Yasssss: 10 of Serena Williams Best Hair Days

July 3, 2014  |  

Tennis is such an intense sport and we love to see our girl Serena Williams out there putting in work! The 32-year-old is always on point on and off the court. Serena has a signature look that we love and that’s the big-fluffy-full-curly-afro although she does rock other styles. We have watched Serena grow into her own womanhood and style. From the young girl rocking braids and beads to the fully confident woman turning heads. Serena is consistently serving when she’s out at events, her super toned body is to die for and her hair never misses a beat, we promise. It’s super easy to get inspired by Serena, not only professionally but hair inspiration too.

 Serena says that the secret to her enviable locks is conditioner. Lots and lots of conditioner. While at a joint press conference with her sister Venus in Argentina, Serena said she keeps her hair looking so nice by using a full bottle of it every time she washes her hair. Yes, a full bottle.

“What I do, a tip, when I shower I put a whole bottle of conditioner — a whole bottle — and then I just let it sit and rinse it out.”

Take a look at some of her most high-rated hair days when you click continue:

Yasssss: 10 of Serena Williams Best Hair Days

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  • Tha Real Hamia

    CTFU @ both of y’all. Y’all is dumbbbb!!!!
    But yeah Po, Imma have to side with you. Serena is iconic, legendary, inspirational and it is truly an honor to live amongst one of the greatest in history while she is in the moment and in her prime and while she is doing her thing! I love her with everything in me like she is my play cousin but GIRL, that hair be TRAGIC! Always has been since the mop beads!
    It is time to schedule an intervention.

  • Tha Real Hamia

    I never heard of coconut or amla oil conditioning. That sounds like a good idea. Imma have to try that!

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    Shouldn’t that be best wig and extension days?

    And a whole bottle of conditioner? Well, that’s money down the drain. Hair will only absorb so much at a time. But I guess she can afford it. Tho, maybe she’s using the cheap stuff which requires more to do the same job that a little of the good stuff will do.

  • PolkaDots


  • PolkaDots

    Please shut the f^ck up and try some d!ck in your life porque you are stanning a little hard for a LESBISANA looking beyotch whose weave looks worse than any hoodrat, project chick who has been waiting for a check for about 2 weeks too long.

    Now close your mouth trick, we’re done.

  • Kendra

    No offense but did you check your panties today? Are they clean? How about your bank account? Is it full? What about your health? Have you had a doctors appointment lately? As a huge Serena Williams fan it just seems like there are WAY more important issues for your life

  • LMAO

    The indian women who tonsured the hair serena wears didn’t use conditioners, they drench their hair with coconut or amla oil overnight then wash it out.
    Maybe the whole bottle helps her do something with her own naturally kinky hair.

  • PolkaDots

    No offense but no one is going to take hair advice from SERENA WILLIAMS. This ENTIRE ARTICLE IS LAUGHABLE….Her best hair days? What? Did you guys even REVIEW some of these hair styles before you posted them to claim them as good?

    Obviously not. Laughable, the entire article.