Yandy And Mendeecees Explain Memorial Day Wedding Special

May 25, 2015  |  

If you’re anything like us, you were probably a little thrown off by the announcement that Yandy and Mendeecees would be getting married Memorial Day Weekend, in front of live cameras no less. Of course we already knew the “Love & Hip-Hop couple” was engaged, but with Mendeecees’ criminal case still pending and Yandy having already changed her last name from Smith to Harris, when we found out the couple would be tying the knot during a two-hour live special on VH1 tonight we had to ask: why now?

Check out the response from the Harrises in the video above as they talk about being the first “Love & Hip-Hop” pair to actually officially make it down the aisle and how they make their relationship work as a blended family. Will you tune in to their wedding special on VH1 at 8p tonight?

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  • Charles Reed

    We are ghetto, and as they say to can take us out the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of us! 4 babies at the wedding and there a child between the latest one and her oldest one. Dude going to jail for up to 10 years of Federal time, and she got pregnant again and she getting married!

  • gracie kellum

    Yandy is stupid as hell. Mendeecees is going to prison for 8 to 10 years. They married but will live 8 to 10 years apart. He may get a disease in jail. Neither one of them will be the same people in 8 to 10 years. Going to jail and leaving the kids without a father…. stupid. The kids will not see a loving marriage, just a dysfunctional one. Yandy #1 prison wife!!!!!! stupid.

  • lockstress

    Stevie J hosted….I had to disinfect my TV after I accidentally turned the station to Vh1. I could not, would not and SHOULD NOT!!!

    It’s just really sad to see a beautiful smart sistas with a criminal dummy #educatedfools

  • blessednjudged

    vh1 should a sentencing special

  • KJ

    I liked the ceremony and everyone’s attire. Yandy looked absolutely gorgeous. I watched nothing up to the ceremony and nothing after. I figured it would be all foolishness. So what I saw I loved!

    • FuZ

      Smart move.

    • Disqus_deez

      The ceremony seemed staged. It didn’t have that wedding feel

  • biglittlemason3

    A lot of unecessary “pomp and circumstance” for a reality star. The dress was nice, she looked stunning, he looked nice, the kids were cute. However, there were moments when it seemed other reality cast members were trying to upstage the wedding. Joseline aka “the puerto rican princess”, was loud as usual, and even Khandi, trying to pimp her sex toy line…..that was a bit ghetto. I thought the vows were touching and I liked seeing her Father give her away, all and all it was a decent ceremony.

    • FuZ

      I felt the same thing about Kandi. We get it. You sell dildos. It must have been apart of her appearance fee. And Todd. He was cut off during a group interview. He was probably happy that he didn’t have to sign another pre-nup.

    • Disqus_deez

      Their vows even seemed a scripted like someone wrote them for them.

  • MocaPretty

    The wedding was nice I suppose but it seemed kind of forced and artificial. It looked like a VH1 all star get together more than a wedding bu whatever Yandy loves Mendc but Mendc seems like he is still on the fence about being a married man. His mom busted him out when she said he can finally stop chasing those chicken head *side eye* he hurried up and cut his mom off lol by saying okay mom thanks hahahaa

    • Disqus_deez

      I think it Yandy did it because she stupid and ole boy married her for the cash. If he goes to jail she gone hold down that commissary.

  • Masterpieced

    Who are ALL these new folk that everyone seems to know but me????????

    • Jennifer

      HAHA!! I thought the same thing.

  • Truth Be Told

    Nice ceremony and very touching. Respect the fact that Yandy didn’t let negative $h!tt Ruin her day, but if it were me I couldn’t imagine having to say goodbye for five yrs to my new hubby . Smh

  • &.

    I thought the wedding special was cute and sweet and I wish them the best. Her dress looked nice on her and she finally got what she wanted.

  • phillyboi

    The celebration of the union of a Drug runner and one of his baby mama’s, I’ll pass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ettahall@gmail

    i loved the wedding, so happy for both of them the children and parents look so nice and was so glad the people came out to support.

  • Taz

    That was one of the most ghettoist things in vh1 history. Smh

    • guest

      THANK YOU! I knew I wasn’t the only one to feel that way



  • provokethought

    They tried to hype it up like a royal wedding. …it looked a bit awkward for them….either way I wish them the best!

    One question. ….why was Mona Scott allowed to walk down the aisle?

    • Nakela Prude

      Her mentor.

    • MLS2698

      Ray J must have been drunk or high…..trying to remove the broom when they were about to jump over it! His voice sounded weird, so he had to be on something!

    • Disqus_deez

      Mona Scott walked down the aisle because vh1 paid for the wedding so since this whole fiasco was her idea she had to slick let it be known.

  • Disqus_deez

    This whole crap seems like soap opera. Yandy is a fool she pretty much forced Menegitis to be with her and he only doing it for her lil change

    • MissyAllThat



    I guess all the HYPE makes everyone forget about the FEDS. Foolish waste.

  • mmmdot

    Their explanation = $$$$$$

  • Darlene

    Yes I will

  • Sade Payne

    I forgot all about it…. zzzzzz

    • Truth Be Told

      Lol I don’t think so. I do know Yandy was not gonna have Amina there, remember the first season she Pete & Tara joined? Yandy made it quite obvious who’s side she was on .

    • Giselle

      I noticed that too. Where was Amina?

  • tintin

    they ain’t that important though

  • Sunny

    Translation: VH1 is paying for everything.

    • MissyAllThat

      I said that too!!

  • eestoomuch

    Yandy is so stupid when it comes to relationships…she even told on herself in the clip…she said “because he lovess his life” she meant lifestyle that she affirds him. I dont know how she can be so smart in business and dumb in real life!!!

    • MissyAllThat

      I JUST realized he had a baby with another woman while he was with her- after she held him down in jail and will do so again soon- they were introducing the kids and said Mendeces son and it was 1.5 year old….. #embarrassing

  • Doris James


  • Kitty

    No thank you.. Got better things to do!

  • Trini_Angel

    Too over-hyped in my opinion! Everything is for the damn cameras and social media! Nothing is sacred or personal anymore!