Dylann Roof “Almost Didn’t Go Through With It” Because Everyone Was So Nice To Him

June 19, 2015  |  


While facts and every indiscretion of Black victims are released within hours of their deaths, information about 21 year old Dylann Roof is trickling in slowly.

Today, NBC News reported that not only did Roof confess to killing those nine people in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, he also told police he “almost didn’t go through with it because everyone was so nice to him.” 

Instead, he did go through with a plan he had been hatching for at least six months.

Roof’s former roommate Dalton Tyler told ABC News he had been planning and discussing his act of terror for the majority of the time they’d known each other.

Tyler said he had known Roof for seven months to a year and had just seen him last week.

“He was big into segregation and other stuff. He said he wanted to start a civil war. He said he was going to do something like that and then kill himself.” 

Tyler said he met Roof through a good friend. He also said that Dylann was “on and off” with his parents but they had purchased a gun for him in the past. Many of you may have heard the reports that Dylann’s father gave him the handgun for his 21st birthday this past April.

Tyler said that though his father purchased the gun, he was never allowed to take it with him until this past week.

If I were Tyler I would be too disgusted with himself to be speaking to the media. For six months, half a year, he knew, even if he didn’t believe he’d go through with it, that his roommate was planning this heinous crime and he never reached out to the authorities.

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  • Joanne Phillips

    This roommate needs to be arrested as an accessory!!!

  • Masterpieced

    We are always so nice to others-even nicer than to our own. Here on this site, folk use the ‘ninja’ word as a ‘funny’ substitute for the N word. Black women talk bad about black men–no big offense. Let someone say something against a bi-racial child or illegal Mexicans and ALL hell breaks loose.

    • FromTokyo

      Don’t forget the black men talking bad about black women too.
      Black folks need to hit a reset button and become who we will be, not what society says we are or should be.

  • This is annoying to me and another attempt by mainstream media to “humanize” him. Nope, f**k him and the racist horse he rode in on.

    And my personal belief as to why no one said anything is that they probably agreed with his disgusting theories. Maybe not to the same extreme level but I’m convinced they would have also had a slither of racism in themselves as well.

    • Rayven Knight

      “Birds of a feather flock together*

      • Masterpieced

        Exactly. When I talk bad about illegal Mexicans I know which friends are going to hear it and which are going to be all like…can we all get along…

  • Maximum

    He should be ashamed of himself to start talking now knowing what he knew gee thanks for this late updated info. It may have stood a chance had he said something. those lives may still be here.

  • Napunzel

    How far have we really come in matters of race? This terrorist is only 21 how did he build up that much hate in himself and for others?

    • Masterpieced

      We are the only ones trying to forgive and forget. See how the church accepted him.

  • nick

    All the ‘unarmed people’ seem to get shot and the ‘armed people’ get ‘arrested’…..why is that?(krs-one voice)

    • CaribbeanGlow

      They even provided him with a bulletproof vest.

  • MocaPretty

    The roommate should also be charged as well as the father bc they knew his thought process and they did NOTHING to prevent it. Hell will certainly be overcrowded on Judgment Day!

  • ari_jai_elle

    I believe that the roommate is a racist as well but i don’t think he was in on it. But assuming he wasn’t, who exactly was he supposed to tell about what his roommate “might” do? Even if he had the whole thing planned out, he couldn’t be arrested for something he might do.

    • Maggie

      Here in Arizona we have a tip line that you can call on anything and the police will investigate. Even if it is just a plan having the police reach out might have put enough fear in to him to go through with it. I don’t know its just a messed up situation.

    • Masterpieced

      I have to agree. I am just glad that the friend is telling it now. Therefore this is clearly terrorism and premeditated.

  • Adama

    This friend should be charged with accessory after the fact along with his parents. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe they were all in on it.

  • Libera_Free


  • LuvMyBrownskin

    His friend is a racist too.

  • NS

    The fact that he knew and didn’t tell anyone is a huge issue here. But what do you expect? I don’t know of anyone in their right mind who can be friends with a known racist extremist and NOT be a racist themselves. It just doesn’t work that way. Which means in an attempt to cover himself from looking like the whole “birds of a feather flock together” thing, he is coming out with this story about how he never took his friend seriously and that he was on drugs and stuff to try to make a point that this murderer shocked him just as much as he shocked the world. It’s bullshit and it’s a tactic. This dude may not be a murderer like Roof, but I’m positive those conversations about killing the black folks were not one-sided.

  • mmmdot

    This savage deserves to be shot. And even if that racist piece of shxt IS “mentally ill” – the mentally ill do not exist in vacuums. The issues they latch onto are informed by the culture they live in – this white terrorist was steeped in a culture that at every turn told him that he was racially superior white male and that he was entitled to subjugate, oppress, and dominate Black people using lethal violence and terrorism. His racist “jokes” and terroristic threats against Black people weren’t “taken seriously” by the whites around him. This is INDICATIVE of how white society behaves concerning white hostility, violence, and racism in general. Even worse, they ACTUALLY have the nerve to STILL think they’re “civilized people”. Lol. White society is ROTTEN to the core. Period.

    • LuvMyBrownskin

      I bet his whole family are proud racist.

  • Really?!

    So his friend had knowledge that the bas^tard wanted to kill innocent BLACK folks, and he didn’t report it?! Like really?! I swear, he should be charged, at the very least, as an accessory. WTH?!

    My heart goes out to that church congregation as well as the victims and their families.

    • LuvMyBrownskin

      He’s a racist too!

      • CaribbeanGlow

        He sat there and listened to all that crap, for all that time, didn’t report it, remained “friends” with the demon, kept getting drunk with him; even noticed a change in him in the last month, and he’s showing his face? A black guy who listened to all that (from a black kiIIer of whites) would be locked up now and under intense interrogation… To find others in their group, and America would be on high alert! The real truth is that blacks should have their own police departments and judicial system. Can you imagine how this punk would be dealt with? And I don’t believe the kiIIer only spoke of his plans when drunk. If he trusted this guy already, this was a common topic for them. This dude didn’t mind fantasizing.

        • LuvMyBrownskin

          Well said and true!

      • Masterpieced

        Exactly. We talk about things to like-minded friends: cheating, stealing…..killing.

    • Masterpieced

      I am just glad that he came out now. Imagine he has to live in the white community. He will be an outcast. He could have kept quiet but he is speaking now. Therefore, there is no jury who will find that this was not premeditated.

  • uniquefashionista

    That is one of my issues with this whole situation. If you have heard someone talk about this off and on for months and they want segregation, why not report this to SOMEONE? Also, not sure how true it is, but some say that his Facebook page had some things on it that should have raised some red flags. I know a lot of people brush things off by saying that this person is just playing or just talking. We should listen. I am a school counselor and deal with so many kids on a regular basis that threaten to commit suicide. I take each case very seriously. I investigate the situation. I don’t just brush it off and say that they are just talking or trying to get attention. I say all of this to say, when the signs are there and when people tell us things and their plans, whether we believe them or not, make others aware of what they are telling us and how they are feeling. It is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

    • dee

      & i thank you for that because a counselor found a note i wrote about me committing suicide & went to great lengths to make sure i was okay sometimes it just takes that one person to show they care

      • uniquefashionista

        I am glad that you had someone to talk to. The world is a much better place because you are in it. 🙂

        • Masterpieced

          That was a very sweet comment. God bless you!

          • uniquefashionista

            Thank you. 🙂 God bless you too.

    • Vdub2014

      Exactly! Meanwhile the government is chasing down any and everyone “suspected” of wanting to join ISIS. They are arresting them before they even get on the plane. Yet we have people listening to killers talk about their murders and do nothing. I don’t think people should start getting paranoid about everything that comes out of a persons mouth however just like on the NYC subway – If you see something SAY something!

    • Masterpieced

      I am just glad he is talking now. How many of us have a crazy uncle who says, “round up all the ________ and kill them all”. Fill in the blank. They just thought he was a big mouthed punk. He even presented himslef meek enough for the church folk to let in.

  • nick

    Go To Hell….

    • Mind Yo Business

      We’ll sing and pray our way through this. No anger, a little protesting, some tears shed but no real change. I’m still trying to figure out what has to happen to wake us all up? There is a difference how blacks are treated in this country. Why is this issue skirted up the rug. A real conversation needs to happen. People need to stop believing race relations have been fixed or aren’t that bad!!!

  • Noelle

    Smh at the friend JUST NOW speaking up!