Raven Symone’s New Body

May 2, 2011  |  

Raven Symone lost a little something over the past year and she seems to be better for it. The former child actress showcased a slim and trim body at the 18th Annual Race to Erase MS gala last week.  She looks good but she should stop there.

You can see more pictures at AOL’s Black Voices.

What do you think about Raven’s new look?

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  • Janel

    I think she looks fine. She does look older, but I think with a change of hair and makeup she'll be aiight.

  • Ashleythatgurl

    To everyone with the "OMG, she looks unhealthy" comments. You know what's not healthy? Being severely over weight like she was. She was borderline obese. She's still got the butt and the bust. I think she looks amazing…too much eye liner though.


    i didnt like how she looked wen she was big.i think she looks great in her new body.i had lost alot of weight myself a few years ago,down to about 114 (not im bavk up to 1136 about) & family & friends said i looked "SICK".& me being diabetic,made it even worse.i was feeling disgusted at my body wen i was at my heaviest of 152 & even now at 138 i dont like how i look in sum areas of my body.wats wrong with being small & fit?

  • tina

    Why do black people think you look sick or you are'nt healthy because you choose not to be fat or over weight? This girl is only about 5'3 why does she need to be a size 12? She did'nt look healthy when she was over weight. Diabetes was all I thought about when I looked at her before.

    • carmon

      @ Tina. I agree with you because you were spot on. I used to think the same thing when Raven was overweight along with heart attack etc. She was too young AND short to be that big. Black people need to stop saying one looks sick when they get in SHAPE and down to a Healthy size.

    • Lexi

      I agree Tina. I was kinda shocked to see some of the comments on here, people saying she looks sickly. If she looks sickly then hell I must look like a skeletor warrior. Raven had gotten quite big and for 5'3 it was too much. She looks great in the picture, style eh but body wise GREAT!. I work out, I'm about 5'4 and 145 full of muscle and curvy and a size 4. I think you can look good at any shape or size but healthy is the most important thing. I think she looks great.

      • tina

        um lexi 145 is NOT a size 4!!! stop kidding yourself cuz you sho ain't fooling us! before my daughter i was 145 and that was a 9/10, just keep it real honey cuz aint nothing wrong with being a 9/10 and thats what 145 pounds is not no size 4 and a size 4 is SICKLY! grow up and get some confidence in who you REALLY are!

        • lexi

          Who are you to tell me what I am lol? 145 lbs of muscle is different than 145 lbs of fat. Plus how you carry your weight has something to do with it. 9/10? don't overexaggerate. One persons 145 will not look the same as someone else's. So YOU may have looked a certain way at 145 before you had your daughter. Im not you though.

  • Shanta

    kinda looks like nicole richie in this pic and that is not good

    • Beaner

      Funny you say that, because I saw another picture of her and thought it was Nicole Richie til I saw the caption.

  • Sherry

    I like Raven, and think that she looks great, but i wish she didn't get that small. It is really sad though that once you're in Hollywood, no matter how great you feel about yourself going in, they alway succumb to the preasure of being super thin (see Star Jones, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks and the biggest farce of them all, Monique!)

  • Seriously guys she looks like NICOLE RITCHIE when she was going thru that stage when she lost all dat weight…she doesnt look healthy at all just slimmer n flabby but good for her wanting to shed a few more than extra POUNDZ…deuces

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  • mia

    @prettyLady: Yes, Raven Symone does bear a striking resemblance to Nicole Richie…in that they are both sickly-looking and way underweight!

  • prettyLady

    she looks very nice

    there's a striking resemblense to nicole richie or is it just me?

  • Coolio

    she might be sick…Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. http://goo.gl/OeFMB to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!