What Was She Thinking? 15 Fashion Faux Pas

February 16, 2013  |  

Whether you are a mom on the go, celeb, or self proclaimed fashion junkie, there is no excuse to commit one of these fashion sins! Hit the flip for our top 15 fashion faux pas…

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  • Mariah

    and who is the crazed photographer who has the time to take photos of other peoples shoes or knicker lines. Someone needs a better pass time.

    Half of the illnesses and worries of society are what others think of us. Counselors and psychologists try to tell us to be who we are and then, WHAM! along come the cameras to zero in on microscopic mishaps and bingo, there you have it… all their freedom down the drain. Hang up your camera and give these guys some freedom to be human.

    Ever noticed that animals don’t do this to each other?

  • Mariah

    Look being famous means being dissected for every move, whether right or wrong. These poor people can’t be comfy, wear no makeup, have a day where they just wear a poor choice and get away with it. I’d like to see the day to day wear, and faces of the critics.
    No wonder most of them end up in rehab. There’s nothing more calculated to destroy the human soul as constant criticism.

  • Shocked

    Wow! Bitchy much?

  • who cares about any of this

    that was pretty awful- you’re picking at supposed insecurities that most women know enough not to give in to… kind of feels like I stumbled onto a troll site… this is what you’d rather be concerned about then, say, global warming?

  • Al Mearder

    PANTY lines…………………..

  • sorry, I’m a fast typer 🙂 Have a good day

  • AJ389

    Whoever that is with the toes hanging over the front of the shoe should have their feet amputated.

  • Fiona

    I really hope no mother is paying attention to the things listed here, because as an 18-year-old girl, I find each item on this list degrading. I was under the impression that in the modern world, a woman wasn’t defined by whether she has put six litres of spray on her hair to keep it in place, which is probably what Kate would have needed to prevent what was shown in the picture. Hell, even the first item here was ridiculous, should have turned around then and left.

  • me

    thats not kim kardashian… its amy winehouse retard

  • Looks like every over 40 Hispanic woman’s backside.

  • Melissa

    The picture I want to look at can’t even come up for the amount of ads. Have to keep reloading. No bueno.

  • Muffin Top GROSS! YUCK

  • “You are” breasts?? That’s YOUR breasts, simpleton.

  • I wonder how the fuck bags who created this list, look and dress? Also, work on your grammar and spelling. What hell is “mid riff?” I thought it was “midriff?” Idiots.

  • oh my gosh……please dont cough…..lol

  • The saddest thing about this list was all the misspelled words…

  • Haaa melody my neighbour wears a too small underwear like that,expencially summertime.

  • Ha haa kim kardashian just post a reason stuff .seems u hate yourself

  • Goodpoint mieek,l have never wear makeup in my life,just natural face is very pretty


  • BlogBytch

    Can we remove the pic of the chick in tan pants? UGH! Every time I logon that mess is in my face

  • Samantha

    at the risk of sounding like my grandmother… SHAME on you.
    holy hell. That woman is beautiful without make up on… i’m sorry, her “face”.
    what is wrong with you?! Her freckles are pretty and the last thing she needs is some website being a bully about something that she might be self conscious about already.

    i’ve got better things to do with my day than put on fricking concealer before i leave the house. be serious.

  • Jackie

    Worst list ever. Tame your mane? Instead of throwing yourself into a panic over a stiff breeze, just accept the wind will blow and move on. Also, I go out without make up all the time. It’s rare, in fact, that I ever wear make up. When people look at me, I want them to see me, not Loreal. If I have to carry a lot of stuff I will carry a large purse and I see nothing wrong with wearing baggy clothes. Do we live our lives for ourselves or to be aesthetically pleasing to others?

  • Pearl

    how can you tame your hair if the wind is blowing???? ….smh

  • Kim Kardashian Hater

    she is sooo ugly without make up and she is ugly on the inside too. She has stated that she doesnt care that animals are skinned alive for the fur coats she wares. As long as she looks good thats all she cares about. Personally I think the fur looks better on the animal. I wish someone would skin her alive. The majority of the people dont like her and for good reason. She is so fake.

  • I can walk out of my house without makeup, without my hair immaculate, without following a single goddamn moronic fashion rule, without judging others based on appearance, and without giving it a second thought. If you can’t do that, then you are one sorry, sad, useless individual. Perpetuating this bullshit? I dare these authors to go and tell their own children that they aren’t beautiful, that they aren’t whole, that they aren’t good enough for the world until they do all of this. Go on.

  • Melody

    The lady in the beige pants looks horrible! why wear underware too small
    for your butt? ewwwww!

  • kabdog09

    I like the natural look especially on women of color they have a natural beauty. I like the way that woman without make up looks I would be pleased if she was my wife and went out looking that way. But many of the other things I do agree women should try to avoid except for the strapless deal it is ok to show off the straps when out and about just not professional in work.

  • mieek

    A woman should never ‘have’ to wear makeup. Why irritate your skin to face the masses ? One method to clear up skin, is discontinuing the use products which clog pores, particularly makeup. Save your ‘face’ for the special event or evening.

  • Really?

    I agree and it is biased as heck, too. You never see this much pressure put on men to look “attractive” as if there is only one true definition of what is beautiful. I have make up but hardly ever wear it and my husband prefers me without it. The things women think attract men often are turn offs (ex. hair extensions, wigs, makeup, plastic surgery, etc.)

  • houseguest

    Yeast infection nastiness!

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    The key is to find a good quality one. I am a D and I ADORE my strapless convertible. Don’t be surprised if you have to spend at least $50. A worthy investment if you take excellent care of it.

  • Biff

    I like the first picture.

  • who’s #%& in picture number #1? Inquiring minds wants to know.

  • The toe hanging out of those shoes was the worst.and your statement about makeup is totally out of line.i have beautiful smooth skin.the only thing i use is lip gloss.a lot of makeup can damage most women skin.to tell a woman she needs to use even a little makeup is insensitive.i am 37 years old.and i can say i never used foundation of any kind ever!! and when i step out i am just as beautiful as the woman who uses it.nothing against makeup because a lot of women looks great with it.but that does not mean everytime a woman leaves the house she should have it on.be for real.

  • Bored

    Exactly! I’m thinking why are they reaching on that picture. Tame your mane is so lame!

  • Honest Jew

    They know a lil something, because ALL of the celebs in the photos look hideous, which demonstrates the point quite well. Bey looked like Kwame in that outfit; Kerry just look done; Amy and Miley skanky, and poom’s beggin for dear life in tight a$$ clothes are simply not the business!

  • Honest Jew

    Sadly, no passes are issued in death.

  • Name

    Try a racer-back bra when you’re wearing tanks and such.

  • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

    The only things on this list that I agree with is the panty line, too-small shoes and the muffin top thing. Why? Buy clothes and shoes that ACTUALLY fit and not clothes and shoes that you WANT to fit. If you’re a 12 be comfortable in that instead of trying to squeeze into an 8. Everything else on this list is just garbage.

  • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

    It’s so funny how they say “without your face on” wtf…so makeup is your face now?! REALLY?! Society is so messed up

  • She really shouldn’t have left out of the house looking like dat

  • this is terrible

    this is an awful list makeup is NOT natural and you should NEVER criticize a woman for not wearing it.

  • Kind of hard to wear strapless bra when you’re breasts are either a C or D cup, Gravity takes place and strapless aren’t supportive

  • Why use Amy Winehouse on page 15 ? Can we please let the girl rest in piece.