Why “Six Little McGhees” Won’t Share The Same Fate As “Jon And Kate Plus 8”

December 19, 2012  |  

When I first heard about the McGhees it was right before their appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. They were from my home state Ohio and they just looked like an regular normal couple, just throw in six kids.

But when I heard they were getting a reality show on Oprah’s network, I was a little concerned. The comparisons to Jon and Kate Plus 8 were instantaneous. I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 religiously, fascinated by what it took to keep a house of multiples in order. But then as the seasons wore on and the tension between the couple got to be almost unbearable, I had to turn the channel.

From what I saw, the McGhees look like a happy couple and I’d hate to see that ruined with TV exposure. But then I watched the premiere of Six Little McGhees on OWN and while I don’t have a crystal ball, I think that Mia and Rozonno will be just fine. Here’s three reasons why:

1) They know the traps of reality TV. They aren’t the first parents of multiples to hit the small screen so there’s some knowledge to be gained there. In a recent Ebony interview, the two of them spoke on their marriage: “I think each marriage is different of course,” Mia said. “We have to make a conscious decision to be together each day. I don’t think anyone [television cameras, etc.] has that much power over my marriage. We have a pretty good relationship. It’s not always perfect, but we don’t let anything break us up. You make your marriage what it is and we choose to make ours what it is today.”

2) They’ve been together more than 10 years. True, the divorce rate for parents of multiples is higher on average than those families with fewer children, but Mia and Rozonno put in a solid decade before they had children. They spent time growing together before starting their family, something that many other reality couples did not do. They were high school sweethearts and they kept the love going through it all.

3) They’ve seen each other through rough times. Part of the reason they were together ten years before having children was due to fertility issues. They lost twins right before they got pregnant with the sextuplets, and Mia said Rozonno gave her the strength to try again. They are true partners and have pledged to keep their relationship strong. In the same Ebony interview, Rozonno said, “We’re married, we’re one, and to keep that going, I just get rid of all the gossip and negativity that drains your energy, even on television…There are struggles we go through every day and so we try to focus on mastering those issues and showing other people that no matter what you’re going through, you can make it.”

Did you watch the premiere of Six Little McGhees? What did you think?


Words: Tara Pringle Jefferson

Tara Pringle Jefferson is the founder of TheYoungMommyLife.com and the author of Make It Happen: The Young Mommy Guide To Creating The Career You Crave. Follow her on Twitter or check out her blog for her insights on what it means to be a mom, wife, student, writer, and about three other labels she’s too tired to remember.


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  • yesisaidit

    I felt and feel the same way. Not cute.

  • yesisaidit

    The kids aren’t cute and the show isn’t cute. Never understood how this or any other family with a litter of children becomes a show. Only good thing about it is that they at least are taking care of them themselves and not turning to the tax payers. Not sure how things would be if they didn’t have this show but at least they seem to be a solid family and that is a great thing.

  • MsT-mac

    Those little McGhees are adorable! The little girl at the top speaks her mind and let’s everyone know she’s “a princess and leave” her alone!

  • AroundTheWayGirl

    lol you waiting 2 years for a reply? woooooooooooooooooow the life you live must be SAD AS F&%k

  • tralalalala

    Oh please. Those kids are hideous.

  • guest2

    I agree. Everyone doesn’t like babies, and they especially don’t like hordes of them.

  • Jody

    How ashamed you must be (no, really – you MUST be!) of your mentality.

  • Not A Gentleman, Spehs Mahreen

    Very well played, new friend. I admire your skills, and shall cease my attempts to frustrate and upset you for my own entertainment.

  • DaisyDooks

    You have misinterpreted my post. My observations were SPECIFIC to the McGhee family. I don’t think anyone is oblivious to how Blacks, let alone Black families, are portrayed and perceived in reality TV or Hollywood–period. I was pleased to see an AfRAkan-looking Black couple with their non-amalgamated children dealing with the day-to-day management of their family along with operating a business to keep them afloat financially.

    And, yes, I would contribute to an educational fund for their children.

  • Not A Gentleman, Spehs Mahreen

    So… Daisy, if I’m not mistaken you are saying black people often don’t work well together? Once again I’m subtly being worked on by people trying to turn me into a racist.

  • rojo

    Um, heard of planned parenthood and the possibility of having more than one kid at once? They planned to have kids, and they are sextuplets meaning that they were born at the SAME TIME…..smh.

  • mik bailey

    Thank God, a positive story about black family and love. Pray they make it!

  • I watch the show , and I do like it,They seem to be so sincere. The babies are adorable. I wish them all the sucess!!!!

  • photographeriam

    Having that many kids crawling all over you wasn’t cute when it was 8 and it isn’t cute with 6. Not a good look PERIOD! When I first saw the photo of him laying down with all that babies, it immediately reminded me of a dog nursing. Not good.

  • KimDB

    I love this family. They are so funny together and seem to have a love and respect for each other that they will not let a little fame ruin. Thanks for sharing your lovely family with us and demonstrating values, morals and ethics, truly unusual in a reality show

  • socrfan

    6 kids? Ever hear of birth control? The Earth thanks you for bleeding her dry with over 7 billion people!

  • lordofthegays

    Class or trash. I am happy to say that the former is at work here.

  • Fed_Up18

    What precious little darlings!!! Yes, i certainly pray their family doesn’t fall into the trap set by the Gosslins!

  • i watched the show on OWN and really loved it. They not “fake” and they seemed to have a really good relationship. I wish they all the best and hope God continues to bless them.

  • KS


  • kkk


  • kkk

    Dem is some smugly ass kids.

  • brownie

    how cuuuuuuute, wished i had known about the premier, i would have definitely watched it.

  • I watched it also, love them ! They are perfect together (meaning they are not perfect) they are real people. Loved when the kids doctor told them to call her more often, and to change the way they feed the babies. They went home and did exactly what they felt comfortable doing, which was just what they had been doing………love them

  • DaisyDooks

    A loving, steadfast Black couple with FULL BLACK babies!! <<—I am overjoyed! A BLACK family working together!! <<—I am ecstatic! I would even contribute to a college fund for each of their beautiful babies.

  • I watched the show, and I LOVE this couple. Don’t forget, they also work together in their home business. Their love for each other and their kids is obvious, unlike Kate N Jon. I wish them all the best, and pray they aren’t affected by the reality tv curse. I do believe they are strong enough to conquer it, because they care more about each other and their kids than the fame.

  • Lex