Parenting While Intoxicated… Is it A Crime?

November 29, 2012  |  

When I’m not out on the town, I’m home alone with my kids, which is one of my favorite things. However, spending as much time as I do with two young children can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Especially when I’m sleep deprived and starving, and don’t have the energy to cook or the free moment to get some rest. That’s when I realize I need a little pick me up to get me through the day.

When there are two hungry, crying, screaming babies with wet or dirty diapers, both seeking my undivided attention at the same time- How do I cope? Yes, there are times when I know very well if I took a swig of my Alize or even just a glass of Nuvo, I would have the boost I need to get through the day. I’ve never been anything but a social drinker but lately I’ve had moments when I don’t want to eat, go to the bathroom, or respond to the beck and screams of my baby boys. Nope all I think about is, ‘what could make this moment pass just a little easier?’ And the thought of parenting while intoxicated sits clear in my head…

Is it a crime to desire a drink or two while on the job – of parenting? Would you indulge in a glass of bubbly, while handling your precious little ones? God, I hope not. Intoxication while taking care of kids is dangerous to both you and the kids. Taking a sip of wine may be harmless at first but there will come a point when you want more than just that. You don’t want to be in a position where you cross the line and drink too much. Then God forbid you have to handle one of the many emergency situations that come about when caring for the young.

I, for one, have almost reached my tipping point in the past and from that experience, learned to set my limits and keep them. I will never allow myself to get so irresponsible that I can’t soberly take control of my family. As tough as it is between cleaning house, washing bottles, preparing meals, playing games, rocking babies to sleep, wiping butts, and feeding; you have got to find that moment for you. Not a moment to pick up that sparkling glass bottle- but to reflect on the joys of having a family to be responsible for. Finding that non threatening thing you love to do- read, write, listen to music, knit, whatever it is- is priceless and does wonders for your sanity.

Save the drinking for those times when you actually do have another responsible adult around to watch over the kids for you. Or patiently await a drinking session when the kids are put to sleep at night. Because Yes- PWI: Parenting While Intoxicated is considered a Crime. And although I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of it at some point, let’s not ever be again. For the sake of the kids, let’s be safe and sober rather than stupid and sorry.

Words by: Delicia Davis Burrell

Delicia Davis Burrell is a writer, performer, and public speaker. Through programs, performances, & events, she has changed the lives of youth & young adults around New York City. As a wife, mother, and inspirational woman, she lives by the words of wisdom she offers as a life & relationship coach. For more info about Delicia’s creative & entrepreneurial endeavors, visit

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