Rihanna’s (Un)Dress

June 6, 2014  |  

I am admitting that I am really tired of seeing Rihanna naked. I know, blasphemy. It’s not that I can’t appreciate how incredibly sexy and beautiful she is; it’s just that I probably shouldn’t know what she looks like without her clothes on as much as I do. I would have to say that Rihanna has shown me the most of her body than any other celebrity in my lifetime. I know what her nipples look like, I’ve seen her ass crack many times especially when it was held high in the air, and I can pretty much imagine what is in between her legs.

The fashion industry adores her, and I get it, I truly do. On Monday evening, she attended the 2014 CFDA fashion awards at Lincoln Center in New York City. She wore a sheer dress, covered only with 230,000 Swarovski crystals, customed made by designer Adam Selman. She accessorized with a pink feather boa, glitter gloves, and a 1920’s style turban. The dress was beautiful and Rihanna, as always, looked stunning. Mainstream media said she was channeling her inner Josephine Baker. Headlines likened her to a powerful feminist for not being afraid to expose her sexuality. At the event, Vogue editor Anna Wintour praised Rihanna for her fearless approach to fashion. “I’m here tonight to talk about how Rihanna communicates through fashion, because that, of course, is what style icons do…They tell us captivating stories about themselves and about the world we live in through the boldness and beauty of their clothes,” she said in her speech. Word, true, true. Everything printed and spoken about RiRi is in admiration. And after reading it all, any thoughts that I have about her style or way of dress make me feel like I’m the anti-Christ. You don’t like how much Rihanna expresses herself? Then you must be a hater.


For me, this is not a new conversation. Every time I see a Rihanna nip or a** crack, I am uncomfortable. I want to throw my two hands over both my eyes. I’m not sure why. And when I bring it up to people, it gets flipped on me like “that’s your issue.” Maybe it is, or maybe it’s not even about Rihanna but more so about how acceptable it is when it’s done by someone we adore. I’m wondering, if one of the girls from, let’s say, Love and Hip-Hop ATL would have worn that dress, would we have responded the same way? Would it have been such a feminist statement then? If Rihanna drops a sextape as explicit as Mimi and Nikko’s, will it be an acceptable expression of her sexual freedom? Is Rihanna’s nakedness okay just because it’s Rihanna. I don’t know about the rest of the mothers out there, but I would like a parental advisory sticker on her nipples, and anyone else’s. A nipple is a nipple, and I don’t want to see it unless you’re breastfeeding, and even then, can you just drape something over it?

Anyway, my now13-year old daughter used to love Rihanna when she first came out with “Pon Di Replay.” We still listen to a lot of her music, and most of her songs are hits, so of course, we hear them in the car and sing along. But Rihanna has graduated well out of the kids-like-me era when she first debuted as an artist. I don’t want my kids thinking this is what they need to dress like in order to be accepted as beautiful. They, like the rest of the world, believe that Rihanna is the epitome of gorgeous.

I joke with my husband about the Rihanna thing. We got into a heated argument a few months ago when I said those French magazine pictures that she took were a bit much. “You hatin’,” he replied, as if that automatically makes him win the argument. I thought he was a huge fan of Rihanna because, well, aren’t all men?

This morning, as I write, I ask him whether he’s seen the Rihanna dress from the other night. I am less critical in order to get a better response and not end up hearing “you wish you had a body like Rihanna.” I do. Don’t most women? So because of that, I’m extra sensitive about being too critical. But I can’t help myself, I think it’s too much sexy. I’m over all this sexy.

His response, “I’m not even that big of a fan of Rihanna. I just like that she’s a whore. She’ll show her a**, her t******, she’ll show everything. I’m waiting for the Rihanna sex tape.”

So am I.

–Kim O.


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  • poolgamer

    These women now and some way back in the day who feel freedom to express themselves by exposure of their nakedness. She is one of those people who is not afraid to show her body and wants to do just that. It’s her choice to do so. She is not the last and was not the first to express that level of freedom. I disagree with it but to each their own!

  • life is always one step ahead

    I just learned that
    1. I never took Tina Turner for serious nor my favorite singer cause I found she has not as good voice as Witney Houston,
    2. Tina Turner has been known as a big star for decades,
    3. my own private memories have been mixed with many of her songs,
    4. cause at least 8 of her songs have been played on the radio all the time,
    5. she has the same birthday as mine and
    6. I feel stupid and ignorant.

  • Cut the Games

    So is your…

  • J Borg

    Well said! For the silly ppl here saying she is a bad role model that is garbage! If parents taught their kids the values they want them to have, they wouldn’t have to worry about celebrities influencing them…and if they would rather listen to Rihanna and dress like her that you, then its a bad reflection on YOU and not Rihanna!

  • Stop

    I didn’t mean it that way, sorry if it came out that way. I really meant it in the way society has been since humans inhabited the earth. It’s always been this way, maybe it’ll change one day but not anything soon.

  • sycamore

    Can you please explain your point? Notice how rules was in quotes too… Don’t take it so literally, hun

  • Smh

    Well about time somebody speaks up and out about Rihanna’s behavior… This is not normal as she uses this to cover up any pain that she is facing… Rihanna needs help and she needs to let the pain out that she’s hiding… I feel bad for her and her family b/c they probably can’t even talk to her about this because she’s probably funding them money, but that shouldn’t matter her mother needs to have a talk with her daughter before something tragic happens

  • rules vs. google it

    barbra streisand oscar 1969
    Cher 1988
    Kate Moss 1993
    Rose McGowan 1998
    all said in the last days but you keep demanding your rules.

  • PolkaDots

    “They’re helping with sexual freedom……..(lol this isn’t the 30s or 40s
    women are not being restricted by there clothing or for not being
    virgins and having a s e x life).” — That’s it in a nut shell.

  • He was breaking the rules.

    my mistake.

  • GeminiSun

    Well, Rihanna is a pop star just like Madonna was. Madonna, Britney Spears, and even Janet Jackson often pushed the envelope of what “s3xy” can be defined as through their videos, performances, album covers, etc… I admire Rihanna’s confidence and security with her s3xuality. I do feel that female sexuality is a POWERFUL thing when unleashed that makes many feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day you can’t expect for these stars to raise your children and teach them what’s acceptable. What Rihanna wears is no different from what those high fashion models and many white female celebs wear. Rihanna is model material so she can get away with it all in the name of fashion and being a pop star.

  • Rch

    My point was more that your comment made it sound like they’re beneath her, which I didn’t agree with. I agree with what you just wrote. I like to think I don’t hold people to different standards, but I agree that society generally does.

  • sycamore

    You can dismiss yourself now

  • Guest

    I love this comment! Dammit I’m a hater too. LOL!

  • well

    I assume you did read my other statement about rules and how they differ from case to case.
    Now look, Jesus was doing what others called rules in the peace time until his counterparts started a war to make him stop. that’s a famous story on rules, peace and war.
    And believe me if someone knows what he/she is doing, he won’t stop it just because of lazy critics. Either they learn by themselves a better Thing or keep doing it until the bodily death.
    The corset of rules are meant for childrean, prisoners or weak episodes of life. Even children start not following rules as soon as they feel stronger. Teenies.

  • kim

    But she didn’t liken them at all. She used their different social statuses to make her point.

  • meme

    They are not feminist. What makes em feminist? Being rich and female does not a feminist make. They use exploitive and negative imagery to portray females. They are anti feminist as far as I’m concerned. Check out bell hooks. She is a feminist.

  • sycamore

    She can obviously do what she wants lmao I think everyone gets that? Idk why you said that as if it makes your “point” valid?
    Do you feel better now that you got to say what you wanted to your mom all these years off your back? I hope so. Your attitude is foul

  • sycamore

    And then you went on to say that the author comparing Rihanna to the girls of love and hip hop is crazy lol. Nothing worse than someone quick to get defensive when they’re called out.

  • Stop

    That’s my point, she’ll get a pass because of who she is. As much as people would like to believe it, we are not treated equally. A can do the same thing as B, but if B is respected more or love more by the public, then B will get a pass and A wouldn’t. We all bleed the same, but we are not all treated the same.

  • Stop

    Stfu and comprehend before you type. I clearly said it’s not right but it’s reality. Nothing worse than a dumb bïtch quick to answer but don’t know what they’re answering to.

  • Stop

    Here’s some cūm, guzzle that shït down, bïtch. You told me who I insulted, well so fūcking what? I stand by what I said, did I hit a nerve ugly? Are you mad because your arm look like big pieces of ham? What you and other simple Neanderthals fail to realize is that it’s HER life, her body and she can do what the fūck she wants to do with it! “Believing” that someone should wear clothes will not change the fact that she doesn’t answer to you or anyone else. Oh and you can call me a whøre and a thøt. I don’t know you and you’re nothing but a lame who gets mad over words on the Internet. Go eat a hot bowl of dïcks, prostituta.

  • icebull

    Thats a dumb a** question. OF COURSE NOT!

  • indosbighomie

    I can’t wait until when these same people justifying this type of clothing when their wives, and daughters are imitating this.

  • DRUNK247

    If you are a real man you should see nothing wrong with her

  • Cindy Mathieu

    I do believe one thing Rihanna keeps everyone talking good or bad her name stays on everyone’s lips which plays into the character we see her for an unapologetic rebel who does not care, isn’t that what she’s know for besides her music it’s her persona we love or hate or obsess over whether it is true or not she will continue to do so no matter what age, children or not i guarantee it look at Madonna, jlo, Janet Jackson. Milley cyrus does not even get half much press and she’s continuing to escalate her behavior, (maybe we can attribute her behavior as being a young rich Caucasian women where these rules need not apply to her I don’t know) This is Rhianna’s brand and we will continue to pay her bills because of our obsession with women’s bodies who appear to care less what the public thinks and how that is impossible to comprehend.

  • I like the way Rihanna dresses sometimes, she just has to switch it up. You can wear revealing stuff just know how to switch it up, she seems to wear revealing stuff all the time. Its never nothing new to see about her style. When your a celebrity, your supposed to be able to switch up your look as far as clothing. Now she does rock different hairstyles, i will give her that.

  • Rch

    Whether she’s earning more than the next person, or on a more widely seen platform doesn’t mean she can’t be likened to someone who’s not. To be honest I don’t watch enough tv to argue about this. I don’t really get how her wearing see through tops and no bra is different to the next person though? Lol except that she has more people who will defend her cos they like her music.

  • sycamore

    You know what I mean. There’s obviously a certain level of unspoken “rules” in both Holywood and just the real world in general.

  • sycamore

    Peace will never happen without rules

  • what?

    there’s nothing like societal standards like there is no perfect Person. People do things and at times they look similar. what you may imagine as societal standards change from time to time, from location to location, from culture to culture, from religion to religion, from generation to generation etc. etc.

  • everyone is relevant anyway.

    Either your counterpart is strong enough to make you stop what you are doing. Or they talk to the walls. For their opinion is their opinion. That changes nothing. You can win in a war. In peace everybody does what he or she prefers to do.

  • no, it’s not a point for me.

    but what do you guys and girls think about the love between Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton? Does he need a Rihanna around him so his Beyonce makes him marry her after a long time of being maybe engaged?

  • Krystal

    The answer to your question is HELL NO! And that’s what truly pis$es me off about the entire situation. Rihanna is gorgeous, beautiful, and considered to be the sexiest women alive to some, so because she’s all those things she’s allowed to walk around half naked without any complaints from anyone and that is not what the feminist moment is or was about. Back in the day it was important to have a point when you did something a message, Rihanna doesn’t have one. It’s not her fault tho it’s really not its society’s fault. We award her and tell her what she’s doing is amazing, and we put down everyone else that is not deemed gorgeous by society’s standards. My question would be why are only the pretty bit$hes considered feminists? The only feminists the everyday women hears about is beyonce and Rihanna and they’re not doing anything to help women. They really aren’t. They’re not helping women with equal pay or in getting jobs, even tho 9/10 women are more qualified. They’re helping with sexual freedom……..lol this isn’t the 30s or 40s women are not being restricted by there clothing or for not being virgins and having a s e x life. So this whole anti h@e moment thing is crazy to me, but I’m sleep, I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m just a hater so just ignore all my rambling.

  • sycamore

    I agree with you. Obviously SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS (listen people, we all know this, it is not new information so stop saying that to make yourself feel relevant), BUT I think there’s a certain level of clothing you should wear out in public. It’s a shame.

  • sycamore

    you just wrote a long piece of garbage too, wh0re. Seriously, believing that people should wear more clothing means that you’re obese and middle age? You just insulted fat people AND older people and then got upset when her and her husband called her a wh0re?
    Sit down, thot.

  • sycamore

    So being a record breaking icon means that you’re exempt from societal standards?

  • Stop

    To be fair, some people will always be put on a higher pedestal than others. It’s not right but it’s reality. But the fact that this “author” likened Rihanna to women from love and hip hop shows how low she really thinks of Rihanna. Rihanna is mainstream and loved by millions all over world, she’s accomplished and a record breaking icon, she will get a pass, how really cares about love and hip hop other than urban media?

  • Stop

    Right? Like her, I’m enjoying my youth while I can, since we won’t have it forever. If she was 38 carrying on like that, I could understand. But she’s doing her.

  • Stop

    You and your husband are disgusting for calling her a whøre and saying that you’re waiting for the sęxtape. You probably are some middle aged obese woman that’s mad that your prime has came and went. You can’t get tired of something unless you’re searching for it. And the fact that all you can say that you are tired of her nakedness sings more to your issues and not hers. She’s not always náked but negative people like you seem to search for it all the time. All these so called “feminists and women’s rights activists” and you’re upset that a woman chose to wear clothes that she desires. Please, you wrote that long piece of garbage for what? She’s still going to do what she wants and all YOU can do is write about how tired you are of it.

  • Cynkisskiss

    Its HER LIFE HER BODY HER MONEY N AGAIN HER LIFE …She can be scantily clad as she wants to be we are only young once why shouldn’t she show her beautiful body off ..

  • Rch

    In the family I grew up in (and country I suppose) nudity was never that big a thing. People bathed/showered outside, breast-feeding was never something to hide and women and men never had tops on at the beach – so seeing her nipples doesn’t offend me or make me uncomfortable. I think sometimes it’s unnecessary i.e. going to a basketball game/restaurant/going for a walk, because you wouldn’t see men shirtless or in wife beaters there either – and if they were I would think that was unnecessary too. I don’t care that much to think she should put more clothes on, but I like the point about the women from Love and Hip Hop cos I’m sure they’d be called all kinds of ratchet if they wore the same clothes.

  • Evelyn Chambers

    I like Rihanna. I agreed with you. If it were anyone else it wouldn’t be acceptable so why does she get a pass? She is attractive. It really isn’t necessary for her to be that extreme. She leaves very little to the imagination.