Zahara Jolie-Pitt: 18 Photos Of The Fashionista In the Making

April 29, 2014  |  

Zahara Jolie-Pitt is certainly becoming quite the fashionista! From colorful braids to bold leggings to swoon-worthy coats, this girl gets it in! Click on through!

Zahara Jolie-Pitt: 18 Photos Of The Fashionista In the Making

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  • Marbles471

    Um….did you actually read what I wrote? Like…at all? Because I’m not sure how it’s possible to read my comment and conclude that I was “hating” on Zahara.

  • Michelle Terrell

    Can they get someone to teach them how to do her hair please?

  • BREN

    She is beautiful. And her parents see her beauty and for the negative ones you will eat those words. Beautiful little Zahara Jollie-Pitt, blessed to have her MOTHER’S FAMOUS name how cute is that. THE WORLD WILL KNOW HER!

  • Reny Simone

    How silly to label these children, one as a “fashionista”, the other as a “tomboy”… no one knows what these children will even look like when they reach adulthood… way too soon to say what they’ll be. Its just not right to label young children.

  • Julie Byam

    I know, I’ve heard Chaz say that, but it’s way way too early for anyone to label Shiloh anything , but a beautiful charming child. I also think like others have said it’s not fair to label Zahara a “fashionista”

  • Observation

    They have a lot in common. In fact, with a simple google search, I noticed that Chaz has commented on how he notices a similarity between Shiloh, as a child and Chaz, as a child. I remember Cher talking about Chaz, and she mentioned that whenever she sent Chastity to her father, she would come back with little tuxedos, all boys clothes and shoes, and Cher thought nothing of it, she just asked Chastity to wear the clothes Cher wanted her to wear, and Chastity complied. Cher loves her (now) son. I haven’t read too much about how Angelina dresses her children, except that she lets them wear what they pick out and want to wear. If Shiloh enjoyed wearing girls clothes, she would. Then, the press would be saying that Shiloh was a fashion plate, too. Shiloh is very beautiful, and I can see she has her own way of expressing herself.

  • Julie Byam

    That’s not really that much in common. Famous parents and blond. hair. Chastity was an only child from those two. Her brother came along later with a different father. Shiloh has numerous siblings and she is exposed to travel all around the world. I’ve never heard anyone say Chastity wanted to dress in boys clothes when she was with her dad. The first time I remember her doing that was in her late teens.
    I think it will be really interesting to see how Shiloh feels later on. I think if she wants to continue the way she is she will have nothing ,but love and support from her family. I’m not sure if Chaz has that even yet. Angie seems to think Shiloh wants to look like her brothers and if that never changes I think Angie will love her no matter what. Brad too.

  • Observation

    Oh, but you’re wrong. Chastity Bono has a lot in common with Shiloh. Both were born to two celebrity parents. Both are adorable little blonde girls. I remember Cher, talking about Chastity, and she said that when her and Sonny divorced, Chastity would go to live with her dad for a while and come back with all these boy clothes. It was something that sort of shocked Cher, because Chastity loved the boy clothes and wanted to wear them all the time. Cher made sure Chastity was only seen in girl clothes, so that is one difference, there. Whereas Angelina and Brad allow Shiloh to wear the clothes she wants to. Shiloh could easily be as much of a “fashion plate” as her sister, “Z”, but she doesn’t want to dress like that. All children have a sense of what they like to wear, and if their parents let them and provide for them, they get to wear what they want to wear.

  • Julie Byam

    I think Zahara is from Somalia . Some of the top models in the world have been Somalian. Remember Iman? Should Zahara grow quite tall I would bet she could be a top model someday.

  • Julie Byam

    Chastity Bono was always dressed as a little GIRL at Zahara’s age. She had nothing in common with Shiloh whatsoever. Nobody ever knew about her unhappiness for years, but it’s for certain Chastity was not dressing like Shiloh as a little girl. Google photo’s of her and her parents . You will not see her dressing anything like Shiloh does.

  • You Ain’t No Sanjaya


  • Observation

    All of their children are gorgeous. Zahara does seem to enjoy the feminine clothes, while Shilow seems to like to appear in more boyish and masculine clothes. Who knows why, if they just take tips from their mother, they will be on the right track. Most children ignore what their mother wears, and dress to please themselves, dress in what they are most comfortable in. I haven’t really seen as many pics of Vivian, who is one of the twins, as much as I see pics of Shiloh and Zahara, and “Z” always looks comfortable dressing up as a girly girl. Shiloh does not do that. Not sure why, but Shiloh reminds me of Chastity Bono when he/she was a little girl. They are being well taken care of , that’s for sure, by some great and wealthy parents, so they’ll be fine.

  • Rose Ryan

    How long have you been under a rock?

  • Gail F

    Isn’t it a bit early to hang the ‘fashionista wannabe’ tag on this child? I don’t see a fashionista in the making, I see a nicely dressed little girl with famous parents.

  • iluvai

    It is so nice and loving that these famous parents adopted poor children, but this seems like a fashion statement or something.It seems disingenuous.

  • In not one picture does this poor kid look happy or engaged. Her eyes are dead…and she’s only 4 year old. This is what happens when you turn kids into little dolls for Mama to dress and show off. Disgusting.

  • littlevoicey

    there are no “color” barriers in the jolie-pitt household…..they are all equal and that is the way it should be. at least that is the way it appears:)

  • Kas

    I’ve seen the Pitt kids ‘dressed up’ and ‘dressed down’.
    They seem to dress to their individual personality sooo I think they do ‘pick’ out their clothes – from their closets. Of course they don’t have a job so just like every other kid, their parents buy their clothing. Trophies???… u sound silly

  • Kas

    They haven’t slowed down one bit. They have actually moved up the ladder…. they are both producers.

  • Just Asking

    If she were the same color as Brad and Angelina would you still think she was ugly?

  • Marie W

    LOL… now girls… she could have the best doctors to “fix” any, ANY, of nature’s flaws and you know it. … And she will…. just like Momma.

  • Chuck

    What a joke – -calling a girl whose clothes are bought for her chosen for her and dressed in them a fashionista — puh leez

  • Jan

    Look in the mirror!

  • Mama D

    If Brad and Angie put the clothes in the closets for the kids…. will it must be worthy for them to have on and wear them! any way Zahara looks good in a paper bag!!!

  • Mama D


  • Mama D

    WHAT! who needs self esteem… Zahara Pitt is BEAUTIFUL!!! Just like my Kahmya… I know U must be cross eye and jealous of Black Beauty!!!

  • Moma D

    first of all! Zahara Pitt is My Kahmya look alike so don’t go hate’n on Zahara Pitt! I have a “Fashionista” to in the making… the only thing “twisted is U”

  • ka365

    And I bet you’re a low life douche bag thinking because you’re ugly, you have the right to troll the internet trying to find self esteem in putting cute kids down huh?

  • judyt00

    and you know all about them because you are a close personal friend? No, I didn’t think so. kids that age who have famous parents and nannys don;t pick their own clothes when not at home. its all about looking good in front of the camera. and no, I’m not jealous, I feel sorry for the kids being paraded around like trophies.

  • P.D.

    Not true, Angelina constantly gets flack because ignorant people don’t think she should allow Shiloh to wear “boy” clothing. You have NO idea what you’re talking about. You just want to bash someone you’re obviously jealous of because you’re a miserable person.

  • What?

    She is a gorgeous child and always has been. You’re deranged.

  • disqus_crpnXU2ut2

    How one looks is an accident of birth, but stupid thoughts expressed are their total responsibility.

  • judyt00

    are you really stupid enough to think a they’d let their kids pick out anything they wear?

  • Pennylane22

    You are an Ugly TROLL! Please post your pic.. bet you and your offspring look like you belong in Lord Of The Rings!

  • Pennylane22

    LMAO.. Trust and believe.. both Brad and Angelina have been making movies and getting top rate for YEARS.. they could probably NEVER make another movie and still afford the kids and their lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Its called “INVESTING” your $$. Lots of movie starts invest in high end real estate.. buy, fix and flip for huge profit. So yeah, don’t start passing the collection plate for them just yet..

  • Pennylane22

    SMH.. YOU know this b/c YOU live with them… People are hilarious. Just have to say SOMETHING Negative.

  • judyt00

    except of course the nanny chooses her clothes, not her

  • Jan


  • Ironweeds

    How do these people afford all these kids and their lifestyle; neither of them have been in a movie of any consequence in a long time.

  • Marbles471

    I hate things like this. “Fashionista in the making?” What the hell? She’s a LITTLE GIRL. Why do people have this obnoxious need to project stuff like this onto children who are just being themselves? There’s something really twisted about it.

  • Sarah

    You are dumb!!!!

  • Andy

    Janette’s perception is not unusual. At 4, Albert Einstein’s teacher “saw” him and said “he’ll not amount to much” just because he couldn’t speak. I bet if you see this cute girl in a few years time, you’ll be blown away.

  • Jae

    You just had to say it Janette, guess that”s the reason for them looking out her feature if most rich look out for the ugly children the world would be a better place!

  • Lisa

    Beautiful!! Her whole family is Beautiful!