Twitter #FAIL: Rape Humor Is Trending Again

June 7, 2011  |  

People love to say ‘it’s just Twitter’ when speaking about some of the ridiculous things that take place on the popular social networking site. However, we must remember that those are actual people behind the computer and cell phone screen. Thus, what happens on the internet is a reflection of those who are making it happen.

That said…what the hell is wrong with the people who have made #rapistsongs a national trending topic?

@BieberPancake #rapistsongs ‘one less lonely girl’ I mean, he says he’s seen so many pretty faces but you’re the one he’s coming for……

@wayansjr (yes, as in the son of Damon Wayans) #RapistSongs “Say Yes” by Floetry

@CoCo_Monroe85 #rapistsongs R.Kelly – Seems Like Your Ready..(thats clearly referring to puberty)

@ImSoCelebrity #rapistsongs Mystikal – Shake it Fast .. He even tried to warn ya’ll he was a rapist in his lyrics. Shake it Fast, but watch yourself.

This is not hardly the first offensive trending topic; #thingsfathoessay is also trending at the moment. Sadly, this isn’t even the first time that rape jokes have gone viral; comedian Lil’ Duval made #itaintrape a trending topic this time last year, as he and his fans made jokes about situations that can’t be considered rape (i.e. if you fly a woman in for the weekend, then she’s required to sleep with you). Many people are asking Twitter to remove the topic (which you can do by sending tweets to @twitter and @support), but the question remains: why are so many people comfortable with this sort of humor? Considering the large percentage of both women and men who are survivors of sexual assault and molestation, why is the pursuit of a cheap laugh more valuable than consideration for what others may have endured?

This is what rape culture is about; we are so comfortable and used to the idea of rape, that we don’t treat it with the seriousness that it deserves. It’s sad, but it’s not really a big deal, unless we are talking about ourselves or someone we know or some specific case. We joke about men looking ‘rapey’, call Big Ben “Rapelisburger” (without actually calling for his ouster from the NFL) and make fun of R. Kelly’s perverted reputation. We ask what victims “did wrong” and we tell girls like Rihanna that they are too Hot or controversial to discuss such a serious matter.


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  • johnny wishbone

    the wayans haven't been funny since living color so they all say anything..

    • Ecce

      I concur

  • Jonathan

    The only problem I have with some of the posts on this topic is most people simply will make the jokes anyway. Why respond to it at all? I mean you will always hear things you don't want hear. Are you going to go on a Crusade every time someone makes jokes about something that offends you?

    This is coming from a Man that was molested as a young boy.

  • Victoria

    oooh this is *nothing new for twitter. i live in dc & i remember when everyone, including the news here, found out abt this 13-yr-old girl who had been recorded by some 17 & 18-yr-old boys engaging in "sexual activities" with both of them. it was ALL over twitter & facebook. thts how the news found out in the 1st place. and to make matters worse the girl tried to jump in front of a bus and kill herself after the video and the #rollingvideo twitters comments had been floating around. it took abt a week for twitter to delete the links and comments. smdh…idk why anyone would want to promote that kind of foolishness in any form. whether it be rape jokes or links or any other kind of negativity. it's just wrong.

  • lala

    Rape /Violence against anyone is NOT okay, and will never be. If you find these jokes funny , u are a sick human being!

  • menissance

    lmao @ "Say Yes" and "Seems Like Your Ready" . Those were very funny. All y'all women on this blog would be laughing at a man who gets his d!*k chopped off or abused by a woman if he lied or cheated instead of her just leaving the relationship and moving on with her life, so save the boohoo bullsh!t when y'all aren't guilty of making fun and laughing at the expense of others pains as well.

    • Janee'

      Personally, I don't think any kind of violence (against male or female) is right. It's ignorant people like you that keep these topics trending. Educate yourself 🙂

    • Aphrocentrik

      Something tells me that you don't actually believe or endorse half the sh!t you post on here. Could you possibly be seeking attention? If so, find your mother and ask her to give you a hug. This is a bit ridiculous.

  • Syreeta

    S & G! This country is going to hell in a handbasket! Lol (that's what the old people say)