Celebs Whose 15 Minutes are Officially Up

May 24, 2011  |  

As much as we love to see them rise, we love even more to see them fall. They’re the belles of the blogosphere for a month or two and before we know it, their horse and carriage careens into the land of obscurity before turning into just a regular old pumpkin. So I’m sending out an Amber Alert for the list of following celebrities. Do you know what they’re up to now?

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  • I don't even know who Raz B is..

    Gigi @ Bulk

  • Kim

    never have I cared about the Royal Wedding, other than being glad when it was over..and not on every news channel..they are not my Royal Family….I wish them well, but can't say I cared about who's dress she was wearing, or how they met, etc…

    • G2now

      Yeah I would like to add that, Middleton was the only person I ever heard, mostly because of the big deal that was made about the royal wedding, and rightly so that is their government seat. But, I never really put too much else into it other than what it really was, politics.

  • DontBugMe

    uneducated, ghetto kids, no brain, no staying power — they should've followed the other role models — kill to stay on top

  • jimmy dong

    apparently all black people should just go away?

  • jujubeans

    Who are these people? I think the authors 15 minutes are up.

  • Pinky212

    He never did float my boat. EEEEGAWSS! There was always something creepy about him. After his arrest, I figured out what it was. YUCK!!

  • obvious

    "you forgot the "rent is too damn high guy!" he's done! Time's up!

  • Pinky212

    I agree, too! The Duchess of Cambridge (fka Kate Middleton) has more class in her little finer than ANY of these bozos! She does NOT belong on this list!!

    • G2now

      Well said.

  • nijoku

    you are 100% rite, fox and friends all junkies

  • Kumi

    I got here through a link on Slate.com
    Didn't realize until #7 that I was on a black website. 😛

    No wonder I only knew who three of these people are.

    • nijoku

      black people shall over come remenber that we once ruled the world

      • G2now

        LoL when did this happen?

  • zxf

    Oh thank god, I think I've only heard of one or two of them.

    I'd be really worried if I knew who more of them were.

  • alex

    apparently this article was written by someone who doesn't care for Blacks, (8 of them) and no Kardashian, no Palin, no anyone ever on a reality show, no Casey anthony…most of those on the list I don't know them and even the ones I listed aren't CELEBS so why are any of them on tv??

    • meo

      grrr you are on Madame Noir website. Just the opposite. Derrrr

  • Roody-poo

    I don't believe Kate Middleton should be on this list. She is a classy woman who doesn't share her life or Prince William's with the gossip mags. She was never out to be infamous….

  • CassieJames87

    Y'all forgot the most important ones of them all OSAMA BIN LADIN and Saddam Hussein.. Well …Saddam's time been up.. but what about Simon Cowell…

  • Sandy

    Thank you! You are absolutely right on with your comments!


    ANN G is right .

  • jay

    what about the jersey shore group? that has been up long time ago

  • Bob Singer

    Aside from Kate Middleton I never heard of ANY of these folks. Fifteen minutes of fame? Maybe 10 seconds worth.

  • fghfgj

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  • kayla


  • i was upset antwoine was the awards show, im glad new york still has a little bit of money and still doing things….but kate will always be in the spotlight.

  • Kevin

    Agreed with all the choices until you got to Kate Middleton… In what alternative bizarro dimension is the future Queen of England a "has-been"? I guess this is just another stunning example of the failings of the education system…

    • Pinky212

      Yeah, Kevin, I agree. The author of the article isn't, unfortunately, the only person who needs more education, especially about Britain. The comments about the Royal Family are down-right embarrassing. No wonder Americans have the reputation for knowing so little about other countries!

  • donna

    I agree!!

  • You2Know

    I know. I love Antoine Dodson. I hope he continues on. I love that song too.

  • Tuck

    Great Great list. I followed many of these flames as they burned and then trickled out. However seeing as how Kate Middleton is the soon to be Queen of England, I don't really think her 15 minutes, nor will it probly ever be up.

  • FXguy

    Why not add Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Arnold, John Edwards,and Tressel

    • EDM

      I gotta agree with you there! Very sick of seeing all of them. LOL

  • SayCheese

    Exactly. Using the church's tax free money for BS. I'm sorry just can't stand people like him. Your supposed to be using the money to help the poor and build a community. To many time's people like him use GOD and the bible as a get rich quick scheme.

    I remember I was an episode of MTV's Sweet 16. I was so disgusted that a preacher was paying a million dollar birthday party for his daughter with the church's money. I almost kicked over the TV screen seeing that BS.

  • Dave

    So seven blacks, a white girl who hangs out with blacks, a nutball, and a brit. Why so ethnically unequal?

    Oh, yeah, because it's Fox News! Sorry to have wasted your time.

    • SayCheese

      You do know this is a Black site.

  • james

    Kate Middleton will be adorning these pages for the next 25 years. Don't be a fool.

  • RPJ

    I didn't know any of these people, aside from Kate Middleton. "Celebrity" is a pretty loose term when discussing any of these people.

    • SayCheese

      You do know this is a Black site right.

  • Belva

    That the author knows of ANY of these obscure people means that he/she pays far too much attention to celebrity news.

    • SayCheese

      These people aren't obscure. Your just on a Black. Did you click thru the rest of the site to find that out.

    • Pinky212

      Did it ever dawn on you that perhaps how she makes a living is by writing about celebrities? Yeah — magazines actually pay for this type of "news". You must be hiding under a rock if you don't know or any of these people.

  • Clarence LeBlanc

    Kate Middleton…the next Queen of England…her 15 minutes are up? On what planet? TMZ, this website, and Toya Sharee will be long gone and her Majesty will be just fine. I'm not even a Royal nut but common. Only in the ethnocentric world of morons who think Lindsey lohan and Paris hilton are actually celebs would someone think Kate Middleton is going to go away. Heck she could be on money in several countries throughout the world before her reign is over…oh wait…thery'res only one "real" country. Toya stop reading your own articles.

    • EDM

      People…people…people. They are not speaking to her worth; they are merely commenting about the constant news coverage she has received. We know she's going to be around, but to be quite frank…that situation has nothing to do with me and I'd rather not see them (Kate or her husband) splashed on every news show and magazine. Take things a bit lighter people. Where's your sense of humor at?

  • chariotdrvr14

    Thin, glib comments. What a waste of time.

  • Guest

    Your assessment of Kate Middleton is absolutely wrong. When she and Prince William met the Obamas, the reiss shola dress Kate wore sold out and even crashed the website that sold the dress. This alone proves how influential and popular she is and how wrong you are.

  • Why isn't the President of the United States on this list? Talk about a no-talent empty suit…

    • SayCheese

      You do know this is a Black site right?

      • Jones

        so what? doesn't change the fact that the President of the United States is a no talent empty suit.

      • nijoku

        black is good

    • nijoku

      is your mother one? get off crack and get a job.

  • kelley

    I think you forgot Pippa Middleton, Kris Jenner………….

  • xmarksthespot

    Thank goodness I'm too white to know who most of these losers are. lol!

    • 2ysur2ysub

      Well, you've got your own troubles, anyway, with the "white" celebs you have… Jerry Springer reps most of them.

  • clazzy

    That would be a great start! So Bored!

    • Clazzy

      Nate Berkus Show and the KARDASHIANS! While youre at it .. Plz replace Piers Morgan.. he is too full of himself!

  • Gigi

    I heard that the correct title is “queen of the united kingdom”, not of England.

  • juppiter

    I miss New York, she was hilarious. They really need to do an I<3NY3. I think the reason she disappeared is she kept doing shows nobody cared about– we want another I<3NY!

  • justmeagain


  • Just Saying

    What about Kate plus eight, octomom, Kato (i.e, O.J.).

  • Legion

    How about obummer, pelosi, reid, libtards in general, and oh yeah, YOU!

    • Oback Barama

      That was stupid, Legion…really stupid. You're not even funny.

  • Pretty Polly

    With the exception of nro. 1 (vaguely) and the last two, I have never even heard of them – any of them.
    Their 15 minutes must have been at the time I was having fun away from tabloids and the TV…

  • rosemary clay

    As a Brit, I have to say that the Royal family will not be going away any day soon, and as Prince William and 'Princess William[gosh, aren't we British a weird lot…'Princess William!', apparently this is the only title that a commoner is allowed] are heading to America this summer, the apparent boredom suggested by your inclusion of her in your ex-celeb list is inexcusanly premature. In fact a really silly comment.

    • Pretty Polly

      Rosemary, you're forgetting she is also the Duchess of Cambridge. You're also forgetting that, technically, William was a commoner, too, until he was made a duke. Seriously. Look it up. The peerage is a funny system. 🙂

      • Dave

        Pretty Polly, William has never been a commoner. He was born a prince. Under the rules established in 1917, children of the sovereign and the children of the sons of the sovereign are Royal Highnesses from birth. A member of the royal family born an HRH does not need a title of nobility to distinguish them from commoners. The peerage may be a funny thing, but the royals operate above the system.

        As for HRH the Duchess of Cambridge being included in the list, I think what this means is that the author has had enough royal wedding coverage, but has somehow confused this with the idea that British royal family exist for the amusement of the American public.

        • Pinky212

          Oh, my! Jealous much??!! LOL The Royal Family is just that: Royal. Your saying otherwise doesn't change it. Their are some Brits who don't like having a Royal Family, but the majority like them. The other "facts" you spewed are not true, either. Pro-Hitler??!! What a laugh I got from THAT!! Check your history. The Brits were allies with us, the USA. And we certainly were NOT pro-Hitler!! The only thing you wrote that is true is that they have no power. They relinquished their power, FYI. And just WHERE are the slaveholders? Learn history. You, too, are an embarrassment to educated Americans. Is it any wonder that people in other countries think Americans are stupid because there are so many of your kind that don't know crap about other countries?

          • 2ysur2ysub

            I don't believe in the concept of Royalty, so what is there to be jealous of–really, now. I don't want their money or their lives. What I don't like is that the world has given people whose only claim to fame is their usurpation of power over others, over the centuries–a lofty status they don't deserve. The Brits were allies (duh) but the Royals were not, necessarily. I know about the bombs in London and all that.. the people were very valiant (and I say that part in seriousness). But we're talking about the ROYALS, of which you are not likely a part, so take the stardust out of your eyes and read your own history, albeit modern, from diverse non-conflicting sources:
            http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-498894/Thhttp://tinyurl.com/69vqkgz – by your own countrymen, no less. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3724/is_2

            "Your kind" – res ipsa loquitur. What "kind" do you mean, Pinky? I daresay, I lived in England for a year where I received my embarrassing "education" about the royals. That does not make me an historian, but I learned what I did talking to the British people you consider commoners. God Bless Commoners, for making what little of the world has not been touched (and ruined) by Royals and would-be Royals–sane. The House of Commons was created for a reason. You should be beheaded for your incivility. Get thee to the Tower and Hang Thyself Three Times until you are no longer!!! I'm joking, of course, what would the world be like without "your kind?"

  • herzco

    I don't know of ANY of these people, thankfully.

    • Jon

      Have you been under a rock ?

  • markovgena

    Hahaha, "she's the future queen of England" really.. really??? how dumb are you

    • kyle55

      Yah! What are you thinking! She will be the Queen Consort! Duh!

      • Dave

        Whether one is a Queen Consort or a Queen Regnant, one is still the Queen of England, kyle55. Thus, markovgena, the question really is, how dumb are you?

        • She'll be the queen of sandwiches, amirite?

    • johndoe

      "How dumb are you" seriously??? How dumb are you, markovgena?!

    • Guesr

      more like how dumb are YOU!

    • Pinky212

      SayCheese, you are the type of person that gives the USA the reputation for knowing nothing about other countries. The Royal Family contributes more to the country's coffers than the Queen gets in allowance. Prince Charles gets NO money from the country. That is true of the other Royals, also. Additionally, the Royal Family brings in many, many tourist dollars. YOU are an embarrassment to educated Americans by knowing so little about Britain.

  • Julian Polecat

    A rogues gallery if ever there was one.

  • Darkesthourglass

    Don’t forget about Al Reynold’s, Danger, and all of these celebrity mitresses trying to get a little fame. Arnold’s mistress will be on here in a few months.

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  • Ann G

    Probably would've put Natalie Nunn on there before Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton's goal wasn't to gain fame, unlike the rest of the people on this list.

  • wateva

    never was interested in that royal wedding….(yawn)

    • nijoku

      me too it was a wast of money

  • CeCe

    Y’all forgot Nicki Facade…….Natalie Nunn from “Bad Girls Club”…….. Can’t forget them! 😀

    • seek2027

      Haaa thats a good one lol

  • NOBAMA2012

    I hope Barak Hussien Obama will fade away after the 2012 election.

    • Michael Todd

      My comment was deleted while the above hate filled line was allowed. Unbelievable.

    • Legion

      You need to die obama asslicker.

    • commonsense1

      He will….in 2019!

    • Qwerty

      So hoping the current president is not re-elected = racism? You lefties are really pathetic. Amazing how the people who use the race card are the biggest racists themselves.

      • Really?!?


    • Asha Ali

      keep on hatting hater he will be around for the next 4 years,he will never go away even when he is died we will still remember . he is T.F.B.P. OBAMA!!!!!!!!:)))

    • Kia

      you are out of you mind. LOL! 4 more years please 🙂 Hate to break it to you but the next won't be better. They're all puppets. any bet you're a Sarah Failin fan 😀

      • nijoku

        i know

    • Jack

      You are an idiot!!

    • Carlie

      he has surpassed Carter as the worst President and you want to bring race into it – race had nothing to do with his inability to lead our country (except in debt – he did lead us there)

      • Colisha Harris

        I think you have him mistaken with Bush Jr. HE is the one who got us into this mess with his out-of-control spending, senseless wars and tax breaks for his wealthy friends.

  • Kala Pattan

    this was a good article..lol..too funny..They already sending out Free test models of iPad 2..but ONLY if you live in United States..i got 2..sent 1 to my mom house & 1 to my dorm..lol – http://ow.ly/51XEe

  • Christine5980