Missing Mommy: Marilyn “Niqui” Renee McCown (Richmond, IN)

November 28, 2012  |  

Marilyn McCown’s 40th birthday is approaching. This is a time when Marilyn and her friends should be making plans for this milestone birthday. But they are not. Her last 10 birthdays were spent without her – because Marilyn, also known as Niqui, went missing 11 years ago. Her story almost reads like a Hollywood film. It’s filled with an upcoming wedding, cheating, and a cop who commits suicide.

On Sunday, July 22, 2001, Niqui dropped her daughter off at her mother’s house and went to the Richmond Coin Laundry near the 1100 block of South E Street in Richmond, Indiana. She returned to her mother’s house to wait for her clothes to dry. Her mother stated that Niqui was very agitated and told her that some Hispanic men were harassing her at the laundry mat. A few minutes later she left her mother’s home to return back to the laundry mat. She has not been seen again. Four months later on November 3, 2001, her 1990 GMC Jimmy truck was found in the parking lot of an apartment complex 40 miles away in Dayton, Ohio. Her clothes are still neatly folded in a basket sitting in the back seat. This is also the parking lot of where her ex-boyfriend lives. He had an alibi and passed a polygraph so he was never considered a suspect.

So where is Niqui?

Niqui, a student at Sinclair Community College, was studying to become a United States Marshall. She was also a few weeks away from her wedding where she was to marry her fiancé, Robert “Bobby” Webster. Webster, just a few days after her disappearance, cancels the wedding and tries to get a full refund from the reception hall and he tries to get money back for his wedding band, but could not because Niqui was the one who purchased it.

McCown was seeing another man, Tommy L. Swint. She met Tommy at her job. He was a corrections officer at the State Prison where Niqui was the accounting clerk. 6-years later, in 2007, after only 2 months on the job as a newly sworn in Trotwood, Ohio police officer, Swint resigns. The police department finds out that he was a suspect in Niqui’s disappearance, a fact that Swint did not disclose to them.

So where is Niqui?

On February 3 2010, Tommy L. Swint commits suicide. Earlier that day he was indicted for the 1991 murder of Tina Marie Ivery and authorities where at his home to arrest him when he ended his life. Swint is still considered a suspect in Niqui’s disappearance; he probably took any information the family needs to bring her home.

Case Type: Endangered Missing
DOB: January 6, 1973

Gender: Female
Race: Black
Age at time of disappearance: 28
Missing Date: July 22, 2001
Last Seen: Richmond Coin Laundry (now called Corner Laundry) at 1100 block of South E Street, Richmond, Indiana
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 115
Complexion: light
Hair Color: light brown
Hair Length: long/shoulder length
Eye Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: Scar in the middle of her head and on her left knee; small scar on right side of face; small scar over left eye. She was wearing a hot pink and purple flowered swimsuit top, dark colored shorts; white gold bracelet and diamond earrings when she went missing.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact: Richmond Police Department at (765) 983-7247.

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  • AJ

    God bless you, Payton. Ignorance is present in this world. Although you were a baby when this occurred, ignorance was already around. Stick with the good times you have of your mom. Remember God doesn’t make no mistakes. Although your family is stuck with numerous unanswered questions. Keep praying. The light will overcome the dark…….. God bless u & your family……AJ

  • 7up17togo

    Yea I’m confused as well! How many men was she seeing? The family never really says. It seems the cops are confused as well because it is almost always someone who the person is romantically connected to the person. It seems that this women was with 3 or 4 guys at the same time so the cops are confused as well….

  • concernedmom103

    This is a sad story indeed. I think they should relook over the area where they found that Ivery woman esp if they think Swint may have done it. One does not commit suicide when confronted about something they did not do. The families need closure to their missing and deceased family members. Even if he was just a friend, it could have gone to where it was if I cannot have her no one will. I just hope the family gets closure and they find her and can lay her to rest.

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  • Paulman79

    Sad case all the way round.

  • Diego


  • silbin

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  • James Malevolence

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  • Joe Curcio

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  • RVM

    Learn to be Positive always. In pleasure or Pain, in Sun or Rain, in Loss or Gain, always be POSITIVE! – RVM.

  • Payton Johnston

    For the last time my mother was NOT romantically involved with Mr. Swint, and once again I’d either like for this to be taken down or for you to remove the above statement about my mother being involved with that man

  • Payton Johnston

    And you have proof of this because? Please don’t speak about my mothers case especially on a website that has lied about it, if you have any questions please feel free to ask the FAMILY thanks
    Niqui’s daughter

  • Payton Johnston

    My name is Payton Johnston and I am Niqui’s daughter just like silage stated my mother was NOT romantically involved with tommy swint I have no idea where you got that story from but that is a complete false statement, so
    If you don’t mind I would like for that to be removed thank you

  • RIP Marilyn

    She was sooooo beautiful, and she had a daughter, dreadful. RIP.

  • bkisses

    Tommy L. Swint commits suicide. Earlier that day he was indicted for the 1991 murder of Tina Marie Ivery
    this guy had a criminal past and do you seriously think he wouldn’t kill someone else, thats why he committed suicide ….he knew he was guilty it was a matter of time before they get him to admit to it,

  • GodivaCNN

    Its the cop who is a suspect in killing another woman. Her fiancee did all that “shady” stuff as far as canceling the wedding etc because I am sure he assumed she ran away with someone else. its too sad gurl.


    Thanks Solange for clearing that piece up.


    It was stated she bought his ring, she met him at her job, it never mentions she had sex with the other guy, but only assumed, nor did it mention she asked him for moneyor anyone else for that matter. I, as well as my freinds are in relationships and have male freinds does’nt mean we are sleeping with them, and our men are secure enough in our relationships to understand this! People will assume and try to spin it diffrently because it draws a better crowd but…..

  • Not for nothing but they’ll find her body eventually. It’s sad, but this is the problem today too many people becoming killers and too many women trying to find love by being sexual with different men for money. People need to stay home and make your own money and don’t trust people.

  • I’m going with the cop. The ex had a solid alibi and her fiance.. eehhhh a little shady but not as shady as this cop. He kills someone 10 years prior and has the ability, knowledge and know how to make it look like a “perfect crime”.. smh. But nothing is stronger than the first thing: HE KILLED A CHICK BEFORE.

  • Shahbizzle34


  • Shahbizzle34

  • Thoughtsaplenty

    Can you say ignorant ass?

  • Truth Hurts

    Do you know the phone calls and txt/emails made between tommy and niqui? I doubt it would be stated unless confirmed by authorities. Sounds like she had too many men in her life and she ran across a crazy guy or two.

  • DaRedNeckKing

    Can you say “HO”!!!!!

  • TrueDiamond

    From reading the details..I have to say it is between the three men..the ex, her fiance, or the man who killed himself…so sad..

  • she is DEAD!!

  • solange

    Thank you for sharing her story. I want to clear up something on one detail I read. The story states she was “seeing” Tommy Swint. That implies a romantic relation which was not the case. She and Tommy were merely friends although he made it known to her he was romantically interested. He was a married man that was believed to be having extramarrital affairs with other women.

  • LaLa Fisher

    I remember seeing her story on ‘Disappeared’. Sad story and my heart goes out to her family.

  • Katwoman

    That is so sad.

  • BlogBytch

    Sad. Just sad!