Signs You’re Settling Because You’re Desperate

May 14, 2015  |  
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Here’s a good hint to determine whether or not you’re marrying someone out of desperation: If you have to ask yourself, then you are. In case you’re not asking yourself just yet, here are a few concrete signs that you’re taking the leap for the wrong reasons.




You cringe when he starts foreplay

And it takes you a lot of focus (and fantasizing about other people) to get into sex. Otherwise, you never really initiate unless you’re drunk.




Your mom keeps asking you if you’re “sure about this”

Your mom knows if you’re in love or not. She knows you.








You’re rushing the wedding

Couples tend to rush things when they’re afraid everything is on the verge of falling apart.








You schedule SO many Target trips

One of your only joys seems to be in doing couples things like buying toilet paper and groceries. On a subconscious level you’re thinking, “Hey, I better enjoy some parts of being in a relationship.”

You keep asking him to “be spontaneous”

Translation: You think he’s boring, he doesn’t excite you, and you’re just not that into him–but you really wish you were.

You schedule SO many double dates

Because one-on-one dates are not fun for you. But showing off your fiancé who is “such a good guy” is at least a little fun.

You talk about him a little too much

To the point where your friends are wondering if you feel like you have something to prove.






You keep saying, “Thank GOD I don’t have to date anymore”

This is something women in stale relationships often say to convince themselves they’re better off where they’re at.



You still want to party a lot

You naturally don’t care about partying as much when you’re in love. But when you’re not excited by your guy, you still want the attention of other men.

You can’t just stay home with him

If you’re going to spend time with your guy, you constantly need to have an activity planned like going to a movie or a museum. Just hanging at home, together, with nobody else around gives you anxiety.


You’re posting A LOT of wedding stuff online

Again, your friends are wondering if you have something to prove. Meanwhile, you’re probably just milking one of the few enjoyable aspects of marrying a man you’re not crazy about.



You’re letting your body go

Because subconsciously you don’t really care if he’s attracted to you or not.




You’re being really demanding about the honeymoon

You’re not in love with your man so you will not have fun no matter what you do or where you go on your honeymoon. So you’re being really demanding about how it all goes down. If the man isn’t fun the honeymoon better be.

You’ve stopped caring about your career

Okay, maybe this is because you’re marrying him for financial security. But that’s still a desperate move.




You love telling men who hit on you “I’m engaged”

You try so hard to convince yourself that you’re not attracted to other men that the second one says “Hi” to you, you blurt out, “I’m engaged!”

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