Mother Finds Out Son is Deceased from Facebook

February 21, 2013  |  
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We understand that Facebook and Twitter have become the new platform for providing information to loved ones. For example, wedding announcements, job hires or a new baby on the horizon. What we don’t and may never understand is the usage of Facebook or Twitter to notify people of a death.  Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened to Anna Lamb-Creasy.

According to Atlanta Constitution Journal:

A mother is furious after she says a bizarre Facebook message from police contributed to it taking almost a month to find out her son had died.

Lamb-Creasey had no idea her son had died when a driver hit him as he crossed Tara Boulevard and Old Dixie road Jan. 24 around 11 p.m.

Anna Lamb-Creasey told Channel 2′s Tom Jones she had no idea that if someone who is not a “friend” sends her a message, it goes to a box called “other” in the message folder.

That’s where she said she finally found a message from Clayton County police to call them. But it took her weeks to do that, because of the strange name on the account listed as “Misty Hancock.”

They paid it no mind because of the strange name and the profile picture of Atlanta rapper TI.  ”I’m like, OK. I’m thinking it’s just fake,” she said.

Lamb-Creasey had been searching for weeks for her son, Rickie Lamb, 30. He had been missing since Jan. 25. She called hospitals and checked jails.

Clayton County police said they made every effort to contact the family in a more conventional way. They said they checked several addresses and never could reach anyone.

How would you feel if police notified you of a family members death via Facebook or Twitter?

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  • ???

    totally agree!

  • It’s illegal to use a fake Facebook profile according to Facebook’s terms of use. If I were her, I would SUE the police.

  • Jayla

    You all make it sound so easy… just check the home… call the FBI…sue the police (that’s my favorite — yes let’s all be forced to pay this woman — that’s probably why it’s making headlines anyway because it’s coming). It says they DID check several addresses. If she was so concerned, she could’ve filed a missing persons report. The funny thing here, is that if they would’ve never contacted her at all nobody would be so outraged. Honestly, all parties involved in this don’t sound very bright.

  • We are talking about a human life. Whatever means to get the job done. The article states, “she called hospitals and checked jails” Seems as if she did her job….they didn’t do theirs very effectively.

  • Uhmmmm here’s a thought…why not go to the families home and knock on the door. If no one is home then leave a business card in the mailbox with a return “URGENT” message attached.

  • Diva

    It also sounds as if mother and son where not as close as she wants us to believe. If she called hospitals and checked jails, why didn’t someone tell her on the phone. Sad news to hear, however who found out she was on FB to send her a message and not call her on the phone??

  • All idiots blame police

    Using the fbi to track down someones address who got ran over by a car. Thats a waste of my tax payers money. A concerned mother would be calling the police everyday to find out if they’ve heard anything

  • Lmfao

  • Mrharris

    What I don’t understand is, why didn’t they track down the address where the facebook account was being used. With all the resources the FBI has to track down a dope dealer, but they can’t find somedbody’s mama. That is truly insane and I would be filing legal papers against Atlanta Police force. FB can be hacked at anytime, so therefore sensitive information can get to anyone without the mother knowing 1st. My heart goes out to the family. God Bless.

  • Just disgusted to here this

    Thats bullshit and i bet they cremated his remains, id b so hurt and furious! thats so disgusting, especially aft she searched the jails and hospitals! its just not right! they need to b sued she didn’t even get to say good bye

  • Lola

    Why are the Atlanta police using fake Facebook accounts to notify next of kin? With all of the technology available these days, especially to law enforcement, this sounds like lazy police work.

  • FromUR2UB

    There had to be a better way. There’s no database they could’ve checked and learned he was reported missing?