Six Real Life Black Women Royals

April 29, 2011  |  


Princess Tiana may just be a cartoon, but there are real life black princesses (and queens!) in this world. Check out’s gallery of six sistas who literally wear a crown.

If you were a royal, would you wear your crown at all times?

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  • Jennifer

    Black people are so racist and obsessed with other races. Some are even too ignorant to realize how dumb this article is and 'uncomfortable'. It is like an advertisement for interracial relationships. I am not against them, but it shouldn't be some kind of "goal". When are black people going to realize that not everyone wants to race mix (especially with them) and that does not = inbreeding, but being comfortable and appreciative of what you are instead of self-hating and obsessed with becoming something else? They need to stop getting angry if people of other races don't want them.

    • EDM

      Well Jennifer… it seems to me that other races DO want black women. This article and the ones previously posted are clear examples of that. I am one that would not personally "race mix", but if others want to, so be it.

      It's odd that you, as an obvious white woman, would make such a statement though. I see more and more of your type either with a black man or desiring a black man on a daily basis. No disrespect intended… just making an obvious statement.

    • Ebony

      But yet so many of them want to look like black women.


    I dont think its a big deal to pull this article out now or later. black royaltY does exist. So what if it doesnt get as much recognition,, we are still there! People have been trying to keep us down for years and we always OVERCOME.No one is jealous of william and kate. White men have been fking us (black women) for YEARS! How do you think we got mixed people? So for all u ignorant racists get a life. All colors are beautiful. We are a mixed country. you guys brought us here,gave us hell and problems, didnt want us to have any rights. We got the civil rights act in motion and and now we have a black SEE HOW MUCH IGNORANCE DOESNT PAY OFF?YOU MAKE US STRIVE HARDER. So I hope for another young black girl reading this article and ur idiot comments they know its POSSIBLE for them to become whatever they want. Race will not be an issue so baammmmmmm haters!

  • SVSS

    ridiculous article. Most of the women were born into royalty. At least the married ones wee from the Caribbean 🙂 What can I say?

  • KrisCole

    SMH at the IGNORANCE!

  • BlackCowboyStudBrett

    Mimi,does "nice full hips" mean you're a FAT BROAD???

  • MiMi

    “Lmao, this just shows how black women are jealous of their white collegues!” What makes you think black women are jealous of their white colleagues. Whites want my skin tone, my nice full lips and hips. I would never in my life want to have be a white person or have will I ever be jealous. You are so ignorant for posting that and I feel even more ignorant for answering you.

    • Mimi

      Sorry about the errors

    • mr. black

      my wife is white and has never wanted your skin tone, she refuses to tan, claims it makes her skin look NASTY! full lips aren't appealing, mkaes it look like yoru are trying to kisss azz all day, and those hips aint good for nothin but shaking your big negro behind everywhere making that smell permeate the air and everyone sick, because your behind is too big to be wiped properly! do i even need to start on that garbage that is sitting on top of your head taht you claim is hair. you and your kind make me sick, wis you would suck on one of your prison boyfriend with iva nd die immedaitely you jiggaboo!

      • American

        Why all the hate? If you dislike or not attracted to people of color with certain features, why are you reading articles/website geared toward these ethnicites? I agree,not every person of caucasian background wants to tan, but it seems to me, a good portion does based on the tanning lotion, tanning beds, and self tanning sprays that have created a multi-billion dollar industry.
        I can site the use of Botox to increase lip size, behind implants to increase buttock size, and the use of hair extensions all used by caucasian women…. It seems to me ALL people want to improve their looks in whatever way they deem attractive.

        The need to use known racial slurs shows the intensity of your own self hate, low self esteem, the lack of education.

      • Gioia Moye

        The use of the word "jiggaboo" tells me that you're not a black man. The mere tone of this post tells me that you're an ignorant white guy posing as a black man. Also, I can't imagine a white woman making such comments about black women to a black man. Especially considering the fact that his mother is black. Nice try though

        • clara

          Either that's a black man with a lot of self hate or that's actually an insecure white woman trying to start shiiiiit!

      • yes I can

        your wife is probably pale as a ghost, thin as a rale. No tits or ass. stringy hair , thin lips that resemble a lizard, and the personality of a woman who hasnt been properly f#cked in years!!

  • KeeKee

    See, stuff like this will/would not make the media. But let that be a black royal man and a white woman. The sh*ts all ova the net.

    • Jennavee

      LOL, as if black men could marry so easily into European royalty.

  • Lmao, this just shows how black women are jealous of their white collegues! Y didn’t u put up these way before the wedding? Only now because kate a young gracious woman got married to a young humble man. Congratulations to the 6 black royals but for u to pull em out NOW just shows how shallow minded u are! Enough already u might lose it n attack the newly weds out of jealousy! Wat a silly post! Yuck

    • NEWHAIR5000

      dude how does this make them "jealous"?? how many people will actually read this article?will this be on the news anytime soon? will this take away from William and Kate??.calm down,just because they are giving high 5's to these women don't make them's just telling a story so breathe.i promise it not going to kill them or you for that matter.

    • Stacy

      You are so stupid for posting that comment. Who in their right minds would be jealous of white people?

  • Real Talk

    Love this! I'm going to show this to my daughter!

  • Prissy

    I never knew about these lovely royals!!!! 😉

  • candace

    I would wear it most of the time especially if it goes with my fit lol!