Tragic: 14-Year-Old Charged with Killing 7-month-old Sister

February 11, 2013  |  

Fourteen-year-old Jonathan Aguiluc of White Oak, Md. was assigned to babysit his little sister while his mother went to work her night shift. When Yanes returned home after her shift, she tried to feed her daughter but was unable to wake her up. The child was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead, NBC Washington reported.

The boy confessed to beating his sister when he was taken into police custody. When she didn’t stop stop crying, he covered her mouth and nose with his hands until she stopped crying and put the infant in her car seat. Police are calling this a premeditated crime.

Aguiluc is being charged as an adult with first-degree murder and is being held without bond. According to Maryland laws, children are allowed to babysit at age 12.

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  • Not A Gentleman

    I count myself to be up to at least 20 here. Bioshock counts, right?

  • Not A Gentleman

    Fourteen year olds -are- idiots. Now – to the list of things that are wrong here : No one mentioned they were classy, you used the insult you are upset over, your name is Criss and you should be ashamed. See I can get mad over nothing too!

  • Judge Dredd

    Whether he is ill or not. He is a lawbreaker, and lawbreakers get the iso-cube or death. I know this because “I AM… THE LAW!”

  • Daisytoo

    Statistics don’t support your claim.

  • ej

    I couldn’t agree more Criss – although I prefer MORON!

  • kierah

    Are you seriously suggesting that women are exempt from assuming personal responsibility? Women have the burden of bearing children and with that comes the extra responsibility of making sure our children are cared for. Until men carry babies, that’s the way it is going to be.

    You don’t know what she thought either; however, one thing is very clear. Lack of appropriate child care killed her child and imprisoned the other. As the custodial parent, the mother bears a large part of the blame. She was supposed to care for both of the those children.

    As women, playing the role of the victim isn’t getting us very far. We have to make smarter choices when it comes to the men we chose to have children with and make sure they are accountable for these children.

  • SleepingTiger

    It doesn’t matter if the two parents are “male and female”, as you stated. A two parent household PERIOD is better. Two men, two women. It doesn’t matter.

  • SickenedMom

    PREMEDITATION!!!!!!! ARE THESE PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MIND? Come on!!! Poor kid! Even as a mom I feel extremely overwhelmed when one of my kids cries a lot, let alone a 14 yr-old who is by the way a KID! This system is a joke, I am disgusted and hope this kid gets help, my heart goes to him!

  • Meeka

    Also, in reading all these comments about children not being able to “cognitively” understand very basic concepts at age 14, or that they are not able to be responsible enough to care for siblings is too much for me. At age 10, I was responsible enough to take care of my baby sister. By the time I was 13, I was raising three siblings and running our family household because my mother was seriously ill. Her illness lasted for years. Although I sometimes resented not having the freedom to just be a kid like my friends, I was also mature and responsible enough to know that a need for my service existed. I simply put my own needs aside and did what had to be done. My mother turned out to be a serious drug addict after multiple surgeries fed her need to escape into the wonderful world of opiate addiction. So from the age of 10 till I finally left home at 21, I had to function as a mother would to make sure that my two sisters and little brother would have a good upbringing with good moral values. My father needed my help and I gave it. Everyone in our family did well except my mother, who rather (very) selfishly chose her drugs inside of our family. People today make too many excuses about everything and will not ever accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong. This case sadly illustrates that point and many will suffer as a result.

  • Meeka

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think some parents weren’t parented well themselves so they have no idea the total responsibility involved in having and raising children. For the last 40 years children have learned the majority of their information from the basic babysitter, television, while the family suffers from not being able to have a healthy two parent unit available to teach the proper things. Most people today have grown up in a violent culture which has no respect for life. Don’t tell me that a 14 year old child isn’t capable of recognising that smothering a baby will result in death – no one is that stupid at that age! He was simply supremely selfish, he wanted the baby to shut up so he could go back to playing his violent videos and not be bothered. My heart breaks for this mother but she obviously didn’t have the time or inclination to teach her son some basic moral values.

  • Gillian

    How is this premeditated? So now the police, the prosecutor are all mind readers and knew what this boy was thinking about…WAKE UP AMERICA, A 14 YR. OLD HOLDS NO OTHER ADULT RIGHTS SO WHY IS IT SUDDENLY OK IN THE LAST APPROX. 7-10 YEARS TO START TRYING THEM AS SUCH??? This type of thinking in the judicial system scares me. We have adults who truly do kill their child under premeditation and she gets a dream team defense and gets off why…? I’ll tell you why she had the looks…this poor baby himself was left with an adult’s job to do and mentally he broke. That is why babies aren’t suppose to have babies…cognitively they are not ready. The mother should be held accpuntable in some way but with the babysitting laws she committed no crime. Has anyone stopped to think that this 14yr. Old CHILD may have been sufferring from sleep deorivation if this was an all the time thing and from what I have read it has been…sad, so very sad. Premeditation-not possible at that age; cognitely speaking, losing it from too much responsibility coupled with sleep deprivation…more likely. The overall point is he is a child trying to do what many adults can’t even handle. Let the child be, his own anguish will be a lifelong punisment thanks to an immature mother!!!

  • Daisytoo

    Families are better off when the structure includes 2 married adults (one male and one female) as parents. And this Should be repeated loudly and clearly since the single greatest causation of generational poverty and its attendant social chaos is deliberate single motherhood. Even divorce doesn’t wreak as much havoc on the family as the failure to marry before having children. Statistically, widows w/children – for all their hardship and grief – have less chaotic familial relationships than deliberately single mothers and divorced parents. Now you know. It doesn’t take a village, it takes a family.

  • Daisytoo

    Where was her husband? Oh, that’s right, she never bothered to get one of those before having kids.

  • Daisytoo

    Try getting married to a decent man before having children.

  • 1honeybunny

    You’re right, they’re not Black. ( ). But please stop with this whole “race card” phrase – that has got to be the most annoying phrase known to man. Whenever people use it, they’re using it to “shut” people up. Especially when said people have been toting their “race passport” around for generations.

  • Criss

    Oh, congratulations on calling a fourteen year old an idiot. Classy. Idiot

  • Milan Mccandle

    Well, I don’t know why people don’t seem to get it that maybe she really had no choice if she wanted to have a roof over her head and food.
    I do agree, it’s not the right thing to have a child that age doing that much babysitting if it can possibly be helped.

  • Milan Mccandle

    Well blame it on the women. Who takes up the slack, 90% of the time, when “dad” takes off? Women. Then people like you love to blame them. Try getting men to take responsibility for their children first.

  • Milan Mccandle

    Maybe she didn’t feel she had a choice. I would think that if she had any other choice, she would have chosen an adult who could handle a crying baby.

  • Milan Mccandle

    I agree. I don’t understand why so many children are being tried as adults. They are not adults.
    It can take a lot of maturity for an adult to handle a crying baby. To say that the boy premeditated this on top of it seems crazy to me. It sounds like he was too immature to handle the crying, and had no resources to help him with it.

  • Milan Mccandle

    What the freak? You are blaming the mom based on what information? How about the dad? Where was he? What if he dumped her for someone else and left her with all the childcare as so often happens?
    Jeez, talk about judgmental. How do you know what “she thought”? Gawd. How about you start thinking “clearly and rationally”

  • Yea the mother should know whether or not her child is short tempered. Especially if she’s going to leave a baby with him.

  • The generation doesn’t matter you idiot. There will be people like this all this time there has been throughout the years. Just because YOU won’t do it doesn’t mean anything. -___-

  • phantomraven

    1) if you think child care is too expensive, open a daycare and charge $5 a day. If you are referring to having the government pay for it (aka me), I am not interested in paying for it, because…2) if you can’t afford decent child care, you shouldn’t be having kids in the first place.

  • Ogrish

    If only the NRA had given that infant an AR-15…she would certainly still be with us.

  • Steve Smith

    Play the race card much? I don’t remember reading anything regarding the 14 year old’s race!

  • yes!

    It’s easier for some to recite their (wannabe) highNmighty descendants outdated Judgeisms and simple-mindeed Blamology (perhaps to quell guilt from terminating a pregnancy of their own!)…….than to be less judgmental, and more proactively helpful for the betterment of society as a whole. She IS a cow. Nothin but a judgemental heiffer. Bless You!

  • appropriate_boy

    You can “should” people until the cows come home, but it doesn’t make
    your shoulds a reality because there is no perfect world. In the
    meantime, being less judgmental and more proactively helpful is better
    for society as a whole.

  • appropriate_boy

    You can “should” people until the cows come home, but it doesn’t make your shoulds a reality because there is no perfect world. In the meantime, being less judgmental and more proactively helpful is better for society as a whole.

  • Walter Mink

    C’mon who hasn’t smothered at least a few children to death by age 14?

  • kierah

    We can blame welfare reform; however, as you say it’s been this way for a while. I’m sure this mother was aware of that when she decided to add a child to her family. Unless the baby’s dad unexpectedly passed away, mom should have reasoned that it was not financially feasible to have another child. However, she didn’t think that way. She thought that the best solution was to have a child take care of a baby every day. We women have got to start thinking clearly and rationally.

  • teegirl

    This was a mistake waiting to happen, we must remember that not all of us mature the same, just because he looked old enough to leave a child with doesn’t mean that he was mentally capable to taking care of that child. I don’t feel that this warrants a charge as an adult, he has to live with this memory for the rest of his life and throwing him in with adults won’t make this better, he’ll only become a victim himself. Where was the village? Where were her brothers, sisters, mother, father, aunt, uncle’s someone that could have helped her out before this happened. Now this family has to live with three tragedies, lost of the baby, lost of her older child and lost of this family as a whole.

  • appropriate_boy

    Incomes for most Americans have gone down in the last 15+ years. Single mothers have to go to work, but childcare is prohibitively expensive for most. Thanks to “welfare reform” women and children were tossed off welfare (women are allowed welfare only five years in total now and it’s been that way since Clinton’s so-called “reform”). Once welfare is no longer an option, they must go to work no matter what, often to multiple jobs because of low pay, which means leaving their children alone. It’s that or homelessness for them and their children, and if they are homeless the state will take their children from them and put them in foster care, adding to the entire family’s trauma. We are mean-spirited society, evidenced by what we subject our families to.

  • appropriate_boy

    It isn’t the mother’s fault unless she knew her son was abnormally dangerous in some way. We don’t have to everyone associated with the boy “accountable.” It’s enough of a tragedy as it is.

  • appropriate_boy

    On what planet is a 14-year-old an adult? The surge in trying minors as adults is sickening and uncivilized.

  • juan

    I’m fourteen years old and I think that a lot of kids my age are really stupid I mean would doing that occur to you I swear my generation is messed up

  • Raegan

    i babysat when i was 10, and that was siblings, I was babysitting others children when i was 13, I think it depends alot on the child and how they are. But kids today arent like they were 20 years ago. They dont want to be bothered and they are mostly abusive not sure i understand why. I wouldnt however leave my infant with a 13 year old unless the 13 year old was very hands on even with me there. But even so i would have had someone older there. Babies can be frustrating for adults to deal with i wouldnt put that on a 14 year old.

  • This is a child with serious problems who needs treatment not prison and all this judging as usual for a young black defendant is outrageous. The other issue glossed over is affordable decent child care for America’s working poor and middle class. The United States
    is pathetically and shamefully behind developed nations in this regard. The obsession with the fetus and the disregard for those once born is hypocritical.

  • As a parent I don’t believe that young children should be left to babysit their younger siblings. It is a struggle every day to care for children,especially an infant. There are days that make you want to pull out your hair, which is why I feel that the childs mother should be held accountable as well. My heart goes out to this family.

  • kierah

    Yes a child can babysit at age 12, but should they? I was baby sitting at that age, but it would be for like 3 hours at a time. This kid had to supervise a baby almost every day for an extended period of time. That is inappropriate. Unfortunately this mom has lost both of her children in a way.