7 Celebrity Men We Secretly Crush On

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I think we get so caught up in the usual Hot suspects of Hollywood that we find ourselves overlooking just as handsome, sometimes even better lookin’ fellas gracing the small and silver screen. We fawn over the Denzels, the the Wills Smiths, the Morris Chestnuts and other cliche “gorgeous” men, but we always feel the need to explain ourselves when we have the teeniest crush on the dude who doesn’t fit everyone else’s vision of five-star Hot status. You point out one single feature out of dozens or a fresh personality trait you think you see to describe where his “savoir-faire” comes from, as if you’re trying to sell the man. But in reality, there’s many a Hollywood fella who doesn’t get his proper due for being a supreme cutie. Here’s just a few I’ve overheard over the years who you might be sleeping on in the swexy department, and should give another look.

Mike Epps
Women love a playful man with an off-beat, but fun sense of humor. But sometimes being funny doesn’t get you anywhere with the ladies if you just don’t have the look–see Mars Blackmon in She’s Gotta Have It. But I’ve heard numerous women say they find funny man Mike Epps to be fine. Fine, not just cute. And I’ve heard it during his comedy specials and pretty much ever since he was “Day Day” in Next Friday. I’d pinpoint the cutie factor coming from the child-like smile, those lips, and the fact that he can make almost anybody laugh. Now, if he could just throw away the shiny suits he’d be all good to go…

Mos Def
Underground rappers usually don’t get a whole lot of attention from women, and barely get much from the mainstream public as a whole, but show off some acting chops and create an infectious jam like “Ms. Fat Booty” and you’re in there! Just ask the Mighty Mos, another fella whose received some under-your-breath-in-the-movie-theater type comments about his looks. That thick Bed-Stuy accent is a winner (gritty), as well as that smile, and that whole…organic, cut from a different type of cloth demeanor he gives off. And his live performances always leave you impressed in many ways. I’d like to think he might have been the best part about Brown Sugar. Who’s with me???

Ice Cube
I used to be shocked by some women’s affections for Ice Cube. Maybe because when he isn’t thinking, talking or rapping, he always has a scowl sitting on his face. Those eyebrows stay confuzzled. But a lot of women like that. He’s like the grown up bad boy who still has an edge to him, but got his ish together and made a fortune off of his intellect. Take notes men! I personally never agreed that he was even the slightest bit cute until I peeped him in full normalcy mode (no weed-smoking, mischievous Craig) in Barbershop. And other than a few pounds, Ice Cube doesn’t look like he’s aged a day. Plus, there’s just something about those freckles…

Columbus Short
A girl I work with admitted to thinking some really unpure thoughts about actor Columbus Short after viewing him in the recent film Losers, and I’m sure she’s not the first. Short, who started off as a dancer and choreographer, caught a lot of women’s eyes after krumping his little heart out alongside bonafide cutie Chris Brown in Stomp the Yard. And while he’s lacking in the towering Hollywood man height department, that voice, those lips, that grin—he’s got something you can’t look at the movie screen and not smile about. It’s almost a boyish charm with a mannish strut all in one. And we all know, a man that can dance gets bonus points for doing more than a clunky two-step alone.

Lupe Fiasco
Gotta love a conscious dude with a fresh sense of style and a geopolitical way of looking at the world. He might not be first on most women’s lists of attractive rappers, but Lupe Fiasco with his uber-hype stage presence and nerdy-cute spectacles deserves a little love. A lot of women love him because he’s smart and has an impeccable way with words. I think he’s fresh because he’s just that swanky. His “I don’t give a” swag (I know we’re tired of swag, sorry), “I’m here for the music” sensibility is refreshing. And his consistent respect for the ladies in his rhymes definitely gets him bonus points. Hear the song “Sunshine” for further fawn-worthy examples of his awesomeness.

Tristan Wilds
People try to sleep on Tristan Wilds’ sexiness because he’s young, but aren’t we living in the age of the cougar? Another “The Wire” alumnus, Wilds may not be getting to show off the braggadocio on “90210” that he did as character Michael Lee on the HBO classic, but he’s always had that little something that’s made the young girls act a fool and the older women fan themselves on the low about. It could be those doe-like eyes that say innocence but most likely scream of something much different, or it could be that drive. A singer and an actor? Niiiiiice. But I’ll bet it has a lot to do with those soup coolers on his face. I don’t think I’ve had as much fun watching a man kiss a woman before (even if it was Dakota Fanning, who couldn’t handle those things at all) as I have since I started following Tristan’s acting exploits.

Donald Faison
This one has always surprised me. Mainly cause I’ve always looked at Donald Faison as a goofy dude. But call me crazy, I’ve heard numerous women my age and older women from the Clueless days say how Hot my man Turk from “Scrubs” is. He even had Brandy acting a fool in her “Sitting Up in My Room” video (“DONALD IS HERE!?”). Maybe it’s that goofy factor that has women going. He definitely does seem like he’d be incredibly fun to hang around and act a fool with. And maybe I’m underestimating the effects of his toothy grin, always well-moisturized lips and tight cheekbones. And don’t forget about the way he laughs, and the way he walks…okay, maybe I do see it now…

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