Beauty and the Beast: Halle Berry Having “Baby Daddy” Trouble?

November 28, 2012  |  

I, for one am VERY happy to see that Halle Berry’s men are lashing out at each other – instead of hitting her. It is no secret that Halle has been unlucky in love. I know what you’re thinking; how is it possible that one of the most empirically beautiful women in the world has this degree of trouble in the ‘man’ department.

When news of Halle Berry’s attempt to end her life as a result of yet another failed marriage broke, everyone was shocked. The mega star – 40 at the time, admitted to Parade magazine that she tried to gas herself when her fiery union to Atlanta Braves baseball star David Justice collapsed, but pulled out at the last minute.

Halle noted:
“I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming when I had an image of my mother finding me.”

The image of her stoic mother Judith was enough to snap the blues out of Berry. “She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do. It was all about a relationship. My sense of worth was so low,” Berry says. “I promised myself I would never be a coward again.”

The actress then tied the knot with singer Eric Benet, and described this experience as “really horrific”. She reported that they were in sex rehab after one year. She wished she had left then, but was putting everyone’s needs before hers.

Fast Forward to more recent events. We see that twice divorced Berry linked up with model Gabriel Aubry, after meeting the 31-year-old in Nov. 2005 during a Versace advertising shoot. Three months later they went public as a couple. Seven years later Aubry is battered and bruised after a scuffle with Berry’s new love interest, French actor Olivier Martinez. The worst part of it all is that little Nahla is in the middle of the whole mess wondering why Mommy, Daddy, and Mr. Martinez can’t all play nice. Let’s hope the 3rd time is a charm for Halle. However, the bigger question is – how will these scenarios affect Nahla’s emotional state?

It’s been rumored that Halle may be the cause of the unrest in her past relationships. Do you think her beauty is a curse?

Words: Sid Powell
Source: People
Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

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  • OutstandingWorldCitizen

    Couldn’t have said it better. It is always someone else’s fault. Look, we have all made some bad dating decisions. And yes, some guys are jerks but women are not innocent either. The most we can hope and strive for is the knowledge to get out before things get crazy and damaging. Anyway, hopefully she and OM workout and everyone gets along from here on out.

  • Katwoman

    I think she is typical of a woman raised in a home when the father beats the Mom and subsequently abandons the family. Halle is re-creating that chaos (IMO).

  • Instead of baby daddy use the term daughters father?

  • Sid Powell

    Interesting ladies! I was expecting Halle fans to chime in, looks like you are both coming from a very different school of thought. Thanks for the feedback!!

  • Jupiters Mother

    I don’t think her beauty is a curse. In fact, I don’t think she’s all that beautiful. The curse seems to be her character and temperament which cause her to make very poor decisions and wreak havoc in her life and in the lives of anyone in her orbit as well.

  • lulu

    I think Halle is a total beeyotch and she’s instigated all the drama in her life. Her daughter should be taken away from her and that maniac she’s engaged to.