdering random people (including children) and destroying the community. That is something that is important. The way a woman chooses to present herself shouldn’t matter to anyone, but her.

  • Yup

    Thanks for putting an exclamation mark on her valid point, sexist person.

  • Jay

    Nothing wrong with Nicki’s picture, Didn’t see much people barking up beyonce’s partition video. Nothing wrong in showing skin. Raise your daughter yourself, sorta disappointing these are the things to pick on. Will this image stop her from still crafting good new music? i doubt it.

  • Angry Man

    Well If the article said he wish you wouldn’t have a problem with it

  • Maddawg 2020

    The posts responding to this Open Letter seem to be forming a discussion that is taking on a discussion about gender roles, as opposed to how I interpreted the letter. There is merit to that to be sure. However, I interpreted the letter as an expression of concern with the message the album art might deliver to not only impressionable young girls, but to young adult women as well. If you are an aspiring actress or recording artist, does the road to success go through having to put forth an image that’s uber sexualized, or worse, having to exchange sex for access? She is a grown woman for sure and her choices are hers to make, but, like it or not, her choices do impact fans of hers, or better yet, those who want to follow in her footsteps.
    I hate to even make this next point, for fear of deflecting from the issue at hand, but here it goes. When we speak of men in Chicago destroying each other’s lives, how much is that attributable to the choices some grown women have made when it comes to choosing the men who would, ultimately, father those individuals who are now wreaking havoc in our inner cities? The answer speaks to who should get a letter to address that crisis as well.

  • Atira

    I am so happy to hear from women who understand sexuall politics. I had to pull myself back from the edge with all this talk about morality and decency. Women have been suppressed through out history because men fear our power over them.

  • StraightShooter

    I didn’t tell anyone what to do. Instead I commented on what I wish would happen in place of what currently happens in reality.

  • Angry Man

    You don’t want Men telling women how to be and turn around tell men how to be

  • StraightShooter

    I wish that men weren’t always trying to tell women how to be. I wish that more Black men were running after an education, instead of trouble.

  • stony montana

    Stop acting like he’s fighting all rights nicki put a pic up that wasn’t tasteful and his daughter obviously asked about it and it wasn’t a ideal convo so he wrote on it nothing wrong with that you people cannot tell him how to raise his daughter and people having a problem with it are in the wrong cause nicki wouldn’t have took the pic down

  • StraightShooter

    Ok, but why does there need to be a letter? Nicki is a grown woman and chose to do something as a grown woman. The problems are gender roles and expectations. Just because she is a woman doesn’t mean she has to behave a certain way or present herself in a particular manner. Men need to stop dictate how women choose to present ourselves and what we choose to do with our bodies. Instead of this manipulative letter perhaps he could’ve written one to the young men in Chicago destroying their community instead of focusing on a woman’s posterior.

  • somebody tell this dude to stfu and grow a sack…please place anaconda art work in every pre school around america so we can brainwash that kids like disney…da f*ck is he on? we already proved there is no god…now its just raw evil and corruption in the world cuh…

  • StraightShooter

    But why does she need to be addressed? She is posing in a manner that she chose, wearing clothes she chose. Why do women always need to be covered or forced into certain behaviors? She is her own person and doesn’t need some man trying to manipulate her feelings.

  • StraightShooter

    I disagree, people shouldn’t be focused on what a woman chooses to do with her body.

  • middleagerant42

    Watch on youtube: who is sara baartman every black woman should know her name. That lady breaks this down.

  • Hannah Evans

    Very well said. i actually appreciate the persepective you put on it and your right about the letter to male rappers part. I was just being a feminist for a few seconds lol:)

  • parkwood1920

    I read the article. And I think his position is misogynist and hypocritical. I have no respect for fathers who objectify women while demanding sexual purity from their own daughters. If he really thought Nicki Minaj was a bad influence, he’d stop fantasizing about her backside.

  • Maddawg 2020

    I agree. However, let’s not use the absence of a letter to male rap artists as a reason to find fault with the letter posted here. Also, the answer to this problem, if you believe it is one, can’t be “that’s her brand out of the gate”. I just happen to believe that HOW one gets to a destination is every bit as important as WHETHER they reach said destination. I also happen to believe that Black women, more than ever before, need to be more vigilant stewards of their image around the world. I never paid attention to Minaj’s career at all, precisely because of how she chose to lead with it. However, I did hear a single of hers recently and it dawned on me that she can actually rap. The point is the image or “brand” that she led with created unnecessary noise that distorted any message that she may have attempted to convey in any of her songs.

  • parkwood1920

    Obviously you’re a troll. That’s the only reason I can see you popping off your disgusting trash like anyone cares.

  • parkwood1920

    This is a steaming pile of hypocritical you-know-what. So Chuck Creekmur gets to satiate his dirty fantasies about Nicki Minaj’s posterior, but his daughter should stay away from her lest she get any ideas about women controlling their own bodies. Alrighty then. And a man who publishes a hip-hop website is the last one who should be talking about women showing their naked behinds.

    I’m sick of hypocritical fathers who objectify women, then turn around and attempt to control their daughters’ sexual lives. This is the exact attitude that fuels gender oppression and sexual violence. Shame on Mommy Noire for publishing this mess.

  • NicoleJButler

    Your young daughter shouldn’t be listening to “grown folks’ music” anyway. Even fully-clothed, Nicki Minaj doesn’t make music that is appropriate for children. Also, I do find it very interesting how men objectify and support the objectification of women until it looks like it might actually affect their daughters, then they “care” all of a sudden. You know Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj are someone’s daughters too, right? Just as they were when AllHipHop posted those photos in all of their “crotchiness,” “for some reason or another.” They are someone’s daughter… but not yours.

    I support a woman’s autonomy over her own body, just as men have had autonomy over theirs since time began. Hopefully, instead of monitoring Nicki Minaj, you are monitoring and teaching your daughter that very lesson: that no matter how she chooses to clothe, unclothe, share, or reserve her body, it remains her own.

  • Simply_Extraordinary

    Amen!!! Dude had me rolling! His sarcasm mixed with honest concerns (tears) but seriously I agree!! Let’s dear to be different…

  • f

    I think he was just saying this photo was the old you where have you evolved. That’s what I got from it. He can show his daughter that Nicki use to be like this but she matured into this dynamic female rap artist who changed the game. Queen Latifah was just a rapper then she evolved into this power figure singer actress director and so on. That’s all he is saying. My daughter 7 is stuck on Michael Jackson but she does know that like Whitney he died from drugs. She knows that drugs are bad but she enjoys MJs music. We haven’t even touched on his love for little boys but I will wait until she turns 10 to talk about that true or not.

  • JCMpls

    Somone who actually read the article and comprehends. Well said and I agree 100%. Very sad the ignorance that is on this page!

  • Hannah Evans

    Don’t bring nonsense where it is not necessary this is a crucial time for black women to understand we can be so much more than ” a pile of booty” if we allow ourselves to be more and people trolling on the internet is not going to help the cause of the black community.

    Have a blessed day

  • blackalaureate

    nicki minaj is posing like this because she wants to do so.

    yall just mad because she’s not posing explicitly for men.

  • blackalaureate

    “You social media activists need to take a hard look at where you spent your money and time in the past 10 years.”

    that made no sense.

  • Jim Choo

    The public speaks with thier dollars. If a female rapper wearing a burka was selling 20 million CDs per year trust Nicki and Iggy would follow. You social media activists need to take a hard look at where you spent your money and time in the past 10 years.

  • blackalaureate

    raise your own daughter and stop expecting nicki to help you be a responsible parent.

  • pitchdove


  • pitchdove

    But men dont need to look it up right? no only women? hahaha

  • pitchdove

    Dear men

    Shut up. Nobody cares what you want.

  • Angry Man

    It’s that simple huh?

  • me

    yeah youre a w hore thats why youre defending this smh

  • 313 Intelligence


  • Hannah Evans

    All I can say is that all young black women famous or not should know the story of Saartjiee “Sarah” Bartmann before posting pics like these then maybe we won;t be so quick to allow objectification of ourselves.

  • me

    obviously you are a w hore. thats the only reason i can see you saying this. poor son of yours

  • HipHop2day

    I agree. Dude is buggin’. Sex has always sold and that genie is never going back in the bottle. Raise your kids properly and teach our young men how to treat women. My single mother did. I love the strip club and booty models as much as everyone but I act respectfully. My sons are teens and I continue to pass my lessons on to them.

  • Angry Man

    How about just address all of the cause the are all to blame

  • Angry Man

    Single mothers have not been around at the rate that they are today. And yes he should take that off his site but that doesn’t stop the fact that she a poor representation of what anyone would want there daughters to be. Come out as a kids toy and leading them in the wrong direction

  • 313 Intelligence

    Dear women,

    you cannot portray yourselves as SEXUAL OBJECTS but at the same time expect men to respect and treasure you. Its very Hypocritical and ignorant for women to support Nicki’s right to expose herself but be against men objectifying women. Those are two ends of the spectrum. He did not single out black male artist because men accept who they are be it criminals or drug dealers. Women want to uphold their right to be a display themselves as sexual objects while insisting they be respected and not viewed as sexual objects.

  • 313 Intelligence

    I understand why he wrote this.

  • I understand the sentiment of the letter but find it a bit disingenuous. The writer runs a site which objectifies women. Not only that, he works in an industry partially responsible for the continued degradation and subjugation of black women and our bodies.

    I would prefer this letter be written to white record execs who create, promote, and profit from these images. There is a structure behind Nicki. And, while i take issue with the imagery she sets forth, I can’t place the onus on her alone.

  • ISaidit

    thank you! I commend him for what he said and i understood where he was coming from. He was not shaming her but getting her to realize she doesn’t have to stoop to such lows of showing your bare azz which has NOTHING to do with your music..NOTHING! as AA women we should not cosign this foolishness instead of wanting to be seen as more than just T&A,

  • TinaWinz

    Selling drugs and gang bangin is not worse than a grown women taking a modelling pic? Enough said. That’s nuttz! They are not related in the slightest. u do realize that they have been selling sex since the beginning of time. Single mothers in the all communities have been around for centuries way before the internet and booty models. If he is so concerned about selling sex he should take down all the twerkin, booty model, sex stuff off his website and never post it again. It’s all lip service if he doesn’t

  • DMV

    That was pointless

  • I read this ‘open letter’ twice, and have come to the same conclusion both times…

    That it reeks of shaming and respectability politics. I wonder how many ‘open letters’ Chuck Creekmur has penned to male rappers and music industry execs, critiquing them for how they sexualize and use young women as tools for commodification and glorify date rape and abuse.

    Yes, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” cover may be too brazen for some people’s tastes, but it has little to do with young girls being under-siege, and I think Creekmur should tread carefully laying that burden on an album cover feat. an adult woman exercising agency, while seeming to disregard the far more sinister oppressions that marginalize young black women and girls.

    Nicki Minaj isn’t a Disney or Nickelodeon character… her work has always been “adult content”, even during her pink wig wearing Barbie days and even if she asked that an earlier pic of her be removed from All Hip Hop. One would think that Chuck Creekmur would want to teach his daughter to eschew the controlling respectability ideology that oppresses, shames, and robs young black women and girls of their humanity and agency.

  • Angry Man

    1st did you read the article? 2nd gang bangin selling drugs isnot worst the all go hand in hand. Selling the idea that sex is nothing leads to single mothers which leads to kids living that lifestyle

  • Angry Man

    Sounds like a low self-esteem the type of man that attracts is just going to use and abuse and then on to the next

  • TinaWinz

    Of course it does so he should be writing letters to all the rappers who rap about drug use, drug dealing, gang bangin, guns, murder, sex, etc. Why just pick on a girl showing a booty shot. Those things are much worse than anything nicki has done.

  • Angry Man

    Better late than never

  • Angry Man

    If you think entertainment doesn’t influence people your crazy. And if you read the letter you would know why he wrote her

  • TinaWinz

    entertainment and sex has always gone hand in hand. why go after nicki. when I see an open letter from this guy going after rappers glorifying gang bangin, drug dealing, drug use, guns, etc. I’ll take him seriously. Which is worse and has a bigger effect on his daughter? right now he seems sexist. When we were younger we understood it was entertainment and we must pass that along to our kids if we are going to allow them to listen.

  • Anthony

    Last time I checked ALL RAP was explicit and always have been. She doing what normal female rappers do. This article is sooo irrelevant in everyway!

  • Amirah

    Hey. I think he addressed her because of the personal connection. He knew her or communicated with her in the past.

    Peace and Love

  • Hannah Evans


  • That Chi Life

    The main point is that this letter to her is a start. Maybe someone else who is as passionate about the impressionable images and lyrical content which is being pushed to the forefront for our youth to hear and see, will come forward and take a stand too. There are several open letters that need to be sent. At least he took the initiative to take action and not just sit back and talk about it as most people do.

  • Hannah Evans

    You know what you are right, My sister told me about that K.Michelle thing with her big fake diaper booty wtheck. Seems a bit hypocritical

  • Hannah Evans

    You better preach the truth Queen Lizzy!

  • Sekhmet

    It’s so sad when I read the comments and I realize as a people things are never going to change. we’re going to still have the same ignorant mindset and its so sad to see. a majority of the people who read the letter didn’t even get it. yes we have issues all around especially with black men glorifying the crime culture in hip-hop, but that was not the issue at hand the issue at hand is your favorite female rapper in a g-string on the cover of her album is unacceptable deal with it. I thank God that my two teenage daughters do not listen to her at all and honestly they’re repulsed by her. the negative imagery of black women is everywhere in the videos on TV Everywhere and it’s time for a change. It’s about accountability and responsibility

  • Genaluv

    Maybe people should start raising their own kids instead of wanting everyone else to raise their kids, then blame other people when the kids go wrong. Just because my son watches a violent movie, I am 100 percent sure he is not going to go shoot up a movie theater, because I raised him better than that.

  • QuestionsBeforeActions

    Me too, I was losing hope.

  • tarrilove

    Good for him to speak up, it’s very brave. But just curious. Why do men get all repentant after having daughters? They don’t think about their misogynistic ways until they have cute little girls.

  • Atira

    Thank you I had so much to say Icouldn’t get it all out..and I’m at work. You could not have said it Better!

  • Guest

    Did Beyonce and Rihanna get a letter too?

  • Queen Lizzy III

    Look at the rest of his website. Stop being an attention w$%^&. Parent your children so that things like this will not affect how they grow into adults. Censor their access to things, be involved, ask and answer questions. Don’t allow Nicki Minaj to raise your kids. You do have a choice.

  • Queen Lizzy III

    When men start praising women with degrees rather than women with A$$ets then maybe more women won’t be that way.

  • smdh

    Must have hit home in more ways than one!

  • sim slim

    She doesnt give 2 shits in my opinon

  • This guy

    Ah, these were the words I was looking for. Well said.

  • Dame

    I’m a fan of Nicki and Chuck (and site AllHipHop)…however, this sounds very contradictory if his true concern is his daughter. Hell, the site even features the image. C’mon, man. If one wants to play the great, concerned father role why is the image featured on a site that he runs? Don’t play that “part of the solution” game if you’re not all in and invested.

    For the record, I don’t believe in exposing children to stuff before they’ve reached a level of maturity, but if one have a problem with this single cover, they should have an issue with all of the artists, people, and entities that have a history of putting this in our faces and selling sex. Picking and choosing who you want to be outraged over and ignoring others who fall into the same line is sucka sh*t.

  • John Q. Public

    While I agree 100% with the open letter and the viewpoint as a parent. AllHipHop posts “hyper-sexualized” articles and pictures almost every day on the website, so it is a little strange the owner of that site is who has an issue.

    Just the other day there was a whole article devoted to watching K.Michelle instagram videos of her twerking her fake booty. And there are 3 articles on the site right now about the above single artwork and none cite any issue with it.

  • Hannah Evans

    You know what you are 1000% right I was thinking the same thing. Where is his letter to the male artists that constantly leave impressionable images in the minds of our young men. Good points made and I said the same thing Beyonce, Rihanna, JLO, Iggy Azeala, Gaga all do it as well. I understand why he singled Nikki out (because of the recent cover) but he can’t just single her out if most artists nowadays do it to. I agree with everything you said .

  • Personally I got no problem with the Nicki cover but she must understand that she has just ruined her legacy with the music. She will always be seen as a industry hoe despite the fact she might not even be. That really saddens me cos she is one of the dopest emcees of our generation and she just needs to stick to her talent please

  • Realistically

    Where are his letters to all the male rappers who constantly objectify women in their music and videos? Where are his letters to Beyonce and Rihanna who also playfully experiment with nudity in their work? Where are his letters to the parents who neglect their children leaving them to be raised by pop culture?

    I mean … I don’t support Nicki, but this is her brand: shocking and provocative. It’s been that way out the gate. She can’t be everything for everybody. Just rally behind and support the artists who don’t go the sexualized route (e.g. Janelle Monae) so there can be more balance.

  • Hannah Evans

    I don’t really know anything about Minaj accept for she is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and moved to NY around the age of 6 I believe. I have also seen the before and after pics pre-plastic surgery (where she doesn’t even look like the same person) and while in passing seen her perfumes or images in various stores. Although I agree 101% wiith this article I don’t feel Nikki is interested in changing what made her famous in the first place. But its not just Nikki doing it it’s Iggy Azaela, K. Michelle, Rihanna, and now Beyonce has jumped on the bangwagon of showing the inside of her b*tt crack. Nikki is making good money and as long as people stay interested….. whether it be good or bad….. These artists will stay thristy. Just my humble opinion

  • Hannah Evans

    So True!

  • Rosa Cabrera

    Dear father of daughter,
    I hope you teach your daughter that no man should try to control what a woman does with her body by shaming her or attempting to emotionally manipulate her into buying into his values.
    Mother of son.

  • Angry Man

    Personally as a Man keyword Man I wish females would show more respect for themselves. It saddens me when I look around. females seem to be more proud of their A$$ than education. Pride in one’s self and family seems to be a thing of the past. Which leads me to believe we have no future.

  • Angry Man

    Bigger fish than the ones misleading the future mother’s of America?

  • Ty Blizzy Black

    As a femcee im compelled to fry bigger fish. “Killer Cops” (R.i.p. Eric Garner)

  • Shataiya Jailyn Jones

    You missed the point.

  • lust1kiddo

    Thats not even her butt…its fake. And the photo is touched up. lord.

  • MrsKNP

    This is a very well written article. I appreciate his male and paternal perspective in addition to the fact that he is also in the music industry. Young people are so impressionable and as adults, we must guide them towards being our future leaders and how appropriate representation is vital. I hope that Nicki Minaj gets the opportunity to read this article and absorb the depth of this message.