Chit-Chat: The Real Deal About Morning Sickness

January 19, 2013  |  

We know about the joys of pregnancy, but let’s chat about the not-so-pleasant moments.

During movies we always see the morning sickness scene with the pregnant actress daintily spitting into the toilet as she comes to the realization that she’s knocked up.

Isn’t that cute? Waking up every morning for three torturous months (if not more) vomiting in your bathroom or at your place of work.

How about this; some women experience a severe morning sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. 1 in 500 women are diagnosed, but it is believed that there are many more unreported cases because they have been treated as outpatients.

What about Restless Leg Syndrome? I used to laugh at the commercials on TV thinking that they were always trying to sell consumers something. The real joke was on me. During the second trimesters of both of my pregnancies I began to feel like my legs were going to jump off of my body. The first time I felt it was on a crowded New York City train. My legs felt as though they were going to get up and get off at the next stop. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown, or a panic attack.

My last ordeal was a quick, yet awkward Preclampsia scare. During one of my bimonthly visits to the doctor’s office – my blood pressure was high. Honestly, I can see why there was concern because there are so many risks associated with elevated pressure during pregnancy. Fast forward ten minutes later, I received two half gallon bottles to collect 24 hours worth of urine for medical testing.

So new moms, there will be cheerful moments during your pregnancy, but there will be some challenging ones as well.

Please inform yourself about all medical issues related to pregnancy. Here is a start:


Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Restless Leg Syndrome

MOMMYNOIRE community…what types of morning sickness experiences did you have?

Words By: Kiara Upshaw Cornelius

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  • Danielle Faust

    That restless leg syndrome was the worst!! My 3rd trimester had me a 100% mess. Pains from head to toe.

  • A.A.

    I realize this is months later. But when I was pregnant for the first time I had no morning sickness and my pregnancy ended in the fourth month. My second pregnancy also morning sickness and I was pregnant with twins who were stillbirth. I finally got pregnant with my miracle baby. I had sever morning sickness from the fourth week till the beginning of my third trimester and hospitalized three times due to dehydration. I was also given medication to help the sickness. The doctors were afraid I wasn’t eating enough for my daughter but the medicine would.make me sleep for hours and not eat. The only thing that got me through this period was my husband telling me that we knew this was going a healthy pregnancy because of how sick I was. And he was right. We welcomed our daughter 13 months ago and she has been a blessing ever since.

  • Sassbubbly

    Did you say medical mj? Like did you smoke while you were pregnant?

  • My husband always says that if we win the lottery then we’ll have more kids, but I know otherwise. Pregnancy was NOT fun for me and I didn’t have any major medical issues. Lord bless our two cause I’m through!!!

  • JA_mommy

    I lost 10 lbs to HG . I hated putting anything to my mouth. Morning sickness pshh plss more like ALL DAY EVERY DAY SICKNESS lol. I had to get gravol shots.I was sick for the first six months, i knew what everything tasted like as vomit not to mention the extremely high sense of smell (I could smell water..crazy), but my baby was worth it.
    Depression also started to set in, I advise to have good support at this time. The day I delivered every known pregnancy symptom disappeared.

    What i did for HG was to eat in very small amounts and take sips of liquid (I went through different phases of what I could tolerate like juice drinks, lucozade, gatorade, sprite). I ate things that were easy to digest like watermelon and canteloupe (I hate these normally but i could keep it down) and bland foods.

  • Yes!

    And I feel you on the hunger pains because when I get hungry I feel like my body is going to shut down. It is like the baby is saying…” oh that’s cool, you don’t want to feed me..then I will have your soul for lunch”…”

    OMG YES! I’m six weeks with twins and I just don’t understand this hunger. The other day, I had hash browns, a fruit smoothie, an English muffin…and lasagne for breakfast and I was STILL starving.

  • Thanks for the article. I had HG with both my pregnancies … the 2nd I was on IV therapy for 2 months… couldn’t even hold down water. For the pregnant mommies out there suffering through HG… it is the hardest, most horrible thing you will ever encounter… but it will not last forever… and the end reward is worth the suffering. Hang in there!

  • Sugar_Spice

    I’m at six weeks myself right now & like you said it is no joke. I was rummaging around my car for a bottle to throw up in during my commute this afternoon. Lmao @ “then i’ll have your soul for lunch”.

  • Mrs. B-Coop

    I’m just hitting my 2nd Trimester and I was sick from 6 weeks until now. It is slowing down not,but I tell you, it was nooooo joke. I would be talking to my husband and throw up mid sentence. And I feel you on the hunger pains because when I get hungry I feel like my body is going to shut down. It is like the baby is saying…” oh that’s cool, you don’t want to feed me..then I will have your soul for lunch”…lol. I know it is worth it, but this is # 2 for me and I am done!!!

  • naye in VA

    I had hyperemesis and let me tell you it wasnt like oh some nasuea (and btw mornign sickness is acutally day AND night) and then you move on. I lost 20 lbs my first semester, would have to pull over on the side of the road to throw up (bile at that, cuz my stomach was so empty) and frequently, once the nausea set in it was complete misery, like it was painful to breathe, and move. I wanted to call an ambulance so many times, but i would just be in pain at the hospital too. I truly understand the use of medical mj now.
    i was diagnosed with preeclampsia towards the end of my 37 week and the doctor induced because bby was full term and I was a walking (driving, and working) seizure risk. Pitocin, Magnesium, catheter, no food, no water. Thank God that was only for 10 hrs. Right b4 10cm both me and bbys BP dropped (think it was epidural) mine 98 hers 74 so i had an emergency C-Section.
    But for all that I have the most amazing daughter. She was alert, and friendly, didnt cry too much (but when she did it was a waillllll) ate really well, no colic, easily entertained, and had 10 teeth in her mouth by a year, and didnt cry for any of them. Just bit lol. i guess you take the good with the bad.

    But im paying somebody else to have my second baby.

  • Kay

    @facebook-100002253958807:disqus I didn’t have morning sickness, but I had so much hunger pains it was crazy.

  • The reward at the end makes it all worth it. I feel for the moms- to- be. Hang in there!