Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Willow’s Right to Cut Her Hair

November 29, 2012  |  

Mrs Jada Pinkett-Smith, the writer – has some news for you. The eclectic wife of super duper actor Will Smith recently penned an open letter regarding all the chit-chatter about giving Willow, her daughter the right to cut her hair. Penned eloquently, Jada notes that it is important to teach our children how to value their minds and bodies. Is Jada the definition of a 21st century mom? Or are her ideologies a recipe for disaster? We get the right to choose, but Willow doesn’t always seem like the happiest camper in the group – based on some messages in her music. Does she need more structure and less freedom?

A letter to a friend…

This subject is old but I have never answered it in its entirety. And even with this post it will remain incomplete.

The question why I would LET Willow cut her hair. First the LET must be challenged. This is a world where women,girls are constantly reminded that they don’t belong to themselves; that their bodies are not their own, nor their power or self determination. I made a promise to endow my little girl with the power to always know that her body, spirit and her mind are HER domain. Willow cut her hair because her beauty, her value, her worth is not measured by the length of her hair. It’s also a statement that claims that even little girls have the RIGHT to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities, hopes and desires. Even little girls should not be a slave to the preconceived ideas of what a culture believes a little girl should be. More to come. Another day.


Source: Facebook/Jada Pinkett-Smith

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  • Kell Smurthwaite

    I gave the same argument when my little boy refused to have his hair cut short and instead grew it out. When he finally decided he was ready for a change, it was down past the bottom of his shoulder blades – he was 5 years old and is a very pretty looking little boy, so he was often mistaken for a girl, but it didn’t bother him one little bit. When people would call him a pretty girl or a helpful girl or whatever, he would calmly reply, “I’m a boy, but thank you anyway!” and give them one of his best smiles. I was actually rather gutted when he finally decided to get it cut off coz it was gorgeous!

    People kept saying things like “Boys shouldn’t have long hair,” or “People will think he’s a girl!” (as if there’s something wrong with being a girl?!), some even said we should force him to have his hair cut, but I believe that would be a personal violation and how on earth could he ever trust us again if we cut his hair (or changed his body in any way) against his will? The way I see it, the length of a person’s hair doesn’t hurt anyone at all, so what’s the big deal if it’s long or short? Mine has been so long I can sit on it, and so short it’s practically all shaved off – my hair, my choice. Why shouldn’t kids have the same right?

  • George

    I think she looks cute. loving the hair 🙂

  • Janj

    All that little speech actually means is- The kid cut her hair and I didn’t know about it and it cost me a fortune to rectify the mess, and it needed to be cut down to the wood.
    My grand-daughter cut her hair when she was six , down to the scalp in the front. We had social services asking questions about it too, through the school.

  • Sue Ambrose

    Oh Lord…. only in America….. (I hope)!

  • Tracey Carter

    im riding the fence i want my kids to be individuals but i also want my kids to have boundaries and rules…. yes their mind and body is their own but while you live in my house you will do as i say….. no questions asked, and if so the answer will always be “BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!….”

  • Jarvis

    More one eye symbolism

  • freya


  • Timmybear

    It’s not only women and girls who get the ‘let’ message. As a child, when friends of mine would say how their parents wouldn’t ‘let’ them read certain books, I said: ‘Why don’t you just go to the library and do it? Or sign them out and not let your parents know?’ I never understood this notion of accepting irrational denial. Unless you can present a non-circular reason for saying your children can’t do something, you SHOULD be disobeyed.

  • Kitwench

    I seriously can NOT believe that anyone thinks they get a say in something as *trivial* as a child’s hair – especially when they are NOT a parent to that child!

  • nehemiah durst

    Katt is not crazy he is aware of how Hollyweird operates and he is being “blackballed” because he has said too much.

  • nehemiah durst

    you’re up on things I see. It’s nice to see a reply from someone with their third eye open. This poor girl was indoctrinated years ago. God knows the things that she has gone through for her parents.

  • Don

    She’s just a kid, leave her alone..

  • I agree with you, children do have to have some boundaries and I do get that gay vibe from her with the hair and the clothes. Yes she has money, but money doesn’t bring about happiness as we can see. If she had to look and dress like this she wouldn’t want to. At times I don’t get this rich children, and I know there are lots of people who will disagree with what I am saying and no I am not a HATER!!!!

  • rakayla

    i dont see what the big deal is its just hair and its not that important so get over it ppl


    I’m sorry u guys but a little girls whether rich or not should be little girls until 18.
    She always looks weird which indicates she might have problems later on in life.

  • Maggie1865

    Blah, everyone has a right to their own opinion. and just because some people do not agree with you does not mean they are ignorant. No, the comments aren’t “absolutely ridiculous” as you stated. What I find interesting is that you said: “In middle school, I was in all honors classes…” and you seem to have a problem communicating with people in an educated and, in an intelligent way. Being able to retain learned or taught information and regurginate said information on a test is not the same as being educated or being knowledgeable. You should be able to express your opinion without becoming belligerent. Why do you feel that you need to shout, use profanity, and call people names to express your thoughts?
    The next thing here is, people are responding to an article about Jada Smith and her daughter Willow’s freedom to cut her hair any way she wants to. what do you want people to say? Well here is what I’m saying: Jada Smith seems to be missing something very important in her parenting skills. Just because she is rich and famous should not negate comman sense in being a “parent”. I feel that she is making a huge mistake in allowing her daughter to be her own parent. Blah, this is my opinion and you don’t have a right to tell me that that I’m “ignorant” and you certainly do not have the right to tell me to “quit” anything. In my opinion, you may need to “educate” yourself.

  • Willow is one ugly gay Ga.

  • Sarah

    No more need to be said Jada Pinkett Smith, since no one is really interested in how you choose to parent. Your daughter always looks weird, but I guess that is her freedom to choose her degree of weirdness. You live in a celluloid world. I hope if one day your young daughter says she wants to experiment with drugs that you be more of an adult and allow the voice of experience and reason to dissuade her….and not allow her to own her body. But at the end of the day, I really don’t care about you or your views.

  • D. Jones

    Willow Smith is saying so much by cutting her hair and there has been references made to her music and posting. It would be an error and a disservice to Willow to confuse her actions as just a sign of independence. Children need and want some structure and boundaries; it provides them a safe haven and a sense of security. Jada I believe you are allowing your issues related to a person’s domain and their right to control their domain with your child’s need for structure and boundaries. In my very limited exposure to Willow’s pictures, postings and music; your child does not appear happy and the contents reveals a very troubled child. Cutting her hair may only be her wanting a particular hairstyle, however an examination of her other behaviors ( friends;lack of friends; age of friends; attitude; tone and / or topic of her words, music and or writing; habits; interactions with family, friends, authority and others; interests and hobbies; new obsessions, likes or dislikes ) including changes in behaviors even slight changes. Willow is the child of stars and talented in her own right, however her lifestyle has inherent problems that she must endure. Something is not right in Willow’s world and it is beyond her cutting her hair and the desire that she is in charge of her domain…

  • hatetoregister

    Tell her Jackie!

  • 2eyes_watching_fuck1

    I’m mad she doing the all seeing eye tho… I mean whats the point of doing that shit just taking a picture??? Get em while they young huh?? Will dun sold his kids too

  • Jada, our kids are not a science project. Your daughter will be a hand full once she turns 15 to 18. You will regret all this “freedom” you gave her and she will look and act like a damn fool. No man will want her for her mind but for her checking account because she will be a ugly crazy @ss bi*ch. This kid will probably end up killing herself or turning into the biggest freak of nature you have ever seen.

  • I love the Smith family!!

  • Yo just go Jada. She is 100% correct. I too was a little suprised when I saw Willows hair but Jada is so correct on why is little girls values based on the length of their hair and other stuff? She is very insightful and wise woman to let her daughter cut her hair because I would have probably been mad which is wrong since it is her hair. Willows hair looks very cute on her too and she is a smart young lady. I’m glad to see the Smith family with good heads on their shoulders because you know how those hollywood types be.

  • tell it hatetoregister.(:

  • i am 100% behind jada..cut ur hair..u still gon sleep shit and eat..right..?lol

  • Dee White

    My only comment to this “conversation” is since I do not live in Jada Smith’s home nor do I know what type of relationship she has with her child, who am I to judge what she allows her child to do. It is only hair people it will grow back, and if that is the only thing she is doing to express her style, then let it go. It is time we as mommies and woman let go of this judgmental attitude we have towards each other, why do we feel it is necessary to judge someone just because we don’t agree with a decision a woman makes about her children, we don’t walk in that person’s shoes nor their life. We all make parenting mistakes..we have all make questionable decisions regarding our children….again I say if the only thing she is doing is cutting her hair to celebrate her individual style,great move on….

  • Guest


  • Guest

    well said

  • Lamb Of God

    We survived the End of the world recently.. now it is time for us to build a better world.. first thing first.. get rid of the ILLUMINATI!!! but yeah if Jada was a normal person then never her child would have ridiculous hair cuts like this.. if she cannot control her kid now, how will she later when the young teen will maybe have a leaked sex tape circulating everywhere.. but honestly, we, normal people must not really care about all this.. but just make sure that our kids don’t get influenced by these spoilt rich punks..

  • TheDuke

    Most what you said is true. But with celebrities they feel they are above others and smarter than everyone else. Their “creativity” supercedes any real call to parent the children, or direct them in a humble path. You’re right, you may be reading about that little girl in dire straits soon. The Smiths are not real parents anyway and no amount of money or celebrity will change that. It’s stupid to allow a child to be in total charge of their life. Some of the mistakes that a kid may make, might not be rectifiable. Besides, these people have been brainwashed by the Hollywood lifestyle.

  • I love what Jada does & I believe she is an EXCELLENT mother. She does what I would do if I was a father. She allows her child freedom to BE who she is. BUT do not get it twisted, she also isn’t a dummy or an irresponsible parent. You see, people seem to think that just because a parent allows their kids creative freedom, that they’re allowing their kids to run out & do drugs & foolishness such as that. Lets not get it twisted. Even though she allows HER CHILDREN creative freedoms, she doesn’t let them act a terrible fool & do “BAD” things. She & Will i’m sure have laid down the law & rules for their children. I’m also sure they’re going by the way they were raised themselves & based on that, they know what is really okay & what is not.

    Lets face it, those people whining about how Will & Jada raises their kids, are the ones who have/had strict parents, & are the ones who have done the drugs, are living a lie out of fear of being exiled from their family, has lived the sex life of a porn star, & has done EVERYTHING their parents said not to do. These people are the ones with the hard knock life stories to tell at those school assemblies.

    Lets get real, It’s NOT the parents job to repress & hold back their kids. It’s the parents job to prepare, protect, nurture & guide their children. Those who were sheltered as kids & told more “not to dos “& fewer “to dos” that made sense, KNOW what happens with kids who are given too many rules to follow . . as HUMANS they break them. They STRIVE to break the rules, KNOWING the side effects. It’s human nature & you can’t supress that, & those who live in fear of being human live a sad miserable life & eventually are the ones who kill themselves.

    Those repressed kids 9 times out of 10 are the ones that grow up & become the rebellious type that love to rebel against their parents aka the police. They become a Lindsey Lohan or a 15 dating a 21 year old, or a drug addicted, or a prostitute, or the D/L pastor sleeping with the little boys behind closed doors. I mean come on, how are those values & “slave owner” parenting skills working out for y’all?

    This is how I see it. You give birth to a little loving person, an individual who already has it’s own personality & spirit. They’re born fresh from heaven with the breath of angels all around them. As a parent I can understand wanting your child to believe all that you believe & do as you say. But, they will eventually grow up & they will learn things & they will see things & experience LIFE. They receive all of this knowledge & take it as THEY WILL. So long as you KNOW that you did a good job as parent showing them right from wrong & helping them learn the lesson in the mistakes that they WILL make. They will ultimately decide on their own what path they want to take & if that path is not of your liking, you still must love & respect them. They shouldn’t feel afraid to be who they are in front of you because it makes YOU uncomfortable, 1. that’s a you problem & 2. that’s your child! Thwere’s no love greater than the love between parent & child.

    You can raise them, but you shouldn’t enslave them. But once again, this is MY own personal take on parenting. I am all for freedom to be human & freedom to live YOUR own individual best life. I am all for creative expression, regardless of age. Being an uncle of 14 kids & helping to raise most of them earlier in my life & also once upon a time being a kid myself, I KNOW one can not be to young to express his or her own individuality. I believe kids can of course be too young for somethings that I consider to be more adult. But I believe in allowing children to have their voice & for their voice to be heard & acknowledged. I know it feels to be ignored & made to feel as if your opinion doesn’t matter or that you’re not good enough because of age. Foolishness, I will NOT do to a child what I didn’t want done to me & what DID NOT work for me. Holly Lou.
    Cut it out with this Illuminati crap, it’s b/s.

  • lilredone803

    The pentagram on the back of her head says it all.

  • Queen Of Livin-Fab

    YOU are so sad.
    First offense? The “good hair” comment.
    How NEGROcious of you to spew sucha small minded notion about Black hair.
    Second offense? ALL CAPS (and cray punctuation, lol).

  • illyk187

    fuck the hair this little bitch already thr!owing the eye of hourus up wat the fuckt star and the eye combo too this bitch dont even know the value of the soul yet shes already trading in seriously fucked up look at the Hair, FUCK THE HAIR!

  • Jackie Flores

    Your comments lead me to believe that you are of the school of thought that unless girls wear pink and have long hair, they will not grow up to be good women. I am 21 at the moment and when I was 16, my mother and father, whom are both extremely old school/traditional Mexican parents, allowed me to dye parts of my naturally black hair a bright green color. Although they were uncomfortable with the image I presented to the world, that of being a punk rock-loving teenager, they trusted me to not follow in the footsteps of rebellious teenagers that are so sensationalized in the media. They trusted that they had taught the values of right and wrong. I graduated from high school, went to community college, graduated with my Associates of Behavioral Sciences, and am close to finishing up my bachelors degree, and then I will be moving on to graduate school to pursue a doctorate degree in Psychology. All of this, while styling and cutting my hair and dyeing it random crazy, and unnatural colors, as well as having pierced my nose. I’ve never gotten pregnant, nor do I drink or smoke. I’ve only had 2 serious boyfriends in my whole life, the second of which I just celebrated 3 years of a relationship with. Hair is hair, and barring horrendous accidents, will grow back. It’s Willow’s right to style and cut it however she likes. Just like it’s her right to dress in a way that she feels matches who she is. Girls have always been told that if you dress differently, it means you’re stupid, or you’re slutty, or you’re trash. We’re taught to value ourselves by the way we look, the clothes we wear, and the hairstyles we choose. However, none of that, and I mean, NONE, of those things truly measures our worth. What should matter is how we behave as people, and as women. She’s a child, and children change as they grow up and incorporate their learning experiences into their belief systems. I am certainly not the same person I was when I was 16, and she won’t be the same person when she’s older. And while there are many methods of raising a child, no one is ever truly the best way. Every parent should raise their child as they see fit, because in the end, their child is their child and no one knows Willow like Jada or Will Smith. They are her parents and therefore, should raise her how they like and none of us should criticize them or talk badly about them.

  • Fillimommi

    I think God gave children parents to protect them and guide them. A child does not own their own body and do have a say in everything they do. I just hope all of this free expression doesn’t lead to anything harmful in the future for her. If left to my own devices growing up things would have certainly turned out differently for me. I am glad my mom and dad were there to guide me and sometimes say no when they saw me going astray. One last thing, although we all have the right to our opinions, I find it very interesting that folks choose to use language in their comments that they would never use if they had to respond to Jada to her face. Very disrespectful.

  • NiHi

    You’re right I will stop arguing with a child (you) and I will stop assuming just because you claim to be an honors student that it’s true.

  • Blah.

    Again with the assumptions. You assume that just because i’m an honors student, I can’t use profanity. Why do you keep assuming things & arguing with kids? You keep bashing, insulting, & assuming things that most likely won’t happen to them.

  • NiHi

    “Quit. Being. Ignorant. Educate yourself” … wow that’s rich coming from an “honor student” that can’t engage without using profanity. You should change your name from “Blah” to Blah, Blah, Blah!

  • Blah.

    If you’re so grown, why the hell are you talking crap about a kid? Why do you generalize that every teenager who cuts their hair is gonna go to jail or smoke weed or some other bs thing? I’ve cut & dye my hair before, and you know what? I’m doing just fine. In middle school, I was in all honors classes, & in one of those classes, there were two boys with mohawks & designs in their hair, one of them dyed their hair purple & another dyed their hair green. Not one of them gave a fuck about alcohol, weed, etc. They were neither pregnant nor rebellious. Two of them were & still are regular church goers. Quit.Being.Ignorant. Educate yourself.

  • Blah.

    Holy shit, it’s just HAIR! Some of the comments on here are absolutely ridiculous.. Some comments say something like, “Pretty soon, she’s gonna end up drinking, & that’s gonna lead to her getting in jail, blah blah blah..” How does cutting, dying, or shaving hair have ANYTHING to do with someone’s character? Is there something scientific about hair dye turning someone into a drunken trainwreck? If you google “headshot” take a look at the majority of the pictures, you’d see a lot of NORMAL looking people. Not one person has a damn star shaved into the side of their head. Quit generalizing & quit being so fucking ignorant.

  • kae

    you said it besT Ieva! My dad forced me to keep my hair long to the butt and Naturally curly the whole time i was young and when i left for college i shaved it bald as a sign of freedom of expression. Had i been allowed to play with my hair i would probably never shaved my head. Anywhow.. when i become a parent i too will let my kids play with their image. Afterall, its still play time. And even so, i believe humanity moving into a more space age all accepting sphere, we`re progressing!

  • the mack named dre

    illuminati fool

  • the mack named dre

    for my fellow observers check out this article on Kat Williams. I know, I know, you think dude is crazy… read this and see if you think differently.


  • LOL

    Little bitch a devil worshipper…I see you too

  • dont some of you women weave the hell up your kids? lmao.. but a child cannot cut her hair nor have it natural cause most black women are self hating baboons? GTFOH

  • HHD114

    I agree with Jada. Willow and girls of her age are at an age where they’re trying to find their own identities. When my daughters were coming up, as well as my son, I encouraged them to be their own person(s), not to be a follower or a token for someone else’s ideas of what’s cool and what’s not. That’s the key to individuality, not trying to be someone you’re not just because “society” says so. Thumbs up to you Jada, keep up the good parental guidance.

  • livelifePh.D

    Everyone SWEARS they know how to raise the perfect child… yet we all fall short in some form or fashion by trying to live our lives through our children. They are a family of ENTERTAINERS, of course they are gonna let there daughter express herself so that she finds herself. Don’t be that parent who thinks that you know exactly how your child will turn out because most of our kids influences happen when they are out of our presence anyway. I know kids who where raised in what most would consider GREAT parenting who went to college and became drug addicts and kids who had less to nothing and worked to achieve absolute greatness. Let that family raise their child without the judgement of our less then perfect lives. As of right now… IT’S JUST HAIR.. lol

  • Alexa

    thats bullshit you’re pretty much saying its not right to tell your kids what to do.

  • hatetoregister

    Christina you are absolutely 100% correct! Some of these people act like giving a little girl the freedom to do her own hair or decide how her hair should be is a prelude to the destruction of the world!

  • NiHi

    I AM Catholic and went to Catholic school for 12 years prior to college. Out of wedlock births, drugs, jail etc., are also not a part of my family makeup. It seems we share similar backgrounds and our children have turned out the same. Good for us.

  • NiHi

    Calling Jada dumb is MY opinion and your long diatribes will do nothing to change it. Maybe you should ask yourself why my OPINION bothers you so much?

  • danny

    does anyone else think she has huge hands???

  • hatetoregister

    I say that you need to grow up @NiHi:disqus because you are being childishly overly dramatic. Your chronological age isn’t in question here. Your ability to connect things into something they shouldn’t be connected to is. Being able to style your hair, as a young girl, isn’t going to lead to drugs or alcohol! Period! I cut my hair, dyed my hair and styled my hair as a child – when my mother did not want me to. Initially my mother was upset, but she realized, as good parents do, that kids need to learn the consequences of their behavior on their own AND hair GROWS BACK! I have NEVER drank, NEVER done any kind of drugs and NEVER smoked anything – EVER! That wasn’t even a question for me growing up. I went to a private parochial school and I was a straight A student. As for who I have raised, I have one child and that child has never been on drugs, pregnant or in jail, but that was never even an option for the type of life my child lives. We have lived all over the world and those types of things are simply not things that my child would ever encounter. Drugs, unplanned pregnancies and jail are all outside of the realm of our reality – although, my child is aware that those things exist as a day to day reality for others. So THAT IS my lane and I am driving comfortably in it.

  • hatetoregister

    And NiHi I am assuming that you didn’t “accomplish” that without your fair share of mistakes! I am sure that there are things you did wrong and things you did that other parents would not do. I am also sure that your daughter, however much you may love her, is not perfect! Just because you have raised your child a certain way, does not mean that is the only way to raise a child and have them turn out to be healthy, happy, respectful, compassionate or successful. I personally know many women who have raised their kids to be great people, but their kids are overweight because they were never taught proper eating habits. I also know people who are good people, yet have raised kids who are low-achieving, unhappy individuals as adults. I also know children who have achieved great things in life in spite of their parent’s mistakes. My point is that it takes all kinds of people to raise good children into adults and Jada’s way may not be your way, but it may be the right way for HER child. You can’t say that what worked for your child or children will work for anyone else OR that another parent’s methods are not going to result in a good outcome for the child. Calling Jada dumb because her way is different from your way only reflects your ignorance. There is no one size fits all manual for raising children.

  • Daz

    She’s not doing that now but from what Jada said she could do that.<>>

  • Daz

    I agree totally. Because The Smith’s are rich, Willow won’t have to deal with the things the average child has to growing up. This “Do As Thou Wilt” attitude that Jada has raising her children will boomarang on her in the future. It’s too much too soon.

  • Keke

    That was the FIRST thing I noticed! Jada should be worrying about that instead of what people think about Willow’s hair. She looks so sad doing it too :/

  • NiHi

    Grow up … because I don’t agree “I” need to grow up? GROWN has been in my rear view mirror for years. How many children (past the age of 21) have YOU raised that have NEVER been on drugs, pregnant, or in jail? If your answer is either I am a child (under 21), I don’t have children, or one or more children have the problems mentioned you might need to stay in your lane sweetie.

  • NiHi

    That depends on what YOU consider “accomplished”. Does she have more money … YES. Is she famous … YES, but so far I have done something she hasn’t and that’s “raised” (meaning the child is past the age of 21) a successful, respectful, compassionate, daughter.

  • I don’t care about the hair. Please someone arch, thread, wax or pluck those eyebrows. She a girl for goodness sake. We shape our eyebrows.

  • hatetoregister

    Didn’t you ever do something crazy with your hair when you were a kid? I certainly did. My mother was mad, but she let me do it. I learned as I grew. Willow will too.

  • hatetoregister

    @NiHi Jada is far from dumb and she has likely accomplished more than you have in your life.

  • hatetoregister

    OMG! You are overly dramatic! Letting a child wear his or her hair the way they feel comfortable is NOT extraordinary! Grow up!

  • hatetoregister

    @4eae78ce1a9aebda6df5586a600ad020:disqus I believe you have a right to your opinion. However, the truth is that it is WILLOW’s hair and SHE has to learn to live with the decisions she makes about her appearance! YOU may have been a hot mess with that freedom, but girls who are stifled creatively usually end up rebelling when they get older. Willow has the freedom to cut her hair or let it grow. THAT is not an issue concerning supervision! One has NOTHING to do with the other. Jada is right and your statement proves it. Society wants girls to look a certain way – frilly and cute. However, not every girl feels like that is her calling. Girls are told how they should be and how they should look. I think it is brave of Jada and Willow to not be defined by the small minds of people who don’t know them. Willow isn’t running around showing her breasts or trying to show her butt cheeks. She isn’t doing any of that. How did you come to the decision that she is a “fast ass” as you put it? Your comment is out of line and reflects a small mind.

    Asking if she is gay already is not only sad, it is stupid! If she is gay, her parents are going to love her still. You should stop being so discriminatory. Being gay isn’t the worse thing to be you know. Evil people come in all sexual orientations! All you have to do is look in the mirror to see that!



  • yeahIsaidit

    she got the star on the side of her bald head part, and all seeing eye, this girl is gone and so are her parents,

  • NiHi

    Jada’s dumb behind is going to eat her words when Willow turns 14 or 15. Willow will remind Jada “her body, spirit and her mind are HER domain” and it will be at a time when Jada desperately needs to teach Willow a lesson about either something she’s done or is about to do. We’ve all been teenagers and at the time thought we were the smartest person in the room. Thank God, my mother had better sense than Jada and I can guarantee you my adult daughter would say about how she was raised.

  • NiHi

    EVERYTHING starts somewhere. First, it’s JUST her hair. Then it’s JUST alcohol. Then it’s JUST weed. Then he’s JUST 21 and she’s 15. EVERYTHING starts somewhere and good parents know that and raise their children accordingly.

  • NiHi

    Jada is an idiot. She needs to stop being Willow’s friend and start being a parent. Apparently Will had NO say in what goes on with this girl and you have some parents that feel the female child is the responsibility of the mother and the male the father. In a couple of years Willow will be whipping Jada’s butt and she’ll wonder how that happened. Willow needs to worry more about what’s in her head instead of what’s on it. I just wish Willow would sit down and shut up until she’s 21.

  • Peeped that…

  • I wanna know how all these celebs defend the constant “one-eye” pics???

  • Tellyawut

    I’ve always said it since she was
    9 years old; this little girl is trying to be too grown at such an early age.
    Her parents need to take accountability for her actions and not just let her
    “express” her individuality anyway she feels. If they don’t snatch
    her up right now, she will be hell to deal with by age15 and probably having
    Lindsay Lohanish issues. No, I’m not hating on some kid. I personally can’t
    stand kids that walk, talk and make their own decisions to do and go where ever
    just like adults. I see improperly supervised kids all the time. If my parents
    allowed me to express my individuality that young, I would be a hot ass mess and dead or in jail today. I thank them for not letting me get any kind of hair style, getting gold teeth,
    tattoos, weird piercing and sagging my pants. I know grown ups in their 20’s (relatives) that are struggling in life because of being raised to express themselves and free to look like whatever. They are a hot mess now and have deep resentment for their parents today, because the parents refuse to support them financially. Of course Willow will not have a money problem in her 20’s, because she is a rich kid. If you got the money, look how you want. Normal, not rich kids cannot afford to do this and be openly accepted by society. Most people are too stupid to realize this. In the world I live in, you will never get a job or be taken seriously looking like something out of a music video or you watch too much damn TV. If a person wants to express
    their individuality, they need to be grown and out of their parent’s home. Parents should not nurture foolish fashion looks or styles. If Willow completely had it her way, she would be living in her own home. She is a case of poor parenting, not this so called “body, spirit and her mind are HER domain and RIGHT to own themselves” bullcrap. Another question for Jada; Has Willow’s fast ass decided to be gay already? I’m just saying, it’s already being buzzed about in the media with photos of her with girls. Will Smith, get hold of your daughter!

  • BLAM!

    The all seeing eye!

  • decreator


  • decreator

    Oh please! Maybe you need to speed the fuck up! As if your some kind of Saint or something. You obviously believe everything you hear or read, so your opinion is irrelevant anyway!

  • decreator

    It’s HER fucking hair! How is it any one else’s business!? Man, turn the TV off and get a life!!!

  • damo

    Who gives a isht! Ppl should stop following and worshipping celebs. Get on with ur own lives.

  • Lol, you religious freaks are annoying. The girl cut her HAIR, ffs. She has a safe, loving environment, with wealthy parents that can afford to give her options. Willow is a beautiful and articulate girl. She doesn’t dress like a slut, isn’t on youtube ‘twerking’ with the rest of the slut factory and can be a role-model for girls her age. Worry about your own ghetto, ebonic-speaking kids and pray that the ‘Lord’ saves em.

  • This little girl need to slow the fuck down and her parents need to stop here before she end up miserable and dead ..she is too deep into that occult shit! GOD is the true and right way!! Do not sell your child soul for money or fame because the devil is a liar!!