12 Pieces Every Woman Should Own

January 5, 2013  |  

It’s 2013 ladies and that means it’s time to step your game up! While looking into the new years trends, be sure that your closet is stocked full of the basics. Remember that any basic can be transformed and personalized, with the right accessory. In saying that, hit the flip for 12 items all women should own, no matter your background, age, or career path. – ruthie hawkins

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  • Avid shopper

    The brand is Merona, and it can be purchased at Target.

  • TJ Parker

    what brand is the trench coat? where can it be purchased

  • Blair_Bishop

    The ideas are basic & are meant to be personalized based on one’s size, shape, color, etc.
    Am I really the only pale/pasty white girl to know that darker under garments, shoes, etc are nude for darker skinned girls? Really?

  • lordofthegays

    HAHA nice try trollgirl, but if a person has brown skin–wouldn’t the color brown be best? This website caters to Black women.

  • megz

    So i guess a white woman shouldnt wear white or your saying she should because she is white.? You know not all white people are the same shade. Some are lighter or darker than others . Is there a special color black a black woman should buy to match her skin if ur really dark u buy jet black n lighter skin blk ppl buy a diff shade of black what goes through peoples heads. Who ever said ur shoes have to match ur skin or anything else for that matter get A life hater. I think a black woman wether she is darker or on the lighter side would look great in those particular shoes. So would a white person or off white or tan or yellow or brown person look good in those shoes its about style n fashion not ignorance

  • megz

    No nude is nude not brown.

  • megz

    Omg it doesnt matter what shade u are they are telling u to get nude shoes not brown shoes or tan or mocha. U dont have to buy these exact shoes either its just an idea of something that works n goes with everything. Look up the color nude n see what comes up.ppl are always trying to look for a problem or make something into something it is not. Any woman of any color can wear nude shies they are not supose to match the color of ur skin then they wouldnt be nude they would have a color get a life. U may not like the necklace but remember everyone has different taste n styles. If ur looking on a site for fashion advice maybe u should try new things n be more open minded n maybe ull be auprised.

  • lordofthegays

    Shouldn’t the nude stilettos be a shade of brown?!

  • Cactus_Wren

    Un. Be. Lievable. There are exactly four items on this list that remotely go with my tastes and my type. That “statement necklace” is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And as to the “nude stilettos” — dare I point out that not every reader of this site is the same shade of “nude”?