Preacher Photographed in Tub with Granddaughter Speaks Out

January 18, 2013  |  
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Bishop Larry Trotter of Chicago found himself in hot water yesterday after an Instagram photo of him and his granddaughter taking a bubble bath went viral. The preacher called the John Hannah Morning Show to defend himself, the the International Business News reported.

Trotter was horrified that people “called [him] everything from a child molester to a pedophile, to a nasty old man” after a photo of him and his four-year-old granddaughter appeared on Instagram. He said his family came to visit him at his home. His granddaughter saw him in the tub and after begging to get in with her “Popo”, her mother put her in swim trunks, Trotter put on his trunks and they enjoyed the bath. The child’s mother snapped the photo and another family member posted it to his Instagram.

The senior preacher at Sweet Holy Spirit Church defended his actions as completely innocent, saying:

“I know some people have never bathed with their kids, but when I was growing up we shared bathwater.”

Trotter said he was shocked that people had been so nasty about the photo and that the public outcry—with some going as far as demanding child protective services get involved—has hurt his family. He’s since suspended his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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  • The Black Fingernail

    It’s beginning to feel like Matthew Hopkins “the Witchfinder General” will soon be beginning his tour of these middle age ideas. Not all men are child molesters any more than all women are ‘on the game’. The real perverts are those people who see a criminal in every person. Nowadays I would NEVER EVER risk helping either a child or woman in trouble for fear of being pilloried for my actions, sooner they die than I get labeled a pervert and my career destroyed for nothing; Sad but true.

  • Archie Caldwell

    Of course

  • Archie Caldwell

    Wot about nudists?

  • Archie Caldwell

    Ok drain the tub n see wot everyones wearing.

  • Archie Caldwell

    Bus too.

  • Archie Caldwell

    There a lot of sick people out there who see everythikng as evil.

  • Archie Caldwell

    u make me sick

  • Archie Caldwell

    U make total sense.

  • Archie Caldwell

    So true

  • Archie Caldwell

    as a plank.

  • Archie Caldwell


  • Archie Caldwell

    He’s the real pervert

  • Archie Caldwell

    The world has gone mad.

  • Archie Caldwell

    As a refomed alchi I resent that I in arund peepls who are drinikig. I join em
    Just for a cuople
    IL have it under control.

  • Archie Caldwell

    Then u miss that closeness that a real famlly memeber enjoyes So sad.

  • Archie Caldwell

    I cant spellthose big words.

  • Archie Caldwell

    U tell im

  • Archie Caldwell

    R nudists perverted too or just U

  • Archie Caldwell

    how do u no he had no clothes on.

  • Archie Caldwell

    UR correct of course. The world has gone mad.

  • Archie Caldwell

    Ur sick.

  • Archie Caldwell

    It not politically correct any more so sad.

  • Archie Caldwell

    No but they will think U r.

  • Archie Caldwell

    dam stupid idiot.
    There r some weirdos out there who see perverts behind every tree. I was going to stop and pick up my grandaughter on her way home from school.
    I hesitated for a minute an throught how wud that be construed if someone reported me 🙁
    Also common sense said don’t do it. So sad.

    To bad society has come to this.
    LIfe used to so innocent and exciting.
    U cud hitchhike every where but now………jeeez

  • Archie Caldwell

    IN society one cannot be normal any more

  • Janice Thomas

    Bad taste in judgement. My babies bathed with me when they were infants, At her age, no way

  • blackspeak

    Dat girl be fine, Ima get me some of dat too. You go rev.

  • K C

    problem is the picture doesnt show the swim trunks. usually people in bath tubs are naked. Shouldnt have been shared on the internet. I bathed my daughter till she was quite grown and I took a decision to teach her privacy of a young lady by stopping and allowing puberty to begin. But i would never share a picture of myself bathing my daughter when she was little, for the simple fact that what is known and acceptable to family can cause social confusion. Today I shower with my little boy but would never share a photo of us showering together for the simple fact that the would is perverted and would think dirty first.

  • Debra

    This doesn’t even look right. Anyone comfortable with it has serious issues, and needs to see a therapist quick !

  • Robin West

    The only thing what’s wrong is the stupid Mother who took the picture and the other idiot as “Guest” said put it on the web

  • Modicia Martin

    This is not right, that should not be posted it is a terrible picture!

  • Mr logical guy

    They both had bathing suits on. Apparently you didn’t read the article and just went straight to the comment section to give your asshole………I mean opinion .

  • kayla

    It be different if she had on a bathing suit and had some trunks really that’s a 4 year girl
    and he what in his 40’s or a least 50’s and its not right because he think he can do it because he a preacher.

  • ObJoeB

    Yeah, pretty sad that so many people’s first thought is molestation.

  • ObJoeB

    Reread the article, they both put on swim trunks.
    “His granddaughter saw him in the tub and after begging to get in with her
    “Popo”, her mother put her in swim trunks, Trotter put on his trunks and
    they enjoyed the bath.”

  • ObJoeB

    Reread the article, they both put on swim trunks.
    “His granddaughter saw him in the tub and after begging to get in with her
    “Popo”, her mother put her in swim trunks, Trotter put on his trunks and
    they enjoyed the bath.”

  • sara

    this is nothing rong,,family is nr 1 …your kids is nr 1 .I agre dont put this family picture everywhere.

  • jackie canada

    Shame on you and whoever thought this was a good idea! It screams that you are a child molester. This is so inappropriate on all levels a mom I bathed with my kids (sometimes) but mostly bathed them in a little tub until they could sit in the big tub alone. What grandfather bathes with their grandchildren??????

  • Ejira Films

    I think the inappropriateness of this pictures comes from the fact that this is a man, grandfather or not, he is a male who should not be taking baths with a female child over the age of 2. If this were the grandmother, or any other female relative this would be acceptable. Before baths were invented, Men would never bathe with children, it was the women who did so. So to many this is strange and uncomfortable. If this were a woman with a male child a lot more people would be okay with it….

  • Guest

    now that is the smartest thing anyone has ever said!

  • klen

    this is gross because she will be coming in contct with his DCK!! from time to time omg

  • Sarah Sirles

    there is nothing wrong with that i used to bath with my granny

  • Cyberologist

    Well they are in bathing suits and his daughter took the photo with them in a bubble bath. Sounds innocent to me but in this day and age people immediately will jump to the negative.

  • tttttttttttttttt

    He old man wanted see what a naked light skin girl look like.

  • worldpeacecutie

    Not cool,, + why delete fb & insta as if there is something further to hide?

  • Bleusky Label

    Maybe its us not him……

  • Vicki Miller

    First of all I don’t believe that The Grandfather had his trunks on. That right there Is a cover up. So I don’t seem like anything Is going on. Now Look. I don’t believe the grand child had any swim trunk’s on that right there. Is a cover up. See You just can’t post thing’s and think everyone is going to be on the same page when not. You have a lot of people with different opinions, and they are going to express how they see fit. It doesn’t look innocent to me It look’s straight out right disturbing. Now he fill bad that the photo got a bad reputation for it. And didn’t even expect the kind of out come it was going to have. They knew they were in there NAKED NAKED NAKED.

  • @Talk2Neit

    stop putting EVERYTHING online!

  • Laney Williams

    who the hell is this? well this is a grizzly bear hounding at your door and if you dont back off, the claws will come out and cause damage, come on then, tell us all who you are then? lets see if you can come out of the shadows and prove who you are or are you a gutless coward. !!!!!

  • Guest

    Got an opinion!!

  • Kimberley Louise Carter

    Aw cute. Yes I am.

    And it’s ‘you’re’, again. As in ‘you are’, get it?

  • Elaine Lydon

    There’s bathing your child and there is taking pictures to show the world and there is perverts on the internet that’s why we ain’t allowed to even take pictures of our own kids in the swimming pool anymore or school play’s. Having a bath with kids is one thing but not posted on the internet DUMB fool!!

  • Elaine Lydon

    excuse me!!

  • Elaine Lydon

    NO your not!!

  • Elaine Lydon

    And your a pervert for liking that man bath with a kid it’s not normal!!

  • Elaine Lydon

    There a difference my son isn’t naked and I don’t let Him bath with grown ups and post pictures on the internet!! A real parent would protect the privacy of their children not let the world see them in the bath tub at least I respect my son not show naked pictures of Him on the internet how does that make me a pervert!! I think you need to research a little on what a pervert is!! GROW UP BEFORE YOU PREACH ABOUT INNOCENT PEOPLE

  • Tamara

    All of you people calling this guy a pervert are idiots. Perverts hide their behaviour. He was not even naked he and the girl had trunks on!

  • SafetyFirst

    I agree but you girls should probably not use your real names with profiles on sites like these either. If you use social media, then all it takes is for someone to Google your name and find your profile, pics and all the comments you’ve ever posted. This can bite you back especially if a potential employer decides to Google your name one day. Social media is a problem altogether.

  • dffdf

    For one whole month you have trolled this article. Just F-off “Laney.” Yeah I know exactly who you are.

  • SterlingsNumberOneSlave

    You have a kid in your picture, pervert.

  • EPA

    This is SO INAPPROPRIATE! The man’s no preacher. He has absolutely no sense of modesty.

  • Elaine Lydon

    I ain’t a victim I’m a social worker

  • Mel Grinter

    Lots of parents have their kids get into the bath when they are little. If people think this is perverted, then they are the ones with the problem!

  • Mel Grinter

    We always had our kids in the bath when they were little. Why does everything have to be made ‘dirty’ these days?!

  • SixFootThree

    Perhaps you never bathed with your son because if you did you have thoughts and issues that the normal mother does not have. Like an alcoholic who cant be around people who are drinking because they will fall off the wagon. Perhaps that’s how you are around children, even your own son? Did you change his diapers because not only would you have to see his genitals but you would have to touch them too in order to clean him. How did you get around that? Seems like you are the pervert since you think seeing your own flesh and blood is “sexual and dirty and perverted”.

  • SixFootThree

    First of all I can hardly understand what you are saying because you are borderline illiterate but I think I can sort through your mumbo-jumbo. How about you stick to the facts instead of your gross exaggerations of the truth. It is not a just “a man” in the bathtub with “a child” it is a grandfather in a bubble bath with his granddaughter with the mother (his own daughter) present. That is completely different from the way you made it sound. That “man” you are referring to is the man who created & raised the mother of the child in the picture. I’m sure he bathed her, changed her diapers (yes that means he saw and touched his own daughters butt OMG) and none of that is sexual. If “that man” was capable of raising his own daughter without any perverted intentions than why would there suddenly be issues with his grandchild?
    The only thing worng here is the fact that someone posted the picture to the internet where people like you pont the finger and make sick accusations because your mind is always in the gutter. It is because of people like you that single adults can not even sit in a public park a certain distance from a playground because we live in a world where everyone thinks the worst.
    Who is posting “kids” naked? Again stick to the truth. Another adult, the childs mother, posted a picture of her daughters FACE in the bathtub where the rest of the childs body is covered by bubbles but if the bubbles and water were removed the child had a bathing suit on. So your statement of “naked kids” is a complete lie but I can see how your mind is twisted and sick and honestly I think you need help.

  • Gav

    Obviously it is nonsense. I had a male friend who had the social services involved for bathing his disabled female child

  • Gav

    why isn’t it ok?

  • Elaine Lydon

    Bathing your kids is one thing not posting it on the internet I didn’t say seeing your kids naked in the bath is perverted I said a man in a bath tub with a child is perverted even so why would anyone post a picture of that on a website no wonder he has been called certain names and how am I a pervert am I the one posting kids naked on here ooooh no I AM NOT!!

  • Harry

    Thats a disgusting old man

  • Elaine Lydon


  • Elaine Lydon

    I think you need to grow up and learn what the word HYPOCRITE is

  • Elaine Lydon

    That isn’t what I been told apparently if you dislike that picture your a dirty minded pervert there is some fked up individuals on here

  • Elaine Lydon

    Think what the fk you want I don’t see why a grown up man would want a bath with a kid fked up I have a son never bathed with Him fking dirty perverts

  • SixFootThree

    exactly headgirlblues

  • SixFootThree

    IF you think seeing your own child naked is perverted than obviously you have perverted thoughts and feelings that you need to stifle by not seeing your child naked. So it is you who has the problem. A normal parent wouldn’t in a million years even think of their naked child as “perverted”. You have a guilty conscious which makes you very suspect.

  • SixFootThree

    How is it perverted? What do you think people did before bath tubs were invented? They washed their naked children in a river or lake and nobody thought it was perverted. Elaine where did you go to school anyway? If your logic is as bad as your writing skills then I can see why you think the way you do.

  • Deathmachine808

    There’s this new invention; books. I’m going to get you one.

  • Max Blood and destruction

    there’s nothing wrong with this. asians share their bath time together all the time. this man is doing nothing to this child and like it says the mother took the pic an i doubt she would have pulled out a cam and taken a pic as they both do a smile for the cam b4 he got his teeth knocked out . it’s not a selfie with a thumbs up or anything weird. ppl are just freaking out cuz it’s a preacher and a kid.

  • Zimba Zumba

    It is a lovely picture and I find the reaction to it repulsive.

  • Elaine Lydon

    No I’m no perv I don’t post pictures of kids on the internet

  • senior

    nice. Quality vocabulary. Have to agree with Junior though. Ya perv.

  • mcintash

    The guy has done absolutely nothing wrong,what could be more innocent than having a bath with your grandchild,its just unfortunate that we are living in societies where this perfectly normal activity is viewed with distaste and suspicion,I myself bathed with my daughter when she was that age and younger,those are memories that i will cherish,i agree that not every little activity that takes place at home should be put on the web for everyone to share,and whoever thought it a good idea to share such precious memories with the world need their head examined,i hope this doesn’t put the man off from continuing to bond with his grandchild by sharing a bath with her.

  • MaybeGoPetSomeKittens

    The only thing I an agree with here is, it shouldn’t be posted on the web (for obvious reasons, mostly because people on the internet are douche canoes who love to over analyze and destroy any good that may exist and turn it into a sick, twisted story of bullshit instead of taking it at face value a.k.a not every person shares the same outlook as you, so accept that your normal may not be someone elses, derp ).

    I’m not sure HOW this is perverted unless you choose to view it that way. Nothing looks sexual here (those smiles just scream sexual deviant! And that comfortable body distant between the two of them. GROSS.) and if you are made uncomfortable by a child with no clothes (which it states they both had swim trunks on so…clam yo tits) then maybe you need to double check yourself, because naked kids are nothing more than naked kids, so stop smearing your shady adult perceptions (probably stemming from your own childhood) on something so innocent – that’s gross (the only thing making me uncomfortable here is some of the commenters..and it scares me that you admit to having offspring).

    I have to wonder, those who think this is perverted, how you feel about letting dad or grandpa bathe their own (gran)kids? Because, this isn’t any worse than that. Though, many of the comments come off as a reflection of your own possible upbringing, so I can imagine the answer to that one.

  • Patrice Slater-Lee

    i still think they should of said no, you cannot get in the tub with the popo, really, why was the door open?

  • Sam Line

    world has changed now no man can even hug a child in public with out being called a pedo or a sex offender

  • CaribbeanGlow

    Because he was bathing and most people don’t wear swim suits to bathe.

  • CaribbeanGlow

    Yeah, he’s loving it. D!ck probably hard as a rock. She seems to be on his lap too. His n@sty butt better have on trunks, but he doesn’t.

  • CaribbeanGlow

    But this aint a damn pool. His n@sty behind better have a pool. J/k but not really. This is wrong on many levels to me.

  • David

    You say “blame pedophiles for the way us parents think” as is pedophiles and parents are two separate breeds! The vast majority of pedophiles ARE parents.

  • Jayne Martin

    Your comment shows that you are sadly uninformed as to the very real fact that there are a multitude of men who like to have sex with little children and even babies. They are not looking for breasts. It is sad that this exists in the world, but it is a documented fact. There are groups of pedophiles who trade pictures, many that are being obtained off of Facebook and Instagram accounts. Think about that the next time you want to share innocent photos of your young kids, nieces, or nephews on these social media sites.

  • pdawg

    Over sexualised people fall in to the trap of equating nudity to something sexual. You can be naked without it being sexual – after all, clothes are our creation, we are all naked by default. It’s the fault of this contemporary society we live in, in which nudity is seen as filthy taboo under any circumstance. You are a victim!

  • John Cameron

    I am sure it was perfectly innocent but in this day and age he was idiotic to put in online.

  • Emma

    If it was a grandmother bathing with a grandson this whole crazy situation wouldn’t be happening… double standards, sigh

  • Ash

    It’s like being in a swimming pool with your kids, he was in trunks it said it’s not like they where completely naked. People make such a big issue out of things

  • chellethesouthernbelle

    I gotcha…you were commenting that I’d be called a perv…oh well…I know I’m not…but not so sure that grandpa wasn’t…I can’t imagine not having better sense than getting in a bubble bath with your grandchild if you’re a pastor, and then post it on social media…smh.

  • Issabella Flower

    You say “those who view this as perverted are the perverted ones” Don’t drop a hammer on “ALL” people I was molested by my step father. you don’t know what the first thing that goes through my mind and hundred and thousands of molested little girls thought when they saw that picture? So please don’t be Judge and Jury for our feelings. Oh yeah by the way I smiled when he was around, while i was suffering inside. so stop with one picture you can tell she is happy. My husband bathed with my son, my one Prerequisite hubby had to be in swimming trunks or something and i watched him like a hawk. Now the preacher may be great grandpa, unfortunately people like to stick their noses in other peoples business, so just a tip take a picture with you in trunks and her in a swimming suit getting out of the tub, i think it will make it better, or just email pictures to family stop with that Instagram crap.

  • Davypln

    Why even put it on the web? Exploitation?

  • Davypln

    Me too!

  • Kimberley Louise Carter


  • Elaine Lydon


  • headgirlblues

    This is very sad. If you can only see sexual motives for natural family intimacy, then something has gone terribly wrong.

  • Kimberley Louise Carter


  • Elaine Lydon

    I made an opinion about that pictures and some ignorant individuals called me a pervert mmmm ok whatever

  • chellethesouthernbelle

    what are you talking about…who is a pervert?

  • Mark 555

    think about this, Nudest places, where all the family go a relax and enjoy the day. laying on the grass/beach sunbathing. playing games, eating together, go swimming in a pool (open aired) or in the sea. getting change in a unisex changing rooms, shower. For all ages. (3 generations). Family feel at ease at these places. Even in their own home. The family maybe at ease or nudest. So in the same bath tub.

    Whats wrong is that?

    Plus if a family friend change their baby nappies, and clean around their bits with baby wipes. Or help a friend out to potty train their child, show how or clean their backside.

    Is this wrong?

    Let swing this around.

    If your parent or an eldery (maybe your friend) is ill or broken their arms etc…. and you help them to pull down their bottoms for them to go to the toilet. held their bits for a pee (only if i really had to), wipe their back side. Even getting them in the bath, washing them all over their body. help them to get out and dry them. then put clean close on.

    Is this Wrong?

    Am just trying say that, It falls down to the parent/Family members (who’s able to) to make their mind up and agree what is acceptable or not. Within their own four walls of their home or at nudest place.

    BUT law do state, plus also a frond upon, any sexual contact (in that sort of way) within the family. Class as Incest. Plus law also state under the age of consent is NOT aloud. If they break the law then its class pedo etc.. Is doesn’t say nudity/naked within the family aloud or not.

    I think end of the day picture shouldn’t been up up on the web.

  • Elaine Lydon

    other people think its ok I don’t I think its fked up

  • Elaine Lydon

    That was in them days this is 2014 were you hear about stories about perverts the man maybe innocent but its wrong to take the advantage of posting that on the internet

  • Elaine Lydon

    Your not allowed to have a negative opinion because your be classed as a pervert

  • Elaine Lydon

    So fking what so what your saying is it’s ok for a man to get in a bath with a little girl is it ? Your weird

  • Elaine Lydon

    Your THICK

  • Elaine Lydon

    nah I ain’t the one liking this weirdo

  • Elaine Lydon

    why do you like naked kids then you need to seek help

  • Al Mearder

    she isn t naked
    you Buffoon
    litle girls her age don t have Breasts yet

  • Al Mearder

    a caring m0ther is POLITE

    You Hyp0crite !

  • Al Mearder

    i think if he had anything to hide ,he wouldn t have posted it on line
    QUESTION is was he NAKED or was the little girl naked ?

  • Mia C

    Scandinavia they all do. In fact, towns take saunas together — it’s a big waste of heat not to.

  • jenet

    And just HOW do you know he don’t have on any for sure, or you down in there with them. SO HOW DO YOU KNOW?

  • Orecowgirl

    6 month old is one thing 4 year old not a chance in hell would that happen in our home. my husband locked the bathroom door when he is in there.

  • Orecowgirl

    why would any of them be in the bathroom with the father grandfather anyway. you don’t find that a little off. there are a lot of us that do. I am not judging I just saying.

  • Orecowgirl

    Good Job and well said.

  • Orecowgirl

    do they? how do you know that for sure

  • Orecowgirl

    No Precious One it about waking up and not hiding things under the carpet no more. There are a millions and I mean millions that would love to get off on that picture. that is how satan works by making people think this stuff is no big deal but its a BIG DEAL.

  • Orecowgirl

    do you think that grandpa don’t do bad things to their grandchildren wake up its on the news everyday of the year and it can cause great pain to the one it is happening with. As a baby under one maybe but at 4 never!!!!!

  • Orecowgirl

    I agree with you. A grandpa shouldn’t be in a bathtub with his granddaughter with our without clothes on its wrong. why would anyone thing that is ok.

  • Efreet

    this sexually paranoid era?

  • Elaine Lydon

    And a pervert is someone that like’s that picture not against it maybe the man is innocent but not to post pictures like that on the web it’s wrong and anyone that does it is asking to be name called

  • Elaine Lydon

    your probably be classed as a pervert for not liking that picture

  • Elaine Lydon

    but in this day and age you will get targeted

  • Elaine Lydon

    well how does that make someone perverted? it’s called child protection protecting a child from pedophiles looking at kids naked the person that post’s pictures of their kids naked on the net don’t care about the privacy of their child I have a son I don’t post naked pictures of Him on the net cause I protect him photo’s like that is private not for the world to see

  • Elaine Lydon

    that is no baby that is a child

  • Elaine Lydon

    Why would it be such a big thrill to post a picture like that on the internet what is the reward don’t you watch the new’s these day’s blame pedophiles for the way us parents think. My child is 8 I don’t bath with him that would just be perverted

  • Jak Stone

    That would be why he was wearing trunks, to cover that up. How is it any different from being in a pool or hot tub together?

  • Jak Stone

    You certainly seem to have some kind of problem, of the mental variety. Go seek help before you completely screw up your kids.

  • Joseph Kelsall

    People are looking at this photo and imagining what they found. I see no evil in it; I see a granddad with his grand daughter who is completely at ease in the situation. The adverse comments come from the puritanical Americans carrying the guilt of their religion. In Europe, you would be hard pressed to see a child actually wearing a swimsuit at her age.

    “Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?

  • Bill

    I believe its common for families in Japan to bathh together.

  • Mia C

    Sad. My head did not go there. And obviously theirs didn’t either because they posted the pic. I thought it was a cute pic and then hearing she’s got swim trunks on it definitely seems fine.

    Too bad these days we all have to realize the sickos of the world have ruined everything and now we’ve all got to be careful.

  • Susan BetzJitomir

    These days it probably would have been better to post, if you were going to post, with the information that everyone had swimwear on. SO many children have been harmed, it is a shame that innocent behavior is looked at as harmful, however children need to be protected and “if you see something say something” is the safest route for the young ones.

  • Elaine Lydon

    No I’m no way a pervert I am a caring mother thank’s so fk off!!

  • Mark Poxton

    WRONG! very WRONG!

  • Stefings

    And that’s your reply?! Your “arguments” are weak and insubstantial. You have no valid points to make and for that reason, I’m out.

  • Elaine Lydon

    And that’s my problem is it

  • Guest

    Only paedophiles like you would like that picture

  • Elaine Lydon

    All you people on here thinking that picture is perverted your be classed as a pervert yourself I don’t bloody think so

  • Hippity Hoo Haa

    In my opinion, those who view this as perverted are the perverted ones. The reason for this is because you are the only ones “sexualising” the child. The Grandfather doesn’t see this as sexual, I don’t see this as sexual, so why do you?

    However, I also admit that the familiar member who posted this private moment between a Grandfather and his Grand child for the world to see, where the real “sickos” that see a naked child as something sexual will have access to it.

    If this child had been say 10 years old I’d agree with you, as about then the child’s body would have gone through, is going through or will be going through preparations for sex at which point it would be bad for an adult male to bathe with the child.

  • Brianrob1961

    Good answer. Fact is that the sick people attacking this man are the ones who are promoting child abuse.

  • Brianrob1961

    It’s unacceptable only to people with sick minds, Beverly Durant.

  • #Chyna19

    The only thing wrong with this is the fact it was posted online .. I dont know a single person who would automatically think wow that is so wrong it is a natural thing and a terrible shame that in this day and age it is considered wrong .. damn I always had baths with my kids when they were very little .. It is a shame that the small minded deluded people out there that feel the need to comment negatively are the ones that have made bathing with your kids / grandkids etc wrong . Jesus what has the world come to …?

  • Junior

    seems to me like your the one with the perverted mind here !!

  • Stefings

    You labelled him a pervert by concluding that bathing with a child isn’t normal, that’s what I replied to. Whether it should/shouldn’t be on the internet has no relevance to the point I was making. But (seeing as you mentioned it), keep in mind he didn’t upload the pic to the internet himself, a family member did.

  • Jon Dough

    Looks pretty sick to me …..

  • Elaine Lydon

    Not a man in a tub on public internet you don’t that man could be accused of being a pervert these days

  • Elaine Lydon

    Blame perverts that like downloading innocent pictures of kids that is the problem these days to many perverts out there and thats why us people look at things in different ways

  • Elaine Lydon

    My Gran father never dried my sister or me as kids because He felt unhuman my Nan helped us but I trusted my Gran dad with my life

  • Elaine Lydon

    It’s not normal what satisfaction is anyone getting out of posting kids naked or in bath tubs I have a son and I have only ever posted His birthday pictures of Him on holiday not in the shower or paddling pool those who post pictures of their kids naked on the internet don’t love their kids if they want a paedophile to look at them or even perv on them. Infact swimming pool’s these days don’t allow cameras in their pools cause of perverts

  • Elaine Lydon

    you don’t put it on the bloody internet!!

  • Stefings

    Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters have bathed together, taken eachother to the toilet, wiped bottoms, got changed in the changing rooms together for years and will do for years to come – for normal families, this is normal!! Unfortunately there are families that aren’t ‘normal’ and perverts do exist. But it’s unfair to judge someone and label someone just by looking at a picture, you know nothing about this person.

  • sanjoro

    why put on the web ! no brains

  • amelia jayne

    does that mean we have to throw out old photos of us in the bath as babies other wise we are in the wrong even though they were taken by our parents , or our kids as it wasn’t wrong 30-40 years ago

  • Jane

    You can bath a child just as well outside the tub. Please.

  • Jane

    No ,no, no, this is NOT acceptable.

  • tsw_two

    I won’t even touch or hug my familys children for fear of these labels. Innocence is now totally lost where adults can enjoy children without being labelled. Perhaps people should not share these pics because of peoples twisted views.

  • Freya A

    Why is it impossible to differentiate between a threat to a child and a picture that shows an joyful moment for a little girl.

    This little girl shows nothing that is improper – quite the opposite: she is beaming of joy. I agree that it might have been a bit thoughtless to publish this picture but it was to show how much fun the little girl and her grandfather have and let friends and family take part in this little fun moment.

    Yes, there are a lot of sick people out there and they need to be found, tried and sentenced so that pictures like this can be shown again without concerns.

    On the other hand, don’t let prejudice and fanaticism cloud your common sense… I wish this family lots and lots more of such precious moments with each other. Moments caught on camera to be remembered again and again when looking at the pictures.

    Just use them and make some nice scrapbooks instead of posting them all online. :)))

  • Doubting Thomas

    I think we should really take a step back and look at the people who get so hysterical about things like this. Both the Granddad and Grandchild look really happy, we hear that they were both actually wearing swimming costumes at the time but yet some people still think unholy thoughts? perhaps we should be looking at those people with a view to their latent desires that they project onto others !

  • Todd South

    This is ridiculous. The entire world is not sexualized with every aspect of peoples’ lives. Grow up people.

  • sunny

    Different families have different upbringings. Doesn’t mean one way is correct and the other incorrect. Also people do things in different parts of the world which may seem weird to someone else over here.

    We are all assuming here. The only people who know the facts are the ones in that room. If they say they had swimming trunks on then maybe they did. We can’t prove that they but we cannot prove that they didn’t either.

    The only thing that I believe is wrong in this case is for the idiot posting the pic on the internet. As I have already stated everyone has different upbringings and do things in different parts of the world that may not be accepted here. Doesn’t make it wrong. Just shows that we need to broaden/adjust our thinking.

  • Peter

    Do we need to have certificate to change a nappy or should we take it to a doctor for a nappy change.
    Why should I have to share public toilets with Gay guys. If they are gay they should be arrested for being in a toilet for guys.

  • Elaine Lydon

    and the only pervert is the one that post pictures of kids half dressed like people want to see pictures like that on the internet

  • Elaine Lydon

    I doubt it

  • Elaine Lydon

    what so having a bath with a kid is normal is it no is isn’t its perverted

  • mrs1234

    A pervert? What twisted thinking. The child is not naked, I can see only her shoulders and a face with a beaming smile. Guess you think that people should not share swimming pools are bathe together at the beach. Are they perverts too? How sickening are thoughts such as yours.

  • lighten up everyone

    If they were on the outside deck in a hot tub or jacuzzi no one would be saying much. The mother was there, they were wearing trunks — remember everyone, this is her grandfather not a stranger!

  • sarah

    thats very naive…

  • sarah

    thats crazy theres nothing wrong at all! they were both wearing costumes, the fact that they posted it online shows their innocence in my opinion. i bath with my daughter all the time, its completley normal

  • Richard Spurr

    Would there have been the same response if he was with his granddaughter in the public swimming baths? No. Innocent is as innocent does.

  • Elaine Lydon

    I agree next you won’t be allowed to have skin to skin contact with a newborn baby :/ this world is perverted and fked up

  • Elaine Lydon

    it’s not like you got the camera out and posted it online it’s potty training some people are to quick to judge that’s your home were kids live not facebook

  • Elaine Lydon

    That isn’t a baby and yes it is wrong there is perverts on these websites

  • Elaine Lydon

    people who post pictures of their kids naked these sights are attention seekers and sorry nothing but a pervert

  • Elaine Lydon

    Like someone I know posted my niece and nephew on facebook of them in the paddling pool half dressed like in their underwear I then got abuse on there cause I don’t want paedophiles to download pictures!! Up to people what they do but don’t cry if they get done by social services for posting their kids naked makes me sick. I have a son I have never posted any pictures like that it’s not that sort of thing I would do baby pictures are private for family only

  • Elaine Lydon

    Not being funny but why would anyone want their child on the internet naked ok she in the bath tube but still what is the point one reason I don’t go on facebook all people do is post B.S on there

  • minion

    He had trunks on. She had shorts on. Wow, paranoid society.

  • Netpasya

    This whole BS about “under any circumstance” is just that BS. You hit me first, I will hit back–man or woman. There is such a thing as self-defense. Women are muggers. Women are murderers. Women are thieves just like men are. Women can cause you physical harm just like men can. I’m not gonna let a woman cripple or maim me just because she’s a woman and let her get away with it. Screw that.

  • Netpasya

    Are we forgetting that the mother was right there? It’s the child’s mother who took the picture. It was an innocent move. A child wanting to get in a tub. Growing up, we (my sisters, cousins and friends) used to jump in a river butt naked. We were all 5, 6. 7 possibly 10 years old. We saw nothing sexual. I had no concept of the v-word, the p-word, etc… We were just kids having fun and getting a good laugh.

  • Sittingburns

    Totally agree. This is a purely innocent matter but unfortunately, as always, perverts ruin everything for the innocents and put them under suspicion. If perverts were dealt with properly maybe we wouldn’t have all this.

    Immorality is everywhere. Nowadays the World is a sexually depraved place with perverts being given equal status with normal heterosexuals and a whole industry of pornography. That has caused a major problem. Those supporting same sex marriage are in fact supporting perversion. Step forward Obama and Cameron, two immoral leaders.

  • Miss innocent

    I only wish all grandparents were good, I was abused by my grandfather till i was 12, and yes when I was having a bath

  • Judith

    Is anyone really stupid enough to think that a paedophile would allow a photograph of him with a child to be circulated openly online? I don’t think so – they have the “dark net” for that. This is simply a happy, innocent photo of a man with his grandchild. The only evil in this photo is found in the minds of those who wish to see evil in everything. Such a shame.

  • r

    After reading that they both had on swim shorts in this photo, I don’t see what the big deal is.


    We are now living in the Twenty-First Century. Readers, this cannot be justified. I don’t care who you are. Or, who you think you are. Their are something’s you cannot ever justify, Senior Preacher!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen Kellogg

    The feminist movement did NOT teach us to be the “Head” of a family. I am a feminist AND I’m old fashioned. I’m a feminist because I believe not that women are superior to men, but equal. Please stop feeding into the Conservative agenda and do some research. I’m married and I stay at home with the kids, clean, cook, etc.. my husband works and takes care of the bills. I’m traditional BUT I don’t believe that my husband should EARN more working at the same job as me, and I should be allowed to vote, and participate in “head of household” responsibilities. I’m treated as an equal by my husband, and THAT’S feminism.

  • Kristen Kellogg

    thank you. i agree. i once had a lady call cps on me because my two-year-old was running around naked (potty training) and because my son was sitting in the same room with her. the lady was a worker for the gas company, and she claimed when she came into the house, that my kids were sitting together and my daughter had ripped her diaper off, so she was naked. truthfully, she was the pervert. my kids are brother and sister, they fall asleep together every night, they share everything with each other. they are close. it makes me sick that people can misconstrue a situation, without giving a care what kind of damage it could do to the people they’re judging. i hope people leave this man and his family alone, smh.

  • Sonia

    very harmless but should be a private family affair not a internet share 🙂

  • Calvin Poe

    yanno even if it was innocent why take a photo of it? why post it online? my father NEVER took bathes with us and i would never take bathes with my kids…isnt right or natural.

  • Jnce

    Wrong! This is absolutely indefensible! There is no explanation that makes this okay. Whoever this is has no idea of right or wrong.

  • James Foley


  • James Foley


  • Laurey

    ~The Truth of Life in 3 Pages~
    Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”.///

  • homesickyank

    People in the US have such dirty minds. My husband is from Japan, where entire families bath together. There is nothing sexual or obscene about it.

  • Minnie mouse

    Even if he didn’t and she didn’t, there’s nothing wrong with a parent bathing with their baby. I used to take baths with my babies all the time and my husband would bring our son in the shower with him when he was little in order to bath him. It was just convenient to put him in, soap him up and then hand him back out to me to dry him off.
    As soon as he got old enough to bath himself, we stopped. There was nothing sexual or perverted about it. It was just an efficient way to bath our child.
    If the grandfather was doing something perverted or wrong, I doubt very much that he would let family members into the bathroom to take pictures.

  • Pablo Brown

    I won’t hit a female,but it doesn’t sit right with me when a women says she doesn’t believe a man should hit a women under any circumstances. There are some situations when violence isn’t the worst punishment.

    I know of someone who’s wife racked up $60000 worth of debt in his name,without him knowing. At first,she convinced him he only had $18000 worth of debt;so he came to an agreement with his creditors,and was able to pay back the debt within 12 months. Unbeknown to him,there was still $42000 worth of debt floating around in his name. The only time she ever confessed to a debt was when there was no other option,it took 3 years for my buddy to get the truth out of his Missus. His oldest child begged her dad not to go to the police, as she couldn’t bare the humiliation. The thieving witch was a few months away from becoming an accountant,and he knew if he reported her, then her career would be in tatters,and he needed her income to help clear the debt. This women knew her man was a soft touch,and treated him like dirt,fully knowing that there was no chance if him hitting her.

    Now I ask you this Amy,if you were in this woman’s situation,would you rather take a slap,or be reported to the authorities,and have your whole life ruined? This women got away virtually unpunished, which is driving my buddy’s family insane.

  • sraze999

    This all sounds like your own personal opinion to me.

  • sraze999

    Should we assume he doesn’t?

  • sraze999


  • Pablo Brown

    Fancy not bathing with your own children. Were you brought up in a nunnery? The Christian Brothers brought up my grandpa,and I’ve been told he had problem with the naked human form all his life (he still managed to father 5 kids all the same). I’m not saying we should all start bathing with our kids,I mean,my kids jump in our bed,and as soon as they do,I get out,because they won’t keep still,and that’s the only reason. Bathing with one’s child may not be everyone’s cup of tea,but not doing so because you think it’s wrong is disturbing,why would anyone think like that?

  • Pablo Brown

    Hold on a minute,if she was with her grandma that would be alright? So only men are perverts? I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with the photo,but I did cringe when I saw it,as I knew what the reaction would be. You are the one with the filthy mind Beverly,not the grandpa.

  • belief101

    I wonder how many making such vile comments, judgements, condemnations are really reflecting their own perverted thoughts and inclinations? Personally, I would not bathe with my kids or grandkids, but looking at one picture doesn’t mean you know the whole story, background of the family, etc. I think we live in a society where a lot of people are looking to be offended.

  • LittleHunches

    not even close, and you sound like a dam fool

  • LittleHunches

    AGREED 150% all these people acting like spit doesn’t happen o a daily basis to babies, BY family members

  • LittleHunches

    ok so what if they didn’t have swim trunks on? I agree he has most likely seen her naked, but has she ever seen him naked? probably not

  • LittleHunches

    somtimes it is warranted, kids are an endangered species

  • LittleHunches

    They are both in swimtrunks according to the story, but I agree with Iam Sapphire, it shouldn’t have been posted publicly

  • Beverly Durant

    Do you know for sure that he has on trunks?If so, then I apologize .

  • Beverly Durant

    You don’t know me to be calling me a pervert. I see wrong, because he is a man. If it was grandma, then all is well. The baby don’t need to know what is between his legs. Now if it’s a boy then a ll is well.

  • chellethesouthernbelle

    there is a difference in doing something sinful…and something unwise….I’d simply have not let my grandchild in the bathroom with a naked grandpa in the first place and had she insisted on a bubble bath with grandpa, I’d have explained it’s not proper! Beyond that….it was extremely unwise to post such a picture on the internet…smh

  • Kimberly Gibson

    You guys sound like Michael Jackson when he proclaimed there was nothing wrong with a grown man (not a relative) sharing a bed with children. I’m just saying…

  • Ruth

    There is nothing wrong with this photo. I thought it was very sweet. My brother will bathe with his daughter but he always has his swim trunks on.

  • Vicki Ross

    I am so sorry for this grandfather, and yes in a perfect world his actions should have been fine, but because we live in a fallen world, the photo can be misconstrued to say many things to many people. Whether people want to believe that or not that’s what the photo did. I have to tell you that not every single person who was in an uproar had a perverted mind either. People think that way because we are in a fallen world and they do know that perversions do happen to children all the time. That is why they make assumptions whether they are right or wrong. Regardless of if the grandfather and the child were wearing shorts or not, people still made assumptions based on what they saw and then possibly imagined all kinds of conclusions because on what they already know that goes on in the world today. In a perfect world the photo would be precious. So again, I am sorry that you sir had to go through the scrutiny of all of this. I must say that when I first saw the photo, I thought about it for a minute until I read that you both had shorts on. I don’t think that I would post everything for the general public. I went through a similar thing with a student that I work with in school. He was ADHD and possibly autistic, but had not been diagnosed with the autism yet. I had a feeling that he was because I have been working with students for quite some time now, and I can figure out if they are or aren’t pretty quickly. Anyway, the most effective way to calm him down was to pat him gently on his back. When I did that he would sit in his seat and do his work. After doing that a few times the other teacher in the classroom told me that I could not do that because it was touching him. I told her that it was the most effective way to stop him from crawling on the floor, getting out of his seat, and disturbing the other children. She said that she would speak with the Principal and V.P. to see what they say. After she spoke with them she said that they said that I could not touch him. I asked if they would speak with his parents because it would really help this students and the classroom. They said, that the problem wasn’t the student’s parents. The problem was the parents of the other students. The school was afraid that other parents would see me patting him on the back and misconstrue that in some very strange way and then there would be a problem. I’m thinking to myself. I’m doing it with 22 other students in the classroom and another teacher. It wasn’t like I was in the classroom by myself. How can you possibly misconstrue that? The fact is that we live in a fallen world and because so many things have happened in schools lately, people are leery of anything.

  • buffonomics

    I disagree. Anyone can share whatever they want and there is nothing “dumb” about the family member who posted it.

    It’s getting to a point now where you can’t even be seen in a pool with your young kids without some fool with little else to do with their time start making a ruckus and starting smear campaigns.

    I’m just seeing the pic, and “nastyness/pedo/wuteva” was the last thing on my mind. Even without reading the text or knowing who he was, from the picture alone: I saw a dad or grandpa, having fun with his little girl.

    Stupid people just need to ….”stop”.

  • Honey Fyre

    She is a cutie pie!
    It’s an adorable picture, she is fortunate to have loving grandparents.

  • Mimi S

    I’ve never bathed with my children, and I birth them from my womb. It is not right. When you blur the lines, it sends mixed messages to children. There are more appropriate ways to show love.

  • Maggie Rae

    The picture was posted to social media first. The article is in response to the comments about the picture. So, yes sir, initially this picture was akin to a wordless book. This is not some new invention because pictures and images are an art form which allows people to use their own minds to interpret what the eye sees.

    Are you suggesting that people are supposed to accept everything someone else says as truth? It really doesn’t matter if the minister and his granddaughter were wearing swimwear or not; because the general perception is formed by the fact that no one can see the swimwear.

    Next, no matter how many people see this image as an innocent display of “family friendly” it still provokes questions about the mind-set of a minister who sees this event as being normal. In the article the minister said when he was growing up his family shared bathwater. Big difference in sharing the same bathwater and sharing the same bath (everybody in the tub together at the same time).

    So many posters have compared bathing in swimwear in a bathtub to swimming in a swimming pool or in the ocean. There is absolutely no comparing here. Bathing in a bathtub is meant to clean the body of dirt, germs, bacteria, and overall personal hygiene. Swimming is meant for having fun, exercising, sports activities, etc. Supposedly, one’s body is already clean before getting into a pool or ocean.

    There is much more to be said in opposition of this image and your argument, however, I’ve already learned from many of the replies that I’ve gotten from posters that it would be useless. By the way, I’m not asking you to “knee-jerk-judge” the child’s mother and imply that she’s a liar. I’m not calling her a liar, I’m simply questioning her judgment.

  • But this is not a wordless picture. The article says that the mother put the trunks on the girl and she is the one who snapped the picture and uploaded it. And she is the one who could easily object if this were not so. And I am not going to knee-jerk-judge her and imply that she is a liar.

  • Maggie Rae

    Do you
    always reply to comments in isolation of the original comments being replied
    to? Meaning, do you ever take the time to read the comments that prompted a
    particular reply?

    No, I get the impression that you’re using my comments as an excuse to espouse
    your own twisted views on relationships which don’t fit into any paradigm;
    whether ancient, antiquated, old, modern, contemporary, or new.

    I suggest that if you want to be a philosopher and a writer, you need to
    educate yourself first. Example: The words “To the best of my
    knowledge” clearly communicates what your thoughts are and not
    “ttbomk” And the words “On the other hand” clearly
    communicates what your thoughts are and not “otoh.” In other
    words Keller, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

    Next, if you want to come across as some scholar, you need to read the type of
    literature that will support your twisted ideas about human behavior. If you
    would like, I can give you a starter reading list.

    Social media is a blessing and a curse: A blessing because it allows real-time
    global communication. A curse because it brings out the very worse in people;
    it exposes the intellectual limitations of the guy or gal next door, and
    it shows the inability of people to engage in a cogent discussion.

    Finally, please do not reply to me with some unintelligible rant about how
    ignorant, uncultured, outdated, prudish, etc, I am. I don’t want to hear (read)
    it. In fact, I will not read it. Have a great day Keller.

  • kellen

    No one’s suggested that abuse is acceptable, whether by women or men, or that a disproportionate response is acceptable, whether by women or men. You seem to espouse the thankfully outdated view that women are no more capable of reason or self-control than a toddler, so they’re allowed to behave aggressively/abusively toward men but men, since they’re adults, are not permitted to respond in kind. I think you may find that the women of your acquaintance consider that view as profoundly offensive now as they did when it was in vogue.
    Acountability is a two-way street. Respect is earned. And as for Biblical-ability, ttbomk, the Bible states that you should not do to anyone what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. If you’re a rational adult, that clearly takes giving someone a smack because you’re having a hissy fit of the options list for anyone who takes it seriously, whether that person is a man or a woman. Otoh, if I recall correctly, the Torah states ‘an eye for an eye’, so a case could be made on both counts for handing back to someone whatever they choose to dish out.

  • kellen

    Sorry, I don’t agree. No man’s obliged to put up with being slapped because some woman’s having a tantrum any more than a woman’s obliged to put up with being slapped because some man’s having a tantrum.
    If you’re older than four, you’ve got no business hitting anyone except in self-defence or in defence of someone who can’t defend themselves. AfaIc, if you give someone a smack simply because you’ve got your drama queen/drama king crown on, that person is fully entitled to upend Your Dramatic Majesty over her/his knee and swat your behind. Otoh, if they’ve got any sense, they’ll just realize you’re a case of arrested development and go find themselves an adult.

  • kellen

    Just as some men think they have the right to hit a woman without repercussions. And I’m with you: If such a man ever hit me, he’d find out very quickly that that was not a good idea. .

  • kellen

    I’m afraid I disagree. Defending yourself is one thing, but if you hit someone because you’re having a hissy fit, why shouldn’t they hit you back? If they take the high road and just walk out, more power to them — but if they don’t, you only got back what you dished out.

  • RosefromPittsburgh

    It’s sad that this man had to defend himself. Why would this family member think it was okay to share this photo with the world? This was a special innocent moment that turned into something ugly and negative. People stop sharing every dang on thing…smh

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  • Aisha

    But no one knows they have on swim wear in the picture so he should be able to understand y this looks inappropriate and weird even though he is her grandfather.

  • clownshoe hater

    adorable…i bathed with parents, granparents, uncles and cousins as a small child and was never molested…came from a loving family where it was normal.
    may not have been the best idea to post, but still innocent and with other adults present.

  • Dart Vade

    what mentally flawed part of the country were you raised. Its only wrong when their is an apparent history in your family. For the rest of us non sexual abusers that is a very sweet photo

  • eyelostmyname

    People need to mind their own business and Rev. needs to ignore them. There is nothing wrong with their swimming trunks bath.

  • Darlene

    Karen you act as though seeing your own child in a innocent way is offensive to you. You even go as far to say that you would not help them after getting out of the beach water to undress.This is scarey to me especially since these are your own children. Seem as though you’re saying that you do not trust yourself being around your kids.

  • Darlene

    I wonder if he was sitting in the water at the beach with his granddaughter would their be such raw and unfounded responsed?

  • Falencia Ratcliff

    First his granddaughter shouldn’t have been seeing him in the tub. If this was my dad I would be horrified. We would be having some serious conversations. Also who would want their baby in the tub with a grown man, in trunks or not.

  • Stay in your “old” lane.

    Well…you’re a shining example of how disgusting society has gotten. Thank you for showing your true self to the world.

  • ming_mow

    disgusting pastor. I bet he told the kid that she can play with his rubber submarine

  • Stay in your “old” lane.

    Now when the girl is ten and jumps in the tub with her cousin…uncle…or neighbor, how can you possibly explain the difference? Talk about POOR judgment.

  • Stay in your “old” lane.

    How in the heck did this little girl see her grandpa in the bathtub anyway…THAT was the beginning of inappropriate. THEN…the kid “begs”….JUST SAY NO! The person below was right….TEACH THE KID BOUNDARIES, because apparently the adults in this household have none.

  • Stay in your “old” lane.

    Not “sweet”…..inappropriate.

  • Stay in your “old” lane.

    It’s inappropriate….period.

  • Jackie Reid

    He really should not be in the tub with his grandbaby. It just looks inappropriate, especially now a days. Right or wrong, it controversial and it definitely did not need to be posted to social media. That’s begging for people to ostracize you.

  • RealityWatch

    ok, this is a little disgusting. WFT was he thinking? I’m sure that he loves her to death but Dang!

  • Daniel Pasadena

    Anyone who thinks there is something wrong with this picture should check themselves because they are the real PEDOPHILES.

  • lee young

    You can say what you want but that photo was not cool.

  • Maggie Rae

    I do agree, we should keep our business to ourselves. But if we decide to tell the whole internet world our business we need to make sure that I explanation for our business makes sense and is believable to the common sense thinking people.

    What if I told you that I’m wearing a wide brim hat right now? Would you believe me just because I told you? I doubt it because you can’t see what I’m wearing on my head, nor do you care if I have on a wide brim hat or not.

    The problem is that the picture tells a different story. We can only go by what we see with our own eyes, and not what Trotter said. They MAY have on trunks and they MAY not have on trunks. How do we know from looking at the image? We don’t.

    If you have children, you may know about wordless picture books. These books tells a story through illustrations and pictures. So kids look at the images and create the words that become the story, based on what each picture or illustration is doing or looks like they’re doing. So, this is what people are doing with this picture; adding the words that create a story about what the image shows. And, I’m not so sure if this isn’t reasonable; it makes plenty sense to me.

    Yes, we do judge all the time, we have to, otherwise we can be led into doing or saying things that would be harmful to us. Just think about the many people who have been led to their death because they believed what some purported “leader” told us. Jim Jones comes to mind, as well as many other similar cases. Yes, we do have to be judgmental every day of our lives.

  • Right. Keep your business to yourselves. People who claim you are not supposed to judge (and they really don’t know what they are taking about) judge all the time. If this is wrong (they had on trunks), then adults should never swim in pools with kids anymore.

  • Maggie Rae

    Thank you Janice. However, I must say that my intentions were not to “expand” your horizons, instead, I simply wanted to explain my thoughts on this article and picture.

    I’m an avid reader of history, social / political issues, and the like. Therefore, most of my views and opinions are shaped by my reading. So, I apologize to you if I gave you the impression that I was being “preachy” to you. But again, thank you.

  • Janice

    Thank you Maggie I know quite a bit about domestic abuse and I’m very grateful to you for expanding my horizons. I agree with you when you said don’t berate others because they have a different perspective, because if we all thought the same way it would be a very dull world indeed.

  • Maggie Rae

    Janice, I’m amazed that this story is over a year-old and people are still commenting on it. Why do you think this is so? Yes, reading is still fundamental, and so is reading comprehension; good readers know how to make sense of what they read. It’s one thing to read the printed word and another thing to comprehend what the words on the page actually mean. Good readers use pictures (among other reading strategies) and illustrations to construct meaning of the text. If there is a fault to be assigned, I would suggest that the writer of this article is the perpetrator. For people who do not real well, pictures and illustrations aid them in understanding the story. Next, at fault are the people who posed for the picture (with the exception of the child), took the picture, and posted the picture on social media. The reading audience cannot be blamed for voicing their thoughts and opinions on what they see and read. It is also still true that a picture is worth a thousand words. What about people who cannot read, but can see? How do you think they would interpret this story? Now, with me comparing “the grandfather bathing with his granddaugther to men hitting women.” First of all, I was not comparing the two, I was comparing one poster’s (Mark-Aaron Alleyne) attitude toward this story to HIS attitude toward “hitting women.” Mark-Aaron knew exactly what I was responding to, and my reply was to him and not anyone else. No matter how many times I’ve explained this, still have people like you do still question me. Again, in your own words, “reading is still fundamental people.” There are many different forms of abuse in society, and there are many different types of abusers in our society. Therefore, there is a correlation between domestic (wife beating) and child abuse. Please don’t take my word for this, do your own research. My parents had six girls and six boys together and they never bathed with any of their children. We were taught HOW to take a bath and proper wash our bodies by them; but they never got into the bathtub with us. If you are anyone else discussing this story feel there’s nothing wrong with this picture, that’s fine; but don’t berate others who have a different view of the picture. Talking about “back in the day”; people really need to take the time to research family life in society. There is no shortage of reading material (well researched and documented) on the history and culture of family life in Europe and America (as well as the rest of the world). You may be surprised to know what the structure of the family was compared to the last five or six decades. Domestic and child abuse is not a modern day phenomena. If you don’t believe me, do your own reading and research.

  • Janice

    I’m reading the post and trying to figure out how the discussion went from the grandfather bathing with his granddaugther to men hitting women. But I guess that’s the joy of the Internet and freedom of speech. I think quite a few of you have good thoughts here. I’m a mother of nine, six of them being boys, and I’ve bathed with every one of my children. Back in the day there was nothing wrong with that, but we as a society have become sicker with the so much freedom going on and less boundaries being taught. So I can understand how people take this out of context. If you read the article you’ll see both of them have some form of garment on, they are not naked in the tub, but you can’t tell that because of the bubbles. Reading is still fundamental people.

  • jenet

    they both have swim trunks on

  • jenet

    they both had on swim trunks

  • shinybrowncoat

    Speak for yourself twit. If I punch a man, he has every right to punch me back. I also bathed with my male son when he was a baby. Am I am women-beating, child molesting woman?

  • Maggie Rae

    Yeah right, as long as it’s not your child’s “grampa.”

  • Joanie Schmahl-Koontz

    It’s a sweet picture, and obviously well chaperoned…People need to get their heads out of the mud. Posting wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but hey, even that is their choice. To bad it had backlash for them. You go grampa. 🙂

  • nancyrbennett

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  • flame

    Their is no defense for this adult male and the adult females who were present and/or knew this was happening. They’re all perverts.

  • flame

    Shame on all these adults putting this innocent child at risk and exposing their life style to every child molester and baby rapist out there. it’s like laying out the welcome to all predators who prey on children especially tiny little girls.

  • flame

    Evidently he doesn’t care about boundaries. The church members better evaluate his worthiness of being their minster and especially around minor children. Even Catholic priests and Rabbi’s try to keep out of the public eye. Guess this is ‘normal’ for this religious unholy family.

  • flame

    Little girls should only be sharing bathwater with their mothers and sisters only. Not dads and/or brothers including granddads or any male of any age.

  • flame

    When he was growing up and shared bathwater he must have really learned a lot of questionable behavior.

  • flame

    Anyone of the adults could have told the little girl NO. And explained boys and girls don’t share bathtub time together. The adults involved have set this child up for future child molesters and baby rapists to have it easier when they approach her.

  • flame

    Sounds like something MJ would say or something pervert would say.

  • fortune27

    I don’t doubt that this is an innocent picture. What I do doubt is the intelligence and wisdom of the parents who decided that posting it was okay. A really unwise thing to do which opened their family to all kinds of ridicule and suspicion.

  • Diane Futrell

    I think you can see by the little girl’s face nothing is wrong, so for those that think there is, move on nothing to see here.

  • Mimi

    This is inappropriate. #ThatIsAll

  • No Name

    I agree with you. Perception is much more powerful than words are. I’m not saying that Trotter had nefarious motives here, but to someone who cannot read the printed word (and yes, as hard as that is to believe in 2014, it is true) all they see is this big ole picture of an old man and a small child in a bubble bath together.

    He should have thought of this before doing it. Instead, he wants to pretend how shocked he was at the public’s outrage. He has been in the “Christian” ministry for decades so he should know better than to expect people to see the “obvious” innocence in this picture.

  • iam_Nunya

    The position the kid is sitting is in very concerning, as is the fact nobody can see where their hands are. Not saying this is proof of anything going on but at the very least this is an incredibly inappropriate photo.

    But, let’s take them out of the bathtub for a moment and imagine the reaction if they were naked and the little girl was sitting on the old man’s lap…. (I’m not buying for a second the old man’s assertion that they both had swim trunks on; what else is he gonna say when caught in the act?)

    Here’s another thought: pedophiles always find a way to make their perversion look innocent – what better way to keep prying eyes from seeing what’s happening under the water while at the same time creating a look of childlike innocence than to add a bunch of bubbles to the bath.

    And finally, what was the child doing in the bathroom when her grandfather was bathing? Shouldn’t the door have been locked? Nothing about this adds up to what the old man is claiming happened.

  • LA

    “or others.” Including myself. So yes, I will hit ANYBODY to prevent them far harming me further.

  • No Name

    Yes Mr. Opinion, you are so right. Your intellect is clearly superior to mine. And yes I’m avoiding debating this issue with you because I know I’m no match for you and I would definitely lose to you.

    And yes, if it makes you feel better, I was abused by my grandfather, in fact by both of them. And since they both were deceased long before I was born, I vividly remember the acts of abuse and molestation committed by them upon me; and I’m really working hard with my psychiatrist to overcome my issues that are clearly non-existent and psychotic in nature.

    I changed my screen name from Maggie Rae to No Name because you’re the first and only person that I’ve encountered on social media opinion sites that I’m afraid to debate.

    As far as me being diametrically opposed to the picture of Trotter and his granddaughter is concerned; apparently you my friend (as John McCain would say) know absolutely nothing about this man. Well I know plenty and believe me when I tell you, this picture simply adds to his already less than stellar personal profile.

    Being so intellectually gifted (as you are) just Google him. Since you’re bent on debating me, here goes:

    People in every civilized part of the world practice a certain set of ideas and customs which define its culture. This is true whether you’re in Canada or the United States of America. Most societies have the same cultural characteristics in common; religion is one of the many characteristics. For the purpose of this discussion, religion is what I will focus on.

    Most “Christians” in this Country use the Holy Bible as their guide to living and practicing a Christian lifestyle. (At this point, I’m not interested in debating whether this is right or wrong). I’m simply addressing the nature of Christianity and “Christians” who practice the teachings of the Bible.

    In reference to Minister Speed: My comments to him addressed his comments to me about “having a certain mentality about how he [I] should act as a minister.” He followed up by saying, “Can you please tell me where you receive that from?” My first thought in response to that question was… “From the Bible. Since you’re a minister, I know you know that the Bible is full of exposition on the characteristics and traits of a minister.” This is no mystery to “Christians.”

    Talking about my posts (or badgering as you said) to Michael Plautz: Michael questioned my rationale for comparing my opposition to the picture under discussion to men beating women. My original post was to Mark-Aaron Alleyne. Mark-Aaron did not respond to my post because he knew exactly what I had reference to. I kept stating that fact in my replies to subsequent posts from posters who questioned me about the comparison.

    And now here you are pretending that you want to debate me on the merits of the article. I maybe wrong (if I am, I apologize) but I don’t think your apparent disdain for me has anything at all to do with my opinion on why it was inappropriate for Trotter to take a bubble bath with his granddaughter.

    Instead, I think it’s because you don’t like the fact that I am undaunted in stating my opinions and views on this subject. But anyway, the excuses that Trotter and his daughter (the child’s mother) offered up make absolutely no sense at all; even to unintelligent people such as me.

    1) Who takes a bath with the bathroom door open? 2) Was he unaware that his daughter and her daughter were coming to his home for a visit? 3) He said they had on swimming trunks, but how does he prove that? 4) It does not make sense to be in the bathtub and just because a grandchild wants to get in too, to get out of the tub, get dressed in trunks and then get back in.

    Finally, this man knows about his proven inappropriate past behaviors; long before this particular incident ever happened. There is no question about his character to people who know him personally.

    Now if you know anything about him other than this picture and what is written in the article, please share it with the readers on this thread.

    By the way, you can call me anything you wish, you can accuse me of being condescending, unintelligent, passive-aggressive, mentally ill, or just whatever floats your boat; I don’t care. I’m just as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours my friend (as John McCain would say).

    And please Mr. Opinion, don’t ever think that you’re so bright and intelligent that I am afraid to debate you, because so far, all you’ve done in your “debate” is call me names and told me about my “faults.”

    As I’ve said, I don’t like being mean to people, I don’t call people names, and I don’t attempt to psycho-analyze other people, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the skills and ability to do so, and I’m not afraid to do so.

    However, I rely on my ability to be objective in my exchanges with people, whether it’s computer based or person to person, face to face. I’m intelligent enough to know that calling people names has no place in a real exchange of ideas and opinions.

    Now, be well my friend, Maggie Rae.

  • Mr. Opinion

    Not looking for a fight, you just happen to be diametrically opposed to good reasoning and thought – something I am into discussing. You only perceive it as a fight because you know you would not stand a chance in a debate.

    In fact, you remind me of John McCain in that way – you use the “friend” comment way to much, spout your position in a contentious way and get indignant or run when you debate.

    Sure you go ahead and assume that I did not read your post, It would simply prove your inability to comprehend facts… as everyone else can clearly see that I answered specific points and *did* read your last post. The simple fact that you are intellectually outmatched surely has nothing to do with your inability to debate this with *me*. I thank you for your compliment, but sadly for you I am not done.

    Your recent comments to others show – and I will repeat this as it is important – how you seem to think your position is self-righteous & holy… where in fact, they reek with condescension.

    So back to the topic at hand…. but first: Why did you change your screen-name from “Maggie Rae” to “No Name”?

    The simple fact that you have so much opposition to this picture is telling. You must have been abused or molested by your grandfather or something. I am sorry for your life, but to cast your issue-ridden opinion on others is another thing to talk to your psychiatrist about, as it is just not working for you.

  • No Name

    Mr. Opinion, I’m just going to assume that you did not read my reply to you, I’ll repeat: If you’re looking for a fight with me, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I’m simply not interested in trading barbs with you my friend.

  • Mr. Opinion

    Your “rants” are all the crap you spout. You would think that I would not have to explain that to you. You are obviously challenged in more than one way…

    Regarding *my* opinion: I know you like you know me, but yet you seem to have your opinion… how is that any different? I sense a grotesque amount of ill-earned self-righteousness

    Further, thank you for proving the general point that you do not need religion to have good morals.

    – Your inability to see your own verbal badgering of Michael Plautz and then to admonish him is hypocritical.

    – The idea that you have the moral high-ground (inferred by your “no Biblical-ability” is just shy of conceit.(Again, you do not need religion (Christianity et. al) to have morals.)

    – Your hypocrisy runs deep with comments like: “I really do not like to say unkind things to people, but I’m making an exception in your case. In my opinion, you are a poor soul who grew up without the benefit of being “raised” with values or morals.”.

    I see… so you are allowed to make an exception to *your* biblical-code-of-morals regarding *your* actions, but when someone else does actions you do not like or agree with, you take the moral high-ground and say that they lack morals.

    Yes, my well-informed opinion from reading your posts (deemed by you to be the unit in which we are measuring the information needed to form an opinion) is that your character is rife with hypocritical demonstrous defensive posturing that do little more than show the idiocy within..

    … and finally, I am not your friend in any sense of the word – don’t flatter yourself by telling yourself a lie..

  • Maggie Rae

    “…regarding my rants”? What on Earth are you talking about? Mr. Mr. Opinion, in order to have an opinion, one must know something about what they’re opining about. Since you don’t know me your opinion about me is totally worthless.

    I took the time to visit your profile page, and based on other comments you’ve made, I would say that you’re just a troll looking for a fight. Well you came to the wrong person for a fight my friend, I’m simply not interested.

  • Mr. Opinion

    You are right, no one should hit another. You are also right that no one should be concerned of what others think regarding your rants. Overall, I do agree with your message, however….

    That all said, the insincerity of your use of the word “friend” is nothing short of shallow. Further, your “I don’t really think you want to find out if I would slap you or not…” is so passive-aggressive that it is on the fringes of good character after choosing the words of admonishment that you did.

    Lastly, sadly for the one’s that say ‘God will be your judge’, being that it has not been confirmed either way, and through the knowledge that we know now in 2014, there is an extremely low probability that there is an invisible omnipotent being waiting to judge your human actions; I have good news however, there is an automatic thing in place called Karma that will either bless your energy or destroy your energy.

    My point – simply be kind to one another and it will all work out in the big picture.

  • iprazhm

    Wish I could give this two thumbs up. Thank you for your post.
    Seems common sense is in short supply on this thread, or I should say common decency.

  • iprazhm

    He KNOWS he’s wrong by trying to justify that picture by claiming they both had bathing suits on.

    Hey Mr. so-called preacher, your bible says:

    “Abstain from all appearance of evil” 1 Thessalonians 5:22. Paul admonishes us to abstain (stay away) from even the very appearance of evil. He’s speaking about the outside, visible part of us as what others might perceive as evil. Born again believers in Christ have an awesome responsibility to Jesus, we’ve put on Christ therefore we are to hold ourselves above what even the appearance of evil. By the way Christians should know what constitutes the appearance of evil and what doesn’t. by Ron Graham at Rapture Ready

  • iprazhm


    Several actions concerning nakedness (outside marriage where the bed is undefiled – Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.
    See All…) are condemned in the Bible:

    It is a shame and wrong to uncover your nakedness to others. The priests were warned to wear undergarments so that their nakedness would not be discovered when they went up the steps to the altar in their robes. Their undergarments (linen breeches) were to cover from their loins (waist) to their thighs (Exodus 28:42 And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach:
    See All…). When the children of Israel made and worshipped the golden calf, Aaron “made them naked unto their shame“ (Exodus 32:25 And when Moses saw that the people were naked; (for Aaron had made them naked unto their shame among their enemies:)
    See All…). Isaiah 47:3 Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man.
    See All… speaks of the shame of having your nakedness uncovered.

  • iprazhm

    I would like to remind this so-called preacher what his bible says about what done;

    Leviticus 18:6-18 [6] None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness: I am the LORD. [7] The nakedness of thy father, or the nakedness of thy mother, shalt thou not uncover: she is thy mother; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness. [8] The nakedness of thy father’s wife shalt thou not uncover: it is thy father’s nakedness. [9] The nakedness of thy sister, the daughter of thy father, or daughter of thy mother, whether she be born at home, or born abroad, even their nakedness thou shalt not uncover. [10] The nakedness of thy son’s daughter, or of thy daughter’s daughter, even their nakedness thou shalt not uncover: for theirs is thine own nakedness. [11]The nakedness of thy father’s wife’s daughter, begotten of thy father, she is thy sister, thou shalt not uncover her nakedness. [12] Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father’s sister: she is thy father’s near kinswoman. [13] Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy mother’s sister: for she is thy mother’s near kinswoman. [14] Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father’s brother, thou shalt not approach to his wife: she is thine aunt. [15] Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy daughter in law: she is thy son’s wife; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness. [16] Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy brother’s wife: it is thy brother’s nakedness. [17] Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter, neither shalt thou take her son’s daughter, or her daughter’s daughter, to uncover her nakedness; for they are her near kinswomen: it is wickedness. [18] Neither shalt thou take a wife to her sister, to vex her, to uncover her nakedness, beside the other in her life time.

  • iam_Nunya

    Can’t believe there are people on here saying this is okay and comparing it to a mother and infant bathing together. It is not in any way, shape or form similar to a mother and infant bathing together.

    This is an old man and a toddler – no grandfather in his right mind would want to share a bath with his granddaughter or even his grandson.

    It would be totally different if they were in a pool in bathing suits but this wasn’t the case, and I ain’t buying that he got out of the bathtub and put swim trunks on or that the mother put swim trunks on her daughter instead of a little girl’s bathing suit.

    The little girl shouldn’t have even been in the bathroom when her grandfather was bathing, let alone in the bathtub with him.

  • Scott

    I’ve bathed and showered with my kids. No big deal. We were born naked.

  • Maggie Rae

    Hang ups? Maybe you’re just like many of the commenters on this thread; you know absolutely nothing about this “guy” in the hot tub. Do you? No? Well, I didn’t think so because he is just not a guy, as you put it, in a hot tub with is grand daughter. Don’t believe me? Google him and you’ll see for yourself. Then come back here and tell us about him being “just a guy….”

  • Sara

    …I mean I DON’T feel the need to share every little photo and detail of my life.

  • Sara

    While I don’t know this man and have no idea what kind of person he is, I do think this photo looks innocent and for the girl’s sake, I hope it is. In the country where I come from, it is completely normal for a parent or grandparent to bathe with their small child, so a picture like this isn’t shocking to me. The only thing I don’t get is why someone would post online a photo of their family members in the tub, even if they aren’t naked; I just feel the need to share every little photo and detail of my life.

  • Maggie Rae

    You’re correct Melissa Finn, not every male is a pedo or child molester, but how can you single out a pedo or child molester? How many times have read or heard about men and now women teachers, ministers, family members, and the list gets longer, abusing young children? The families of both (abuser and abuser) are always shocked because they just would have never expected that the adult would even dream of such a thing. Again, I ask how can one single out the pedo / child molester?

  • Daddy

    hot diggetty dowg. you Yanks and your hang ups. It’s just a guy in a hot tub with his grand daughter. Peace out

  • Marilyn Pena

    It’s a cute photo and clearly there were other people in the room to witness something not the way others think it went. Everyone suspects the ones who aren’t criminals yet your neighbors are questionable yet no one wants to get involved by calling authorities.

  • Melissa Finn

    I think it’s sad that this world is becoming so overprotective. It used to be the absolute norm for parents to share a bath with their children, whilst obviously clothed. It isn’t as big a deal as people are making it out to be. I feel very sorry for this man and his granddaughter! What’s even more sad is that he felt he needed to suspend his facebook and instagram account. Not every male is a pedo or child molester -.-

  • Sigh

  • ric ancira

    this isn’t like Kris Jenner filming Kim K’s sex tape(allegedly), this was just a family pic meant 4 the photo album. sadly, many kids are victims of sexual abuse…sadder still that many of the perpetrators are family and friends of family, and even sadder, many go unreported. I think that if people see some strange inter-action between an adult and a child, it should be reported…but to say that this guy is messing with his grand-daughter is not only insulting to the guy’s family, but its in bad taste as well. people should think before jumping to conclusions…just saying.

  • Ralph Sampson

    Yeah, normal people do that all the time.

  • ojchimpson

    Perfectly normal behavior, for NlGGERS!

  • ojchimpson

    Perfectly normal behavior, for NlGGERS.

  • John Robinson

    ni66ers being ni66ers. KFC, drugs, malt liquor and muh dik are the only things on the simian minds of the ni66er buck.

  • CynicalAtheist

    Apparently, since everyone in the family was in on the post, everyone in the family knew about it and was completely comfortable with it and knew it was completely innocent.

  • discernmentseesgoodnotjustbad

    Yep, shouldn’t have been posted in the world we live in. But that also means if he was doing anything wrong it never would have been posted. So leave him alone. We actually might have found a “healthy family”. They both have trunks fun to go swimming with grandpa in a bubbles!!

  • michel james

    because you don’t won’t that doesn’t mean if you do you will be a bad grand mother or mother for that don’t let ppl judge you as person know yourself .. common ppl …

  • michel james

    Can you explain that too me how, is not acceptable , my experience there’s nothing wrong with the picture , Few years back my mom used to let me give my little sister bath , before i go to school i was 14 she was 3 years old at the time, the only thing is wrong on that picture should never go online.

  • concerned citizen


  • Get over yourselves

    The issue is not whether they were stupid to post the photo. Yes, bad judgment. The issue is that it is an innocent thing to bathe with your children or grandchildren, and its sad that he had to protest that they were wearing swim suits. I showered with my daughters when they were young, and at a certain point they decided themselves not to do it anymore. It was completely innocent and natural, and they grew up without hangups about bodies and sex. Big deal, I have genitals. So do three billion other men.

  • oorfenegro

    There are many families in America with pedophiles in situations that seem innocent but weren’t. A friend of mine who had no problem letting relatives have unlimited access to his daughters was much less trusting of his relatives around his daughters after one of his uncles was convicted of child molestation.

    If the pastor runs any kind of school or day care the law says that if certain people such as teachers, coaches, law enforcement or others who with children see such pictures, they must report circumstances that appear to be a situation where a child is being sexually abused; that’s why the folks who were Jerry Sandusky’s bosses, including Joe Paterno got into trouble at Penn State. Sadly it’s also the reason why only 2 percent of teachers are men because it’s so easy for middle and high school students to make up sexual misconduct charges against male teachers.

  • oorfenegro

    We live in the 21st century where perception unfortunately trumps reality. When I’m in the bathroom, the door is closed and nobody gets in and if someone does open the door I’m certainly not going to let anyone take a picture of me in a compromising position, i.e. the bathroom.Also the mother should tell the child to wait till grandpa gets out of the tub to take a picture. I have a friend who is a high school teacher who will not under any circumstances let students touch him over the risk that he gets photographed hugging a student and that photograph is used to accuse that teacher of improper behavior. If that man was a teacher he would be automatically suspended.
    Finally people have to realize that you can’t post everything on the internet, particularly pics of young people that are totally innocent to people who understand the circumstances of a photo, such as knowing that both granddad and the child have swimsuits on, but scandalous to those who only see a man and child naked from the waist up and assume that’s the case from the waist down, and unless there are photos that document that both the grandparent and child had clothes, why wouldn’t one think the worst?

  • Maggie Rae

    Ok Dennis. Just don’t mess around and hurt somebody.

  • Maggie Rae

    Michael Plautz, as I have already stated to you in another post, I think you’re out to get me. But you know what Michael, I am very confident in my ability to take a position and stand by it. I’m also very confident in my ability to figure out when someone is unable to engage in a discussion based on more than their own personal and biased opinions.
    Please keep in mind that you cannot tell me to stop doing anything. Next, please explain to me what “false information” have I stated? Finally, if you want to get rid of Child Protective Services and Government, be my guest. BTW, the next time you decide to write an unwarranted and unsolicited editorial, do your research first.

  • Maggie Rae

    Olivier, talk about being illogical! First of all, I would not state an opinion without a basis for that opinion. It you would feel more comfortable living in another society whose “mores” reflect you idea of culturally accepted and sanctioned mores, which reflect that society’s value system, then by all means, join that other non-American society. If you cannot connect the two “scenarios”, then you’re the one lacking reasoning skills, not me.

  • Maggie Rae

    Michael Plautz, I going to borrow Burger King’s slogan and say: “Have it your way.”

  • Maggie Rae

    Michael Plautz, what is your problem? I’m noticing the number of post that you’ve made tonight. If I didn’t know better, I would say you have it out for me. But that cannot be true because you, with all of your “logic” wouldn’t dare verbally attack someone (me) for voicing my own opinion. Now would you my friend?

  • Michael Plautz

    “A man who claims to be a man but in reality is not, the ones who have no backbone” as you say, is a man that has been browbeaten by a women to be made that way and is a man who is probably the type of person you would choose as a boyfriend so you can lord it over him. Sleep tight..

  • Michael Plautz

    You are going way overboard with your reasoning to attack someone else. Your logic is not what he is talking about. Your reasoning is flawed.

  • Michael Plautz

    I agree. Feminists rule, men drool. That is the motto of the Feminists. A woman is just as accountable for her actions as a man is.

  • Michael Plautz

    It is NEVER right for a woman to emotionally abuse a man, like when they yell with Capitol letters, but they do it all the time. This woman’s movement has produced nothing but an attitude of “Let’s blame the man” so us women don’t have to look at what we are doing in a relationship. Women emotionally abuse and brow beat and nag men all the time yet take no responsibility for their actions. They blame men for the way they are and take no responsibility for their own actions. Many women hit men and think nothing of it, yet hit a woman for protecting yourself and they scream bloody murder. This is what the women’s movement has produced, women wanting to be men and browbeating men until they act like women. We are supposed to be equals in a relationship but the Women’s Feminist movement teaches women to be the Head of a family, in charge, and run the family; and that produces nothing but trouble. No wonder we have a high divorce rate.

  • Michael Plautz

    What has hitting a woman got to do with this story??? Nothing!!!
    Please stick to the topic and stop trying to connect a man who would hit a woman is also a man who would allow his Daughter to bathe with her Grandfather while he had his swim shorts on! You are making the situation worse by stating false information that has nothing to do with a Grand Daughter wanting to jump in the tub with her GrandPa. There are too many people in our nation who are ca with thinking that everybody is out to abuse each other and kids. Child protective services, while doing some good, has also made things worse for many parents and their children by believing and over-reacting to false stories and false information. They have even denied to return children to their parents after the parents were proven innocent. It does not take a village or a Big Central Government to raise a child, it takes a family. Government needs to keep their hands off the family and so should people who think this innocent picture is a sign of abuse.

  • Michael Plautz

    How do you know? Do you know everyone and what they commonly practice in their own home? And if this innocent behavior, even after you heard the explanation, is still unacceptable in your ERA (your opinion), then I would say that I would not want to live in your area. Sounds to me like your town and those you associate with go overboard and attatch all kinds of sick attitudes and thoughts to innocent behavior. In the 1800’s families used to sleep in the same bed together. Some still do. But you would brand them as sicko’s. Your ERA sounds like a politcally correct nation gone crazy and controlled by a centralized government and a news media propaganda machine. Let me know the name of your area so we don’t accidentally move there.

  • a smart one

    Only because people have sick minds. I have the exact same photo with me and my grandfather when I was two. One of the best memories of my life. But I agree, it’s stupid to post it online, too many pedo’s nowadays, that are probably jerking off to that photo.

  • Maggie Rae

    Did you see the bathing suits? No? I didn’t think so.

  • Olivier

    Maggie – I fail to see the connection between one scenario and the other. Hitting a woman and a parent or grandparent bathing with a child do not equate to the same thing. American cultural mores somehow have got warped if that is the case. Next thing you will be claiming is holding a child hand while he or she crosses the street is a no no cause there is a possible sexual implication in your mind.

  • Dude knew what it was when the pic was snapped —–> NEXT Bishop. Take several seats sir.

  • Ridge blank

    Ummm… just no bro. Don’t be doing that.

  • ConspiracyFACTvFICTN

    It’s a good thing you know that for a fact.

  • dee

    i don’t feel like a man should ever hit a woman. he can try to reason with her if they are arguing or walk out. and let things cool down.

  • dee

    he shouldn’t have put this pic on here. as it stirred up a lot of people. and people will get the wrong impression.

  • Bagz Halfhuman Halfpit

    aint nothing wrong with that she just needs a need a bathing suit thats all

  • Sue Moss


  • lean6

    Obviously, the title “preacher” erodes common sense and grows naiveté. Maybe once upon a time people of the clergy were seen as above reproach. Those days are long gone for good reason. To think that the greater public holds anybody in society in such high regard today is just being dense. Sounds like people were trying to come to the aid of a possible child in a bad situation. This preacher needs to put the victim card back in the deck.

  • stacy morris

    i’m going to agree with Iam Sapphire… don’t live under a rock, you know how people react to anything weird concerning a child…………….WHY would you post this photo???? WHY????
    Honestly, I for one would never do that….BUT, WHY would you post it????? Just stupid!!!!

  • Me

    Just sad, looking at the picture there is obviously nothing inappropriate going on…. I do agree that it should’ve remained in the family. So sorry that it escalated to a point where the innocence was completely taken away from the event of generational bonding

  • Major Tom

    Oh my god. It is a beautiful think to do. More people need to bond with their children or grandchildren.I am sure that little girl feels loved.
    Some people are so jealous, they never had the same opportunity.

  • alwayshuntress

    They’re wearing swimwear (you just can’t see it) and playing in a bubble bath- it’s sweet

  • boyo32

    Cute photo, and obviously totally innocent, but so stupid to post it on the internet. And no I would not bathe or shower with any child not my own, and I would only have done so when they were infants and toddlers.

  • smokee

    This country is so uptight that it’s no wonder we have the highest sex crime rate in the world. Big deal if he bathed with his granddaughter with the parents aware. It would be different if he did it secretly with childs mother not consenting. BUT…THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS SOCIAL ERA WE LIVE IN. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE SHARED ONLINE, that was their only mistake. I’ve left social media for this reason, people don’t think. It was a private family moment.

  • Drisana Ravenscroft

    There is nothing wrong here. The only thing wrong is people are such idiots. Either they claim to have NO knowledge on a subject, or they decide to be so paranoid over a subject that they have NO common sense. I remember when I was 3 and 4 years of age, taking bathes with both my mom and my dad at different times-and thee was not ONE sexual thing about it. NOT ONE. Wake up fellow humans, and learn the damn difference between family BONDS and family ABUSE. Perhaps then we as a whole could focus on REAL predators instead of persecuting innocent families. Lets try that for a change!

  • Rathoren

    I feel bad for him, I kiss my grandpa goodnight on the lips, I’m 22, does that count as sexual? no its the way I grew up, I kiss my grandma on the lips too! Sheesh people obviously its not sexual assault, shes enjoying some fun time with her grandpa!! was stupid of the family member to share on instagram but other than that…

  • Irena Weygold

    This second girl had the right idea. Her parents reared her right. They probably also taught her how to look up and down a boy who got too smart with her as if to say “what rock did you crawl out from under?” These days women and girls are playing the shrinking violets again as if they could not defend themselves against obnoxious males.
    The first girl is a sad case and unfortunately there are still too many like her, and they are ones who post these narrow-minded pieces of crap.

  • Irena Weygold

    it all depends on how you define rape and molestation of grown women. Nowadays any male over 18 messing around with a girl under 18 can expect the parents of that girl, if they don’t approve of him, to yell rape and molestation, even if the girl is just days under 18 herself. Of course, that is usually only done in the well-to-do families and the boy comes from a family with what they consider a lower class.
    Funny that we have so many teenage pregnancies and hardly anyone screams rape, even when the girl is only 14 and comes from a family which is not prominent..

  • Irena Weygold

    and what about nudists? are they all child molesters? Dumb a$$es like UN-Intelligent Thinker would think so.
    Also, I am wondering if he/she would let children see a film with third-world natives who wear very little if anything?

  • crosstown

    Old grown man taking a bath. Not a good idea to place that child in his filthy bath water. Better yet, he should have exited the tub, cleaned it and ran a new bubble bath solely for the child. She would have had a great time!

  • Irena Weygold

    yeah yeah yeah, you’re the judge and the only one who can decide what is ok and what is not and you’re the one who decides what is child abuse

  • Irena Weygold

    you really need to stop showing your stupidity and prejudice. Who made you the judge to decide what is ok and what is not? Child abuse for showering with daddy? Give me a break.

  • Irena Weygold

    It’s not right? Says who?

  • Irena Weygold

    I guess the whole human body is inappropriate

  • Irena Weygold

    only judged by Americans, the rest of the world probably wouldn’t even notice and if they did they wouldn’t care

  • Irena Weygold

    why does a little girl need to wear a bathing suit vs a boy wearing trunks? Is there something she needs to cover up? Babies in diapers of either sex don’t wear tops, just diapers at the beach (hopefully covered with sunscreen and under an umbrella) Yes, I see little girls wearing two-piecers. I think that is equally foolish as it is imitating a bikini. Do we need to turn little girls into sex objects with the clothes we put on them? Americans are so f–d up when it comes to nudity. Go to Europe’s beaches and see little children totally bare. I guess that makes all Europeans deviant.

  • Carole Steinberg

    give me a break, too many people with dirty minds.

  • Amy

    That doesn’t make any sense. So if a child hits me, I should smack them back? No, I’m bigger, stronger, and more likely cause harm. Nobody should hit anybody, but in general, women are not as strong as men, so if a woman hits you, you should walk away and get away from that situation. You also may want to consider cutting ties with her, but hitting her back shouldn’t be an option.

  • Julie

    If I lived with my parents and one of them were taking a bath the door is closed and my child is not in the room….let alone allowed to get in the tub. Gross.

  • El

    Harm is only justified in order to prevent a greater harm… so yes, it is okay to hit a woman (or anyone else) only to prevent them from causing greater harm to themselves or others. That being said, the police have repeatedly told my wife it is okay for her to hit me and my daughter — no sir, no gender bias there, is there?

  • El

    Yes, I took baths with my daughter when she was about that age because _she_ wanted to. And the bubbles are effectively preventing her from seeing anything inappropriate. But it is extremely poor judgement to share this picture online! In fact, in this day and age when the cliche “baby on a bearskin rug” photo can subject you to arrest and prosecution, I’d refrain from pictures of naked children entirely.

  • Grandma Polly

    Americans have their own dirty minds so far down in the gutter that they think everyone else is just as immoral as they are. I’m a 79 yr old Grandmother and have (lived) my faith for years. Kids and bubble baths go together and I can know how little kids can beg and use those big dark eyes to get what they way. The picture is as innocent as that tiny tot.

  • disqus_QiGjGYQek0

    I’m sure it was innocent, but why post the picture? At a time where priests are constantly in trouble with the law over their relationships with minors, why would you put yourself in the line of fire like this? Plus this guy should know no one wants to see him in the tub. Is anything private anymore?

  • applecreeker

    Sounds like good clean family fun, given some soap and a scrubbing.

  • Angel from above

    Came across this article by chance, and after reading it, I read a few of the comments. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this event. What I find shocking is the mental illness I see in the people that post their opinions about what they think is morally right or wrong. You folks that think this is anything other than a sweet family photo are sick. Sick minds, perverted from (only God knows) some event that may or may not have been twisted into lies and innuendos within your sick mind. The majority of us normal and well adjusted humans can only look upon you with pity. Who are you to judge. Sad that you live among us, so sad.

  • texdoc78154

    Bathing with her was not a mistake. Posting a picture of it on line was a mistake.

  • fatgrl1935

    Your comment is so stupid I don’t even know where to begin, but for cryin’ out loud,
    change your screen name!

  • duckduckgoose

    or a female in tub with a little boy/girl

  • GarthBock

    While the photo and the actions were innocent, as a preacher he should have thought before allowing a photo to be made public. Preachers are held to a higher accountability and should know the biblical phrase of “abstaining from any appearance of evil”. However, all his haters should know the phrase of “hate the sin but love the sinner’. So it was a bad choice. We should all forgive and forget. He should apologize to his flock and we should move on to more important things like our soldiers overseas and the economic mess this nation is in.

  • me

    I agree,the only thing was posting it. You do not have to share everything with the world. Keep something private…PLEASE…

  • JenGEn

    Lighten up people! They both had on shorts just like in swimming pool.

  • BrittBrittRoss

    I would not think this was okay, & if my daughter begged to get into the tub with her Gfather, I would have to tell her that it was not acceptable behavior…However, it could have been completely innocent, as I am cynical when it comes to things like this….the dumbest thing they did was putting this online & not expecting this type of reaction…

  • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    Well Rhianna hit Chris Brown first YET everyone was mad at him because he got the best of her.

  • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    This is why when someone say “there is nothing wrong with sharing you bed with children”, people think the dirtiest even if the bed is big as the room itself and eveyone is laying on their side of the bed. Now if this grandfather is nude, yes, I would be alarm but I think he has bathing suit on and just want to take a picture with his granddaughter. it is sad that parents can not even take that “nude” picture of the baby as folks use to do in order to put in the baby book. Precious one, I think people who always think perverted is perverted themselves and think everyone is just like them.

  • RealityAlwaysBites

    Mentally incompent losers such as yourself should keep your disgusting ideas and perversions to yourself, not everyone has a broken brain such as yourself.

    Try taking your meds and not be such a drooler.

  • ElektroDragon

    Leave it up to American stupidity and prudishness to destroy this poor man’s life.

  • Ajhughes

    I must say as a victim of molestation and one scenerio was EXACTLY this …. I was 4 or 5 and did not know that what was going on was wrong so im sure if there was a picture taken of me I might have a smile on as well. Also ….. she begged to get in there with him …. why was she in the bathroom while he was taking a bath and AND I BET there were no bubbles to cover up his bits then!! This photo is very inappopriate for social media and they should have thought it out more.

  • Pengy

    Unbelievable! I agree it was stupid to post the pic, but it was family. I would not have cared if they were both naked! Americans teach their children to be ashamed of their bodies and it all starts with this kind of crap. I used to chase my daughter around the house after her bath. She would scream and leap onto her bed and I would noisily run into her room and bite her naked little ass! Then we would put her PJs on her and I would read her a story. She LOVED it, and remembers the fun we had to this day. She is now 35! I guess I am a pedaphile(sp) too?

  • 20/20

    The Pastor holds a position of leadership that is based on commitment to God. Media is about what people perceive, not was IS. the Pastor has an obligation to God, himself, and the those he is responsible for and accountable to, to think through ANY action that could damage his credibility and ministry. The facts are irrelevant, the truth is that Pastor Trotter has now caused people to question his authenticity. Next time Pastor Trotter should ask himself, WWJD, had he done so this comment thread wouldn’t be taking place. All of us have made decisions in the moment without considering the consequences and probably in hindsight would have decided differently. I am certain Pastor Trotter would do things differently if given another chance.

  • russellmuscle1

    Hey, if it were up to some of these people, all children would be orphans because nobody would be a good enough parent.

  • russellmuscle1

    So………a tub with bubbles somehow makes it bad? My daughter has bubbles everytime she gets in the tub. Idiotic.

  • russellmuscle1

    Well gee, I must be a huge pedo then since I occasionally bath with my 2 year old daughter. My husband and I have also put her in the tub with us when we had access to a really large Jacuzzi tub on vacation. Children this young have to be watched constantly, sometimes that makes taking baths or showers by yourself difficult. Some of them (like my daughter) freak out when you get in the bath or shower without them. They want in, they don’t judge you or look at you that way. They just love you for who you are and want to be with you in everything you do. Look at the little girl, how tickled she is to be with her papa. I find it very sad and sickening that people attacked this man and this family the way the have. What perverts people are, making something sexual out of this innocent moment between a man and his granddaughter. Ether that or they don’t have kids so they don’t understand. If it had been sexual, do you think they would have posted it online? They shouldn’t have posted it online anyway.

  • cmcapc

    People seem to be engaging in more and more ungodly behavior themselves and then looking into every possible nook and cranny to insert a bad behavior label onto things that have been and are thoroughly innocent. Women can walk around with nothing but two strings covering their front and backsides in front of anyone’s man they choose, men and women can leave a baby or have one aborted in every city if they choose, but this minister and grandpa is a pig and pedophile. This country is in real trouble.

  • gdawg

    did you even read how this happen?

  • gdawg

    keep your family photos to yourself!

  • Luis Diaz

    I totally agree. I mean, we’ve all taken naked pictures of our babies and kept them to show [them] when we get older. Growing up then, it was like normal, no one thought nothing of it. But nowadays people see it differently. Especially with all these child abduction and molestation cases happening. It all depends on the person’s culture too. Some people see this as if its nothing others don’t. I would say this picture does looks a little awkward and that it was was taken. If the Mom’s was okay with it then by all means. However, that dumb family member really goofed things up by posting it online. Smh…

  • elmofuddleputt

    Yep. Should’ve kept this in the family and not posted it up. I don’t believe anything untoward was going on.

  • Ben


  • Squrrily

    What a TOTAL IDIOT! The old man should have known better but the stupid grin on his face says otherwise. Get help Grandpa. You are a SICKO!

  • coley

    what prompted her seeing her grandfather in the bath tub in the first place? doesn’t he close the door while bathing? just sayin’….

  • MyTwoCents

    I agree with Iam Sapphire – DUMB; why share that family moment which has now become history…history as in his story of being [w}holly undeducated in his approach to showing his congregation, his flock and his family just how illiterate he (the preacher) to the secular world. He may know the Lord and how to preach but he doesn’t realize that, whether he was in shorts and the child in a bathing suit, there are people in the world that will take what he did as a cue to do the same … and worse. Wise up dear preacher, get a clue. Keep family matters private.

  • disqus_GOTHZbVHu7

    It’s funny how this man was sitting around taking a bubble bath to begin with lol

  • DevGill

    This is not a man with a child, it is a grandfather with his loving granddaughter. Get a life.

  • crosstown

    An old man bathing his filthy body in the tub is not a healthy place for a child to be. Since the child wanted to enter the tub, the man should have exited, cleaned the tub and drawn fresh bath water for her only.

  • American_Dad

    Man oh man, the comments here are even dumber than on Yahoo, I did not think that was possible.

  • American_Dad

    I’m sorry but there is no problem whatsoever with this. He has a right to post whatever the heck he wants to his FB page, whether or not anyone thinks it’s “oversharing” doesn’t mean a damn thing. And if you think there’s something wrong or perverted about this picture then it says a whole lot more about you than it does this guy. Keep on keepin’ on Larry, you have a beautiful granddaughter (uh-oh, does saying that make me a pedophile too?). And anyone with anything negative at all to say about this needs to take a good long look at their cynical self.

  • seanster5977

    Popo sounds like a really great grandpa. I mean that as I read the article and not sarcasm.

  • Tom Taylor

    You must be related to Ariel Castro. (sick guy who imprisoned 3 women for years.)
    Your thought processes are suspect. You need a psychological evaluation to determine if you have molestation/rape tendencies.

  • Tom Taylor

    You seem to be the one with sexual attraction to children issues.
    Perhaps it is YOU who needs to be investigated. At the very least, you need psychological help.
    Exactly how long have you maintained fantasies about molesting children in the bathtub?

  • Hot Springs Mom

    Exactly. If they were in a hot tub would we be reading about this?

  • Maggie Rae

    No, Minister Speed, I do not have a “”certain” mentality as to how [you] should act as a minister.” You see kind sir, it’s not about what I think about you or any other person whom I do not know; it’s about what God thinks of you. So be not concerned about what I think about you.

    BTW, what makes you think that I have no experience at slapping a man? Well, I should say, a person who claims to be a man but in reality he is not. You know the kind I’m talking about; the ones who have no back-bone, no knowledge about what manhood is all about, no principles or descent moral standards, the kind that don’t know how to handle business in person, in writing, or over the phone. The kind that expect women to do everything for him, just like his mother did and still does.

    So, Minister Good Speed, I don’t really think you want to find out if I would slap you or not. No, I’m not a big person at all. In fact, I’m under 5 ft tall and weigh less than 120 lbs. Be well my friend!

  • It appears that you have a “certain” mentality as to how I should act as a minister. Can you please tell me where you receive that from? By the way if you want to slap a man then go right ahead and good luck…

  • Don Baxley

    They aren’t doing anything wrong!

  • Grenplen

    maybe in the pool or the clear ocean.

  • Art Of War

    I hope Ashy Larry but some lotion on after the bath.

  • MPISH1

    IT IS NEVER RIGHT FOR A MAN TO HIT A WOMEN, unless he is trying to SAVE HIS LIFE or the life of another….and any man who feel different is a probably a women beater…

  • MPISH1

    “I know some people have never bathed with their kids, but when I was growing up we shared bathwater.” – WHICH is different than bathing together, sharing bath water was just using the same bathwater as the one before, NOT BATHING TOGETHER. I would not feel comfortable with ANY man bathing with a girl child..period, father, grandfather uncle, ect!!!!!!!!!!

  • explorer

    HITH did the grandaughter see that he was in the tub in the first place??????. Grandaddy was in the bathroom with the door closed and his daughter walked in with his grandaugter and said you want to take a bath with grandpa???/ Pleaseeee!!!!! Not appropriate any way you look at it!!!!!!!

  • Tanya

    Are you serious? You would find nothing wrong with an adult man taking a bath with an adult male no matter what the relationship.

  • Tanya

    If some of you think the only thing wrong with this picture is that it shouldn’t be online I worry about you and your family. A child this age has no business with a naked adult male in the tub and doctor would tell you this is wrong. Children this age take baths together but not with adults, not even their parents at this age.

  • Rich C

    Are you SERIOUS? Well, what about Ted Haggard, George Alan Rekers, Lonnie Latham, Earl Paulk, Eddie Long, Joe Barron, Douglas Goodman, Nathan Brown, Coy Privette, Michael Reid, Paul Crouch, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Peter Popoff. Am I seeing a pattern here? Not one liberal socialist, all evangelical christian sexual deviants. NOW, that being said, the only people who got upset about this image 1) Had not been given an explanation, and 2) have too much time on their hands. It has nothing to to with being liberal or conservative. It’s far past time to put your lazy hateful ignorant stereotypes to bed. They are worn out sleepy. Jesus would be ashamed.

  • CooleyReese

    Why would they lie? They were not trying to hide anything. Get a life!

  • CooleyReese

    You consider it private even when the child’s mother is taking the picture? Get outta here!

  • CooleyReese

    Let us not forget that both of them were in their bathing suits.

  • CooleyReese

    It’s his granddaughter for crying out-loud!

  • CooleyReese

    Considering the details, I don’t see anything wrong with PoPo in the bathtub with his four year old granddaughter. Only the liberal socialists would try to make something this innocent into something immoral. Many times they project their own perverted behavior onto innocent people. God bless you, Bishop Trotter, for taking time out for your precious granddaughter!

  • I’m 41 years old. I have two daughters–ages 8 and 6. I would bath with them on occasion up until they were 3 years old. Sometimes it was out of comfort (my daughter had a fear of bath for awhile) or out of convenience. I don’t see anything wrong with “Pop-pop” sharing a quick bubble bath with his granddaughter. She’s young and innocent and asked to jump into the bubbles. He was home alone and his family came to visit him. It doesn’t seem like he “lured” her into the tub with him.

    I know we are living in an over-sexualized world, but every interaction between a parent/grandparent and child without clothes is not sexual. My daughters are immodest and run around the house naked, and it doesn’t bother my husband or me or turn us on. No one knows what is in the heart of a man (or woman) so to call him a perv based on this photo is unfair.,

  • Karen

    FFS They Had Swim Suits On. No Different Than Being In A Small Pool In The Yard. People Always Have Their Minds In The Gutter Today. Filthy, Evil Minded Freaks.

  • dthompson1313

    The only thing wrong with this picture are the people who automatically deduced something sexual in nature. I shared baths with my dad and where I come from there is nothing wrong with it. My son shares baths with me or his dad and the idea that anyone would thing something sexual speaks volumes about the society we live in today.

    Are we so far gone that a simple thing as bath time needs to turn into a tirade of such a disgusting nature? Attacking someone we don’t know based on a picture?

    Maybe this just needs to be the lesson we need to keep some things off social networking sites. We have become too eager to share our lives and in the end this is the result. Such a shame as it really is a cute picture.

  • GreatGrizly3

    This article is sickening… that people’s minds are so sick as to automatically label someone a pedo because they “think”. No, they don’t think – and it shows.

    Sorry Bishop Trotter, for the sad state of the human “race”.

  • AAK

    American puritanical sickos please stop this.

    This is an adorable happy kid with pops!

    STOP IT! You idiots are disgustng!

  • Robert Neren

    Intelligent thinker? You don’t live up to your screen name.

  • Independent Tom

    What you just said by saying is acceptable to bathe with one year old children but not four year old children is that one of those scenarios sexually excites you to the point you would do something inappropriate if it were you in the tub with one of them.

    Tell me, pumpkin… was one of your grampas a late night sneaky grampa?

  • Jess

    If he was poundin his mushroom tip up that little girl’s booty, do you really think he would allow himself to be photographed?


  • Jess



  • tjslady

    I totally agree….who told their BEHIND to share it…

  • QuickMessage

    Wow…Just wow…While I’m sure the photo is innocent, it souldn’t have been shared on the web. How did the little girl know what her grandpa was doing in the bathroom anyway??? That’s my question. People tend to look at things in the negative. BUT I bathed with my babies. We even slept in the same bed! While I wouldn’t allow my 4 year old girls to bathe with my father in a bathtub (even though I know for SURE it would be safe) and he wouldn’t be ok with it, We have all been known to get in the hot tub/sauna/whirlpool together…suited of course! If they’re wearing trunks, then whatever. If they’re not, shame on the whole family.

  • joe35

    The outcry is total BS. It’s a completely innocent photo between two family members. I have an old photo of me as a little kid in a bubble bath with my aunt, and there was nothing salacious about it.

  • kelly

    They had on swimming trunks. What is the difference in this and in a pool? There were other people in the room obviously. He wasn’t unclothed. This poor man is having his name smeared and he did nothing wrong. Get over it.

  • kelly

    IMO, he didn’t even think of anything being wrong with this b/c he does not have a dirty mind like that. I agree with others when they say “The most stupid thing was posting this” where all the dirty minded people could see it.

  • Cindie

    No matter how innocent this may have been, in modern-day America, it is a “no no”. It could cause unnecessary suffering and grief for this family — horribly so.

  • Libertarian66

    In Japan, entire families bathe naked together, not sure if there is a higher or lower amount of sex abuse there.

  • momoseven

    Uh, yes, but they weren’t in the tub for a photo-op; that took place unexpectedly by someone else. The grandfather, the child, and the child’s parent/s knew, and that is what matters in this case. It’s a non-issue.

  • grammadee94

    People must ALWAYS think the worst. I have pictures of my son (who is now 28) in the bathtub with HIS dad. His dad has on swim trunks while he is bathing my son and I’m sitting right there watching them have a blast in the tub, blowing bubbles and watch him (my son) washing his dad’s hair with the bubbles from the bubble bath. I know there are a lot of pedophiles out there, but don’t be so quick to think the worst.

  • Stephen Norris

    Agreed, the only problem here is the picture. Not that there’s anything wrong with taking it, but these days its probably just smarter not to.

  • Jazzy Cat Manliving

    Bizarre to say the least, I for the life of my short 56 years on earth have never seen anything like it.

  • Magaly Castro

    exactly Beverly Durant…!!!

  • Magaly Castro

    how do u know he is not touching her or if he has n erection the bubbles r so many u can not see them in there. Shame on u! When she see this picture as a adult she will probably say, “what in the world were they thinking of”?

  • Magaly Castro

    a pool not a tub with bubbles…who can see the trunks on?

  • Magaly Castro

    Era of no accountability??? I m amazed of how smart u r Speed. Have u already been in jail? If not I hope u r not what u speak.

  • Magaly Castro

    A woman should not hit a man, but if she does then the man should just leave. Why would a man want to be with a woman that likes to hit him? If the man stays n beats her up then he likes to hit woman which makes him a coward cause man will always be stronger then a woman. Im pretty sure Roger is a coward that can not fight a man, but is always willing to “fight” a woman. Walk away file a report at the police station against her. Be smart about it.

  • Magaly Castro

    My question is why in the world was that child taken to the bathroom
    to see her grandfather taking a bath??? That is not normal. N whether
    or not they had trunks on it is not visible because…grandpa takes
    bubble baths? Only God knows the true behind all this, but to the
    people this is not acceptable. Honestly, I would investigate the hold
    family: mom, dad, grand, girl n the person who took the picture. Cause
    this is just not right at all.

  • Maggie Rae

    I have a feeling that you’re being sarcastic here Minister Speed. You know as well as I do that no one has “the right to hit and slap” anyone else. And BTW, even if this were true, since when did an old fashion beat-down become the same as a “hit and slap”. From your logic, if a woman slaps you, you can in turn, beat her to a bloody pulp and maybe even kill her. I love this kind of sound reasoning from a minister. We are in the era of no accountability, no respectability, and no Biblical-ability. Be well my friend.

  • stilldead

    we shared bathwater when i was growing up too and i am a bit younger than this gentleman. Prayers here for you sir. may you now better discern the times we live in believe it or not this is part of “calling good evil and evil good”. hope you don’t share our POTUS’s theology.

  • Yeah women have the right to hit and slap a man as often as she wants and have no consequences. We are in the era of no accountability.

  • Magic_Stick

    He’s smiling because he’s molesting that little girl under the soap suds.

  • pichete

    The old hack should have locked the bathroom door. How the hell are you gonna have relatives over your house and leave the bathroom door unlocked so they can walk right in and see you bathing? doesnt sound like an innocent old man.

  • fewiz

    People do talk.

  • Politicsarebs

    The people who were shocked in case you didn’t get the sarcasm. If you were the first to be outraged I would seriously question what you have running through your mind.

  • Politicsarebs

    Its the pedofiles that are shocked. It is they who come up with the thoughts in their devious little minds is it not? Imagining whats under the water? Sick idiots.

  • Dennis Mummert

    Sorry Maggie Rae. Tit for tat.

  • gemjunior

    They shouldn’t have shared this since filthy minded people always have to think the wrong thing. They aren’t alone, they’re obviously having a great time ( the child IS too!) and for God’s sake doesn’t he know people will always jump to the wrong conclusions? The only thing he’s guilty of is being trusting of the good nature of people (something weird in itself these days) and also of just being stupid. I don’t remember my dad or my husband’s dad ever taking a bath with any of our kids, but still, that doesn’t make it a crime or a molestation.

  • caden rodriguez

    I agree.

  • Maybe, but you know what pedophiles don’t like? The mother of the child in the room taking pictures of them.

  • DenyseP

    Can YOU see the swim suits? Regardless, it is a bathtub and not a swimming pool. It may have been totally innocent, but it just LOOKS inappropriate!!!

  • Slick

    After reading your post I don’t “intelligent thinker” is a pharse to describe you. I think you’re likely a past victim. You’re sad please get some help.

  • YaValioCacaWates2

    The big smile from the bishop says it all, seems like he’s having a blast sharing the bath tub with the little girl. Is this a Chicago thing? What would Fred Phelps have to say about this? CPS done anything?

  • Draesop

    Is being in a swimming pool with a grand daughter something that’s allowed these days? What about bathing a four year old grand child? If this man wanted to do something bad with this kid he would not have had a fool with camera equipment in the vicinity. I have more questions about a middle aged guy, freshly shaved blocked moustache and displaying pearly whites while immersed in suds. Whatever happened to bouncing that grandchild on your knee?

  • Precious One

    I agree with you Mark-Aaron. There’s nothing wrong with a grandparent bathing with their grandchild. It’s sad that so many people have perverted minds these days….all they see the human body for, is sex.
    To all the people who think this is perverted…it’s YOUR perverted mind, that is seeing this BABY as something sexual.

  • Precious One

    People are crazy! It’s a bath and someone is photographing it! Idiots run rampant these days.

  • lucy1124

    I am guessing that this man and/or his family saw nothing wrong however, common sense should prevail if for no other reason that the world we live in has proven that many times children are victims of family abuse disguised as “innocent”. As a grandmother, I caution my son against texting or sharing pics of my grandson even with his shirt off. My feeling is that this grandfather (and the child’s mother) should have taken the opportunity to have a ‘”teaching moment” with the child or just not allow the shared tub at all. We do not always want to feel swayed by societal thinking but caution for the child should prevail in all instances. Even as a family member, privately seeing this photo, I would be concerned.

  • Larry

    Facebook and instagram has helped so many people get themselves in trouble. There is no reason in the world to share the minutiae of your life with total strangers. And don’t give me the argument its for networking and to keep up with old friends. No one networks with strangers and If they were really friends you wouldn’t need facebook to keep up with them.

  • Roger

    I hope that when they say he found himself in hot water, they were talking about the bath water. There is nothing wrong with grandpa bathing with his granddaughter in bathing suits and there is no evidence of any wrongdoing, there is nothing that indicates that anything sexual is occurring, has occurred or will occur. He has not broken ay law, it is not illegal to have your picture taken in the bathtub with your granddaughter! If a person has not harmed any other person, damaged any property or violated anyone’s rights, that person has not broken any law!

  • Roger

    Really, you idiot people have been photographing their children naked for more than a hundred years! When the kids grow up they get the photo album with heir naked picture, they do not remove them in fact they show them to their kids!

  • Roger

    Right on NotAFool!

  • Roger

    Seems that a lot of those sick people are on here!!

  • Roger

    I___T fill in the blanks!

  • Maggie Rae

    At least you didn’t say “You are stupid!” I really do not like to say unkind things to people, but I’m making an exception in your case. In my opinion, you are a poor soul who grew up without the benefit of being “raised” with values or morals. So sad, because you probably have children who are growing up the same way. As far as you showing a woman who may hit you “how wrong she was”, I have news for you buddy, you are the one who will quickly find out what kind of “man” you really are! “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

  • Roger

    Intelligent Thinker, First of all you need un in front of your moniker, because you have demonstrated by your comments that you are neither intelligent or a thinker! You have shown however that you are grossly ignorant by stating someone you do not know or know anything about must be a child molester. Since they are under water I challenge you to prove he was not telling the truth! I also want to make you aware of a fact that you won’t believe or check out for yourself, because you are ignorant. Most registered sex offenders are innocent and most molestation and rape accusations are false. Recently 24 men were exonerated after serving, 300 years collectively, 22 of these men were serving sentences for sex crimes they did not commit! Now a piece of advice, don’t open your mouth unless you know what you are talking about, which in your case means you should never open your mouth again!

  • Coach

    And, sorry to say we cannot find you to DO anything about it, but you must be a pedo perv!!

  • Roger

    Sometimes there is nothing wrong with hitting a woman, like when a woman hits the man first, you know what they say if you can’t take it , don’t dish it out. Some women think they have the right to hit a man without any repercussions. If such a woman hit me, she would find out quick how wrong she was!

  • Roger

    You are really stupid!

  • Roger

    You are stupid!

  • Roger

    Like I said everyone knows! What the hell does an era have to do with anything?

  • Roger

    Who cares what idiots think or say? In this case everyone knows who the idiots are!

  • Roger

    He said they had swim suits, no different than being in the pool or a lake. The family member wasn’t the dumb one, the dumb ones are those that try to make something out of nothing. When I was four years old, my mother bathed my three year old brother and me, we were totally naked and she washed and dried everything and only an idiot would see anything wrong that! Sometimes my aunt or my grandmother bathed me in a washtub behind the coal stove and there wasn’t anything wrong with that either.

  • notatallpc

    I don’t see a problem here.

  • Maggie Rae

    Since you do not know what I was referring to in my reply to MARK-ARON ALLEYNE, your comment is like comparing “apples to oranges” here. Know what you’re talking about before you decide to talk.

  • David Gray

    PoPo should be locked up!!

  • CommonSense

    Do you let YOUR child it on Santa’s lap? What about the Easter Bunny? Would you let your kid hug a character at Disney Land? I bet you would. There’s NOTHING wrong with this. Santa’s lap, YES. PoPo in swim trunks? NoNo-nothing wrong here..

  • CommonSense

    These folks with all the hangups are the SAME people who let their kids sit on Santa’s lap! Yup. THINK folks. This is an innocent moment it time for BOTH involved. Get your mind outta the gutter people. GREAT metaphor.

  • CommonSense

    It amazes me there’s very POOR reading comprehension going on here. Just another reason people are dangerous. READ before you LEAP people!!

  • CommoinSense

    I’m AMAZED you’ve summed up this man’s history, mental state and intentions FROM A PHOTO! Do this country a big ‘ol fave and STAY AWAY from the jury box. I could say YOU have a DIRTY mind full of twisted thoughts. Sound about right–RIGHT?

  • CommonSense


  • CommonSense

    You’re ridiculous. Pedophiles don’t have/want audiences. Stay away from the jury box, please; your reasoning is dangerous.

  • CommonSense


  • CommonSense

    What? Apples to oranges,here.

  • CommonSense

    I suppose ALL male relatives that share a baby pool with their precious little girl children should be locked up, too. THINK people. Not everything is as it seems.

  • BassFreak

    And you were a cop? Why am I not surprised.

  • Belle

    They were clothed. Just like if they were in a pool or a jacuzzi. There is NOTHING wrong with this. Too bad some sick minds are creating problems here when it is clearly innocent fun. Good lord get OVER it people. You’re SICK to turn this into a sexual thing and it’s your mind twisting this into something else that is worrisome.

  • Greg

    A grown-ass man has no damned business bathing with 4 year-old child. The child’s mother needs to have her head checked to stand there and take a picture of the crap!!!
    I hope the family keeps an eye on the dirty ole-bastard and the child. It starts with a innocent bath together…….

  • NO DRAMA biacces please!

    shut the f up people! Let the good family be! Just because you are stupid dramma queen, a retard and/or a child molester and/or have some sexual issues…. does NOT mean everyone is. Many Americans are so SCREWD UP ON THE HEAD! Go to your local doctor and ask for pills like you always do to fix you for being dumb fat and stupid.

  • DenyseP

    It may have been completely innocent but, in these times, it is completely inappropriate and in poor taste. People should know better.

  • personally

    personally i think that protective custody should investigate and ask the little girl if they really did put on swimming trunks and get into the tub together to find out if that part was a lie to cover up what had or had not been done !
    If it was a white person it would be investigated so they shouldn’t be racist and not investigate just because this is a preacher or that he is black .

  • maji

    As an ex police officer I am well aware of all of the nonsense that goes on in our society. But the problem is, it gets sensationalized by the media, because hype sells and so does “darkness”. The possibility of accusations will not necessarily stop a strong person from having innocent fun. about this photo, there are people who are abuse survivors who will respond to this purely emotionally and not rationally. And let’s not forget those who are just JEALOUS. Perhaps their reputation/ sense of being trusted is too with family to ever allow them to have such spontaneous and beautiful ‘kodak moments’. If he is taking advantage, God will judge. As far as I can see, it is bonding time with the little ones, most likely the most precious thing in his life. HATERS get over yourself.

  • Sookie

    I hate that this ‘preacher’ bathes with his grand-daughter… When it pertains to children… trust no one.. more often than not it is a family member who abuses a child… This little girl can bath with her mom or sister if she has one….but I would not want my daughter in the bath with a dirty….butt naked granddaddy perv… he is a perv…

  • systemsanalyst

    When my daughter was 3 yrs old, her mother would hand her to me while I was taking a shower before heading for work. Never really thought about it being perverted. She was bathed and heading for daycare and I was bathed and heading for work. Mom was making breakfast before going to work. It was a part of our daily routine. There are a lot of people on this post who really have major mental issues about family and parenting. Why are you judging this man and his grandaughter? Some of you are just haters in general. The child’s mother was present and both were clothed.

  • Jason Bourne

    Its normal for a grandpa to show love and affection to his granddaughter or grandson. You probably got molested when you were a little boy so I could see how this photo bring back bad memories. But that’s your childhood and your family.

  • momoseven

    Good grief! They were wearing what people swim in. Would you find it unacceptable for people of different age and gender to swim in a pool together?

  • master_chief_usn

    This is my first visit to this website, and judging by the comments below I don’t think I’ll be back. I just want to go wash my hands. But, I too think it was innocent although doing it and then POSTING it in this day and age is virtual social and professional suicide. You gotta think, people.

  • nfmomof3

    I don’t see the big deal if they had swimsuits on. Geez people.

  • drewcrewof2

    People are so sick today…

  • Jonah Manke

    Once again peoples insecurities bleed to the surface. There was nothing wrong that occurred here i was born in the 80’s and i bathed with my sister for a while we where twin’s. People need to realize not every old man is that way. Everyone jumping on this “OMG, WTF WAS THAT” band wagon are the reason why 17 years old’s who are dating sixteen year old’s end up in jail on their 18th birthday. People’s preconception’s are colored by fear, hate and insecurity I have had friends wind up on the Register for being “sex offenders” when all that happened was their girlfriends parents where starting to lose control over their little brain washed girl and freaked so they went and fucked up their boyfriends life. NOT EVERY OLD MAN IS A LECH NOT EVERY PERSON IN A TRENCH COAT IS CRAZY. NO ONE SHOULD BE SUBJECT TO STEREOTYPES BECAUSE YOU FEAR CHANGE OR ANY THING THAT CAN MAKE YOU LOOK BAD.

  • NLK3

    I see no issue with this. She’s a little girl with her grandfather. I thought parents do this with their kids all the time, and it’s not like she’s grade-school aged. She’s four.

  • himnotme

    look @ the supposed preacher’s grin. he knows whats up. he likes being in the water with the little girl.

  • himnotme

    they were not @ a public pool. they were in private. pedophiles like privacy

  • Starforged

    you are all a bunch of idiots.

  • Jay Z

    stop it people, if it was a women in the tub would this be an issue? hell no, even though women moleste people too.

  • honeybee50

    Since when does a 4-year old wear trunks? I don’t give a crap if they are having fun, this is totally unacceptable on numerous levels! We don’t teach little girls its okay to get in the tub with any male accept their husband! It may be innocent, but it sure looks disgusting!!! Sounds like the mom has taken a few baths with dad also. This is so WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coach

    Look at what you wrote. “She is clearly not upset” and then with almost the same breath you admit “at this age she has not yet come to the understanding of sexuality”. Thus, this man should NOT have been in the bath with her.

  • Coach

    What?! No man should BATHE with his granddaughter!

  • Coach

    So, how did she ‘see him in the tub’ causing her to ask to join him? huuuuhhhh?

  • Jessica R. Abbit

    Tell me how this is different from a Jacuzzi?

  • jskljksdf

    from the look on his face, looks like he’s squeezing one off to me.

  • Rolodex

    When I look at this photo the first thing that comes to mind is..Awwe Cute!! The second Adorable!! And that is the difference between sane minded people like my self who see nothing wrong with this pic and those of you who either have been corupted by our sick over reactive society or have been touched by molestation your selfs and see bad intentions. Im pretty sure people wouldnt have reacted nearly this bad if it was Granny and not Poppa in the bath. I support this family 100% and say SHAME on the rest of you. Be sure of the facts before you make accusations that could potentially ruin someone life and family.
    Go “Popo”!!

  • ThermalGlen 1482

    The article said they were wearing swim trunks. The child’s mother took the photo. Whoever posted the photo did not use common sense, not because it was wrong, but because of what busybodies would say. Incidentally, if the photo had been taken at a swimming pool nobody would care. On the other hand, should little children get to do anything they want whenever they beg? That would become a parenting issue.

  • Hcklbery

    The evil hearted Godless soul looks at the same thing as the eyes of a Love God filled heart but sees ONLY what is in their own hearts while the innocent sees ALL the beauty and joy of the moment.

  • Eddie

    Cutest thing I’ve ever seen… I grandpa with his granddaughter. You people whose minds go straight to the gutters are the real problem. Trying to destroy the infrastructure of family… I guess he should explain to the girl that a bunch of fools online don’t want him to take an innocent bath with her. Obviously some people here got touched by grandpa

  • Difster

    Why can’t people just leave other people alone. It was all perfectly innocent. Get a life idiots.

  • Blackened144

    Based on your “logic”, what ever ethnicity you are, someone of your race has rape, tortured and killed others, therefore you are not safe to be within arms distance of a child for the rest of your life. Does that seem logical?

  • FrankieBomb

    Pretty sure it being a woman of the same age wouldn’t make it any more acceptable.

  • Maggie Rae

    Okay, so I’m crazy. Based on what you said, I would beg to differ with you. Why don’t you bring on your own opinion about this picture? Oh, don’t tell me, I know already: You don’t have the intelligence to express whatever thoughts you may have. I doubt very seriously that you have any at all. You need to smartin’ yourself up if you intend to respond to the comments on social media.

  • diffle jr.

    he is a christian, not a muslim, not a Buddhist, not an atheist, a pastor of the church most blacks subscribe to. so he is fueled by GODs love, and being destroyed by your moralistic sudo christian hate. original man did not wear Hollister, he and she were naked hominids that roamed and bred in the open. it is mans morals not GODS creation that is a flaw. By the way, the way you view nakedness is so George W Bush, and he hates Black people, ask Kanye. breastfeed your babies til they are five if you love them.

  • diffle jr.

    i am a part of this society and you are crazy.

  • diffle jr.

    you are not a crazy, and he should be left alone.

  • diffle jr.

    the door was open because he was just lining up all his grandkids to molest them in front of his family. crazy OMG!

  • diffle jr.

    anon is a non. crazy

  • diffle jr.

    The father thinks you are crazy.

  • diffle jr.

    you are the queen of crazyopoulis

  • diffle jr.

    odalay! you es mui loca

  • diffle jr.

    Are there more rapes and molestations today? what about yesterday?crazy.

  • diffle jr.

    which crazy culture are you from?

  • diffle jr.

    you are a confused kinda crazy.

  • diffle jr.

    you are @#$&#$@$#%@$^&@^%% crazy!

  • diffle jr.

    How about, you crazy?

  • diffle jr.

    i agree you are crazy.

  • diffle jr.

    you crazy like a fox

  • diffle jr.

    isnt poohy actually phooey? they used to say that in 1920. you are totally gonna be gone soon and your archaic ways, you crazy

  • diffle jr.

    you are not crazy AT ALL

  • diffle jr.

    slander is illegal. you crazy

  • diffle jr.

    you are no where near crazy

  • diffle jr.

    you are not crazy

  • diffle jr.

    you crazy too

  • diffle jr.

    you is crazy

  • diffle jr.

    you crazy still

  • diffle jr.

    you crazy

  • diffle jr.

    you are crazy

  • diffle jr.

    you are not crazy

  • diffle jr.

    so what if they are naked. you crazy

  • diffle jr.

    you crazy.

  • JOE


  • Rich Bich

    1 yr old child with their same sex parent is understandable. A dirty old grandpa with a 4 yr old girl….NOT!

  • Rich Bich

    Disgusting..what is a child doing anywhere near the bathroom, much less going inside the bathroom with the grandfather.

  • Jack Rose

    Bishop that explains it…..a preacher, No…
    I say Jail time for him so he can get his desires filled

  • Bill Johnson

    I suspect that this was as innocent as claimed. The foolish action however was to paste it in any social media where it obviously would be misunderstood. What one does in privacy of the tub is different than what one does on the front porch. This was never a camera moment to display to the world.

  • David Lane

    nobodys business

  • Dr L.O.L. Lulzington

    ^^THIS, people. This is the statement that wins this entire discussion.

  • Rich White Guy

    Why do people have to publish their personal stuff on the internet?

  • Sapphire Possible

    The picture should never have been posted. Misuse of social media strikes again.

  • Sapphire Possible

    Who the hell took the picture and posted it in the first place? All involved are responsible, except for the child. As a child I’ve never taken a bath with an adult. Adults are way too “developed” to expose nudity before children; especially in this culture.

  • Guy

    Sad thing is you can’t do this in this day and age. The media will turn you into a monster. There is a definite witch hunt going on in America when it concerns sexual predators and no matter how innocent the action was, perception is the real law of this land. I remember taking baths with both my grandmother and grandfather when I was younger, nothing ever happened. Current age is twenty seven. If I ever have kids I wouldn’t let them do this. Things are just way to different now.

  • paul

    He put on his swim trunks. Do you not read??

  • sweets

    I think there is a problem too to be honest. A grown man should not be exposing his nakedness to a 4yr old girl. Whether it was an innocent moment or otherwise, this does cross a line and is inappropriate.

  • Cathy

    It may be all innocent, but i would not let any of my children get into the bath with their any of their grandfathers, and neither would any of their grandfathers think of doing anything like this, with all the exposed stories of sexual abuse MEN NEED TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL

  • Not A Gentleman, Spehs Mahreen

    Actually they do have licenses to speak about it… Unless you post on the picture a sub caption stating that the only way someone is allowed to talk about it is if they have legal written consent from you to do so, and then if you are in a country with free speech laws (unless you payed the government to like you, if you are in America) you would be breaking a law in a way.

    To you, Ryan Kesler, I ask if you live in a country where freedom of speech is not allowed. From there I will ask that if you aren’t, that you shut the hell up anyway, because your free speech is terrible.

  • TheWittyGal

    Nonsense like this only happens in America. If the poor man had something to hide, trust me, he wouldn’t be posing for a picture. Lack of common sense…

  • Not A Gentleman, Spehs Mahreen

    You also failed to read. I said my daughter would not be related to him, so in those circumstances it would be weird.

  • This is nothing worse than the young girls on Facebook posting pics of themselves in their bedrooms and bathrooms. While they may be fully clothed, there is no business for a child, especially a girl or teenager to stand in the bathroom snapping pics of themselves while you see toilet paper, maxi pads, wash rags, and towels. Nor should someone be taking pics of them in their bedrooms sitting up in their beds. Kids don’ tmean any harm. But as a parent, would you invite a stranger into your home and let him or her walk into your daughter’s bedroom and watch her? Or the bathroom? It’s all ridiculous!

  • sentimental

    You are so right! I agree with you and all those that think there is something wrong with this picture. First of all why! Next, the whole act is questionable, now and in the future. Can you imagine how this picture will be explained when the child is say 13 or 16 yrs old. I’m not sure what the mother was thinking only that she may have been a victim of incest too and doesn’t know that these type of acts are just wrong.

  • Sure she saw popo in the tub so he got out and put swim trunks on and then got back in with the grandaughter. Doesnt sound right. Stupid

  • FlaEMT

    This story is a lot like an ink blot test. The reaction to it tells more about the viewer’s mindset than it does about the grandfather / granddaughter. It’s just plain sad that so many people seem to be fixated on molestation.

  • Maggie Rae

    Yes Steven Kaufman, I guess I am the one who has the unresolved family issues. Based on your arguement (and many other posters) there are absolutely no boundaries that cannot be crossed in family relationships. Sounds to me that whatever “family activities” one engages in is innocent because, “it’s family”. And when someone questions the “family activity”, in your way of thinking, they become “monsters” and have experienced “abuse” at the hands of their own family. If you want to defend Bishop Trotter and his family, I suggest you come up with a better defense than verbally attacking the questioner.

  • CG

    I dont care if the situation was more innocent than it appeared. In this day in age you just dont do stuff like that. Tell the girl no she cannot get in the tub with grandpa. How the hell did she see him in the tub for her to start begging to get in weirdo’s.

  • Well, even with his explanation of the swimming trunks between them, why was a 4-year-old even allowed to see a grown man in the bathtub in the first place? Even if it is her grandfather.
    If there is any blame here, place it where it always belongs when children are involved… with the parents.

  • redduck walk

    red duck walk, First of all I don’t care if she did bag popo to get in there with him . It’s a new day and time and that doesn’t look good at all . And he should have example to his granddaughter she could not get in the tub point blak. What is wrong with people and than they take pictures real stupid . Yes I think it should be looked into how many times has this happen and are there others? And he know and the dumb
    daughther know that was wrong . Some things you just don’t do .

  • Intelligent thinker? Really? You’ve got to be the dumbest bytch living!!! Fool, everybody isn’t into that sick crap! I was in and out of the bathroom while my dad, brothes, cousins, etc. were butt naked, it was no big deal, and there wasn’t even a hint of molestation or sexual preversty. YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS ISSUES, GET HELP!!!

  • Steven Kaufman

    Wow, so you see a “news story” and assume everyone is a monster? It’s people like you who are the monsters and see innocent activities as “monstrous.” You obviously have some issues of your own you are working through, most likely because of a family member abusing you, but that is the exception, not the rule.

  • sscarzz

    You can say anything you want….. It’s still WRONG! Lock the bathroom door too…

  • gorgeous_chik7

    Yes, I think it’s inappropriate for a grown man to take a bath with a little girl, but if I had saw this picture, it is obvious to me that someone took the picture, which means someone was aware that they were in the tub together. If it wasn’t innocent then they probably wouldn’t be taking a pic and the dad and daughter wouldn’t be cheesing like that. My point is the pic looks innocent. I assumed they had swim trunks on which they did. My friend posted a similar pic, difference was that the wife took the pic and the dad’s swim trunks were showing (lucky for them right?). I think it’s common for young kids to want to take baths with their parents/grandparents, and this probably happens often (with swim trunks more than likely). Difference is most people have enough sense to not post it online.

  • Moriah

    Which grin looks forced? The grandfather’s, or the kid’s? I’d go for grandpas, no one smiles that way normally.

  • Moriah

    One question What about a child who is nursing? I’m not talking the toddler nursing here, let’s go ahead and say under two, since the World Health Organization does not recommend weaning before age two. To breastfeed, a woman must expose her “private parts” to her child.

  • Moriah

    Blah. Cat on keyboard. Issue is that pictures like that don’t belong online to be honest.

    Pictures of me existed from when I was two, covered head to toe in spaghetti sauce, and nothing else. I’m glad they disappeared and were only shown to one perspective boyfriend when I was a kid by a grandma who got excited to meet him. I swear I had nothing to do with it vanishing. No, really. 😉

    Now, on the subject of family members bathing together. Before my mother left my father (sometime shortly before my third birthday) the baths I remember were me bathing myself. I would hope that a parent was at least trying to keep an ear out if nothing else, but I remember sudsing up my hair myself (not using baby shampoo either). When Mom left him and moved in with her parents, my grandmother was quite upset at this practice and started actually giving me baths, usually taking hers at the same time. No, nothing inappropriate ever happened. In the 80s, no one thought anything of this practice. Especially done by a grandmother, who was born in 1922.

    Yes, people did share water back then. Sometimes, a grandparent bathing a child is appropriate, and to save time I’m willing to bet some have felt it safer to bathe with the child rather than leave them alone in a bathtub full of water where they could drown. No, we never took pictures. Though the other grandmother thought the spaghetti sauce moment was too precious not to photograph.

  • Moriah


  • Maggie Rae

    Since you think your family time was so normal, where are the photos of your fun activities? I’m sure you have plenty of them in your family album. And everyone who thinks this picture is wrong, has not been abused. Saying this about them just shows out limited the accusers are in defending this grandpa taking a bubble bath with is grandchild. These people must not pay attention to news stories involving close family members harming each other. Sorry, your family story is not one that other families should emulate.


  • Anti-believer

    You can’t compare a 1 yr old to a 4 yr old. What is your address? I’m going hop in there with you! Skoot over! I’m 39.

  • Anti-believer

    Yes you may have shared bathwater because you were SO POOR but I highly doubt it that you are now. Plus, that still is not a reason for this. at least don’t post the picture for the world… GEEZ!

  • dj7200

    Ain’t nothing innocent about this crap, take her to a swimming pool. Explain why it is inappropriate for grand pa to freak her in the tub; he just made it easy for the next man to get in the tub with her. The family should be questioning this, there are many preachers out their who are perv’s.

  • jthoen

    I don’t understand why a 4 year old would “walk in” the bathroom when her grandpa is taking a bath. Then she wants to come in the bath with him. I was never allowed in the bathroom while my dad was in the shower. My mom would bathe and I would walk in but I didn’t join her. I’m not saying anything happened in the picture…it looks innocent. I just feel it opens up a whole can of worms and the picture should have remained private.

  • mlk84

    Unless you show the swim trunks and the two of you getting in the tub as Bethenny and Jason did with their daughter Bryn once on a show, this is never a good idea. Mommy should not be breaking down her daughter’s safeguards with older men by doing this. The daughter should have been told, little girls don’t bathe with grown men. It is a bath tub not a swimming pool. I believe the preacher. I believe the Preacher, the mother, and all adults involved, especially the one who posted the picture knowing they were in swimming trunks, exercised the poorest of judgment. It was oooooober poor judgment on adults involved. In the end, it is not a good idea to bathe with your granddaughter. Period.

  • Hsialin


  • Jack MeOff

    Black Queer

  • Sajdaah

    There are still people who do not have a filthy mind in this world… grow up & stop letting the machinations of a degraded mind tarnish the image of innocence… YES! There are people who are pedophile & perverts in this world, but NO! I DO NOT SEE THAT IN THIS PICTURE AT ALL!~! Prey on THAT~

  • exoticcaterers

    don’t stop, tell us how many levels this is so wrong!!!

  • exoticcaterers

    You are the problem!!!

  • Delaun Brown

    grandpas dont get in the bathtubs with their grandbabies!!! uh duh!!!!!

  • kim

    ewwwwww i can see if she was a boy he just a pervert

  • Maggie Rae

    First of all, this article is not about same gender sex. Secondly, what makes you think Americans are single-minded? I can tell you this. “Guest From Another Planet”, at least most Americans don’t invent their own backward sounding grammar. If you want Americans to respect your “off the sanity cliff” opinion, then you need to communicate in American Standard English. By the way, I have feeling that you were born and raised right here in the United States of America. Based on your comments, you’ve never been out-side of the neighborhood that you grew up in.

  • kim k

    Ur worried about a man taking a shower with. His own grand daughter? God americans r really confused. U should be worried about a man desiring another man’s asshole other than the way God made it 2 be. How can u desire a hole dats made 2 pass out feaces,toxic waste from the body?HIV was first found among homosexuals,God destroyed sodom and gomorrah cos of dis and ur govt is giving dem the right 2 operate openly in ur city. Hmmm,if u read the bible u know dat the. Beast is here. A woman dat see a fellow woman and fantasizes about her is possessed by evil spirit. If u go for a deliverance u will be free. Pastors in America wat r u waiting for deliver dis people from the power of darkness and let them be free from all dis gay and lesbian syndrome. With prayers they will be delivered from the devil’s trap

  • that’s my problem too, the family member who put on instagram should have know better, they should have kept this private.

  • how is she not related to him, she’s his grandaughter

  • so he was in the tub when they arrived, and why did they go walking into the bathroom?

  • if this clown knew the bible he would know it says ”do not give even the appearance of evil”

  • exactly

  • Paris Dillard

    somethings you just do not do smh

  • mstz80

    Hello people obviously he didn’t take the picture himself so someone else is in the bathroom!!! come on people use your brains….

  • Charlotte

    Whoa, slow down there, Tex….you’d make a shitty judge, considering your broad accusations.

  • Charlotte

    Right!? I was thinking the same thing– my dad used to take a bath with me and my brother as kids! I was 3-5, and it rarely happened, but it was always a riot. It was the best way to get us clean after a long day outside– we’d resist the bath until Dad agreed he’d get in too and let us dump water on his head and put bubbles in his hair. It was always in good fun and my mom would be on the other side of the tub, washing our hair while we played and made bubble-beards on his face. People nowadays are so paranoid and weird…I can guarantee that I’m not the only one who had bath-time with daddy and brother when I was a toddler back in the 90s.

  • Maggie Rae

    I don’t think the “expensive marble wall” is the focus of the photograph. That’s just like someone looking at your graduation picture and saying: I love that beautiful building in the background!” Lets use some sense of reasoning and logic in our comments, especially about something that is as serious as this subject. What makes it serious you may ask? It’s serious because the masses are commenting on it.

  • Jay Kay

    The only thing wrong with the situation is everyone has put their opinion where it doesn’t belong ! My mother has bathed with my niece. I’ve bathed with my brother. Its a shame that instead of people looking at a loving family moment, they corrupt the situation with their own sick thoughts. With that being said nice picture pastor and I love the wall surrounding the tub ! How many people noticed the expensive marble wall ? Smh

  • jonp

    Bathing with children is completely normal in a lot of cultures and its even ritualistic in some.
    I think our obsession with political correctness makes us hypersensitive to a wide range of issues.

  • op1/4cav

    As long as your family knows that no foul play took place that’s ALL that matters!

  • i didn’t bathe with either of my children & won’t with my grand children either. when we even had outside showers at the beach i would help them get their suits off & they would rinse off but i would towel them off & put clothes on them then i would go in.

  • Black Santa

    Not for nothing he did have a pervish face though. #ReverendDoWrong

  • toptrakker

    Stupid to post this picture even if innocent. However the thought of allowing the sharing of bath is in my opinion bad judgement and should not been allowed.

  • Diamondz28x2

    Excuse me, but you’ve got some serious issues an nerve making the comments that you’re making. Every comment you’ve made that I’ve read has me shaking my head. You are extremely ignorant if you believe the bs coming out of your own mouth. For one, you and every other a$$hole on here complaining about how perverted, messed up and sick this is get real, none of you know this family and how they act around each other. For all you know they are a close nit family that are very affectionate. Secondly where do you get off criticizing kids who take showers with their parents. When I was younger, up until I was about 8 (which is when I started taking showers on my own) every once in a while I would shower with my mom or sister (who is 14 years older than me). I did so because I got bored simply taking baths sometimes so I would ask if I could shower with one of them. And guess what. THERE WAS NOTHING PERVERTED ABOUT IT. Omg big shocker for you group of bigots. I was just a little girl taking a shower with the two main women in her life, (my mom and dad had split and my sister was always like a 2nd mother to me). I wasn’t freaked out or uncomfortable, it was just the way it was, getting cleaned up after a long day. You people need to chill the fvck out and get your mind out of the gutter. Do I necessarily agree with the grandfather taking a bath with his granddaughter? No personally I would never allow that to happen, but I’m not screaming child molester over something I know nothing about and as far as I’m concerned was and innocent moment between two family members that the mother consented to.

  • bkisses

    I really don’t think this guy is a pedo, but to display a picture of someone taking a bath with his child or grandchild, why would you display this photo for everyone to see. You can’t blame people for being concerned, cause of all the child abuse going on in this country. Her being 4 years old is way too old for her to be taking baths with someone, she needs her privacy and for an adult to supervise her in the bathtub, not take a bath with her. Why not take photos of you and her swimming in a pool.

  • Well until we as a nation up the average IQ a little, we can’t address molestation “like we need to” because we have idiots like you two accusing innocent people of molestation. Stop posting idiotic psychobabble on the internet and study more. You’re welcome.

  • No, you DON’T give licenses to people when you put photos on your FB, IG or whatever, self-entitled people decide to TAKE those licenses without permission instead of minding their own business. And really think about the logic of your statement, because it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve read so far: you’re basically saying that this guy GAVE the licenses to everyone because he wanted to be called a pedophile or child molester? And basically you’re saying despite the fact that it’s a bunch of people who are abusing the family and ruining this guy’s reputation, it’s the family’s fault for posting the photo? You’re probably one of those guys who think it’s the woman’s fault for being raped. Please kill yourself.

  • You’ve obviously been molested at some point in your life and that’s very sad, but face and deal with your problems instead of projecting them onto innocent people. If you think this is disgusting, you’re so paranoid and so close to insanity that you need to be locked up before you snap and hurt someone.

  • Maggie Rae

    Thank you dyg70! Too many people want to throw in all kinds of “logic” that just happens to be illogical in explaining why there is nothing wrong with this picture. They seem to think it’s up to each individual to “write” their own rules in society. That would be fine if it made sense, but it doesn’t make sense because in a court of law, we cannot pull out our own ‘Book of Laws” to defend an action that is unlawful.

    I grew up in a place where there were no traffic signals, no speed limits, and no stop signs. Heck, we didn’t even have any law enforcement people in our little town. The closest law enforcement agency was (and still is) 17 miles away! The only difference now and when I grew up is, they finally put up a few stop signs. But, do you think I can just ignore all of the traffic laws in the place that I now live in, just because I grew up without them?

    Well, I think I’ll try ignoring the red lights and stop signs the next time I drive my car. When I get pulled over, I’ll just tell the officer that “in my culture” we don’t have traffic lights and stop signs, etc. This may not set well with some people; but, who are they to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong? Right?

  • Wunam

    interesting how the human mind thinks even if they did not have trunks on her mom took the picture and why would a mother who did not trust her father allow her four year old to bathe with her dad real talk every body is not a child molestor or pedophile some men have genuine love and nurturing sides to them and it does not cross their minds to molest a child father and grandfather used to do my hair get me dress for school and never I mean never touched me in the wrong way and would kill another negro if he looked at me wrong …i agree it should not have been put on instagram that was dum but people have different perceptions of things and this world has some messed up perceptions

  • Lolly

    I agree with everything you said, DYG, including the part about incest. I don’t think there is any kind of proof whatsoever that incest occurred in this situation, however. Many of the responses formulated in these comments seemed to be based on the idea that it has been proven to be so. If that is what this photo was proven to have shown, I’d be disgusted, too. However, the events that the photo shows are not proof that something as disgusting as incest has occurred. There probably is a very innocent explanation. I cannot imagine that another member of the family would be there taking photos if there were some nefarious explanation for the events pictured above. Just my two cents worth…

  • People comment on what they see. Why would such a picture be posted anyway. I also think it is out of good character to post such a picture. It doesn’t explain what you are saying but gives way to the conclusion of what it looks like. Be more careful how you represent as a man of God.

  • I_am_right

    I am shocked that so many people are defending this picture, innocent or not. Whether he molestedher or not it is extremely inappropriate and I hope children’s’ services investigated. Molesters ease their way into molesting kids with “innocent” touching. This girl is old enough to be curious, ask questions and even to touch back but not old enough to know any better or show signs of distress. Today they bathe together, next they sleep naked together, then the touching and who knows what else if not. Her grandfather should be looking out for not encouraging actions, such as bathing with a grown man that could lead to her being hurt by someone.

  • Maggie Rae

    I’m not surprised that you see nothing wrong with the “foto”, any man who sees nothing wrong with ‘hitting a woman” would not object to a grandfather taking a bubble bath with his granddughter.

  • I disagree!!! that’s his grand daughter!!! Would u not bathe with ur grand child/ child? And if not, then it was his choice! Nothing is wrong with the foto. It’s an innocent photo. It shud have simply remained private and not shared on the internet.

  • how in the world , you bathing naked and daughter walks in ? then sends her daughter? this is not a swimming pool

  • dyg70

    No, this is what happens when old men let little girls sit on their laps in bathtubs with a big ol’ grin on their face.

  • dyg70

    So you felt/saw your father’s penis brushing against you in a bathtub and don’t think that’s odd or uncomfortable?

  • dyg70

    You can’t see underneath the surface of the water. She’s clearly on his lap based on her position in the photo. Ew!

  • dyg70

    Regardless of subculture, anyone living in the United States is subject to the laws of the United States. Some parents have starved their children to death or denied them medical care until they died due to their religion. Even though religious freedom is protected by the US Constitution they face murder charges because we are supposed to protect vulnerable classes such as children. BTW, incest is a universal taboo! (99.9% of the world frowns upon it.)

  • dyg70

    What is sweet about a little girl sitting on an old man’s lap in a bubble bath? Um, hello! This is the child molester next door you are not noticing!

  • dyg70

    If the daughter were molested she might never have had any therapy for it and therefore be perpetuating the cycle.

  • dyg70

    When you filled up the tub for your child to swim in it, you didn’t add bubbles, did you? This was a bath. No photographic evidence they were clothed, only his word after the fact. The fact that the mother didn’t see a problem means she’s sick, too. Sick family dynamic!

  • dyg70

    Put on a bathing suit and got back in some filthy bathwater? Yeah, right.

  • dyg70

    Huh? You can’t see an ad for a bra on tv but a topless little girl in a tub with an old man is okay with you?

  • dyg70

    Incest is a 99.9% universal taboo.

  • dyg70

    Changing a diaper isn’t the same thing as sittin’ up in a tub with a 4-year-old. Any decent man would feel it was inherently uncomfortable.

  • dyg70

    And why would someone get out of the tub to put on a bathing suit, then get back into some filthy water? You would at least drain the tub and refill it. This story does not have the ring of truth!

  • dyg70

    LOL. Tell it!

  • dyg70

    Okay? Thank you. Why would the mama just happen to put bikini bottoms on the little girl? I bet she’s butt nekkid in that photo.

  • dyg70

    Where do you see clothes in this picture?

  • dyg70

    The operative word being clothed.

  • snicka

    I tell you what. People can have whatever opinions they want. I’m a mom and I am very close with my children, having breast fed them all. Sometimes when I make a bath for myself, my 3 and 7yr old come piling in. I only think it’s a big deal when you make it one, or if the kids are way too old. Mine don’t personally pay attention to anything but playing with boats in the bath with mom.

  • Kenneth Hayes

    Wow not everything needs to be shared online. People will take an innocent moment that was captured and make it so negative. The family member who posted the picture, bad sense of judgemnt.

  • Reekz

    The only people who see this as vile are those with dirty minds! to me this looks completely harmless. I understand the picture shouldnt of been posted online. Ive got pics of me and my daughter in the bath aint nothing wrong with that!

  • Children don’t need to see adult private parts…so hopefully he had his trunks on as said but who knows.

  • Majin Buu


  • Majin Buu

    I agree, if you look at the picture there are no staps on the girls shoulders or around her neck. So I highly doubt she has on anything.

  • NotParanoid

    Your father wouldn’t let you sit on your grandpa’s lap? Wow…just wow. Paranoid much?

  • NotAFool

    How is it different than a jaquzzi? Its not. The only thing different is that you have your mind in a gutter. Learn to use punctuation & find the Caps Lock key, you closed minded fool.

  • SomeoneSmart

    You’re stupid

  • Where the HELL is the straps to her bathing suit he claims she had on??? A 4 year old has a strapless bathing suit? – I understand some people bath with there kids, i’m not saying he did anything wrong, but the story is B.S. which means he know he need to lie, so he know he wrong.

  • PopPop Tyrone

    I am a 75 year old poppop and I have a bunch of great granddaughters and there is no way under God’s green earth would I have allowed or been associated with that request coming from anyone! PERIOD. I am a Christian who has preached the Word of God and there is a thought called the appearance of impropriety…DUH!!!!

  • KailaP

    I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it, I understand why so many alarsm were rasied though because of the very nasty sick minded people we have in this world. However, her mother was there I think they both thought of it like an indoor beach with bubbles, I’ve bathed with both my parents several tmes when I was younger and I’m not emotionally scarred nor have I ever been molested.

  • The comment I’m about to make can be applied to any news article.

    If you read into a topic with the mindset of “we didn’t do that in my life time so you shouldn’t do it”, you will never learn anything about life and you will forever toss things you don’t understand into the “crazy people/devil worshiper” pile.

  • I bathe with my 1 year old son. Come track me down. Let me know if you need my address.

  • Kia

    look for my new single “Colorz” dropping April 1st and follow me @KiaKahlo




  • Louis

    Wait . . . what?! O_o

  • How stupid of his daughter to jeapardize her own father’s reputation…ppl can be so naive, you just don’t share everything.. The dept of Child Services could easily make a case out of this..

  • What a lot of people are forgetting is that the mother took the picture! I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t do that if she knew there was even a chance that her daughter could get molested.

  • @antoine_poloboy

    true people just make something out of nothing

  • Maggie Rae

    I had planned to address your post to me. But, I decided to take a look at your comment history first. I’m so glad that I did, because now I know it would be a total waste of my time to address what you said to me. Instead, I suggest you go back to school and get your GED.

  • Maggie Rae

    Then what was your reason for posting? Did you read the article? Did you read your own post? Did you read my post? If you are confused, it’s because you didn’t take the time to read, and, think about what you read before commenting. If you had taken the time to read and understand what I wrote, you would see that I did not call the pastor any names. Period. You’re the one who is assuming that I’m saying the man is a pedophile. What I’m about to say now is insulting, and I mean it to be insulting: Based on the content of your post, I now see why most newspapers and most magazines are written at an 8th Grade Reading Level.

  • GodivaCNN

    Wow you are being a hypocrite because when you responded to my post you did not express an opinion you were asking me things that had nothing to do with what I posted therefore you felt you had the need to respond to something that I was not addressing in my comments I did not care whether or not he was a high profile pastor. You never made it clear how YOU felt, you wanted to pick apart MY opinion. Look, because you come from a home of filth where every move you and your family made was based on sexuality is unfortunate and very sad. A lot of others actually live in innocence with their families until they grow up and come across nasty people like you. Stop defaming this man and making your sick twisted fantasies the problem of others…go sit down somewhere and stop commenting on everyone’s OPINION. State yours and GO!

  • GodivaCNN

    What I typed had nothing to do with the person of controversy being a pastor. I am a person who notices like everyone else that anyone no matter what robe they choose to hide behind can be a dangerous lets drop that. A little confused on what you are actually asking… if this is a question of whether it was appropriate to post publicly I would personally not do it because that should be a private family moment, in my opinion. Based on my own personal family experiences I know that bathing with your children/grandchildren is not something that should incite fear or accusations of pedophillia. What he did as far as allowing HIS grandchild to jump in a bubble bath is NOT inappropriate. If we are discussing whether or not to post this for the world to see is a different story. Your analogy of getting your butt whipped is ridiculous because people still beat their children and just like pastor post it all, people get caught when it becomes public AND keep in mind its not a crime for you to bathe with your children, it is to whip that butt. Just because the government begins to regulate certain behavior or people become sick enough to demonize innocent occurrences does not mean that it stops occurring or that it should. People are wrong to make assumptions that can tarnish an innocent man’s reputation if they see something beyond reasonable doubt that can confirm he is a pedophile…then of course they have every right to say and type what they want. I don’t believe in accusing a man like that publicly in forums where his grandchild can grow up and see the defamation.. THAT IS WRONG. Telling him to take it down because its offensive or not appropriate..Whatever..OKAY. But to state defamatory comments that states he is a pedophile for this is pure evil and absolutely inappropriate.

  • star

    In todays society things like this just can’t happen. There are so many off the wall ppl out here today that it has made being innocent questionable. I believe this was harmless but you can’t do this kind of thing anymore ppl have made living almost a crime. Peace to you and I hope everything is good now.


  • Dev

    Fallacious reasoning re: your child molester association. The girl is 4. She is clearly not upset in this photo, and she is with a relative who is also with other family members. He’s not touching her inappropriately, nor is there anything sexual to this photo. At this age she has not yet come to the understanding of sexuality. Unfortunately for her, she will one day view this photo and the ignorant commentary and wonder if she had done something wrong. Shame on you. Btw, I’m 28 and female and see nothing wrong with this photo other than some things should remain in private photo albums and not posted in a public forum. Also, I’ve never looked at a child in a malicious or lecherous way. YOU, dear IT (poor choice of an internet pseudonym) are what is wrong with this world.

  • Intelligent Thinker

    If it were a woman I would say its equally disgusting!!! NO ADULT SHOULD BATHE WITH A CHILD, IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE. Children are little but they are still people too!!! They should be respected; NOT forced to see their parent’s private parts. if you don’t get that, I feel sorry for you.

  • Honestly my opinion on this issue is those who support the bishop bathing with his granddaughter are obviously perverted pedophiles themselves and thinks it’s ok and those who don’t support it are defintely taking a stand against it simple as that because we are living in the last days now and people are all about calling right wrong and wrong right so of course.So it does not surprise me that you will have mixed responses concerning this bishop and his granddaughter taking a bath together and thats why prayer is needed constantly on so many levels and the situation do needs to be investigated because you never know what anybody is capable of personally on my behalf.I will not choose to rush to judgment but nevertheless that picture is not a good look that’s all i am just saying and shame on all you getting on this blog going back and fourth with this uncalled foolishness on this matter this is a innocent four year old little girl we are talking about andher mom is the one who took the picture so although i am not saying she is at fault but i would question her motive for allowing her daughter to take the picture in the first place as well as allowing the child to be crucified on the cross traumatizing that baby in everyway so lord help i am praying for her also.When we know that were living in a imperfect world and it’s not uncommon for humanbeings to be sexually molested by their family members,friends,strangers,enemies so we can’t act like this is not possible of happening all we can do is pray and know that god is soon to return end of story…

  • kojo

    ive noticed on quite a few posts that @intelligent_thinker:disqus has been purposely writing uneducated posts just to rile people up. I’ve seen you fam haha, you clearl need attention because we know there was nothing wrong here. Let it slide and focus your energy on positive things, stop being keyboard warrior.

  • MrzD

    So he got out of the tub to put on swimming trunks when they decided to put the baby in the tub. Truth about actions is that they speak louder than words said after the fact.

  • wise_up

    I agree with you. this is SICK and SAD!!!

  • Speaking my mind

    I’m not accusing him of being a child molester but come on it’s certain things you just don’t do. I have two boys of my own and love them dearly and tell them I love them each and every day. But take a bath with them I don’t think so you can show your affection in other ways certain things are just inappropriate and as adult we have to be the logical thinkers for our children weather if it’s a grandchild or not. And to post it on-line is crossing many lines.

  • So am I! Then again, we as a nation don’t address molestation like we need to. I can’t fathom my child bathing with any adult, how anybody sees this as appropriate is beyond me.

  • Jen Turner

    Sounds like your the freakshow who’s dumb as a doorknob and not intelligent whatsoever.I think you are the one whose family did inappropriate things to and now you wrongly assume every guy is a child molester in disguise. You’re messed up. This man is not a pervert like your father, grandfather, brother, uncle whoever messed you up. He was innocently enjoying a bubble bath FULLY clothed with his granddaughter who was also fully clothed. You just WANT him to be the bad guy here, the only reason you find it “innapropriate” is because of your own messed up perveted mind. You need serious help!

  • Jen Turner

    The only mistake that was made was this photo being put on the internet for the WORLD to see and judge negatively based on a picture! If the mother would have been at all concerned of her father being in the tub with her daughter do you really think she would have so easily allowed it? If he’d ever molested her as a child do you really think she’d allow him to do it to her child and THEN allow it to be put online for the world to see? There is something wrong with you ppl always wanting to take the innocent little things and distort them into perversion! Get your minds right!

  • Kory Green

    Why? Would a grown woman make you more comfortable? Women don’t molest kids?

  • Kory Green

    I’m upset, because if this was a little girl and her mother or grandmother, I doubt there would be much outcry. Why do people defer to women, but are instantly suspicious of men, as if women can’t and don’t sexually abuse children?

  • And? So?

  • Fed_Up18

    Little children don’t have the shame adults place on the human body; it’s YOU who need the counseling.

  • geleeey

    Were you there to judge this?i didnt think so.get a life.

  • galeeey

    Thats hypocritical!

  • MaggieJack

    Why do you think you in a position to counsel this person? If you really want to know why many people have a negative opinion of Bishop Trotter, I suggest you Google him. Then, come back and tell us who needs a “therapist”.

  • Houseguest

    As innocent as the finally thought it was, it’s inappropriate for the world to see the pic with all the sexual molestation of kids going on these days.

  • Armchair Psychologist

    You have some issues, I think. Your vitriolic responses to this seem to be masking some inner turmoil due to a trauma you faced…perhaps as a child? If that’s the case, maybe you should stop posting and see a therapist.

  • robyn

    i honestly think he meant no harm but it is a little disturbing knowing his penis is only a few inches away from her.. i’m praying he has on swimming trunks..

  • Why the hell wasnt his bathroom door locked? Furthermore, this behavior being defended by his church speaks volumes to their morals. If you’re okay with this, go ahead and allow your daughter to take a bath with a grown man.

  • This situation is awful. The photo should have remained private. This is a new day and age. Its not a time of reality, its a time of perception. Be more careful.

  • u know it’s true

    I agree Iam Sapphire. If you look at the picture it looks as if they are both naked, we (the public) have no idea they have swim wear on, only the family would know that. We need to be more private in our lives and not be so open in our personal lives. Everybody jumps on the social media train and many passengers should just get off. If only everyone would.

  • This is how a lot of kids get molested by a relative and they are not sure what is going on. Because the relative is someone the kid trust. Please don’t allow this to happen to your children. What message is this sending to the child how will she understand what is inappropriate touching.This is WRONG and the mother is at fault also.

  • “polluted with tale”… lol!

  • …And also – what sort of grown man takes bubble baths?? lol. Maybe a salt soak… but a full on BUBBLE bath? Suspect.

  • This was more than likely just a case of poor judgement, but this is what kills me —> “He said his family came to visit him at his home. His granddaughter saw
    him in the tub and after begging to get in with her ‘Popo’…” How and WHY would his granddaughter see him in the tub at all? Lock your door. Tell her to get out! The fact that you were cool with your granddaughter, or anyone else for that matter, seeing you in the tub is a little suspect. I’m just sayin’…

  • MaggieJack

    “Horrified….. Shocked” ? Really? I’m shocked that the Bishop’s reaction was ‘horror’ and ‘shock’. And he says the “public outcry has hurt his family”? Really? Well the public did not post his photo, someone in his family did. So, why blame the public for something that he and his family are responsible for? When I was a little kid one of my sisters would do something that was wrong. But this poor child would always blame me, and my mother or father would scold me for my dear sister’s actions. Now, who was wrong, my sister or me?

  • MaggieJack

    The question is this: In your opinion, is the pastor right because he is a pastor? What if he was not a high-profile pastor, would he still be right? Are the large number of people who have expressed this act as inappropirate wrong because you used to bath naked with your parents? If so many people make/made a practice of bathing with their young children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews, why don’t we see more pictures posted on social media?

    I see pictures of family events, pictures of cute little kids doing the ‘darnest things” from being asleep in church to showing off their clowning skills. But I’ve never seen any pictures of kids and parents/grandparents in a shower or bathtub together (not even a dry bathtub).

    My mother used to whip us (her children) with a switch. We didn’t think that she was abusing us either, but, according to today’s societal parenting practices, whipping a child with anything is considered abuse. So, if Mrs. Z. was raising us now (her children) CPS would put all eleven of us in foster care, and my dear mother would be looking through steel bars. And keep in mind, my mother, we children, our father, or any one else thought she was abusing us. But do I think it is ok for parents to whip their children with a switch now? No, I do not, it doesn’t matter what Mama did to me and my siblings.

    My point is, just because you think the Bishop did nothing wrong, based on your own personal family experiences, does not answer the question at hand: Is what Trotter did appropirate or not?

  • Intelligent Thinker

    How DO YOU KNOW they had their swimming trunks on? How do you know he isn’t lying to the media, to lessen the effects of his inappropriate behavior. Under NO circumstance is it ever ok to bathe with a child and if you showered with your daddy when you were a child, then your daddy is guilty of child abuse. No child should be forced to see their parent’s private part. If you don’t understand this, then you need some pretty good mental help.

  • Intelligent Thinker

    I can’t even finish reading your statement because in your first 2 lines I could tell you were a stupid simpleton. How do you know that this man is telling the truth when he says they have swimming trunks on??? He could be just saying that to lessen the affect that this disgusting picture has on the media. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS IT EVER OK TO BATHE WITH A CHILD. If you don’t get that, you are as dumb as they come.

  • Intelligent Thinker

    You’re mommy and daddy are guilty of child abuse if they took a bath with you and allowed you to see their private parts. Are you proud of that? You need serious mental help. It is inappropriate to BATHE with a child!!!

  • Intelligent Thinker

    No normal grown man bathes with his 4 year old grandchild – this man is definitely some type of pedophile bastard. And who’s to say he’s telling the truth about having swim trunks on????!!! He could tell the media anything to deflect from the horrendous nature of this picture. He should be ashamed of himself, and he needs to be investigated. This picture is DISGUSTING.

  • Intelligent Thinker

    You’re father showered with you as a child?? Yeah that’s totally SICK. No grown adult should ever bath in front of his child– you should never have to look at your father’s private part – that’s INAPPROPRIATE. I’m sorry I’m the first one to tell you this but its the truth. And the fact that you don’t know it was inappropriate of your father to shower with you, means you need some serious counseling.

  • Intelligent Thinker

    It’s INAPPROPRIATE for a child to bathe with her grandfather. If you can’t see that, you are as dumb as a doorknob. just because your family did inappropriate things to you as a child, doesn’t mean its ok for other little children.

  • Intelligent Thinker

    There IS A PROBLEM with a GROWN MAN taking a bath with a 4 year old little girl. Who knows if they’re telling the truth about having swimming trunks on – he could’ve just said that to the media. It’s disgusting and he needs to be investigated!!! Since you agree with it so much, you must be a child molester too.

  • GodivaCNN

    This is terrible and not a testament to whats wrong with the pastor but whats wrong with the people who thought this was wrong. I use to be in the bath with my parents naked!! I was never molested. Our society has perverted nudity and perverted children. SMH

  • Natasha

    Is he related to Harry Potter?

  • Amanda

    For cryin in the night, who cares if a toddler wears “gender appropriate” swim wear? Her business was covered, and so was his. Of course no one can SEE their clothing, it’s a bubble bath for Pete’s sake! Get your minds out of the gutter!

  • KayStar34

    he probably is

  • KayStar34


  • KayStar34

    But I didn’t see any clothes, did you? And why would a little girl be wearing “trunks” as opposed to a cute litte bathing suit? Girls don’t wear trunks!


    The Bottom line is Grown men, Family or not Dont TAke Baths or Showers with Kids not even talk n post n it online but PERIOD..creepy


    First we as Parents supposed to be able to tell our child NO when their wrong or inappropriate…no matter how much they cry..the daughter obviously cant tell her lil daughter NO when wrong and inappropriate..but Preacher Common Man you did n think this was a BAD idea..well id think twice bout taking advice from jus say n

  • Louie V

    Well I guess I’m going to walk out on my family because I’ve changed my daughters diaper and bathed her before. I thought I was being a good Daddy by helping my wife out, but I must be a sicko and need help. I need to be taught to view the world as you do and be scared and threatened by everything. Jk This guy is no child molester he is a grandfather who wanted to make his grand daughter happy. Preacher or no preacher, he is her grand dad. His daughter, her mom was right there the whole time. I guess she is in on it too huh. They stopped their sick ways for a few moments to cheese for the camera in case of suspicion….It’s a cover up…bath gate! Haha conspiracy theory freaks… What gives you the right to pass judgement on everyone just because you’re paranoid about the world. You’ve watched too much Law & Order Gandalf. But I don’t think it should be posted on FB or anywhere else, that was just asking for it.

  • Yeah i agree with you. It may be innocent. They may have had clothes on, but the perception is that they dont. They had to know this was going to generate a negative reponse. But I guess common sense is not as commen as we would like to believe. I vote bad choice for posting the picture to be judged by the world.

  • I have sons and when they were less than a year old I would sometimes just let me baby sit in the water with me. But, once that baby stage was done and over with there was no more of that. Now, I have a grandson and yes I can see the cuteness of your grandchild wanting to get in the bubbles with grandma, but if he is 3 or 4 years old I could not allow this to happen. But, on the other hand I can see how this seemed to be an innocent act, but the man was naked in the water and then put on swimming trunks. That is not innocent water that is water that has been polluted with tale and everything else, so why would anyone want their child in there. Also, how did the little girl see him in the tub in the first place? It was not a good decision given all of the molestations and rapes happening nowadays, or simply because at a certain age children should be taught right from wrong. Telling this little girl at her age it’s okay to be half-dressed around a man and that close to his personal business is opening the wrong door.

  • Right

  • I totally agree

  • Um, I have to disagree with those saying there is nothing wrong with this. Even if this man was not violating this little girl, why would the little girl see him in the tub in the first place, and he put on swim trunks after the little girl wanted to get in. So, this means he had his naked self in the same tub water that he put his granddaughter in and then had her sitting on this lap. You just don’t do things like this, let alone with bubble bath and the child sitting on his lap. Yes, he may have had good intentions, but this does look extremely weird and unusual.

  • double with cheese please

    another Jerry Sandusky oh god runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • My father wouldn’t allow me to sit on another mans lap, let alone take a bath with them. Regardless if it’s family or not! SMH It’s some things you don’t do. I doubt they had clothes on. They’ll say anything to not look bad.

  • Ummm how would the child see you in the tub to want to get in?? Why is she in the bathroom while you’re taking a bath? Nasty I doubt he had on trunks and she had on anything too!

  • Opinionated

    This is inappropriate on so many levels. That lil girl should not be in the tub with no old man, I don’t care who it is!

  • MaggieJack

    This picture of the Bishop and his granddaughter in a bathtub together has provoked alot of public interest. That tells me that many people do not think the concern about this story is ricdiculous. However, I agree with you. There is no shortage of child molesters out there, and I believe people are just as concerned about keeping our children safe from them as well. But, this doesn’t mean that this story should be ignored either.

  • MusiccisuM

    Leave this man alone! Geez… there are molesters out there finding new victims each day. Focus on catching them, not something as ridiculous as this. COME ON PEOPLE! WAKE UP!

  • MaggieJack

    Well, my friend, seems like you’ve found the perfect outlet for your boredom. You have an awful lot of papers to grade. Have fun!

  • Not A Gentleman, Spehs Mahreen

    For the fun of it. Sometimes I just like to poke at people to relieve my massive boredom.

  • MaggieJack

    Well, Not A Gentlman, thank you so much for such an outstanding score on my post. But, I must ask you this: Are you a literacy teacher or just someone who is a ‘stickler’ for literacy? I noticed that you’ve graded several posters on their reading/writing ability (as you see it) here. I appreciate people who are able to write well (the content doesn’t matter) because it is important that people are able to convey their thoughts and ideas in a way that others understand clearly what they’re thinking. However, it seems that the thinking now, is reading well and writing well are unimportant when using social media. So, my question to you is a serious. I really would like to know why you’re stressing literacy and writing skills here.

  • MaggieJack

    Thanks again Lolly for your reply to my comments. However, it seems that we have a “failure to com-mun-i-cate” (a famous line from the movie Cool Hand Luke) -smiles-.
    Lolly, I did not indicate that you were not responding to MY POST. I know you were doing that. I simply felt that you did not consider the fact that I was responding to LMRuiz’ post. Since you stated that you read all of my previous posts on this article/photo, and your response to me was also (in part) based on “hints” in comments that I made, I re-read my post history on this subject.
    I wanted to try and understand what I had said that would influence your post to me. I’m sorry Lolly, but I do not see anything in my comments that go beyond the question of the appropirateness of a grandfather taking a bath (bubbles or not) with his granddaughter (no matter the age). I m not the one who introduced ‘culture” into the discussion of this debate. I am simply responding to what other posters have stated on how culture plays a role in family bathing practices.
    To break my own rule of ‘sticking to the subject at hand’, I must say this: There are many people (and I’m sure, many posters) who know Bishop Trotter. Some know him on a personal level and many know him because of his community activism. He is a very high profile personality. So, much of what people have said is based on this factor, and not just what they read in this article. Perhaps you know him too, I don’t know.
    In my case, I could say what many would think are some very unkind things about the Bishop. However, this debate is about this article/photo. That’s what I’m limiting my comments to. And, I feel that my posts have been respectful of other posters and the Bishop; and I’ve put forth every effort to be objective in my comments addrssing the articel/photo.
    I’m sorry if you think I was disrespectful to LMRuiz, that was not my intent. But, you must understand, I feel very strongly in what I have posted on this subject and I’m not so easily knocked off of my “stump”, if I feel that what I say or think makes sense. So far ,”Lolly-Jack”, I’m standing still….smiles…
    Sounds like you had some really nice neighbors back in college! Nice. Well, It’s been a nice exchange Lolly-Jack. Be well my friend!

  • Lolly


    I wrote a whole response to your comment and then—of course—Word
    swallowed it whole and I will have to start over. That being the case, I’m going to just be
    right to the point—if I can be. I hope
    you know that ALL of my responses are meant with respect and without a single
    bit of malice or ugliness.
    You are correct that we all have our own opinion and
    have every right to keep it. I certainly
    would not and did not claim otherwise.

    I did–in fact–read all of your comment and the comment to which you responded before I responded to you. I also read all of the comments posted on the thread. My responses are 99% formed on
    what you wrote, not only in the post immediately preceding mine (in nest order) but also on the ones you wrote earlier in this thread (2, 5, 6, 9, 14, 16 days ago—just so you know to what I am referring). It is possible that I did not make the connection clear, but I was responding to you.

    Your comment about the argument being ‘nonsensical’ came across in a way which seemed as if you were telling her she was wrong/ridiculous/ignorant/insert whichever adjective
    you want here. It is possible that I misread your intent. I’m perfectly
    willing to consider that idea. My comment about how there are enclaves of ‘foreign countries’ all over the US was a way to present evidence that other countries CAN INDEED affect the way Americans behave and/or how they see the wrongness/rightness of their behavior. Our worldview is formed (and ever-changing because of it) by EVERYTHING we experience, whether negatively or positively. Yes, our worldview can be VASTLY different from that of our grandparents, but it can also be strikingly similar, depending on our situation.

    If our grandparents were raised in another country, then the way
    they raised our parents (who in turn raised us) is partially founded on the way THEY were raised in the other country. And our worldviews are also founded—partially—on the same thing. I was trying to put
    forth a reason why the behavior of people from other nations might very well have an effect on us.

    My last statement was completely necessary. I was responding to what I thought was you telling LMRUIZ that her thoughts were incorrect (aka nonsensical). I was also responding to your earlier posts and a few other posts by other people (and some hints in your earlier posts—comments you made in your original post on this thread) which were vilifying (you weren’t) the preacher for what they thought of as immoral behavior.
    So when I said: “Please keep in mind that–just because it is YOUR worldview–It does not automatically follow that it is the correct worldview or even the MORALLY CORRECT worldview”, I was referencing the nonsensical comments (aka correct worldview) and the comments blasting the preacher as someone who is “not God-fearing” and is “just
    plain sick!” (aka morally correct worldview). What I wrote was almost
    completely fueled by comments you made.

    I can understand the ideas you have been trying to put forth in your posts, by the way. I just disagree with them and that is perfectly fine. I just want you to understand that my ideas are not coming out of left
    field, having nothing to do with what you previously said.

    I’m done talking serious stuff. I wanted to say how cool I think your name is, partially because one of my nicknames in college was ‘LollyJack.’ My downstairs neighbors brought me pizza one night whilst I was at work and left it—and a poem containing the inaugural use of the name LollyJack—on my bed for me to enjoy when I arrived home. Anyway…

  • people, you obviously do not understand 4 year old kids. My son thinks nothing at all of nudity, only in the US are people such ridiculous prudes. In other cultures, adults and children bathe naked together and no one thinks anything of it. And not to mention, if you have a 4 year old, you have to know very well “how they saw the grandpa in the bath in the first place!” They are very precocious and they don’t understand privacy very well. Aside from that, all you have to see is the little girl’s face to know that there is nothing disturbing happening. I am familiar with sexually abused children- they aren’t smiling and laughing while it’s happening. So please, people, don’t look for perversity everywhere. Perverts are the ones you never suspect, they are all about secrecy and privacy. A true pedophile would never have allowed this picture to be taken or posted. The fact that it was speaks to the innocence of it more than anything else.

  • Lolly

    Let me re-type: “If he was in his home alone OR with his wife, why should the door HAVE to have been locked, etc”. The point I was trying to make is that it is being presumed that the family was with him–in the house–when he began his bath. If they WERE NOT and he was alone or with his (presumed) wife, then he did NOTHING wrong by having the door opened and/or unlocked. That was the only point I was trying to make.

  • MaggieJack

    Who said anything about a wife? Do you know that he has a wife, or, are you just assuming that he was married when this event happened?

  • MaggieJack

    Well thank you Lolly for your comment(s) on my post. Perhaps, you did not notice that I was responding to LMRuiz’ post, which states:

    “In other countries whole families bath together and they do not have the hang ups we have here. So many people are so puritanical here that other societies often wonder why Americans are so overly uptight!”

    In addition to LM’s post, there have been other posters who have made reference to what people in other COUNTRIES do as a society. So, I don’t know why you feel the need to respond to something that I was not addressing in my comments.

    I’m sure you know that this is an opinion forum. Therefore, anyone who has an opinion on the Bishop and his granddaughter’s photo in the bubble bath is free to voice their thinking on the photo and article. And that is exactly what I have done, and, will continue to do if I so wish. However, I make sure that I address what the poster is saying and (hopefully) why they are saying it. If the poster that I’m replying to is replying to another poster, I make sure that I read that poster’s comments before I formulate an opinion and write my opinion.

    Lastly, your last statement was unnecessary, since, I made no reference to my “worldview” or what I perceive is “morally correct”. Even if I did, based on what you said about other race/ethnic groups often holding on to their ancestors culture from the old country; whatever my “worldview” is, could be apart of my ancestors culture that I’m clinging on to. Right? Right.
    By the way, I am not opposed to rethinking an opinion that I have made after hearing other arguments on the subject, however, if I’m not convinced that my opinion is unreasonable, I hold to it. So, your argument does not change my own feelings on this topic of “culture” (Bishop Trotter’s photo). Subsequently, I stand by my post to LMRuiz.

  • Lolly

    Not so, MaggieJack. Haven’t you ever heard of the idea that America is an amalgamation of cultures. I’ll spare you by not giving you information in regard to what OTHER countries do. Instead, I’ll discuss things about AMERICA. In most big cities, there are ethnic enclaves within the big city (Little Italy, Little Tokyo, Little Liberia, Little Russia, Little Madrid etc.) which are nearly completely filled with people who live their lives in accord to how they lived life back in ‘the old country.’ Once–whilst waiting for the city bus in Austin–I met a man who had lived in Austin for TWENTY years and didn’t speak a lick of English. I found out this information about him because I happen to speak some Spanish, having been raised in Texas. He shopped at Mexican groceries stores, ate food prepared the way his momma did back in Mexico, etc. We also had grocery stores and restaurants geared to provide for people of Asian, Philipino, Middle Eastern and plenty from other “foreign”genetic pools. These people often kept to the culture of their ancestors. The idea that the culture ‘argument’ is nonsensical here in America is–in itself–nonsensical. Please keep in mind that–just because it is YOUR worldview–It does not automatically follow that it is the correct worldview or even the MORALLY CORRECT worldview. Just some food for thought, y’all.

  • Lolly

    Your comment is a ridiculous statement. People of all races–if they are educated and not ignorant and didn’t have their parents teaching them racist offal–know that all people stand at the foot of the cross and that it is a person’s behavior and not his color which makes him racist/judgmental.

    Also, Just for your information: DaTruth4liars is against the preacher. PhiloftheFuture is against the preacher. CooldudeRowell is against the preacher.. Nancy Wiley is against the preacher.

    Mike Kelly is FOR the preacher. Anne Hartley is for the preacher and Scott Jacobs is for the preacher. Each group has people of only the same color. Guess which is which? You are a racist.

  • Lolly

    the preacher wasn’t the one to post the photo. A family member was.

  • Lolly

    Maybe they weren’t in the house when he first began his bath? If he was in his own home, alone with his wife, why should the door HAVE to been locked–or even closed–when he was taking a bath?

  • Lolly

    the article said that another family member posted the photo.

  • Lolly

    why does his door have to be closed when he is bathing? How are we to KNOW that his daughter and granddaughter were IN the house with him when he first began his bath? Maybe it was just him and his wife in the house? Assumptions like the one that you and others are putting forth are what cause a lot of lives to be ruined.

  • Lolly

    and just how in the world can we verify that he DIDN’T have trunks on?

  • Not A Gentleman

    I came here late but despite my non-gentlemanly nature, I’m going to say I approve of your ability to… well… read, unlike most of the people around here. Your posts score is 10/10, for literacy.

  • Not A Gentleman

    Well, I’m thinking that sense my 3-4 year old daughter isn’t related to him it would be weird. Your argument ignores the fact you are arguing against. Skill Rating 0/10 for you. F-. Absolute Failure.

  • Not A Gentleman

    This is one of the most stupid things I’ve read in quite some time. First off the article clearly says bathing suits were worn. Next we have the fact that you can’t even decide who you are talking about. At first I thought you were calling the little girl a pervert, “pervert. who in the hell wants to take a bath with their Grandpa?”, is directly speaking towards the very young girl whether you understand that or not. Seriously, learn to read before you throw crap all over the internet.

  • MaggieJack

    Nope, not true for all large familes. I am from a family of 11 children, and we all lived in the same house with both of our parents. At no time did we take baths together. Too, there is a big difference in children (siblings) around the same age bathing together, and a four year-old female child bathing with her grandfather. Sorry my friend, but I do not see the comparison you’re making between naked babies in T.V. (or print) commericals, and the photo of the minister and granddaughter in a bubble bath together; no matter how cute it may look to some people. And, in my opinion, it’s more than the picture in question here. It’s also the explanations that the mother of the child and the minister offered that guides the opinions of some people too.

  • There are plenty of people (me included) of themselves as little children in a bubble bath smiling for the camera somewhere in the family photo album. There is nothing wrong with this picture. How you people gonna get pissed at this is unbelievable when you got commercials of naked babies streaking across the camera for the rest of America to see is beyond comprehension. Stop being morally high and mighty hypocrites and get over it. It’s just a picture. It’s not showing anything inappropriate. And if you came from a large family complaining about this, you are even BIGGER hypocrites, because you know you had to take a bath with other siblings just so your parents can afford to keep the water on.

  • Anita Varrassi

    this entire picture would have been changed and not as many people would find fault if the little girl was in fact in a FULL bathing suit. it states that the grandfather and the little girl put on trunks but shes 4 why doesn’t she have some sort of top on. if we could visably see her in a bathing suit it would be a whole new pic.

    as for people who say its the same as someone using a hot tub or a swimming pool who would have a 4 year old running around top less!

    I agree this is just one of those private pics that shouldn’t be shared on the net. (kind of taking a pic of your toddlers first poop in the toilet, most people take a pic but no one wants to log onto their facebook and see this pic!

  • rocklesson86

    I took a bath with my parents and my parents bathed me until I was 8. That is when they felt I was old enough to bathe myself. I see nothing with this.

  • Cay James

    Yeah and that same mother who didn’t think that there was anything wrong with allowing this would be the same one that wanted people to pity her when it came out that this man used this as a stepping stone with this kid to go further than this. Some of you people are so completely naive about how predators work that there’s no wonder that they get away with what they do.

    Putting her daughter in a bathtub with ANY MAN – Grandfather or not is setting up a dangerous mentality in this little girl (now she’ not going to think anything of it if this man wants to do it again WITHOUT her mother) and something that her mother should’ve known better than to do.

  • Jacqueline

    I don’t see anything wrong happening here. People should not be jumping on this grandpa’s case. When I was a 4 year old I would bath/shower with my mom or dad or brother nothing weird about showering/bathing together at that age. When I was staying with my aunt I would take bubble baths with my cousins and we would have a blast playing together. My aunt even had a tea party in the bubble bath with us once with us all wearing swimsuits. Heck at that age half the time when I was staying with cousins we would run around naked in the rain or under the sprinkler. Nothing inappropriate ever happened just a close loving family having innocent fun together.
    If I got scared at that age I would go crawl into bed to cuddle with mom and dad too. OMG call the police!

  • Adrian Carpenter

    Social Media is ruining people lives, mainly because said people dont know how to use social media correctly. In this case, this private moment was probably best kept private, seeing as how sick people can be when they assume.

  • Toby Henry

    30 years ago this would have just been a cute photo in an album seen only by family and close friends and nobody would have ever suggested that there was anything wrong with the picture. I feel bad for the clergyman having to deal with all this slander but really this is a photo that should have only been seen by family.



  • DaTruth4Liars

    idgaflyingf if they had on trunks there is no way my daughter is getting in the tub with a grown @ss man. the ish just don’t look right or sit well with me. he should have gotten his butt out and then went to play wit her. f all that playing in the tub crap!

  • Nana

    i agree with what some of you have said, ppl are way too addicted to the social netwerking thingy, that everything the do needs to be ot there. but at the same, its pure stupidity to assume that man is a monster for beng in a bubble bah withr his grandaughter.. how many of us have been bathed by older relatives in our youths? what an ignorant world we live in..

  • faye

    I agree! Have fun at home an talk about it! Do not send pictures on the web. To many stupid people with crazy minds. When they talk, they are talk about what they would do. SAD! SAD! SAD!

  • morpheousx

    i would understand if he was naked and the little girl was naked but
    they both had on swimming trunks. So its really innocent, i mean would
    people have said the same, if they were in a pool with trunks? No, they
    wouldn’t, so why are people fussing, because they are both in a tub with
    swimming trunks?

    She’s 4 for crying out loud, a 4 year girl old can be seen by family members, topless.

    I also feel, that most of these judgements are from white people, we all know as black people, whites always judge us and our actions, being they think we are immoral and without decency.

    I’m positive that if this grand father and grand daughter were white, it would be seen is a different light by white people but because the people pictured are black, the projection is negative and therefore, judgement is passed.

    I am just saying what they will never say or admit too, things all always different, depending on what race the person is in America.

  • morpheousx

    OK, i would understand if he was naked and the little girl was naked but they both had on swimming trunks. So its really innocent, i mean would people have said the same, if they were in a pool with trunks? No, they wouldn’t, so why are people fussing, because they are both in a tub with swimming trunks?

    She’s 4 for crying out loud, a 4 year girl old can be seen by family members, topless.

  • Chisholm

    Peoople stop with facebook twitter etc. duh

  • Preacher’s kid

    The only time its appropriate to bath with your grandchildren, trunks or no trunks, is when you are lost in the rain forest and you have no choice.

  • MaggieJack

    Poohy, I owe you an apology. I confused you with another poster whose reply to me on this article is very similiar to yours. Thinking that you were that person, I made several references to what I had stated to the other person. However, my overall reply to you is how I feel about the Bishop and this granddaughter’s picture in the bubble bath. Again, I’m sorry for the error. Be well my friend!

  • MaggieJack

    Poohy, I really don’t know in which direction you’re going. Your first reply to me and this one (above) are totally different in tone. But as I already stated to you, there are a myriad of problems in the Black community, but, I, along with all the other posters (well most) are addressing the article: “Preacher Photographed in Tub With Granddaughter Speaks Out”. This article’s content (mainly the picture) is what people are voicing their opinions on.
    Why would I, or, anyone else start talking about all the ills of society, based on this article? There are thousands of written articles and stories that address most of what you are raising. But this article is not one of them.
    As far as people not having the “right to trash a G-father taking a bubble bath with his G-daughter!” is just plain unreasonable to me. Bishop Trotter made his own decision, knowing that most people do not see his actions in a favorable light. In my opinion, it is inappropirate for an adult to take a bath or shower with a child. Period. And to take a picture and transmit it via technology, is (in my opinion) not to smart.
    When you say the public has no right to trash the Bishop, I think you mean that people don’t have a right to criticize him for this particular act. Well, I disagree. If he has the right to publically involve himself in all kinds of social issures, then I have a right to criticize him on this particular issue.
    I mean no disrespect to you Poohy, but, I am not going to address the other things that go on in society that you talked about. Because, I always stick to the subject or topic at hand. And the issues that you raised have nothing to do with Mr. Trotter and his granddaughter taking a bubble bath together. In other words, this article is not a ‘story starter’.

  • Poohy to you

    AMEN…I say we bring back Ye Ole Woodshed and discipline children in a way that has an effect. A spanking for bad behavior is NOT abuse….and don’t forget to teach children that self pride does NOT mean going around in public half naked or showing the world their butt crack!!! So saddened by the things that are considered “acceptable” nowadays….and saddened that something as beautiful as a G-parent sharing some fun time with a G-child can be twisted into something ugly.
    But alas, the way our society is heading probably in 20 or 30 years if this HAD BEEN something more than a bubble bath it will be acceptable. That is the path our society is heading down with the theroy of acceptance that is so “in” now….what was unacceptable only a decade ago is now fine and dandy to most because acceptance has been shoved down our throats. So sad.

  • Poohy on you

    “In my mind, it’s time we stop defending behavior in our community that is frowned upon in our society.”……and how do you feel about girls/women who wear low cut blouses/tops and let their breasts bulge out?? or Gay relationships? or mixed marriages?? all of these types of things are generally “accepted” and even pushed on society when they should be, and for ages were, frowned upon! It is an attitude of acceptance that has allowed these things to encroach on our values and put aside what is right and wrong. I believe incest, and perversion are wrong….when it is real and can be proven, but as you say, “He and his daughter probably thought the little girl would enjoy playing in the water with her grandpa, period.” Why does society go balistic over this innocent act and yet are so passive and accepting of other wrongs??? Why is alright to put advertising on TV for condoms, and male inhancement products, and bras n panties, etc….in prime time no less!!… why are these things not frowned on by society any more??…Society has become filled with hypocrits..wrong is wrong, innocent is innocent…but society seems to pick and choose in a haphazardly way. If I go into a store lets say, and I am offended by the magazines on display, or by being subject to a view of near nudity, or by observing gays or lesbians being openly demonstrative, I have no rights to point out their inappropriate behavior….a society that doesn’t frown on these kind of things has no right to trash a G-father taking a bubble bath with his G-daughter!

  • The same idiots upset at this REelected tyrant obama. STFU, you’re not smart enough to judge anything or anyone.

  • phooy on you

    The G-daughter is 4….she is innocent and would think nothing of going in to the bathroom while her G-pa was bathing. And it is absurd to think he would have stood up naked infront of his precious G-daughter….most likely he got out, wrapped a towel around himself to go and put on swim trunks, while her mother was putting the G-daughter in the swim suit trunks/bottoms. As for having swim trunks/suits in the house…why not?? I’ll bet this wonderful G-parent has many changes of clothes for when his G-dauhter visits. This is a wonderful sharing of a fun time bubble bath….nothing dirty, or perverted about it. LOOK at the happiness showing in their smiles and in their eyes. To have made such a beautiful memory is to show caring and love between them….you must not have had such a joyous relationship with your G=parent(s). Sad for you.

  • poohy on you

    this has NOTHING to do with the church…This is a G-father and G-daughter having some fun time playing in a bubble bath and creating wonderful memories….Her little face is full of happiness and joy and his is showing love and gratitude for the chance to have this beautiful time of play with his g-daughter. And since a picture was taken, it is obvious that they were not being left alone but sharing the fun with others. Kudo’s to a wonderful G-parent for not “putting-off” his G-daughter with excuses as to why he couldn’t share his time. This is a beautiful expression of a beautiful relationship between them and it shows in their smiles and the laughter in their eyes. Beautiful picture to be cherished….stop trying to tarnish it with stinking thinking. Shame on you.

  • poohy on you

    You need to get your mind out of the gutter! It is OBVIOUS that it was simply a fun time bubble bath….how wonderful that a G-daughter can feel so loved and have such a wonderful memory. She probably made him a buble beard and he probably put bubbles on the tip of her nose. To make something ugly out of this is what is really disgusting. You must have had some kind of ugly experience in your life to so vehemently spew out such negative thoughts. It is sad for you to believe that all are guilty when such a delightful fun/play time can be made so dirty in your eyes.

  • kelly

    My mom took baths with us when we were babys naked, But when the child is at a certain age were they can see and know some things and he’s naked in the tub and he’s a man and she little a girl no!! It doesn’t seem right!!! I’m mean he could atleast put swimsuit on come on!!

  • That was wrong and God is watching you and so are other people, because you put it out there

  • Bewarned

    So he had time to get his swimming trunks, are you so sure he is not naked. Well he stood up went to get the swimming trunks , and never thought wait a minute this is creepy.

  • Aeva

    Since when do people who live alone lock the bathroom door? Some people don’t even have locks on their bathroom doors.

  • Aeva

    I’m shocked by how seriously people are reacting to this. I showered with my dad all the time when I was younger! I was brought up by a single dad, and we didn’t have a tub (only a shower stall), so there really wasn’t any other option for a long time. I never felt uncomfortable about it, and neither did he.

    I don’t see what the problem is here…first of all, he is her grandfather. Of course incestuous rape happens, but are you seriously saying it was in danger of happening in this case ? Second, they both had their bathing suits on. How is this any different from being in a hot tub together? It may not have been the best idea to post the pic online, but it’s an adorable shot of a man and his granddaughter. Get real!

  • I am a 53 year old woman and i would not allow such behavior in a tender time in which we are living.Sexualabuse begins when one take a child to sit between the legs or on your lap,come on wake up.




    Sounds/look innocent to me, as a man thinketh so is he

  • Maggie1865

    Gera, you’ve said alot in response to my post that has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. However, I’ll try to address what you said. As far as talking about cultures around the world, I was responding to what some of the other posters had already said about what other cultures practice in their families. I said what they do is irrelevant to what the practices are in America (in essence). Someone made a reference to what people in Japan do. So, I don’t know what your point on cultures is in regards to my comment.
    Next, I said nothing about sexual abuse, pedophila, and perverts in relation to Mr. Trotter and his granddaughter’s picture in the bubble bath. I did not say anything about white people, so I don’t know where you got that from. As far as me saying: “We have to consider how our actions and our behaviours are perceived by others?” Yes, I said that, and I meant it. And I still mean it.
    Yes, you are correct, the Black community has a myriad of problems, which includes very thing you stated, and more. However, this opinion forum is strictly about the article on Bishop Trotter’s bubble bath with his granddaughter. That’s what I was/am responding to. Nothing more and nothing less.
    If you want to take on every problem that exist in the Black community, go ahead. I’m sticking to the subject at hand. And, you are free to do exactly what you’re accusing me and NOLA of doing: Making ASSUMPTIONS about the two of us. By the way, if being a “prude” means a grandfather not taking a bath with his young grandchild, then so be it. I’m proud to be a “prude”.

  • el

    This is simply a picture of this man posing with his grand daughter in the bathtub. Nothing more. This is not a picture of him physically touching her, his body parts exposed, her looking upset by pain, or anything else innapropiate. If all you people who have problems with this picture, is it just because they are in a bathtub? Get real people….

  • Apparently the poster of the pic never heard of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. What an un-freaking-believably stupid thing to do. It’s the year 2013 girl! BTW, they’re ain’t no swimsuit top on that little girl.

  • KayKay

    pedophiles are always family members and family friends. who else are
    young children around? do young children go build their own social
    circles outside their school yards? think ppl, think. know the signs.
    watch for them. pedophilia is real and the creepy pedophile will not
    be a boogeyman on the other side of town. it will be your best friend.
    it will be your brother. even your mother.

  • KayKay

    …or are former abuse victims themselves who KNOW this is some nasty bull such as myself. its ppl like you who wont listen, dont want to hear what goes on in the tub w/ grandpa, what uncle does while giving your kid rides to the store for candy, what daddy does creeping in your kids room at night… pedophiles are always family members and family friends. who else are young children around? do young children go build their own social circles outside their school yards? think ppl, think. know the signs. watch for them. pedophilia is real and the creepy pedophile will not be a boogeyman on the other side of town. it will be your best friends. it will be your brother. even your mother.

  • KayKay

    absolutely! pedophiles are almost always family members and family friends. who else is a young child around??? they prey on ignorance and innocence of ppl such as these commenting that there’s nothing wrong with it…wake up ppl.

  • No, it’s time we START defending our culture and community, not kowtow to what the mainstream says is the standard without question. The mainstream says “don’t sleep with your children, let them tell you when they want to be toilet-trained, no spanking, etc.” Are we going to let them determine our ways of being? No one is talking about cultures around the world, the U.S. itself is multicultural. You appear to be at consciousness that says we need to worry about what others (white folks?) think. “We have to consider how our actions and our behaviours are perceived by others?” Fudge that! Supposedly conservative behavior has not curbed abuse one bit. Pedophiles and perverts don’t usually do their deeds out in the open. They find a way to exist even if they are never naked in front of their victim. They probably show the utmost of conservative behavior in public. In my humble opinion, we have got to stop focusing on the trivial things, and focus on what matters! Many Blacks forever stay closed-mined about certain topics (gays, sex to name a couple) and meanwhile issues such as teen pregnancy and AIDS are running rampant.

  • It’s seems that you and Maggie1965 are making some assumptions…who says it was a few hour or one-day-visit? Some people are more open with bathroom doors, don’t hold everyone to your own prudish behavior. There is no standard in our society, which is mixed with different cultures, behaviors, Yes, abuse happens in our society but not everything is abusive.

  • You put it better than anyone on here!!

  • The mother is grown; IF she had been molested by her father THAT would be more of a reason to not allow her daughter around him.

    I don’t get the openness of some families but I’ve known d@mn good families that were open with each other like that. My family and I never lived that way and I could never be comfortable with it myself but that DOES NOT mean that there is something wrong with them and their family!

    As for the father; for all we know he could be deceased or just plan absent.

    Grandpa might be the only positive male role-model that little girl has.

  • AMEN!

  • Just because it isn’t rare doesn’t mean that everyone is suspect! I was molested as a child and had found it very hard to trust males for quite a long time; I finally learned they ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.

    When I first became a mom, I trusted NO man alone with my daughter, not even her father. In realizing that not every man was the same way along with teaching my daughter boundaries and speaking up for herself; I’m confident she’d be fine. I trust her with no one more than I do with my best friend and sweetheart who’s known us for 12 years now. My daughter was only two when she met him and had no reservations about him despite him being the tallest and huskiest man she’s ever seen which says a lot considering she was a shy child. She would climb up and sit on his lap playing; she’ll call him “Daddy Terry” now… NOT EVERYONE IS A PERV!

  • ChildPlease

    The Bible says to shun the appearance of evil (1 Thess. 5:22). Even if this was innocent, it does not look good. The child’s mom had every right to discourage it. We live in a different age now!! Sorry some of you think it’s cute, BUT IT’S NOT!!!

  • Horrible

    It does not look right and as a preacher he should know better, but apparently he don’t so what else is he ignorant about?

  • Iza Koon

    WHO is a NI^^ER VIRGIN—-

  • However innocent it may be, it was still not appropriate. At the very least, it desensitizes the little girl to what is and is not appropriate behavior for her and a potential approaching bad actor. The majority of girls who are molested are victimized by a family friend or family member. If one thinks this is appropriate, you may be leaning more towards “Little House” than the real world. Parental naivety is the pedifile’s key to unlocking the the wall of safety one believes they have built around their loved ones.

  • tony

    seems someone took the pic i dont think he’s that dumb to post something he know
    aint legal, and there’s somethings u just dont do and that’s one of them

  • Aretha Redden

    Still would have been inappropriate.

  • Aretha Redden

    I am not upset. It just leaves room for someone with ill intentions that mean a child harm to say….oh I was just innocently sharing a bath with my kid. It is inappropriate bcuz it is a bathtub instead of a swimming pool.

  • Aretha Redden


  • Aretha Redden

    Exactly, waste and dirt secretiants from his body, which is the main reason we take baths is in the tub that she was expose to even though they allegedly had on swim gear. And there is No Chlorine (good example) in bath water. It’s inappropriate, no matter how innocent.

  • Aretha Redden

    Absolutely! Well said.

  • Kareem

    In a pool, maybe a hotub but bathtub WOW! At a certain age kids are to old to take baths or showers with ADULTS PERIOD. The whole swimsuit theory is damage control. All you people can say it’s harmless and you grew up doing this but that doesn’t make it right. As a parent you can be under protective but never over protective.

  • That’s right

    Poor judgement by all involved. And by the way, if I’m taking a bath you better believe no one is coming into my room. You’ll wait out in the rest of the house until i come out fully dressed.

  • shamsa

    I was thinking the same thing! OMG, why was the bathroom door open? WTF!

  • shamsa

    I agree with you, this is wrong!

  • Bossladii

    Anyone notice that the little girl’s “swimsuit” ties aren’t showing..Not to say they don’t exist…but most toddler swimsuits aren’t strapless..I am thinking she probably doesn’t have one on, and the swimsuit story was fabricated.



  • Brian

    Dude has some strong genes, his grand daughter looks JUST LIKE him!

  • CandieLove

    i think this picture is wrong in many ways i dnt care wat the relationship is there is no way a lil qurl shud be in the bath tub wit a man its just aint rite so wat if she had shorts on wat about him ? i wud never let my own dauqhter be in the tub with her father !!!! this is jus sick and anybody who think its okay its sick too


    As a bishop, he should know better, in this day I trust no one, you people believe what you want, why not drop your grandchildren off to visit Trotter, since you trust him so much. Prove it.

  • So would most of you think this is ok if it was a boy instead of a little girl? Perverted minds would say no but my dad took me to the gym and all the men showered together….naked! i know we live in a different society by I would take my grandson to the gym and do the same thing.

  • wallflower05

    So he got out the tub to put on his trunks and get back in the tub?? I agree with the writer who asked how the little girl even got in the tub, I also agree that this is just the nature of some people’s relationships … but working on the social services field I also know that people have to practice discretion with the things they do. Children are impressionable and him holding the role of a pastor should just not engage in certain things …. just my opinion!

  • LaDeeDa

    Again, if you or anyone else thinks that this picture is appropriate then you have absolutely no decorum or common sense. The buck has to stop somewhere — public or private this photograph is just plain WRONG!

  • sharon

    As a Bishop, he should abstain from even the appearance something that could be evil spoken of. As victim myself, I find it disturbing. So you see, everyone will have a different view on this. however, consider the times in which we live, this sexual abuse among our children is an epidemic in our society. Judgement must begin in the house of God first! This was meant to be uncovered.

  • oblivion328

    Pedophilia is the new communism in America.

  • P.S. As you can see from picture, the child’s shoulders are not yet wet. Therefore, she must have just gotten into the tub with “the” grandfather. Who knows how much longer the child was there and who knows whether or not the child was left alone with “the” grandfather afterwards. Who knows?

  • The mother was obviously ignorant! Whether or not she was molested by this person or not makes all the difference; if she was molested by him as a child, then she is now old enough to know better. Whether he apologized to her for his wrongdoings (if there were any) or not is irrelevant. Also, this could’ve been an innocent occurrence and everyone thought that it was “cute” to let the world see (obviously begging for attention) and look what it got them.Or maybe the mother’s “inner-soul” was crying out to let the world see what happened to her, through her daughter. Either way, the mother was clearly wrong for allowing her daughter to go into a bathtub with the grandfather. Bathing is for “bathing” to get yourselves clean/not for sharing your unclean skin with someone else. Taking a picture of it, doesn’t justify anything, but simply encourages the act! What else does the mother allow her daughter to do? Imagine what happens when the daughter is unsupervised and become maturer. You decide.

  • Agreed!

  • PLA

    Crime and rape are nowhere near rare. Child molestation is off the charts common. Nearly every woman I know has either been raped or molested. I saw stats once that said about 50 percent of women have been, but I would put it closer to 90 percent.

  • Agreed!

  • Frank Lapore III

    I used to bath with uncle Rico but when I saw his eyes lingering upon my Privates I chose not to get into the tub with him anymore. Come to turn out in later years he was the manager of a gay bar called Nut Bush City limits on Harlem Ave in like Oak Park, Chicago.
    What I did to that man? I don’t know but his is a waisted life of drugs and homo sexual sex he no longer baths and lives in a trailer court near Ohara airport with a man he calls lovie. OMG if you see him hide the kids.

  • Frank Lapore III

    Nothing at all wrong with that She wanted to enter the inviting water and grandpa said come on in baby! And? What’s wrong with that? Its the Pope who is under investigation for his involvement in the rape of over 200 boys and I not only say Amen to him going to prison for life I am a Catholic.
    We do need to clean up the Pentecostal’s because the are all full of shell games a Phuk crap but not for this. Here we have a rich man who has conned people out of millions teaching lies and you want to cry because his baby girl jumped in the tub and played around in the water of a large shell shaped bath tub? Get real.

  • Maggie1865

    What other societies do has nothing at all to do with American society. This is a non-sensical defense. Obviously, in every part of the world, culture and belief systems differ. There are places in the world where people do not cover any part of their body. This includes men, women, and children. In these places there is no such thing as privacy. So, would you suggest that we (Americans) adopt that cultural practice? I think not.
    Please keep in mind, the public did not post this picture of the Bishop and his granddaughter in a bubble bath together. And yes, concerned citizens should speak out about questionable actions done by another person in our society (and not someone else’ society).
    And this idea that people that frown upon the photo are ‘gutter’ minded, or perverts themselves, is just asinine. By the way, what’s wrong with some people being a puritan (if they so choose)? I didn’t know that having conservative moral practices was a ‘bad’ thing. And what’s “uptight” to some, is not “uptight” to others. So please, spare us of what other countries do and what they think. Seems mighty strange that people from other countries are willing to do almost anything to come to America.

  • Pat

    I’ll trust the bishop when he says both he and the child were covered and that the whole thing was innocent. However, we all must be very careful today considering the huge issue of sexual abuse toward children. Even a false charge could destroy lives. This man of God needs to be wise and know that the most innocent of comments, photos, etc. may go viral and be misunderstood. We ALL must be wise today.

  • T.S.

    Regardless of what they had on this doesn’t look right and to share it on the Internet is KRAZY! Swim trunkst and trunks or not..a full grown man should not be in a BUBBLE bath with a little girl. QUESTION: (1) Why is everyone in the bathroom when you are taking a bubble bath? (2) What ever happened to telling a child no when something is wrong? (3) You had to exit the tub to put on the swim trucks so how was this done since everyone is in the bathroom?
    This sounds really KRAZY and like a lie because first he said he was IN THE TUB and then he WROTE he put on trunks and her swim trunks. What did your family think?? I believe Child Protective Services should still investigate this story to confirm it’s validity.

  • everyone gonna have there own opinion about this and opinions is like ASSHOLE EVERY BODY HAS ONE….so it makes no sense that now a days get your mind out the gutter people there are real people out there that really doing bad things to kids and every body worried about this.

  • Real Talk

    I agree that you don’t have to share these kind of pixs, but at the same time it clearly shows how all innocents are gone from most people and only wickedness in mind along with thoughts, it’s just really sad that these thing rub off on our children and they feel the need to have the wrong thoughts and actions about everything.
    It’s just an a nice family that is bonding unlike a lot of family these days

  • LMRuiz

    In other countries whole families bath together and they do not have the hang ups we have here. So many people are so puritanical here that other societies often wonder why Americans are so overly uptight!

  • Maggie1865

    I had decided that I wouldn’t comment on this story when I read it a while back. However, I’m a little disturbed by some of the comments indicating that people are making too much of this story. I had/have some of the same questions about the circumstances around how the little girl ended up in the bathtub with her grandfather.

    I’m sure the grandfather must have known that his family was coming for a visit. So, if it was necessary that he bathe, knowing they would be arriving (perhaps while he was in the tub), why wasn’t the bathroom door closed? If the door was closed, why was it not locked? Why would the child’s mother allow her to go into the bathroom? And, they may have been wearing swim wear, but to the observer, they are just taking a bubble bath together. Because, taking a bath normally means just that. We do not wear clothing in the bath. This is the difference in being in a swimming pool, or, a lake.

    Everything has its own purpose. The purpose of a bathtub is to bathe the body, not to swim the body. I do not understand why we get so upset when other people question our actions that seem incorrect. And this idea that other cultures in a whole different part of the world is (in my opinion) irrevelevant. What’s acceptable in one society does not mean it’s acceptable in another.

    I have a feeling that the responses would be alot different if this story was about a non-African American family. In my mind, it’s time we stop defending behavior in our community that is frowned upon in our society. No, I ‘m not saying that the minister’s actions were sexual in nature, I’m not saying that he is a pervert, and I’m not saying that he has more than likely abused his own children.

    To the contrary. He and his daughter probably thought the little girl would enjoy playing in the water with her grandpa, period. But we do have to consider how our actions and our behaviours are perceived by others. And in my opinion (again) we should care what people think in cases like this one. Oh, and by the way, we are warned all the time about taking pictures and transmitting them via technology. We gotta’ start paying attention to things that are totally innocent to us, but can potentially become detrimental to us. Be careful when sending photos via cell phones, facebook, intragram, etc.

  • pervertedminds

    People are complaining about why they were in the bathroom in the first place. I’m a mother and have a close relationship with my family, if my daughter wants to use the bathroom she will go inside whether or not someone is in there showering or bathing. That could have easily been the case. Don’t you people have families? Its his grand daughter, and the man is wearing trunks covering his areas. Whats the difference between this and them swimming together in a pool.

  • Barbara

    Keep your business private…who needs to know Pastor takes bubble baths?????????

  • yolo

    why does it have to be a mommy? if a mom does it then its not a problem? what about a father? a father can not bath his own children. What kind of society is this when a father/grandfather is not permitted to bath his children. there is nothing wrong with this picture. look at the little girls face? does she look scared, distress or afraid. she looks happy and joyful. He did nothing wrong others have messed up this world for us. jezz

  • Rose Williams

    Wow! people are actually getting uptight over this photo? Does it bother people because it is a bath tub and there are bubbles? Or would you be equally upset if it were in a backyard swimming pool? SERIOUSLY?!?

  • Confused

    Sadly, society has messed up everything that could have possibly been viewed as innocent. Because he is a man of God, I give him the benefit of doubt; however, if they didn’t really have on swim-wear, this would be – by far – the sickest thing i’ve ever seen.

  • jazz

    and just how in the hell can we verify that?

  • I agree with your comment. There is just something you really don’t have to share on the internet.

  • Renae Kissinger

    And yet, you’re on an internet forum… posting comments… under the name “Billionaire George”? Have a seat.


  • Karmic73

    Everybody is not perverted. Oddly enough the main ones molesting the kids nobody will ever pick up on that!! It damn sure wont be folks like these, just trying to be a family!! True, maybe it seems strange. But, I have seen weirder things in this society that people uphold. So folks should really take their foot off the gas with the assumptions.

  • Denise Jones

    If you stopped to put on swim trunks that implies a conscious of guilt. What happen to privacy and boundaries; there were too many people present during your bath and a camera to boot. There is a difference between a pool and a bathtub, the bathroom is suppose to be private. The actions to share a bubble bath with your 4 year old granddaughter while you both wore swim trunks (not seen in the picture) was inappropriate and showed a complete lack of judgement.

  • deja

    I agree!!!! wholeheartedly!!!!

  • you are crazy and sound like you were abused. you need to stop projecting, because you don’t know jack sh$t about this little girl or the family to be saying she needs CPS. you sound like a ranting lunatic.

  • Creepy b!tch….*smh*

  • Please stop….cant breath *DEAD*

  • Sorry but um ………LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ” secondly, he was naked exposing all his bodily fluids in the water”…Y’all muthafukka’s is crazy on this b!tch….Really, my face is red as hell laughing at this one-liner …LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! < This is how I really feel


    Okay, am i feeling some kind of way bout this picture? Yes i am, do i have my own thoughts on it? Yes i do., but they’re mine and they’re my inhabitions as well, based on my life experiances so who am i to take those negative experiances and push them onto the way that this is definitely how someone else is living their life so beware? We have been doing this forever, we do it with everything from food to situations, the way one experiances something or how they are treated is not neccesarily how it happens for another, if someone was sexually abused and that abuse started in the tub, this does not mean it will happen this way for everyone., hell, some preists are molesting and have been forever do people just tear down the whole catholic structure by no longer sending your children to catholic school because it is a direct representation of who they are as a whole? Do we pull away from the electronic world because of hackers? And so on and so forth. some ask where the mother was well right there, as explained they were in trunks, and as for the people throwing scriptures out there and the lord said do not use my name in vain, i think this applies since the only thing that occured was in your minds, whats that say about you? If we want to go after something legitimate in nature to get attention of the people, let’s go for the one’s that are putting some serious stuff out there, i received an e-mail last week from someone who attempted to freind me, he’s 22 his name is lovey he had naked pictures of females as well as himself in the act with one, it was on facebook when it came time for me to use the pencil to show facebook what he sent, i could’nt because he was smart, he used his cell phone to somehow send the pics which negated the pencil so i could’nt show facebook to block him from doing this to others, these are the types of real things that should concern us, how would you like your daughters etc.. opening up that?

  • this girl knows what she says

    I’ve never really bathed with my parents when I was small but I bathed with my cousins and sister and baby brother and my parents just watched US it was never anything big

  • For heaven’s sake, lighten up! Only the family who were present at the time of the photo have any basis for making judgements. If it was ok with them and it certainly looks ok with the children, it was probably ok. Y’know, when times were harder people frequently shared things like warm water as a matter of course. Leave it alone and leave it to the family!!

  • Aliza Smallwood

    It was a dumbbell thing to do!

  • jay77

    Wow!!!! People are truly sick in the head. That photo is completely wrong, bottom line. that grown man and the parents of that child should know better. I believe in the bible it says your children should not see you naked.


    This is what happens when we Christians delve into secular culture like Instagram, Facebook, etc the Devil and his worldly children will always seek to destroy you… Pastors need to stop trying to promote and glorify themselves and promote Christ Jesus only!

  • Iam keepingitreal

    i am a christian… this is extremely wrong. There is no way I will go home to my parents home with my daughter and open up a discussion about Popo having a bath. If he is having a bath, he is having a bath…just simply confuse as to how a bathroom door is a window for an invitation for a party of grandkids etc. If Popo is a God-fearing man, God should have told him that this is WRONG!!!!!!

  • This is absurd

    They’re playing around with swimsuits in a tub. People need to stop adding their own perverted twist to innocent situations. All this hullaballoo is pretty messed up.

  • Leave the man alone. Some people have too much free time on their hands.

  • Guest

    You need to calm down and check yourself. My nieces and nephews have bathed with my mom. The article states a family member took and posted it. I’m sorry, but it sounds as though you have been abused and see bad in these things. If you were, I’m sorry, but not all men are pervs.

  • Mary

    In 1966 I was an LEO and got a call to handle a high school girl with a flasher. She had never seen a nude male in her life. She ended up with therapy. Next day he was back and did the same thing in front of another high school girl. When I got to see her after school she said to me I” just laughed and told him my little brother has a bigger one than you..” When I interviewed her with her parents present, she said we all have see each other without cloths on and it no big deal. I am really old now but growing up in the depression many families bathed together. The Japanese did it for hundred of years. What is natural to a person is how they were raised and in what part of the country or world you were raised in.

  • Ram

    Why are you bathing with a 6 year old? No ma’am.

  • photonblaster

    Just a little creepy, OK, maybe it’s a lot creepy.

  • lucky

    ummmm retard,ur a mother,u let ur child watch a grown naked man take bath’s? then u should b investigated!!! this is not normal,that poor childs mother was probably molested by him as well,thats why she thinks it is ok,notice we dont hear anything from the father of this child,he is probably running to a divorce lawyer,as should ur husband if u think its ok to lrt ur children into a bathroom u know a grown man is bathing naked,people like u are responsible for the covering up and/or perpatration of child abuse,and btw play time in the tub? there were no toys in the tub,what were they playing with sitting on ‘popo’s’ lap? f@#kn wierdo’s!!!!!

  • lucky

    Can I buy u a drink 😉

  • highroller2012

    Let not your good be evil spoken of.

  • Ann

    So incredibly sad that such a harmless and adorable picture had to be blown so out of proportion. When I first saw the pic, the first thing that came to mind was “awwww”, then I immediately realized that in today’s sick and perverted society, people are going to misconstrue and sensationalize this picture.

    Why are people so offended and angry??? The man said the family was there and they were in swim trunks and the mom was there and took the photo so why all the hate??? I doubt if this were a case of abuse the family would have been dumb enough to post it on Instagram and Facebook, smh. These poor people posted the pic thinking it was an innocent sweet picture only to get skewered by the judgmental and hypocritical idiots out there who probably watch nasty porn and partake in all sorts of unorthodox behaviour behind closed doors.

    It was posted on a public forum, not sent through seedy websites and file sharing networks. What kind of world do we live in where a simple picture can be so terribly and horribly misinterpreted? Unfortunately people need to stop sharing so much since we live in such an effed up and perverted world and others have to go get a life and stop judging and assuming hurtful and slanderous things about people they don’t know about. All the while these same people will live next door to a child molester and not even take notice, smh.

  • AMEN @facebook-663830197:disqus – People think they have to POST EVERY DAMN THING! Some moments are private. You post something, you suffer the consequences. With all the abuse and begging from people who abuse children, it is good for people to take a stand. They have been many times that people would sit quietly. So if it is taken out of context, its the family fault! Don’t post it!

  • A grown ass man does not need to be in a bathtub with a female child period, end of story. This is totally disgusting pedofile/inappropriate stuff. Where is the mother?

  • sarah

    Totally. My family always took clothed baths/swims/showers together and there was NEVER anything inappropriate happening. Kids love baths and no wonder she wanted to jump in. Not everyone has access to the beach or pools in the middle of February. I understand some people’s negative response but a picture doesn’t always explain everything. Calm down and stop judging.

  • xislndgurlx

    Question: So because it’s “family” its okay? So if it was your 3-4 year old daughter and she “saw” him taking a bubble bath, would it be okay if she got in? I’m shocked at that some find this ok.

  • xislndgurlx

    U took a bath with your daddy? I can see your mom, but your daddy??? Up until what age? This is not right..period!!!

  • xislndgurlx

    How does the granddaughter see him in the tub?? The door to the bathroom was open? This is some BS. That lil girl should have never been in the tub with her “papa”. A bathtub and a comparison.

  • Socratas

    Look, I understand there’s a possibility that this was totally, completely innocent, but growing up without a father and being countlessly molested by countless men, my world-view of men has been severely warped. It’s been my experience that the vast majority of men are nothing more than disgusting, horny, perverted assholes. I really wish I did have an example of a man in my life that would make this picture innocent, but alas, such is not the case. Maybe all the gross asses should change so the 5-10 innocent men in the world can stop getting such a bad wrap. lol Who am I kidding, huh?


    Even though we may have shared(I didn’t )the water ,that doesn’t mean another fam member was in at the same time. Besides being a perfect germ carrier for female private areas ,it is just morally unsound.Read Mark 7:21-23.(Bible) That says it all.Also Rom.13:14.Yet one would think better to post this on the web.Since his body is NOT seen,we don’t know what he has on.Mixing even washing clothes with fems and males is not a sound idea. Different germs due to activities of either.

  • my six yr old nephew bathes with me when ever the mood strikes him, as well as with his mother, So does my 5yr old niece. Are we perverts. At the end of the day, I am certain, they won’t have to pry into somebody’s room to see what a naked body looks like. They both will have a positive outlook on their own body image.

  • Reallallday

    Not*** taking sides..

  • Realallday

    my question is how was she in tha bathroom while he was taking a bath?!?! Taking sides but dont put yourself in tha position to be criticized.

  • Walter Mink

    God it’s not like he raped anybody. She was totally asking for it.

  • SexyBrownSuga

    -_- Some things just shouldn’t be posted online people, geez! Pictures in a swimming pool with others in visible swim attire, are pictures for posting; this one is not.

  • Dae

    Uhhhh….she is sitting in his lap…..and not only that…..but who goes to visit their Popo in the bathroom while he is bathing? Inappropriate to say the least.

  • Initially, this photo and title had my stomach turning. I too was ready to post angry, evil, hurtful thoughts about this situation. Now, his story sounds completely believable. I feel bad if this was truly innocent the problems he and his family are now facing. I do feel it’s rather weird and unusual. However, I understand how he could feel it’s okay. If it was a swimming pool we wouldn’t have a problem. I guess humans are just too picky, no one can see us in bra and panties, but a two piece bikini is acceptable. I just hope their story is true and they learn to tell her lil butt NO. That’s trully my problem now with this story. PPL afraid to deny their children stuff now days

  • I believe him. It was a mistake. You really have to be careful of what you say, do, and post online.

  • Blessing

    This particular scenario may not be bad since the mother took the shot. But with time, an act like this could be abused by several people whose minds are constantly abused by the media

  • just sayin’

    In many other cultures family baths are the norm. Me, my younger brother, and my obachan (grandmother) took baths together on a regular basis. Nothing perverted about it. Americans have perverted minds and society. Where else is nudity so taboo and yet so wanted and sought after at the same time. Dress in risque clothing showing all but a few select places in public is fine but a grandpa and granddaughter playing in a bubble bath with shorts on is perverted? Twisted culture.

  • stopthedrama

    And if it would have been her grandmomma???????

  • solinvictusnatalis

    And what family member thought it cool to post it on instagram? People are braindead.

  • solinvictusnatalis

    Whats stupid is posting ones family pics online. You are stupid if you post your kids picture in public, A pedo will take a liking to it and stalk you down. Social media has dumbed down society


    Why does she has to be a fat bitch?? Because she speaks the truth and truth hurts?


    Exactly Bosslady



  • Brittany

    I think its absolutely ridiculous that people think this is disgusting, clearly its your fault for not having a close family dynamic that has you assuming the worst.There is absolutely no difference between this and being in a swimming pool whatsoever. I have filled the tub up and let my child swim in it before as well.He was clothed, she was clothed, end of story. I doubt a mother( and i’m saying AS a mother) would willingly allow her child to get into a tub with someone she thought would do anything to her child especially since she was right there. The only thing that makes me feel sick to my stomach here is all you people ignorant of what a close family dynamic is like.

  • Brittany

    My mother in law has a swimming pool with all of our bathing suits there, want to know why? Because shes the only one with the damn pool.. its not really that far fetched at all.

  • NO comment, I’ll let the Lord work this one out. I hope people learn from this, don’t post everything that happen in your home on the internet… It may be innocent but people minds are not.

  • Queen K

    I’m just wondering why would he let them in the bathroom in the first place???? What’s next potty time together ???? There is a time and a place for everything this was not it…

  • … Is someone trynna tell me they didn’t take a bath with their parents (or in this case guardian) when they were babes? I did with my mother, and that was just fine and even a pic was taken and was even put in a scrapbook. My mom still takes it out and shows everyone and everyone’s just gushes over it.

    Embarrassing to me, and I wish she would burn it, but there’s nothing essentially wrong with it.

  • facepalm

    Aw this hurt my heart. I’m all for ensuring the safety of our children, but this poor guy is a good granddad and is getting called the most despicable names. He and his family went about it the right way and got a lot of heat. I wish we didn’t live in a time where church officials have done such horrible things that we are immediately uneasy when we see something like this photo.

  • Greg

    It is only sick if its sexual. I do not think you can judge any bad intent from this picture.

  • jane

    my question is how did she see in in the tub in the first place! If he was taking a bath the door should have been locked.

  • washbark

    I don’t think that the minister is perverted nor that he would ever cause harm to this child or any child. However, at no time, unless he needed assistance, should the granddaughter or daughter been presence while he was bathing. His explanation is also weak. I am not going to get out of the tub to put on swimming trunks nor wear swimming trunks while bathing so that a child can share the bathtub with me. Popo should have adamantly dismissed this audience while demanding privacey.

  • NOLA

    i think this is totally inappropriate. Read the comment he said: my family came over, after his granddaughter seen him in the tub, she begged her mother to let her get in. So he was already in the tub naked. His granddaughter came into the bathroom and seen him in the tub and wanted to get in.Then her mother thought that was ok so she put swim trunks on the little girl. So the grandfather got out the tub and put swim trucks on also and got back into the tub with his granddaughter, cause it would be fun for her to be in bubbly water that he had bathe in.Really??? So they have swim trunks in the house to fit everyone who visits. There are soooooo many clues in this story that point to the fact that some kind of investigation needs to happen. Who would allow their daughter to go in the bathroom while her grandfather is taking a bath. If the little girl wanted to play in water she should do so in a pool or in the tub by herself not with her grandfather.

  • truth

    its the creepy smile

  • true…. if them taking a shower thy post it on fb smh @ these ppl

  • omg lml,some of the biggest devils hide in the church lol lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The only thing wrong with this in my opinion is the dumb family member who thought this should have been shared online…people share every damn thing these days…dumb

  • Anonymous

    why was this child even in a position to see him taking a bath in the first place? This is weird…

  • frankiejames

    When you post it on facebook or instagram or whatever, you give people licenses to talk about it and then you left to let it affect you.

  • Joe B.

    People assume the worst because they are the sick ones. They live their lives in prepetual fear of what are fairly rare occurances whether it be crime or rape or terrorism or (as in this case) pedophilia. Their efforts to assauge their own fears throws suspicion on everyone else and society ends up paying the price for their delusions with their freedoms.

    It isn’t always fear, however; that contributes to this behavior sometimes it is a desire to control other people and force them into narrowly defined expectations of what constitutes “normal behavior.”

    If anyone has ever seen the movie Doubt, by the end of the movie the audience doesn’t know whether the priest has molested the little boy, but we do know that his antagonist – a nun – is willing to ruin his life based on her suspicions.

  • shut up cunt

  • Fed_Up18

    I used to shower with my father when i was young. And why? Because if my parents left me in the bathtub, I would just play around & never get washed. No one thought anything of it, BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING TO THINK. My brother *also* showered with us. And when it stopped, I was very disappointed, because to me it was a family togetherness thing. But all my father ever said was “you’re old enough to wash yourself.” I guarantee you this little girl, *being innocent* thought the same thing, & that’s all there was. Do you really think if they were doing anything wrong, they’d be stupid enough to broadcast it in public??

  • Andrea

    Leave this man alone! DON’T nothing about this picture screams pedofile he’s just spending time with his grand daughter!!!

  • Kek

    It’s ridiculous that everybody else’s opinion should even affect what you do within your own family. People kill me with that “it may be innocent but in this day in age he should know how people are gonna take it” bs. WHY DOES IT MATTER HOW PEOPLE ARE GONNA TAKE IT? WHY? It’s nobody else’s family or business. He’s not hurting her why should he feel like he’s being a perv cause other people think he is? So quick to make something out of nothing. So quick to pull parents and their children a part (don’t discipline them, don’t raise your voice, don’t show too much affection to them because of how it might look) and then wonder why these kids are growing up all screwed up out their minds and killing people for no reason!

  • I thought it was Prolly innocent but in this day and age you cant be too careful. If it was innocent, Why the picture and the post? You never want to rush to judgement but if I’m gonna err it would be on the side of caution.

  • Rhoadrunner18

    Unfortunately we don’t live in an innocent society. The pastors explanation seemed totally innocent and I feel bad the feedback was so hurtful. However, if you have ever been a victim to this type of behavior then you know the perp always appear innocent. A good example would be Jerry Sandusky. It should not have been placed in social media… Bad decision.

  • Meelah

    Before you even get into the issue of her being in the tub you have to ask how she ended up in the bathroom. Why was she able to get in there while he was taking a bath. Why didn’t he direct her back out of the door verbally or call her grandmother or whomever took the pic to come get her. As far as “sharing” bath water I didn’t do that personally but it’s not rare for children to bathe together and as they get older they might only bathe with a child of the same sex. I’ve heard of small children bathing with their mothers until they get a certain age but not with their fathers.

  • Meelah

    I don’t think “bodily fluids” area a factor in this situation but in a public pool they put chlorine in the water to handle any bodily fluids.

  • LadyDay

    You’re ignorant. I took baths with my MOM and DAD as a kid, and nobody was molested. I think you may be the nasty one here.

  • Really???

    Despite the ideal of him wearing swimwear or not… I don’t believe that he is oblivious to all the cases of child abuse and pedophilia that invades our society & people’s sensitivity to the issue … therefore a responsible adult would not allow “his good to be evil spoken of” if he was actually being good. In my opinion if this event was innocent and nothing more… did it really need to be shared with the world & are you actually shocked that people freaked out like they did??Many people have been abused by family members esp supposedly clergy men so I find it very stupid that this was even a posted picture. Ignorance is a prevalent and contagious disease that is affecting millions by the hour.

  • meliahi

    your sound dum he had swim trunks and the baby had shorts on

  • miaaliyah

    long as he had bottoms on them it shouldn’t b an big deal took it way out of proportion

  • SU-K


  • OMG!!!





    QUICK! Call the bodily fluids police…

    You are one seriously sick individual…

  • leah

    Realist why don’t you STFU!! You’re probably some pedophile troll! Be gone!

  • Concerned

    Now he tells his side of the sick/twisted story! how long was he in the tub before the granddaughter walked -in? secondly, he was naked exposing all his bodily fluids in the water. the little girl should-not have been allowed to be in the tub period. I hope this little incident will be a lesson for them to learn. and anybody else who might do something like this . Think positive .

  • fool of a tooke!

    You’re sick if you think this is normal behavior!! This is not two little kids or a mommy and toddler, this is an old man and a little girl! SICK! And then to take a picture of this?!? DISGUSTING! You’re either defending him because you’re sick too, or some sort of bible thumper defending him because he is in the church. Well guess what?? Some of the bigget devils hide IN THE CHURCH. This poor little girl needs to be looked after by child protective services!

  • Betty Martinez

    Because,He Did the Same with her,,,,,,,,Confused?Doubt It..Just passing on Creepy ACTS……Shame…….Mom…….

  • Betty Martinez

    Haaaaa!Bosslady,truth…Who does this???Creepy….CRE ……EPY….. Creep,The Mother Did The Same Thing!!! He is a Pastor???? Right……Creepy……

  • gg

    i AGREE with you 110%. Why are people so confused??? why would the mother allow that at all?@*$&#(*@?

  • amaya0828

    Come on now…….he should know better shit than that….why in the fuck are these photo not in the photo album…you must want people to think your a pervert…..why do you even have to explain ….creepy

  • realist

    Shut up bosslady, you fat bitch. I can’t even BEGIN to describe the grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in your posts. Remove yourself from society.

  • Amarossa

    So would you have preferred him being naked?

  • Amanda

    People are in too much of a hurry to find fault with other people. It seems to me people WANT a scandel, and look for things they can twist. What’s wrong with grandpa having a bubble bath CLOTHED with his 4 year old granddaughter? Same thing as a hot tub or swimming pool. Get over your selves people!

  • Ms.Bubbles

    As a parent I have taken showers with my baby when they where young. But in my opinion 4 years old is to big to take a bath with any adult. Growing up we all shared bath water. However, it was with other children of the same sex and age group. I just would like to know how the little girl father feels about all this.

  • Ms.Bubbles

    If his reasoning is he shared bath water growing up and it is a bubble bath scene why have on trucks?

  • val

    To much there is nothing wrong with what he did nothing at all and he said they had trunks on people get over yourselves taking everything to the extreme completely innocent.


    All that crap about bathing with his kids in what?? 1960? Save that for someone that want to hear nonsense. This guy should not have his daughter in the Granddaughter in the bath with him.


    Pervert. who in hell wants to take a bath with their Grandpa? So what, she wanted to get in with him? What happens if she wants to taste some Ciroc she sees grandpa drinking? Will they say no or OK? Children are children, they can want to do anything but adults are should be responsible enough to just say no baby I’ll give you a bubble bath when we get home. Or how about Shut the door and get out the bathroom and let Grandpa take his bath. Or how about grandpa shut the door and lock it while your but naked in the bath tub.