Songs to Inspire and Uplift Black Women

April 29, 2011  |  
Cartoon by Tom Burgos

With all the songs folks request on the radio, watch as videos and dance to in the club, you’d think they would be uplifting to black women. Well, you guessed wrong. If we’re not getting called hos and being told to drop it and shake it and bounce it every five minutes in a song, other black women are calling each other hos, or doing the dropping, and shaking and bouncing in little to no clothing in YouTube videos seen by millions. But not everybody goes out of their way to degrade black women in music. Some people have proclaimed their love for chocolate (of all shades) sistahs out there and have done so in an eloquent manner. You already know we love “Brown Skin Lady” from Black Star, now check out some of the other tracks that put shower us with praise. Feel the love ladies!

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  • black women need a white man to stimulate them

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  • Mcgriff124

    Can you do articles without any profanity….I love what  am reading but as a Minister  I can’t share with the masses because of Profanity    Powerful Pieces you offer

  • Awesome! Simple and effective. wow positive songs and hoes in thongs all on one site wow!

  • prettyLady


    would you go away already? damn your annoying. Your like the person in a room that ruins the vibe everytime he comes around. go away you bug

    *anyone have insect repellent?

  • MichelleLuvsLoLo

    I feel as if the shoe fits wear it if ur a strong individual (not women) stupdity like that wudnt bother u

  • Nikoru

    wale diary should be on the list…

  • BK Chica

    Not a bad list.. Check out this article, get your mind right before you get into another relationship

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  • GOLDiE

    wow positive songs and hoes in thongs all on one site wow!

  • real brother

    yall attack women one day and be on there side the next…black woman..Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!

  • Kunta Kentae

    lyfe jennings is in jail…for beating a woman..Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!

  • PeaceLove

    A person can always feel degraded and demoralized but still be strong and in control. EVERYONE has their days when they feel like the whole world is against them and they might need songs like the one's presented in this article to help inspire and uplift them. So yes, every strong black women needs to hear uplifting words and music every once in a while…if not every day.

    • ifyousayso

      What was your point in coming to this website, its a difference between starting a conversation or asking a question but your clear intention is to take away from something positive. I think that it is a beautiul thing that there are songs by blackmen showing some love to blackwoman. If you have a problem with it then don't listen to it, continue with your life as if we don't exist but don't you attempt to turn something positive into something ugly and mean. It may sound childish but that is the only way to describe it; I hope you have a nice evening who ever you are and I will continue to be blessed.

  • What?! No Young, Gifted, & Black or 4 Women from Ms. Nina Simone? 🙂

  • InnocentTruth

    Why do black women need songs to uplift them? Last time I checked black women were proclaiming themselves " Strong and Independent". And seeing that black women claim they are out performing black males in every statistical category, I fail to see how sisters need music to uplift them. While my comments will surely be taken out of context the point I wish to convey is fairly simple. If sisters need the desire to hear music, which is specifically tailored to uplift their self esteem and spirits, wouldn't that mean sisters aren't as "strong" as they claim? Only people who are beat down and feeling degraded need to be uplifted. Only people feeling suppressed and demoralized need uplifting. Black women can't feel degraded and demoralized and still make the argument that they are strong and in control.

    • Kala

      With all the songs out there that make it seem like Black women are nothing more than a h*e or a b*#@! it is good to hear that uplifts us to show that there are some artist out there who think that we are worth being in a song that shows the positive side of us as well. You can be strong but even strong ppl have days were they need that little pick me up espically as a black woman.

    • Kia

      "Black women can't feel degraded and demoralized and still make the argument that they are strong and in control"–I think you may want to rethink that statement. Considering that your argument lacks some logical cohesiveness, I have to agree with Kala on this one. Black women are degraded and demoralized, INCLUDING BY THEIR OWN MEN. However, they learn to stay strong, even when the rest of the world is putting them down. THAT is why we are in control. Songs like these are refreshing because they simply reaffirm positive messages black women rarely hear from other people in music, especially our black brothers.

      • InnocentTruth

        You're a female so I fully expect for you to cosign female bullcrap. I can give you numerous reasons why your statement is false. But it would be a waste because black women don't use logic and reason when making arguments or choices.

    • younglove

      please do us a favor and go sip on your hatorade somewhere else.we are all getting sick and tired of seeing the sick name innocence truth.