Barbie® is So in Style™ with Chandra® doll and She’s Got a Message for Young Girls!

January 28, 2013  |  

My daughter loves the thrill and excitement of getting up on stage and performing in front of a bunch of people. She loves seeing all of those smiling faces cheering for her in the audience. Our family is always there to support her at every one of her school plays, but her biggest fan isn’t me or her father…it’s herself!

I know, it may sound a little strange, but the truth is, she couldn’t do what she does without first believing in herself. As much as it helps her to have the support of her friends and family, she wouldn’t even dare to dream such big dreams if she didn’t believe that she had the talent and the ability to make them come true. 

That’s one of the reasons that she loves her S.I.S™ by Barbie® Chandra® doll (and so do I!). Just like Chandra™, my little girl has hopes of having her name in lights, and she knows that as long as she works hard and stays confident, no one can stop her from being a star.

Of course, she still gets a little stage fright from time to time, and there are always going to be other people who try to stomp on her dreams by telling her that she’s not going to make it. But she won’t let a few butterflies get in the way of her future. In fact, there’s not much that can get in her way.

You don’t have to be a superstar to shine, though. Every girl has something special inside to offer the world; something that makes her stand out. Sometimes, it may be hard to find, and it may take a while; but the key is, knowing that it’s there.

My daughter didn’t always know that she wanted to be an actress, but what we taught her from the start was that she has greatness. No matter what she decides to do in life – whether it’s acting, singing, teaching, or anything else — in order for other people to see how unique and talented she truly is, she has to see it herself. When you own your “shine,” no one can take it away from you.

Here’s a special message for the girls in your life: Just remember that like a star, each and every one of us is different and special in our own way. And just like them, our beauty was meant to be seen. So whatever our dreams are, it’s important to keep believing in ourselves, to keep working hard, and — like Chandra™ — always keep shining!

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Barbie® So in Style™ (S.I.S™) is a line of five African American-inspired Barbie dolls created to offer African American girls the opportunity to play with dolls they can see as a reflection of themselves. Barbie So In Style is more than just a doll – she’s a mentor and a big sister. She’s also a source of inspiration for African American girls, encouraging them to dream big and not be afraid to have high standards and expectations. ©2012 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Actually I’m Black and I used to design the Career Barbies ( Black and White) and I helped my friend Stacey (also Black) create So In Style. The other characters in So In Style have varying interests. (For instance, Kara is a math-wiz.)

  • My daugthers have 3 S.I.S. Barbies as well as several other white and black Barbie Dolls. (I think they’e up to 30). I read a “biography” of Barbie that wasn’t authorized by Mattel and it really has changed my thinking of the Barbie brand to the positive. Although the toys seem to shout materialism, the books and DVDs stress friendship, loyalty, and hardwork.

  • tweeting @immortalb4. Thanks for the chance!

  • Denny

    I agree, we already have Nikki Minaji, Beyonce and Rihanna for that.

  • Pri

    @gigstarr tweeted here:

    Thanks for this wonderful chance to win Barbie Chandra!

  • Black Mommy

    I like dolls but books are more important. Every Black kid should always read books which inspire them and gives them encouragement as in this children’s book I AM ME by EM.EM.Genesis :

  • iHeartMarijuana

    Riiight, that’s what little Black girls need. More encouragement to try to be a “star” attention whoring on every available platform. No Doctor Barbie, Engineer Barbie, no Teacher Barbie – just famewhore mindless dumbass attention seeking slut Barbie. EW.

  • HisMrs02

    Those dolls are not light skinned. I’ve seen them in person and I’ve actually purchased them before. If the doll would have been black as night with a fro…people would still find something wrong with her!

  • momofthree

    These Barbies are light skin with long hair. Still European standard of beauty.

  • bj

    They are cute & should be worldwide lik the whit bbydolls

  • MM82

    I’ve never heard of these dolls either. It’s a shame that when purchasing AA dolls our choices are so limited. Just found out from a co worker that I’ve been buying my neice the so called Latino Barbie. The choices are either white or really chocolate . My neice wants a doll that looks more like her. I’ve always hated the Kenya dolls so that wasn’t an option. I wish I would have saw these.

  • Pinhead Larry

    So funny that I never heard of these dolls ever…..and for xmas I didn’t see one black
    Barbie on the shelf.

    Btw those dolls are cute!