Virtual Insanity: Joe Budden Takes Personal Drama To Twitter

May 5, 2011 ‐ By SisterToldja

I can’t name Joe Budden’s last three songs, but I can name at least three women he’s been linked to. It isn’t that his music isn’t at all popular; I’m simply not a fan of it. Details of his personal life, however, are not so easily avoidable. The Slaughterhouse rapper has built up quite a reputation for cavorting with beautiful video/men’s mag models and then sharing the messy details with the world. Among them:  model Tahiry, Love and Hip Hop star Somaya Reece and, most recently, video vixen Esther Baxter.

For the last two days, Twitter was abuzz with deets over the release of Budden’s latest song “Ordinary Love Shyte, Part 3: Closure”, which details his account of the relationship with Baxter.  In a series tweets leading up to its debut, the rapper references the loss of “four children” seemingly with the model. It’s unclear as to whether these were abortions or miscarriages, but there is an air of accusation against Baxter that the ceased pregnancies were her fault; he also charges Baxter with cheating on him with  He then tweets: “If you know her and care about her well being, tell that Beyotch to chill…”

Though the rapper has denied it, Tahiry stated in an interview last year that her ex-beau was abusive; in his song “Downfall”, which addresses the couple’s demise, he states “/I loved you so much that when I caught on to your fibs, I hit you like a man, you wore it in your ribs”. The latest breakup song features both references to violence with Baxter (“I dragged you off the bed…I hemmed you up/it wasn’t what I aimed to do, I ain’t attack you/Itchbay, I was restraining you…”, “I lost my unborn daughter when we fought…”) and claims that he stayed with Tahiry when Baxter filed an order of protection against him that banned him from the couple’s home. I guess she’s forgiven him.

The entire situation is depressing. For starters, while music and even social media can be cathartic, there is no reason for the public to have this level of access to these people’s lives. Furthermore, it’s troubling to watch Budden not only be accused of domestic violence, but to admit to both shaking a woman AND having a fight that somehow led to a miscarriage, yet receive virtually nothing but sympathy for the alleged infidelities of Tahiry and Baxter. Strangers have weighed in on the latest situation, calling the latter all sorts of trifling whores and Beyotches; one of the few tweets I saw acknowledging Baxter’s alleged abuse was from a woman who called her a “dumb c*nt” for staying with a violent partner and stating that “@JoeBudden wins”.

I’m not giving his exes any passes for anything they may have done wrong, in terms of infidelity or any other romantic misdeeds. However, if Budden is an abusive jackass or simply has awful taste in partners (or a combination of the two), there is something particularly disturbing about the fact that he has a large audience of folks happily turning in as he Twitpics pictures of pregnancy tests, describes incidents of violence and attempts to publicly shame women with whom he had a relationship with.

If Baxter is, in fact, a victim of domestic violence, I hope that she peruses legal action ASAP; the idea of harming a woman to the point that she miscarries and then implying that she herself did something wrong to end her pregnancy is frightening. The fact that hundreds of young men and women look at this behavior as normal or admirable is even more terrifying.  I don’t care if Baxter was the most trifling, cheating Slore to ever walk the planet; it simply isn’t okay to threaten violence or sexual harassment against a woman. For all the wonderful things Hip-Hop has given us, it certainly has provided a space for us to ‘do’ gender all wrong. Budden is granted the freedom to be emotional in the face of his peers, but he is also given a pass to allegedly abuse and to mistreat the women in his life.  If people find this sort of behavior to be entertaining or acceptable, then we are even more doomed than I may have realized.



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  • Visionary

    We are doomed! You said it right Sistatoldja. I don't twitter because I find it silly, pointless and more damaging than helpful.

  • Prissy

    Now THIS I can agree with!!! He is a MESSY ass negro.

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  • Ninja Bob

    Budden is a poor excuse for a man. Another jackazz with a recording contract. Unless she's threatening your life, there's never any reason to hit a woman. PERIOD. If she cheated on you? Replace her–it's that simple. Esther Baxter is fine but it ain't like she's the only fine woman on the planet. Find a woman willing to be faithful to you but it's pretty safe to assume that given his track record Joe wasn't 100% faithful either.

    He needs to have his azz kicked and if I was related to any of the women he put his hands on, I would happily stomp the living **** out of him.

  • innocenttruth

    Poor Joe, I kind of feel sorry for him. But he should have known better than to try and wife a wh*rel! Women these days will fool you. Sure, she will act like a lady for the first few months then BAM! all her dirt starts to come out. This is what happens when you don't have full disclosure in the beginning months of a relationship. If people sat down and had deep fulfilling conservations about life experiences and regrets, plenty of people would see red flags and know to run the other way. Based on a morning show I listen to yesterday, this woman has a habit of sleeping around with random men in the music industry. Apparently, people have known about her nasty ways for years. If this is indeed the case, I don't understand why Joe would try and wife her up! I refuse to believe that wh*res can change. Females who sleep around are not wife material. Every man who has ever tried to wife a loose woman always comes to regret it. Trust me I know! I have a fool uncle who married a loose woman who claimed she was "Saved". It was all a front that took three years to uncover. I feel so sorry for men AND women who put trust in no good individuals.

    • mary

      Did you even comprehend what the commentary above was about before you wrote your comment? That's the problem, men are talking and behaving badly and you are still defending them. It's not against the law to be sexually uninhibited, but it is to strike someone. Sit down and focus, dizzy broad.

    • Lordhelpusall

      You know this is a two way street right? What can be said about men who are not husband material. Plus the way you refer to him as Joe I would think you know him. Plus I'm happy to say I don't know his music at all.

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