15 Hashtags Couples Need To Stop Using

May 15, 2015  |  
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If you’re posting endless photos and Tweets about you and your bae, that’s an issue in and of itself. But please don’t smother it in hashtags, forcing your opinions about the post in our faces. It’s not #adorbs. Here are the 15 worst hashtags about love that couples have to stop using.



Frankly, that Beyoncé song is a little crazy. Somebody has to say it. If a man likes it, he has to put a ring on it? Just because he likes it? Shouldn’t he, like, um, love it before making a lifetime commitment? And PS, the woman is referred to as “it” throughout that song. Objectifying much? Please stop perpetuating this foolishness.



You know that you’re not allowed to say, “I love you I love you I love you I love you” a million times in public to your man for the world to see. Don’t think you’re being discreet by just hashtagging #LoveHim on everything. You’re still submitting us to your PDA.



Are you saying that women who don’t have a man or who don’t have your man aren’t lucky? We get it. You’re happy. Next.



Again, it’s not luck or being blessed. You had to go out there and go on many weird, awkward, gross and sometimes scary dates just like the rest of us to find this guy. You earned him. But you were not blessed with him.


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The idea of the soul mate is very limiting and even immature. You find someone you get along with pretty well so you meld to one another’s habits and personality traits. You become something that feels like “soulmates” but you actually built that together. And you could build it with several other people on this planet, too.

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Please don’t pin women against one another like there is some competition to be the best wife. You’re the best wife for your man (hopefully), and another woman out there is the best wife for hers. That’s it.


HashTag Jewelry

You’re going to regret that that’s what he spent thousands on for your one-year anniversary when your 30-year anniversary rolls around.



You’re a couple, so when you’re together, it’s always date night. Every night’s a date night. Are you catching our drift here? There are too many date nights! And at this point, they’re just ordinary nights and we’re over the hashtags.

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It takes some pretty big egos to think people are talking about you as a couple so much that a hashtag needs to be created with your names.



See above.

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We get it. You have a man to eat pancakes with fancy fruit marmalade with at a place with a hipster name like The Fig and Shovel. He’s probably a little embarrassed.



You can’t self-proclaim that you as a couple are adorbs. It’s up to others to say, “That couple is adorable.” You’re not adorable just because you say you are.







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Any crush day hashtag should be applied to a celebrity or someone who appeals to the masses. That’s what this hashtag was made for. It’s not an excuse for you to do another version of the #LoveHim hashtag. You don’t have a crush on him. He’s your boyfriend. You’re in love. Leave the crushes to the singles.



Your boyfriend doesn’t want to be compared to other boyfriends. And other boyfriends out there don’t want to feel the pressure of living up to whatever is in the photo above your hashtag.



We know. We KNOWWWWW.

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  • Pat

    Why does it bother you so much? Let them be in love. Sheesh. That’s why they have an unfollow button. People need to stop taking things so personally. It’s not about you boo.

  • Truth Be Told

    I don’t do PDA on social media, but I just feel like you’re hating a bit with this article lol . Only read the first five pages but it just sounds petty and bitter .

  • ohyea

    The Hate is strong with this one.

  • Demitra

    This list made me giggle. She does sound a tad bit bitter. However, she is right. I think in general people go overboard with hashtags and speaking about their significant other in general on social media. I could on and on about this subject.

  • No ma’am

    Hashtags in general need to die.

  • NotDeep

    The one I don’t like is #relationshipgoals, that irks all of me but besides that you sound a little bitter over there ma, chill it’s not that deep and if you don’t like, unfollow them it’s that simple. You allow yourself to get annoyed by petty things like this.