Karrine Steffans: From Superhead to Supermom

November 5, 2012  |  

Karrine Steffans is most known for her nickname: Superhead, after blowing the whistle on men in the industry in her debut book: Confessions of a Video Vixen, which became a best seller that garnered her an interview on Oprah. After Confessions, she went on to write 3 more books: The Vixen Diaries, The Vixen Manual and SatisFaction. She just released a new book: Drink F#$@ Sleep, a collection of essays featuring other women and their stories of how alcohol influenced their sexual escapades.

Karrine is open about her sex life, but one thing we never get to hear her speak of is her son, and just the mention of his presence brings tears to her eyes. Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

So what would you tell your son about the type of women he should look out for?

Karrine Steffans: The only thing I tell my son, who’s 14…and he’s really 14. He’s not like one of these 14 year olds who ride the subway and smoke cigarettes. He’s really a sheltered, normal 14 year old. He’s not on the internet. He’s not allowed to watch anything on TV except for Nickelodeon and his TV only has like 3 or 4 channels…parental controls. So he’s sheltered from the world and I do that on purpose because he’s only gonna be my kid for a few more years and then I gotta give him out to the world [and] when he goes out he’ll be a little green, at first, but life is long and you’re an adult for a very long time. You’ll figure it out. I don’t want you figuring out how to be an adult at 14. Figure it out when you’re an adult.

So when we do talk about relationships and as he gets older, women…I tell him I want him to treat every woman as if she were his mother, no matter who she is, and you have to treat her as if she’s been hurt because she probably has. You have to treat her as if she’s been raped and spit on and called every name in the book. You gotta treat her as if someone came in here and ruined her already.

Go into everything feeling like that because it’s probably true and what that does is, it gives you a sense of empathy…treat her like you would your mom…

You seem very emotional when you talk about that, does that hit a button for you?

Karrine Steffans: It’s my kid…and um…my kid is such an amazing kid. I think about him growing up and going out into the world and when you have kids you try your best to tell them the things that you hope will keep them when they get out there…so I’m very emotional about that because he’s my kid [so] I want to make sure I’m telling him the right things and giving him those things [and so] it does make me emotional to think about my son being a man.

What about that day when he comes to you after being outside in the world and he says: someone said your mom, they call her Superhead?

Karrine Steffans: Nothing. That’s what they used to call me…There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I don’t mind it. It just doesn’t matter. They’ve called me worst things. You’re talking to someone who’s been being put down since she was born, by her own mother so the things that bother other people don’t bother me. I’ve made it already. I’m already here you know [and] by most accounts I should’ve been dead a long time ago, so whatever that is, it doesn’t matter and I instill that in my child…things that matter and things that just fucking don’t and he’s a remarkable person and he gets that already.

Words By: Dominga Martin

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  • Ellep

    At least she is working and paying taxes.

  • Stop Hatin on my Homie

    I just wish these “Mega” HYPOCRITES would ALL Have A Seat! Unless those hurling stones are 1. Virgins 2. Waited til marriage and/or 3. Have only been with ONE man ever at the age of 35—–they can’t judge a sister who’s candid about her past and financially self-reliant. The only thing that’s probably spared alot of these females who shouldn’t be talkin….is that their flings from the past didn’t have enough sense to be able to prove THEIR indiscretions and/or publish their exploits in literary form. I doubt Naim will compare the fellatio of his companion to his mother’s methods. Wouldn’t she actually have to had demonstrated her skill ON him for him to be able to know for sure. Sit Down, Hypocrites!

  • BlogBytch

    For real? LOL

    Man it hurts me to write this but judging on the fact that she takes pride in her nick name, “superhead’, don’t ya think you’re throwing the title “supermom” around way to freely? This sister clearly had/has some issues so I have a hard time totally judging her, but I will judge MN for this. Supermom? Come on!

  • Kid better remember he could of been aborted, so regardless of mom’s past, she is still the only reason your here today. Always love and respect that woman regardless of her mistakes or past.

    Proper perspective people, she got paid for a certain talent, and one day he will grow up and tell his girlfriend his mom gives better head…go figure!

  • She’s done

  • chaka1

    Thank you! This chick has severe mental problems.

  • kevlex4

    your moms is a whore!!!!!!!!! as nasty whore

  • Mrs Lynn

    Interesting, I read her books. She wasn’t a good Mom at all. This boy has been through a lot, he’s even been in the system. I hope and pray she got therapy for the poor child. I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten her (their) past.

  • Candacey Doris

    She’s saying that because she isn’t going to play like she didn’t o it. How can she be mad if someone calls her that when she pretty much reveled in it? She made her millions off of that and she intends to own it. I can’t respect the life she led, but i can respect the attitude she has about it now.

  • Candacey Doris

    She doesn’t think her life needs fixing so it wouldn’t really do much to her.

  • NegRican24

    Good mom my a55! Anyone who has heard her speak or seen her in regular action NOT her Superhead action KNOOOOOOOOOWS she is crazy as cat sh!t. I just hope that that boy is emotionally healthy cause she isn’t, and as we know when your momma is crazy that’s HIGHLY improbable.



  • monstadon

    Sheesh gonna ruin that boy. Listen…all this ‘feeling’ and ’emoting’ sounds real nice…but the reality is, once the blind fold is pulled off that young man’s eyes, and he really gets an idea what his momma has done, who she is and how she gets down…it’s gonna mess with his psyche. I really feel bad for the young fella.


  • Yay!

    MN, you are pullin it with this article title. I hate to doubt a child’s success in life, but this young man has all the makings to grow-up to be a self-destructive and woman hating man. Men first learn about woman through their mother figures. In a lot of ways a negative view of a mother figure can be more traumatic than an absent father. If this hoe thinks her son will grow not to care about her reputation, there is clearly another shoe or two to fall for her. I pray this boy turns the negativity he has/will face into positivity and don’t take out whatever hurt soul he may have from his mother’s life choices on the female that might fall for him one day.

  • Nenah

    Thank you! Good mothers don’t do all the isht she did. I could see giving her a pass if she stopped when she had a kid, but she was doing all that when she had a kid. Sit down somewhere girl. I feel sorry for her son. Other kids are going to find out and tell him who and what she is and he’s going to be messed up.

  • BE.Life

    Circumstances cause us to act the way we do. We should always bear this in mind before judging the actions of others.

  • nh

    This whole interview is a joke. You need to shelter your son cause believe me if he doesn’t know about you he eventually will because people are cruel. You should have taken your child into consideration when your revealed what you did to the world by writing books about it.

  • I said the SAME thing he’s “sheltered” because she’s trying to keep her true self from her child. He’s going to find out eventually and hopefully all this sheltering she’s doing doesn’t make him go crazy, he’s a teen now and he should be allowed to be a teen not a WILD one but a normal functioning teen nonetheless. How will he be able to interact with others if she doesn’t let him? honey, this is sure to backfire.

  • Boom

    I would love to see her on Iyanla Vanzant “fix my life”…. She will break her ass down

  • ijs

    right gonna say he’s sheltered! he needs to be sheltered! we got pics of you doing the unthinkable EVERYWHERE!!!! smh a shame

  • boom

    Exactly! She ain’t fooling nobody but herself….Yeah I would keep my son off the internet too if he goggled my name and picture with dick in my mouth pops up.

  • Boom

    Girl Stop!!! He’s sheltered from the world and only allowed to 3 channels…because his Mom is ratchet and he’s at the age were he has question’s like “mom, why do they call you super head?” and “Mom, is that you sucking on Mr. Marcus dick?”….. Get the F*%K outta here with that…. btw the boy is home schooled too… Yeah, you really are protecting him from the evils of the world…. What’s in the dark shall come to light….No internet and cable the very thing that your all over…Supermom my Ass…

  • busty

    At least she is a good mom! I have her 1st book and the only reason why I have sympathy for her is because we share the exact childhood…the rape, the mother who seems to hate on us due to her own issue, the kicking out of the house, the disrespect and so on… I still think she is dealing with personal issues… But at least she is a good mom!

  • ijs

    PAUSE…….did you just say super mom in the article….no lord no….and i didnt read it i dnt care i skimmed it….did she say there’s nothign wrong with wat ppl “used to (still do)” call you….ma’am you son or child or children will be affected by it! no matter how much you try to tell them it doesnt matter no it does matter. their mom was know for sucking d i c k, tell me please how do you come up from that. -_- i cant with her i really cant super mom my a s s….

  • shame on you

    ”what that sh1+…what about the truth so he prepared for those who know about you and willing to share the details of your ”LIFE”and has no idea?????think on it ….life happens everyday always be a step ahead…..

  • ethan tremblay aka ethan chase