White Men in Hollywood that Woo Black Women

May 3, 2011  |  
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If you look at many black men in Hollywood, sports, music or hell, just the black men in the world around you, you’ll find that a lot of them have dated white women, and done so proudly–which they should, it’s your life, and it’s a free country. But on the opposite end of the color spectrum, there aren’t many white Hollywood men you can think of off the top of your head running around snapping photos arm-in-arm with African-American women. Maybe that’s why it’s so surprising, or dare I say, exciting, when you find out that someone with heavy Hollywood clout is courting a black woman. But you’d be surprised to find that a number of high profile figures of the whiter persuasion in music and film have a track record of dating, are currently dating, have dated, and love them some sistahs. Here’s just a few.

Brad Pitt
One of the sexiest men alive (People’s words not mine, though I don’t disagree) has dated a couple of black women in Hollywood, and both were surprises in my book. Way back in the late ‘80s, Pitt dated singer Sinitta (what is a Sinitta?), but supposedly the two didn’t last because of long-distance issues. He also booed up with actress Robin Givens in 1989 while she was estranged from husband Mike Tyson. That allegedly didn’t sit too well with Iron Mike, but it doesn’t matter because the fling didn’t last very long. Upon the beginning of “Brangelina” Givens said in 2007 that she doesn’t find Brad to be that fascinating. In simpler terms, he’s not all that, yet he was all that when they were dating. Someone sounds a little bitter…

Pitt and Sinitta pre-Brad’s fame Pitt and Givens

Chris Noth
Noth, best known for his work on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “The Good Wife” and of course “Sex and the City,” (you know that face!) TV’s “Big” truly doesn’t have a love for skinny white women with Manolo Blahnik obsessions. He actually prefers a mellow sistah with some class and some curves. Noth’s future co-star for life is the beautiful Tara Wilson, a fellow thesbian. The twosome, currently engaged, first caught eyes after meeting at Noth’s New York Bar, The Cutting Room, in 2004. Together the couple have a baby boy–Orion Christopher Noth–born in 2008.

De Niro and actress/model Toukie Smith

Robert De Niro
I think it’s common knowledge that Bobby De Niro loves him some black women. Have you seen him with anyone else? The acting legend and Academy Award winner’s first big relationship (that we know of at least) with a black woman was his marriage to singer and fellow actress Diahnne Abbott (see page 1 photo). The two actually had a son together, Raphael, and De Niro adopted Abbot’s daughter from a previous relationship, Drena. He also dated model/actress Toukie Smith in the ‘90s, and the two had twin boys (Aaron and Julian) by a surrogate. But the lady currently holding Bobby’s arm on the red carpet is his wife, Grace Hightower, whom he married in ’97. And while their relationship has gone up and down (they both renewed their vows and filed for divorce in 1999), they have remained booed up, and have a son together, Elliot, born in 1998. I guess De Niro can attest to the fact that once you go black…

De Niro and current love, Grace Hightower

Justin Chambers
Surprising, right? Justin Chambers, best known as Dr. Alex Karev on “Greys Anatomy” is married to a sistah named Keisha. I love it! Anywho, the two met while Chambers was modeling for Calvin Klein, and when Keisha was a model agency booker at the time. They married in ’93, and have five, count ‘em, five beautiful (black) children together.

Colin Farrell
Dublin-born actor Colin Farrell had a lot of women’s collars hot with an almost too care-free strut and a racy vocabulary when his career took off full steam at the beginning of the new Millenium.  And while Farrell stayed on the dark side compared to his Hollywood counterparts, he literally stepped to the darker side when he dated Playboy model Nicole Narain back in 2003. While the relationship didn’t last any real time, an intimate tape between the two definitely did, as in 2006, the a sex tape between the two leaked on the Internet. Farrell sued Narain as he believed she had something to do with the release of the tape–but the two reached a confidential settlement soon after.

Robin Thicke
Can’t leave out everyone’s favorite vanilla crooner–sorry Justin. Thicke has proudly stated before that he loves black women, and the son of Alan Thicke of “Growing Pains” definitely has coveted one of the prettiest black women out there in wife Paula Patton. The two are high school sweethearts, and Paula is definitely an influence on his music not only lyrically, but visually, appearing in the video for one of his most popular hits, “Lost Without You.” One of my favorite couples by far. The two recently welcomed the addition of son Julian in April 2010.

Shia LaBeouf
Transformers star Shia LaBeouf had him some high profile brown sugar back in 2007, when he dated currently red head “S&M” singer Rihanna. And by dated, I mean one date. But at least they tried! While LaBeouf was definitely crushing on the singer, they only partook in one dinner date in Beverly Hills because he admitted in 2009 that the chemistry wasn’t flowing between them. “We weren’t passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends.” Is it just me, or has Even Stevens grown up very nicely?

Photo courtesy of Popcrunch.com


With current wife Charlie

Roger Ebert
Everyone’s favorite, and most reliable “thumbs up” movie critic not only likes a good film or two, but a chocolate woman to watch the movie with. At one time, Ebert briefly dated the queen of talk, big mama Oprah, and she even credits him with encouraging her to let ABC syndicate her talk show. And while he nowhere near wifed up the most powerful woman on the planet, he did marry attorney Charlie “Chaz” Hammel-Smith, who can be found by Ebert’s side a majority of the time. Chaz is now the vice president of the critic’s company, Ebert Company, while he focuses on writing post his battle with thyroid cancer. Because behind every successful man, there just has to be a black woman!


David Bowie
After meeting in 1990, the electronica meets glam rocker married supermodel Iman in 1992. Bowie supposedly found himself quickly sprung by Somali-born Iman, and they admit to connecting at first based on their shared sense of humor. From the outside, the couple hasn’t seemed like the most natural pairing (Bowie is 64 and Iman is 55 by the way,  and he is pretty eccentric), it’s a rarity you see the two separate from one another, and they always have a smile on their faces on the red carpet. But if you had Iman (male or female, don’t lie) you’d probably be full of glee too. The couple also have a daughter,  Alexandria Zahra Jones, born in 2002.

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  • Cocoglitter

    Brad Pitt was fine back in his day, but listen he is also musty as a goat. Ole musty white man.

  • TheEmperorOfWorlds

    Wooed black women? Nawl it’s more like those black women wooed those white men!

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  • 2015

    This list needs to be updated for 2015 so that Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, and Jared Leto can be added. Pattinson is dating FKA Twigs, Zac is dating Sami Miro, and it’s been highly “rumored” but not for certain that Jared Leto is dating Lupita Nyong’o.

  • Lisa Meredith

    I think some white guys are nervous about asking a black woman out on a date
    don`t be fellas, if she turns you down don`t get offended. Keep looking i am.

  • Michelle Laverdure

    I would loved to stick around and see the entire list, but you guys have way too many adds, the page takes all day to load. ps my lady crush is queen latifa. ( not when she is all butched up like in Set it off. I like her better when she is herself.

  • BF4WM

    I love white guys! 🙂 so much so that I got married to one and have a white lover. Been with both for over 15 years. No regrets here. White4me4ever 🙂

  • noneya

    I like how the article claims that the 5 kids of Justin Chamber’s are “black”. The children are biracial. They can’t deny their white heritage anymore than they can deny their black heritage. I see ignorance prevails.

  • Thedonjuan

    Oh man, black women ya’ll are reaching. I love my black women but ya’ll are reaching.

  • Sparkel

    I think the white men found people they loved/liked who were not from their race, nothing underhand or better…just simple love and compatability!

  • James

    Paula one of the Prettiest black woman? Paula Patton is mixed, and she doesn’t even look black. Blacks should really stop claiming mixed people as black, especially when they don’t even look black.

  • Nunya

    MN, it’s THESPIAN, not “thesbian.” Got-damn. *smh*

  • DDS

    Weird. I’m a black woman and I’m not more in to black men. Just hot men. And also more white men come up to me than black men. My current bf included.

  • rainbow

    Who cares? I could care less about some white men finding interest in black women. I am more interested in black love

  • Katherine McChesney

    Blacks were NEVER kings and queens in Africa. That is another black lie.

    • cleva

      google is a tool. You can find a list.

    • Lioness Zion43

      We are still the same kings and queens robert D knows it that’s why I love him

  • Katherine McChesney

    You have a filthy mind.

  • Katherine McChesney

    It should be illegal for Whites to marry blacks. Miscegenation is anti-Christ behaviour. God meant us to be separate. He created races.

  • peri

    er… and so? Is that some kind of achievement? Some white guys like black girls? I really don’t get the fascination…especially since white people are human beings too and they (hopefully) are attracted to fellow human beings – ‘black’, ‘white’ ‘asian’ whatever.

  • Gail Scott

    I always wonder how many Black male friends these White men have.

  • Rex

    If you’re still around a Latina means a Latin woman. It doesn’t have anything to do with look or race. It’s not a race or ethnicity. Italian women are Latina because the Latins come from Italy and not from Spain and not from what the French called “Amerique Latine”.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Latins, Latina’s, Latinos come from Central and South America. Hispanics come from Spain. Italians are ITALIAN.

      • Gabriel DelaRosa

        Wow you are stupid. Look up Latium. Who do you think the Latin Tribe was and guess who what the strongest Latin Tribe? It was called the Romans. Pick up a book.

  • sistaB

    Have you ever heard of Oprah Winfrey? None of the Latina women you mentioned has the kind of success that Oprah has. Obviously you don’t know how many successful black women are in H’wood now and from way back then. Go and google “Oprah’s Legend Ball” and that will give you an idea. You have no excuse to be so dumb in this age of google. More black women have been nominated for or won an Academy Award than Latina women.

    • Gabriel DelaRosa

      Oprah Winfrey though isn’t a Super Model though like Gisselle Bundchen either that makes millions just walking down a runway.

      • dialogue1

        Like I said, go look at the history of black women in H’wood. There have been (and still to this day) many beautiful black women in H’wood. BTW, Oprah had been a beauty queen. Super model looks fade away real fast so brains is better than beauty any day. There are black supermodels. But you know that. Your racist ways are making you pretend as if you don’t know that.

  • Gwen

    Wow, you sound incredibly jealous and racist. “Wealthy blacks like to hang out in our own elite restaurants.” What a joke.

  • Saywhat

    Have you seen Barack’s prom picture? His date was a white woman and he is more white than black (only 6% black, 50% white) so what would his “own kind” be? Obviously, not a black woman!

    • Katherine McChesney

      Barack obama is a homosexual muslim. Mooshell is his beard.

    • PinkiePie

      So what is his other 44%? Excuse me sir but the comment board for 5th grade math is that way ——>

    • cleva

      your math is weird. lol

  • Tami

    Big meat thing is a proven myth. Black guys just get less shrinkage when at half mast.

    • Tiffany Mel

      Just to let you know, it is not a myth. It has been scientifically proven that it is a real stigma based on human study and DNA. And so what black men are bigger? That doesn’t help the black community economically now does it?

  • Certain white men attract certain black women.

    It is understandable because of human nature.

  • Deafer

    I adore you, Prissy

  • Chi83

    RIP Roger Ebert.

  • God bless, whomever makes you happy and you them sex’m, date’m, marry’m as you see fit. It would be less than honest to say it is not surprising to see white men with black women, since black beauty has long been unappreciated for all its splendor.

  • Snitta is one of the biggest UK popstars ever! she also dated and helped Simon Cowell with pop Idol which in the states is called American Idol… And she’s a smart business woman!! She is a great role model for UK youth and just because you haven’t heard of her you shouldn’t boo bang her!

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  • I think this is an important article because in regards to race relations some people live in silos.
    The list is much longer, including Fassbender, and the guy who plays Captain America. These two central tendency in women seem to include color. And for those who say these guys are just playing around more than half were wives not just girlfriends.
    Dating outside your race makes you a little more vulnerable to another dynamic but it also expands your options to finding a mate. I wish more people were so open.

  • More Jewish propaganda to wipe out white America. Meanwhile in Israel they just kicked out 5000 Somolians. FACT.

  • I think that people should date whom they choose, according to who helps them with their Soul’s Goals. Doesn’t matter the race. I will agree however, that because more african american men prefer a woman who is submissive, and MOST african american women are not, african american men should date someone who they can order around. And, African American Woman needs a Man who Supports them in their Goals, Put’s US on Pedestals like the QUEEN’S WE DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS. BOOM!

  • You forgot to mention the current “IT” guy in Hollywood Michael Fassbender. He pretty much only dates Black Women and is currently going out with Nicole Beharie.

  • caribgirl

    You guys forgot about Matt Stone 1/2 the creator of south park, his wife is Angela Howard and let’s not forget about George Lucas who’s dating Mellody Hobson…

  • TK

    This article is actually highly offensive. Its basically saying “altjhough many people find black women unattractive, look there are some white men who are or have been bothered with you” really I expected more from MN but quite frankly I’m realising this is the caliber and subtext of articles that we must come to expect. SMH

  • For Real??

    Exciting? MN what friggin planet are you on though, get a grip please!!

  • UK lady

    MN can you please stop running these types of stories as they’re so boring and pointless. Let’s just have some mindless entertainment stories – musicians who married models, etc. These colour type articles are becoming quite tedious. Also, I’ll glad to see that you are starting to monitor/delete the racist trolls comments on this site.

  • Zebulon1989

    All is here and read is how educated all you ladies claim to be, still worried about the Europeans education/standards/anything else they tell you to do.  You just soak it all up and feed into it.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    surprised about Brad Pitt…..he went black for a little and didn’t go back tho

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  • Melissa

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    Well….I find it interesting that alot of black men get upset when black women date or marry men who aren’t black…..esspecially today when there are sooo many black entertainers and sports figures who date and marry women who aren’t black…..and they have that right…there are some black women like me that don’t believe in the size of the package being the” end all and be all”….it is not!….now what may have been true 50 or more years ago….maybe changing now simply because alot of us even though of African descent are also parts of other races of people….and this changes everything from skin to hair to height etc….but what I do wonder is are men who aren’t black comfortable dating black women…or do some men feel that they can’t because of their job…relatives….position…community??……is it still a issue for them??…..of the male celebrities…and I don’t know if this man dates black women but, I find Benicio Del Toro extremely attractive!!…….it’s just something about him that just pulls me in….he does it for me like no other man….

    • God Daddy

      Nobody cares slim.

  • mixedsingle_com



  • Beautiful_tee_mase

    Why did you waste your time publishing this articles ?  Black is beautiful and doesn’t need to be broadcast or approval to be accepted! Black women are one of the most exploited species in many parts of the world! I am a proud black woman who has dated many races of men.  Color is only skin deep. We black women are damned if we do and damned when we dont. When is the day gonna come when “black” doesnt have guidlines to be accepted and found appealing!  Shaking my damn head please stop posting mess like this and get your life together ma’am!

  • Coreyna

    Alot of high profiled sisters date high profiled white men…The media just sensationalizes it when Black men date or marry white women…that’s there way of keeping the white woman as the top prize…

  • What’s the point of this article?????????

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  • anyone

    I won’t disclose my race, it doesn’t matter. The comments on this article make me very sad. I wish that people weren’t defined by the color of their skin any more than they are by the color of their eyes or hair.

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  • Scottmacdonald

    Interesting group of attitudes here….. I am white myb wife is black. All I really wanted was what every womne I perceived was looking for…smart and hard working to protect the couple and any future children. Best move I made. 

  • Bebs

    I thought American Idol judge Simon Cowel was going to make the cut.

  • Brerobinson

    hey just s little note on shia, he also dated kiely williams

  • Shari

    it’s spelled ‘thespian’, not ‘thesbian’.

    Noth’s future co-star for life is the beautiful Tara Wilson, a fellow thesbian.

  • FedSec

    You left off George Lucas, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood who has been in a relationship with Mellody Hobson (black woman and president of Ariel Investments, LLC) since 2007.

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  • GiGi

    "Behind every successful man, there just has to be a Black woman"? You really WROTE that? And, by the way, going on a single date with a Black woman, having ONE Black girlfriend or marrying a woman who just happens to be Black does NOT add up to "wooing Black women". The only person on your list that accurately describes is Bobby D. Lady, I don't even know you and you make me sick!

  • GiGi

    Correction: Justin Chambers and wife have beautiful BIRACIAL children, not Black children. But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. You keep writing "booed up" and "anywho" (which should be anyHOO). Oh, and you're the same chick who said she's happy for Naomi Campbell, if Naomi is happy, cheating with some woman's husband. You seem pretty stupid.


  • Hope

    You were making sense about how people should be allowed to date whomever they please. Which makes sense.

    …then you had to turn it into a black women are ugly rant losing all credibility. If you don't want an anti-black male agenda (which I don't either!) then maybe you should stop pushing your anti-black female agenda. Pretty simple.

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  • the floacist

    A list of white male celebrities who have dated/married black women in the past is not what I'd consider 'uplifting'. There are just people.

  • the floacist

    There is not much Black mixture in Argentina actually.

    • Pao

      Floacist is right, there isnt much of a black population or mixture in Argentina. Although now there are many immigrants from Haiti and such so the newer generations may be.  I am Argentinean and I missed the… I guess other Argentinean? comment because it was deleted so I have no clue what was said but I guess I should apologize for their ignorance. *rolls eyes* there is always one ignorant rotten apple out there. As for my view on this I think its hard enough to find someone to connect with nowadays to have to limit your views to race, nationality, color etc. If youre lucky enough to find someone who loves you and respects you the way you love and respect them hell hold on to them for your dear life because thats hard to come by! ´Be proud of who you are as a person, where you come from and who you love and dont let anyone judge you for any of it.

      • ann

        Youre suppose to stay with your own race or you get mutts

    • Marisol

      The people of Argentina are white either Spanish (European) or Italian. They are not dark skinned like Hispanics in America and they do not consider themselves to be Hispanic. Black Hispanic women are filled with self-loathing and low self esteem because only White Latinas are considered worthy in society.

      • Saywhat

        They might not consider themselves hispanic but they are.

  • womanfrankly

    I couldn't even get through the comments without getting a rise. For 1 I have to say that I do not like or appreciate the "you people" attitude behind some of the comments that I have read. Next, these are the opinions of a few, if not only 1, black woman. I myself am multi racial but consider myself to be a black women and I do not crave the attention or love of a white man. I see what some only see through rose colored sunglasses…white man are just as imperfect as are black men just in other ways. Frankly I don't really care who dates who and I don't care what society as a whole thinks about who I date. If im attracted to a white guy and he's attracted to me and we hit it off than so be it and if I hit it off with as asian man, than so be it. But please stop thinking that black people are so desperate for the approral and love of their white counterparts!

  • Lexie

    Stop writing articles for women who probably just need a make over or to go to the gym so they can find a man.There are thousands of black that are a 10 like myself who have the worls at there feet.We drive the best,mary the best,and never settle for less.God Bless.

    • Lexie

      Correction:Thousands of black women in the thosuands who have the world at their feet

  • Paula Black Bird

    You are so silly. Using that term in this day and age and thinking you're offending someone. There are pejoratives for everyone, but only the most ignorant of the human race still uses them to insult. This is America where education is FREE! PLEASE GO GET SOME!

  • Dookie

    The true haters and dumb @$$es come out. I will tell you a little secret…the reason blk men love white women is because the white women are open to relationships of any race. black women are always too proud and many act like the world owes them something. lots of white guys out there who like and would date white women. fact is, black women won't even give'em a chance. prejudice and racism runs more so in the blk community. after all white folks made obama a reality, since there weren't enough black votes alone to elect him. proof of the discrepancies and attitudes of lack of open mindness among blacks towards whites (mostly women). may be if you would just date white men for the hell of it, and not pay attention to the jellous brothers (you know you're out there) you could find tru love. and I don't mean a wanna be white "G". stop criticizing black women who date white/latino men. stop criticizing white women of "taking" your men. may be they're just running away from your hate. it goes both ways. you can't have it just your way. learn to share. loose the attitude. love you neighbour.

  • mlittlemeyer

    Why refer to these mixed children as black when they are mixed. My son is mixed and he certainly isn't black. He is half black, half white and it is apparent. There is also a big difference. To apply this misnomer to mixed children is to deny half of who they are as if that half was inferior. I don't care how this was historically perceived so spare me. Times and Views change and so should this flawed concept.

    • The Truth

      WOW. I feel sorry for you and your son. One cannot tell race simply by looking at them. If you don’t know that by now I have officially lost all hope for humanity xD. I have members in my family who look completely white. And they aren’t, they are in fact black (both parents are black). With that said, try looking up the definition of an African American time to time. And note that MOST black folks are not 100% black. I am black, my fiance is latino (not black), and when we have children, unless he comes out looking like Ashton Kutcher for some reason (lmao), he will be an African American. Get over it.

    • GetReal

      Please, you can define them as you want. Then explain to them when they are called ni55er. You can try to make them mixed all you want. They are black in this world, period.

  • Lovinlife

    Go commit suicide some where! You seem like you were ignored all your life! Do you even have a woman?

  • Gabby

    No boo sounds you need one.

  • Gabby

    Tina Turner too.

  • Gabby

    I date outside my race and trust me when I say, white men LOVE black women so the issue isn't with them wanting us, it's the fact that a lot of us aren't interested in them. A lot of black women are still loyal towards black men and are more attracted to black men. But sistas need to open themselves up more. You don't have to give up on brothas, just keep your mind, your heart and your eyes open.

  • Gabby

    Ms. Mrs, or Mr. in some cases in Miami sounds like a hater to me. lol

  • Boards of Canada

    I am a White guy as well and my Black friends definitely get to me sometimes. The things you have said in this are true most White guys do not want to admit it but Black guys on average are bigger then we are and more muscularly toned. I was angry because my Afro Latina girlfriend noticed the size of the male member and it was twice the size of mine and ever since then it has plagued me I tried pills and everything and it crippled me.

    I love All kinds of Black women I even studied on African culture it is just sometime I wish I was black or a person of color because I look at them and I can see the advantages they have over me. I am a good looking guy but I just do not know what to do.

  • Kelly

    God, love and music are colorblind. I am a caucasion and I have dated black women. Not because they were black but because they were attractive, nice women. It doesn't always have to be about color….oh sorry I forgot. If it's not about color then it isn't newsworthy. My bad. (<-sarcasm)

  • G-Mama

    That is beautiful!

  • Agape Love

    EWW WEE!!! Luna has the best rebuttal yet. Go ahead with your insight,wisdom,poetry, ect.ect! Luna you made my day! Educate the world with that knowledge!

  • BajanCoCoNutt22

    She said SOME. She wasn't talking about ALL of them, clearly. Why are people so quick to reply before fully comprehending the comment first?

    • Lovinlife

      What's your nationality?

  • Jenn

    Jealous much??? So what one of the hottest celebs brad pitt decided to date a black girl and everyone has something to say. But most of the white girls celebrities date black ones and no ones says anything then. How about everyone mind their own business because it shouldn’t matter who dates who as long as they’re happy

    • Taperchaser

      Yea! What she said!

    • Taperchaser

      Yea! What she said!

  • Pat

    although I find Paula Patton a beautiful young woman…. not sure why the writer refers to her as "black". She is however apparently part black.

  • Pat

    not sure why the writer describes the five children of Justin Chambers and Keisha as beautiful "BLACK" children. I thought we were trying to get away from describing anything that is not "pure white" is black…. considering that Keisha appears to be of mixed heritage, then the kids would be more than 50% white….. then why not take the majority and call them white children!

  • Spearite

    Seriously? I am a professional, college educated, world travelled black woman who used to live in Miami and what you are saying can't be further from the truth. I even lived in South Beach for 3 years and was NEVER excluded from any restaurant, bar or club. In fact, I was followed by men on the daily. I'm surely not ghetto and could hold my own with any latina out there. I dated every race, color and religion while I was in Miami, my longest relationship being with an Isreali-born Jew and the 2nd with an Irish man. You obviously don't meet enough intelligent people, white, black or latino, or you would know better not to say such ignorant things.

  • day5628

    you go Kenzie!!! I am a white chick who has found great qualities in ALL races of men…even my own white men!!!

  • day5628

    excuse me, but beautiful Halle Berry was in a relationship with an UNBELIEVABLY beautiful white man which produced a beautiful little girl!!! I am a white woman who lusted after her handsome man!!!

  • Kyle

    dont forget about bob dylan and mavis staples

  • Betty Marshall

    I am very disappointed in the fact that you are not able to write a non bias, objective article. You are phobic. What type I do not know. But if we could all focus on the kindness and sincerity of people rather than their race we would have a better America. I am so sorry that you seem unable to focus on the positiveness of the couples. How old are you? 85? My grief. This is 2011.

  • Steph

    Why do Black people rely on other people opinions, or presence of their counterparts (or lack of it) in the media to feel good or bad about themselves? Do you need to see a beautiful dark BW on TV to feel good??? wtf.. Or because she is dating a white man or intelligent BM it automatically validates that Black is beautiful??? Come on people! As you said more Black men are dating White women but I have never seen an article about it on white magazine. Why?because they dont care and so should you!
    @the journalist and all Black oriented magazine, this type of articles are just pathetic. Talk about thungs with real content!!! Sick and tired of races stuff
    @Miami Mani> im a European Black girl (no tatoo or whatever non sense you said) in Miami and honestly when you see the type of guys who are dating your latinas sisters I feel bad (for both the man and the woman). Men in Miami (for the most part) are either , ugly, stupid, rich but stupid, rich but pervert, poor and stupid, poor and pervert, anyways a waste of time. You guys can keep them!!!!

  • manders

    *thespian, not thesbian

  • MeccasMom

    I cannot believe that you latin women feel that way about us black women thats fine with some of us because if you fell like you want all the men (rich men especially) you can have them no hate over here! Because whats being revealed to the whole world is that some of you guys or money hungry vain ass women that lack the love of yahweh anyway and his exposing the demonic spirit that is abiding right in some of you women like MIAMI MIAMI! Im not jealous and dont want to be latina, european, indian, or asian Im straight and im not gay and also I dont desire, dream, or wont your men either! Adam and EVE was black so I can see the hatred towards the black women the true mother and you disobedient children want to do away with us but thats not yahweh will you better do your research and see where the whole creation comes from deny your mother and your blacknesss!

  • the realist

    miami mami, you're an idiot! you may be latina, but you're still a black woman. dummy!

  • Tammy

    This is just ignorant. You don't even know your own history but you're a proud "Latina". Unless you can trace you roots back to Spain you come from African ancestry get a clue you ding bat.

  • TruthOnly

    Most black woman have zero class, they act loud and obnoxious in groups of 3 or more, most have a baby before they have a car, and they are just GHETTO. I said MOST not ALL of them, about 10% of them are classy and educated, and wait until marriage or financially secure to have a baby. Even Oprah can't get married.

    • black n bold

      how about we change that percantage to 45% ??????????

  • You sound hungry for anyone to LOVE you properly. I pray it happens one day! GOD BLESS

  • JAB

    As a white man, i have always wanted to meet and date a black woman although its never happened. I just always felt intimidated and didn't even try. dating white women was never an issue and after seeing this article, i think i'm going out and give it a shot. whats the worst that can happen? no? 😉

  • larry

    I at 58, have learned to care less about who is zooming who. Statistically, we intermarry less then any race in the States. If some one is living with a sister he is dealing with the good and not so good, just like anybody else.

  • always

    WOW, Cannot understand where did this hatred for blacks from Latino come from..WHERE..!!!?? And why..I was born and raise in SPAINISH HARLEM,NEW YORK CITy…My best friend are Peurto Rican, my ex-wife is Rican, we have a deaughter half black/Rican..so what..But out of now where over the past couple of years..wow..exspecially here in Florida….ORLANDO/KISSEMME area.. It is so crazy..a bad racism…very bad..it is soo soo sad and un called for..where I was raised..we are like cousins family..my godson is Puerto Rican.. Where did this come from..WHY..?
    Puerto Rico was onse a slave colony, owned by spain..it than became a stop for Pirates,,why you all have different shades hello…you all have african blood in you!!!!DA……….stop the hate

  • LadyA

    Wow you're stupid because everyone knows Latina is not a race and everyone knows you all got black people in your third world countries anyway. You love your heritage and yourself so much, take your salsa dancing ass back to your country and find yourself a man from there.

    And just so you know, I am a black woman with lovely hair and a nice body and I have dated black men, Asian men, white men, and Hispanic men. More to fact know that all your Latino men are sitting back trying to talk to me. They're not even looking to see if your people are walking down the street when I walk by. All you Latinas are good for is popping out babies and eating rice and beans.

  • always

    To add… To see or hear a white guy try and sing black, sooo phony, what is that about..They want to be like us, and do our women..OK I get that heard it enough..But if the sista is thta stupid than hey,,MEN know MEN..go for it PLAYEY… Most brothers I know will not spend a dime on a movie that has a black actress, that has been with or married to a white guy…WILL NOT..period..I when see a sista with a white guy out, I give them a look and exspecially him..again…MEN KNOW MEN…the look on her face when she gets the look ..wow..sad..White men and white women, think very very differentilly, white women get with brothers, because they feel they get treated better, and weather you want to believe it or not…THE SEX!!!!

  • Micah Kazlos

    There is an old saying; " … it's all the same color on the inside … "

  • Im smarter

    You got it backwards they love American men… Mainly for green cards ! Jealous ?

  • Smarter than you

    Jealousy is a b%$#@ huh ? The only reason men want latinas in Miami is because well you all swam across the ocean to get there and over run it. If you go to any other part of the country latinas are the ones that the guys wam bam and thank you ma'am. Get over yourself because you aren't wanted anywhere except in Miami so do us ALL a favor and stay there. Latinas are N!*&^%$ with good hair and most of you have booty's cause you got 10 kids or you weight 180 lbs at 5'2.

  • Sixtigers

    How the hell did George Lucas not make this list? Hasn't he been with his woman for decades?

  • Jaibe

    What is there to cheer about Madame Blanc?

  • Deja Vu

    I wasnt surprised by any of the men in this article, even Brad Pitt who was the first in New Orleans to start a house building project for blacks to get back into wonderful homes.


    AMEN BLUE!!!!

  • Bonebag


  • Bonebag

    Miami, Reality Check! Most Argentina men come to America, Wait for the First Air Craft Carrier to come and spend the day ogling tha Sisters in uniform! Then they skip Miami, Go to Orlando Florida and to what?: Ogle the blackest woman in uniform and whine about the Black/White/Latino American man that's on her arm!
    Then they go home to Miami and do what? wish they could go to the exclusive country clubs with the Black Women!

  • ladybirdinbama

    Now that's a racist statement stupid

  • Honestly

    So, apparently this web site is going to keep four sections, important ones to the integrity of my whole post, out because i used the P word. A man's blank. Enis. P. You get it?

    Web site: please post my whole post and if that word is something you can't publish, please feel free to use whatever word you can use for a man's blank instead as taking out four sections of my post ruins its wholeness, takes away from what i'm saying by emitting important parts that relate to what did get posted.

    For instance, i use as an example the fact that as a white man i have to come to terms that a black man has, on average, a larger, more muscle toned body, bigger lips to fully kiss and a bigger "member" and that this is simply a reality i as a white guy have to accept. I go on to ask black women to kind of do the same and that it is not fair or easy, especially for them since they deal with all the racism against black people and also have these physical realities that don't smile on them compared to women of the world. Black men have lot's going against them due to racism, but at least they exist on the top of the sexual heap. White men aren't at the top like white women, but at least we don't deal with as much racism as black people do.

    I make a few points in there that are truly important to the overall flavor of the post, so please, web site, post the whole thing.


  • Honestly

    Some of my long post which i've split to make fit….isn't being shown. Hello web site. Please either don't post any of it, or all of it. When it's cut up like this people will not get what i'm saying in order, ruining the context.

    Readers, please be aware of this. I hope it all shows soon.



  • Honestly

    But it doesn't work the other way around. With this country's history combined with this nature of men and women, the facts are the white man black woman combo is just way less likely than black man white woman. I always have to shake my head when so many black men and white women naively don't see these clear truths regarding how history and the differences between men and women, of all races, make their pairing the far more common one. Men and women are wired differently. History. How all that shakes out just smiles on black men and white women more.

    As white men and black women, we should hook up more, but we don't. Seeing these cultural things at play, we can see why. Women need to trust more than men need to when it comes to giving themselves to a man, they need to feel for him. Black women see this country's history, often, when she sees a white man. Men don't need all that. We don't care what you do, what history says. We want something we are attracted to, that's it. So, therefore, the whiteness of a woman and how it represents white racist history, doesn't matter, or doesn't even come into his head. Again, all of this on average, there are of course black women who don't see that when they see white men, and vice versa. But, this stuff is playing a huge part.

    Could it be that for masculine attractiveness darker is better? As a white man i notice that for every white guy with a black woman i see, i see 4-5 black guys with white women. All the census counts on marriage confirm this and we all know (come on now, be real) that in dating without marriage the numbers are even more one sided in this.

    "Tall, dark and handsome." Even within white guys there's an unspoken hierarchy. Unless you're off the charts hunky like a Brad Pitt, you're better off being dark haired, or at least not really blond. (But your really blond sister will do just fine. Same with red hair, much better to be a women if you're red headed.)


  • Honestly

    As for culture in white and black, in the US, white people have for generations now, for the most part, been aware of the crap white culture has dealt black people (more need to be aware of this, aware of white privilege we all get advantage on many levels from.) With women moreso than with men there is part of them that needs their man to be something in their eyes, to be someone they can believe in. Minority men, to a white women, are heroic in what they have to deal with. Minority men, especially black men, trigger a response of empathy from white women where it's quite the opposite with minority women, especially black women, and how they see a white man.

    So, where white women want to "be open," do their part to fight racism, and gladly date/sleep with a black man, white men are like this too. The difference is, black people are and should be, after this country's HIStory, wary of white people. But, think about it. How would any of that history, which included black men being legally kept from white women, get in the way of a black man wanting a white woman? If anything it will make him want her more. And that white woman will of course go right along, just like white men would if black women wanted them like white women want black men.


  • Mary

    There's Michael Caine and Shakira Caine too.

  • Honestly

    We all know "race" shouldn't matter, but that that is naive. We all know there is a history in this messed up world, and this history has effected us differently (as have many factors, both personally and culturally.)

    I think there are two things to look at when it comes to attraction in interracial dating/mating/marriage.

    1. Culture and how one is affected by their race in that culture (on average, not everyone gets affected the same, but there are certain "realities" to being black in the US, for instance, to say the least.)

    2. Physical tendencies. (I.e., there are "thick" women who aren't black, and skinny sisters, but i think most would agree there are differences in body types (and reading here black women are very aware of their relative "thickness.")


  • LadySwag

    If a Sister makes a comment that you truly agree with, please don't forget to give her the thumbs up. That's how the Sisters roll.

  • NoThanxBye

    I just found this website and as much as i like it, I can't continue to read it without moderators. There is TOO MUCH hatred on the internet and these trolling comments need to be deleted. They are just here to dumb down the conversation, pander for attention and prevent the rest of us from sharing and bonding. All the good websites that I read have strict moderators and rules that eliminate the trolls. We know how much other races love to interrupt Black bonding. We shouldn't stand for that here.

  • Txangel25

    As a black female, I totally agree with you. Love is love to me, no need to categorize any group.

  • Creole Rican

    Well i'm Latina and Black and have had no problem finding love, it just so happens I am married to a white man. I did not go looking for him and neither did he looking for me. Love just happened! The ignorance of Miami Miami and tika to say a few are just silly. These two are truly unhappy, and have BIG self Esteem issues and their outlet is to find articles like these and make terrible comments. I am happy being LATINA miami miami and BLACK – oh and I do have beautiful Brown Carmel skin with thick long locks that are mine, pretty teeth, clear skin, 5'10" and Christian. I hope God renews and blesses your spirit.

  • rob

    I am a white male that married a black woman . Black woman are the best. Gabrielle Union is my dream wife LOL. I am black from the waist down and lesbian from the neck up


      THIS IZ 2 FUNNY!!!!

  • jim

    The black women in this story are the best looking in entertainment. Most black women are not very attractive, that is why black men are attracted to white women, who on average, are much better looking. Look at Oprah, fat, and has had lots of plastic surgery that hasn't helped.



    • black n bold

      black women have everlasting beauty, no wrinkles with age, we look young always, you must have life all confused, black women are far more beautiful than whites, you come across your occassional "pretty" white woman, but even they want to be something they're not, which is why they bleach their hair, get Botox injections (for fuller lips), want the big butts, etc. OUR BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, WE COME IN ALL SHADES AND SIZES, WE DOMINATE THIS WORLD, maybe your insecure and really want to be with a black woman but you already know deep down inside no black woman in her right mind would ever allow it……so please do us all a favor and get on before you get pissed on……

    • Mmiizzjay

      Hi Jim. I just so happen to be a black ffemale and consider myself fairly attractive. Wow, you must “Not Be Lookin” at some of the most unattractive Caucasian white women I have had the opportunity to meet on a daily basis.  Many of the white women I encounter on a daily basis are pale-skinned, with flat posteriors, and poor body builds.  Most of the “white women” that you find so appealing spend a great deal of their funds emulating the “black women” you find so unattractive. A great portion of white women are spending money to tan, enhance their lips, and get silicon injected “butts” to look like sisters.  Being black is awesome, because most white women over the age of 25 look approximately ten to 15 years older than they really are.

  • Yolanda

    Miami, Miami how old are you? Stop living in your fantasy world and get with reality. In the real world black woman are loved by MEN!! Black men that date or marry outside of their race are a very small portion. So if you or the media think that you are making us black woman feel any kind of way, you're not!! because we know what we have and believe me we have a lot going on!!!!


    Miami Miami go and get your welfare check and you FAMILY FIRST card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sound like an ugly toothless HATER. Hey stupid, who will marry you? You probably work in some restaurant washing dishes. Take you big butt and go to WALMART, STUPID!!!!!!!!

  • cassidy

    Nice Geri – not. Why do you sound like one who embarasses us as one like on Maury with 7 kids by 7 baby daddys and the guy already has 28 kids? Time to evolve that we are the HUMAN race and stop the hate!

  • Jay Morrow

    i do not see color. I have tried to be friends with blacks many times but i have found they really only care about their own race.What about all the other cultures?We can learn from all and should not have respect of persons,but I have found the blacks put other blacks first,no matter what.

  • G-Mama

    This is a HORRIBLE ARTICLE. I guess someone is trying to get famous.

  • G-Mama

    Is she for real? I can count on one hand how many SUCCESSFUL Latina woman there are. As far as beauty is concerned SOME of ya are cute but not ALL of ya. Also once you guys let yourselves go…. you really let yourselves GO. You line-up just like white woman to change things that you do not like about YOURSELF Your boobs,nose,and face. You try really hard to "look" like white woman. You have a lot of self hate among your race,and are some rather rauncy woman you have babies by MULTIPLE you are hemorrhaging OUR system,and your let your male counterparts treat you like crap. Black woman like men to validate themselves we just do not accept anything because a guy tells us were hot,and we need a warm body in our bed. A lot of our men that you get, are to afraid of a challenge that is why they pick you or white women. Oh BTW Vida Guerra have been through her pile of brother's,and NO ONE WANTS HER ANYMORE OR WANT HER AS THEIR WIFE just sayin'.

  • Moxy520

    Wow, can't believe some of the hatred I'm reading here.

    I don't care who dates or marries whom. All I know that as a white woman I would love to have darker skin. It just looks better and any white woman that denies that is lying to herself. Make up looks so much better on darker skin. Why else are white women killing themselves getting skin cancer to darken their skin? All women from all races or ethnicities are beautiful, but yes, I would love to have darker skin.

  • buckyray

    On the Justin Chamber section….you have a TYPO

    They have 5 lovely BIRACIAL children.

  • Get A CLUE!!!

    Unfortunately, most of what you have said about poorly educated Latinos applies to a majority of the African American youth today. Very few have any sort of command over the English language despite being born and raised in an English-speaking country. African American have one of the largest education problems in today's society; often times African American students underachieve because they feel they are not judged by the same standards. While I would certainly like to agree with your sentiment as part of the educated Black youth of America (a pitifully small portion it seems), I feel that these logical fallacies needed addressing.


  • Twisted Sista

    To my sisters of African descent, we should take a closer look at ourselves and the aesthetics of beauty to which we subscribe. Further, a bit of advice when we enter relationships with non-Black men (or any similar relationship): we should be aware of our reasons for being in those relationships. That we are loved and respected and that we love and respect those people based on non-superficial reasons and most of all that we are in those relationships on equal footing. Given the deep racism in this society that encourages hatred of people of African descent, it is incumbent upon us to respect ourselves and to command respect in our intimate relationships. People of African descent the world over are prone to self loathing given the long history of denigration of African people internationally, therefore it is important to keep these deeply rooted and poisonous attitudes out of our intimate relationships, with a zero tollerance rule. Peace.

  • Scott Summers

    The simple truth is that no one person/ethhnicity/person is homogeneous so none of your bickering matters, none of what this article says matters, none of what that annoying spanish fly Miami Miami says matters, she's flat out pathetic with her comments and obviously has her own personal reservations regarding black people. This goes for anyone who has anything to say similar to what she has. I may have digressed, but the point is that all of this arguing is futile because two expressions have something very true to say about beauty – its only skin deep, and it's in the eye of the beholder – so with your petty comments on this one site, you're looking pretty hideous. And as long as two people are attracted to each other and in love, nothing else matters. I've seen alot of people of many different ethnicities that I considered unattractive, but guess what, that didn't matter to their significant other. Neither does anything any of you have to say.

    We're all the human race, and all beautiful to someone, hopefully it's who really matters.

  • Twisted Sista

    This discussion should be expanded to include this unexpected turn to explore the racism that exists between Latinos and people of African descent as well as the racism and hatred that exists between women of different races and how that plays out in women’s fight for equality. It might begin the healing between women of different groups. It might help to clarify to the poster of Latin descent who seek to denigrate African aesthetics/beauty that many Latinos are of African ancestry with a substantial number throughout Latin America of obvious African descent. Therefore to classify Latinos in this very narrow way is to deny the existence of a large percentage of Latinos of African descent, which statistics show is a majority in countries such as Brazil. Peace.

  • Twisted Sista

    We Black women should be proud of who we are. We are the mothers of civilization. All humanity sprung from an African woman. So to denigrate Black women is to denigrate ourselves. As for the entire discussion about whether Latinas or white women are superior to Black women, it is a silly & shallow discussion. All this from what white men prefer. It doesn't matter who we love, so long as we are loved and love in return on an equal footing. The choices of people of who to love is a private matter. To use this forum to denigrate black female aesthetics is the core of the ignorance that plagues our society. The definition of a Latino is mestizo (mixture) & even in the acknowlegements of one poster of the sources of "Latino beauty," the ample posterior, the full lips, these are evidence of what comprises a Latino–African, European, Native American. I list African first, to emphasize that the very aesthetic the writer is proud of are those features that are primarily derived from their African ancestry. So at the same time that you denigrate African aesthetics, you contradictorily embrace them as the source of your beauty. Peace

  • David Blackburn

    Whatever makes one happy. I only hope that anyone dates another for the right reason, LOVE!

  • blssme

    lol, Miami Miami you sound like you are trying to convince yourself! I work in a community center, nothing but latina women with 5 kids in tow. I'll tell you one thing, they know nothing of birth control and love free services

  • Phil

    Black or white or whatever it does not matter. All that matters is if you are happy and can get along with your spouse!

  • Phil

    Black or white or whatever it does not matter. All that matters is if you are happy and can get along with your spouse!

  • redskin

    My goodness! How can you women degrade each other like this? Who cares about color? You cannot lump men, women, white, black or whatever into these rigid groups. Everyone is different and after a few more decades (or even presently) it will be hard to tell what race someone is anyway. Not that culture isn't important and shouldn't be celebrated, color is only skin deep. I love GOOD men of all races! My boyfriend's skin is the whitest of the white (lol) but he has the most soul of any man I have ever met which is why I fell in love with him. I hope if you haven't found the man of your dreams yet, you will soon no matter what color you or he is. Open your minds and your hearts because love does not know color.

  • Tom

    To be honest, most men in the world think black is ugly. this includes me. while many see black men as more masculine, this works good for women. but turn it around and "black and beautiful" are definitely seen as mutually exclusive.
    nobody want a black woman, everyone wants a white or asian woman. get over it. it's reality

  • guero

    Headline should read:

    "White Men in Hollywood WHO Woo Black Women"

    How about some basic grammar skills?

  • L.J




    • holaaaaa

      Great response, but use periods. And not CAPSLOCK. You have no idea how annoying it is, and people wont read it if it looks like this.

    • Anonymous

      I assume your book did not make it on Oprah because you lack the ability to use proper spelling and grammar, not to mention you have your capitalization's backwards here's a English lesson for you after a period 2 spaces and a Capital letter and the other letters are lower case. Your Welcome.

  • I'm on fire

    I am married to a whiteman and we have an adorable little boy, while my hubby is white I rearly think of his skin colour. We have a great relationship, one I would not trade for anything.

    • Broham415

      another sellout u ain’t black laying down with the slave owner go see amistad the n word from him will come it’s in his dna

      • Mrs. Dee Schwartz

        are all the blackboys who squire white women sell outs?

      • Deafer

        Wow! Your message you typed is SO SAD. And SO racist.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    FYI as a Black Woman from England, Kate will NEVER be Queen. Just because she lucked up and married William's bald headed @$$ does not make her Queen of England, even IF he becomes King of England. What it does make her is a "Consort" which basically means jack. And the future King of England had no choice as far as who he dated race/ethnicity wise, even in 2011 trust…

  • Black and proud

    Reply for ayan899 –
    If you were to fill out a form about your ethnicity there would not be a category for muslim or eastern african. Muslim is not an ethnic group it is a religion, neither is eastern african an ethnic group it is a geographical area in Africa. Thought i'd clarify seen as you seem confused about your identity, take @sexandmuffins advice open a book and educate yourself!

    • ayan899

      wow lol i dont live in america and thereofore never had to fill a form about my ethnicity , and if i were too i would classify myself as a somali and check where it says "other" because Africa is a huge continent and is the second most diverse continent in the world and therefore has multiple ethnicities- obviously i dont expect people to know all of them but i do think they should know the geographical region in africa they come from- ( e.g. north africans are different from west africans) in many ways- and yes there are dark north africans that are arabs but they would not consider themselves to be black – african yes but NOT Black- so i suggest you open a book and educate yourself cuz clearly you do not know much about what ethnicity means but i dont blame you many people don't !

      • G-Mama

        Black,and proud already got ya! Want some ice for that burn?

      • Twisted Sista

        Ayan: Thankfully you do not live in the U.S. we Black folks here are much better off without you. But perhaps you do not live here because you were not let in and we are blessed for that reason. You are right, other nations do not have the racial classifications that we have here in the U.S. for better or worse. Nevertheless, we are referring to Iman, not you and she has lived in west long enough to understand the racial categories that exist here with all its limitations and does not run away nor turn her back on being classified as one of us. People of African ancestry throughout the West are referred to as Black, Negro, Moreno, Noire etc. As far as a I am concerned, you have the right to self identify, nevertheless to do so by denigrating other people of African descent is ignorant and foolish. I guarantee you that if you were to live in the west you would immediately be classified as Black and you would eventually understand and embrace it once you realize what an honor it is to be thus classified. Anyway, since you do not live here, you have no business commenting on an issue to which you have no knowledge. Peace & Blessings.

  • Black and proud

    Reply for ayan899 –
    Iman has a black and indian/asian heritage, if you were to ask an indian/asian what race they would define Iman to be they would say black or mixed race not indian/asian. How come your skin colour, hair, features and figure doesn't look exactly the same as an indian/asian? I think you need to do some extensive research on your heritage, because your making yourself look very unintelligent. You need to be proud of your mixed heritage and try not to be a race your are not as that makes you look pathetic. Why would you diss a race you are mixed with I have never heard something so absurd in my life!

    • Yasmine

      Oh god the irony! Iman happens to be full Somali, with no Indian or Arab or any type of Asian heritage, just like the majority of Somalis. It seems like you need to do beyond extensive research in general, because you are not intelligent, but then again, I would be underestimating you, as you are clearly incompetent of comprehending valid information. Give yourself a challenge and bring ACTUAL authentic sources.

  • Black and proud

    Reply for Reaper –
    Apes run America wow I have never heard anything like this before?! The last time I checked the president of America is a man that is mixed with black, does that make him half ape? So he's half human half ape? can you see what I am getting at with this comment? Your comment is pathetic and shows how uneducated you are. I think you need to enrol back into school sweetie, because someone looks very dumb!! lol I'm sure it was a white person that said the human race were formed from apes, I'm sure you have heard of evolution. Not that I believe in it as it's not a logical theory I believe God created the human race.

  • guest

    ayan899…If none of these women were well known, and were all sitting in a room, no one would know Iman was Somali. She looks like any other Black woman with a weave. Besides, why should you be offended? Here's a clue. Iman does not try to distance herself from the Black community. When speaking about her early days in modelling, she often self-identifies as either a Black woman or a woman of color. Black women love her, especially when she came out with a beautiful cosmetic line that Black women could wear. She is at ease with being called a Black women, and we all know it. And now you know too. The article could have been titled 'White Men in Hollywood that Woo African-American Women' and she would still be included.

  • SMH

    Come on, now you're being just as racist as she is.

  • Black Girls Rock.

    LOL, took the words right out of my mouth. Ah, man it's amazing the stuff ppl say on here. When ppl don't have to be confronted for their opinions everything hangs out! I find it quite amusing. Ignorance is not bliss.

    She should come to my hood. Black women run this town, ATL that is!

  • ayan899

    this really pisses me off! somali women are not black- or at least the definition of what black is in the west- we do not uphold the black culture or should be associated with the black community – we are east africans and are muslims , our culture and traditions are nothing close to what the 'black culture" or black people are known to be or have in america so why put the model iman on here- and present her as a black woman ?? im very offended as a somali young woman

    • black just means race not culture sweetie. open a book.

    • Black and proud

      Iman has a black and indian/asian heritage, if you were to ask an indian/asian what race they would define Iman to be they would say black or mixed race not indian/asian. How come your skin colour, hair, features and figure doesn't look exactly the same as an indian/asian? I think you need to do some extensive research on your heritage, because your making yourself look very unintelligent. You need to be proud of your mixed heritage and try not to be a race your are not as that makes you look pathetic. Why would you diss a race you are mixed with I have never heard something so absurd in my life!

    • G-Mama

      No one cares,and by the way David Bowie is gay yea ya know how to pick them!

  • Umm, yeah…

    What are you talking about? Shut up! It's your life, love whom ever you want. If you care so much about others approval of who you're dating, you're the one with insecurities.

  • Lover of God!

    What would Jesus do ? If we would think like Jesus there would be no problems with race. After all we don`t know what race God will be! Brotherly love and concern for lost souls would go a long way in making this world a better place to live. This worlds gone crazy because God has been put in last place. Prayer has never hurt anyone that I know of , we should do a lot more of it. I`m sure the world would be a better place to live In. Signed Lover of God!

    • Guest


  • msndpndnt

    True, there is often an unfair double standard – but it's not an apples to apples comparison. The truth is that most black women prefer black men. The reality is that there aren't enough to go around. Another truth is that the dominant culture dictates and perpetuates a beauty standard that negates and/or relegates afro-centric beauty, So when black men shun black women for white women, with all of the cultural and historical baggage, it does mean something different. Sorry. It's just the way it is. The same way black comedians can get away with "white guy" jokes – or women can publicly refer to men in derogatory terms. Clearly – that is a double standard. But the power structure isn't threatened or reordered. Anyway – that's my two cents. Take it into consideration and exhale.

  • Reaper

    Why chase she-boons when there are good looking white women out there; you ape-lovers make me puke!

    • Black and proud

      Apes run America wow I have never heard anything like this before?! The last time I checked the president of America is a man that is mixed with black, does that make him half ape? So he's half human half ape? can you see what I am getting at with this comment? Your comment is pathetic and shows how uneducated you are. I think you need to enrol back into school sweetie, because someone looks very dumb!! lol I'm sure it was a white person that said the human race were formed from apes, I'm sure you have heard of evolution. Not that I believe in it as it's not a logical theory I believe God created the human race.

  • GRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr, that should be "…would the MALE equivalent be?" Talk about needing an editor.

  • Love all

    Some of the comments here are really depressing me. Miami Mami you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Beauty comes in all shades and is found everywhere on this earth. Its sad that far too many refuse to aknowlege this simple fact.

    When I first lay eyes upon a female that I am attarcted to I am not thinking "That's a good looking black lady" or "Now thats one fine Asian", all I am thinking is "Wow, now that is a beautiful alluring WOMAN, let me go over there and introduce myself."

  • Amy

    Typo in my comment – defending THEIR race
    -INTIMIDATED by our success

  • Kevin M

    Rather than focusing on who has the biggest butt, or best hair, how about this: Let's try to raise our children to SEE color and being different as good things. My friends and I enjoy each other because we're so different. It would be pretty boring if we were all the same. Welcome to planet Bland. Let's all go to the Gap(no offense to the Gap) One last thing, Women (all women) are beautiful. By the grace of God, you give life. Men help, but you guys do all the work. Peace.

  • Lea

    Why do you have to use dialect, even in print, that separates you from regular people? Sistah? That's not a word. Since this is an online publication of sorts, why don't you write so that educated people will respect your writing and not think we are strolling Harlem or something? You put up more divisions than you take down. Must be a profit in being "special" rather than just like the rest of us.

  • This article was worth it to check out the chicks.

    Otherwise, they are all pink you know where.

    Even Thomas Jefferson had a thang for that thang.

    I retract this tasteless and crude comment.

  • Kevin M

    While we are all created equal, how we're treated seems to be a different story. I think for every successful Anglo-American, I'm confident there is a Latino, African-American, Asian-American, or whatever-American counterpart. Whether they're male or female. Perhaps we should try to be the best versions of ourselves. If that means getting hair weaves, or tanning, or colligan injections for your lips; I think that 's your business. But, if someone doesn't pick you because of these things, or the lack there of, its their choice

  • Kevin M

    I can't believe the things I've been reading on this website. I have never posted a comment on any website for any reason, until now. Have we all been reduced to, "I'm better than you," or "my race is better than yours." Really? You don't have to have a degree of any type to know that there's smart people in every ethnic group, and stupid people in every ethnic group. There is a huge difference between preference and predjudice. And, because we live in the land of the free-we get to choose. I'm glad I can say that I know people from everywhere…..different ethnic backgrounds, different colors, religions, and I want to say WOMEN-God bless you all. You all have something to offer. Given the fact that women still make less than men in the workplace, I would hope that you would stick together (strength in numbers) to try and level the playing field.

  • White guy


    Just wanted to say that your comments were great.

    PPS The Obamas are a great couple. I think everyone in the US can be proud of them.

  • Karen

    Can I get an AMEN! You articulated that beautifully.

    • day5628

      yes, she did BUT….. not every african American is from a Queen or King!!! Just like every white american is not descended from royalty!!! However, we live in America where all can and should achieve the highest honors that we can!!! Go President Obama….leader of all of us…black, white, hispanic etc!!!

  • Natalia

    Is story really necessary? Just ran across it and I'm shaking my head. Who cares what white men think? This story makes black women look desperate which many of us are not. I just skimmed through the gallery and shook my head.

  • Ashlye

    I don't see why people have to hate on this… Point blank either the guys tried or it works for them. It's not dealing with black or white or purple, but chemistry. Not gold diggers and people trying to make the "perfect" looking baby.

    I'm black, laid back, always lived in the suburbs of Conn and in Eastern Penn; where I have proudly dates white guys.

  • Lauren

    there is a certain truth to what the OP said…

  • browniegirl360

    Thank goodness I don't and never cared about who black men prefer, besides…who is this albert dude anyway?

  • Myname

    #1 They are not BLACK children. They are MIXED/MULATTO. Typical black ppl showing they're failures. And Odumbo is black as well. LOL LOL LOL

    • Myname

      I should say their. It PISSES ME OFF!

  • lopp

    In the words of beloved bernie Mac "listen up you squares" It will never change..

  • Quest

    Beauty has to do with the character of a person, and not outward appearance.
    This is just supposed to be an entertaining article. You know, not really that
    important. Love people that love you. Nevermind those that don't.
    IMHO – black sista. LOL.

  • niknik

    naomi campbell and paula paton r married on the list, not tht marriage proves anythng anymore w all the infidelity these days lol-bt i do agree w the double standard u mentioned somewhat.the thng is black women r classifed so frequently as unnattractive-whn a white woman has n attitude shes being"assertive"bt when a black woman does the same its considered manly,not submissive, emasculating,etc.its ok tons of white celebrities wear weave bt black women arent allowed to-i thnk the article was dun2uplift black women esp since CNN jst released an article tht black women r considered unattractive-4once to feel luv&acceptance(look at the horrible comments mami mami posted) now we look desperate?jeez

  • Don Ror

    There are a lot of sick white men in Hollywood who have no standards. At least Tiger Woods had some "taste."

  • ChocolateBaby

    This may be hard to listen to for some but, deserves a hearing. Black women, we need to be reasonable and reconnect with ourselves as we did back in the day. Then, we can reconnect with our Black men in the kind of love which is in fact the envy of the world when it is pure.. Michael, you are on target here.

  • Most hispanic people agree with Miami Mami. I live in Miami. If they are cuban gosh its even worst. I can ennuciate and be educated and funny all I want people will still refrain from giving me the time of day because I have dark skin and kinky hair. I have been rejected more times than I can count. Oh and another thing white women tan to have color an not be washed out. They like fuller lips because it makes them look exotic with their narrow dainty noses.They dont want to look black. Black women are not desperate to validate theirselves by white men standards but who's world are we living in? Miami Mami is not doing us justice by saying things like being ghetto and tattoos but who are we to say that her other assesments about white men not wanting us are not true. I like this slideshow, but some of the things she said really hurt me. It hurt me because its true. And why is it that the only married inrerracial couple here with a handsome white guy is Robin Thicke and Paula Patton? I have yet to see a gorgeous white man with a beautiful black woman. All the women are beautiful yet they are with some ugly white dudes?

  • guys we are missing the point here. i live in miami. over 50% of the people are hispanic. id say that 80% of those hispanics think this way. especially cubans. u might be married to one person that thinks differently but that pails in comparison to the amount of people who do not like us. i know first hand ladies ennunciating my words and being intelligent does not combat my dark skin and kinky hair. thats all they see. u might say that its ignorance but is it really when half or more than half of the population feels the same way? the thing about being black that bothers me is that we all think that everyone wants to be like us and they are jealous. its not the case. white girls dont tan to look african black they want fuller lips yes but they still retain that dainty nose which makes them look exotic. this woman does not say good things is a correct assesment but aside from ghetto and tattoos who are we to say that a few of these things about us being un-wanted are untrue? we are not desperate for validation from the white man, but who's world are we living in?

    • Lady

      I live in Canada and I've never felt unwanted in general by men. Stop the victimization talk.

  • Patty

    I am confused by this "testing the waters" thing. I don't think Brad Pitt or any of these men were "testing the waters." Their relationship simply did not work out, it had nothing to do with them being black or white, it had to do with personalities not meshing. I do agree that some men may be more attracted to a black woman or a white woman but if they don't connect on a personal level it will never work out.

  • pfft

    I've never liked white men. Can't see myself getting old with them. Yea, I know I sound superficial, but I'm a woman who looks ten years younger then my actual age, and honestly, outside of Hollywood, whites age horribly. Sorry. Yea, I know it's superficial but it's my preference. But if sisters feel their winning because they snagged a white man, more power to them. I just don't get the hype over whites in general when there are so many more less bland and appealing flavors out there to explore.

    • pfft

      I meant "they're" not " their" sorry about that.

  • joeengine

    Look around you and you will see unatractive and attractive people of every race. There are so many good looking African Americans that grace the covers of publications and city side walks. Look around and you will see many on the arms of pale faced european men.

  • Amy

    For the black people that are defending their race I don't have a problem with that, but don't stoop to these ignorant people's level, because we as black people are better than that and are far more educated than these people who would submit such racist comments.

  • Amy

    I can't believe the comments I am reading on this page, every comment I have read I have had to nod my head in shame! It clearly shows how uneducated and uncivilised you people are. I am just in total and utter shock that you all would submit such racist and ignorant comments. I am absolutely disgusted!

  • say_anything

    you sound like an idiot. do you even have a high school education?

  • say_anything

    with all these white guys dating black women how come i cant find one? geez.

  • Jeanine


  • mocha

    You are silly…..aren't you in the least bit embarrassed to be writing these kinds of things?

    • jp293

      one word: troll

  • mocha

    Baaaahahahahaaa! Paint job! I love it…..so true!

  • mocha

    Since BEFORE Jesus 😉

  • hht3


    Think about it?

  • Many Black men are dating White women because they were prohibited territory by law and today they Black man want to taste the prohibited fruit. But the White women want to repossess the Black man like they used to back in the days.

  • ChelmChick

    What is a thesbian? Do you by chance mean thespian?

  • mocha

    I am from Honduras also. Most people who are focused on race (dare i say this), are more likely to be from a 3rd world country, or have roots from there. I think the United States is moving away from all of that stuff, but when people come from places where that is the focus, the color thing also comes with them. It's what they've learned from wherever. The sad part, is it perpetuates things that the U.S. is trying to leave behind.

  • itsmeagain

    My husband is a white male and I am an African American woman. He MARRIED me because I am, not because I am black. He love the person I am and I love the person that I am with him (very happy). As a younger woman, I listened to stupid people who said that you have to stay with your own race, that you have to beware of white men who liked black women because they just want a maid (said by jealous black men) or there is no way a white man can truly love you he just wants you physically (said by lonely, jealous, and often racist white men). But realistically I found that my husband treats me good, and I treat him good. He is beautiful, smart, interesting and funny. He loves everything about me as well, the real me. So all this stuff about what white men like is weird, everyone likes his own thing and those who make generalizations about what white men like or what others prefer are a special kind of stupid ( generalization). See that did not work for you either. So stop making generalizations and find something better to do.

  • peachpie

    I dated a white boy for 2 years in the eighties. the chemistry gave me goose bumps, A beautiful experience i would not have missed for the world. Celebrate your differences. I love it.

  • LadySwag

    What speaks volumes is the fact that you hate black women so much you feel the need to hover over the formus where we converse with each other. That says a lot about you. No go get that tan. We know you're ashamed of being pale. It's not about tanning to try to look black, it's about tanning because pale skin looks sickly. That's why the tanning industry is a multi-million dollar per year enterprise. Tanning pills, lotions, wipes, sprays, there's even (illegal) tanning injections. LMAO! You'll even risk skin cancer to get that deep, dark tan!

  • LadySwag

    Well if they went black in the first place, then obviously they didn't want YOU! So simple, even a caveman could understand….then again, maybe not. LMAO!

  • Louise

    I have a question. On the Robert Deniro page, it says he has "….five beautiful (black) children with….." Why does it say "black" in parenthesis? Aren't they "half white" or just "children"? I have always been confused about this. My husband has black relatives, yet he and our kids look very white. Are they black because they have some black blood? Or aren't they just "children"? It seems there is a lot of controversy about this and I am really confused about how people decide.

  • Charlie

    What a bunch of noobs!

    Black, white or oriental, my preference is for intelligent, funny, good looking, self assured and well educated women.

    In a century or two, everyone will be some sort of mixed race and ethnicity anyway, so the whole racial thing is paseé!

    Get over it.

    Oh, yeah- by the way- I'm a white hispanic.

  • Jordan

    The white race and the Hispanic ethnic group(since they are not a race) are useless. One stole the entire world with weapons made by other races and another are immigrant leeches, who leech off of the black race and speak a language given to them by white males. Never understood what was so great about either of those races. To each their own, I would disown my daughter if she ever came home with a Hispanic or white neanderthal, just stating facts.

  • Jordan

    The white race and the Hispanic ethnic group(since they are not a race) are useless. One stole the entire world with weapons made by other races and another are immigrant leeches, who leech off of the black race and speak a language given to them by white males. Never understood what was so great about either of those races. To each their own, I would disown my daughter if she ever came home with a spic or white neanderthal, just stating facts.

  • guest

    these comments are sad

  • PhD in common sense

    Miami Mami you are either a 12yr. old or suffer from mental illness

  • LadySwag

    Who said white men desire black women only? You don't think any white guys are into black women? Google it! and after you do that, hit up YouTube to see video after video of BW with other races of men, marrying them and raising families. After that, hit up the sites specifically geared for white men and black women. When your dizzy ass is finished with that task, check out the Census Bureau's stats that white men/black women is the fastest growing interracial pairing…..it didn't say the largest paring, it said the FASTEST GROWING. Nice try, Mi Mi, but you need to GTFOHWTBS!

    PS: About Prince William; who gives a damn if he's with a white woman, he's not with YOU! LMAO! There's all kinds of blogs, vlogs, message boards and forums in cyberspace for BW/WM, and this dame is clueless.

    Of course you're unaware that your statement " How comes Argentina, Brazilian, Colombian, Latina, South American, Continental European, Nordic and now Asian women are scooping up rich elite white men like it is going out of style?" makes you all look like COMPLETE gold diggers. Which is what many men claim you are! LMBAO!

    Leave their weaves out of it and they'll do the same for your flat asses, silicone-injected lips and botox-ed skin. Plastic surgeons are making too much $$$ from bishes like you.

    • James

      I’m white, and I all I have to say was that this post was hot!

  • sprfn

    delusional! —– "American men (all races) seem to love blondes and brunettes from Argentina. Jealous?"

    LOL yeah, right ……. that's the word out on the street. — LOL How old are you? No one of any age or experience could portray such blantant ignorance.

    you're totally tripping.

  • Nina

    I will PRAY for you…whether you care or not, I will PRAY for you……

  • Steve J

    I gotta say One more thing. IMAN IS STILL FOINE at 60

  • Steve J

    Please show this to all the Essence crazies who were hating on Reggie Bush

  • La Donna

    I feel really bad for you. May God have mercy on your soul. You are full of so much hate.

  • Phil in Atlanta

    I'm confused by a statement made about Justin Chambers and Keisha. They have 5 children – a white parent and a black parent. How can the kids be considered black???? Why not white? Why not just "children"? This is all kind of silly claiming race rights for children of multi-racial or mixed-heritage parents. Mixed-heritage – new PC term I thought of so I don't have to use the word "racial" and be less divisive.

    • mocha

      No, because the word "mixed" seems to connote confusion. What about "blend?" 🙂

  • james

    please ignore the haters, black women are lovely and any man would be proud to date one

  • Shannae

    When a white man and a black woman have children (whether it's 5 or 1) isn't that child bi-racial aka mixed. Just saying, as one myself I hate to be labeled as one race when I am wonderfully two! BTW Obama is bi-racial too!

  • Miss Segenation

    Puke making Barnyard Fun.

  • Getserious

    You sound very uneducated as well as ignorant. But of course most Latina women are that is why they TRY to married outside their race. They are only good to scrub toilets and have Bastard kids(ie BAENA).

  • RFF

    Wow, all this anger, hate & fear for a puff piece about celebrity relationships? Sheesh.

  • Hmmm…

    People like this ^ make me wonder why some Black women would ever even consider one date with a White guy…gross

  • Truestar

    Dear Miami I'm a black woman from England and I dont know what the hell you keep on bringing up Prince William as some justification. He is a person with integrity who would be horrified at your comments.

    No he didnt marry a black woman. He married a white woman who he knew for a long time and loved. IT was always going to be that way. But if you think he chose not to marry a black woman you may be right – but he sure wouldnt have married your latin butt – with a figure that always seems to go south with no waist as soon as you hit 40 – either.

    The white people barely make any difference between you and us you fool. Keep on hating…

  • Medu


  • Medu



  • bob smith

    I live down south right now , and I will never understand why "intelligent people" get all worked up about this. People intermingle. Believe it or not the U.S. is still a melting pot. Get over it. I've been with Black women since I was 18ys. old. I'm white. Black guys do the same thing. So what? When you grow up you may have to deal with the ramifications of having interracial kids. So what? Either you deal with it or you don't. Get over it. Bye.

  • lepfan

    How about Phil Collen of Def Leppard? He's been married to two black women and has a child with a black woman as well.

  • catlady1

    Look at these men, white women would not probably put up with all their crap, but black ones will. They are looking for money and someone to take care of them or the notarity of the paring. They never think of what the kids will have to live through since they are almost not aware of the total world anyway. These kids will always be treated different by blacks and whites, on DWTS Hins Ward said neither race wanted him until he went into football, what a terrible thing to do to a child. Anyway, these men are powerful, overbearing men and these women let themselves be treated anyway the men want too. Its the same with black men marrying white women, they think it brings them up in the world, well it doesn't, most look like the trash they marry. Utterly digusting.

  • Miami is a dirty, beaner-infested craphole, but it's even funnier that the black whackjobs here like Lisa and blackcutie are fighting about who's the nastiest. What the hell is this site anyway?

  • johnplantagenet

    Totally, I still can't believe that Prince William married a white chick. Unbelievable. LOL

    • AmarettoSweet

      HAHAHAH! Sarcasm – Served with a Smile! Love it!

  • Mishelle

    I'm not sure how many black women you have actually come in contact with or where you have come in contact with them. Get over yourself! I would love to see you at 40 or 50. Any black man who would dare have a relationship with individuals who would say something so demeaning and mean about someone who could be their mothers, sisters, or other female relatives is beyond me. I don't necessarily blame you women for thinking they are so much better than black women (your big butts, hair, skin, etc.). I blame our worthless men who let the world know they don't think much of us. Too bad for black women that we stuck by them when no one else gave a damn about them.

  • theobc

    you sound ignorant. the majority of men are attracted to any women who is ATTRACTIVE. and, most men who spend enough time around a woman and gets to know her and based on the chemistry will find that women attractive and once that happens, being a man he will pursue her regardless of color.

  • JJT

    As a member of the human race, I am both ashamed and saddened by many of these horrific comments. It pains me to think my children may possibly come in contact with some of you racists someday. Don't worry though; they'll be prepared for you!!

    I feel sorry for your mothers. You have embarrassed them; and I'm sure they raised you better.

    I am a black woman and I'm married to a half Asian half Black man. We have three beautiful BLACK children. I say BLACK because the world will see them based on how they look (and they look Black). But I must say, I think articles like these should never be printed. It just perpetuates silliness like this. All this hatred back and forth. How childish?

    Stick to the golden rule people: Love your neighbor as you would love yourself. It's really easier than you think.

    — JJT

  • Tiffany Bubbles

    Wow Miami Mami!

    Insipid, inane, vapid — know those words. Yep, they're all you love.

  • Cole Younger

    For me, a white male, some black women are attractive, but generally once they start to speak their appeal goes out the window.

  • Veritas

    Victoria Uwumarogie needs to learn a little about language if she wants to appear educated. It is "White Men in Hollywood WHO Woo Black Women", not "that woo black women".

  • Guesst

    well said.

  • Guest

    Actually lots of famous black men are with very attractive black women.

    You're a moron.

  • Guest


    You're a fool. I've been in much of Latin America. To say all women there have their booties and small waist and nice hair is fool-hardy. Like anywhere else some folks are attractive, a few more stunningly so, and many are not attractive at all.

    Get an education.

  • Anthony

    Haynesworth still needs his az whupped like Cuba, Taye, OJ and those other fools who think getting a white female is a status symbol when its nothing more than going to the pound to get a dog. The only difference being, she can speak english. That goes for sisters too.

    • Mrs. Dee Schwartz

      you left out the dumbe of them all. tiger

  • nsan

    im from honduras. garifuna, mestiza, and caracola.

  • Anthony

    I think it was Marcus Garvey that said something like not being able to take all black folks back to Africa because if they are useless over here, they would be useless over there. I'm sure he was talking about those of us that engage in this nonsense.

  • simon0045

    You validate my comment. I am black. I am not attracted to black women because MOST of them are like you–bitter, cynical, angry, stubborn, racist, angry, jealous, did I say angry? You, sistah, are UGLY. I don't have to see what you look like to tell you that you are UGLY. How do you expect a bruthah to touch, hold, and hug a foul-mouthed skank like you?
    And what a liar you are! Of COURSE, you're jealous of "these women." (BTW, that's kinda like "you people.")
    I wish black women would chill and be just a tiny bit feminine. Maybe then, and only then, will a bruthah like me give you even a glance.

    • sprfn

      your're pathetic, man. pathetic.

  • Lisa

    It so sad they way ppls talk and think.!1st off God made us all.To eaches own,Whatever a human being want,they will get.It sad 4 one race 2 talk about another one bcuz regardless what we do down here on earth,God will b the only judge,so lets establish that.For those who r always tryna put black women down,U have 2 look within yourself and wonder Y would U speak such negative things out of ur mouth.As I always say If u Knew better than u would,speak,breathe and think better.I am a beautiful intelligent "BLACK WOMAN"and its not a Woman on earth that could bring such jealousy out of me,Bcuz what ever God has 4 u is 4 u.Lets put God 1st b4 we speak and maybe,just maybe better words would come out our traps.Try 2 b Christ like{4 those who no about Christ}and u would a beautiful individual……………………

  • marc

    The article is interesting but the comments are even more so. My dad is white and my mom is black, they married for and are still in love after 61 years. They raised two successful, color-blind children that are at ease anywhere and with anyone, and respect everyone. Miami Miami represented butt size, curves, and hair and skin quality as important attributes in a relationship but never mentioned character, compassion, or intelligence. Eventually butts sag or inflate, hair grays, curves disappear, and the Miami sun will turn skin to leather – what then?

  • guest

    Did anyone mention the 'thesbian' typo on the Chris Noth pic? I assume not since it is still there.

  • Jay

    Attorney General Eric Holder's wife is NOT black, she's white…just stating for clarification.

    • simon0045

      Holder's half white.

  • Proud Latina

    Your just racist and insecure. People who are secure in themselves don't feel the need to clump a race together and put other women down..So ignorant…Its so simple to see that.lol..get over yourself Mami.

  • DangerousDivot

    I agree with the person who posted that articles like this are pathetically funny and sad. "Articles like this really do make black women look desperate and craving for white male approval. This site and a large segment of its readers are… hypocrites. GOD save US all!!

  • Wesley Moore

    Did you forget about George Lucas? He's been with Mellody Hobson for several years now.

  • Whatever makes you happy makes me happy too. I love it when my Brothas get with my Sistas. Unfortunately sometimes this is not the case. OK If you don't know who you are who am I to judge? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hey where canI find a "bee" holder?

  • No mention of Ron Perlman? He's been married to his beautiful wife Opal since 1981 with 2 grown successful children. Let's give it up for the "love is colorblind" and move forward into this century.

  • Nicole

    It is better to keep your mouth shut so that others can only guess regarding your intellect than to speak and remove all doubt. YOUR IGNORANCE KNOWS NO BOUNDS!!!!! EDUCATION IS KEY!!

  • Lexi

    You came all the way on a site like this to be ignorant and prejudice? you're a joke my dear and the true definition of a troll.

    Prince William married a White girl…okay…LOL what point are you making?, and Bill Clinton married a White woman. I don't see why you would bring him up in the first place? are you confused or just stupid? a little bit of both I say.

    I think it's great if a Black man chooses to date outside of his ethnic group half my family is mixed up with White,Latino, Asian and NAtive Americans all due to interracial dating. As a Black girl who is with a White guy now I don't see your point in telling Black women we need a White mans approval or saying White men don't want us. I'm with a White guy and have always been approached by them, the only kind of approval I seek in my life is from my parents. Next time speak from facts not from your own crappy opinion. You're posts drips in insecurity, ignorance and jealousy. As for your golden tan comment really? ROFL Black women are the main ones with golden tan, deep dark decadent, caramel complexions. Black women are extremely diverse when it comes to skin color.No one i running any game. Get out of the cheap reality TV talk, this is real life. Brazil has the highest percentage of Black people my dear…so do some research. Black women in Miami with afros? nothing more fierce than that. I've been to Miami and always have a good time and get hit on. I see beautiful women of every color, maybe the ones you are surrounded with are ugly because you yourself are one of them, bet that never crossed your small closed mind. In closing since I don't want to keep rambling. You simply fail.

  • MarcAnthony

    LOL, no, LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Sounds like you tried and couldn't get any! Damn, you must be PA-thetic. LOL

  • zina

    Wow that Miami chic is a trooooooooooollllllllll. Love is Love and nothing alse matter.

  • Jeff H in TX

    You forgot Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee LEON RUSSELL.

  • Khaira

    Reading all this comments makes feel like there is no hope in having unity amongst women of color lets go beyond the skin color, we all need love and crave attention whether it be from our own kind of men or any other race. I myself a Mexican women married an Arab man and I am very happy in my marriage, eventhough they might some differences in our culture which are miner to me. I believe every women has its own special beauty and nobody should think otherwise there will always be someone out there just for you. Salam to you all women that see no boundaries when it comes to love.


    I don't see what's the big deal about race. If you find someone you love and care for than race shouldn't matter. Yeah, they're people in the world who are racist, but people who care for each other wouldn't even care what people think. I don't care if people of two different races get together just as long as they are happy. Just like if people are gay or bi-sexual if that's how they feel than let them be. Who are we to decide what's okay? Everyone is a human being it's just that we all have some differences. Some people are darker some are lighter. Some people feel like they should be in love with the same sex. When it comes to me and that's how you feel, I could still be your friend as long as honesty and support backs you up.

  • Queen

    I have to agree with you, If you look at these pictures, they look like "fronts". I was a front for men (of all colours), no intimacy obviously, and Paula Patton makes women (especially us women of color) look trashy.

  • Mike

    I can definitely see why blacks would be ecstatic about marrying a white, as it´s breeding up. But whites mating with blacks is breeding down, so as a white person I´m against interracial marriage, and even dating, cause blacks got aids and all sorts of sexual diseases. Nah, I´ll stick to whites mates.

  • Kimberly

    You are an idiot!!! WE ARE NOT INFERIOR TO ANY WOMEN!!! We are the standard!!! & anyway, even if we do date White Men, (which MOST OF US DON"T) we all ALL the same, except color & culture!!! We can date whomever we want to!!!


    BLACK WOMAN W/ NO INTEREST EVER IN A WHITE MAN!!!! …but they ALL try to be w/ Me!!!

    • Jforce 1

      Yeah!!! Kim, whats up with that, seem like wolf in sheeps clothes. Another bad article was ” why are blacks killing blacks” they posted by Sinead O’Connor in the wake of Trayvon Martin murder, so whites don’t kill whites i guess???

      • Mrs. Dee Schwartz

        yeah ask jodie aras

      • Saywhat

        The leading cause of death among blacks is murder by other blacks. Yes, whites kill whites but not in the alarming numbers that blacks kill blacks. Blacks also kill whites in much higher numbers than whites kill whites.

    • Saywhat

      You make no sense. First black woman are “the standard” (very racist comment BTW) then in the next breath, we are all the same and we can date who we want, then “which MOST OF US DON’T.” You need help, first with your writing skills, secondly with your anger and lack of clarity.

  • Boston

    Did anyone ever think not to respond to the negative comments. I f you don't respond then their opinion is a non factor on this topic

  • Roxy

    Folks still hating on Sisters! We love ourselves and every group of men love us! doesn't matter if we marry, we still GOT your MAN regardless of color, LOL! We smart enough to enjoy our lives without the headaches of certain titles! LOL!

    Keep hating and we will keep getting taken care of financially and physically by your so-called MAN!

  • It's true that an unfair, discriminatory, and narrow-minded beauty standard is put forward by way too many in society, but it's getting offensive and tired to see people of mixed black and white ancestry being referred to as "half-breeds". That's insulting. I ain't no "half-breed". I happen to be a human being who happens to be the daughter of a Black mother and White father. This is just as insulting as another commenter I saw on a separate thread referring to non-mixed race individuals as "full breeds". Are we talking about HUMAN BEINGS or dogs?

  • Denise

    I am a black female and I have dated both black and white men…it's really no big deal.

  • scir91onyoutube

    halle berry and that white model guy

  • Jane

    This is a non-issue. Human beings who like and date other human beings. Why is this an article? Waste of space.

  • gary lloyd


    Honestly, can't we do better than that?

  • Guest

    Any Black woman dumb enough to fall for this deserves what ever she gets. Can I say Halle Berry!

  • Katrunna

    When shall we expect the follow-up article discussing black men in Hollywood who date white women. Let's keep it equitable.

  • HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! you are out of your mind! black men and every other man is looking! getting a man to look is not a hard thing to do. I get checked all day by brown, white and whatever other colors you have made up….we are being shown love around the world …..WHATEVER LMAO!!!!! YOU just don't like us. Funny how so many don"t want the gorgeous other types of women to feel as beautiful as they are!!!!!!

  • Chris R.

    There is an anti-white sentiment in the article's title, in the way that it uses "That" instead of the grammatically-correct "Who." "Who" must always be used to refer to humans, without exception. "That" and "Which" are only used to refer to non-humans. I know that, as a white male, I am viewed as subhuman by many non-white people, but I still merit the word "who" when referencing me in a sentence.

    I would like to know the reasoning behind the statement "Because behind every successful man, there just has to be a black woman!" I know it was intended ironically, but still. This could have, and would have, been a good article if the author had not gone so overboard. Another example is the statement "They married in ’93, and have five, count ‘em, five beautiful (black) children together." Well, Justin Chambers is white, and his wife Keisha looks to be biracial, so their kids would be about 25% black. Even if she's 100% black, the kids would be half. So making sure to add the "(black)" to the sentence came off as a bit desperate. (Yes, I know about the "one drop rule," but that's another safety net used by people like Halle Berry when they run out of other options.)

    To the person who called Argentinians "Hispanic" (as an insult): Please learn about Argentina's legendarily-varied ethnic makeup. Not every person living south of San Diego or El Paso is "Hispanic." And being black and insulting another so-called "minority" is not very becoming of you. Did any of us choose our parents? I think not. So why be cocky about what ethnicity you are or are not?

    P.S. Ted Danson should've been mentioned in the article.

  • Mrs. S

    This is specifically to the writer of this article. I do not frequent this site but the title made me grin. It is, after all, an interestingly complied list. You made many mistakes. First of all, if a child was born from a black and white parent – Robert de Niro's kids – they are not *black.* Period, no debate about it. You could self-identify as black, but you aren't. The "one drop" rule is an outdated rule that stereotypes and people with personality problems force themselves to identify with. Halle Berry would be a prime example. Throughout her years, she attempted her hardest not to identify as biracial. Yet, she doesn't perceive that her biracial ethnicity may had given her advantages in parts. Unfortunately, your site even wrote an article about it, the stigma on darker tones versus lighter tones was true. Paula Patton's also biracial. You can't compile a list of 'White Men in Hollywood that Woo Black Women' if all the women aren't "black." It reflects poorly on your site. Your editor shouldn't had allowed the print. In the end, you clearly hadn't done the research. To insist that all children born of two different races are "black" was a logical fallacy. In the end, the majority of this article was a farce. That made it funnier than its original intent.

    • simon0045

      So that means Barack Obama is not black!

      • jp293

        No. That means President Obama chooses to identify himself as a black man. Nothing wrong with that.

  • I feel like this article was saying " SEE LOOK WHITE MEN DO LIKE YOU" it should have been about interacial dating and not not just WM that date or marry BW. To me it did seem as if the writer made BW look desperate just beacuse of they way it was introduced.As a BW I feel that I can date whomever I want. Not all BM or WM are attracted to me just as I am not attracted to all BW or WM. Do whatever floats your boat but just don't try to make excuses and put others down in the process.

  • Brit

    I laugh at you. You're so stupid for thinking is.It only show how narrow-minded GTFO and worry about what YOU'RE doing with your lame pathetic life

  • Okay here we go again I think you meant" Black women are not with black men" but anywhoo I will no longer respond to you because I think your about 10yrs old and have gotten hold of moms computer! GOODNIGHT !

  • Are you serious? WTF! LOL! So all the women in the other races are just beautiful but only the black women are busted LOL ! You sound very superficial I kinda feel sorry for you. Prince William GTFOH! Let me get this straight all the black women there are busted and have bad weaves AND bad attitudes which are made worse bc Prince William married a white girl ? Sweetie, Miami is filled with all races and busted women come in each and every one of them! Oh yeah, that GOLDEN TAN SKIN you came there to get we were BORN with it !

  • Nate

    Wow, i cant believe what im reading! If only Dr. King would still be alive and among us im pretty sure he would be ashamed of the hostility, the comparisons and the racist remarks made on this site. Dr. King is not just the leader of african-americans, but a leader for all the races. When he won the Nobel peace prize award he donated the funds ($54,000) to the civil rights movement which included all races. He paved the way not ONLY for african-americans but for all nationalities who decided to move to America to obtain "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness". It's sad to see that racism still exist…we should be beyond this. When you speak of being superior or referring a race inferior to yours…that's racism and you dishonor Dr. King and the cause for which he died. I'm puerto rican and im as much puerto rican as a puerto rican can be and im as much american as an american be also…and im proud of both of my heritages. I have the up most respect for all races because we are God's creation and we are all created equal. So there should be no hating or racial remarks. It does not make a man or woman desperate to date someone from another race, there is nothing wrong with it…for love is not limited to physical attraction, nor is it limited by culture.

  • Nikki

    Thank you for posting this article! I am a black woman and I am only attracted to white guys. So it was interesting to read about the people who are famous who are white and like black women. I agree that some of these men only tested the waters, but some of these men actually married them.

  • simon0045

    Bohwe, I love the way you portray black women as "feminine" and "soft-spoken." LMAO! ROFL! Because then your cynicism gives away exactly what you're like. "Black people have ALWAYS followed the trends of white America." And how about this one: "But, in reality, they will NEVER see us as equal." Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo. My violin is playing. Once again, a loud-mouthed, arrogant yet insecure black woman is cynical and playing the victim card. NEXT!

  • Wakeupcow

    You Latinoss are fat and smell of pork and cornbread. You fear the black woman, because we are the naturally true woman. So go somewhere with that racist one-sided crap you speak. You are what is wrong with the world. We let you in and you rid the cities with violence and tamales. Go back to met-e-co foolspoon.

  • simon0045

    Damn, mediaman, I wrote my comment before I read yours. You said basically exactly what I said. I like. Listen to us, ya'll. We know WTF we're talkin bout.

  • Simon0045

    Everyone's so emotional. We all need to calm down and look at the facts. And for reference, I am a black male. The FACT is, my brothers are attracted to white women because they're beautiful. That's not to say black women aren't beautiful. It's just that white women not only look nicer and feel nicer, but they have less issues. Sistahs are always, always, ALWAYS angry, uptight, bitter, demanding, controlling and all that. All that makes them less attractive. What man–black, white, red, green,…–would want to be with ANY woman like that?

    Personally, I think my black sistahs are insecure because so many of us black men prefer white women. Advice to sistahs, take care of your body (don't McDonalds youself to obesity), do something with your hair to make it look nice (not bizarre cuts and styles), and be NICE!

  • Jae

    Why is this an issue? Some people date and marry the person they are attracted to. The packaging is not important. Should we have to discuss this in 2011.

    And by the way, black women don't need to marry a white man to be validated. Maybe they just dig each other?

  • TellitLikeitIs

    Oh I’m so sorry to know that you are a carrier of AIDS and STDs Smellbad2. Perhaps you should have been more careful. Also, to know that you are responsible for the soar of these diseases in the white male population in hollywood (what are the stats by the way?) is just sickening. Take care of yourself and be safe; we don’t want you infecting anyone else.

  • Smellbad2

    And the instant of aids and std has soared in the white male population of Hollywood. Now I know the answer why !!

  • Freddie

    Another fool comes before us. Where are you people from really?

  • Manchester Dan

    @Miami Miami, I am a born englishman and I would like to just who you think you are to make any sort of reference to any members if the royal family of England. If have nothing positive to say, then perhaps you should keep your mouth shut. Alternatively, you can find one of those men that find you so desirable and have one of them stuck something in your mouth to keep it occupied (that seems like it might be more up you “alley”). Futhermore, get off of your high horse because you’re not better than anybody else with your “real hair and big butt”; what the bloody hell is that? My dear girl, you wouldn’t be fit to clean the Queens toilet so you don’t to worry about Prince William or his bride.

    • day5628

      Ha Ha!!!!! I love this post!!!

  • Layla

    Ben this is a horrible post and very racist. I hope Latinos know that not all of us think like you.

  • thewiseone

    Why are you guys hyping over Miami whatever? Any response to a fool is foolish. Believe me let the moron play in her own mess because she sounds as though a black woman has caused her some pain for her man.

  • molly

    mami you need 2 bloodclaat bax and a rass kick puff

  • Gioia Moye

    OMG, I totally agree with Theblackpocahontas and innocenttruth (first page). These articles seems so desperate and foolish. It puts white men on a pedestal and it says that its a privilige for black women to be with them.

    My goodness, it's 2011, people are expanding there dating and marriage choices and many are not limiting themselves to one race. THIS IS NOT NEWS PEOPLE> but it seems that black women are the only group that's making it a big deal by publishing this crap on the internet. Do you all seriously think that people of other cultures aren't reading this crap and laughing at you?

    Miami Miami (1st page) may come off as a racist, but you know what, he is right in a sense. And, he wouldn't have the opportunity to ridicule black women if black women would get over themselves and stop posting such immature literature. Gosh, this is so juvenile and embarrassing.

  • Tanya Mahboob

    We are the rainbow of many beautiful colors that was created to live in harmony as one.

  • Noir_Tigress

    Right, and Latina women are so wanted that men would rather have you as their mistress (Baena) than marry you…..

  • A Man

    To put some perspective on the subject, the ethnic group in America that has the highest educational attainment is recently immigrated Africans. Yes, BLACK Africans–and that also includes African Women. So stop this silly color struct thing with the Latina trolls on this board. For all you know, they might be gay white men generating more clients for their salon.

  • A Man

    LADIES! Haven't you learned the number one rule of boards like this? DON'T FEED THE TROLLS! Ignore Miami Miami. On the internet no one knows you're a dog.

  • Kia

    Shia LaBeouf also dated Kiely Williams of the Cheetah Girls.

  • Shira


  • Sam

    It is deplorable that people in this day and age can make comments that just stem out of absolute contempt or hatred. It's disgusting, seriously. I am embarrassed for you.
    How about trying to make an intelligent comment that isn't dripping with ignorance once in a while. Having an opinion is fine and all but you lose all credibility in your incoherent tangents with absolutely nothing to back your arguments with. Ugh.

  • Elaine

    This was entertaining, but so long as we constantly continue to write titles like black men dating white women or white men dating black women or whatever, you are giving into this perpetual labeling of people based on their race. It's the year 2011, when are we seriously going to stop addressing people and labeling people based on race? Black women? White Men? Who cares what race someones is, seriously.

  • BabyGrand77

    Would you resent if your daughter was called white? Just asking. The sad reality is that in america people do look at color and even if a person is half black, people see them as black.

  • RiccardoDemeo

    I came across this article from another website and wanted to give me 2 cents as kinda-white (Italian!! lol) male.
    Most men of EVERY race will sleep with a woman of ANY race if she's gorgeous enough or good in bed. The only race we care about is HOTness. And if the woman has other mutual qualities then love and, yes, marriage will develop. But men don't care about race…we care about looks. LOL

  • White Guy

    Hello!…and sit down!…..You people jusy don't get it!….You can do whatever you want in life!…Beauty comes in all shapes ans sizes and colors…Thank you God!…..I am attracted to a woman of substance and class….Forget about you high maintenance beyotch's…(like those sex and the city ugly old hobag's)….God made all of us, enjoy the variety, it's all for you.

  • pamela

    FYI, ignorant Miami Mami, Carlos Slim Helu is not married.

  • carnabyc

    you sound like a broken record lady. its great that you are proud to be latina but theres no need to tear other people down in the process. you seem to have alot of self-hatred if the only way you can feel good about yourself is to make other people feel bad. get some therapy please

  • Jaz

    let's all just judge the individual as an individual whether they are black white brown yellow whatever. Thanks.

  • LPW

    If you are so globally desired, then you should have better things to do than talk garbage about black women. Something is really wrong with you. You are the one who is insecure — with your big butt and real hair.

  • AFVetgrrl84

    You really need to find something else to do besides spam this site with your ignorance and HATE. Perhaps go find a job, for starters.

  • Homeroom Teacher

    Fix your grammar, please!!!! I could care less about this story but the headline keeps haunting my screen on Google News. It is "MEN, WHO" not "MEN, THAT" – men WHO do whatever it is they do, they are PEOPLE, not inanimate THINGS. THis comment is strictly about the grammar! Fix it before you publish, please!!!!~!~

  • AFVetgrrl84

    I don't care how many of these irrelevant and vapid pieces you post, nothing will change the FACT that the ONLY man this black woman will ever want or love is a BLACK MAN. Black Love is beautiful, whether people want to believe it or not and it still exists. Don't believe the HYPE, people!

  • Rusty Rednightbird

    Ron Perlman has been married 30 + years to his beauty, Opal. Their family is always out together.

  • Debby Belcher

    Like the article but sure making it hard to share.

  • TellitLikeitIs

    Racism is alive and well America and it is no secret that a lot of white people, as well as folk of other races, hate black people. That’s why comments like the ones posted by Miami Mami and some others on this site do not come as a surprise to me; nor do “studies” like the ones posted in Psychology today. After everything that black women have endured, they do not need a white man or anyone else to validate them. Who cares which celebrity is dating or married to black women? Live and let live. As for the bigots and haters, get a life! Then maybe you won’t have time to spew hatred and BS about a people you nothing about aside.

  • Sittinpritti

    Really??? You sound absolutley ridiculous!!! A big butt and curves does not equal WOMEN! Your qualifications are met by prostitutes all over ther world REALLY? That's the difference between latin trash and black queens, we know we have so much more to offer and want so much more than to be arm candy and a one night stand. Get some respect Miami, what kind of name is that anyway? Want for more and you just may find SOMEONE out there may want you for more than just your big butt ect….You obvoiusly have alot to learn from the black ladies…this article didn't mention latin ladies!! Sorry MOMMY!

  • turqoisebrown

    To Why?
    I wasn't aware that such a thing was going on. Where were they sighted at chasing white men. I don't know, but I was in Sam's recently and Icould hardly concentrate on the items I came to purchase for this persistent white male telling me how gorgeous my skin was and how he liked my hair (all naturele and dark and lovely) Now I can tell you that I have personally witness white girls chasing after my black sons to the point it was quite annoying. I live in the south, I dont' know what part of the country yo live in.

  • steve

    i find this article distasteful, were still looking at color eh

  • SourDiesel

    So, you found 10 white dudes in Hollywood that have tasted the forbidden fruit? 10 out of thousands, does not a trend make. What a pathetic article!

    • turqoisebrown

      You know there is more than just 10, I've seen a whole lot more than that and would jecture there would be more sighting a lot sooner if there was not a stigma of white men dating women of color. I believe this is the only reason you haven't seen more white men with women of color. Although at one point in time there was a noticeable stigma on white women who dated color men it has never been on the level as when white men date color women.

  • bornjamerican

    WOW! Thanks for writing this article. I’ve been laughing my ass off for 20 minutes. (Chuckles) Some of these replies are sad (if amusing) and wrong on so many levels. Brazil is one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet: you will find a little bit of EVERY race there. Same for the Carribean. REMEMBER the MIDDLE PASSAGE?! (Duh!)

    TO WHOM IT APPLIES: PLEASE get some history, and actually READ it so your case/arguement can be made intelligently and accurately. Thanks!

    Women are beautiful! Any race, color, or ethnicity……but I have to say:

    BLACK is the new BLACK 🙂

  • BabyGrand77

    Jan, that study was more than likely based on research/written by someone who the same mind set as you and Miami Miami. Furthermore, if that were really true, women of other races wouldn’t be trying so hard to look like black women (tanning, botox etc.).

  • parisblue14

    Wow–so eloquently said….you are clearly a racist. And your post speaks volumes about you, you don't represent Argentinian people, just your own wannabe self.

  • Befuddled

    Could not be said better!!!

  • emc8

    Ron Perlman of Beauty and the Beast and Sons of Anarchy have been married to a black woman since 1981, Opal Stone, They have 2 children, a boy and a girl.


    Hey folks, it's 2011!! I've been married to my lovely bride for 11+ years, I've known her for 23yrs! She happens to be black. Race has NOTHING to do with it. She caught my eye, then my heart. Race never entered the equation. We are nothing more than 2 people in love. It's time to get past all this. If they were asian/middle eastern we would not be having this discussion. Get over it.

    • cassidy

      congrats to you on your long marriage Befuddled! I have 22 yrs in myself. TOO rare these days. We love who we love because of WHO they are not because of dumbness like whose skin is lighter or darker. A good man or woman – that doesn't matter, love does and the heart knows no 'color'. God bless you!

  • Melissa

    how sad for you to write such negative and hate filled words about any race.

  • Melissa

    Why does it matter if you date white, black, yellow, brown, red, blue, green? Isn't true love color blind? Race is only an issue if you make it one. people should be happy, period.
    The sooner this country gets over its race issues the better for all of us. i know well adjusted people of all races, and as many messed up ones. Color doesn't define you, shouldn't define you and shouldn't keep you unhappy.

  • btylerr

    I find it funny that it's ok for white guys to date black women but when a black man dates outside his race he catches absolute hell. I myself am trying to find a medium. It's hard to find a good black woman. The decent one's either go for the good for nothing thug type or to the white fellas. Story of my life. I'm not trying to whine but it's just been an observation here in Cincinnati. I'm against dating outside my race for one reason, I'm a good man and will treat my woman with the utmost respect and I refuse to be treated like a POS based solely on my skin color. When you mix that is what tends to happen. It's like the family prefers a total loser POS who is white over you just because your black. Sorry for the book but this is what I see everyday.

    • Befuddled

      Too much self-pity. Get on with your life and quit worrying about what others think.

  • Up to Here

    I agreed with you completely up until "This is why black women come off as so angry." You seem to be telling the writer not to judge others based on their race alone (or race + gender), then you turn around and do the same thing. Whoever wrote this article represents herself and this blog, not all black women.

  • Up to Here

    Why are any of these relationships surprising? I'm so tired of people in the media talking about who is or isn't attracted to black women, as if their validation (or, more often, denigration) matters. This article is only a step above that junk science Psychology Today piece and should actually tick black women off more since it seems to be aimed at somehow making us feel 'better' about ourselves. Please. I feel great and I didn't need pictures of a measly ten celebrities to clue me in that men of other races find black women attractive, too. And by the way, when people of two different races have a child, their child is of mixed race (or whatever race that child chooses to identify with). Move into this century please, people.

    • Pay Attention

      I'm just wondering — what about the PT piece is junk science? The one out of six black women being morbidly obese (and 80% being overweight) in based in NIH research (your tax dollars at work). (And if you want a cite, see my comments to the article on the piece.)

      Is the "black women produce higher levels of testosterone" study junk too? Because hormone levels have implications regarding cancer and other disease. Are you saying all research that takes race into account is junk?

      Or are you saying any science that reaches conclusions you don't like is junk?

  • jan

    A study was just published in the Psychology Today that purports that Black women are the ugliest of the races.

    • LPW

      Yes, and it appears to be a very credible study. NOT! The author is currently under investigation by his university.

      • cassidy

        LPW – yes, as he SHOULD be!

    • oyve

      The article has major systematic flaws in logic, is unscientific (difficult to quantify beauty, especially in a world where ideas of what is considered beautiful change often AND where colonized minds can not often see the beauty in BW) due to poor methodological methods and researcher bias. BTW, Psychology Today IS NOT-I REPEAt-IS NOT A PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL (ie. the work was not vetted by those in his field nor was the article scrutinized by IRB.) PSEUDO-SCIENCE is not SCIENCE. In fact, his disclipine is evolutionary pscyhology, which has a past history of producing racist documents to bolster the esteem of the ruling class-not just regular white folks, but RICH power-holding whites. when in fact, evolutionary psych theory in regards to beauty simply highlights symmetrical features, full-lips, thick hair, big eyes, a nice WTH ratio, and a small chin- THESE are universal feminine features, but do you not see that these features and attributes are most common in WOC- specifically, women of the african diaspora?

    • KatyPet

      It is clear that you did not read the piece to which you ignorantly and conveniently refer. It was not a "study." How could such a thing be proven scientifically as beauty is an aesthetic, as in the eyes of the beholder. It was a blog written by a substantially inferior looking Japanese hack who has a proclivity for writing controversial and incendiary articles. My take is that he merely craves attention, but is also fascinated and fearful of Black women, like many people. So when we fear and cannot explain we denigrate. It is very easy to log on to Psychology today and ready this "scientist's" article. Perhaps you should do so before misquoting and misrepresenting in such a public forum. Doing so makes you liable to attack and incredibility. You are an American I believe and have plenty of opportunity for education, you should avail yourself of it rather than succumbing to your current situation of ignorance.

  • morena

    dear latina. always remember this ; the black woman is the most desired woman in the world and there are only 2 free people in the world a white man and A black woman p s my husband is hispanic and he told me to tell you that you arenot desired by your own men

    • jan

      did you see the recent study? Black women are the least desired. It was in the Psychology Today journal. Sorry to break the news the your hubby.

      • Txangel25

        That article is crap first of all jan, honey I am desired by men of all color especially your white men.

  • Sam Steele

    Hey, some gentlemen prefer blondes, others prefer brunettes.

  • Toni

    There are pretty intelligent women of every color and nationality! The Miami latina woman has a real problem! People love who they love! Color is not the issue when it comes to love! For the record, latina women are usually mixed with African or native american race anyway. Ms. Miami basically was talking about herself but was just to stupid to even know that she herself is a mixture of black and native american and white. She definitely is not educated on any kind of level! Based on what spews out of her mouth, she can rest assured that she will definitely fit the stereotype of having an ignorant, illiterate latino beat her _ _ _ when he comes home from his landscaping or construction job on Friday after gambling all his money away!

  • Lizzie


  • Lizzie

    In Miami? Where and how did you get into this country with a whacked out attitude; to perpretrate hatred against a race that built this country. Go to the library, read some books, Miami is not the end all be all in the world. Travel, look at real fashion, not based on some sports team; and what eye candy they select. Maybe if you travel outside if Miami; and that your state has been notoriously prejudiced, so step outside; and you will see what life is about' and what is really important. No one talks like you except a child, are you 13? Grow up then. This site is for grown folks. (unwanted, wow a real vocabulary; like are you a census taker as well, you did the survey? in your ghetto mind?

  • Lizzie

    Latino's have felt socially inferior; but African American's have fought and made Latino's ride much easier; because equal rights were fought; while being hit with bricks and dogs, didn't see any Latino's helping out. But to appease themselves; they went a little over board to "fit in" and used African American's as their "scape goat". Just because they look more Anglo- they still are second class. Problem is everybody is cloning themselves to look the same with botox, fashion and wasting money to impress "we are moving on up". Let's get rid of the hatred, because that is what destroy's society and shows lack of self-esteem. (thank you Ben)

  • kevin rutkowski

    I've always had an attraction to dark skin women my former wife was of Italian ancestery. I had dated several latinos and had one serious relationship with a bw while I was I in the the USAF. but when I talked about going to the the next next level (marrage) she said her family wouldn't approve. this was in the early '80s. once I was discharged and came home it seemed that all bw wanted nothing to do with wm. By my observation this still seems true.

  • Kris

    Very well said. I agree with you. 🙂

  • Live and let live. I don't know waht people are still so worried about interracial dating. You love who you love.

  • BabyGrand77

    Well said Monique. Miami Miami is living in a dream world. She’s fooling herself if she truly thinks white men and/or women consider her an equal. Miami Miami, you’re nothing more than a glorified cock-piece sweetheart. Pre-nuptual agreements were created because of chicks like you.

  • Monique

    Ummm, sweetie listen carefully. We do not live in England…we live in A-MER-I-CA…so I could care less that the FUTURE king of England married a white woman. Guess who the King of America is married to? gasp! A Black woman! So salute that! I dont care how many Dolphins you "swim" with, you will never sit at the table Michelle sits at. I originally read this article thinking, "And? who cares?" but after reading the comments that followed I realized why the author posted this…some women from other races are getting a little too….stuck-up and racist. Its sad. We are moving forward and you are still glamorizing being the trophy of some man. We love it though, especially when the affairs and divorce hit the fan and you're left being a middle aged divorcee walking down south beach reminiscing about when men wanted you. See most of us black women validate ourselves, while you obviously are only validated by whether white men want you. And omg, "fair skinned Brazilians and Latinas"?? you even shut out your darker skinned latinas? Self hate in its truest form. But guess what sweetie, behind your back white women look at you as just another Barbie wannabe.

    • LPW

      Well said, Monique! Put the ignorant bi-otch back in her place.

    • RealWoman

      So well said Monique. This person can only feel wanted in South Beach whereas REAL WOMEN OF ALL RACES are wanted throughout the world. Had she been wanted in her own country she wouldn't be wasting her time on the internet showing her ignorance. And to put it mildly – if she were really all that in South Beach she wouldn't have the time to be here. She's not a "trophy"! She's an underpaid ho with too much time on her hands!!!

  • Jim

    Its kinda of crazy to categorize women. All women are beautiful in their own way. I hate it when people say that I am going out with this type or that type. We are all in the world together and one person is no better than the next. I have been out with women from all different races and each one has their own unique thing about them that makes them the person they are. I just wish people would stop stereotyping. Its just plan rude.

  • cdeeway

    i just skimmed over the article again. she did talk kinda slick about white women in the chris noth article, but she also threw shade Robin Givens way too. I think she was just reporting and interjected lil comments like these to spice it up.

  • celtic princess

    this whole article and most of these posts are stupid! people are attracted to people for a miread of different reasons; and so much more than skin color. Each of us has a different "favorite" feature, and a different combination of features that attract us. It has so much more to do with smell, too!! Opposites attract, yet we have attractions to either those like our fathers, or opposite. we all need to STOP focusing on the color of our skin and get back to morals and actions that count!!!

  • Pete

    It amazes me how much rampant racism still exists in this day and age. Who cares what color people are in a relationship? I've been with women of many races and can tell you first hand that race doesn't have anything to do with how a person acts.

    • alistair

      thank you pete finally someone with sense

    • Sharon

      i'm with you Pete! Crazy…As you notice, people do hind behing blogs….I guarantee they would not say half the things they say in your face. Let them continue with their ingnorance. Miami Miami, clearly has some issues. She's probably fatttttt, craters in her face, as some Latin women seem to have issue with, but for me, I love people, it doesn't matter whether you're white, black, asian or hispanic, you still bleed the same color blood, squat on the toilet the same. I feel sorry for Miami Miami. She is probably so lonely and probably had a black woman who stole her man. I have had plenty of Hispanic men smile and try to talk to me. I find hispanic men do love themselves some Chocolate Girls. You know Chocolate girls come from all over the world……Not necessary Africa Miami Miami. Girl, go get yourself some history books, you sound like an uneducated fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1st comment..

    I thought the article was harmless and interesting. I didn't see it as desperate or seeking White approval at all. Yes I did get pleasure from seeing that Brad Pitt dated Black chicks in the past…not because he's White, but because he's fine as f—!!. 90% of the relationship articles on this website are about Black men, but when they throw in an interracial topic or 2 people freak out…..why? A lot of these comments = "god forbid these Black women even think about dating other races. Let me put them in their place."

    The most unfortunate are those that claim to be Black men…its such an embarrassment. These men are 1000x worse than any Reggie Bush can ever be. Interracial dating is not a problem..I don't see athletes dating inter-racially as an "issue" either. like who you like, love who love etc. whatever. But the men that like to put down their female counterparts (Black women) are as weak and insecure as they come…and don't be fooled, many of these guys date Black. Poor souls are dealing with their own self-worth issues and they take it out on females.

    *sigh* back to mourning over Don Lemon's coming out…

    • LPW

      I was not surprised about Don Lemon. Lol!

      • anonymous

        Oh my. I might be missing something but don't you think that it is a double standard criticizing people that question interracial dating for both invalid and valid reasons but being homophobic because somebody black and famous came out? Ironic, at least a little,don't you think?

    • Ulrich

      I have nothing against Black American women dating outside their race but to be honest both sides are at fault here. I have been to a site where Euro American women were praising and hoping for a mulatto baby. I talked to a Spaniard women from Spain who was trying to court an Afro Spaniard and she was obsessed with having that mixed baby I even went on sites where Black American women was displaying a disturbing vigor for mixed babies. It goes both ways in this situations.

      Most women in my area and around me are color struck and full of self hate themselves and guess what they want that mixed child they rave so much about. I asked family and friends about ever dating a fellow black person and they laughed at me. I have seen sick and disgusting things on both sides and I am sick of Blacks in general so I just hope they all breed themselves out and realize that a good 75 to 80% of mulatto's do not date within the African race so your children are giving rise to a 2nd and 3rd generation white family from their genes.

      Their are a lot of Whites in America that have African Ancestry going back from the blood of Mulatto's and slaves. Blacks who do date interacially do not know of their own culture and hate themselves so all they are doing is transferring over their ignorant problems over onto another race who will grow up to be the bitter Mullato who wishes he was white and uses the N word more then Whites do.

      • mocha

        None of what you're saying makes any sense to me. I happen to be proud of my roots (african, mayan, latin and irish.) My husband is polish and russian. Our daughter is very happy to have the best of both worlds. And by the way Obama (bi-racial) married an african american. You're silly.
        **I refrain from capitalizing, to make a point…..one is not better than the other

    • LadySwag

      Don Lemon's coming out was shocking to some but if CNN's TJ Holmes came out, it would be a national tragedy.
      I don't think the ladies have anything to worry about when it comes to Mr. FYNE…uh, I mean Mr. TJ Holmes!

      • "1st comment"

        LOL TJ just doesn't do it for me….I've always been a Don Lemon chick, but my gaydar has also always been pretty dysfunctional…

  • A different world

    Racism is alive and well in America and this article, along with many of the comments, are a product of it. Women of all races are beautiful and this article caters to the form of cheap psychology which would offer black women self-affirmation because it's possible for white men to find them attractive enough to date them. If as a black person, this article produced one iota of pride, then you should examine your self-esteem as it may be lacking on a conscious or subconscious level. And in case you're wondering… it doesn't matter the color of the person that wrote this . The fact is that it's a sad environment which produces this junk. Wake up people!

  • Beautiful??? She looks like a guy.


    • Katritin

      Guys can be beautiful.

  • Chuck

    Some of the remarks are so low brow on this its embarassing. The bottom line is Latina, White, Asian and Black woman are woman. Some are beautiful, some are not, some are smart others are dumb, some are kind and others are cruel. An evolved person will be attracted to a person. I am married to my college sweetheart who is black, for 32 wonderful years. She is truly my soul mate. We grew up together and have five beautiful smart multiracial children and our lives are blessed.

  • dolo joe

    Not surprising. There are lots of beautiful women in the world and that includes black women. I am always happy when people look beyond color and appreicate character. The writer expresses adoration and even admiration for the men and the couples showcased in this article. The men and women featured in this article should be applauded and praised for appreciating humanity regardless of color. But I wonder if the tone would change if this article was about the wonderful white women in this world that have had or currently have relationships or marriages with black men? Black women need to stop being hypocritical and respect black men in their choice of mates regardless of the race of the women. Just like we are celebrating with these women.
    If God were to come down to earth and proclaim (as God has done in the Bible) that racism is evil and that people can be with whoever they wish to be wtih regardless of race – I wonder how many black women would object with God, which would be blasphemy. Of course, anger goes a long way for some people.

  • Hiddly Ho Neighbor

    Most of the pretty Brazilian girls are part black anyway.

  • Luna

    Need you also know … (in response to another unintelligible comment of yours)

    Camila Alves ( Matthew McConaughey's spouse) is from Bahia, Afro -Brazilian, and proudly identifies herself as such. The name of her handbag line is ' MUXO', which, according to her, means “Goddess of the Water” in African . ..

    Go Google Bahia, and be educated as to the grand Blackness of Brazil, and its people.

    • Articon26

      You are right not every Hispanic person is a damned Mestizo the biggest problem with Latin America is that they are a colorists people. I am a Zambo the girl from Miami is stupid talking about Brazilians we are a mostly an African descent nation we are some of the largest concentration of African people outside of Africa and we are not a majority Mestizo nation. So as an Afro Latino male saying African women are ugly is like saying most of Latin America is ugly. Those women with nice curves and thick lips and curly hair are not Argentinian honey they are a black mix so you are talking about people with African Ancestry woman. The only women on this planet that have those features are women mixed with African so your point is lost. Mestizo women are mostly ugly and they are flat with no real figure so the women you are praising are of Mulatto and of Zambo mix.

    • Luna


      Don't you just love it.. how stupid she is.

      If she really knew the true facts of what she 'thought ' she knew, ( thought, because she doesn't know sh*t) she wouldn't be coming here making a point in favor of Black women… hahahaha…. that the hips, and the lips, and the rounded behinds, are straight out of the continent of Africa – not South, Central, or North America, or Europe or Asia.

      If she indeed has all these assets, which she so so sooo sees as favorable in the world and desired by all men, she may need to check her Gene Pool, and be prepared for an unpleasant surprise and a rude awakening. LOL

      And yes, Brazil with 75 million, has the largest population of Black people outside of Africa, and second largest population of Black people in the world (Nigeria being the first)….. not to mention the millions more who are 'hiding' or 'passing'.. .

      Like those like Miami Miami… the self – hating Negrita….. whose ancestors escaped to Argentina to hide their Blackness…. Hahahaha.. .

  • cfirestar2

    oh and those of you who call other cultures stupid,you spent your life learning English,they had to pick it up in a few years,you try going to a Spanish country and learn to speak fluent Spanish or Greek or German,difference is other countries are not as arrogant and expect you to master a language it took you a life to learn.

    • Knot2soon

      Black's have been here for hundreds of years and still can't speak English that other people can understand…..

      • mocha

        @Knot2soon……lol!!! But that's not nice…..behave, my English is comprehensible. :-p

    • anonymous

      Her statements did not only offend blacks anyway. Her statements also offended some Latinos as well. Are they at fault for being offended?
      More than that though, consider this. If I took my "black behind" to a Latino site, spoke broken Spanish/Spanglish, and made anti-Latino comments with out being provoked , me in particular and blacks in general would get trashed. Would that be nice, no. But since I came with uncivil discourse should I really expect and really be entitled to civil discourse? No, not if I put out offensive comments myself. What ever offensive responses would be in response to my own dumb comments. It would be dumb for me to expect otherwise the same way it is dumb to expect people to go easy on Miami Mami or on people defending her.Same with her.Most people respond to negative innaccurate generalizations or generalizations about whatever group they represent that go too far. This happens at sites everywhere-White, Native American, Latino, and Asian-if this phenomenon receives little criticism there, why the criticism here? What makes non-blacks that say anti-black things at black sites beyond reproach? What makes them special? No offense but whatever. Sorry.

  • cfirestar2

    wow so much hate,there is one race count em 1 race human,all the rest is cultual difference and different pigmentation which is about at relevant as hair color or eye color

    • cassidy

      right, cfire – the HUMAN race!

  • blue bird

    Some comments made here — which sadden me deeply — only reflect what the world has been taught to believe. Many men — though certainly not all — of all ethnicities "don't want" black women because they've been conditioned to believe BW aren't as special, or good, or attractive. The media perpetuate that idea, largely by ignoring us, then the next generation picks up on it, they grow up to run the media, which then perpetuate it… on and on. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy. In a way, it IS about seeking validation, to be bluntly truthful, because white men are still the power players in this world, and once they can be "convinced," only then will the conditioning end. It's a complicated issue. And yes, love should be colorblind, and of course ALL people should be judged solely by the content of their character. But let's face it: As humans, we're still not there. It hurts my heart to say it, but I doubt we ever will be.

    • As a bw this has not been my experience or belief I don't need validation from white men! What if they never find bw attractive? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder what I like you may not that does not mean what I like does not matter! I don't need validation from anyone if I'm not your cup of tea keep it moving ! This is 2011 times have changed trust me you can have any race of man you want when it all boils down they're all men! I prefer bm but I have dated white and hispanic men that does not make me racist I just think bm or sexier LOL! MY OPINION!

    • anonymous


      You made some valid points to me until this here:
      White men are still the power players in this world, and once they can be "convinced" only then will the conditioning end.
      Black folk don't need validation from nobody else but ourselves and God. Us-some of us- feeling the need to constantly seek validation outside these two areas may be half the problem.

  • veronica

    True love itself should just be a beautiful thing, not a color thing, not and ignorant comment thing.

    • cassidy

      veronica – exactly!! 150% true..they'd be NO division of anyone if people kept THAT in mind instead of what color someone's skin happens to be

  • veronica

    So you have to be just as ignorant as these 2 woman…all hispanics pick fruit and don't know english….How does that make you look? Steroetyping doesn't help get your point across. Could have put some intelligence and left the racism in your reply.

  • veronica

    Wow some of these comments are horrible. I am mixed Mexican, African, and Native American….does it really matter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Been times in my life I felt ugly and times I've been desired. How about love you who fall in love with. Beauty comes in different shapes sizes and colors. And if this offends you or your looking for a site to praise Latina's go make one. No one is an expert on any culture, all hispanics don't hate blacks and all hispaniccs do not have black ancestors. To comment back with some of the things being commented back with makes you look just as ignorant as the comment posted you responded to.

  • lammy

    You are truly an idiot. Go back to school and learn how to construct a sentence, first of all. THEN – get you head out of your behind and look at the global scene – not just the backwater slum you crawled out of. Thinking, intelligent people are not concerned about how big someones behind is, what color their hair or eyes are, their place of origin… so that obviously leaves you out of the equation. What is truly significant is a persons heart, and how they treat other HUMANS. But, since you are not human, you cannot fathom this, everything for you is about how something looks. Pathetic and sad. Perhaps you will gain some insight before you die. I seriously doubt it though.

  • Lameria

    I guess since this site and its large segment of readers are hypocrites – that would include you. Who are you to say how Black women feel? You have no clue. And you most certainly DO intend to be rude. Most likely, you are "suspicious" of Black women because YOU are the inferior one. Believe me, the majority of Black women could care less what you or anyone else thinks of them. A little advice, get a clue, get a life and stop hating on the beautiful, strong, together sisters that you are so frightened of.

    • innocenttruth

      I don't care what you think. Take your fat azz somewhere and raise your multiple bastard children

      • EDM

        That was extremely childish. I guess you used all of your energy and wisdom on your first posting, huh? Time to hit the books again kid. Perhaps next time you'll leave the fiction alone. 🙂

      • klynn

        they have medication for your affliction. smfh

      • LadySwag

        No kids yet, but why don't you take your stank azz where the rest of the Beckies go…oh, my bad. You're too busy hovering over the sites that are made by Black women and for Black women.

        Obsessed much? LMAO! (of course you are. That's why you're here!)

    • PolitriXwithV

      high five – dont we hate jealous haters…….

  • Lorelei

    Wow, I don't know what problems the women who "cower in fear" have, and, truthfully, I've never witnessed anything like that, LOL I am a black woman who is married to a white man who just happens to have money, and he would love nothing more than for me to stop working, but I won't do that. Oh yeah, I wear my beautiful hair natural with beautiful kinks 🙂 You sound kinda bitter about something… wanna share? LOL

    • Claude

      Thank you for your comment. I am a Black woman who is engaged to a white man. I am VERY proud of being black and I am extremely happy that I have a man who loves me and appreciates me for who i am. Some of the comments I am reading are very saddening. It really shouldn't matter what race a person is. If you are happy that is all that matters.

  • BlckColombianwomen

    Hey miami I'm Colombian and a beatiful black women as well so stop spuing out the racism you guys in latin america have against the black of your own country, please dont' bring it over here, ( don't you be so ignorant and speak like if there is no black latin women) and talking about being in the same category with the whites, yes you are dilusional because white dont even want to friend you or your kids, get real. just for example, Brad pitt didn't marry " HAVE THE HIPS, BOOTY, SMALL WAIST, SLIM VOGUE…….AMAZING HAIR, REAL HAIR" J.Lo, so what ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. If you so dont like the people that belong to this Country go back where you came from.

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Can't this just be an article w/o everybody claiming other races are better than others. Cuz y'all got some damn issues if you think one race is better than another. Get REAL…what year is it again???! White men woo black women, black men woo black women, white men woo white women, black men woo white women, mexican men woo mexican women, mexcian men woo black women…get the pattern? People DATE OTHER PEOPLE. NEXT!!

    • veronica

      this is the most intelligent comment I have seen thus far on this topic….people so color struck and obviously unhappy with themselves

    • Halle

      Thank you! This is the only comment on this page that makes ANY sense at all. AMEN!

    • Tiffany

      Love this….Why can't love just be love?

  • What black women are chasing after white men looking for validation, you have your facts wrong WHY.Most sisters want black men and have remained loyal to black men.You are being rude and wrong to pretend that black women are chasing down white men.Maybe you should ask the bruthas why they lower their standards to chase ugly, fat beckys.

    • Knot2soon

      Because their tired of chasing ugly , fat black luwonda's

  • Earthspirit1

    Chris Noth was also involved with Supermodel Beverly Johnson.

  • WHY?

    Why do black women constantly look for white male approval? It has become both ridiculous and embarrassing. It is as though black women see white men as the ultimate validation. In 2008, according to Pew Research, 91 percent of white men married a white woman, 6 percent married a white latina, 4 percent married an Asian woman and less than 1 percent married a black woman. Less than 1 percent! Why are black women chasing men who don't want them?

    • micsix

      Now you have women of different races going back and forth at each other-sad. As a white 38 year old male that has been around the world thanks to the military- most recently a tour in Iraq 2009-, and is currently working 60 hours a week at a steel mill I think I want to say something. Stop tearing each other down. Stop it. My ex- wife recently passed away- she was a 38 year old Puertorican girl- she was a woman but I still see her as the 19 year old I married. In any case the reason I left her and the reason I believe so many men seek white women is that no man likes drama. Drama does not = love. Don't pick a fight to see if he will make up. Don't dig through his stuff to look for cheating because all you do is kill trust. How many white women under 200 pounds do you see on those "who is the daddy" shows? Stop tearing each other apart. The world is hard enough.

    • micsix

      It is not that we don't want "you" It is that we don't want all the melodrama and general inflated sense of self importance that has become associated with black women. A white midwestern girl is enough of a challenge for any man of any race. The last thing any man wants is to go into a relationship 10 points down in a game that lets say is over at 20. Men just wan't someone to be nice to them for the most part. Black women have a reputation for being mean / crazy. That is just truth. I have been in a position to be with beautiful black women but the fear of drama kept me away.

      • That is wrong to generalize all black women. Statisically speaking black men are on the bottom of the totem pole prison , no education, lack of ambition it would be wrong for me to assert these things to you because I don't know you . To not even take the time to get to know someone bc of stereotypes is a form of ignorancy! If you are running into these types of women all the time and they are just bw maybe you should look for a different type of bw trust me as a woman drama comes in all colors. We as a race are putting each other down believe me for every stereotype you have in mind against bw another race or a bw has one for you. We will never grow as a people until WE come together. I think a strong bm is the most beautiful creation alive sadly though some have lost their way. There is nothing wrong with dating outside your race but don't generalize and put bw down to do it . You like what you like.

      • anonymous

        I have been in a position to be with beautiful black women but the fear of drama kept me away.

        No offense, but white men don't exactly have the reputation of being walks in the park either. Sorry. Alot of black women are not running to them either. Don't get to beside yourself. If you are continually running into black women with drama, it may not be just them. Sometimes it could be you too!

      • Gabby

        in other words you don't want a strong woman.

    • Brand New

      I would of replyed earlier,but i was awaiting approval for use of the computer from my white man!!!!!!!GTFOH.I'm a strong black woman,My grandma didn't raise no fool.I don't look for approval from nobody.I was born on my own and i will die on my own.And as for black women supposedly chasing men.I think you will find that men percieve themselves as something they think I need to hear; when the reality is they are still little boys, who don't know how to be men because then they realise they have to grow up.There a lot of haters on this site.Remember if you can't love yourselves,how will you find love?(Got to go white man approaching)!

  • Kenya

    "Miami Mami" must don't have no type of life. She on a website who target black women(who she seen to hate) talking bullcrap about us. Boo, take you "fine ass" and "big booty" ass somewhere else. Noone wants to be like a Hispanic women(especially a Hispanic woman like yourself). You're TRASH, honey. I'm pretty sure those rich black, white, etc don't want your stupid ass for nothing.

    Anyhow, those was great pictures, love don't see color!!

    • AFVetgrrl84

      Miami Miami is just dizzy from standing up suddenly after being on her knees so long for those men that "love" her so much…..

    • Phoenix Loves

      @KenyaSucks Says who? I went to the local Department of Economic Security office to take a poll of those who sought help. I only saw two Black people. The rest were overwhelmingly White, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian.
      What you see on television is not always true.
      My childhood bestfriend and I split ways during middle and high school. I went into the gifted program and International Baccalaureate while she and her sister started hanging out with the cholos and skinheads. Long story short: I graduated in the top ten of my class of over 400.
      I also: won the highest academic scholarship for my university, a part-time job in the medical field, respectable friends, 4.16 term GPA ,good health and appearance.
      My friend: no longer with her hispanic boyfriend, has a 1 year old child, is obese, on government aid, and living with her mother. Her sister: solicits for a living, never finished high school, and now 2 months pregnant with her unemployed boyfriend who is the father of another child.

      • Phoenix Loves

        The comment was too long but my point of posting the above was to show that stereotypes are not the standard. I went to a high school where I was 1 of 3 black people in my graduating class. Two of us(both girls) were in the top ten, so I don't understand how people can continuously call us names and hurl ficticious statistics at us. I worked hard in life and I made good decisions and things are working out just fine for me. Sespite the tidbit I included about my former White bestfriend, I am not pompous. I have encouraged her to enroll in technical school so that she can also do well. Life is what you make it. I refuse to listen to people bash my race when in reality I have done nothing wrong. I will not sit around and feel bad for myself; I will continue to work hard, be positive, and help my fellow man. Have a good day everyone.

        • Phoenix Loves

          Ha I meant *Despite*
          time to get ready for work. Later~

  • Miami Mami

    Women from Argentina do not need to make list of non Argentina men who date our women. We do not need too. We are not desperate.

    Latin men do have the highest rate of marrying out. Latinos have now over taken blacks in America. Latin men will marry a Latin women far more than a black woman. Women have surgery to, but not to look like black women. All white MEN tan……Do they want to be black men? The President of Argentina and Brazil are both women. What were you saying about Latin women having no education , ambition or class? Carlos Siem of Mexico is the richest man alive. He is married to a mexican woman.

    • hermana

      que mami …. son una vergüenza para la raza latina .. por favor deja de estas mentiras de los estereotipos. si no nos han supongo latinos se mezclan con la sangre africana. de lo contrario no existiría .. todos los latinos y los negros están unidos por lazos de sangre. dudo incluso se puede leer esto. que culo falso aspirante latino. aprender a hablar con inteligencia antes de abrir la boca … puta.

      • BLaQWiDoW

        Well said, mi hermana! *abrazos*

    • bow2daphoenix

      I'm sorry, did you say that Carlos Siem is the richest man in Mexico and married to a mexican woman?? Well, it makes perfect sense because he probably couldn't cross the border to taste " el choco-late" so he's stuck with his bean burrito.LOL

      • HAHAHAHA ! LMAO!

      • Guest

        Congratulations. You're even more obnoxious than the person posting as Miami.
        No small accomplishment either.

    • Sittinpritti

      Miami Miami your dillusional!!! Get over it sweetie, maybe Carlos married a mexican chic, there just weren't any black chics around! LMAO!!!! Stop Hating!! CRAZY PANTS!!!

    • @Articon "You can lead a Ho' to knowledge but you can't make her think!'

      • BLaQWiDoW

        @Terri Hill….LMAOOOOO

        @Articon…."Miami" is in DEEP denial, but I think she's relishing all the attention she's getting on here. Maybe her life is empty, and this is the only way she can get 'companionship (of a sort)'…or maybe her heart was destroyed, and she's striking back in the only way she knows how…or maybe…..You know what? I can't make excuses for her. She's on her own! LoL

      • LadySwag

        @Terri Hill Embry–LOL, that was priceless!

    • Mercedes

      You are such a liar. I have been to Argentina and believe me= Argentineans broke their necks to look at me even when they were with their ( plain looking) girlfriends. Hahahahaha. Some would call me linda/hermosa and stuffs. You must be angry because we- Black women- are blessed with beauty. You must be mucha fea. Love to all the smart Latinas though.

    • nsan

      is not carlos siem is carlos slim and he is arab born and raised in mexico.

    • Negrita

      Miami Miami, I truly wonder how you feel about black latinas. Its a true shame that you should say all of this. I rep my Latinos porque soy Latina and I rep my black people because I am a black woman. How ever you may put it, you are putting down your people and thats a big shame. I think people should date who they please. The more we mix the better, happier, excepting and united a country we will be. I am a black latina and can say first handedly that all types of men try to pursue black women. My fiance is a Latino from Miami, y te lo aseguro que el adora a su morenita. Use your brain mi reina, you're putting down your people when you talk badly about blacks. Even if your skin isn't brown, every Latin country has a history of blacks, its a mix we can't deny and that I am proud to say I share with all of my Latinos.

    • Bonebag

      Now we know that is a lie! Every Latina American Male( with a Masters Degree or even a BS), has made an attempt at an African American Woman! Granted your "boys" like to start early and meet their wives in college. I guess it is a polite way of avoiding idiots like you!

    • Patrice

      Please let's all just ignore ignorance like this, she just posted this silliness to get attention and a rise out of the rest of the posters. Let's do this individual the biggest favor— IGNORE THEM!!!!

  • Tika

    A diet of ignorance and bias feeds stupidity. Love is sweet no matter the intended. Keep your hate to yourself. Black women aren't inferior than the white women or latinas. You have a right to preference, but please … spare us the diatribe about what's wrong with other ethnicities. Man is a beast (european/asian/african/latina). We ALL fall short of the Glory of God. So please …spare me your hate. And no, I'm not interested in "wooing" the white man, the black man or latinas. Jesus is my love.

    • Anyone who invokes fairy tales like "God" and "Jesus" has zero credibility. You're clearly ignorant, weak-minded, brainwashed, and delusional.

      • dayne

        You clearly need Jesus! you must be a devil worshipper

    • drina


  • Tika

    Black women inferior to white women LOLLOL ROFL ROFL ROFL

    • EDM

      Too funny! Good job! LMAO

    • mocha

      Awesome!!! You rock BLaQWiDoW 😀

  • Jennie

    What about Simon Cowell? He dated Sinitta for a long time as well as Terri Seymour.

    • NEWHAIR5000

      sweetheart there is no need to spread hate.your jealous and your comment prove that.so stop okay??cause the only one who looks PATHETIC is you.

  • Ben

    I can see that since President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama entered the White House the media including some foolish black blogs have been intent on tearing down black relationships and families.I can see that some latino people are just as jealous as some white people of the Obamas and feel threatened by them.The most powerful and successful black men are with Black women and cherish them that is how they got where they are-Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Pastor TD Jakes, Denzel Washington, Will Smith,Colin Powell.Latina women can never do for latino men what black women do for black men that is.My favorite latino entertainers all love sisters from Carlos Santana, Adam Rodriguez and Freddy Rodriguez it really says alot, I cannot think of 1 high profile latino man with a latino wife-just saying.

    • ROBBYG

      One has to be a little careful here, we can mention the beautiful marriage between our black President and First Lady but there would not have been a black President if an african/black man from Kenya did not marry and have a child with a white woman from Kansas .. nuff said !!

      • Sacred Acts

        Uh.. with that said.. Pres. Obama sees himself as A BLACK MAN. Hands down regardless of his biracial background.
        Peep that.

      • AFVetgrrl84

        Sacred Acts is right on with the TRUTH on that matter, lol! By the way, it wasn't/isn't the white community showing him love and calling him one of their own. More than likely, his white mother was rejected as a whole by her own "people" save for her immediate family, i.e. her parents. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and their sheep certainly don't view President Obama as a WHITE MAN.

    • bunnyole

      I'm white and what do you mean "jealous" of the Obamas, hahahaaa you're delusional and all you others, MOST latin people do NOT have "black in them" that's the most stupid comment I've heard. Face it – on the list in order of desired women, black women are at the bottom.

    • nsan

      stop mention in brazil like is something good, have you heard of the death squads?
      mami you are seriously giving latinas a bad name. i get it im hispanic too maybe you recent black people for how they treat hispanics but the more you talk the more it sounds like racism.
      just another ignorant fool.

    • HoosierNewman

      But we are not in Latin America – What do you expect in Brazil, or Argentina. They don't have the same social background that USA has. We were talking about AMERICA (as in USA). Then you deflect the subject to some small a$$ country the size of Pennsylvania. (except Brazil). As a Black male I noticed that you may be lacking both a Black man or a Latin man since you are too quick to spew such venom. Miami is the Latin exception not the norm. Because of it's high Latin population.

  • Ben

    Miami Miami get real and stop living in fantasy land.Most black men date and marry black women.Black people have the lowest rate of dating outside the race.Some black men sleep with low down latina and white women and do not wife them, they are seen as cheap mattresses.Latina women lack education,ambition and class. That is why most black men would rather wife up a Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Angela Bassett, Jada Pinkett,Holly Robinson women who are beautiful and have pride.If all these women in the world do not want to be black why do they tan their skin, get butt implants, get there lips made bigger and now want black girl weaves.
    You are delusional it is most latino men who are looking for other races of women white, black and asian.Latino men have amoungst the highest rate of marrying out, they are running from Latina women as fast as they can.It is a shame that some black men have no pride and would take the rubbish latina and white women that white men do not want but this group has the highest divorce rate so you clearly do not know how to keep a black man.

    • Miami Mami

      And You are a bitter broke ghetto crenshaw hoodrat who cannot who will die of envy if you came to Punta Del este or Rio. Where a black girl like you will be at the bottom of the barrel.

      • anonymous

        You seem to have a bit of envy yourself toward black women because if you didn't, you wouldn't be here. Just grow the hell up, kick rocks, move out of Miami, or get the hell out of this country if you do not like African American women because we are not going anywhere. Get a life. Or continue to be the jump off of the Miami Dolphins team if that floats your boat. If you don't like that, deal with your personal issues and shut the heck up instead of ranting on about how you are supposedly oh so much better than black women!

    • Luna

      It's quite obvious that you are highly UNEDUCATED. You are confusing Race with Ethnicity with Nationality. There is a difference, you know, my dear.

      If you are not aware, which I can only conclude from your comments that you obviously, surprisingly, stupidly don’t, Latinas are comprised of different races, living in different countries, of different ethnicities. Furthermore, it is only outside of their country of origin, and here in the USA, where this ‘Latina’ classification really means anything. Salma Hayek would be considered an Arab (though half) in Mexico, Giselle a German in Brazil.

      And don't confuse education with class with ambition, either. Having ambition doesn't mean one is educated and/ or classy… Does JLo ring a bell? And Carmen Miranda singing with a basket of plastic fruit strapped to her head , can only be considered neither classy nor educated, but a misdirection of ambition for the sake of money and fame, and much to the displeasure of her own people who criticized her for 'projecting a false image of Brazil'.

      Oh, on your list of so- called accomplished Latin women, you seem to have forgotten the talented Afro-Cuban Celia Cruz, Afro-Peruvian Susana Baca, and Afro-Portuguese Cape Verdean Cesária Évora. That, is what class is all about.

      Go figure. if, you can.

      That is if you’re able to get your thoughts together and your emotions under control and creep out from under that sun-baked rock in that tiny obstructed limited biosphere in which you reside. There is a world beyond South Beach, need you know, where broad-minded people of all races and colors reside, where truth and beauty exist.

      No offense to the progressive thinking people of South Beach or Miami intended. :]

      • jojoschmo

        LUNA…thank you…well said. When will Latina's get it through their thick skull….YOU ARE NOT A RACE you are only a CULTURE made up of every conceviable race joined to something Spanish aka (WHITE SPANIARDS). Plus Latinas can't even stand other Latina's IE Mex vs PR vs DR…give me a break.

        • black people prove the stereotypes to me each and every day.

    • darla

      Gisele Bundchen is GERMAN.

    • Proud Latina

      Ben… you just sounded as uneducated at Miami Mami is. Do not throw all Latinas in with the likes of her. First off, she talked about Argentina… you know a lot of them think they are superior to many in their own country because they came from European roots. (Disclaimer: In no way am I saying all Argentineans are this way) Please don't sound ignorant in saying that Latinas are cheap mattresses. BTW, maybe there is a high rate of divorce amongst Latinos because Latinas are finally waking up and not accepting cheating men… hmmm, maybe that's it.

  • Ravie

    lmao wooow your really delusional

    • Miami Mami

      And You are a bitter broke ghetto crenshaw hoodrat who cannot who will die of envy if you came to Punta Del este or Rio. Where a black girl like you will be at the bottom of the barrel.

      Take a trip to South America – or South beach – the rich white part, not the hoodrat ghetto Trina part of Miami and see. I will put my money where my mouth is.

  • chaka1

    I am a black woman who lives in Miami Beach. Many of the women you are talking about are escorts. The rest carry a false sense of security thinking they are all that, but they are broke looking for a man to take care of them. On the flip-side, Miami does have beautiful people of all races. Average people tend to stay away because Miami Beach is often overcrowded, superficial, and expensive.

  • Lisa

    Take your Latina azz right back to your country. Do u really think that sistah's are intimidated by your herpes infected azz. I give pcn shots daily to cure your STD packing azz. Tell the white man to pay for the babies that u come in my clinic to abort. Trying to pay with maxed out credit cards and foodstamps biotch. Jealous? Not, I am a beautiful brown sistah with a black husband(high income) huge house and pushing an SUV. Sorry, not jealous boo-boo. We rock, u heffas want to be us. Look: LisaRay(black), Jada Pinkett(black) Sinai Lathan(black) Gabrielle Union(black) Beyonce(black) Stacy Dash(black)

  • Miami Mami

    And girls from South America have the hips, booty, small waist, slim vogue gisele bodies, boobs, big lips, nice eyes, amazing hair – real hair!

    No Girl from Argentina or Colombia, Ven ' Uru' Chile, Sweden, France, Isareal, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark. etc WANTS TO BE A BLACK WOMAN.

    Men from Argentina live for Argentina women. A felling BW will never experience.

    • Jamaicanlady

      You sound so dumb right now. Do you know that most Latinas have BLACK in them??? Maybe you should educate yourself before you speak.I have had black men chase me, white men chase me and Spanish men chase me. So to say that all blacks are ghetto would be stereotyping. I am far from ghetto and I have no tattoos either. I am a well educated lady who works two jobs to support herself and doesn't want someone to support me financially. I want a man to be by my side as my partner and best friend and lover. You on the other hand seem to want a man to pay for everything for you.

      • Gabriel DelaRosa

        Not true most Latin women have no black in them Especially if they are Latinas from Southern Europe where real Latinas originated from.

    • Luna

      It's quite obvious that you are highly UNEDUCATED. You are confusing Race with Ethnicity with Nationality. There is a difference, you know, my dear.

      If you are not aware, which I can only conclude from your comments that you obviously, surprisingly, stupidly don’t, Latinas are comprised of different races, living in different countries, of different ethnicities. Furthermore, it is only outside of their country of origin, and here in the USA, where this ‘Latina’ classification really means anything. Salma Hayek would be considered an Arab in Mexico, Giselle a German in Brazil… you a HO in Argentina..

      Go figure. if, you can.

      That is if you’re able to get your thoughts together and your emotions under control and creep out from under that sun-baked rock in that tiny obstructed limited biosphere in which you reside. There is a world beyond South Beach, need you know, where broad-minded people of all races and colors reside, where truth and beauty exist.. No offense to the progressive thinking people of South Beach or Miami intended.

      Need you also know … (in response to another unintelligible comment of yours)

      Camila Alves ( Matthew McConaughey's spouse) is from Bahia, Afro -Brazilian, and proudly identifies herself as such. The name of her handbag line is ' MUXO', which, according to her, means “Goddess of the Water” in African..

      Go Google Bahia, and be educated as to the grand Blackness of Brazil, and its people.

      You Blood Claat, you !

      • Gabriel DelaRosa

        Salma mom was Mexican.

    • politriXwithV

      your ignorance is classic u r a black women dopie.. And we give you back cuz black women are not HOES

    • mixedmama

      No girl from anywhere should want to be anybody else. You must have real self esteem issues and the only way you feel better about yourself is by putting others down. The sad part is that is you do want to get into the reality of it, the Latinas are not without issues. Most (52% to be exact) have babies by the age of 18, most out of wedlock. Most are abused by their partners, and unlike black women who are graduatiing with college, masters, and phds in drowes, Latinas barely finish high school.

      • Lady

        What is she doing on this site anyway? Jealous much! LOL. Who wants to be a Latina with 3 babies by 25?

    • I think you meant 'feeling if you got an education as opposed to being pimped out by black, white, latino, and every other man you would have known that!

    • BLaQWiDoW

      !Pobre sita! I am a black woman…and part of my bloodline is from Colombia, so PLEASE leave Colombianas out of this. There shouldn't be all this vitriol between women, but especially not women of color (…and, like it or not, chica…you ARE a "woman of color" in this country. Your Germanic "roots" don't show as much as your accent.) Speaking of Germanic roots and hate, are you in any way related to Hitler? He hated Jews, but his mom was a Jewess. It makes me wonder why you're so filled with hate for black women….

      On the "Miami scene," I enjoy South Beach…wouldn't mind living there (b/c there's a LOT of music to be made there, and the shopping is fabulous….and I don't even LIKE shopping!). LoL Every woman in Miami is not looking for a baller. That would imply that non-baller males are worth less. That's NOT what you're saying…is it??

      What makes you think black women don't grow long hair? Mine was down to my calves until I cut it…so don't go there, either. Hair grows back, so it's not an issue.

      Whatever problem you have with women of darker shades than yours should not be aired here, but in a therapist's office (where you may be able to get help). I'm sorry for you that hate –and maybe hurt– has curdled your blood and soured your heart. …or maybe you just need a filter (and a little "think-time") before you type.

      • History Buff

        Hey BlaQwiDoW your history is way off here just to let you konw the Spanish (people for the country of Spain) civilized S.A. not Germans, there is a tiny fraction of the population with Germanic Roots since a small number of Germans escaped to S.A. after World War 2 i highly doubt she has German Roots. Also even if she did there would be no way for her to be related to Hitler since he was Austrian not German also his mom was not a Jewess Klara was also Austrian and a devout Catholic. Please read up on History you don't know before you ramble on about it.

    • nsan

      i never thought i could be ashamed of being a latina, but thanks to you i am.

    • LoveISBlind

      Sorry to disappoint you Hun I am a beautiful black queen married to a beautiful LATINO KING. and we have 3 Beautiful babies.

    • Disgusted

      Have you ever lived in Europe? Well I have lived in Europe and many women are tanning to have the color of black skin…..

    • you are so stupid i can say the stupidest person on here i am black and married to a white man and have 4 kids who look great i have had a lot of Mexican men who i dated in my life also as i am from new Mexico i love being a black woman and you stupid ass I have dated men of another country and they loved it MY HAIR IS REAL SO STOP YOUR TROLLING AND GET A LIFE!!!! everyone deserves love no matter what your skin color is

    • NoThanxBye

      It's funny, becase I lived in Argentina and dated an Argentine man for 2 years. I left him when i went to law school and wanted a man who could make as much money as me. I'm a Black woman, proudly so.

      You're obviously insecure. That's why you have to come troll here and act like any of us care about you or Miami. This article angers you simply because no one is looking your direction. Only an ugly woman feels it necessary to say ugly things about people.

    • Wize Black Princess

      If they are not Black then – " THEY DON'T WANT TO BE BLACK WOMAN BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW ."

    • LadyA

      Shut up and go suck on a tortilla chip..better yet, go feed your ten kids. Bye hater

    • YOU'RE STUPID Miami Miami my ass, white women don't want you here. Your people make to effort to improve yourself. Learn our to speak English when you come to our country and stop trying to be what you're not. All you do is make babies and then go on our welfare system. Go back to Argentina Stupid

  • MissRae

    it's 2011 and interracial dating isn't going anywhere, Love has no color, Get over it

    • Anthony

      does that mean in 2012 love has no species too? Its not love, its about survival and several hundred years of self hate.

    • TelleyJ

      I totally agree. Why does this have to be an issue? Why can't people who are attracted to each date or get married no matter their race? This just shows like you said love has no color.

  • Team Toni

    here go another one of those articles to stir up controversy…lol..Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. http://goo.gl/OeFMB to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!

  • menissance

    thats right Ooh La La, you tell em…these articles are bullsh!t and no matter how many times black men and women go back and forth arguing, its us black men's d!ck y'all women will be slobbin on at the end of the night, even the black women who marry white men (saw that on an episode of Cheaters, some black woman was gonna marry some old white dude and she cheated with the best man who was black lol), your naturally drawn to and crave are black mambas…no matter what us black men say or do to black women, no matter how many beckies and non-black women we fu*k, black women will always bust it wide open for us black men, thats our puzzy and y'all know that =)

    • menissance

      HEY!!! what the fu*k is going on with all these thumbs down im getting. Alright, for every negative my comments get, im gonna fu*k a white woman. Now lets see you give me negative marks knowing its gonna drive my black mamba into the puzzy of a white woman. I've got 7 negatives already, thats a weeks worth of some white puzzy, what black woman will dare add to the count lmao =)

      • menissance

        looks like i'll be fu*kin a lot of white puzzy, im gonna have to put black women on the back burner for awhile but i'll be back to tap those fat azzes again lmao 😉

        • menissance

          lmao y'all still giving me thumbs down. I love y'all women on this site, y'all crazy as fu*k and so fun to work y'all nerves =)

          • BLaQWiDoW

            I just keep clicking b/c you are hella funny, and I really don't care what (or who) you "do." LMAOOOO

            • TheRobin

              If you stop responding to him, he'll go away! DON'T RESPOND! He's only trying to get someone to say something to him!

          • hollaaaaa

            you must be one of the stupidest people on this earth.

            • hollaaaaa

              @ menissance, of course

            • TheRobin

              Don't respond to him! He only wants an angry response!

    • alldawg

      its the sistahood, using their bitter black woman handbook on you. You violated one of their laws…

      • MarcAnthony

        you are definitely all dawg, but you should drop the word "violate" from your vocabulary. I'll bet you couldn't get into nothing…if you know what I mean…

    • Lady


  • Eugenia

    None of this news, most of these pairings are well known. This ain’t the 1800s and bw and wm are pairing up and getting married all the time. We’re not doing it behind closed doors. So for those that don’t like it, too bad. For the women who have expanded their mind and dating pool, good luck. And for the rest of the usual bitter broad gang on here that can’t get a date with a black or white man, go sit down somewhere. Your bitterness is getting old.

    • AmarettoSweet

      "Bitter Broad Gang"! Haha, LOVE IT! Couldn't have said it better myself. BW/WM dating has been going on forever (though where I live, its still an 'idea being played with'). Its truly not a big deal, its here, its happening, its FUN, so lets just press! You never know who you might meet 🙂

    • U-N-I-T-Y

      And, really this is getting old. Who cares about the race of the person you're dating? Most of the comments on these posts end in a racial debate. If they love you and vice versa, go for it. Can't bm and bw get along? Are we really dating outside our race for love, or merely to suppress other emotions? Just because I'm a bw dating a bm does that make me less of a woman? What are we really looking for?

      I understand the whole reasoning behind wanting to feel acceptance. So, when we've finally captured that attention, why do constantly feel the need to seek approval of others? There needs to be a heart-to-heart on how to heal this hurt, so we can ALL move forward. Just sayin kinda seems like a deeper issue..

    • Jean

      Women can't get a date to funny. Look around kitty kat makes the world go around "wink".

  • I remember Sinitta from back in the day. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3etgd_sinitta-f

    • Prissy

      "Toy Boy" was my jam!! LOL

  • innocenttruth

    Brian, while I appreciate the support I would advise you not to show it on this board. Anyone who agrees with my viewpoints is usually attacked. There is a sickness going around on this board that causes women not to enjoy hearing the TRUTH. I'm in the process of finalizing a cure but it's going to take time. Early trials look promising!

    • alldawg

      Yes this board is more about women giving other women medals on comments made. Anything else is seen as blasphamy towards the feminist goddess of the earth and of egypt.

      The thing is bw cant be checked, they dont know the difference between ridicule and criticism.

      What is wrong with you? Don't you know any better? No body suppose to say anything about bw, didn't you know that?

      If you see or hear something that isn't right, you're suppose to grin and look up at the sky. Let me give you a bit of advice.

      If a bw throw mud on you, you should grin.
      If a bw run you over with a car, you should grin
      If a bw bust you in the head, you should grin
      If a bw tell you some lies, you should grin
      Whatever a bw do, you should grin

      Don't ever tell a bw she's hurting you
      Don't ever tell a bw she's hurting herself
      Don't ever correct a bw
      Don't ever look a bw in the eye
      Don't ever see a bw doing anything wrong
      Don't ever hear a bw saying something wrong

      • All for truth

        I am a BW and it is true you just cannot tell a black woman anything other than she is a queen. But how is every black woman a queen when the loud, obnoxious, scandalous, immoral, women are posting videos of THEMSELVES being less than a Queen, When these reality shows are filled with supposed to be successful women who cannot even have a conversation? If this woman How are these women of royal stature. Do people even know that if you place a label on everything….it diminishes the value of the label?

  • innocenttruth

    *typo* low self esteem

  • Prissy

    Robert DeNiro has ALWAYS been with Black women! All of his children and wives have been BLACK!

    • mixedmama

      Can I just say that I am a mother of a beautiful mixed child, married to a black man. What troubles me is how easily we throw race into the mix. I love my daughter but am not willing to have her claim any one race, she is not black and she is not white, she is mixed and she knows it! I am European, her Dad is Carribean and my daughter is qunique. Only in America do we have stupid standards that everyone must fit into a damn box. I resent my daughter being called black, its bascially not admiting her white side. We are not ashamed of either of our backgrounds and cultures and embrace them both. Wake up people, stop being put into the box and just live

      • jojoschmo

        I think Prissy took it over the edge but for the most part you are setting you daughter up for failure. Every "mixed" woman i've ever met had a serious identity crises, not to say they all do but one famous name comes to mind…Halle. She couldn't even keep a white man. Your child is black, and i'm sorry to say you need to come to terms about that. @guywithmixedkids the keyboard warrior…talking like that with mixed kids…..they are doomed.

        • KimChiSoul

          That is complete and utter BULL. What does Halle's racial identity have to do with her relationships? Absolutely nothing. And can you honestly say you know her well enough to make that assumption about her failed relatioships? Whether you believe it or not, mixed people ARE mixed, they have every right to acknowledge that fact, as well as their background, if they so choose. And if they see themselves as such, Americans (regardless of race) shouldn't try to catergorize who they are in society. Mixed people, like myself, are perfectly capable of making our identity known without conforming to social standards. The f%cked up society is where the real problem lies. It's not the children that are doomed, its SOCIETY that's doomed for still having this hang up on race. We as Americans put way to much emphasis on it and it ultimately shouldn't matter who is what.

          • Deafer

            PLEASE, most people are proud of their heritage whether it be European, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

            That won’t go away for a LONG time.

        • Nami Oyunde

          I agree with you JOJO I think most mixed kids have a chip on their shoulder or something which is why I would never marry a white Euro woman. I am an African and in America the black kids have a warped reasoning which have allowed them to stay down for long. Culture comes first and I hate when blacks here say to hell with culture and dignity lets make utter fools out of ourselves and our people which is why most Africans around me separate ourselves from Black Americans to many are ignorant of their culture and the link they have with the mother continent.

          I was also shocked at how skin color is a factor with blacks here. When you think of African Americans they are mixed as well so a mixed race person in America is laughable everyone there is mixed. It just so happens that others are mixed more but the whole African American population is mixed.

          • Deafer

            I think you should shut up.

            I hate when you Africans snoot your nose up at us Black people like you are better than us.

            You’re NOT!!!

            If we choose to embrace OUR American culture then it is OUR CHOICE!!!

            If YOU can’t stand us then frickin’ go BACK to Africa!!!

        • Mrs. Dee Schwartz

          Mrs. prissy white lady your daughter is black it’s not what you are mixed with (we all are mixed) it ‘s what does she look like. the president is “mixed” but he looks black, so what do they call him the first BLACK president.

      • Gabriel DelaRosa

        Isn’t she Afro European or Afro Caucasoid or Afro Anglo.Obviously she is so she can claim both. People are just curious and want to know what people are.

    • Bunny Ole

      Well THAT'S ONE XD XD

    • chocolate lover

      Every man has seen women of color who they find attractive and provocative. Not every man has acted on these feelings. Most are too afraid of the societal taboos and won't take the chance. Others, men like DeNiro, have balls and don't give a crap about society. They are saying, I'll be with whom I want to be with and I don't give a crap what you think. I have found that some of my most unforgettable relationships have been with women of color. No regrets here.

  • brian

    I agree with you,Innocenttruth!!!

    • Lammy

      You would agree with that twit, you douche bag. You are probably a toothless, ignorant, illiterate redneck who NO ONE – even your slack-jawed counterparts would want.

  • theBlackPocahontas

    Really. There are ton of white men in Hollywood or otherwise who ate and/or marry Black women. Just becausetheir women aren't trying all up in the spotlight doesn't make it any less true.

    But the fact of the matter is, WHY in the HELL is this site so obsessed with Black women and how white folks view us? Or if white men want us? Or if white women fear us? Or if black men hate us?

    Like Really? Pleasekillyourself.com

    • robert deniro dummy.

    • Kreyol Kutie

      Where are "our women" in Hollywood? We are obviously too busy working in law firms, healing illnesses, editing magazines, teaching young minds, creating art or raising the next generation of citizens, making sure they don't grow up shallow and racist like yourself. BLAM!

    • Cliff

      you're an idiot. And what great thing has any Argentinean done? Other than Evita and Juan Peron??? why dont you go back to your country?

    • anonymous

      We have Angela Basset, Regina King, and others trick. But my question is, if you can pull in all the damn men you claim to be able to pull in , why the hell are you worried about the next chick in the first place.You need to be worried about the busted Latin chicks because those are your folks.

      • Jomomma

        Spend a couple of nights with me!! I won't tell before you leave!!

    • Anthony

      I'd comment but your name speaks for itself.

    • ………

      That doesn't make her any less black. From what I could tell, half of the women on the list were mixed, and I really don't think that making this comment block a race war has anything to do with the topic.

  • brian

    he is looking down and not at her and in the first picture he is in front of her.The body language doesn't jibe!I'm going to have to agree with "tested the waters"

    • UUUMMMM!!!!! They were shopping and he is looking in a window.

    • Lovinlife

      Dude go slit your wrist!!! Isn't that true about young white men that they have the highest rate in commiting suicide because they can't stand high levels of pressure?? We'll go join them Brian!!

  • Ooh La La

    Articles like these are so annoying. "Look black women… Just because black men aren't checking, it's nice to see that someone shows you some love." …Whatever.

    • Deafer

      Wow, you’re WAY OFF :-/

  • Laura

    Some of these men didn't woo Black women they just "tested the waters".

    • theBlackPocahontas

      That's funny because the SAME can be said from the Black woman's perspective. But really and truly ask any white man who will be honest, he had a harder time getting with a black woman than anybody he ever tried to date because she wasn't automatically interested.

      • Poof Pudding

        exactly…lol..Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. http://goo.gl/OeFMB to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!

      • Nina

        I agree with both

      • Joe Bob

        Are you sure you're not projecting a little? Maybe it's you that's not automatically interested? I'm a white guy. I don't have any reason to be dishonest with you, but I've never found black women to be more or less "automatically interested". But then, I tend to relate to women, black, white or green like they're human – not some kind of forbidden fruit, so maybe that makes a difference. So we have two very different perceptions.

        • Deafer

          JoeBob I’m with you but – no one is green.

          • Dee Hines

            There actually are green people. People with a Mongolian birthmark that doesn’t fade once they reach adolescence have pigmented skin of various shades of green or blue anywhere the birthmark appears

            • Katherine McChesney

              What a ridiculous remark.

              • Dee Hines

                A truthful fact is ridiculous? Please get over yourself

                • Toby Smith

                  Are you voting yourself up over and over? Because your comments are so silly and unrelated to anything we are discussing here (White men/Black women).

                  • Dee Hines

                    A fact is a fact, whether you view it as silly or not. Do you see how old these comments are? You could’ve ignored it but you didn’t. You took time out to respond to it and others did the same to up vote my response.

      • Lindy2hopping

        I agree with you.  Black women are too into black men and listen to we must stick together harangue from black men.  They don’t look at the fact that the same black man is out with a white women.  Then the notion that a black man has a bigger penis than a white man keeps women from seeking other races.  Big meat is nice if he knows how to use it, if he does not, he will hurt your precious lady parts. There are other reasons why many black females do not go outside the race but  those are just two reasons.

      • Candy

        That’s not true either. What is your problem? White men are handsome, ect. why would black women not be interested? Makes no sense. Also, please speak for yourself. don’t say “Black women weren’t automatically interested”. Speak for yourself.

    • queenofharts

      How about just looking at it as two people found each other and fell in love. Just so happens they are of different races. Come on people, where ever and with whomever you find love I think it wonderful. So what if one is black and the other is white. Last time I checked love has no color!

      • cassidy

        thank you queenofharts – because one has darker skin, they make a federal case out of it. People are people are people. And as long as we keep using terms like in the DeNero story like "booed up" we will continue to be looked down upon as less than lintelligent. How about judt saying 'remain together' or remain a part of each other's life? Booed up is ridiculous.

      • dnice

        well said! i get sooooo sick of ppl talking about the “reasons” and bad mouthing women (whatever color, (or ethnicity) they are)…….. just date and marry the woman you want to be with, whatever she looks like!! I personally don’t care who you date and what you prefer.

      • dnice

        well said! i get sooooo sick of ppl talking about the “reasons” and bad mouthing women (whatever color, (or ethnicity) they are)…….. just date and marry the woman you want to be with, whatever she looks like!! I personally don’t care who you date and what you prefer.

      • nene

        Your so right love is love period

      • Deafer

        Yes yes in a perfect world, but some people have a PREFERENCE. There are some white men that prefer women of a darker skin color just as there are black men who prefer black women.

        Sometimes the heart DOES know color, but it’s whomtheynfeelmthe most comfortable with.

    • They wooed 'em …got kids and years to prove it !!!

    • Anthony

      and tested their reactions to money.

    • andra

      Testing the waters? All but three of them are in committed relationships with a black woman. That's a pretty long "test!"

      • Wize Black Princess

        ….And they found the water of a Black woman to be FRESH AND COOL…. ahhhhhh … lol.
        N – E way Black women are the original women…..so sit down and take some lessons
        and learn how to play " house "… lol !

    • browniegirl360

      Sounds like jealousy to me

    • Deafer

      She said SOME OF THE MEN!!!

      Like Shia, he had ONE date with Rihanna but he didn’t Woo her! Dang. She said SOME!!

    • Gossip Girl1

      I thought that’s what “dating” was-testing the waters.