Divorce Files: Which Notorious Mistress Comments on Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon’s Split?!

November 30, 2012  |  

Back for another 15 minutes, Bin Laden’s self-proclaimed ex-lover Kola Boof takes to Twitter with a juicy rant on Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou’s split.

Hit the flip for the dirty deets.

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    wow it’s amazing how people get off the subject at hand , this post was about Kimora Lee and Kola Boof and it ended up with everyone criticizing one another’s spelling and grammar lol this is so funny, it’s a good thing everyone is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes, and guess what Kimora doesn’t care anymore anyway she is on to the next money man and future baby daddy so that makes 4 child support checks hahhahaha

  • ninagurl

    Really y’all?..I used to think Djimon was the classiest man on earth until I saw his choice in women…Kimora is full of crap from WAY back and this other jailhouse jump-off.?..Please…And is it all that serious that you need to curse on here? And can illiterate folk please learn to use spell check ?…random quandaries……

  • solongeMayweather

    Can someone please tell this Kola person to please go and finish his gender re assignment surgery and stop being messy as hell

  • Tru talk

    No. you are wrong. What Russel showed after the break up is what you call class, No gentleman will say crazy stuff about his kids mum. She hurt him, put his business out there(” ……the blue pills ain’t working for me”), now it’s pay back time, Maybe her p****y ain’t working for him any longer(Lol!)

  • Tru talk

    Kimora got what she deserves for screwing over Russel. What goes around comes around.

  • anangelseyes4me2c

    For JB#3: “The word while spelled correctly in used in…” (should be is) I love it when one person (who is correcting the grammar of another person) has grammatical mistakes of their own. I would also place a comma after “the word”.

  • nicole

    Who the f*** cares? Can’t stand when people critique other commenters for their spelling or grammar. You get the gist now take your foot and shove it in your big know it all mouth!

  • CC

    When I read this twitter comments I laughed. When I came to the picture of this so called mistress I threw up in my mouth. What is wrong with these men leaving their 80’s for a 20, but in this case 98 for a 2. I hope she believes in Karma and I hope it takes a big bite out of her behind.

  • JR

    Hmm…’new’ not ‘knew’ and while spelled correctly it was used in the wrong context. It should have been “so you still lose” over the word loose. You are right in stating that being “loose” refers to being a promiscuous woman. If she has said ‘so you are loose’ then it would make sense. But she meant it as Kimora lost not that she was loose.

  • skyangl55


  • Ms.Thang

    Komora may be pretty, but she is ghetto. Looks don’t mean anything. The way you carry yourself does.

  • ♏ ®

    No matter what went on between the 3 of them, going on Twitter & hashing it out for your 15,000 followers & anybody else who will read that banter is classless. If the intent was to be respected, she failed. Of course if you will do the things she does, she’s obviously not concerned about being respected.

  • willow clouds

    that is an ugly woman, both of them

  • Rhonda Smith

    But who was cheating 1st apparently kimora & dj ole trashy girl just got revenge & then thought it was a good idea 2 disgrace herself & tell the world via twitter! wtf when will ppl get some class & decide life is way 2 short 4 bs

  • Rhonda Smith


  • Rhonda Smith


  • I care

    I do not care for any of the so females and each one to me is NAUSEATING

  • Apollonyabliss Bouyea

    I didn’t read all she wrote but for someone that has nothing to say is sure talking. Here’s the deal on marriage, first of all GOD doesn’t recognize worldly marriages only GODLY marriages and you DO NOT need a church for that, meaning, marriage to an individual is in their heart and not written on paper or stone. Now from what I see with Kimora in the fab lane, she’s too busy holding on to ex-husband Russell Simmons. She did include her husband vaguely if at all. For those that don’t know about worldly marriages it doesn’t guarantee happily ever after so grow up and visit the real world. The other woman didn’t break up the marriage the people in the marriage are at fault. If they had a GODLY marriage that marriage can’t be broken.

  • smokey
  • floridafrog65

    I misspell words all the time when I’m writing on these comment pages. Sure, one should try and proofread but it is so easy to type a word that sounds close or exactly like what you mean and not realize the mistake. I can’t rule out that her spelling is not bad but sometimes it is not worth pointing out these mistakes. Overall, amaya’s spelling is not all that bad. The grammar is not too good though.

  • Linda Walker

    Who is she? You can’t make a hoe into a housewife. I perceive that this Kola is extremely demonic and wouldn’t advise any man to tap that. What a tramp!!!

  • yo

    lol can’t believe sum ppl actually believe loose is the correct term. you dont “loose” in a game, you “lose” in a game, i.e.

  • Jessie

    Lmao, in the context of the sentence she spelled lose wrong as “you will lose” not “your pants are loose”. Gosh you people need to read a dictionary pronto lol

  • The Brown One

    What man cheats on his wive ? Get goes both ways, he is much to blame also. I never thought they made a good couple. Kimora seems demanding and controlling that’s why she maybe can’t keep a husband.

  • nodoubt2

    Kimora has always been too loose in my book and too full of herself. She does not appear to have any SENSE of humanhood. As far as contributor, amaya0828’s spelling is concerned, perhaps she/he could do with a crash course in the English language that includes correct spelling. After all, what is the article about? Kimora and her foul ways or amay0828’s grammar and spelling?

  • krenzny

    What a ugly, nasty skank. No wonder she is so jealous of Kimora, Dang! Kimora got her millions and her chocolate baby boy, she don’t need no dog a$$ man who thinks someone like Boof is some kind of prize, If Kimora is really lucky, He and Boof will run off to her 7 acre (7 acre?) ranch together!

  • Angela Miller

    Yea,where is it?

  • JB#3

    *new instead of knew. The word while spelled correctly in used in the wrong context. You still loose or you still lose? A woman can be referred to as loose but you can’t loose anything. If you’re going to correct someone use new instead of knew.

  • dddooonnnttt

    If they were friends and Kola was with him first, she’s not exactly a homewrecker. Kimora ‘lost him how she got him’.

  • Nutella_Juice

    If she meant her punanny was loose, then she’s correct.. Otherwise incorrect.

  • Nutella_Juice

    Wright a book sounds like a book title in itself Bahahaha

  • reese

    Loose also refers to women who are promiscuous. Loose is a word that has a different meaning. It isn’t a knew term either Shakespeare used it in 15th Century play so maybe you are the one who needs to check on your education because everyone else knew the definition but you. Look up loose definition when referring to women and you will see that she is indeed correct. Or synonyms for slut.

  • Maybe I said it

    Planta, Amaya may have spelled the word correctly, but it is used in the wrong context. Lose is correct because if refers to her losing out in the end. Loose is incorrect because it refers to something fitting loose, not tight. And well when she spelled “wright” instead of “write” – I guess I don’t need to clarify that one for you do I? Public education allowed so many now adults to slip through the cracks. I agree with Polly-the-actress.

  • mrslucky82

    If she meant loose as in promiscuous, then her spelling is correct…

  • Kofol

    Whether or not you agree with Kola sleeping with Kimora’s man, (not husband) Kola is far from an overnight sensation. Kola Boof is a fascinating character. Read up on her Djimon (before Kimora), her life as a spy, her as a journalist, writer (for The Guiding Light) , model, actress etc. before you formulate a final opinion. You may just change your mind. If not, that’s fine too. Just READ first.

  • tintin

    i didn’t know they were married. i thought she didn’t marry him cause she wants Russell to keep sending those checks

  • Tri

    Wow! You just never know what goes on behind closed doors…. until one pops open! I pray all parties well.

  • Pollytheactress

    Well, if you think she spelled “lose” and “write” correctly, then it means both of you were taught in the same school system and that’s quite unfortunate for the both of you. When you’re dumb, you don’t know what you don’t know.

  • Djimon didn’t serve a purpose anyway, he was just a sperm donor. That’s why she got a pre nup. He ain’t makin’ no real money. Kimora probably cut him off sexually after the baby. Left him wide open. He should just be happy she has her own money and not be gaffled for child support…………then again she might just…………naw..I hope not!!

  • Planta

    Nancy, Amaya spelled the word correctly — its loose, not lose. IJS

  • JosieB

    Kola Boof is a disgrace to females, period. I put her in the same basket as Tiger Wood’s whores. Why would you sleep with a married man and then brag about it? No class; no self respect. Just trashy. She looks like a worn out whore that has been passed around repeatedly. People who have cancer usually pray for healing and re-evaluate their lives. If they aren’t living righteously they change. Those comments she twitted shows she didn’t which means she will go after another married man. In the words of Nene Leakes, “Close your legs to married men!”
    And Paul, to imply that Kamora was with Djimon for his money and his recognition please. A lot of people didn’t know who he was until he started going with Kamora. She never needed him. She had her own money even before she married Russell.

  • Tay

    I said the same thing!!!

  • Tay

    She looks like a disfigured Koala Bear!!! Ugly tramp

  • these people need to find GOD,they have no ideal what love is

  • sheri jones

    You can’t make assumptions about motives when people get married. I am sure she has money of her own. I don’t think Djimon was ever very rich. He is no where near as rich as Russell Simons!!! So I don’t think you can assume she was in it for the money. As a married woman myself, I know how difficult marriage can be and I know that people often find out that after they marry someone, they are not very compatible with their spouse. I don’t pass judgement. I just hope that both Kimora and Dijmon can find happiness with someone else and I hope that their son can have a good relationship with both his mother and father after the divorce.

  • Honestly..I don’t actually think this is her..if you read her other stuff and reads this it’s sooo different like it’s a visible different..this is more of like a teenager going off on something stupid and her poetry, her work her just talking about her life experiences and stuff like that is so her age…so I’m giving benefit of the doubt until proving else wise.

  • I agree w/you amaya, but your spelling is horrible for an adult. (lose, write)

  • ladyday

    i didn’t know he was married kamora!


  • jack_sprat2

    Tom Brady seems quite happy being the “kept man” of a woman who is far wealthier than he. JS

  • jack_sprat2

    So, reading between the lines here, Kimora had plenty of free time on her hands, whilst Djimon was rubbing Kola’s magic lantern. Okay, so what gives? Why would a rich, beautiful, successful, celebrated woman like Kim engage in a sham of a “marriage”? Or, rather, why would she find it advantageous to mislead her public about her romantic life?

    For that matter, why would Djimon. Well, purely speculating here, but perhaps each of them has certain other, shall we say, “entanglements”, general knowledge of which might prove uncomfortable, in light of much of their public’s opinions about such goings on. Perhaps each felt the need for a little “cover of darkness”, as they docked their boats on both sides of the shipping channel.

  • Actually Russell is grown so how much could she manipulate when she married young and is a child compared to him (a self proclaimed ladies man). It seems men are the only ones who can marry for fun huh? He now dates a younger white woman after he pumps all that pro black stuff and Djimon CLEARLY HAS A MISTRESS as so many men do. I guess women are to be honest and sincere about marriage while males have their full let’s be real and honest and not base things on our own insecurities or assumptions. Their is nothing wrong further more with making sure you have security and can get something out a marriage other than babies and baby mama’s.

  • kc

    You are soooooo wrong, do some research…Russell has nothing but positive words for Kimora, and they’re close friends AND still business partners. Just because you only heard of her after she married Russell, doesn’t mean she was not a popular model making her own way. Plus she came up with Baby Phat as an addition to Phat Farm, I’m sure Russell won’t complain about that (plus the Hello Kitty jewelry line). Dijmon was not a come up for Kimora, Kimora was a come up for Dijmon… she was waaaay more popluar than him and has waaaay more money! . Some could say Russell “used” her like every other trophy “model” he likess to show up with. I’m a fan of both, and think you’re just a man that thinks ANY woman is with a man for money. Probably, because you have neither!

  • Kimora is a schemer. She used Russell long enough to get some kids and her own Baby Phat line. When Baby Phat started to flop, she divorced Russell to marry Djimon. Now that his career is at a stand still (not a bad thing), she might be closing on making more money than her. If that happens, she has to pay him. She’s not letting that happen.

    My advice to male celebs and rich men is to be wary of other celebs and celeb-hawks. They are only interested in you as long as you have more money than them. I bet they have access to see how much money you have if you haven’t told them already. As soon as you look like you are losing more money than you gain, or as soon as your bank account is looking close to hers, she’s jumping ship period. These women today aren’t marrying you or having your child because they want to die with you or build a family with you. They are just in it for the financial slingshot at the cost of your own blood, sweat and tears YOU put in to be and that position.

  • D

    Why must I keep continuing to hit continue to read this when it could have been placed in one table on this page!? Advertising for pennies sucks. 😛

  • mememe

    Natasha, when someone is committed to someone it is that persons solo responsibilities not to cheat on the other spouse. The single person has nothing to lose except when karma comes around and bit them back.

  • Nay

    Gross. What is she proving? Ascites is an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity (abdomen area) caused by malnutrition of protein inside the body. This is why you see babies in Africa that are starving with those little pot bellies. They have no food. Do you get it?

    I cant believe I read, used in the past tense, this garbage. Let me go back to books because this is ignorance at its worst. You survived brain cancer and this is what you chose to do. Hard to believe and if this is so, how sad.

  • HipHopSays

    that’s la-la land for you….

  • Patty

    Wow…. she’s a real winner…

  • JontelNicol

    this is all she’s saying she’s worth?

  • amaya0828

    This comment is for -home wrecker “Kola Boof “- ….just you let you know… Kimora Lee Simmons was smart and got a prenup……bitch all you got was your comment on twitter….and some dick that is now on child support……so you still loose….you might be able to wright a book like every other….hoe……. that chooses to be a mistress…….. follow me up on twitter……and let me know how that book deal works out for ya….. bitch

  • Natasha

    NO CLASS! Who does that?! Who is proud of screwing another woman’s man?! Married or not they were in a relationship! It is nauseating to see she is proud of that crap smh

    Kimora is a million times prettier and classier! Djimon f4ckd up there! smh

  • Who the fuck is this irrelevent chick, i guess she wants her 15 minutes of fame as well.