Lauryn Hill Announces Pregnancy

June 6, 2011  |  

Lauryn Hill is adding another Marley child to world. On Saturday, Hill told the audience at Detroit’s Chene Park: “I’m going to be taking time off to give birth.”

Two months ago in front of a crowd in L.A. the rapper/singer/actor joked about her baby-making abilities.

“I keep having these children. I don’t know if I’m the most fertile woman in America.”

We suspected Lauryn might be pregnant after watching her Bob Marley tribute on Jimmy Fallon. (But who are we to make that type of statement before she does?)

This will be Hill’s sixth child with longtime partner Rohan Marley. Currently they have Zion-14, Selah-13, Joshua-9, John-8, and Sarah-3.

No word yet on the sex of the baby or expected due dates but congrats are in order for Rohan, Lauryn and the rest of the Marley family.

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  • 8888j

    Things aren’t always what they seem to. All we know is what we read, everything else is speculation.

    Just pray that all is well. Much, much love to you,Lauryn!

  • Patricia

    Now he's the father? Interesting…….Lauryn must have pulled him to the side and reminded him who he was messing with!……………

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  • Cynthia Kat Rogers

    I have heard otherwise. That Rohan Marley denies the baby is his and claims he has not been married for quite some time now.

  • When is enough is enough. Yeah Lauryn maybe you are very fertile but you say you keep having these kids so why doesn't your partner use protection? 5 kids is more than plenty. At this rate you'll end up with 10 kids. My question is how do you give each kid enough attention? To me you don't & that's not fair to the kids. Please stop having kids. You have enough already.

  • Emily

    It makes me wonder about Ms. Hill..she was so bright and full of life pre-Marley. Maybe she got sick of the famous life and wanted to focus on her kids. What happens behind closed doors we will never know..if this gives her life a bit of happiness, we should be happy for her. Congtatulations Ms. Hill!

  • Ecce

    I won't judge because I don't want to be judged for judging her on my judgement day! (Mouthful) Buuuuut, I wonder how much respect does Lauryn Hill have for herself and her existence. Does this not send the absolute wrong message to her children, especially her daughters?

    And why in the world would someone, who has a gift, send her accolades to Nikki Minaj, who's only talent to yell and scream really fast!!? Lauryn Hill was the healthy alternative for young black girls in the 90's who were misrepresented and deceived by females who demoralized themeselves for the dollar bill…and now she supports a female who is categorized in the same distasteful column…and continues to give birth to illegitamate children for an unloyal adult male!!!??? I'm disgusted and very disappointed in Ms. Hill.

    • hot sauce committee

      I'm disgusted and very disappointed in Ms. Hill.

      I thought you weren't judging? as long as all them kids aint on welfare then it's on the adults . I dont care.

      • Ecce

        <I'm disgusted and very disappointed in Ms. Hill. > Where is that judging? Expressing how I feel is judging? Sit down, you're embarrassing yourself.

  • Datgirl4509

    Ok if this was any regular joe, people would be talking sh*t. The differences are that they are FAMOUS and RICH BUT that doesn't make it RIGHT. Their are a lot of "spiritual" partners out there reproducing at will. Pretty soon you are going to have to have a DNA test to make sure you are not sleeping with your brother, sister, cousin, etc.. Obviously this man believes in marriage because he is but to someone else (wonder how many kids his WIFE has?). This shows that just because you are rich, famous, thin, beautiful, etc… that you make the same mistakes that anyone else does. So does this make Lauren a Baby Mama?

  • Des

    Why aren’t my replies showing up?

  • Darkesthourglass

    family situation is funny but at least she has them all by one man. i’d want that marriage by now though if i was having all them kids.

  • Prissy

    YEs yall… buddy is STILL married. … I mean hey… NOT judging… I just think it's weird… Like 6 kids?? Why not get a divorce?? I'm Jamaican… We know all about the Marley family… GREAT talents… but they aren't (NOT only them) the most "family" oriented as in regards to marriage and stuff being done out of wedlock… Rita did the same to Bob and Bob did to her… I guess that's just how they roll.. *sigh*

  • Shanii Boo

    Rohan is doing just like his father did which is to make babies with other women while being married to another… The apple don’t fall to far from the tree u know… As for Ms. Hill… She is just in love and wants to only have one father for her children… Let’s not judge…

  • practicaldreamer

    Um…they're really taking the 'be fruitful and multiply' edict to heart. I guess if they can afford to have them…Wait, he's married?

  • Prissy

    Meanwhile…. Rohan is STILL MARRIED to his wife…. *sigh*

    • It's soo sad. I would have never expected this from her. 🙁

      • Prissy

        Me neither girl… Same how I feel about Alicia Keys… *sigh*

      • Elynor

        What is "soo sad" about it Michelle?

    • Aphrocentrik

      Wow! Definitely didn't know he was married! Coming in between a union is never a good look. Of course, I don't know all of the details or what arrangement Lauryn and Rohan have, but to put it plainly, no matter how many children they have together, it just isn't likely that someone who is already committed to someone can fully committ to another!