Very Bad Deeds – Tyler Perry SUED

November 29, 2012  |  

First Elmo brings a sex scandal to Sesame Street, now Writer and Producer extraordinaire Tyler Perry is being sued for stealing another woman’s idea. While it’s hard for me to believe that a man of such Financial and Business prowess would make such an impudent move, Philadelphia author Terri V. Donald has taken off the gloves! Atlanta-based actor/writer Tyler Perry has been hit with a lawsuit accusing him of stealing the concept of his latest movie ‘Good Deeds,’ which starred Thandie Newton, Gabrielle Union and Perry himself. Terri V. Donald filed the lawsuit earlier today (November 28), in United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. According to the lawsuit, Terri V. Donald’s book “Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit,” was sent to Tyler Perry.

Lawyers for Terri V. Donald claim ‘Good Deeds,’ was so similar to “Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit,” that the movie immediately triggered the lawsuit.

“Terri V. Donald never entered into any agreement with either defendant which would permit defendants to adapt the Subject Book into a major motion picture,” the lawsuit reads. Further, defendants possessed no rights whatsoever in regards [to] usage of any aspect of plaintiffs Subject Book in any manner, shape, or form whatsoever.”

Tyler Perry is being sued for at least $225,000, although Terri V. Donald is seeking a full accounting of profits made from the movie ‘Good Deeds,’ as well as an injunction against the movie until the dispute has been settled.

It’s unclear what Perry’s response to the claim is so far, but with such a stark and glaring accusation staring him in the face, the outcome should be very interesting. I’m thinking Terri V. Donald will get paid off to make this nightmare “go away”. He may try to pin it on another woman; African American woman about 6’5” wearing a bad wig carrying a gun in her purse. Maybe Madea did it?

Do you think Perry stole from the cookie jar to cash in on “Good Deeds” for himself?

Words by Sid Powell

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  • Dreary Day

    It had been a dreary day right here currently, so I just took to messing all-around on the web and located

  • CRS

    I smell a gold digger,,,

  • Carlo

    Deltah… Have you seen Good Deeds, or have you read the book by the other writer?
    This was nothing to do with Medea. Tyler got the idea from the book, and then made his movie.

  • Carlo

    I doubt Tyler Perry needs or wants your help with that filthy language. You need to get yourself in church, Jazzmine. Before your grannie whips your butt again, and washes your mouth out with some Tide..

  • Carlo

    Well Sid ol’ buddy…. You may find it hard to believe that someone as rich as Perry would steal from this other writer’s book, but it is usually the rich who will stoop to any level to keep those big bucks coming in. How do you think they get those riches in the first place, and how do you think they hold on to those riches?

  • @disqus_boZOqxWzbR:disqus The words you just said was stolen. We all are copy writers, everything that we say has been said before. God can give me a thought and give you the same thought. I do something with it and you don’t. Do that mean I stole it from you are do that mean I smarter then you???? Don’t hate because he’s make money and your not get a life. Madea was made from his grandmother and all his plays and moves are based on all peoples life’s and expires. so yes he draws of people and uses he’s talent and makes greatness. dial with that

  • Aristotle

    NOTE TO AMATUER SCREENWRITERS—- IDEAS ARE NOT COPYRIGHTED…STORIES ARE..If the judge and jury is competent this would not hold up in court. How many bank robbery movies have been made over the history of film? How many vampire movies have made in the history of film? How many cowboys and Indians movies were made? You can’t count them but all the ideas are the same BUT THE STORIES ARE DIFFERENT! If Tyler Perry’s movie or script is exactly the same as Terri Donald’s ..yeah then she would have a case. But it’s highly unlikely that the stories are the same. Even if he stole the idea–his story is totally different from her story. How many bank robbery movies were made and really were they all the exact same movie–line for line?; word for word? No but the ideas were the same. You can’t copyright the idea of a bank robbery movie but you can copyright the story of some bank robbery movie.You can’t copyright the idea of a vampire movie but you can copyright a story of a vampire movie. Miss Donald should have bought a dslr Canon camera and filmed the movie herself. This court case would be a waste of time.

  • photonblaster

    Blind justice, just make a judgment call with no evidence? Do you have a copy of the book handy? Maybe something to work with. Not crazy about guys in drag for any reason. Getting real tired of all this gender bending stuff. A man in a dress is just pathetic.

  • I hope he has more integrity than to steal.

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor

    I’ll try to talk as ignorantly as you have here. Most “gay faces” have more class and dignity than Perry. I suggest more schoolin’ for the likes of you.

  • Marx Hausen


  • Marx Hausen

    You are filty mouthed and have no respect. We like Tyler Perry or we would not go to see his movies which we have to pay for. It looks like you have a problem with women…PERIOD, from the way you express your attitude. I hope you don’t have any women in your family.

  • Marx Hausen

    Sorry Tyler for the name error.

  • Marx Hausen

    It’s possible he could have taken signiicant parts of her book. It appears that the more money people have, the more they flaunt their power. I know on Amazon, his movies are usually priced at the maximum for rental and purchases. I would hope not because I like Terry Perry. If he did, then he should pay her. $225,000 is a small amount of money if this is true. Of course, how much money the movie will make is a different story (royalties).

  • Kaitlyn Marshbanks

    Delta, Perry actually told people that Medea was modeled on his aunt!

  • Queens, New York Author Gregory L Hudson Speaks Candidly About “Why He Sued Eddie Murphy”

    Writer Gregory L Hudson speaks openly and candidly about “Why He Sued Eddie Muprhy” for $100 million dollars over the copyrights to the hit movie, “LIFE”, which starred Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, in his book, “Why I Sued Eddie Murphy”.… 01/16/2013 4:34 PM

  • 01/16/2013
    “Why He Sued Eddie Murphy”…. Queens, New York Author Gregory L Hudson Speaks Candidly About “Why He Sued Eddie Murphy”

    I will give the judges an opportunity to explain to the public why they ruled contrary to the law against me. The ju…dges will have an opportunity to be on the other side of the law to see and feel exactly how we felt being unjustly dragged through a bias and corrupted judicial system. So in writing the book … I felt compelled and that it was my moral duty and obligation to exposed and shed the brightest light possible on this ‘Artistic Genocide’ against artists by the people we entrusted. With this book, my hope is to “End Copyright Theft”.

    Queens, New York Author Gregory L Hudson Speaks Candidly About “Why He Sued Eddie Murphy”

    Writer Gregory L Hudson speaks openly and candidly about “Why He Sued Eddie Muprhy” for $100 million dollars over the copyrights to the hit movie, “LIFE”, which starred Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, in his book, “Why I Sued Eddie Murphy”. 01/16/2013 4:34 PM

  • blackpride is dead

    tyler perry officially crossed the trash line by hiring a p*rn star named Kim K. Tired of us a black folks bowing down.

  • tyler perry fan

    no all yall r fucking bitches yall just jealous becuz he making money and bigger than yall will ever be so dont be hatin on him

  • jazzmine

    all yall are fuckin liars im on tyler perrys side if yall gotta prob with it then come to my house and say it to my fuckin face

  • shelly

    luv tylor and his movies she jus wants money

  • deltah

    And I love Madea by the way. It’s very funny and that’s all. Not racist, not gay, just funny. Why can’t comedy just be what it is comedy. If it’s not ur cup of tea then fine but it’s not necessary to reduce to racist remarks. I swear you all are going to hell in a hand basket. So negative, always hating on others, and just racist. Ugh! Drop off already

  • deltah

    Didn’t Tyler Perry Madea was made from his grandmother? I forsee many people coming out to say he stole their idea. It’s easy to say after the fact. He’s been doing Madea forever!!!! I’m pretty sure it’s his idea. Many leeches out there. And noone has ever heard of this bad apple whatever the name is script. It was not even on video so how could he steal it? He doesn’t even know the woman. Again Leeches!

  • I cant stand this nasty ass drag queen or his movies….Some just aint right about his face…..Guess he git the “Gay Face” syndrome. Zesty lookin ass weirdo

  • quest

    Are you serious you can’t possibly think you are the only person that calls your grandmother Madea? Why is it so hard to see he is brilliant? Try being famous on your on not by accusing Tyler Perry. I support any play/movie he does

  • yeah i said it

    because the girl he stole mudear from didnt have enough money too, she was homeless like tyler perry was, but he toke advantage of that and gave his self credit for what he didnt do time will tell, tyler perry a big lying fake as fool racist racist

  • yeah i said it

    tyler perry is known for stealing other peoples idea mudear wasnt his either he stole that also, tyler perry is a liar, and a racist, he doesn’t support any thing white and if you notice all his plays are always in a black neighbor, hood, the girl he stole character of mu dear from wrote book sent it to him and he made himself famous , with it , because the girl was on sec 8 she shouldn’t afford to publish it,tyler perry has that racial hate towards white people he really does,

  • Guest

    I believe it. I used to work in the customer service dept in the current company I work for. I was helping a guy that said he worked for e lynn harris..we start talking casually & he asked my email address, which at the time was “lilmadea”…. he said thats interesting, where does it come from.. so I explained how we called my grandmother Madea because it was originally mother dear but we ran it all together. This was about 2001/2002. Couple years later Madea came out. Probably just a coincidence but there’s a possibility its not. My madea was NOTHING like this one though 🙂

  • Umm

    You obviously didn’t read the article. They said that her story was a book. It has been published already… I’m not sure what your point is.

  • yeahIsaidit

    Because he didn’t have the money he has know. More cases will come up soon!

  • if that is the case who is he copying off of ? Why haven’t we heard of this before and why haven’t the orignal playwrites took him to court?

  • FromUR2UB

    If her manuscript was good enough for someone to steal, then someone else should have thought so too and published it. Generally, people can come up with similar ideas. It’s how they’re executed that determines whether there is some plagiarism. I sent him a manuscript four years ago, and still have the rejection letter that accompanied my returned manuscript, stating they don’t accept gifts or creative works. So, if she has that, at least she can establish that he had access to her version of a concept that has been done before.

  • yeahIsaidit

    yes, all his movies and plays are copy cats

  • kierah

    How can we compare the two stories without at least a synopsis of Ms. Donald’s version?