Missing Mommy Alert: Athena Joy Curry – Atlanta, GA

September 19, 2012  |  

Athena Joy Curry, along with her friends and family, should be celebrating her 22nd birthday that’s coming up in November. Unfortunately they will not be – Athena has been missing for 16 months.

Athena, affectionately called “Nelz” by her loved ones, moved to Atlanta from Portland, Oregon in 2009 to live with one of her 5 sisters. She graduated from Martin Luther King High that same year. Shortly thereafter, in January 2010, she and her boyfriend, Yusif Mujahid, gave birth to their beautiful and healthy son, King.

What was not so healthy and beautiful was her relationship with Yusif. Their on-again off-again relationship was plagued with abuse. Yusif was arrested for punching her in the face and threatening to sting her with a stun gun. On May 27, 2011, Yusif claims that after a heated argument, Athena stormed out of his apartment located at 1485 Beecher Street in Southwest Atlanta at 3:00 am leaving her most precious pride and joy behind: 16 months-old, King. Athena has not been seen or heard from since.

So where is Athena? A young woman with so much to live for whom shortly before her disappearance enrolls in college just vanishes into thin air. Why did it take her boyfriend 3 days to call the police? Why no activity on her phone, ATM card or Facebook page? Her family says there is no way she would have left her son or not have called her sister or her best friend after this “heated argument.”

“I can’t begin to explain the pain we feel day in and day out…Just not knowing where she is or what has happened to her. We try so hard to stay positive, but with her leaving the baby and not contacting ANYONE or using any finances and/or facebook posts… reality is beginning to set in” – Jerilynn Ledbetter, Sister

Black and Missing but Not Forgotten is an organization dedicated to raising awareness for missing African Americans and addressing the racial disparities in the mainstream media reporting of missing persons of color. To report a missing person case or to keep up-to-date with Black and Missing but Not Forgotten:

Email: info@blackandmissing.org

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Athena Joy Curry, please contact the Atlanta Police Adult Missing Persons Squad at (404) 546-4235.

Case Type: Endangered, Involuntary
DOB: November 2, 1990
Gender: Female
Race: Black
Age at time of disappearance: 20
Age Now: 21
Missing Date: May 27, 2011
Last Seen: 1485 Beecher Street, Southwest Atlanta, GA
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160
Complexion: Light
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: Numerous tattoos that include the word “rockie” with a rose intertwined on her inside wrist; “John 3:16”; bull style nose ring; lip ring

Report Courtesy Of: Angela Childs
Pictures Courtesy of Athena Joy Curry’s Family

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  • Dreary Day

    It was a dreary day right here today, so I just took to messing round on the internet and observed

  • bkisses

    thats odd for a mother to leave her baby and just walk out, I would never leave my baby and I don’t believe the boyfriend at all. His day is coming, you can’t do wrong and think you’re going to get away with it. I would worry about him having the child, since hes that abusive.

  • ladymaryum

    This is so sad, it’s clear, her boyfriend, killed her, put her some place, those who are abusive, get more abusive the next time,until they end up killing. This is so sad, and horrible. I don’t know how he lives with himself, seeing all the pain, and sorrow, His actions has brought, the least he can do, is turn himself in, and let the police know, what he did with her body, so the family can get her an descent burial. They can start healing, what he’s doing is like rubbing salt into an open wound. I pray He will never find peace, until he does what is right, and take his punishment for his actions. I sadly believe, She was killed, no way, would a mother, live her child, no contact with family and friends. No activity on her cell phone, or bank account, no contact on fb, these are clear signs, that she was murdered. Yusuf is the blame, and should be questioned, day after day, wearing him down, so he will confess. This is needed, I don’t think he’ll tell it, he wants to save himself. Justice needs to be done, for Althena.

  • It sadden me to write this…… but just reading this story makes me feel like hes done something really wrong to her, because a loveing mother just dnt up & leave their child/children! I pray for her safe return in the name of JESUS

  • PLEASE TUNE IN TONIGHT FOR TV ONE “FIND OUR MISSING” Tonight’s episode will be on Athena! Please watch and spread the word.

  • happyface

    beautiful girl, such a shame this happened. I’m sure he prob did somethin to her. Abusive guys suck, you can love them and accommodate them in every way yet they still start up drama, as if life isn’t hard enough already. Loving them is a waste of time, they like control not love . Hope she is found


    Its sad to think that 5 children, a mother surviving before her child and siblings are waiting to hear of the fate of a loved sister lost, while she’s no one to everyone else, she’s someone to them. Meanwhile a week sooner an hour or minute, second or day sooner could be the one thing that could have saved her life had her picture been shown with one word MISSING. simple enough in nature., the ignorance and arrogance of who gets helped vs who dose’nt has to end, one missing is no more important than another there has been and is enough media means to go around, while one was writing then reporting on something of insignificance someone was out snatching someone who did’nt belong to them and doing the unknown, because if i choose one word or the other both are frightening to think of. My prayers go out to the brave family, and to let them know someone hears them and is listening, and yes i have passed it on.


    There is now a television show dedicated to missing African Americans, you should send them a letter outlining your story, don’t give up explain about the relationship and Yusef, also the baby left behind, they will hunt him down and whether he chooses to speak or not, he will be on camera which will put him on the spot either way, and get everyone involved moving on this.

  • My mother had a saying…….. When you do things and dont get caught immediately……dont worry……your day is coming…

  • Well…you know what they say…live by the sword, die by the sword…

  • currvalicious

    Wow, this is so sad, she’s gorgeous! I feel so bad for Athena & her precious son & the rest of the family. I hope the authorities bring this coward to justice & they find her remains so she can have a proper burial.

  • Sad Day

    I knew Athena and am close with her sisiter. We all know Yusef did this to her he was very abusive towards her they had a very violent relationship but she wanted it to work so she kept going to see him. I really wish he would go on Dr. phil and take a polygraph test he has refused to take the lie detector test and police dont have enough on him to hold him but we know he is the killer

  • blackchick

    We never hear about “our” people missing. thats a damn shame. I’m pissed off.

  • Just Sayn

    This story sure wasn’t on Nancy Grace..Not surprised!

  • This is BEYOND SAD…I DO BELIEVE there isEXTREME PREJUDICE in this and that DISGUSTS ME!!! This should have been PLASTERED ALL OVER THE PLACE EVERY DAY since this Mother has been Missing!!! My Hope and Prayers go out to this Mother and her Family and Friends, THEY DESERVE ANSWERS because ALOT OF PEOPLE have FAILED THEM…

  • monique

    why didnt this story make front page or breaking news??

  • Angelina

    The picture of her laying with her son is so heartbreaking.

  • smh thisis the first time i heard about this.Praying for the family

  • She been missing for 16 months and I have just heard about this for the first time today but if this was a white surburban mom missing for 24 hours after being last seen with her ex..it would be all over the place. If she was missing for 16 months, there would be $100,000 dollar rewards, vigils, endless coverage, they would still be searching for her and her ex would more than likely be in jail or ostricized in the community. Of course Yusif knows what happened. What the hell, America? I hate to bring race into things but, dang. Prays for the family.

  • Linda UK

    The police should keep chipping away at the boyfriend. He did something to her and he knows it. But what goes around comes around and he will finally get what’s coming to him, especially when their son gets older and starts asking about his mother. All my prays and hope goes out to the family and her son, may god bless them all and to the person who knows what really happened my they rot in hell.

  • kj

    I was totally saying this guy knows and is just getting away with it.

  • BlogBytch

    Hell yeah Yusif knows. How convenient is “she stormed out the house after an argument” THey say that in almost EVERY case of a woman missing or murdered.

  • IKeepIt100%

    Yusif knows where she is – in a Scott Peterson kinda way! May all sociopaths preying on trusting, good-hearted females burn in the hottest flames of hell!

  • BlogBytch

    smh.. First time hearing this story. Anyone that says there isn’t a difference in the reporting of missing blacks is simply lying, in denial or just stupid.