7 Celebrity Men We Secretly Crush On

May 29, 2011 ‐ By

I think we get so caught up in the usual Hot suspects of Hollywood that we find ourselves overlooking just as handsome, sometimes even better lookin’ fellas gracing the small and silver screen. We fawn over the Denzels, the the Wills Smiths, the Morris Chestnuts and other cliche “gorgeous” men, but we always feel the need to explain ourselves when we have the teeniest crush on the dude who doesn’t fit everyone else’s vision of five-star Hot status. You point out one single feature out of dozens or a fresh personality trait you think you see to describe where his “savoir-faire” comes from, as if you’re trying to sell the man. But in reality, there’s many a Hollywood fella who doesn’t get his proper due for being a supreme cutie. Here’s just a few I’ve overheard over the years who you might be sleeping on in the swexy department, and should give another look.

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  • Anonymous

    You gotta be a crackhead if you think Mos Def and Ice Cube are pretty…

  • Ike

    Mos Def— not so secret. Mos is the most!

  • lovemeatrini

    yes andre 3000 is my secret crush

  • Sweet Caramel

    Mos, Lupe and Columbus… oh yes! My fantasies run wild!

  • Troi Dustin

    Yes! Mike Epps and Donald Faison are definitely two of my secret crushes. Has someone been reading my diary? Lol

  • DH1

    Evan Ross is also in the Tristan Wilds category of handsome but too young.

  • Gata

    The only one that I object to is Donald Faizon…he just don't do diddly for me. The rest I could do for some reason or another.

  • Sweet

    Ice cube? Come on, he is so ghetto..maybe that's why it's a secret. Lupe my first crush and I do not keep that a secret!!!

  • TelleyJ

    I don't find any of these dudes attractive except for Columbus Short.

  • Mesha b


  • angelle

    Don Cheadle!!!!

  • Jade~

    Lupe: "nerdy-cute" and "has an impeccable way with words"… you hit the nail on the head… I am in love with his consciousness…

  • Jade~

    Ice Cube: the sexiest bedroom eyes in the game…

    • hey ladies

      yup, like all he has to do is just look at you and your clothes would fall right off

  • NtSoScrtCrshAnymo


    • Sa-Sa

      I cosign on Pharrel, my sister teases me all the time…but i have "married" him in my head so many times…lol

  • Jersey Girl

    I LOVE YOU MOS! I am surprised that he made the list. I have been crushing on him for years. My husband and I went to see him in NYC. Hubby was giving me the side eye. He teases me about my crush on him. So many good things and a few bad, like the stupid Canadian marriage, but that's why you gotta love him. Spontaneity. And his acting chops are from way back. One more time, I love him.

  • Monique1974

    I used to crush hard on Mos Def. But, after I found out that he was a "deadbeat" father, I was immediately turned off. A man that doesn't handle his responsibilities towards his children is a definite turn off for me.

  • Kim

    Donald Faison…not so much, but the rest were dead on. My faves: Isaiah Washington and Xhibit. Now you've got me trying to think of all of my crushes!

  • itsabouttime

    I was with you until the last three…

  • ImSoChi

    Actually tristan wilds dated a black chick for 3 years and he has taken her to some celebrity events so just bcuz YOU didn’t see her doesn’t mean he doesn’t like black women so…Ho sit down with ur dumbass



  • Phytgrrl

    I love Mos! Love Love Love!!! If he didn't already have 5 babies(!) he could get it!

  • Nickyjay

    Mos Def & Cube yes!

  • Keisha

    Donald Faison..who dates Jessica Simpson's homely best friend. He doesn't even LIKE black women!!
    C'mon son! Yall got to do better

  • MissIrene

    YES, yes, yes!! I LOVE Mos Def & Lupe. Mm mm GOOD!!

  • Keisha

    Why would we secretly have a crush on Columbus Short or Tristan Wilds. I have never seen them take a black woman to any of their events. Boo to them. Can we get a redo?

    • STFU

      Get your pety insure a** the f*** outta here

      • STFU


    • cassie

      Keisha-as much as I can agree with the 'most Black hollywood men spurn women their own complexion' argument, you have to be sure of what you're saying before you start castigating others.

      Tristan Wilds was dating a young Black girl (like actually one with brown skin, not a biracial/exotic/what is she? type) for YEARS. There are pics of them on red carpets together, and they are adorable. be sure of what you're talking about before you start throwing those stones. I know you wouldn't want to wound the wrong one, right?

    • Freebirdie

      I do believe that Columbus Shorts most recent girlfriend is black…or atleast mixed.

    • Mamma Mia

      Columbus Short’s wife is black…..so…..

  • Ashley

    Yes Andre 3000!!! I thought I was the only one with a secret crush on him! And yes to quite a bit of the list, particularly Donald Faison and Ice Cube but truth be told I secretly dig Anthony Anderson myself. He still seems so huggable and sqeezable!! And those CHEEKS =D

  • Tierra

    After loving a white man I cant even look at black men the same anymore yuck!

    • Tammy

      Then why are you on here.? This is a black site. Bond to be some black men here and there. Take that iish to perezhilton.com please.

      • TalkRealtalk


      • honey

        Perez Hilton? That site is so racist. I have read white men cal Rihanna ( a token black girl face of Perez ) A monkey hoe. TMZ ad Perez racially attack the hell out BW – and the black race. The laugh when a black person dies. This is what I mean, BW so desperate, they even go on racist sites begging for white men, who turn around and celebrate black death. Funny thing, the more BW beg for white men, the more difficult white men make it.

    • honey

      Many black men ( famous or not ) would say the same about black women, yuck. LOL this is a black site. Duh brain. They are really gonna do a top ten list of blonde white men. That is like Maxim doing a top list of only black women. NOT GONNA HAPPEN, as many maxim readers would say yuck to black women.

    • honey

      Top 7 white hispanic men. I Tom Brady, 2 Mark Sanchez, 3 AROD, 4 Bradley Cooper, 5 Johnny Depp, 6 David bECHAM, 7 Pual Walker. None of those men would spit on a black women. They think black women are yuck, hence why they date them. That would be dumb for a black woman magazine to feature them, when thy hate black women and think they are barbaric and yuck. This is what I mean about the BW desperation. I am sure these men have heard that black women ( not iced race ) were scientifically proven to be the ugliest. I doubt these men would dispute it.


      • honey

        * Paul* * Mixed * * They *

        …….They do NOT date them

      • Lupe ftw!

        LOL Who are you? (clearly a dude) I don't know what makes you think that those men think black women are "babaric and yuck" LMAO…or that black women are "desperate" for White men, but you sound mentally unstable….you've posted like 100 comments in response to the also clearly unstable Tierra troll chick.

        What is wrong with people these days..? You know May is Mental Health Awareness month, maybe Madame Noire should have done an article on the topic. Seeking therapy would definitely benefit a few of this site's frequenters…

        • loveandchai

          It all makes sense now…I've always wondered what happens to the daughters of black men and white women. I highly highly recommend therapy now.

          Not dating a Black woman does not = hating them or thinking they are babaric and yuck. How many Black women do these men encounter on the daily. Chance suggests they are going to be with a White woman. Like all races most will people date in their race. It doesn't mean they think the people in the other race are gross.

          You seem to hate Black women but most people would consider you one.

    • Dimples

      No one asked or is interested in your love of a white man. If that is what you want fine but do not be disrespectful of our Black men.

  • Nic

    I love lupe fiasco….what about nas?

  • Harriet

    Most definitlely Mos Def.. Lupe's a cutie too seems smart def a turn on for me

  • lacquerglamour

    Mike Epps ain't funny. He is the most annoying comic and that makes him not cute on any level. I've always thought Cube was cute. Columbus Short can get it in anyday, and I've always thought Lupe was cute too.

    • Tammy

      Umm excuse me? We can both disagree about his comedy skills but I think the most annoying comedian goes to Kevin Hart.!!

  • skh_stellar_one

    YES!!!! Especially Mos and Lupe 😀

  • Hope

    Oh I love some Columbus Short!!! Love that smile and oh my when he takes off the shirt…help me!

    • cassie

      wow, its funny how different tastes can run, because Columbus short wouldn't appeal to me in a MILLION years! lol, the only person on that list I agree with is Tristan Wilds! That boy is beyond adorable. Ugh, he makes me wish I was like 5 years younger.

      But really madame noir-soup coolers? I don't think Ive ever heard that term in a non-derogatory way. I didn't even know people still said it….

  • teresa

    My secret crushes are Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams, because there is nothing sexier than integrity and authenticity even though they show it so vastly different ways. They both make me laugh (again in a vastly different way) and yet I always feel as if they actually had something to say, there is some warmth in their comedy despite the crude language that makes me forget that the one is marrried and has kids and the other has 8 kids including 7 adopted, is rather short and says of himself he wasn't made for monogamy… see what a sense of humor and realness can do to a woman… awful, sense goes out the window. AWFUL 🙂



  • Kayla

    I looooove Crispin Glover. He's just so delightfully creepy.

  • Melissa

    This has to be a joke right Madame? Where is the real list, because I have never crushed on any of these guys?

    • Shulu

      i agree..lol..NONE..
      …I figured if u you going to be on this site..everyday you might as well make a couple 100 dollars doing it..shiit…i am.. http://owl.li/55GWV

    • Taz

      I agree WTH!!