Brutal, but True: NYC Mom Murdered the Day Before Her Wedding Day

October 21, 2012  |  

NEW YORK – Brutal, but true.  A beautiful dream has tragically turned into a nightmare .  Pregnant bride-to-be Vindalee Smith, 38 was found dead in her Brooklyn apartment from apparent knife wounds to her neck.  Vindalee was scheduled to be married today and was 2 weeks shy of delivering her brand  new baby, who did not survive.

According to Huffington Post:

Smith was found on the floor of her home in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn on Saturday. Neighbors said she had moved into the area in recent weeks. Her other children are older and did not live with her. Police said there was no sign of forced entry, and no weapon was recovered. Investigators were looking for a possible suspect and spoke to Smith’s fiance as well as friends and family. Smith had once feuded with a former neighbor who threatened to kill her, but it was months ago and the trouble had stopped when she moved to the new apartment, the Rev. Ferron Francis told the Daily News.

Our prayers are with her family at this time.

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  • Indigo

    This story really hurts my heart.

  • Tony1


  • Joe Bloggs

    Slavery is by no means over and please don’t forget it! It is just done differently without using metal chains.

    Example 1, Wealthy foreigners are allowed to employ maids from abroad, the maids are often Filipinos but as the wealthy people are employing them directly they do not need Work Permits. The MO is for their employer to seize their passport and then brainwash them into believing that if they step outside the door the Police will arrest them and deport them to the Philippines.

    Example 2 “Gang-masters” employ hundreds of low paid (illegally low paid) workers to do menial jobs like picking daffodils. The rent for the sheds or dilapidated caravans (trailer homes) where the workers are forced to live is deducted from their wages at source. It is a way of getting around the National Minimum Wage legislation.

    Example 3 In Birmingham UK gangs of east Europeans enslaved foreign women and forced them to work as prostitutes. Usually the women are tricked into paying huge sums of money for being smuggled into the UK. Often the fee for being smuggled across the border is to be repaid from the money that the women will earn in the UK. Unfortunately when the women arrive the job is not what they expected. OK some gang leaders and people smugglers have been jailed but there is always someone to take their place.

    We now even have people who are enslaved by the State! Unemployed people are frequently ordered to work unpaid in large chain stores if they want to keep their dole money. This is obscene but these multi million dollar supermarket chains are quite happy to accept free workers even though they could easily afford to pay them.

  • Joe Bloggs

    It could also be a jealous ex, y’know the mentality surely? “If she’s not going to marry me, she’s not going to marry anyone else.” From across the pond this “Sherlock Holmes” reckons that the killer is a male who knew her and knew about the forthcoming wedding.

  • Britney Robinson

    If you are referring to the fact that he supposedly “sold” weed. I know pretty little blonde rich white girls who sold their mommy’s and daddy’s perceptions to students does that make them “thugs”? My white bf looked older so he would always buy alcohol for his friends and he would get weed and sell it to them does that make him a thug? No pretty sure kids do that. Sorry to burst your bubble, he was a typical teen.

  • Britney Robinson

    So it is worse because they were white?

  • Britney Robinson

    We are forced to see it.

  • William_Barue

    He is a thug too, a Hispanic thug. Takes one to know one.

  • oldgeologist

    There is an interesting book titled “Slavery by another name.” Here is how it worked in the southeastern part of the USA up until the beginning of the World War II. The state would pass a law about some little thing, like that you couldn’t sell cantaloupe after 7:00pm. When the coal mines needed worker the local police would go out and accuse someone (always black) of violating this or that law. They would be hauled before a judge who would have a quick trial. It would involve an appointed defense attorney. Everyone got a fee, the judge, defense attorney, deputy sheriff, etc. These were poor people and if they didn’t have the money they were sent to jail, and the jail got paid by the coal mine, and then they had to work off the fine in the mines. Trouble was, once they were sent to the mines they didn’t get out, even after they paid off the fine. This only stopped when we needed to draft people for the war. You just don’t fight very well for freedom when your family members are slaves. And yes, there are lots of people still alive today who were young men during the beginning of that war.

  • Jimmy First

    Cleaning toilets at McDonalds is not a life, brotha.
    Trust me – no amount of proof reading will make you appear intelligent – just, possibly, more coherent (I told you to google the word, dumb@$$). I hate to disappoint you, but, unlike yourself, most people don’t spend energy while writing a two-three sentences comment. And I suggest you to change the screen name – for wildflower you stink too much 🙂 .
    Also, when call somebody a douche at the end of the sentence, do not forget to use comma before the word. And overused is one word. You are welcome.

  • Wildflower

    Unlike yourself I have a life so I don’t spend all my time on sites proof readings peoples comments to make myself appear intelligent so I’ll leave the goggling to you, you need this more. And for someone that don’t find me to be a person you sure are putting a lot of energy and time on me. So who’s the real reject douche? Nah I take that back douche is too good. A douche cleans a woman’s insides you’re more like an over used tampon.

  • Jimmy First

    If you are trying to insult somebody – try to get proof-reader, who could check your comments for coherency (you can google this word later).
    And I am not condescending – it would imply that I see you as inferior person, where I am not considering trash like you a person at all.
    Oh – and feel free to respond as many times as you want – I can mock society rejects like you all day. It’s fun.

  • Wildflower

    You had no case and I’ll go back to the zoo as soon as they evict your family to make room. You uppity azholes think you can insult people and not get it back? NOT!! Next time think before you go all condescending on someone.

  • Wildflower

    I try…. Glad you care.

  • Retired SCLEO

    I might would agree with you, if there was still anyone in the USA that actually experienced slavery but guess what, all of those people died off many years ago! There is no one here who experienced slavery first hand so your argument is moot!

    During the 1600’s and early 1700’s there were more white slaves here in America than Black slaves. The Scotts and the Irish were treated less than human and many were brought here against their will; this is not taught in the public school system though, never the less it happened. You have internet access, do a little research and a little reading!

    My ancestors were brought here as slaves. I for one am thankful they endured the hardships they did or I would not be living in the Greatest country in the world and enjoying the many freedoms we as Americans enjoy!

  • Vito G.

    Nice intelligent comment!!!

  • Jimmy First

    That was truly inspiring how you made my case right there, animal. Now go back to zoo.

  • Wildflower

    Eat sh*# and die! And that only took seconds, hope you’re proud of me for progressing.

  • Jimmy First

    That is the point – we don’t rally every time black person kills a white one.

    We do not apply pressure on courts and openly set a price for a killer head. We do not enjoy political support and don’t spew racist rants all over the country. We can realize that it was a black thug who committed a crime – not black community as a whole.

  • krenzny

    yes, because you white people rally after each murder in your neighborhoods.

  • Jimmy First

    Took you a month to master a totally meaningless response. Good job.

  • Wildflower

    Don’t forget minorities don’t own any major networks. Lacey Peterson got all that attention not because anyone person stepped up and demanded but because that’s how the country we live in operates. She a white women so no stone will be left unturned. So unfortunately those you and JimmyFirst are trying to insult with the “political or monetary” comments is necessary because if someone don’t speak up no one will care. It’s only the dominating race that are money hungry mongers not the minority they just want the same thing you want but not have to work twice as hard to get it.

  • Wildflower

    If the police do their job and we find out it was one of you serial kidnapper, rapist murderers you’ll see then but if we find out it’s just another crime in our neighborhood just like the ones you all have in yours then we’ll deal with it just as you do.

  • Wildflower

    And you. Do you know her? So what profession are you in that you can read one internet post and diagnose someone? You set the example and others will follow but you are no one to tell some other adult what they need to do. Good rule of thumb is check yourself before you attempt to check anyone else.

  • Wildflower

    But I’m sure “color” has nothing to do with your comment because only blacks see color right? All teenagers in your mind that have been curious about pot or have misbehaved in school or make up stupid videos and tough looking pics to put on facebook are “thugs” right? Because we all know most of us have done one or more of what you all are classifying Trayvon as a thug for, which is average teen BS.

  • Wildflower

    It’s because it was the white race that taught us this and made color and issue for hundreds of years. People just don’t get over trauma like that. Ask anyone that has been raped and see don’t they see sex differently along with the man/or woman that raped them. Everyone is a suspect. So don’t blame blacks blame those that left this as your legacy.

  • catherinemax

    I see you chose to have a screen name of a notorious segregationist. Nice. Why not choose Hitler?? The only difference is that at the end of his life George finally saw the light. Realized he had been ignorant and racist his whole life. Probably the way he was brought up. I can only hope you have the same epiphany and stop blurting out your totally ignorant, stupid, sub-human, moronic, idiotic, racist, bigoted verbal diarrhea on the internet for all to see and shake their heads at….no wonder you choose someone else’s name — you don’t want people to know who you REALLY are….

  • catherinemax

    Janice, you need to remove the gigantic chip on your shoulder ’cause it is weighing you down Sista. Move ahead and make a difference, stop perpetuating old stereotypes….Be the change you want to see! It all starts with you!

  • solonggone

    why does he have to be a thug?Let’s not start to call Zimmerman names b/c he would have alot of titles.

  • george wallace

    She is black. Say no more. A violent, sub human species.

  • Desertcatn

    That’s for sure, most people are thinking about their own personal stuff; whether they left the stove on or wondering how their medical test will turn out.

    I’ve been reading through the comments on some of these pubs, pushing the Trayvon justice and it’s pretty scary how some of these people think!

  • Toodles Lupino

    Black people always see color, but then accuse the whites of being the ones that do…SMH

  • Toodles Lupino

    Trayvon was a brotha, we’re still hearing about that thug a year and a half later…so what’s your point?

  • jason

    There is no political or monetary gain to be had from this beautiful ladies and unborn child untimely demise, which is unfortunate, because look at all the out poor and cries for justice lacy peterson got when she was found, it makes me sick of the media and public in general, why is this womans murder any less deserving of justice and help finding the murderer than trayvon or peterson.
    is it because she is black and the possible murderer is black, what difference does it make the color of her skin is, I will never understand what is wrong with people, any murder is wrong and the media and public and general should do everything they can to help find, capture and put to justice any person that commits a murder no matter the race, creed, sexual orientation, or any other thing people discriminate against.

  • PA Patriot

    Sista murdered by a Brotha ? Guess we’ll see

  • Jimmy First

    A pregnant would be mother is killed. Tragedy in a black community…
    Where are the rallies?… Where is Obama’s statement?… Where is mass media attention?… Where are Spike Lee’s and Sharpton’s interviews, condemning the violence?…

  • Robert Langdale

    Give us a break. This is the media.

  • Marcy Says

    I seen that but never heard anything else!






  • Who kills a woman due to have a BABY??

    was the BABY the real target!!??



  • desertcatn

    I think many people care, most people don’t see color the way you do!

  • dirk

    wait im confused who was in the bathroom?

  • The police need to be on that neighbor.

  • Valere jones

    Wow! That was my first thing i said when i seen that, i wonder why did he take a bath with the door open. The bathroom is a private place where you do your business along. why did he keep the door open? make you wonder Huh. did he want her to come in the bathroom by her self, did he just want her to see how many bubble he had in the tub. Then when i look at the picture again, why was he so close to her in the tub. Yes, i believe all his body fluid were coming out. I look at some one comment and it said it would be just like they were in the pool. Ok, why didn’t he wait to go swimming. I think his daughter should go to hell with gasoline underware on. If she put his on that where she is going. That not a innocent picture, and the police should really stick to him. He is a pervert!!!!!!

  • Whatintheworld

    I don’t get this blog. You give no updates, half written articles, and some just have RIP as a headline and no more info??? What gives?

  • KT

    This was previously on CNN when it first happened.

  • Never heard of this story in the media, my bad she is a sista, so who cares, right?

  • neighbor did it

  • Ex-boyfriend, or that neighbor?

  • Vigilantes Rock

    The best way to counter-act a crazy person is to somehow convince them… may be crazier. Works for me! So many Black folk got this ‘we don’t deal with the Poe-leece (police)’ mentality, and only wanna dial 9-1-1 to request a coroner, apparently. I’d have documented the threat, procured a restraining order, and been waiting by the door for the murderer to find out who’s crazy for real! Now 2 lives are needlessly lost. SMH

  • Piper Tami

    OMG this is so tragic and sad. Did anyone ever find out what happened? Poor family I send my condolences to them.

  • Amy Davis

    This is such a sad story!! Keep us updated if/when there is an arrest.

  • BlogBytch

    🙁 Clearly the neighbor or lover. No one random kills a pregnant woman due in 2 weeks. smh! I’m starting to hate the human race.

  • Guilty.Neighbor

    The neighbor should be treated as suspect number one. Just because she moved doesn’t mean that the neighbor couldn’t have actually meant what he/she said… When someone tells you something believe them the first time!

  • Look for an exboyfriend or lover.