Get Organized: 12 Super Savvy Apps for Supermom

July 15, 2013  |  

From executing projects at work to remembering to pick up a gallon of milk on your way home, there are so many little things that need to get done each day. But the age-old answer to this problem, the to-do list, is out the door! Thanks to modern-day technology, there are many great free options to bring your to-do list into the digital age. Click to continue for a list of Mommynoire’s super savvy iPhone and Android apps to get organized!

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  • Adrianne

    I named my daughter Myra. I love it. Simple, pretty and sweet.

  • cailtin

    I love those. Absolutely beautiful!

  • halleygee

    and Bertha! That was my grandmothers name and she knew many other Bertha’s as well. She always hated her name too.

  • halleygee

    I actually know one person named Cybele, she’s lovely and not old 🙂

  • Tootle

    Yeah, between the Madeline, Samantha and MacKenzie thing, I really dislike those names.

  • Tootle

    Wow, that wasn’t your decision to make now was it.

  • Daneen Covino-Rogers

    There are a lot of old lady names left off that list…Esther, Delores, Fannie….

  • mary

    Are you serious with Madeleine? Every third little girl I know is named Maddie.

  • SN0man

    My favorite girl names — Elizabeth and Lilly. Yours?

  • Julie Saunders

    I like old names they have history and meaning. Its not the name that makes your child its the child that makes its name , an besides you don’t find many people with old names. because to many come up with off the wall names anymore. my kids names are old ones but in my small community I don’t have to worry to much with to many with the same name.. My son is Dalton James, My Daughters are Isabella Annalouise, Rosemary Elaine. My son is named after old west out laws and my daughter Isabella Annalouise she is named after myself and my sisters, an My youngest she in a way is named after her grandma and her honorary grandma. Its all that you make of it.. My kids are very proud of their names…

  • Zan Tarr

    going through life is already a tribulation. why did you bring them in the world at all…?

  • Donna Manning

    I named my beautiful daughter Sara Victoria in 1993.

  • fluff

    …at least none of your kids were saddled with a name thats hard to keep up with. I got stuck with Justine Francis! Live that one down!
    OH..Im not old either, just one of the unlucky daughters born to an American Bandstand wannabe =)

  • Arthur Anderson

    These particular names may not all be the prettiest of a long list of dated names, but they do sound European. That’s why you should never give your any of your brats one of these names.

  • Arthur Anderson

    The child’s fine and there is nothing wrong with the name, Easter. It’s just that you’re stupid, Mike.

  • I’m not sure these are as outdated as you think – I know people with all these names except Cybele – never heard of that one.

  • byahn13k

    I can understand why these names are outdated. They all scream “European” and most don’t sound too appealing rolling off the tongue.

  • drDaveElliott

    Names with containing “oy” “ew” or nasalized “a’ are going away. No one wants a name you say through your nose.

  • Tabby

    I like your daughter’s name! I bet Mike Wilson was too unlovable for his parents to ever give him an easter egg hunt, so he takes his bitterness out on you.

  • leftbehind

    and Harriet, or Charlotte

  • moonbeam sunshine

    And your name is so memorable, right, Mike Wilson? (Bob Jones, John Smith,..whatever). Easter is a cool name, and I’m sure the people who know her will always associate her unique name with something good.

    I never understood why people name their kids such generic, common-place names anymore. It’s a new century, I think some folks need to get up from their lazy boys and get out a little. BTW: Did you hear? Ford makes cars in something other than black now too. Oh, these changin’ times.

  • Mike Wilson

    That’s stupid. Your poor child!