“Listen, Linda!” When Your Kid Wants Cupcakes For Dinner

March 12, 2014  |  

A video was posted on YouTube a few weeks ago and has gone viral within the last few days. For two minutes and forty-six seconds, Linda’s  reasoning with her three year old son who wants to eat cupcakes for dinner three-year-old son Mateo tries to reason with her because he wants to eat cupcakes for dinner. He was previously told no, and then tried to ask his grandmother for a cupcake dinner, and in one last ditch effort he goes for broke and tries to get one himself. He starts off by telling his mom, or Linda as he calls her, to listen and that she can’t trust everything she’s told at grandma’s house. Hilarity ensues. (You’ll be saying “Listen, Linda” for days)

This video is extra funny to me because I feel like I have this conversation everyday with my three-year-old. Cydney will want anything from cheese (which I have to hide), to bananas, or whatever catches her eyes. She tries to reason with me and give the reasons why I should give hear said treat. If she is successful at sneaking whatever food she wants–the dead giveaway would be the still-opened refrigerator door–when she sees me she jumps and tries to throw the food away… like I didn’t just see her munching away. I even laughed at the fact that Mateo was told that if he didn’t listen he would get a “pow pow” on his butt, which is what getting popped is called in our household as well.

As a parent, I think we’ve all been at this point. OK, maybe some of us haven’t. Some use the “take no mess” approach, and others look at moments like these in good humor. It all depends on the parent. Sure, Mateo is misbehaving, but the fact that Linda is recording this suggests that it is something that happens frequently. I’m sure she’s a good mother and as opposed to stifling what could be the development of a sense of humor or just looking at the world a little differently. My daughter says things all of the time that are snarky and I have to keep my parenting face on, so I don’t bust a gut. I’ll laugh to myself later and every other week I share Cydney’s best quotables on my blog so we can all laugh. Kids say and do the darndest things. Some parents even let them think that they get away with it. I’m sure that more than likely, Mateo didn’t get a cupcake for dinner so she ultimately succeeded in showing who is the boss.

Like statistics, parenting [advice] means nothing to the individual. Everyone has their own way of dealing with children based on their unique experiences and generally how they handle is tailor-made to the child that they are raising. I looked in the comments under the video of Mateo and there was a mixed bag of results. Some people said the kid was being rude, called him bad, one person even called a three year old an a**hole (Yikes). Some people won’t take that kind of mess from a child. They’d be quick to pop them on the mouth before they can finish a syllable, while others may just put the little guy in time-out. To each its own. We all have our different of opinions.

Was Mateo being difficult? Sure. That’s every toddler, ever. Kids generally follow rules. Most like and need the structure, but will push boundaries. I’m personally from the school of not taking things so seriously and laughing your way through it…Bill Cosby has made a career out of doing this.

With that said, have a good laugh and check out some of the other videos Linda has posted of her son Mateo because he is quite a character.


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